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Galaxy S7 – Exynos


The sworn enemy of battery life is performance. You might think that sounds a bit drastic, but it is true. There is a formula to approximate the dynamic power consumed by a CPU that shows that the higher the clock speed or the higher the voltage then the more power is used. If you are interested, it is P=CV^2f which means that it is approximately proportional to the CPU frequency, and to the square of the CPU voltage.

But think about it this way. On a desktop PC you have a main power supply, a big heat sink and cooling fans. A typical Intel desktop CPU might dissipate somewhere between 50 to 100W of heat. This isn’t the case on mobile. Smartphones don’t have fans and they are powered by batteries. So, the constant struggle for SoC makers and smartphone builders is to make devices which perform as well as possible, without using much energy.

Riptide GP2 running on octa-core phone.

Of course every generation of processor pushes the boundaries and tries to get more performance for the same or less power, however the balancing act remains. Therefore when a smartphone maker builds a device there are various parameters that are set in the software and the hardware to maintain this balance between performance and battery life. The hardware parameters a pretty much fixed, but the software parameters can be tweaked, dynamically.

And this is what is happening when OEMs are being accused of cheating. It works like this: When the phone sees a well known benchmark running it can tweak the software so that the benchmark gets the maximum performance. This performance boost is only active while the benchmark is running and then things return to normal. If the phone remained in its full-throttle, maximum performance mode then the battery would soon be depleted and the device would get quite hot. But for just a minute or two, it isn’t a problem.

Every app has a unique name, something like and you can search Google Play for apps according to their IDs. The ID for AnTuTu is com.antutu.ABenchMark and it is a relatively simple task for an OEM to add code to a device’s firmware that detects the popular benchmarks by looking for the IDs of the running apps. Companies like Primate Labs (makers of the popular benchmark suite Geekbench) can check for cheats by making a special version of their apps with a different ID, one that won’t be recognized by the firmware.

When the renamed app runs, it will run with the normal operating parameters and not the tweaked performance settings. If the results are significantly different then it shows that the device was treating the benchmark as a special case and not running it as it would other apps.

Is it actually cheating?

From the way that consumers react when an OEM is caught running benchmarks in special modes then it is clear that most people consider this cheating. I guess I do as well, but there is one important thing to remember, the scores from the boosted benchmarks are not fake or false in anyway, they are reporting the performance of the device. The firmware can’t inject a fake score into the app or something like that. The numbers are what the device actually achieved. But, while they might not be fake they are certainly artificial as the device can’t sustain such performance levels without overheating or rapidly draining the battery, which is why it is cheating.

It would be interesting if there was an agreed way to run benchmarks, maybe in a recognized “peak performance” mode available in Android that would allow OEMs to run benchmarks in one of several different settings. This could give us more transparency.


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How To Add Your People Card On Google Search And Why Do It

Do you own a small business? Are you an upcoming influencer? Then surely you want your presence to be felt on Google. Apart from waiting for people to write about you and hoping that your social media pages show up in search results, there is also one other thing that you can do, and that is to create your own Google People card.

Google has added a neat little feature called ‘People card’ to its search results, designed to help you get discovered online every time someone searches for your name. Let’s dive into it.

What is a Google People card?

Have you ever searched for someone and found their name along with and other relevant information show up in your search in a compact form at the top of the page? People cards are exactly that. You can make your presence felt online by filling out your profile card on Google.

After you have created your People card, anytime somebody searches for you, he/she will be shown your profile card at the top of their search results. This will make it easier for them to avail of your services as well as acquire all the information they need about you.

Subsequently, you can also use your People card to monitor the amount of information that is going public and curb down on details that you do not want to be public.

But there are still a few bare minimum details that you will be required to fill out in order to make your own Google People card. Wondering how to get started? Read on.


You will need a few things before you get started with your Google People card. These mainly include:

A Google Account

A PC or mobile device

Now make sure that you either have a mobile browser installed on your device, or go ahead and download the ‘Google Search’ app from your desired marketplace.

How to create a People card on Google

To create your own People card, follow this step by step guide. Make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements before proceeding any further.

Open the Google search app or visit this page in your mobile browser. Either search for your name or search for ‘Add me to search’. Alternatively, you can summon Google Assistant and say ‘Add me to search’.

When the search results appear, you will see a ‘Add yourself to Google Search’ box at the top. Here, tap on the ‘Get started’ and a new webpage will open, prompting you to select your Google account. After you have selected the account you want to host your People card with, you will be taken to the ‘Create a public card’ page.

By default, this public card will already have your name and profile picture added to the relevant sections. To successfully create a People card, Google wants you to fill out your name, location, occupation, and ‘About’ sections.

You can also add details to the other sections inside the ‘Create a public card’ page if you feel like it. These include details regarding your workplace, hometown, place of education, website, email address, phone number, and more.

When all the details have been added, tap on the ‘Preview’ button at the bottom of the ‘Create a public card’ page. You will now be shown a preview of what your People card will look like. Tap on the ‘Save’ button to apply the changes.

How to view your Google People card

You can view your Google People card by searching for your name on Google. The information that appears will be visible not just to you but everyone who searches for it. If you linked your social profiles to your People card, users will also be able to reach you on other platforms directly from your People card.

What information should you add to Google People card

You should add all the relevant information about yourself that you would like to be public. You can add your occupation, achievements, merits, profiles, and more. Make sure that the information is relevant to you and does not violate Google’s content policies.

To summarize, Google will not make your People card go live if you are sharing misleading information, hiding your identity, or providing wrong details in certain sections of your profile. You will be notified for the first few times if you violate Google’s content policy.

You will be allowed to make the necessary changes and submit your profile card again. But if you end up violating their terms and conditions more than once, then Google might end up revoking your access to People card creation.

What should you NOT include in your People card

There are a few things that you should avoid in order to keep in line with Google’s content policy. Below we have listed some of the don’ts that you should definitely comply with to ensure proper publication of your Google People card.

Do not include fake or misleading information about yourself.

Do not assign third party photos as your profile image. Your profile image should be a photo of yourself.

Do not represent any third party organization using your People card.

Do not mention or attack other individuals using your People card.

Do not mention or attack other organizations using your People card.

Do not mention or attack other groups or religious organizations using your People card.

Do not mention or attack other events/real-world issues using your People card.

Do not promote hate towards any individual or organization.

Do not hurt religious sentiments.

Do not include derogatory statements about third parties.

Do not use comparative statements with other individuals or organizations in order to promote yourself.

Do not use profane or vulgar language in your profile.

Do not violate any copyrights or property rights of other individuals.

Do not use images/quotes that are not intended for your own use.

Can People cards help boost your business?

Since Google also lets you host contact information like phone number, social profiles, email address, or website on your People card, people will be able to reach with ease. The feature will allow you to create only one People card per Google account and since you need a phone number to authenticate the account, people cards will also be a reliable way to allow others to find you without worrying about reliability.

Google People card not working? Here’s how you can fix it

If you’re unable to create a People Card on Google search, then you might want to follow the steps below to get it to work.

Make sure that you reside in India (for now!)

During its initial release, Google has revealed that people cards are rolling out to Indian users only and in English language. If you reside in any other country at the moment, you most probably won’t be able to access the feature. Your only option is to wait for Google to make People cards available in your country.

Enable Search Activity on your Google account

Once you have set up your browser/Google app, go to settings and make sure that ‘Web & App activity’ is turned on. If you are unaware of this setting then follow this simple guide to turn it on.

Note: Make sure that you are signed in to your Google account on the device before you proceed any further.

Using the browser on your PC or mobile device

Step 2: Tap on the menu icon in the top left-hand corner and select ‘Search activity’.

Step 3: You will now see a page that has ‘Web & App Activity’ as the top option. Tap on it and turn on the toggle switch that you find on the webpage.

Note: If the page says ‘Web & App Activity is on’ then you can let it stay the way it was.

Using the Google Search app

Step 1: Open the Google search app on your device and tap on ‘More’ in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Select ‘Search activity’ and wait for the web page to open.

Step 3: Tap on the tab that is titled ‘Web & App Activity’ and make sure the toggle on the next page is turned on. If not then turn it on by sliding to the right.

Web & App Activity should now be turned on, on your mobile device.

Note: Having a mobile device is a necessity as Google does not support the creation of profile cards on desktop browsers yet.

What Are Hoverboards And Why Do They Explode?

Beware of what you buy this Christmas—it could blow up in your face. Hoverboards, more accurately described as self-balancing scooters, are one of the most popular holiday gifts this year. Ebay reportedly sold more than 5,000 units on Black Friday and claims to have sold one hoverboard every 12 seconds on Cyber Monday.

But there’s an increasing concern about the safety of these vehicles. There are already thousands of hoverboard wipeout videos available on sites like YouTube, and in many cases, the personal vehicles have caused serious injury. In more extreme cases, cheaply made hoverboards have exploded and caught fire, forcing Amazon to stop selling specific models and Overstock to discontinue all sales. London and New York City have taken measures to curb the use of hoverboards on city streets and sidewalks. So we thought it was a great time to break down the hoverboard craze. Here’s everything you need to know about shopping for hoverboards during the holiday season:

What is a hoverboard?

Technically, a hoverboard is a levitating platform (that looks like a skateboard without wheels) that can be used for personal transportation. The term was invented for the movie Back to the Future II, where protagonist Marty McFly travels into the future to discover that teenagers are riding on levitating boards without wheels. Although self-balancing scooters don’t actually hover, people have adopted the term “hoverboard” as a more colloquial way to refer to the vehicles—mainly because it sounds cooler.

How do they work?

Self-balancing scooters have a few basic components: a gyroscope to determine the pitch or balance of the machine, motors that keep the board balanced and move it forward, microprocessors to manage power output to the motors, and large batteries to fuel the device.

The most important function of a self-balancing scooter is (you guessed it!) remaining upright. In order to do this, microprocessors in the vehicle monitor the direction a rider is leaning. The gyroroscope, also connected to the microprocessors, helps gather information about the tilt of the board. Motors inside the board change power output to keep the rider balanced. Every self-balancing scooter is different, meaning that each one uses a different battery, set of microprocessors, and motors.

Why are they so popular now?

You can thank Justin Bieber. And Wiz Khalifa. And Nick Jonas. And Kendall Jenner. And Skrillex. And all of the other celebrities that have been seen riding them down in public and in their homes.

One of the first widely publicized instances of someone riding a hoverboard was in June, when the Cleveland Cavaliers lost the NBA Finals. The team’s shooting guard J.R. Smith, known for his outlandish behavior off the court, was seen riding one away from the arena and was quickly turned into a meme.

It wasn’t until months later, in August, when Wiz Khalifa was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport that the phenomenon was solidified. Shortly after, celebrities were spotted riding hoverboards in many high profile places.

Are hoverboards legal?

Both New York City and the United Kingdom are using similar interpretations of the law to limit the use of self-balancing scooters in public areas. The reason is that hoverboard riders will disrupt the flow of traffic if they’re using them on sidewalks (similar to a bicycle on a sidewalk or any other large vehicle). These government agencies are also preventing people from riding hoverboards in the streets because they can’t be registered, licensed or insured. So, in short: The only place you’re really safe riding a hoverboard is on private property.

You also can’t bring a hoverboard onto an airplane. United, American, and Delta Airlines have banned the scooters are flights, even as checked luggage. The high-watt lithium batteries used in hoverboards can start a fire in a plane’s baggage compartment according to the Federal Aviation Administration. According to a CBS report , the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating 10 incidents of hoverboard fires in nine states.

Why do they explode?

In most cases, a hoverboard explodes because it comes equipped with a faulty battery. There is a huge difference in the price and quality of different hoverboards on the market. Until Amazon’s recent decision to ban several popular models of hoverboards over safety concerns, you could find models priced between $300-$700. And there are even more expensive ones, such as the PunkeeDuck for $1500.

As you can imagine, the low-priced versions of these hoverboards aren’t built as well as some of the higher end versions. Buzzfeed News reported on the factories in China that quickly jump on these consumer trends without much quality control. Many of these factories that start shipping hoverboards without any quality control can actually be shipping a dangerous product.

Exploding batteries are actually nothing new for consumer electronics: smartphones, laptops, electric cars, and more have all had numerous reports of battery explosions. In most cases, the heat-sink systems or cooling components included in the device aren’t enough to keep the operating at a safe temperature. In the case of a vehicle like a hoverboard, the batteries are so large and powerful that the resulting fires can be large enough to burn a house down.

So how cautious should you be? Consumer affairs site Best Reviews is encouraging people to refrain from purchasing hoverboards, citing the uncertainty around the safety of various models. “For the time being, we are not recommending any hoverboards until they are proven to be safe,” said the site in a recent blog post. Or as we like to say: ride at your own risk.

Why And How Do You Choose Blockchain As A Profession In The Future?

Blockchain is a part of the cryptocurrency process. It’s gonna hit the trending technology. As per freelancing demand, it ranks first. The demand is getting raise every day. Many kinds of jobs are preferred by the blockchain. The future is depending upon this technology. Already the investors were started to invest as they knew that the market is going to rise due to the blockchain.

Many top app development companies have started to work on developing the blockchain. Many features are relying on this technology. It started to work for various sectors such as health, supply chain, financial, etc. Especially the financial department is hitting many multinational companies. Global markets suggested the blockchain sector is growing rapidly than in other sectors.

Most of the government based companies have started to work on blockchain. The oil and gas industry has planned to deal with this technology for implementing it. The healthcare industry market will cross around above 1.62USD in the future. Blockchain-based apps are getting demand. Thus the future for blockchain is moving on to the peak part. Many speakers consolidate that blockchain can create threats towards the data but due to its complicated structure, it eliminates the error. I have mentioned below the kinds of jobs offered by the blockchain.

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How to be a Blockchain Developer?

Every application requires a developer to sustain and bring efficiency to it. The same process has been followed for the blockchain too. It allows the developer to cover most of the programming languages. If you want to develop a blockchain app than you must know few coding techniques such as Microsoft SQL Server, .NET, Visual Studio, MVC, AJAX, SQL, C, C++, C#, javascript, NodeJs, Jquery, etc.

These much languages you must familiar with understand the developing concept of blockchain. You can get a high pay as this platform is in demand by many top companies and they can get high profit. Each language has its way of approaching. For example, the Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database server, which controls data storage, processing and security.

It is capsuled with command, queries, and a storage engine that helps to manages data files, tables, data buffers, indexes, and transactions. When it comes to .NET framework languages, the developer can use a range of applications by using several programming languages that I have mentioned above as C#, chúng tôi C++, and F#. Each language has its core strength, thus as a developer, you must be at least know the concept of each logic with its syntax terms will make the application develop easily.

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Blockchain Designer Rule the Strength

Blockchain is responsible for the user interface design. It helps to interact with the users. Thus, to be a part of blockchain technology, it is requirements to allocate the layout of each block in a structured and complex pattern so that; the hacker cannot track the network of the blockchain. The designer role is an important part of developing a strategy to avoid errors. Hence it is necessary to concentrate on the design part carefully will lead to a successful process to be maintained for the blockchain.

Blockchain Engineer Works a Lot

Engineering is a term and a profession, who builds up the system for society. Thus blockchain engineer is responsible for developing apps. To develop apps, the programmer must be skilled with Python, Solidity, Java, Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple, Oracle identity, and access management. These factors must be well-known by the developers to maintain a sustain app. Hyperledger is a framework based on blockchain.

It is used to leverage performs of hosting smart contracts and it is named as chain code. It delivers high fame of confidential, flexible and scalable performs. Hyperledger is classified into two terms, private and public based type. The public based Hyperledger is used to build a platform based on enterprise. And private based blockchain a platform based on the transaction of the data in a privacy mode.

Ripple term in blockchain denotes the network based on digital payment. It enhances the blockchain to use a unique distributed mechanism via the network to validate the transaction instead of using the mining concept of blockchain.

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Does Blockchain require a Quality Engineer?

Developing an application is important but the developed application must undergo various state of testing to know the application strength. Each field has a quality tester, who builds the trust for the project manager. Thus it will be good to follow every kind of loopholes for an application. This method discriminates the app into valuable data. Testing the blockchain app defines the strength of transaction and security. The blockchain app is important in the future when it comes to strength.

Thus maintaining the basement of the app stable is responsible for the programmers and the testers. The software testers have to check every possible way of loopholes. His mind must act as a user which helps him easy to find out the bug if it occurs. Multiple frameworks in the market help the tester to find out the bug easily. Either can use an automation technique or manual technique to test the application. The testing part is an important feature of a product when taken it in terms of its quality.

Be a Blockchain Consultant

Every business requires a consultant to avoid losses, as most of the beginners in business require an experienced person to guide them a required route to attain his goal. A consultant is responsible for his maintaining the business on the right path with some information. Blockchain consultants can get high pay as the demand for blockchain investors and developers are going to high in the future. Thus a blockchain consultant gives you immense pay as a profession.


Traveling in the route of blockchain will create a strong path in terms of profit when you look at it as a business, as this technology gonna ruin the transaction field. Each category of blockchain has lots of in-depth information to attain it as your profession. Knowing from the basics will help you to begin the filed as the blockchain. I hope the above information might help you to gain some knowledge about the choice of blockchain as a profession in the future.

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Elena Randall is a Content Creator Who works for Top Software Companies, provides a top 10 list of top software development companies within the world. She is passionate about reading and writing.

Why Do Employers Run Credit Checks?

Employers sometimes run credit checks on potential hires to shed light on debt, payment history and any bankruptcies. 

To run an employment credit check, use a reputable service instead of a credit bureau for faster results and additional insights. 

A credit check is appropriate if the potential employee will handle business funds or client money, or will be in a position of trust.

This article is for small business owners and hiring managers exploring employment credit checks for potential hires. 

An employment credit check provides insights into a potential employee’s financial history and circumstances, including their debts, payment history and any bankruptcies. This is an essential step for companies hiring employees in sensitive roles or industries.

We’ll explore employment credit checks, how they’re used, and what you need to know when hiring for your company. 

What is an employment credit check?

An employment credit check is a report an employer receives about a prospective employee. The process of getting the report is similar to applying for a loan. A credit check provides insights from credit bureaus about an employee’s financial history, shedding light on factors like bad debts and bankruptcies.

Running a credit check can glean the following information about a potential employee.

Bad debt: A credit report shows any debts in collections.

Past-due bills: Late payments or debts in default are also shown on a credit report.

Overextended loans: A credit report shows the credit utilization rate, how much available credit is being used.

Bankruptcies: Any bankruptcy that has occurred in the past seven to 10 years will appear on their credit report.

If you’re hiring employees in sensitive roles (where they’ll have control of the company’s finances) or industries (where they’ll influence the finances of others), you should use an employment credit check to understand the potential new hire’s financial history.

Did You Know?

An employment credit check is often a standard supplemental screening when an employer conducts a background check on a potential hire.

How to run an employment credit check

Many companies will run a background check before hiring a new employee to check their employment history, criminal history, driving record, and more. An employment credit check is a common component of a background check.  

To run an employment credit check, it’s best to choose a background check service with an excellent reputation. While it’s possible to work directly with credit bureaus to check an employee’s credit, it’s a tedious process. Using a service lets you access information more quickly, see results from multiple credit bureaus and uncover potential red flags.

For example, GoodHire is a service that provides standard background checks and employment credit reports, as well as professional license verification, drug screenings, healthcare sanctions checks, and motor vehicle records checks. 

Whether or not you use a service, you’ll need to collect the employee’s personal identifying information, including their name, mailing address, date of birth and Social Security number. You’ll also need to get their consent to obtain a credit report. 

Once you have an employee’s information and consent, relay their information to a credit bureau or background check service that will generate a report for your review.


Many services can help you conduct employee background and credit checks. To learn more about these services, read our reviews of the best background check services.

When should a business run a credit check?

An employment credit check gives employers an idea of a job candidate’s financial responsibility. Knowing a potential employee’s financial history is especially crucial when working in sensitive areas, such as law or accounting, or when they’ll have access to a business’s finances or clients’ money. 

When you should consider running a credit check

Consider running a credit check on a potential employee if their position will involve any of the following:

Handling money

Being in a position of trust

Having access to a business’s or clients’ sensitive information

A credit check reassures employers that the potential employee will act responsibly when it comes to finances. Having a credit check is no guarantee that the employee won’t act irresponsibly, but it at least helps identify potential risks.


A credit report can change over time, so consider running a credit check if a current employee moves into a new position or renews their employment contract.

What gets reported on a credit check report?

When you run a credit check on an employee, you see everything reported to credit bureaus – and that’s a lot of information. A person’s credit report contains considerable data about their financial history and current finances.

Credit accounts: A credit report shows all open credit accounts, including loans and credit cards.

Account balances: A credit report also shows outstanding balances on certain credit accounts, such as credit cards. This information is also reflected as a credit utilization percentage, how much of a person’s available credit is being used. 

Past-due accounts and late payments: If a person misses a payment or has failed to pay an outstanding debt, that information will also appear on their credit report.

Bankruptcies: When someone files for bankruptcy protection, that can stay on their credit report for up to 10 years.

Sometimes creditors report incorrect information to credit bureaus or fail to inform the bureaus when an account is closed or updated. If there’s misinformation in a background report, the potential employee can take steps to fix it, and the employer can then run another report.

What are the legalities of employment credit checks?

Since credit is a sensitive issue, federal and state laws regulate credit report access and what employers can do with the information. For example, federal law requires anyone running someone’s credit to get the person’s consent first. 

Additionally, several states have passed laws restricting the use of credit checks in employment decisions. In these cases, employers may be able to run credit checks on current and potential employees, but they can’t use their findings to make hiring decisions.  

Additionally, federal regulation may be on the horizon. In 2023, the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that would amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act to restrict employers’ use of credit checks in making hiring decisions. While this legislation has not yet been signed into law, it could seriously impact how and when employers use credit checks to vet employees.

Regardless of how or when you use employee credit information, it’s critical to keep any information you glean confidential. Safely destroy any reports generated, which makes sense because they’re accurate for only about 30 days.

Why Do Web Pages Load Slowly – How To Fix It

Oh! The agony of the loading screen. Every second feels like an hour, and we grow more impatient. If only we could fast forward time and kill the waiting moments.

You can simply fix web pages load slowly just by restarting your PC. If that doesn’t work you can restart your router to see if there’s a problem with your ISP.

These solutions work most of the time if not always. But, if the problem persists, there are a few more troubleshooting methods to try.

Site cache accumulated in your browser slows down the performance of your browser. It is recommended to clean your browser cache every once in a while. Here’s how you can clear cache in Microsoft Edge.

Cookies from trusted websites help improve your site experience. If you block all cookies by default, consider enabling cookies for websites you use.

Sync activities in the background can take up network usage. This results in slower internet access for the user. Every pro user should be able to pause syncs during internet browsing and enable them when not using a PC.

Windows has powerful options to limit the performance of your system. Your network too may be affected by this. If that is the case, you should consider switching to better performance options

Same as Sync settings, other applications also may be running in the background. This could be the voice assistant, notification services, file indexers, and so on. It is better to turn them off and only enable them when needed.

Power options apply to Windows installed on laptops. To increase battery life, Windows tries to run the system on minimal power consumption. As a result, network performance may suffer even when plugged in.

Sometimes your PC may have invalid DNS and IP configurations. This results in slower internet connection or complete internet failure. Changing settings to get configuration from the router is the best approach for resolution.

With an upgrade to Windows, your network adapter may also need a driver update. If the system hasn’t applied the update yet, install the driver update with these steps.

IPv6 is version 6 of the internet connection. It is supposed to be the future standard of the internet as more and more network devices are used in the world. For now, all devices support and use IPv4 which is the current standard. IPv6 can be safely turned off in Windows to prevent any potential network issues.

Hopefully, you’ve tracked down the culprit by now. If you haven’t, it may not be a problem on your end. In fact, any of the web pages you’ve opened could be slowing down the entire system.

FAQs Will connecting to a VPN make my internet faster?

Connecting to a VPN server routes your internet traffic through the VPN server. Depending on the location, you may experience slower internet when connected to VPNs. Without VPNs, your traffic goes from your ISP to services such as Facebook and youtube. If your internet is slower when connected to VPN, disconnect from the VPN first before trying.

All the devices including my Windows PC have slow connections. What should I do?

If multiple home devices are experiencing slow internet, check your router. See for any warning signs if the internet doesn’t work at all. You may also need to contact their technical support and inform them of the situation.

Only Youtube and Facebook are slow on my internet. What should I do?

If you have issues in certain sites only, it shows a problem with the server that’s hosting the site. You can verify if Facebook or any other site is working by going to sites like isitdownrightnow. You only need to enter the website address to check if it is working properly.

If you are experiencing slow services regularly, it indicates a problem with your ISP. Talk to them to see if they are throttling your bandwidth during peak hours.

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