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Planning to update your system to Windows 11? We’re here with a list of all the system requirements for Windows 11 so that you can check your PC’s compatibility for the new OS from Microsoft.

Let’s check them out!

System requirements for Windows 11

The minimum system requirements for Windows 11 are mentioned below.

Hardware requirements

Processor: 1.2 GHz Single-Core Processor for 32-bit OS, or 1.4 GHz Single-Core Processor for 64-bit OS

Memory: 4GB RAM or more

Hard disk space: 64 GB or larger storage device

Graphics card: DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver

Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768

Display: 9-inch high Definition display (720p) or greater

Additionally, Internet Access is another requirement for the Windows 11 system to perform at optimal levels and remain up-to-date with the system updates.

Software requirements


UEFI, like BIOS, is the low-level software that kicks off when you boot your PC before booting the OS. However, it is a much more refined solution compared to the traditional BIOS software, with added security features. It is an enhanced version of BIOS which supports larger hard drives, faster boot times, resulting in better input and output functionalities.

TPM 2.0

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a secure crypto-processing hardware chip attached to the motherboards, designed to provide security-related functions. TPM is used for Windows Hello, Windows Hello for Business, and in the future, will be a component of many other key security features in Windows.

Without TPM 2.0 available and enabled, you can’t install Windows 11.

How to check the TPM version on your Windows PC

Press ‘Windows + R’ on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box.

Now type in the following command and press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard. 


Check the ‘Status’ section on your right.

If the status says ‘Ready to use’ then it is already enabled on your system and you can try one of the other fixes below. 

Enabling TPM can be a different experience for everyone depending on their system, OEM or motherboard manufacturer. BIOS menus differ slightly with every manufacturer be it of the component or your entire system. Hence we recommend you visit your OEM support site to check for TPM 2.0 and how to enable it. Generally, you will find the TPM option located in the ‘Security’ section of your BIOS menu. You can enable TPM by selecting a compatible device from this list on your system.  

Feature-Specific requirements for Windows 11

While Windows 11 offers an extensive range of features for its users, there are a few features that may require an additional set of resources or regional checks, to function properly. Some of these are mentioned below:

Windows Defender System Guard: Requires Trusted Platform Module(TPM) 2.0

Cortana’s Location-based availability: The English version of Cortana on Windows devices is available to all users in the United States, Canada, Australia, India, and the United Kingdom.

Xbox: An Xbox Live account is required to use the Xbox app.

Touch Controls: Requires a multi-touch compatible monitor or tablet.

Find my Device: Requires a Microsoft account and an active network connection.

Two Factor Authentication: Requires a hardware biometric scanner to implement biometric authentications.

Download PC Health Check app

To get an official confirmation on whether your system meets the basic requirements to run Windows 11, Microsoft has provided a PC Health Check app that you can download here. 

And that is everything about the system requirements for Windows 11. Hope you found this helpful.


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5+ Best Anime Games For Your Windows 10/11 Pc

5+ best anime games for your Windows 10/11 PC




If you’re a fan of Asian culture and an avid gamer, find here a list of the best anime games for your Windows 10 PC.

We’ve got you covered with a battle game that will satisfy manga fans and newcomers alike.

Another excellent RPG game is one of the most popular anime titles of all time.

You can also find here an amazing game that features sophisticated gameplay mechanics.

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CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

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The popularization of anime started at the beginning of 80’s when the genre has started to, both culturally and artistically, shape the modern days in Japan.

A bit later, as the Japanese gaming industry evolved and made a breakthrough globally, the whole world got the chance to play games based on their favorite anime.

Back in the day, anime-based games were created mainly for Japanese consoles. Nowadays, many of them are available for Windows 10 PCs; and they are getting better with every sequel introduced.

In that manner, we prepared a list of the PC games based on popular anime series. So, if you’re a fan of this genre, you’ll definitely find something of your liking.

What are the best anime games for your Windows 10 PC?

One of the fan favorite animes. Like Dragon Ball, it is pleasant for all ages and makes you fall into that ninja world, pleasurably consuming your time and attention.

Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is the final installment of the STORM series and brings the story surrounding Fourth Great Ninja War.

The battle game with great visual experience and action-pumped battles. The story mode is breathtaking and will satisfy both manga fans and newcomers.

You can choose from as many as 61 characters to fight in online mode and try out your fighting ninja abilities against the fight against other players.

After you finish Story mode, at your disposal is Adventure mode, where you can do quests and find collectibles. This game will take a good 25 + hours, and you won’t be unsatisfied.

This game is a primarily great addition for series fans, but to the newcomers will serve as a great intro into Naruto universe.

⇒ Get Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 from G2A

If you’re searching for a good price deal for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, you should know that you can also find it available on Kinguin.

Dragon Ball (and its sequels) is one of the most popular anime titles of all time.

If you consider yourself a fan of this series, the second installment of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is the right game for you.

Albeit, even if you are not accustomed to amazing Dragon Ball history, this game will help you catch up.

Just like its predecessor, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a battle RPG game placed in, you guess, the Dragon Ball universe.

You take the role of the Time Patroller, two years after the first part ended. With your fully customized character, you travel through time to stop Past and the Future of the Dragon Ball world.

Furthermore, there are five selectable races, each with its perks and abilities. Additionally, the new main in-game hub, Canton City, is 7 times larger than Toki-Toki city from the first game.

And, adding on to the free-roaming segment, you can fly around if the ability is unlocked. Additionally, there are several modes besides the standard, story mode.

Few of them add on the past game and are a brilliant solution for multiplayer versus/co-op battles.

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If you’re searching for a good price deal for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, you should know that you can also find it available on Kinguin.

The beloved Guilty Gears game series has a new and exciting addition – Strive!

Arc System Work’s franchise has been praised continuously for its technical gameplay, as well as for the impressive graphics, and the latest game release seems to be no exception.

Guilty Gear Strive (GGST) features new sophisticated gameplay mechanics, like the wall-breaking function, and other inbuilt characteristics designed to facilitate navigation, such as the quick start button and the player match room.

The vivid effects and character expressions offer users immersive gameplay, far beyond anything they’ve experienced before.

Moreover, the play feel is completed by innovative zoom-ins, slow-motion camera effects, text visuals, and crystal clear animation quality.

GGST’s soundtrack has over 55 songs, more than 40 of them being background tracks for the story mode.

Installing Guilty Gears Strive takes only a few minutes and you can download the full version in the specified directory.

The game is compatible with Windows 8/10 (64-bit OS needed) and has minimal system requirements. 

⇒ Get Guilty Gears Strive from G2A

If you’re searching for a good price deal for Guilty Gears Strive, you should know that you can also find it available on Kinguin, and also available on Green Man Gaming.

Indivisible is an action RPG known for its unique real-time combat mechanics and hand-drawn art animation.

The story revolves around Ajna, a rebel teenager who went on a quest to avenge her father’s death and the destruction of her village.

Expert tip:

The breathtaking landscapes combine 2D sprites with 3D backgrounds, immersing the player into a fantastical world, especially through the audio sensory experience offered by the official soundtrack.

Indivisible’s combat mechanics focus on juggling and combos. One thing that makes the game stand out is the fact that it has real-time combat instead of turn-based.

Moreover, there are in-game tutorials about the controls, including how to use Iddhi bars.

You can download Indivisible on any type of device that supports Windows 7/10. The minimum system requirements include a 64-bit processor, 6 GB RAM, and a GeForce GTX 560 card for graphics.

⇒ Get Indivisible from G2A

If you’re searching for a good price deal for Indivisible, you should know that you can also find it available on Kinguin and also available on Green Man Gaming.

If you are a fan of action hack and slash games, you should be familiar with the Devil May Cry series.

When Capcom created the first part in 2001, on basis of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, no one expected such a revolutionary game.

15 years and 4 installments later, Devil May Cry is the household name in the gaming industry.

The fifth part, the one we are presenting in this list, is actually the reboot of the first part. So a great start for getting into the storyline.

You take the role of the Dante, a half-demon-half-angel. He is on his road of vengeance, trying to kill Mundus, the demon who killed his mother.

Dante is accompanied by his twin brother Vergil. As in all past games, you can use your trusty sword, dual pistols and many other weapons that can be upgraded.

In addition, there are two special abilities: Angel and Devil mode. These two have special impact in combat. The game scenery is modern Limbo city.

Devil May Cry 5 is great title pumped with action and the great story. Highly recommended.

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You can also find Devil May Cry 5 available on G2A and available on Green Man Gaming.

A lot of amazing RPGs get out of Japanese studios and Tales of Zestiria is far back behind, for example, the Final Fantasy series.

This colorful action RPG brings the whole repertoire: valid battle system, anime-like graphical scenery, and a quite good story.

You take the role of Sorey, carrier of the Seraphim power, on the fight against Helion, evil creatures that possess the land of Glenwood.

Sorey is accompanied by various characters throughout the game, but his best friend, Mikleo, is there from the beginning.

The battle system is true to the series, with a few innovations added. Battles are now played in the same free-roam scenery, and the world is larger than in the past games.

Also, two characters can fuse into a single entity and produce special attacks. The story is long enough to take the hefty chunk of your time, so you will enjoy this game for long.

⇒ Get Tales of Zestiria from Kinguin

You can also find Tales of Zestiria available on G2A.

Attack on Titan is a hack & slash game that utilizes button mashing gameplay and innovative movement with special gear.

It closely follows the storyline from the original manga series. Players can select from up to 10 characters with different pros and cons, and the main goal is, well, slaying humanoid giants.

Did I mention that Titans favorite food are humans? So, we have a war till extinction and few heroes that are going to stay between fragile humans and hungry Titans.

Fighting is fast-paced and players can easily get to know it. But, as the game progresses, some tactical approach is needed against tougher opponents.

Interesting concept that is worth a while. And a good way to get to know a story of the manga.

⇒ Get Attack on Titan / A.O.T. Wings of Freedom Steam from G2A

If you’re searching for a good price deal for Attack on Titan / A.O.T. Wings of Freedom Steam, you should know that you can also find it available on Kinguin.

These were the games we enlisted for you. Even if you are not a big admirer of anime culture, you may find them interesting and exciting.

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Fix Dxgi_Error_Device_Removed On Windows 11/10 Pc

PC gamers are reporting the issue whereby while playing any game on their Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer they encounter an error which causes the game in play to end abruptly. The ensuing error prompt indicates DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED. In this post, we provide the most adequate solutions to this issue.

What is a DirectX error?

A DirectX error that you may encounter on your Windows PC is related to DirectX, and generally indicates your PC has experienced a DirectX failure. If you receive such error message, to resolve the issue, make sure you have the latest version of DirectX installed on your system.


If you’re faced with this DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED issue, you can try our recommended solutions below in no particular order and see if that helps to resolve the issue.

Restart graphics adapter driver

Update graphics driver

Manually install/update DirectX

Troubleshoot using DirectX Diagnostic Tool (DxDiag)

Modify the registry

Turn off Shadow play

Disable Anti-Aliasing feature

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

1] Restart graphics adapter driver

Since this DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED issue can be caused by the graphics/video card driver crashing on your Windows 11/10, you can simply restart the graphics adapter driver. If it’s not a serious or fatal driver issue, then this action will get you up and running; otherwise, continue with the solutions below.

2] Update the graphics driver

This solution requires you to update your graphics card drivers. You can either update your graphics drivers manually via the Device Manager, or you can get the driver updates on the Optional Updates section under Windows Update. You may also download the latest version of the driver from the video card hardware manufacturer’s website.

If updating the drivers didn’t help, you can completely uninstall the graphics driver using Display Driver Uninstaller, and then download the latest version of the driver and install it on your Windows PC.

3] Manually install/update DirectX

This solution requires you manually download and install DirectX and see if that helps to resolve the issue. You may also update the current version of DirectX running on your Windows PC. Proceed with the next solution if the issue is unresolved.

4] Troubleshoot using DirectX Diagnostic Tool (DxDiag)

This solution requires you to troubleshoot the DirectX issue caused by the video game using the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (DxDiag).

5] Modify the registry

Since this is a registry operation, it is recommended that you back up the registry or create a system restore point as necessary precautionary measures. Once done, you can proceed as follows:

Press Windows key + R to invoke the Run dialog.

In the Run dialog box, type regedit and hit Enter to open Registry Editor.

Navigate or jump to the registry key path below:


TdrLevel specifies the initial level of recovery. The default is to recover on timeout, which is represented by value 3. The default value is 2 seconds. TDR is the acronym for Timeout Detection and Recovery – a feature of the Windows operating system which detects response problems from a graphics card, and recovers to a functional desktop by resetting the card.

Input 0 in the Value data field.

You can now exit Registry Editor and restart your PC. On boot check if the issue is resolved. If not continue with the next solution.

6] Turn off Shadow play

Most of the affected users have NVIDIA graphics cards installed on their Windows computers –  NVIDIA Shadow play is used to capture in-game footage on supported systems.

This solution requires you to turn off Shadow play. Here’s how:

Press the Windows key, then type geforce experience.

Select GeForce Experience from the search result.

In the GeForce Experience window, go to the General tab.

Now, toggle the button for IN-OVER OVERLAY to Off.

Exit the GeForce Experience window.

Check if the issue is resolved. If not, try the next solution.

7] Disable Anti-Aliasing feature

To disable Anti-Aliasing feature in NVIDIA control panel on your Windows PC, do the following:

Open NVIDIA control panel.

Repeat for all other listed Antialiasing features.

Exit NVIDIA control panel.

Restart PC.

Hope any of these solutions work for you.


While gaming on your Windows 11/10 PC and you encounter the error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG, it’s most likely due to overclocked graphics cards for higher performance. Other reasons like outdated drivers or malfunctioned system files can also trigger this error. There are a number of fixes you can try, including updating your graphics adapter drivers, manually installing/updating DirectX to the latest version.

Windows 11: Pc Won’t Go To Sleep Mode

Having problems with your Microsoft Windows 11 computer sleep mode? This tutorial will tell you what to do when your Windows 11 PC won’t go to sleep mode.

People who need to take frequent breaks from their computer work prefer to put their PC into sleep mode. It saves them from shutting down and rebooting the computer time and again. Moreover, sleep mode consumes less energy than an awake computer.

But, what if your PC won’t go to sleep mode? Sound irritating, right? The experience itself is equally irritating. Since you’re reading this article, I presume you’re having the same problem. For this reason, this article will discuss the popular methods to fix the Win 11 PC won’t sleep issue.

What Is Sleep Mode in a Windows 11 PC?

Sleep mode is also known as the standby mode that helps you reduce the energy consumption of your electronic device. This built-in feature of all Windows versions also saves the effort of manually shutting down and starting the computer. When you put your Windows 11 PC in sleep mode, your computer’s hard disk and monitor shut down.

However, the memory of the PC stays on by drawing minimal power from the onboard battery. When you awake the PC by pressing any key or moving the mouse, the RAM sends a signal to the other parts of the computer to start functioning. As a result, your PC becomes ready for work much faster than it would have after rebooting.

Now, let’s move to the methods you need to perform to ensure that your Windows 11 computer goes to sleep.

Method 1 – Enable Sleep Mode

The first thing you should do to ensure your PC goes to sleep is to enable sleep mode. Unless you have this feature enabled for your computer, it won’t go to sleep no matter what you do. here are the steps you need to follow for enabling Windows 11 sleep mode.

Press Windows + I to access Settings.

Under the Power section, expand Screen and sleep.

There will be two options for your PC to go to sleep: battery power and plugged in.

Set a time for each situation to ensure the PC goes to sleep when it’s idle for a particular time.

Method 2: Make Changes in Advanced Power Option

In the search field, type control.

Select Hardware and Sound option.

Under the Power Options section, choose Change when the computer sleeps hyperlink.

On the Power Options window, expand each setting to make sure they allow the computer to go to sleep mode. For example, under the Multimedia settings, sleep mode was disabled for When sharing media option. You need to set this to Allow the computer to sleep.

Method 3: Stop Sensitive Mouse From Interrupting Sleep Mode

These days, we use highly sensitive mice. However, most of us are unaware of the fact that this sensitivity is the reason the computer fails to go to sleep mode or won’t stay in sleep mode for the intended time. What happens in the case of such mice is that they respond to any kind of vibration around the device and as a result, offer a false signal about not being idle.

If you don’t want your mouse to disturb your sleep mode plan for your Windows 11 computer, you need to make sure your mouse doesn’t make the computer active whenever it feels any vibration around it. For that, here are the steps you need to perform.

In the search field of the taskbar, type device.

Open Device Manager.

Expand the Mice and other pointing devices section.

Select the Power Management tab.

Uncheck the Allow this device to wake the computer box

Method 4: Change Network Adapters Settings

Do you know that network adapters can send your computer signal to stay awake even when no one is using it? That’s right!

Press Windows + X keys together to open the Quick Access list.

Select Device Manager from there.

All the connected Network adapters will be listed there.

In the Properties window, select the Power Management tab.

Uncheck the box for Allow this device to wake this computer option.

Method 5: Disable Hybrid Sleep

Hybrid sleep is a combination of hibernation and sleep. If you’ve got hybrid sleep enabled for your computer, it’ll override your regular sleep mode settings. As a result, your Windows 11 PC won’t go to sleep mode. Therefore, it’s mandatory to disable the hybrid sleep mode so that your computer can easily go to sleep mode according to your regular setting.

Type Control in the search field.

Select Control Panel.

On the Power Options window, expand the Sleep option.

Method 6: Turn Off Screen Saver

Some of us still love to use the screen saver on our Windows 11 PC and there’s no harm in it. Except when you want your computer to go into sleep mode when it’s idle. The sleep mode and screen saver settings can collide and as a result, your Windows 11 PC won’t go to sleep mode. To fix this problem, you need to disable the screen saver to find out if it’s the reason your computer doesn’t go to sleep as per your settings.

Press Windows + I to navigate to Settings.

Select Personalization from the left panel.

Select (None) from the drop-down menu.

Method 7: Try Power Troubleshooting

If none of the above methods work for you and your computer still doesn’t go to sleep mode normally, you have to try power troubleshooting. This in-built program is capable of fixing different Windows computer issues. Hence, it’s always a good idea to give it a try when all other approaches fail.

Press on Windows + I keys to open Settings.

Select Troubleshoot from the right pane.

Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the troubleshooting process.

Now, check if the PC goes to sleep or not.

Additional Method: Make Sleep Option Visible

Many users complain that they’re unable to find the sleep option in the power menu. Without the option, it’s not possible to manually put the computer into sleep mode. To make the sleep option visible on your power menu, you need to make changes in the Local Group Policy Editor. For that, you need to perform the following steps on your Windows 11 computer:

Press Windows + R keys simultaneously to open the Run dialog box.

Type chúng tôi on that box and hit Enter.

This will open the Local Group Policy Editor window before you.

From the left panel, select the following options chronologically:

Next, select Enabled or Not Configured radio button.


Sleep mode is a great way to save energy while keeping your computer in standby mode. For Windows 11 users, PC won’t going to sleep is an annoying problem. Here, I’ve mentioned some useful and effective methods to fix Windows 11 computer sleep issues.

Best Windows 11 Customization Apps

The latest Windows 11 comes with a beautifully designed user interface and some customization options to make it more personalized. But these options aren’t enough to customize the user interface as we want to. For instance, we can’t make many changes to our Windows 11 PC’s taskbar. We also can’t set live wallpaper on our desktop and more.

The only way to accomplish these things is by using third-party applications. Thus, here in this article, we’ve discussed some of the best Windows 11 customization apps in detail that’ll allow you to make your PC’s UI more appealing and intriguing. So, move ahead and try the apps.

Best Windows 11 Customization Apps

So, here are the best customization apps for Windows 11 that you can try.

The first app on our list is ThisIsWin11, which lets you customize all integral components of your Windows 11 PC’s UI. For instance, you can customize the Taskbar, Action Center, Start Menu, File Explorer, Settings app, etc. It comes with five tools: Presenter, PumpedApp, Kickassbloat, Packages, and PowerUI.

Presenter and PumpedApp tools let you make changes to your system’s user interface.Whereas, Kickassbloat enables you to delete bloatware and pre-installed apps from your system. On the other hand, the Packages tool lets you manage current programs on your Windows system.

The most highlighting part of ThisIsWin11 is its PowerUI tool which lets you automate tasks using Windows PowerShell. You can use it to automatically update apps, clean Windows storage, reinstall built-in apps, and more.

Another app on our list is Start11, and we also talked about this app in our 60 best Windows 11 apps guide. It’s a customization app that lets you customize your system’s taskbar and Start Menu. You can use it to give your system’s Start Menu and taskbar a refreshing look.

For instance, you can add or remove sections in your system’s Start chúng tôi can also change the Start Menu’s background color, animations, background texture, and much more. What we liked the most about Start11 is that it comes with four pre-designed Start Menu styles: Windows 7 Style, Modern Style, Windows 11 Style, and Windows 10 Style.

Not only this, but you can also customize your Windows 11 PC’s taskbar. You can change its color, transparency, blur capacity, and more. It’s a great customization app that lets you play with your system’s Start Menu and taskbar UI.

3. RoundedTB

RoundedTB is one of the best Windows 11 customization apps that let you make your Windows 11 PC’s taskbar rounded from the corners and add margins to it to make it look floating.

You can also use RoundedTB to split the taskbar into different segments, which hardly any app lets you do. Last but not least, it’s also compatible with TranslucentTB, which we’re going to talk about next.

One of our favorite customization apps on this list is TranslucentTB. TranslucentTB is a lightweight Windows personalization app that lets you make your system’s taskbar translucent. Once you install TranslucentTB on your Windows 11 computer, it makes the taskbar transparent or translucent.

But TranslucentTB isn’t limited to this only. You can also change the color of the taskbar and keep it whatever you want. TranslucentTB also lets you set conditions for the taskbar’s color. You can set a different color for each condition. As soon as it meets the condition, the color will change in seconds.

No doubt, Windows 11 lets us set a custom picture as wallpaper. But it doesn’t let us set live wallpapers on our desktops. Thus, the next program on our best customization apps for Windows 11 list is Lively Wallpaper.

Lively Wallpaper is a live wallpaper app that comes with many pre-added live wallpapers. It lets us choose a live wallpaper from the given collection and set it as a live wallpaper on our desktop. One of the most interesting parts about Lively Wallpaper is that it lets you set a YouTube video as a live wallpaper.

You simply need to get the link to the YouTube video and paste it into the program. But it also plays the sound of the video along with the video, which can be irritating while working. To avoid this, you can download the YouTube video without the sound and upload it in the app to set it as wallpaper.

Besides this, it also lets you choose whether you want to set the wallpaper across all connected displays or just the selected display. This will be useful for people who use multiple screens with their Windows PC.

One thing that makes it different is its dual pane support. You can easily open and view two files at the same time in one tab. This can be helpful for people who work with documents a lot. Along with this, it also comes with tab support to open files and folders in different tabs, just like a web browser.

What we liked the most about the Shrestha Files app was its Bookmarks feature. You can use the Bookmark feature to mark a particular location and save it for later purposes for easy and quick access.

Notably, it also has an amazing feature called Progress Viewer which shows all the current progress and tasks in one place. Last but not least, it also comes with an integrated Zip tool to zip and unzip files, just like Windows 11’s integrated File Explorer.

The next app on our best Windows 11 customization apps list is BeWidgets. BeWidgets is a popular Windows personalization app that lets you create custom widgets to make your work easier. You can create different widgets for different purposes, such as checking the weather, time & date, and more.

To sum up, BeWidgets is a great Windows app for those who like to access the same thing multiple times while working.

Earlier in this guide, we already shared a live wallpaper app called Lively Wallpaper with you. The next app on the list is a WPA called WallpaperHub. It’s a wallpaper app that has a ton of wallpapers for Windows 11.

The best part is that each wallpaper has multiple variations to give you more room to customize your Windows 11 PC. You can download the wallpapers in the highest resolution.

If you’re an Android user or iPhone user, you must have noticed that your phone keeps showing a Quick Center menu at the edge to perform some actions quickly, such as opening an app or game, boosting the phone’s storage, etc. This is what Apps Wheel does on Windows 11.

After doing so, you can use Alt + tilde (`) shortcut to access App Wheel and open your favorite app or game. The widget also features a Search option to quickly search for the app or game you want to open.

Another thing we liked about Apps Wheel is that it automatically hides after executing the task, which doesn’t distract you while working or hinder your workflow. We found Apps Wheel super useful, and it can be useful for you too.

ElevenClock is a Windows 11 customization app that lets you personalize clocks in your system’s taskbar. Once you install ElevenClock, it lets you choose from two time formats: Internet and Local Time. If you choose the Internet, it’ll fetch the time from the internet and display it in the taskbar. Else, it’ll display time as Windows normally shows in the system’s taskbar.

Other than this, you can use ElevenClock to change the position and size of the clock. For instance, you can keep the clock on the left, middle, top, or bottom of the screen with ease. The best part about ElevenClock is that it also allows you to adjust the height and width of the system’s clock.

Also, it enables you to customize the appearance of the clock. You can even change the clock’s font, size, color, background, and more. Last but not least, it also allows you to switch the date and time format.

The last app on our best customization apps for Windows 11 is Auto Dark Mode. Auto Dark Mode automatically enables/disables the Dark Mode in your Windows PC at your specified time. In addition, it also automatically disables or enables the system’s Dark Mode as the sun sets and rises.

Moving ahead, Auto Dark Mode also lets you set conditions on the enabling and disabling of Dark Mode. For example, you can specify whether the Dark Mode should be turned on or off while playing games. You can also keep it disabled while charging your Windows 11 laptop.

It also notifies you before switching the theme so that you can quickly change the theme before enabling it. One thing we liked about it is that it lets you set different themes for different apps. For instance, you decide whether to use Office 365 in dark or light mode, regardless of your system’s current theme. Lastly, it also lets you create custom Windows themes.


How Do I Customize Windows 11 To Look Cool?

If you want to make your Windows 11 PC look cool, you can try some Windows 11 customization apps, such as Start11, Lively Wallpaper, ThisIsWin11, and more.

What Is the Best Way To Customize Windows 11?

Windows 11 comes with integrated customization options. But they don’t let you make significant changes to the user interface. Due to this, the best way to customize Windows 11 is by using third-party customization apps.

How Do I Make Windows 11 Look Like Mac?

To make your Windows 11 PC look like a Mac, you need to use customization apps like MyDockFinder, TaskbarXI, etc.

Does Rainmeter Work on Windows 11?

Yes, Rainmeter works on Windows 11 and even with its older editions, as it uses a few hardware resources.

Is Eleven Clock Safe?

ElevenClock is a Windows taskbar’s clock customization app, which is completely safe as it’s an open-source app.

Final Note

No doubt, Windows 11 has enough customization options to make our system’s appearance cooler. But sometimes, these options feel limited, as they don’t let us personalize the interface in detail. In that case, third-party Windows customization apps come in handy.

Thus, in this guide, we talked about the best Windows 11 customization apps that’ll let you personalize all possible elements of your Windows 11 PC’s UI, such as the taskbar, Start Menu, and more, as per your preferences.

You Can Make Windows 11 Easier To Use On A Tablet

Windows 11 isn’t the first operating system Microsoft has tried to get working on tablet devices, but it’s probably the best attempt yet. The software is quite comfortable on touchscreens and tablets that lack a keyboard and mouse.

If you have a Windows 11 tablet or a laptop that can transform into one (a 2-in-1), you’ll see that the OS can automatically adjust some settings itself when it notices there are no input peripherals attached and you’re just using touch to move around the system—for example, the icons on the taskbar get a little bit bigger and a little more spaced out.

But there are also options you can adjust manually to make sure your Windows 11 tablet experience is the best it can be—from increasing the size of on-screen text to bringing up the software keyboard built into Windows 11.

1. Know your gestures

Windows 11 supports a number of useful gestures that you can use with tablets (and laptops with touchscreens) to get around your apps more easily. For example, swipe down with three fingers to hide all application windows and see the desktop; swipe up with three fingers to bring the program windows back again.

You can also swipe left or right with three fingers to switch to the application you were using just before the one you’re currently looking at, then repeat the gesture to go back to the first app. In other words, swipe left or right with three fingers on the screen to keep switching between the two most recently used programs.

If you use virtual desktops to organize your windows (press Win+Tab to manage and create them), you can use gestures to move between them. Press and hold on the screen with four fingers and the current desktop should shrink in size. Keeping all four fingers pressed down, you can then swipe left or right  to move between desktops.

2. Scale up the interface

Having bigger menus, buttons, and other screen elements can make working in Windows 11 on a tablet much easier. To set the size of interface objects, open Settings, then choose System, Display, and Scale. You can choose from the options provided or enter a custom scale level between 100 and 500 percent. The higher you go, the larger everything on screen will be.

3. Turn on rotation lock

One of the ways Windows 11 tries to help you while using a tablet is by readjusting the screen orientation as you move the device—from portrait to landscape and back again as you rotate the tablet around.

Most of the time, you’ll want this to happen, but there might also be times when you want the rotation to stay fixed instead. From Settings, pick Display and turn on Rotation lock. You can also specifically set the orientation via Display orientation.

4. Automatically hide the taskbar

If you’re using Windows 11 on a tablet, you’ll want to make sure there’s as much space on screen as possible for your programs—and what’s more, you won’t want to be accidentally launching applications or settings panes by touching the wrong part of the display.

One way to fix both of these problems is by having the taskbar automatically hide itself. You can always bring it back if you need to. Open Settings, then pick Personalization, Taskbar, and Taskbar behaviors, where you’ll need to check the box marked Automatically hide the taskbar.

5. Open the virtual keyboard or trackpad

Make sure the on-screen keyboard is only a quick tap away. David Nield

When you’re using Windows 11 in tablet mode, without an attached keyboard, the on-screen keyboard will show up automatically whenever you have some typing to do (like when you need to enter a password).

You can also bring up the keyboard anytime you like by tapping the keyboard icon on the far right-hand side of the taskbar. To make sure it’s always visible, go to Settings and choose Personalization, followed by Taskbar and Taskbar corner icons.

6. Use snap layouts with your windows

Windows 11 lets you snap program windows to the side of the screen, a trick that can be useful for keeping everything well organized on your display. To snap an application window, press and hold on its title bar, then drag it to the left or right edge of the screen as needed.

7. Buy a stylus

Jabbing around on the screen with your finger is fine, but investing in a stylus for your Windows 11 tablet can elevate your input game to a whole new level. From digital drawing and handwriting to menu selection, it makes everything simpler.

That’s partly to do with the way that Windows 11 handles stylus inputs. If you point a connected stylus toward buttons on a menu, for example, a floating cross will appear on the part of the screen you’re aiming at, making it easier to select what’s on the display. Speaking of selecting, highlighting large blocks of text or big groups of files are other tasks that are simply easier to do with a stylus.

We can’t fit in a full stylus buying guide for you here, but a quick web search should reveal some strong candidates for the job. When your new tool arrives, you can add and manage your stylus devices from Settings by selecting Bluetooth & devices and then Devices.

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