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There are countless note-taking apps available for iOS, and many of them come with unique features that set them apart from the rest of the bunch. But even with all those unique features, not many are bold enough to claim that they are worthy alternatives to Evernote. Zoho Notebook is one of the few that does. It’s a beautiful free app (also available for Android). If you are currently looking for a nice notebook app or an alternative to Evernote, you should at least give this one a try.

The First Look

Even at first glance, you can already tell that the developer of this app put as much attention into design as the other aspects. The first time you open the app, you are greeted by an invitation to choose one of the handcrafted artistic covers for your new notebook. Instead of using the digital files and folders approach like Evernote, Zoho Notebook tries the less techie physical notebook representation and stacks of colorful notes to manage your scribbles. It’s similar to Paper by 53.

Similar to many other note-taking apps, Zoho Notebook also uses a cloud server to sync the content between devices. You need to register for a Zoho account to be able to benefit from the feature. With an account in your hand, all that you need to do is log in with the same account on all of your devices.

The welcome screen will give you enough information to understand the basic workflow of the app. After choosing the cover for your first notebook and registering for the account, you are ready to start.

The Features

Before jumping into note-taking, let’s have a quick look at the notebook. You can edit the title of the notebook, change the cover, or delete it by swiping the cover to the left. Tap the “i” icon to edit or the “Trash” icon to delete.

After you open the Notebook, you can create four types of notes (or “cards” as the creator prefers to call them): the Text Card, Audio Card, Checklist Card and Photo Card. All are accessible via the bottom menu, but you can include all these types of note-taking in the Text Card.

The first time you use it, the app will ask your permission to enable location tracking. If you give permission, the app will be able to organize your notes by the location where you take them.

The note itself is simple and straightforward. You create one, write on it and close it by tapping the checkmark at the top right of the screen. The editing tools and the other options are available at the menubar above the keyboard area.

Tap the “A” icon to access the Bold, Italic, Underline, and Aligning tools. The tools to create lists and to-do checkboxes are available next to the editing tool.

You’ll get a different randomly-chosen bright color note every time you create a new one. But you can change the color to your liking by tapping the Color tool to the right of the editing tool.

The other two tools on the menubar are the Camera tool that you can use to add images to your note by accessing your phone’s camera or the photo library and the Sound Recorder to create audio notes.

Is the Simpler Alternative for You?

Even the developer admitted that Zoho Notebook for iOS is not as feature-rich as Evernote. But that might be a good thing, as users wouldn’t have to go through too many hoops just to use the app. Its simplicity means easy-to-use and fast.

Everything goes back to your personal preferences. Those who can’t live without the vast range of note-taking features can continue using Evernote, and those who prefer a simpler approach might find their solution in Zoho Notebook.

Jeffry Thurana

Jeffry Thurana is a creative writer living in Indonesia. He helps other writers and freelancers to earn more from their crafts. He’s on a quest of learning the art of storytelling, believing that how you tell a story is as important as the story itself. He is also an architect and a designer, and loves traveling and playing classical guitar.

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Mi Notebook 14, Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition With 10Th

Xiaomi has stepped foot into the cluttered laptop market in India today. Yeah, the fans have been pestering the Chinese giant to bring its laptops to the country for many years and well, that day finally came. Xiaomi has launched the Mi Notebook 14 lineup in India today. It includes the Mi Notebook 14 and a brand new ‘Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition’ that has never been launched globally before.

Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition

Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition boasts an all-metal design with no branding on the outside – clean and minimal. It’s made from an aluminum and magnesium alloy and weighs just 1.35 kgs. Unlike the Mi Notebook variants in China, neither of the Indian variants come baked with a fingerprint sensor for quick unlocking via Windows Hello.

This laptop sports a 14-inch Full-HD anti-glare LCD display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 91% screen-to-body ratio. The panel boasts a 178-degree viewing angle, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and 250 nits of peak brightness. Since the bezels here are super tiny, you don’t get a built-in webcam onboard.

Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition includes a chiclet keyboard (not a full-size) with 1.3mm key travel and a fairly modest-size trackpad. The laptop includes a single fan and a large 2350 square-millimeter air intake area for improved cooling. You also get Mi Smart Share for faster file sharing and Blaze Unlock for unlocking the laptop using a Mi Band. You can read about how to set it up right here.

As for the I/O ports, you get a single USB 2.0 port and 3.5mm audio jack on the left. The right edge includes two USB 3.1, one HDMI 1.4b, and one USB Type-C port. You also get WiFi 802.11ac (WiFi 5, 2 x 2) and Bluetooth 5.0 as the wireless connectivity options onboard.

Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition comes equipped with a 46Wh battery, which the company promises should last you up to 10 hours on a single charge. The laptop, as teased earlier last week, supports 1C fast-charging. It can juice up your battery from 0% to 50% in just around 30 minutes, which is great.

Mi Notebook 14

The most obvious differentiator between the two variants is the bezels. Mi Notebook 14 comes with thicker bezels surrounding the 14-inch Full-HD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, 178-degree viewing angle, and 250 nits of peak brightness. Even though we have bigger bezels here, you still don’t get a built-in webcam. Xiaomi, however, will be bundling an external HD webcam in the box.

As for the internals, you still get 10th-Gen Intel Core processors but it’s the Intel Core i5-10510U (Comet Lake) in this variant. It’s coupled with 8GB 2666MHz RAM, up to 512GB SATA 3 SSD onboard, and up to 2GB Nvidia GeForce MX250 graphics memory.

The connectivity and battery features for this variant remains the same as the Horizon Edition, so yeah, you won’t be missing out on anything here.

Price and Availability

8GB + 256GB – Rs. 41,999

8GB + 512GB – Rs. 44,999

8GB + 256GB + MX250 – Rs. 47,999

The Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition comes in two variants. The Core-i5 variant has been priced at Rs. 54,999 while the Core-i7 variant will cost you Rs. 59,999. Both the laptops come in a single colorway – Mercury Gray and it looks quite stunning in real-life. Both of these laptops will go on starting from June 17 on Amazon India, chúng tôi and offline Mi stores across India.

A Quick Glance On Cpanel Alternative

Start Your Free Software Development Course

Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

Some claim, in reality, that cPanel targets at the most punitive smaller companies and developers, with their single-license plans starting at $15 a month, more than most users pay for its servers every month. The price policy of cPanel is now account-based, making it extremely costly particularly for resellers.

Different cPanel Alternatives

Given below are the different cPanel Alternatives:

1. 2. SpinupWP

SpinupWP is a cloud server control panel designed especially for WordPress. This is a downside, and many would not even see it as a consequence. But SpinupWP has been planned from the ground up to do so, if you intend to use your servers to host WordPress. Delicious Brains, a small WordPress developer company with a reputation in industry, developed the platform. As you would imagine, their support (Monday to Friday) its brilliant and WordPress knows inside. Your dashboard is very simple, with minimal setup to take care of WordPress self-hosting.

3. ServerPilot

We’ve got ServerPilot next up. ServerPilot is a hosted server management dashboard, comparable to RunCloud, Moss and SpinupWP, making it simple to handle servers –whether you are over 100 or one. It is specifically designed to accommodate PHP web applications and WordPress Web sides by people who want to use their servers. You have a U.S.-based support team committed to ensuring that, if you have concerns, you can begin without any problems. ServerPilot requires an Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04 64-bit server, which is installed via SSH using a special server command (which is provided by that server).

We’ve got ServerPilot next up. ServerPilot is a hosted server management dashboard, comparable to RunCloud, SpinupWP, and Moss, making it simple to handle servers – whether you are over 100 or one. It is specifically designed to accommodate PHP web applications and WordPress Web sides by people who want to use their servers. You have a U.S.-based support team committed to ensuring that, if you have concerns, you can begin without any problems. ServerPilot requires an Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 64-bit server, which is installed via SSH using a special server command (which is provided by that server).

4. Interworx 5. DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin is much like cPanel, but builds to be quicker and needs less server resources. It comes with a variety of webmail plugins, protection supplements, custom graphic skins and more. Thanks to its popularity in addition, DirectAdmin provides all the basics you would need for the control of resource use, DNS clustering and automated updates. With cPanel and not a change fan, you could be very comfortable with this, as it also provides Installation and Softaculous integrations – the same service behind cPanel’s CMS installations.

6. Virtualmin

Virtualmin is built on top of Webmin is a popular system administration interface for Linux. Virtualmin provides a solidly built free usable open source version, but pay-per-view versions are also available. It has many customization options and services, easy to conquer the competition. Beginners are only allowed to use it if they want to learn more and develop their qualifications. Otherwise, a little overwhelming might be the user interface.

7. Ajenti

An extendable open-source control panel is available in Ajenti. It helps users to access a remote Linux box easily and safely via web endpoints, text editors, file managers and other tools. The Ajenti Administrative panel provides remote terminal control, user management and allows you to install firewalls, package installation, and resource use, among other features. There are many Ajenti plugins available, but their platform has been created with development partners in mind, so you can easily create more to improve its key functionality if you know Python and JavaScript.

Recommended Articles

This is a guide to cPanel Alternative. Here we discuss the introduction and the different cPanel alternatives respectively. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more –

Iphone 15 Design Appears To Be A Truly Beautiful Evolution

9to5Mac yesterday gave an exclusive first look at the iPhone 15 design, based on CAD drawings provided to a reliable casemaker.

It appears to be a truly beautiful evolution of the flat-sided form factor first seen in the iPhone 4, revisited in the original iPhone SE, and then revived for the iPhone 12 to iPhone 14 …

iPhone edges over the years

The original iPhone had a very rounded design, with a curve that began on the front bezels, continued around to the sides, and blended into the back. I picked up mine just now, to confirm what I was describing, and it still feels like a cute design.

Next up was the iPhone 4. This had a very different look, with flat sides that made it look less cute but significantly more modern. Apple stuck to this look through to the iPhone 5s – and I loved it.

With the iPhone 6, the company clearly thought it was time for a change, giving the device rounded sides that were retained through to the iPhone X.

I was never a fan of this. Indeed, it was one of the reasons I “downgraded” from the iPhone 6s to the original iPhone SE, which was given the retro flat-sided slab design.

Apple stuck with the rounded edges when it launched the iPhone X. Despite the radical shift in design, from a chin with a Home button to an all-screen front, the new phone still had the same rounded edges as its predecessors. The iPhone 11 likewise.

This changed again with the iPhone 12. Finally Apple combined the all-screen front with the classic slab-sided edges. This was, to me, a huge improvement – though I was less keen on the polished finish.

The iPhone 13 was largely unchanged, and the iPhone 14 Pro of course replaced the notch with the Dynamic Island, but the slab-sided form factor remained.

First look at the iPhone 15 design

We first got wind of two apparent changes to the iPhone 15 design late last year, when ShrimpApplePro indicated that Apple was working on a titanium casing, which would have a rounded back rather than the square edge of current models.

One suggestion was that this might be a curved profile similar to the iPhone 5C – of which I was not a fan – while another was that it would blend flat sides with a rounded back, along the lines of the MacBook Pro.

Having gotten our hands on a CAD model of the iPhone 15, Ian Zelbo set to work creating renders to give us a much better feel for the look of the new design.

Thankfully, what we see is indeed very similar to the MacBook Pro design: a completely flat side, with tight-radius curves front and back.

Even better, a subsequent image suggests that – for the two Pro models – Apple is not only switching from stainless steel to titanium, but with a truly beautiful-looking brushed finish.

That looks absolutely perfect in silver, and a black version would also look amazing.

Take my money

Given the annual camera improvements, I’m pretty much resigned at this point to upgrading every year – and the expected periscope lens is the big change we’re expecting on that front (for the Pro Max).

The switch from Lightning to USB-C port is also a big part of the appeal for me. The sheer convenience of being able to use the same chargers and cables for MacBook, iPad, and iPhone is a winner – as is faster transfer of 4K video from the phone to Mac.

But throw in the new profile and brushed titanium finish, and it really feels to me like this year’s iPhone is actually going to live up to the standard keynote hype of an all-new device. Sign me up for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

More caffeine consumed, and poll options corrected …

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Nanogames: Taking Crypto Casino Bonuses To A Whole New Level

When it comes to crypto, there are hundreds of millions of users who are intrigued by this industry and decide to invest in one or more cryptocurrencies. And it is no wonder why. Crypto is one of the most innovative concepts; it provides high levels of security and transparency and can be a great way of increasing your winnings. 

And among all the opportunities the crypto industry has to offer, Bitcoin casinos are one of the greatest. And this happens because crypto gambling can be a fun activity, and the rewards are usually not late to the party.

And in an industry where there are hundreds of crypto casinos launched, Nanogames manages to keep its users close by offering a reliable platform and plenty of intriguing rewards.

Launched in 2023, Nanogames is a crypto casino that aims to offer crypto enthusiasts a positive gambling experience by providing a user-friendly platform that contains hundreds of games and sports available for betting. 

Currently, Nanogames is available on desktop devices by accessing the official website. There, users can find hundreds of games and will have the opportunity to gamble on an extremely user-friendly and intuitive platform. Besides, the company has developed a mobile app available on both Android and iOS. Users who aim to download the app should check the official chúng tôi website, where they will find additional information about the app. 

Nanogames was built using blockchain technology, which makes the platform extremely secure and provides high levels of transparency for all users. Besides, the Bitcoin casino has developed and now uses its own cryptocurrency, called Nano. This cryptocurrency is used as a primary currency on the platform, with users able to earn, deposit, and withdraw Nano from the Nanogames crypto casino.

Crypto Gambling at Its Finest

A crypto casino should always focus on the user experience it provides, thus, focusing on its users being happy and incentivized. And when it comes to Nanogames, it is no wonder that the platform has millions of visits. Nanogames provides surprisingly high levels of transparency, which is extremely important for most crypto enthusiasts. 

Currently, the crypto casino offers hundreds of gambling games, most provably fair. This means that users are able to see the outcome of the games so that there is no doubt about them. 

Among the games offered, Nanogames have also included the classics, such as Dice, Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, and Poker. Besides, the Bitcoin casino offers live games and live poker tables, and this surely brings more users to the platform. Furthermore, Nanogames offer users the opportunity to bet on sports, with a specially developed section for this. 

When it comes to the cryptocurrencies supported, Nanogames currently allows crypto enthusiasts to use 7 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance (BNB), Tether (USDT), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), and Tron (TRX). It is essential to mention that even though the crypto casino uses its own cryptocurrency, users can register on the platform without being required to hold Nano. 

Surprising Crypto Bonuses

It is not news that crypto gamblers stay closer to a casino if they are incentivized. And Nanogames seems to have caught that, as the crypto gambling platform offers plenty of bonuses for newcomers and established gamblers.

For instance, one of the greatest bonuses Nanogames offers is a free signup bonus and the daily chance to win 10 ETH. And besides offering such a generous bonus, Nanogames made the whole sign-up process extremely straightforward.

Thus, to get the free signup bonus, users are required to:

Copy the “


” referral code.

Visit the Nanogames

signup page.

Expand the “Referral/Promo Code” page.

Paste the referral code into the new section.

Complete the registration form by adding your details.

Enjoy your free daily Lucky Spin and all the platform’s other bonuses.

And this way, newcomers are incentivized and receive a helpful bonus at the beginning of their crypto gambling journey. Yet, Nanogames did not forget those users who have been using the platform since the beginning. 

Thus, the crypto casino has developed a VIP program that aims to reward its established users. The program currently has 5 levels, ranging from Bronze to Diamond. Nanogames users can become VIP members by regularly playing the games on the platform and earning points. The more points a user gets, the higher the VIP level they have. 

VIP members can get access to various benefits, such as:

Exclusive promotions

Personalized support

Priority withdrawals

Customized rewards

Learn More

If you aim to find out more about Nanogames and its latest updates and events, you can check the official Nanogames website. Furthermore, do not forget to join Nanogames on:

Workflowy: A Surprisingly Powerful Note

I’ve always been a fan of to-do lists and productivity tools and have used a number of them in the past. From Google Keep to OneNote to Evernote, I have tried all the popular options and never really felt satisfied.

Workflowy came along and eased all my frustrations. It’s the simplest and lightest note-taking app you can find anywhere and works wonderfully for keeping notes, organizing projects or simply making lists and collaboration.


In addition, it has mobile applications on iOS (iPhone and iPad) as well as Android, so you can always view and edit your lists from virtually anywhere.


The first thing you notice about Workflowy when you open the app is its simplicity. There is no fancy layout here or formatting options. Instead, you have broad white space, like a blank sheet of paper, and a single bullet point to begin.

Workflowy is built around those bullet points, allowing you to create lists as well as notes using the points.


The most distinguishing feature of Workflowy compared to other note-taking applications is its ability to create a hierarchy of nested lists, which means that you can keep every related item in one place instead of making separate lists for them.

You can narrow down into each bullet point and divide your tasks into smaller bits, allowing you to focus on one thing at a time.

Workflowy offers powerful sharing features, allowing you to share your notes with people (no signup or login required) via a secret shared link, allowing you to control what they see and don’t see as well as giving editing permissions if desired.

In addition, you can export your Workflowy items in different formats, including formatted, plain text or OPML format, enabling you to copy and paste into any other program.

Other useful features include the option to receive a daily email digest of your activity, star important items for quick access, reduce mouse dependency by offering several keyboard shortcuts that get you through the program pretty quickly, print items, tag related items and search for text within lists.

What it can’t do

While Workflowy is a handy tool, there are a number of things you cannot do with it like setting alarms and reminders, attaching files or formatting text. If you need these features, then Workflowy may not necessarily satisfy all your needs.

However, the developers have promised that some of these features will be included in future updates of the application.


That’s just about all there is to this app. It’s free to sign up and use the basic features, but there are paid upgrades for more storage space, automatic backups to Dropbox, password protection on shared lists, etc.

Ayo Isaiah

Ayo Isaiah is a freelance writer from Lagos who loves everything technology with a particular interest in open-source software. Follow him on Twitter.

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