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YouTube: Video Paused. Continue Watching? [Best Solution]





’s Video paused prompt keeps pausing video playback for some



This guide tells you how


can counter the Video paused prompt with the


NonStop extension for

Google Chrome




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In 2023, Google updated YouTube with a new video prompt feature. That prompt states, Video paused. Continue watching? Wow, what a great feature – I think not!

The Video paused prompt pops up in a browser when a video has been left playing in an inactive page time for a certain time period. That prompt pauses videos left playing in background YouTube tabs.

However, the Video paused feature hasn’t gone down that well with YouTube users. Some of them want to leave their YouTube music video playlists playing in background tabs, and this prompt can be very annoying.

Furthermore, some YT users have also said on Google’s forum that the Video prompt frequency is increasing.

YouTube doesn’t include any built-in option to disable that prompt, so this guide will cover this topic for all browsers.

Enjoy high-quality video streaming with a dedicated browser

Get the best video experience with Opera GX. It’s a light browser with the capacity to broadcast multimedia content effortlessly. Its RAM and CPU limiters along with the adblocker and battery mode all contribute to peak performance when streaming.

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How do I stop YouTube from pausing My continue watching? Add the YouTube NonStop extension to your browser


To make this process easy, make sure that the browser you’re trying to add the extension to is set as your default option. If you want to install the extension in a browser other than your default one, copy-paste the extension’s link presented here.

Google Chrome Firefox Edge Opera

Opera is a customizable browser with lots of tools created to enhance your online experience, like the built-in ad-blocker and a player in your sidebar that lets you connect to your favorite music services in one place.


You can also add YouTube NonStop extension to Vivaldi in much the same way as in the case of Opera.

So, that’s how you can disable the silly Video prompt pausing YouTube playback. Then you can listen to your YouTube music playlists in background tabs without frequent video pausing.

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How To Capture A Youtube Video Screenshot On Windows

Whether you want images for an article, need to share something interesting with a friend, or simply wish to save a memory for posterity, you might be searching for the best way to capture a YouTube video screenshot. Taking screenshots from a YouTube video can be done in a variety of ways, from the rudimentary to the most efficient. Let’s look at some of them in detail.

Tip: Need to share a YouTube clip? Learn how to share a specific part of a YouTube video.

1. Print Screen

The good old Print Screen function in Windows captures the entirety of your screen the moment you press the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard. This comes in handy as a simple way to get screenshots from YouTube videos as well.

Pause your YouTube video at the right moment and press PrtSc on your keyboard.

You can then paste the screenshot into a Paint window, inside a Word document, or any other location. Keep in mind, though, that this method of capturing YouTube screenshots will not get rid of the progress bar and other controls that appear whenever you pause your video. You’ll have to manually crop them out.

For generating screenshots without the overlay, you can try one of the other methods shown below.

2. Browser Extension

Having a screenshot functionality right in your browser feels like the obvious choice for taking YouTube screenshots. You can do this by installing a browser extension whether you’re using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or any other browser.

Microsoft Edge users can visit the Edge Add-ons store and those on Mozilla Firefox can head to the Firefox Browser Add-Ons store. You’ll be able to find similar extensions in each of these stores.

This method is much better than using the Print Screen functionality as doesn’t capture the YouTube player controls, giving you a clean and crisp screenshot.

Good to know: Check out the best Google Chrome extensions for productivity.

3. YouTube Screenshot Website

Another way of capturing YouTube screenshots is using a website dedicated to this purpose. There are several options you can use but YouTube Screenshots seems like the best choice due to its support for higher-resolution screenshots and an easy-to-use interface.

Visit YouTube Screenshots and paste the URL of the YouTube video in the input field at the top.

This screen allows you to select the frame you want to capture or simply download the video thumbnail.

This method takes a bit longer than using a browser extension but you get a few more features like forwarding or rewinding frames after selecting the frame of your choice. You also get the option of selecting the resolution of the image in case you want a smaller file size.

Tip: Having trouble finding copyright-free images? Here are the best sites to search for creative commons images.

4. Mozilla Firefox’s Native Snapshot

If you prefer Mozilla Firefox due to its privacy, speed, or features, you don’t need to look outside the browser’s built-in “Snapshot” feature. This nifty method lets you capture YouTube screenshots natively in your browser window. And you don’t need to worry about capturing any overlay either.

Open your YouTube video in a Firefox browser window and pause at the frame you want to capture.

You’ll now have a high-resolution screenshot of your desired frame. The pros of this method are the speed and higher image resolution, with the con being the inability to choose the image resolution.

Now if you prefer to have a dedicated screenshot tool installed on your PC, here are several screenshot programs for Windows that offer rich options.

Tip: Check out these Firefox add-ons to protect your online privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions How can I easily capture YouTube screenshots on a mobile phone?

You can screenshot a YouTube video on your Android and iOS phone by using some standard key combinations or third-party apps. If you’re Android, check out the methods available to take a screenshot. On an iOS device, here’s how you can take a snapshot of your screen.

You can still take a screenshot if you’re using YouTube in a browser in Incognito on Android.

Image credit: Unsplash. All screenshots by Tanveer Singh.

Tanveer Singh

Tanveer hunts far and wide for PC Hardware, Windows, and Gaming ideas to write about. An MBA in Marketing and the owner of a PC building business, he has written extensively on Technology, Gaming, and Marketing. When not scouring the web, he can be found binging on The Office, running for his life in GTFO, or wrecking karts in Smash Karts.

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Youtube Is Not Receiving Enough Video To Maintain Smooth Streaming

YouTube is an excellent platform for sharing video content. A part of this sharing is live streaming. While you can create a video and share it as a stream on YouTube, doing the same through third-party software products like OBS, Twitch, etc makes the job easier. However, while streaming through third-party applications, users have reported the error YouTube is not receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming. If you encounter this error on your system, then please read through this article for the resolution.

YouTube is not receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming

While the nature of the error is such that it can occur while streaming through any third-party streaming software, but the problem has mostly been reported on forums for OBS. OBS has 2 modes, one for recording and one for streaming. When users use the option for streaming, the issue in discussion may occur. It should be noted that multiple users have confirmed that changing the bitrate did not help.

Try the following solutions sequentially to resolve the problem:

Sign out, sign in from YouTube

Check the internet connection

Change the streaming application

Change the device

Wait for some time

Browser level troubleshooting

1] Sign out, sign in from YouTube

If you encounter the problem of YouTube is not receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming, then the first approach should be to re-login to YouTube. Sign-out of YouTube. Then reboot your computer. Finally, sign-in to YouTube.

2] Check the internet connection

Ideally, one can easily stream up to 1080p with YouTube. However, this depends on the internet connection. If the speed is well above 10MBPS, then you shouldn’t face any problem. However, if the speed isn’t sufficient, then you will have to drop the streaming down to 720p. The procedure to drop the video quality depends on the streaming application.

3] Change the streaming application

At times, the streaming application could be the problem. So, to resolve this problem, you can change the streaming application. As an example, if you are using OBS, try shifting to Twitch. This small change can solve the problem.

4] Change the device

If your device is not capable of handling a 1080p live streaming event, then you can consider changing the device to isolate the cause. If it works on another device, then you might have to upgrade the problematic system by adding a graphics card and RAM.

5] Wait for some time

If streaming was working fine earlier and you faced the issue suddenly, then the issue could be with the bandwidth or server. In this case, first try the solutions mentioned earlier in this article. After this, wait for some time for the problem to ease.

6] Browser level troubleshooting

If the above-mentioned solutions couldn’t solve the problem, then the issue might be the browser. So, try the following steps to fix the cause.

Change the browser. If the issue occurs with one browser, to isolate the problem, try using another browser.

Update your browser. In case your browser is running an obsolete version of itself, then you can consider updating it to the latest version.

What bitrate should I stream at OBS YouTube?

Fix: YouTube error, Something went wrong

What video quality is permitted for YouTube streaming?

You can easily stream up to 1080p with YouTube. Rather, most modern free streaming software products can go beyond 1080p. However, it also depends on the configuration of your computer. If your PC is low-end, try to limit your streaming to 720p 60fps or 1080p 30fps.

How To Edit Video Category And Audiences For The Published Youtube Videos?

Social media channels like YouTube have become powerful marketing and sales tools for businesses. Video content not only entertains but also provides important information almost about every topic. Making awesome and knowledgeable video content is the first hurdle to overcome. Getting people to watch and make them to subscribe your channel is the next and a much bigger obstacle in the creator’s path. To improve growth a creator needs to edit videos several times. In this article, we will tell you how to edit video categories and audiences for the growth of any channel.


YouTube creators who monetize their content must ensure that they select the right category for their video before publishing. But it happens sometimes that the creator can forget or select the wrong category for their video.

Now let’s see how to change YouTube categories after publishing the video −

Steps To Edit Category Of Youtube Video After Publishing

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

The video details page will open of your selected video. Scroll down.

Step 6

Step 7

YouTube assigns every video to the People and Blogs category.

Step 8

Select the new category for your video.

Step 9


If the creator publishes a video on YouTube and realizes that its content is not suitable for all viewers, they should apply age restrictions. Doing so ensures that the video content is only viewed by the right audience.

As a YouTube creator, it is required to set future and existing videos as “it is made for kids or not”. Even creators who don’t make content for kids need to set their audience at the utmost priority. This will help to ensure that the creator offers the appropriate content to their audience. For kid’s audience settings on your YouTube channel, you can set your audience on every video level.

Why Every Creator Must Set Their Audience Settings?

These audience settings are required as part of a settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and NY Attorney General, and this will help you to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and other applicable laws. Regardless of the creator’s location, YouTube requires the creator to tell them whether or not the content videos of their channel are made for kids. If a creator fails to set their audience accurately, they may face compliance issues with the FTC or other authorities, and YouTube can take action on the specific channel account.

To learn how to edit the audiences’ settings for a video on YouTube, follow the steps below.

Steps For Editing Audience For Published Youtube Videos

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

A list of all your videos will open. Select the video, whose audiences you want to change.

Step 5

Hover your mouse on that video, edit option will be visible.

Step 6

The video details page will open of your selected video. Scroll down till the end.

Step 7

You can see the Audience option. Select from Yes or No for kids.

Step 8

If you select No then immediately Age restriction (Advanced) will open, where you have to select the age limit as 18 years or not. As you can see YouTube is very particular about this option under many acts all over the world.

Step 9


Take some time to perfect your settings on YouTube before publishing the video and see how many views, after that, the creator should make constant efforts in editing the settings to observe what boost it can give to channel views. Optimize and keep the settings that have worked for you!

Ai Innovations Continue To Revolutionize Healthcare Sector

But, those clinics are just using an average of slightly more than one algorithm, implying a restricted number of accessible tools and significant area for development after users find the ideal AI software for their demands.

Listed below are just four ways AI is reshaping radiology because we understand it.

AI Innovations Continue to Revolutionize Healthcare sector 1. Flagging Hazards and prioritizing workflows

A radiologist provides the mix of wisdom, experience and a fantastic eye on the procedure for reading medical pictures, frequently taking in many of unique details within a picture to draw conclusions.

Artificial intelligence is still a means away from having the ability to replicate this capability, however, AI has demonstrated able to detect a few possible problems in medical pictures. By way of instance, AI tools such as MammoScreen and CMTriage in CureMetrix can evaluate the probability of malignancy from mammograms.

While this capacity can’t really be utilized for a conclusion, it can assist with getting sorted out and focus on pictures to streamline a radiologist’s work process. By utilizing AI as a partner to order pictures or cause to notice particularly troubling ones, radiologists can utilize their time all the more productively.

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2. Triaging crises

Throughout the Covid emergency, various areas have gotten immersed with patients and have required assistance doing emergency — this was particularly the situation in the early months of the pandemic as healthcare laborers were all the while figuring out how to analyze and deal with the sickness.

Clinics and centers overpowered by patients giving Covid side effects should have been ready to rapidly figure out which patients required quick clinical consideration, and imaging — especially chest x-beams — end up being one acceptable technique for perceiving upsetting manifestations.

This need roused healthcare fire up chúng tôi to re-reason its AI-fueled chest x-beam device with the goal that it could search for indications of Covid — empowering overpowered bleeding edge clinicians all throughout the planet to more readily oversee cases.

3. Giving admittance to mind in underserved networks

The continuous issue of emergency clinic terminations in rustic regions in the U.S., and an absence of enough experts both in the States and in far off regions abroad, implies that there can be an excess in assessing clinical imaging.

Thus, regardless of whether it’s feasible to give gear like CT scanners and ultrasound machines to regions out of luck, there is no assurance that an accomplished individual will be promptly accessible to decipher the outcomes.

Man-made intelligence is offering required help in these asset tied regions. Man-made intelligence programs that can go through pictures and banner ones that seem to show something out of order can help focus on pictures that may all the more earnestly require the consideration of a radiologist.

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4. Empowering simple picture dividing between experts and patients

Have you at any point been asked by another supplier to carry your past clinical sweeps with you? A few patients are stunned to find they need to venture out to a radiology lab and stay there while an overseer copies their pictures onto a CD (a close to outdated medium) and afterward actually bring the CD along to the new arrangement.

Some radiology rehearses, particularly more modest ones, might be hesitant to receive another stage due to worries about cost or the exertion expected to get everybody changed in accordance with another framework.

In any case, cloud stages are basically the basic foundation needed to utilize AI, so there is an incredible business case to be made for putting resources into such a change — particularly since AI will just keep on getting more predominant.

Digiday Reveals 56% Of Advertisers Paused Facebook Spend In July

All eyes are on Facebook’s Q2 earnings call this coming Wednesday, in no small part because 2023 has been a tough year for the platform.

Now, a small survey conducted by Digiday reveals their Q3 earnings will probably also be equally as important. 56% of media buyers surveyed confirm their clients paused their July spending in accordance with the Stop Hate for Profit movement.

What is the Stop Hate for Profit Movement?

The movement for brands to boycott Facebook as a marketing platform was galvanized under the banner of #StopHateForProfit. The group is co-organized among several entities, including well-known social justice organizations.

Their ultimate goal has been to mobilize pressure on what are seen as lax content policies by Facebook, specifically as it pertains to things like political rhetoric, and racism.

The Stop Hate for Profit website contains an updated list of companies who have pulled spend, along with the steps it’s suggesting companies take.

What Else Has Affected Facebook in 2023?

Continuing its rocky history of public perception, Facebook has dealt itself a few more blows this year.

The decision to not curb statements made by President Trump set off a firestorm both internally and externally. Employees within the organization were highly critical of the decision, with 400 staging a walk-out at one point.

Just last week, Facebook also settled for $650m in Illinois for using facial recognition software to tags users in photos. Illinois in a consent-required state for facial recognition software, and argued that consent wasn’t obtained by users.

After over a year of stressing that their Campaign Budget Optimization feature would be a requirement, they threw in the towel, and opted not to enforce it.

Is the Ad Revenue Pause Tied to the Economy?

It’s been questionable how much spend pausing has to do with the current economic climate, versus a social statement.

However, a little less than half surveyed said their clients would spend more if Facebook’s reputation and values better-aligned with theirs.

When asked how long they expect the pause to last:

41% said spending will resume by end of July

26% said it won’t be until the end of Q3

17% said it won’t be until Facebook makes “meaningful changes”

While “meaningful changes” aren’t defined, buyers said giving them more control and removing hate speech are the two most important things they could do at this point.

Despite these sentiments, buyers are split on whether this boycott will actually accomplish anything

The Q2 earnings call this week will only cover the beginning of boycott discussion, which heated up in May and June.

The full effects of it on Facebook’s bottom line won’t be known until Q3 closes out, but all eyes are on Q2 results to be a leading indicator of what will be seen at that point.

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