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Key Takeaway

Xero’s dashboard is designed to facilitate timely bill pay that sustains vendor relationships.


If you’re looking for dedicated project management tools, check out our picks for the best project management software on the market today.

Financial Reporting and Data Analytics

Every business needs up-to-date accounting reports. With them, you can monitor profitability, prepare for future expenses and analyze your business’s growth potential. Xero gives access to custom, ready-to-use, exportable financial reports when you need them, as well as the educational tools you need to create the reports you want. Plus, you can favorite reports for easy access. 

Xero’s reporting features allow you to easily compare your budgets against actuals and provide you with an accurate understanding of your business at any given time. You can also create several budgets, including regional budgets, in Xero. You can add data directly from these budgets to your profit and loss (P&L) statements. Once your statement is open, you can drag and drop columns to rearrange your report and add formulas to determine each cell’s value.

We also liked the “top customers” graph available from the accounting drop-down menu at the top of the Xero dashboard. When you open this graph, you’ll see one bar per customer, with each bar indicating the revenue that the customer brings you. This way, you can clearly compare customers and direct your efforts accordingly. This was the most direct revenue-by-customer reporting we encountered as we reviewed accounting software platforms.

Another reporting feature unique to Xero is the ability to compile reports into a “report package.” Through this tool, you can assemble balance sheets, P&L statements and top-customer graphs into one document with a cover page and table of contents. The resulting file makes for great supporting documentation as you apply for a bank loan or seek investor funding. No other accounting software we reviewed even came close to offering this highly compelling feature.

Bank Reconciliation

Among the many accounting software platforms we reviewed, Xero offered some of the strongest bank reconciliation tools. Auto-matching and bank rules based on transaction conditions primarily power this reconciliation technology. Should either of these tools struggle to categorize your costs, Xero’s intelligence learning setup will identify similar previous transactions. It will then tag your current transactions accordingly and ask for your approval. Xero’s AI also examines transactions across all customers to improve its accuracy.

Additional bank reconciliation tools that we liked include bulk reconciling and quick bank rule creation. Both of these features give you the power to further streamline your reconciliation. We also liked how easily you can switch between checking and savings accounts when reconciling transactions.

Alongside all of this, you can access a “find and recode” tool from the accounting drop-down menu within the Xero dashboard. This tool is ideal for correcting errors or reviewing the work of your less experienced accounting staff members. You can recode contacts, accounts or tax rates in one fell swoop, improving the accuracy of your reconciliation. 

In the rare event that your bank doesn’t integrate with Xero, reconciliation is still possible. Through Xero’s bank statement extraction tools, the platform can convert a bank statement PDF into a CSV with all the values Xero needs. Just upload the CSV into Xero, and you’re all set to start reconciling your transactions.

Xero Pricing

You can try Xero for free for 30 days with access to all the features. After your trial period, you can decide which plan is right for you and your business.

Xero offers three plans: 

Early: Priced at $13 per month, this plan is for sole proprietors, new businesses and self-employed people. It enables you to send quotes and up to 20 invoices, enter up to five bills, reconcile bank transactions, capture bills and receipts, and get a snapshot of your short-term cash flow.

Growing: At $37 per month, the Growing plan is for rising small businesses. It has everything included in the Early plan, plus bulk reconcile transactions.

Established: For $70 per month, the Established plan is for businesses that have been up and running for some time. It offers all the features included in the Growing plan, as well as the ability to use multiple currencies, track projects, claim expenses and access in-depth analytics. 

All plans offer Gusto payroll as an optional add-on, starting at $40 per month plus $6 per person per month. 

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Accounting Course (39 Courses Training Bundle, Online Certification)

The training is specially designed to meet the learning desires of those who connected with the accounting field. The course is a detailed one that will take you through various accounting concepts that will help you with practical application in real life.

The course is aimed to provide the learners with essential concepts of accounting domains such as financial accounting, accounting standards, cost accounting, and other relevant concepts. At the end of the course, learners will be well equipped with knowledge regarding important accounting concepts.

Course Highlights

Below is a peek of what all will be covered in the course.

The training will commence with a lecture on the introduction to financial accounting.

A session will be run to explain concepts relating to income statements such as fiscal year and calendar year, the format of the income statement, profit margin calculations, non-recurring items, changes in accounting estimates, and methods of revenue recognition.

An understanding will be developed on the preparation of balance sheet and its various components such as current assets, current liabilities long-term assets, long-term liabilities, and shareholder’s equity.

Learners will also gain knowledge about the preparation of cash flow statements using direct and indirect methods, along with practical examples.

As a next step, learners will be explained with the concept of goodwill calculation, future maintainable profits, and treatment of goodwill as per IFRS.

We will also understand the applicability of the purchase method and pooling method for accounting in case of business combinations such as a merger.

An understanding will be developed about accounting for bonds and the concept of present value for bonds.

A separate session will be there to deal with accounting relating to branches. Concepts such as branch accounting, independent branch, and the foreign branch will be covered.

As a next milestone, learners will be acquainted with the concept of related parties. Topics that will be discussed include related party transactions, disclosure requirements as per IAS 24 and Indian Companies Act, arms-length transaction, and role of the audit committee.

Regarding foreign currency translation, you will learn about its accounting treatment, forward contract, and exchange rate, hedging, and requirements as per US GAAP.

Accounting for deferred tax will also be covered to understand profit calculation, deferred tax assets, valuation allowance, and revalued assets.

Training will also take you through lease accounting and classification of leases.

The concept of special purpose entity will be covered to understand its features, structure, purpose, types, pros, and cons as well as accounting guidelines.

The overview will also be provided about business combinations and its various concepts such as its identification, acquisition method, treatment of intangible assets, income tax implications, and so on.

The lecture will be covered on LLPs, its formation, importance, and comparison with LLCs.

Training will also be provided for accounting for changes in ownership interest. We will understand situations in which parent’s ownership interest changes.

Next, the introduction will be provided on cost accounting.

We will have a look on the cost sheet and its components, along with other concepts such as job costing and batch costing.

Learners will understand the process of cost allocation.

We will gain knowledge about decision making using marginal costing, opportunity cost, and types of costs.

A separate lecture will be there to deal with concepts of process costing and the treatment of joint products and by-products.

One will also learn about essential concepts of management accounting such as inventory types, EOQ, quantity discounts, break-even analysis, and so on.

A tutorial will be covered to understand the applicability of various IFRS.

Next will be an important session about various ASCs dealing with investments, GAAP history, and hierarchy, presentation of financial statements, income statement, statement of cash flow, revenue recognition, financial instruments, inventory, liabilities, not-for-profit entities, PPE and consolidation.

We will understand accounting for the securities lending market.

We will also gain insight into accounting for repo transactions.

Accounting for derivatives in hedge funds will be explained in the next step.

At last, we will gain an overview of the applicability of US GAAP.

Top 10 Ai Software Platforms For 2023

Do not miss out on these AI platforms in 2023

AI software is a category of computer software that makes it possible for any Artificial intelligence (AI) company to process massive amounts of data in order to do tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence. These include NLP, text recognition, voice recognition, image recognition, and video analytics. It used to be that artificial intelligence was viewed with suspicion or even trepidation, and scary cinematic representations like Terminator haven’t helped change that perception.  The article enlists 10 AI software platform that you should know in 2023.

Google Cloud Learning Machine IBM Watson NVIDIA Deep Learning AI Software

It’s not surprising to see NVIDIA on this list considering how popular it has become because to their promising computer hardware and software. Machine learning-focused artificial intelligence solutions include NIVIDA Deep Learning Ai. This AI software is delivered wherever you need it and depends on GPU acceleration. In order to truly access your projects from anywhere, NVIDIA Deep Learning AI is also available on the majority of cloud platforms like Amazon or Google. This tool promises to create the greatest predictive analytics for your project, enabling you to continually improve your job.

Content DNA Platform

A platform for artificial intelligence software called Material DNA is focused on analysing video content. The software is used by broadcasters and telecom firms to carry out a variety of video-related tasks, such as scene recognition, anomaly detection, and metadata enrichment. Even if you are not a trained professional, the platform is simple to understand and utilise. For a limited time, you may use all of the features of this AI programme for free (up to 100 hours of processing). If you want limitless access, you must pay a one-time setup cost that supports maintenance and cloud infrastructure. The pricing necessitates a customised quote.

Nia Infosys

An AI software platform called Infosys Nia was created to make it easier for companies to deploy AI. It is beneficial for many jobs involving machine learning, deep learning, data management, natural language processing (NLP), etc. Infosys Nia gives businesses the chance to use AI on their already-existing massive data by automating routine actions and commitments. As a result, businesses may be more productive and employees can complete their responsibilities more effectively.

Azure Machine Learning Studio

This artificial intelligence programme is not only helpful to professionals but also very user-friendly. You can simply develop models using drag-and-drop within the interactive interface of Azure Machine Learning Studio, and you can subsequently publish those models to the web right within the application. To assist data scientists and developers in building, training, and deploying machine learning models more quickly than with other AI software, this AI provides a wide range of experiences. Despite its speedy production, this application is nevertheless ideal for developers of any experience level. Start with the no-code design or customise your experience with the integrated Jupyter notebook.


Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana, is highly regarded by both experienced users and developers. To demonstrate a small portion of its appeal, this AI-powered personal assistant is accessible on numerous Android, Microsoft, Amazon, and Xbox products. From hands-free assistance to question-answering and reminders, Cortana performs a wide range of tasks. Cortana “learns” about you as you use it more and more, eventually adjusting to increasingly challenging tasks.

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) analytics AI platform that allows enterprises to create AI-powered applications for their clients or staff. You can use it to create computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning predictive models. Model administration and data preparation are not necessary when using artificial intelligence techniques. Various pricing packages are available, starting at $25 per user and month, depending on the needs of the business. On the official website, you can find the cost information.

A conversation intelligence platform called chúng tôi was created especially for high-growth sales teams. It assists you with real-time call recording, management, and transcription while also enabling you to highlight crucial action points and issues. By examining your data, this AI programme enables you to acquire really valuable insights. These automation technologies help sales teams plan and streamline their communication processes and carry out error-free follow-ups. Call recording, sales coaching, sales management, and other services are some of its features.


Top 5 Expense Management Software In 2023

Expense management is the second hardest operational cost to control. And majority of businesses don’t have a robust expense management platform in place. Tallie’s survey of 585 finance professionals shows that:

46% don’t track cost-to-process expense reports

43% have a manual expense management process in place

If you want to scale and grow your business, you should use an expense management software to track employees expenses. But, Tallie’s survey shows that between 2013 to 2023, the percentage of respondents who used an expense management software stayed at 35%. Lack of vendor marketplace familiarity can be one reason most companies’ entire expense management process hasn’t yet been automated.

Today, we are exploring the top 5 expense management software so you could pick the one suitable one. We will explain the main features, benefits, negatives, and price of each expense management software.

How did we select the top 5 expense management software?

The original list had +300 expense management software vendors. We used 4 publicly-verifiable metrics to create a 5-vendor-shortlist. Those metrics are:

Tracking all employee expenses from the card

Allowing travel planning from the app

Setting spending limits to control expenses, and more.

1. SAP Concur Expense

Backed by large resources of SAP, SAP Concur Expense software is the largest company on our list in terms of employee count, references, and funding. In terms of reviews, they are ranked first on G2 and Gartner, and 2nd of TrustRadius.

SAP Expense management software allows users to submit expense reports, manage their payments through the expense management app, and monitor their travel related expenses.

1.1. Pricing

To get an exact price from Concur Expense, you need to contact them for a personalized quote depending on your industry, use case, expense report volume, etc. Unverified reports suggest that they charge $8 per report per ~250 transactions. That will be $994 per year, or $83 per month.

Concur Expense offers a free-trial.

1.2. Benefits of using SAP Concur Expense

Booking travel directly through Concur Expense

Easy to use interface

Travel accommodation by allowing employee expense submission through the app

ERP integration with SAP products, Grab and Tibco

1.3. Negatives of using SAP Concur Expense

Has an initial steep learning curve

Lack of integration with some travel and hospitality apps such as Uber

False positives in automated categorization of duplicate payments

2. TripActions

Targeted primarily at travel expense management, TripActions offers:

One-stop-shop for all bookings through 24/7 live agents

Smart, virtual credit cards with in-built controls fir expense policies that automate the entire approval process and streamline reimbursement management

Real-time notifications of employee expense reports to improve spend management

Instant expense record reconciliation and employee reimbursements after submitting expenses

2.1. Pricing

TripAction’s pricing model is quote-based, where customers have to get in touch with reps, discuss their needs, and would then be recommended the most suitable package. They do not offer a free trial, as the majority of their revenue comes with flight bookings and a free trial would mean lost commissions.

2.2. Benefits of using TripActions

Employees can book their hotel rooms and other accommodation, such as car rentals, airport pickups, etc. all through their app

TipActions has a specific focus on tracking loyalty points and suggesting upgrades and speciality deals automatically

Its Per Diem feature entices employees to book cheaper rooms and be rewarded for the savings2.3 Negatives of using TripAction

2.3. Negatives of using TripActions

Users claim it’s too much of a travel app and lacks the nuances of a hardened accounting software like SAP Expense

Bookings can sometime not go through until TripAction’s partners approve a reservation.

Because all reservations are done through them, in case of issues you can’t contact the airline agency directly

3. Brex

It’s more difficult to track the submitted expenses if transactions are done with different credit cards belonging to different banks. Brex has solved this issue by optimizing their virtual and physical credit card. One of their unique features is as an employee onboards/offboards, by having integrations with the ERP solutions, the software automatically creates a new credit card/cancels an old one.

3.1. Pricing

We found no specific pricing amount for Brex. But its product lines fall under 4 categories of:

Bill pay

Expense tracking

Corporate credit card

Business account

Where each have specific sets of features, and whose price should be directly enquired from Brex.

3.2. Benefits of using Brex

Their virtual and physical credit card transactions enable business expenses to be paid based on governance rules

The app is user-friendly and enables users to submit and manage expenses on the go, where purchased items automatically get submitted on the account

Foreign payments are processed with no additional costs3.3. Negatives of using Brex

3.3. Negatives of using Brex

Regionally limited to US and Canada

Limited to Mastercard which is less popular and accepted than other platforms

As the solution is an expense management platform and not an investment software, its forecasting features are lacking.

4. Zoho

Zoho’s expense management software’s APIs integrate with accounting tools, ride-sharing, banking, and other collaboration apps to streamline expense management. Some specific use cases of Zoho includes:

Receipt management

Expense management

Mileage tracking: This is a unique feature which other vendors do not mention. Especially when using car rentals, this feature helps with mileage breakdown.

4.1. Pricing

Zoho has four pricing plans:

If you have +500 users, you can get in touch with them for a customized quote.

4.2. Benefits of using Zoho

It has an easy to use interface, especially when it comes to receipt scanning

They have a host of difference applications within the Zoho Expense suit

They are optimized for small business owners, as most reviewers are from companies with

4.3. Negatives of using Zoho 5.1. Pricing

Emburse offers three pricing packages:

5.2. Negatives of using Emburse

Users claim the website or the application user interface isn’t friendly

Integration with ERPs and other accounting software is limited

Uploading receipt photos takes time and isn’t seamless

For more on fintech

To learn more about fintech, read:

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We will help you through your vendor selection journey:

He primarily writes about RPA and process automation, MSPs, Ordinal Inscriptions, IoT, and to jazz it up a bit, sometimes FinTech.





7 Best Gst Billing Software In India (2023)

Billing software helps you create professional-looking invoices, file GST or tax returns, manage expenses, inventory organization, multi-currency handling, banking support, unpaid invoice reminders, accounting services, and more. Some of the best online billing software allows for a streamlined working experience reducing the burden on you and ensuring proper account management.

Many billings software is available in India, so you’ll need to consider various factors before selecting one. Following is a handpicked list of Top Billing Software in India with the most popular features, pricing info, and website links.

Best GST Invoicing Software

Compare Price Quotes for GST Billing Software

Let us do the research and Save

Compare Prices

1) Zoho books – Best for Integration with a variety of financial apps & services

Zoho Books is GST-compliant billing and invoicing software that allows a smooth billing process for businesses. Its tools will enable you to create GST-compliant invoices and quickly support managing GST input credit. You can quickly see your GST billing data and calculate your GST liabilities for on-time tax fillings.


Track projects and their progress or status

Supports taking payments via SWIFT and various other payment methods.

Get scheduled reports and real-time access data for your business.

Supported platforms: Cloud, Web, Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS

Inventory management: Yes

Expense management: Yes

Online banking integration: Yes

Invoicing: Yes

Multi-currency support: Yes

Why is this software best for integrating various financial apps and services?

Zoho Books is the ideal retail billing software that provides many services, including accounting and billing. It easily integrates financial apps and services like Office 365, G Suite, PayPal, Razor Pay, and more.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Automatically fetches bank transactions and uses them to manage the accounting. Lacks 24/7 customer support

Allows you to rapidly get historical data for all transactions and locate every modification made to your books.

Supports easy collaboration with team members on projects and accounting.

Provides the broadest range of billing plans for meeting the needs of all businesses

Key Specs:

Free trial: Yes – 14 Days Free Trial

2) FreshBooks – Best for Automating daily accounting activities

FreshBooks billing and account facilities allow you to create professional invoices in no time effortlessly. It supports over 100 app integrations. This billing software also lets you easily add your branding and custom styles to your invoices.

FreshBooks accounting software has features like automated invoicing, easy payment options (like Credit Card and ACH), payment tracking, payment reminders, expense tracking, etc.

It tracks expenses and GST billing charges and arranges them in easy-to-understand reports. You can use its desktop and mobile apps to easily customize your invoice with easy-to-use tools. It has features to make team collaborations reasonably easy.


Allows sending estimates and quotations to clients

Provides a client portal to help clients see all their transactions with you

Built-in support for recurring payments

Allows configuring schedules for late fees

Supported platforms: Cloud, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Unix

Inventory management: Yes

Expense management: Yes

Online banking integration: Yes

Invoicing: Yes

Multi-currency support: No

Why is this the best software for daily accounting activities?

FreshBooks is one of the best accounting software for financial activities, expenses, billable time tracking, financial reporting, etc.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

One of the best customer supports across all billing software in India. Lacks multi-currency support for invoices

Flexible pricing plans for meeting all customer needs

3rd party integrations can be used to create automated workflows to save your time further

Allows sharing invoices via simple links

Key Specs:

Free trial: Yes – 30 Days

3) myBillBook – Best for Creating GST & non-GST bills

MyBillBook is a billing and invoicing software that tracks business performance through extensive data-driven reports. You can use it to send automated payment reminders to your customers, ensuring timely bill payments.

It provides tools for inventory management with support for inventory tracking and low stock reminders. One of its standout features is its ability to seamlessly manage and track your business activities with fast automatic syncing between desktop and phone. Moreover, your data automatically gets backed up whenever your device has internet access.


Works in multiple languages (Hindi, English, Tamil, Gujrati)

Allows sharing invoices via WhatsApp and SMS

Helps digitize business operations, invoicing, and accounting.

Provides tools to share quotations and estimates

Supported platforms: Cloud, Android, and Windows

Inventory management: Yes

Expense management: Yes

Online banking integration: No

Invoicing: Yes

Multi-currency support: Yes

Why is myBillBook the best software for creating GST and non-GST bills?

myBillBook supports billing with proper taxation support and custom fields like vehicle number, E-way bill, etc. It allows users to analyze GST bills using Business reports quickly. These reports are instrumental in business decision-making.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Provides tools for generating GST reports, P/L statements, party ledgers, and more. Lacks support for integrations with other apps and services

Allows taking payments through UPI

24/7 customer support through WhatsApp, call and chat

Automatically takes up a backup of all data whenever the internet is available.

Key Specs:

Free trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

4) Vyapar – Best for Lifetime free of cost invoicing features

Vyapar is billing software that allows you to create customizable bills, collect payments, and efficiently manage business expenses. You can use easy integrations with your bank account to manage your transactions through the Vyapar app. It also simplifies sending money and allows for easy bank-to-bank transfers making it one of the best free invoicing software in India.

Vyapar is a free billing and invoicing software that also supports inventory management. You can use its billing tools to ensure your invoices are GST compliant. This billing and invoicing software allow easy quotations, budgeting, and invoice sharing. Its desktop app will enable you to monitor stock levels in real-time. It also allows you to generate invoices with many different themes.


Helps you to fill GST, VAT, TDS, TCS, and many other taxes

Built-in support for currency management

Allows taking data backups locally or on Google Drive

Supported platforms: Cloud, Web, Android, and Windows

Inventory management: Yes

Expense management: Yes

Online banking integration: Yes

Invoicing: Yes

Multi-currency support: Yes

Why is this the best free invoicing software?

Vyapar provides users with a lifetime free billing software of the Vyapar app with many features. Its free plan is the best for small businesses with support for invoicing, inventory management, dashboards, tracking, and GST accounting.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Allows setting up an online store detailing your products and services No mobile app available for iOS

Provides Lifetime free billing software with a lot of features

Ensures easy inventory planning and business management to plan for the future

Supports offline billing in application

Key Specs:

Free trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

5) Tally Prime – Best for Managing multiple business functions like accounting, invoicing, and banking

Tally Prime is one of the best billing software to create invoices and manage business functions. Customizable reports allow you to evaluate the company on various parameters. It gives you very insightful data-driven reports about multiple aspects of your business.

Tally Prime accounting software helps you optimize cash flow with many features to ensure timely client payments. Its Prevention, Detection, and Correction Technology ensure that your accounts are in the best condition for tax compliance. This billing software also provides barcode and QR code integrations in the invoices.


Provides API to integrate with other apps and services

Enables generation of digitally signed QR codes

Allows easy access to data from anywhere via a web app

Supported platforms: Cloud, Website, Android, and iOS mobile app

Inventory management: Yes

Expense management: Yes

Online banking integration: Yes

Invoicing: Yes

Multi-currency support: Yes

Why is this the best software for business functions like accounting, invoicing, credit taxation, etc.?

Tally Prime accounting software has various features to improve business functions. You get multiple tools for managing payment timelines, easy stock management, optimization of improvement in cash flow, and easy tax compliance.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Provides 24/7 customer support to all users Lacks cloud-based software syncing support

Offers lifetime purchase payment model

Automatically sync your books with your bank statements

Simple, easy to use, yet highly customizable user interface

Key Specs:

Free trial: Yes – 7 Days

6) QuickBooks – Best for creating, sending, and scheduling customized GST invoices

QuickBooks accounting software provides users with features like invoicing, accounting, payroll management, expense tracking, tax management, and much more. It allows quickly adding and managing customers/clients in invoicing. You can enable multi-currency transactions and integrate popular payment gateways into your bills.

You can customize professionally designed templates for your bills. This accounting software supports multi-user login access and collaborations. It allows building integrations with access to open APIs. You can access detailed analytics, business parameters, GST audits, and reports.


It maintains proper database backups for redundancy.

Provides custom invoicing with integrations of WhatsApp and email

Easily import and export data for Excel and various other platforms

Supports partial payments and recurring payments

Supported platforms: Cloud, Android, Windows, and macOS

Inventory management: Yes

Expense management: Yes

Online banking integration: Yes

Invoicing: Yes

Multi-currency support: Yes

Why is this the best software for sending and scheduling customized GST invoices?

QuickBooks allows the creation of unlimited, customizable professional-looking GST invoices. It also tracks pending invoices and provides scheduling bills quickly. This billing software will also remind your customers of unpaid invoices.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Simple, easy to use, and beginner-friendly UI Below-average customer support experience

Provides tax reports that make GST billing and filing very easy

Sync bank statements with business books and filings

Easy inventory management tools for all users

Key Specs:

Free trial: Yes – 30 days

7) Cleartax – Best For Quickly filing tax returns and making/sending invoices

Cleartax is the ideal invoice billing software for small businesses that provides integrations with most ERPs and ingests data quickly. This billing software will enable you to create, print quickly, and manage your bills. It also allows you to choose from various custom templates for invoices. Cleartax uses 200+ validations to ensure your accounts are correct.


Uses 128-bit SSL encrypted security to protect user data

Provides tools to collaborate with team members easily

Aggregates financial data and tax-related information to assist customers in the buying process

Allows up to 8 years of audit trails on your financial data

Supported platforms: Cloud, Web, Android, and Windows

Inventory management: Yes

Expense management: Yes

Online banking integration: Yes

Invoicing: Yes

Multi-currency support: Yes

Why is it the best software for filing tax returns and making/sending bills?

Cleartax has efficient tools to speed up the filing of income tax or GST returns. Its billing and accounting software for small business houses provides built-in tax consultants for ITR/GST fillings and legal compliances.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can easily scaled to meet your business needs Very high renewal prices

SSL, 2-factor authentication, and modern storage security standards ensure the complete safety of your data

Webinars and learning resources help you learn the fundamentals of GST for invoicing

24/7 customer support with fast and valuable responses

Key Specs:

Free trial: Yes – 30 Days


Billing software helps small and medium businesses design professional-looking invoices very quickly. The best billing and invoicing software have features to manage your taxes, create recurring payments, remind customers of unpaid invoices, and more.

It also saves your time, maintains financial records, and ensures faster gains from your clients. Some online invoicing software may support recurring payments, GST calculations, proper invoicing, and business reports/statistics.

Following is a list of the best billing software in India:

Zoho Books




Tally Prime

Today, the best billing and invoice software comes with various features. You must select the best Indian billing software based on your needed parts.

Here are some important considerations for selecting the best Billing software in India:

Tax Management: Involves financial planning to manage tax obligations and minimize the taxes paid while complying with the Income Tax Law.

Inventory Management: The process of ordering, storing, using, and selling the inventory while maintaining sufficient reserves of raw material, components, and completed product management.

Invoicing: Invoicing is the process of making an invoice sent to the buyer to collect payments. It contains costs of products, charges, and details like buyer and seller’s name, address, etc.

Expense Management is the system of processing, paying, and financial accounting for the employee-initiated expenses in a business.

Best GST Invoicing Software

5 Best Network Monitoring Tools & Software Of 2023

Best Network Monitoring Tools And Software of 2023

So without further delay, let us read about the best network monitoring tools you can find on the network.

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Here’s a List of Best Network Monitoring Tools & Software: 1. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is an all-inclusive Network Performance Monitor tool that uses SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to monitor the network. This software will monitor all the devices connected to your network. We can monitor the total performance and availability of the network devices completely using the dashboard of the software.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor will help you to view devices, services or the applications that have been discovered on the topology map where you see all devices linked together. There is a special NetPath feature that allows you to trace transferred packets which then helps you to diagnose the network issue more efficiently.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is one of the best network monitoring tools you can find on the internet due to its different and vast array of features. It also lets you control what segments of the network you want to watch by rotating between SNMP monitoring and packet analysis. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor comes with two licenses i.e. perpetual and subscription based.


Perpetual license starts at $2,995

Annual Subscription license starts at $1,583

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor comes with a 30 days free trial so that you can use and try the program.

Key features:

Network Analysis Tool

Monitoring Network Devices

Network Device Discovery

Huawei NetStream Analysis, Monitoring, and Reporting

Network Latency Test

Deep Packet Inspection and Analysis

Network Mapping Tool

SNMP Monitoring

Network Monitoring Alerts

Wireless Network Monitoring and Management

Network Packet Capture (PCAP) Tool

Network Packet Sniffer

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2. Microsoft Azure Network Watcher

For monitoring and management of your cloud- Microsoft Azure Network Watcher is a network watcher in the Microsoft Azure system which will help users to monitor our cloud services easily. It helps in monitoring the performance of the network, diagnosing the problems, and gaining full details of the network.

This program uses packet capture that does not require you to login remotely, but you can set alerts so that you can get real time alerts containing information about the performance at the packet level. In this way the technician only has to check the actual issue instead of full observation.

This software lets you have Flow logs that will let you accumulate information to be used for auditing, security profiling and compliance.

This software also features tools that can be used to diagnose common VPN Gateway issues and connection issues. Using this tool can be used to identify the issues and investigate the issues deeply using the logs.

Key features:

Automate remote network monitoring with packet capture

Gain insight into your network traffic using flow logs

Diagnose VPN connectivity issues


Microsoft Azure lets you pay as you go. That means you can pay for the individual tools that you use. You can check the prices from the link below:

3. Atera

Atera is one of the best network monitoring tools you can find, which is used by MSPs (Manual Service Provider). This software provides a variety of monitors like server and application monitors. This software offers different kinds of software that a team of MSP technicians need to sun the network successfully. It also includes passive system monitoring as well as maintenance tasks.

This network software suite contains a network monitor that is known as RMM i.e. remote monitoring and management system. One of the main things about this network service is that the monitoring technicians are not on the same site as the network which is being managed and monitored.

Remote monitoring of a network is easy as the server on which the remote monitoring software runs does not need to be in the same building as the technician who is running the software.

Atera network monitoring the software runs on the cloud so you do not need to have your own server to run this software but you do need to install the agent on the client side. Technicians have to use a web browser to access the system. This software also has a mobile application that lets you check the system from anywhere.

This remote accessing of the system is very important because Atera has a high degree of automation. The service automatically monitors the network and it only requires human interaction only when some problem arises. When the problem arises Atera will send the notification to the mobile application so the technician can look into it.

Atera uses Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for its network monitoring service. This service includes the facility to generate alerts for device agents. And it also provides ability to collect equipment inventory automatically and it also provides a network discovery mechanism.

Atera provides its monitoring service in three different plans i.e. Pro, Growth, and Power. These plans come in monthly and yearly plans. Atera also offers a free trial so that you can test the services offered by Atera.

Key features:

All-in-one solution with automatic network discovery

Real-time application and network device monitor

Powerful reporting, analytics, and alerts

You can purchase Atera from the link below:

4. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor (FREE TRIAL)

PRTG Network Monitor is a free network monitoring tool that uses Packet Sniffing, WMI, and SNMP to monitor the network.  This program uses a scan network segment to add devices and discover them to monitor. There are different sensors in the software that helps to monitor different segments of the network. Different sensors will monitor different values of the network like Hardware Parameter Sensors, Network data usage, SNMP sensors, VOIP, QoS sensors, Bandwidth Monitoring Sensors, and many more.

This tool has a customizable dashboard that will help you to create network maps of the infrastructure in real time so that you can visualize easily. You can also create the maps with dragging and dropping and you can also use more than 300 objects which will help you to build a map.

There is also a threshold system in the software which will alert users if the values change and keeps the user updated. You can also receive notifications in the different formats line email, SMS, Syslog message, SNMP trap and HTTP action and many more.


PRTG Network Monitor is a free network monitoring the software that will work for less than 100 sensors. It is suitable for the companies who are looking for cost effective monitoring tools. Its paid version starts at $1750 for 500 sensors and 1 server.

Key features:

Flexible alerting

Multiple user interfaces

Cluster failover solution

Bandwidth monitoring

Maps and dashboards

Scan for network devices by IP segment

Alerts system

Reports system

Customizable network maps

5. Datadog Network Performance Monitoring (FREE TRIAL)

Datadog Network Performance Monitoring uses a Cloud based SaaS software distribution as a monitoring service. This monitoring service runs on the cloud; therefore, you do not need to worry about maintenance of the server to run on the system. This Datadog network monitoring system that uses SaaS includes storage space to store the statistics of the network monitor while looking at the performance of the network.

As this service is cloud you will be able to monitor the network from anywhere, you just have to install the agent on the network. This will help in monitoring the Single Site LAN, Multi Site LAN, Hybrid systems, and cloud resources.

Datadog network monitoring service uses SNMP for statistics as the most network monitor tool. This feature will also help to check all the devices when it starts working. This monitoring software will spot any changes like adding, removing, and moving the resources.

Users can access the software using any browser. This monitoring from anywhere will include graphs and live data on demand.

This program will record its own logs and statistics, this feature will track the system logs to the network and make the records more readable for analysis. This will help you to track down the reason for the large amount of traffic and manage, remove, and resolve the issue.

This network monitoring software will include live utilization visualizations. This live utilization visualizations will help you to identify problems like badly calibrated load balancers, inefficient cabling and overloaded links. This monitoring software has machine learning AI that will enable the software to forecast the amount of traffic volume from the traffic detected over time. This software will help you to get the graphics which will enable you to use the resources easily.

One of the main qualities of Datadog is that they are good in managing container systems and hypervisors. It provides a console which will show you to the overloaded servers which then you can resolve to maintain optimum results.

Datadog network monitoring tool is free for 14 days. After that you can get the subscription. This program is suitable for small businesses and startups.

Key features:

suitable for all network sizes and topologies due to Scalability, and cloud-based service

SNMP-based monitoring

Auto discovery feature

AI-based machine learning


Network monitoring tools are very useful for the organizations. The network monitoring software will provide all the information needed about the network. The information about the network will be used for optimizing the network and securing it. In an evolving IT market there are different monitoring tools being developed to compete in this evolving market. You just have to choose which one fits your company needs.

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