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Oh! The agony of the loading screen. Every second feels like an hour, and we grow more impatient. If only we could fast forward time and kill the waiting moments.

You can simply fix web pages load slowly just by restarting your PC. If that doesn’t work you can restart your router to see if there’s a problem with your ISP.

These solutions work most of the time if not always. But, if the problem persists, there are a few more troubleshooting methods to try.

Site cache accumulated in your browser slows down the performance of your browser. It is recommended to clean your browser cache every once in a while. Here’s how you can clear cache in Microsoft Edge.

Cookies from trusted websites help improve your site experience. If you block all cookies by default, consider enabling cookies for websites you use.

Sync activities in the background can take up network usage. This results in slower internet access for the user. Every pro user should be able to pause syncs during internet browsing and enable them when not using a PC.

Windows has powerful options to limit the performance of your system. Your network too may be affected by this. If that is the case, you should consider switching to better performance options

Same as Sync settings, other applications also may be running in the background. This could be the voice assistant, notification services, file indexers, and so on. It is better to turn them off and only enable them when needed.

Power options apply to Windows installed on laptops. To increase battery life, Windows tries to run the system on minimal power consumption. As a result, network performance may suffer even when plugged in.

Sometimes your PC may have invalid DNS and IP configurations. This results in slower internet connection or complete internet failure. Changing settings to get configuration from the router is the best approach for resolution.

With an upgrade to Windows, your network adapter may also need a driver update. If the system hasn’t applied the update yet, install the driver update with these steps.

IPv6 is version 6 of the internet connection. It is supposed to be the future standard of the internet as more and more network devices are used in the world. For now, all devices support and use IPv4 which is the current standard. IPv6 can be safely turned off in Windows to prevent any potential network issues.

Hopefully, you’ve tracked down the culprit by now. If you haven’t, it may not be a problem on your end. In fact, any of the web pages you’ve opened could be slowing down the entire system.

FAQs Will connecting to a VPN make my internet faster?

Connecting to a VPN server routes your internet traffic through the VPN server. Depending on the location, you may experience slower internet when connected to VPNs. Without VPNs, your traffic goes from your ISP to services such as Facebook and youtube. If your internet is slower when connected to VPN, disconnect from the VPN first before trying.

All the devices including my Windows PC have slow connections. What should I do?

If multiple home devices are experiencing slow internet, check your router. See for any warning signs if the internet doesn’t work at all. You may also need to contact their technical support and inform them of the situation.

Only Youtube and Facebook are slow on my internet. What should I do?

If you have issues in certain sites only, it shows a problem with the server that’s hosting the site. You can verify if Facebook or any other site is working by going to sites like isitdownrightnow. You only need to enter the website address to check if it is working properly.

If you are experiencing slow services regularly, it indicates a problem with your ISP. Talk to them to see if they are throttling your bandwidth during peak hours.

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Why Is My Taskbar Flickering? How To Fix It

Taskbar makes it easier to launch pinned apps, monitor opened programs, and switch between them. Basically, every task on Windows can be accessed through the Taskbar.

The icons on the Taskbar are usually static unless there’s an activity that requires users’ attention, like notification. In that case, the icon changes its color. They become static again after you’ve opened the app.

Outdated display driver

Third-party software

Virus or Malware

Too many pinned apps

Corrupted system files

Specific user account related glitch

How to Fix It?

Check if there aren’t any pending alters

Unpin some apps from the taskbar

Restart your PC

If doing these things did not solve the issue, then go ahead and try applying the fixes mentioned below.

Update Your Windows

If your Windows is up to date, move on to the other fixes.

Use Command Prompt to Scan and Fix Corrupted Files

Follow these steps:

Now your system will run a system checkup for corrupted files. If found, the system will automatically fix them. Now check if the issue is still there.

Run Disk Image Check

To perform this operation:

It will take some time to complete the process. After completion, reboot your pc and check if the error is solved or not.

Scan for Malware and Virus Using Windows Defender

Though the Windows defender regularly scans the PC for malware and viruses sometimes it can miss something.  Or the problem may arrive after the scan is completed. In this case, you can manually run the scan to identify the issues.

To scan your system using Windows Defender, follow these steps:

After the defender takes appropriate actions against the threat, check if the error is resolved or not.

Find and Remove Problematic Apps Boot Windows in Safe Mode

You can run the Windows in Safe mode to find if a third-party application is causing the issue.

To boot the WIndows in safe mode, follow these steps:

If the issue still exists, then move on to the next fix.

Remove the Problematic Apps

Now the application will be removed from the PC. Uninstall all of the recently installed apps until the problem is solved.

Update or Roll Back Display Drivers

Now reboot your system and check if the issue is resolved. If the issue is still there, move on to the next fix.

Create a New User Account.

Some issues can only be limited to a specific user account. If you already have another user account, try signing in using that account and check if the problem is resolved.

But if you don’t have another user account, you can create one. Here’s how:

After the account is created, you need to change the account type to an Administrator account to provide Admin privileges to that account.

To change a standard account into an administrator account, follow the steps below:

Reboot the PC and sign in using the new User account

If the issue is resolved, the old User Account was the culprit. Keep using the newly created account to avoid the problem or solve the issue with the old one.

Frequently Asked Questions Why can’t I see my Taskbar?

You might have accidentally turned on the hide my taskbar chúng tôi disable it:

How do I pin an app on the Taskbar?

To pin apps on the Taskbar, follow these steps:

If this doesn’t solve your issue then you might have made it transparent.

Why is my Taskbar visible in fullscreen?

If your Taskbar keeps appearing in the fullscreen, you can solve it by restarting the Taskbar. To refresh the Taskbar

Fix: The Printer Is Printing Slowly

Printing issues can be quite annoying during a busy schedule. Sometimes the printer takes forever to print, making the situation worse.

If you have the same problem and the printer is printing slowly then follow this article.

Here I will discuss all the possible solutions when to fix the issue.

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If you are facing this issue on a network printer, then see if the network connection is stable and fast. 

You can restart your router or modem. To do that, turn off the router or the modem. Detach all the cables attached to it.

Wait for a couple of minutes, then attach the power cable.

Restart the router or the modem, and then try a test printing. If the printer prints slowly again, reset the printer.

When your HP printer prints slow, reset the printer. This may fix the problem.

To reset the HP printer, follow the steps given below:

With the HP printer turned on, unplug the printer’s power cord.

Allow a few minutes and then reconnect the power cord.

The printer should automatically turn on after this. If it does not, then turn it on manually.

HP always recommends directly connecting the printer to a wall outlet. So, do this and check if this fixes the problem.

Make sure that no paper is jammed in the printer and that the paper tray is not empty. Also, check there is enough ink in the ink cartridges.

So, open the access door of the printer and remove if there is any jammed paper.

You may need to remove the toner cartridge to check for the paper jam. Place papers in the paper tray if it is empty.

Also, check there is enough ink in the ink cartridges. Refill the empty ink cartridges and replace any damaged cartridge.

The print quality settings can affect the printing speed as different settings use a different amounts of ink.

If you have selected to print in the Best quality then this may slow down the printing speed.

So, tweak the printing preferences, and print with plain paper for faster printing:

Enter Printers and Scanners in the Windows search box and select the top option.

Now try a test printing and check if your printer is working as expected. If not then go to the next solution.

The older HP printer models allow printing with a single cartridge. This can slow down the printing process.

Open the printer and make sure that the cartridges are installed properly.

Make sure there is enough ink in the cartridges otherwise replace the empty cartridges.

To reduce the printing noise we sometimes turn on the Quiet Mode but this can reduce the printing speed.

So, turn off the quiet mode and this can fix the problem.  Check the printer’s manual or visit the manufacturer’s official website to know how to disable the Quiet mode.

For HP users follow the steps given below to turn off the Quiet mode:

If the printer driver is outdated then this can also be a reason why HP printer is taking forever to print.

So, update the printer drivers to fix the issue. Follow the steps to do so:

Select the Update driver option.

Next, select Search automatically for the drivers option.

If the printer still prints slowly after updating the drivers, reinstall the driver.

To do that, open the Device Manager and expand the Print queues section.

Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the process. Restart your PC and see if this fixes the problem.

Pint Spooler manages all the printing jobs on your device. So, when your printer is printing slow, restart the print spooler service. A fresh restart can fix temporary issues.

To do so, follow the steps given below:

Make sure to shut down all the printing-related programs. Type Services in the Windows search box and select the top option.

You can also press the Win + R keys to open the Run utility. Enter Spool in the dialogue box and press the Enter key.

Open the Printers folder and delete everything in the folder. This will clear the print queues.

Try to test print and this time you should be able to print without any further issues.

Why Is My Printer Printing So Slowly?

If your printer is not connected to a stable network then your printer may take long hours to print.

Also, make sure that the printer drivers are up to date and quiet mode is disabled to ensure faster printing.

How Do You Fix A Slow Print?

To fix a slow print, reset your printer, disable quiet mode, update or reinstall the printer driver, and change the printing preferences.

Why Is My HP Printer Printing So Slow All Of A Sudden?

If you are using the best mode for printing or set to maximum DPI then your HP printer may print slowly. The more ink the printer consumes, the slower it prints.

Hope your printer is no more printing slow after performing the above methods.

Outlook Preview Not Working – Why & How To Fix It

In such case, you should install applications to view this preview. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, make sure to download it before moving on to the following steps.

If this doesn’t work, read this article to find the causes and its solution for Outlook preview not working issue. 

It is very hard to pinpoint the causes for your outlook preview not working, but the fixes for this issue are quite easy. We have gathered some issues that might be the culprit for your preview not working.

Disabled Attachment Preview: When your Attachment Preview is not enabled, you won’t have access to your email preview.

Windows firewall Service Not Running: if your Windows firewall service is disabled, you might receive a message saying, “This file cannot be previewed because of an error with the following previewer” while previewing the email. 

Issue With Preview Panel: Sometimes, when there is a problem setting the view tab, you might face a slight issue in your preview panel. This might make you think your preview is not working in your Outlook. 

Previewer Not Installed: If you don’t have the proper application downloaded on your computer to view the mail, you won’t be able to open it. 

Sender Sent Older File Extension Type: If the sender has sent you an old file extension type of email, you might not get to see it on the preview.

There are many options for you to solve this issue but before we move on to these steps, make sure you are aware of what changes you are bringing to your outlook. Here’re some of the solutions to fix the problem with your Outlook preview.  

There are previewers like HTML previewers, Microsoft previewers, and so on that lets you preview your mail on Outlook. However, if they don’t have the excess to show the previews, you won’t be able to see it.

To enable the previews, follow these steps:

After following these steps, restart your Outlook and see if the preview is working or not.

When your Windows Firewall Service is disabled, you might not be able to preview documents in your Outlook. An error message saying, “This file cannot be previewed because of an error with the following previewer” may appear. 

Here’re the steps to enable the Firewall service:

Following these steps will enable the Windows Firewall Service on your computer, which might have been the cause of your issue. 

If nothing works, you can always update your MS office to the latest version to get rid of such glitches on your Outlook.

Here’re the steps:

This could be another option to solve your Outlook preview not working issue.

Disabling the protected view is not a permanent solution; however, it lets you see the preview on your Outlook. Using this as a one-time thing would be a better idea. If you turn Protected View off, it won’t protect or give security to your device from the harmful files you might receive in your Outlook.

Follow these steps:

Make sure to enable it all once your outlook preview starts working.

If the document is not opening, try optimizing the user interface for compatibility. Open your previewer, i.e. MS Word, Excel, etc., and follow these steps to fix your issue.

You can use this method for all different applications prior to trying to preview documents in outlook.

A registry is a folder of settings and information related to the installed software and hardware documents stored in Windows. Error on the registry can cause your preview to not function so make sure to backup registry before moving further. In such cases, you can try changing the Value Data.

Restart your computer after following these steps, and recheck if it’s working now or not. 

If you can’t see previews on your Outlook or it keeps on glitching, you can simply reset the view under the view tab. Along with changing the outlook view, you can also change the layout of the preview panel, which could be the cause of your issue

It shows the email in the reading panel beside or below the preview. This might be handy when the email doesn’t open in another tab. 

Airpods Won’t Flash White – Why & How To Fix It

To pair your AirPods, you need to open the case lid with both AirPods inside the case. Then, you need to hold and press the setup button until it flashes white. After this, with Bluetooth turned on, choose the AirPods name on your device and select it to pair. 

But sometimes the AirPods can suddenly stop flashing white. It can usually happen when your AirPods run out of battery. For this, you can try charging it. Likely, it can occur when the connectors in the charging case are jammed. For that, you can give it a quick clean. 

So, without any delay, let’s look at what may be causing the problem and learn how to tackle them.

Why Are My AirPods Not Flashing White?

If your AirPods don’t flash white, the issue can be with the pairing process. Likely, some other probable causes comprise:

AirPods battery is entirely null.

The connectors in the charging case are not in contact with AirPods.

The bottom of the AirPods may have debris.

Damaged Airpods

Damaged or broken charging case

How to Fix AirPods That’s Not Flashing White?

The fixes that can solve your query are easy to follow and attainable.  

You can try several fixes. First, you can clean your charging case. Likely, charging your AirPods for some time can be another option. You can switch Bluetooth off and on again. 

You can go through these different procedures below. 

Clean the Bottom Part of AirPods

The first thing that you can try is cleaning your AirPods. 

You need to check if the AirPods have collected debris or not. It is worth remembering that AirPods’ bottom part is one of the integral parts. It consists of the microphone, and it is the part that connects with the charging case. 

So, it is necessary that they are clean and can connect with the connectors present inside the charging case. 

You can use a cotton swab or a lint-free cloth and give your AirPods a gentle wipe. 

Now, put the AirPods back in the charging case and see if the problem vanishes. 

Give the Charging Case a Quick Clean

Sometimes little specks of dust, dirt, or other things can get inside the charging case. It can obstruct the contact between AirPods and the charging case. 

It’s worth noting that the charging case contains connectors that get in contact with AirPods. So, if there is debris inside the charging case, it might be causing the pairing issues. 

Thus, you need to clean it. You can use a cotton swab or a micro-fiber cloth. If there is dirt in a tight spot, try using an anti-static brush.

Charge the AirPods

Charging the AirPods accounts for the most common fix. The issue can arise when your battery is completely zero. AirPods with no charge cannot perform any action. 

In some instances, even when there is enough battery, the issue can emerge. 

The simplest fix to the problem is to keep the AirPods in the charging case and let them charge for about 20-30 minutes. After the time frame, open the case lid and press the setup button until you see a white flash.

If you still don’t see the white flash, you can move on to try other fixes.

Restart Bluetooth

Even when your Bluetooth is turned on, there can be a delay in signal and hence, the AirPods cannot display white flash. There can be technical glitches and the AirPods cannot obtain the signal. 

Under such circumstances, a quick restart of Bluetooth can be handy. 

You can follow the instructions below to go through the process.

On Windows

On Android

On iPhone/iPad

Unpair the AirPods

You may have connected your AirPods with various devices. In that case, you may consider unpairing them from your phone, computer, and other devices. Doing so can help eliminate the connection issue between the device that you want to pair with the AirPods. 

Here is how you unpair AirPods on different devices:


On Android

On iPhone/iPad

From the Bluetooth settings, tap the More info button alongside the AirPods name. 

Tap Forget This Device.

When prompted, press Forget Device to confirm.

Update the Device Software

It is necessary that your device is up-to-date to pair with AirPods. If not, there can be issues while pairing and the problem of the white light not flashing.

You can then give a quick restart to Bluetooth and try connecting them again. See if it brings back the white flash on the charging case. 

If you are unsure about how to update your device, you can go through these instructions:

On Mac

On Windows

On Android

On iPhone

Reset the Network Settings of Your Device

The problem can emerge when your device’s Bluetooth is encountering some issues. So, when you Reset network settings, among all other things, it will also reset the Bluetooth settings to default. It would reset the Bluetooth preferences, paired devices, and other settings.

If you don’t know the resetting process, you can try these steps:

On Android

On iPhone/iPad

Visit Your Local Apple Store

The problem can be hardware related. A damaged or broken case can cause the problem. The connectors can have some issues. Or, the AirPods itself may have a problem connecting with the case.  

If you don’t know what’s causing the issue after having tried all the methods, it’s time to visit a nearby Apple Store.  

How To Add Your People Card On Google Search And Why Do It

Do you own a small business? Are you an upcoming influencer? Then surely you want your presence to be felt on Google. Apart from waiting for people to write about you and hoping that your social media pages show up in search results, there is also one other thing that you can do, and that is to create your own Google People card.

Google has added a neat little feature called ‘People card’ to its search results, designed to help you get discovered online every time someone searches for your name. Let’s dive into it.

What is a Google People card?

Have you ever searched for someone and found their name along with and other relevant information show up in your search in a compact form at the top of the page? People cards are exactly that. You can make your presence felt online by filling out your profile card on Google.

After you have created your People card, anytime somebody searches for you, he/she will be shown your profile card at the top of their search results. This will make it easier for them to avail of your services as well as acquire all the information they need about you.

Subsequently, you can also use your People card to monitor the amount of information that is going public and curb down on details that you do not want to be public.

But there are still a few bare minimum details that you will be required to fill out in order to make your own Google People card. Wondering how to get started? Read on.


You will need a few things before you get started with your Google People card. These mainly include:

A Google Account

A PC or mobile device

Now make sure that you either have a mobile browser installed on your device, or go ahead and download the ‘Google Search’ app from your desired marketplace.

How to create a People card on Google

To create your own People card, follow this step by step guide. Make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements before proceeding any further.

Open the Google search app or visit this page in your mobile browser. Either search for your name or search for ‘Add me to search’. Alternatively, you can summon Google Assistant and say ‘Add me to search’.

When the search results appear, you will see a ‘Add yourself to Google Search’ box at the top. Here, tap on the ‘Get started’ and a new webpage will open, prompting you to select your Google account. After you have selected the account you want to host your People card with, you will be taken to the ‘Create a public card’ page.

By default, this public card will already have your name and profile picture added to the relevant sections. To successfully create a People card, Google wants you to fill out your name, location, occupation, and ‘About’ sections.

You can also add details to the other sections inside the ‘Create a public card’ page if you feel like it. These include details regarding your workplace, hometown, place of education, website, email address, phone number, and more.

When all the details have been added, tap on the ‘Preview’ button at the bottom of the ‘Create a public card’ page. You will now be shown a preview of what your People card will look like. Tap on the ‘Save’ button to apply the changes.

How to view your Google People card

You can view your Google People card by searching for your name on Google. The information that appears will be visible not just to you but everyone who searches for it. If you linked your social profiles to your People card, users will also be able to reach you on other platforms directly from your People card.

What information should you add to Google People card

You should add all the relevant information about yourself that you would like to be public. You can add your occupation, achievements, merits, profiles, and more. Make sure that the information is relevant to you and does not violate Google’s content policies.

To summarize, Google will not make your People card go live if you are sharing misleading information, hiding your identity, or providing wrong details in certain sections of your profile. You will be notified for the first few times if you violate Google’s content policy.

You will be allowed to make the necessary changes and submit your profile card again. But if you end up violating their terms and conditions more than once, then Google might end up revoking your access to People card creation.

What should you NOT include in your People card

There are a few things that you should avoid in order to keep in line with Google’s content policy. Below we have listed some of the don’ts that you should definitely comply with to ensure proper publication of your Google People card.

Do not include fake or misleading information about yourself.

Do not assign third party photos as your profile image. Your profile image should be a photo of yourself.

Do not represent any third party organization using your People card.

Do not mention or attack other individuals using your People card.

Do not mention or attack other organizations using your People card.

Do not mention or attack other groups or religious organizations using your People card.

Do not mention or attack other events/real-world issues using your People card.

Do not promote hate towards any individual or organization.

Do not hurt religious sentiments.

Do not include derogatory statements about third parties.

Do not use comparative statements with other individuals or organizations in order to promote yourself.

Do not use profane or vulgar language in your profile.

Do not violate any copyrights or property rights of other individuals.

Do not use images/quotes that are not intended for your own use.

Can People cards help boost your business?

Since Google also lets you host contact information like phone number, social profiles, email address, or website on your People card, people will be able to reach with ease. The feature will allow you to create only one People card per Google account and since you need a phone number to authenticate the account, people cards will also be a reliable way to allow others to find you without worrying about reliability.

Google People card not working? Here’s how you can fix it

If you’re unable to create a People Card on Google search, then you might want to follow the steps below to get it to work.

Make sure that you reside in India (for now!)

During its initial release, Google has revealed that people cards are rolling out to Indian users only and in English language. If you reside in any other country at the moment, you most probably won’t be able to access the feature. Your only option is to wait for Google to make People cards available in your country.

Enable Search Activity on your Google account

Once you have set up your browser/Google app, go to settings and make sure that ‘Web & App activity’ is turned on. If you are unaware of this setting then follow this simple guide to turn it on.

Note: Make sure that you are signed in to your Google account on the device before you proceed any further.

Using the browser on your PC or mobile device

Step 2: Tap on the menu icon in the top left-hand corner and select ‘Search activity’.

Step 3: You will now see a page that has ‘Web & App Activity’ as the top option. Tap on it and turn on the toggle switch that you find on the webpage.

Note: If the page says ‘Web & App Activity is on’ then you can let it stay the way it was.

Using the Google Search app

Step 1: Open the Google search app on your device and tap on ‘More’ in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Select ‘Search activity’ and wait for the web page to open.

Step 3: Tap on the tab that is titled ‘Web & App Activity’ and make sure the toggle on the next page is turned on. If not then turn it on by sliding to the right.

Web & App Activity should now be turned on, on your mobile device.

Note: Having a mobile device is a necessity as Google does not support the creation of profile cards on desktop browsers yet.

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