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Over the last few years, I’ve become increasingly concerned about personal privacy. I don’t have anything to hide, but I don’t like the fact that so much of my personal information can be used by various companies. The thought of Netflix and Spotify being able to scan Facebook Messenger accounts to make better recommendations is a prime example of what I don’t like about the current state of technology. One of the changes I’ve made to help protect my privacy is always using a VPN when I’m on a Wi-Fi network I don’t manage. iOS has robust support for it, and I recommend you consider it as well. If you search for VPN on the App Store, a long list shows up. How do you determine the best VPN service for iOS?

I’ve used a bunch of the iOS VPN services over the years, and I’ve taken it down to my top four. I recommend you try them all to see which one works best for your location. One thing I won’t be discussing is speed. It’s really hard to review this as it’ll depend on your location. Some apps may work better in the southern US where another might work better in London. I would also recommended you look at your usage as well. One of the apps offers a free version with a limited amount, so if you are trying to limit monthly expenses, that me be the route you go. All of them off monthly plans, so if you travel during a certain part of the year for work, you might consider even just picking it up during that time. Here’s a few of the apps I’ve used and can recommend if you are looking for the best VPN service for iOS. (formerly known as Cloak) has long been a favorite of mine because of one single feature: auto-connect. In chúng tôi you can set up a list of trusted networks, and it’ll auto-connect on any other networks. As an example, I’ve connected to Target’s Wi-Fi before, so my iPhone auto connects when I arrive. Because I don’t trust Target’s Wi-Fi, chúng tôi auto connects without me even noticing.

If you want a “set it and forget it” VPN, check out chúng tôi They have multiple pricing plans that range from $3.99 for a week (great for traveling to a conference), $9.99 a month, or $99.99 per year. They also have options for teams and families as well.

Nord VPN

Pricing is simple at $83.99 per year, $95.75 for two years, or $107.55 for three years.

Overall, Nord VPN is a great service. It’s missing the auto-connect feature of chúng tôi and Tunnelbear, though. That feature is something I’ve come to rely on heavily.


Of all the apps I’ve tried, Tunnelbear’s user interface was the most fun. They offer the auto-connect feature that offers, so it’s up there for me with ones I want to use. They are one of the few services to offer a free plan (includes 500MB per month), so if you just need something for a rare occasion, you might want to check out Tunnelbear. If you want unlimited data on Tunnelbear, you can purchase it for $59.99 per year or $9.99 per month. Tunnelbear also has ways to earn extra free data by sharing social media updates about the service as well.

Overall, Tunnelbear is very similar in functionally to chúng tôi so give them both a shot.

Confirmed VPN

Confirmed VPN is the newest VPN service I came across when doing my research on best VPN services for iOS. They claim to be the first Openly Operated VPN service on the market.

Openly Operated™ apps follow a strict set of requirements that ensure their entire operation is transparent – including source code, configuration, infrastructure, audit logs, and more. They enable a level of trust not possible with today’s typical black box app, where users have no idea what’s really happening with their data. Instead of just publishing a Privacy Policy, Openly Operated™ apps are able to prove their Privacy Policy.

The app and service worked as I expected. It was very easy to set up the service and choose a server. One interesting aspect of Confirmed’s VPN service is you can whitelist particular websites. This feature can come in handy when a service like Netflix or Hulu doesn’t work well when connected through a VPN.

Confirmed VPN offers mobile device only pricing for $5 per month. If you want to cover Mac/Windows, you can do that for $9.99 per month. If you want to pay yearly, the cost is $99.99.

Express VPN

Express VPN is a popular VPN service that I tried during my review. I have zero complaints with it. It does exactly what you’d expect. It’s missing the automatic connection/white list that some of the other apps have, but it’s a really great choice if you don’t need that feature. Pricing starts at $12.99/month, but they offer a 12-month plan for $99.99. It has plenty of server options so you’ll always have a great connection.

Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the most popular apps on the iOS App Store, so it’s certainly a popular VPN service for iOS. In my testing, it was extremely stable, fast, and reliable. Monthly pricing starts at $12.99 per month, but there are options for annual payments to save money. If you don’t need the automatic connection/whitelist option of Tunnelbear and chúng tôi Hotspot Shield VPN is an excellent choice for the best iOS VPN app.

What’s the best VPN for iOS?

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The Best Winterboard Themes For Ios 7

The recent release of a Winterboard update with 64-bit compatibility marks a convenient time to reflect on some of the best themes for iOS 7 devices to date. It’s important to keep in mind that a number of popular themes from iOS 6 have yet to be updated, although it is safe to assume that many designers will release new versions in the ensuing weeks and months. So, without further ado, take a look ahead for some of the best Winterboard themes for iOS 7 available on Cydia or elsewhere right now… 

Zanilla 2

There is not much else to say about this theme asides from the fact that it’s absolutely beautiful. While many third-party apps still require custom icons, which will be added over time, the ones that are currently themed look very good. Zanilla 2 has drop shadows much like Solstice does below, and the general color scheme of this theme is quite nice. Surprisingly, Zanilla 2 is currently without a home on Cydia. To get this theme, you’ll have to download it from this deviantART page and manually place the Zanilla.theme file in the Winterboard directory /Library/Themes/ using a tool such as iFile, iExplorer or iFunBox. Expect it to hit a repository soon.

Soft Remix for iOS 7

Easily one of my favorite themes on this list, Soft Remix for iOS 7 is a new take on the popular Suave HD theme. What I like best about Soft Remix is that it makes the Home screen icons slightly smaller, with so-called “squircle” edges, and has custom icons for some apps I wasn’t expecting—BlackBerry Messenger, IMDb, SoundCloud and a few others. Third-party apps without custom icons don’t stand out like an eyesore with this theme, and more icon requests are being fulfilled by designer Eduardo Lopez as we speak. Soft Remix for iOS 7 is free on Cydia in the BigBoss repository.

UltraFlat for iOS 7

While some themes are trying to mahe your Home screen really stand out, UltraFlat for iOS 7 takes a different approach by simply flattening the stock icons. Graphic designer Ciaran O’Brien has meticulously crafted each icon by using colors from the icon’s stock color pallet. All this results in a theme that offers a very consistent design while complimenting the rest of the iOS interface. The benefit of such a theme is that non-themed icons don’t stand out and fit right in. Free on Cydia for iPhone and iPad in the ModMyi repo.


Ayeris is not an overt punch-you-in-the-mouth sort of theme. This is a wine taster’s theme. It’s aimed at a sophisticated palate, one who has tired from the themes that simply try to do too much. Ayeris comes bundled with about 200 themed app icons. All of the stock iOS app icons have been tweaked and themed to match the overall style of Ayeris, and many of the popular third-party applications have been themed as well. You can find it in the BigBoss repo for $3.99


We’ve been seeing quite a few ports of M’flat icons popping up in the theming community over the past week or so, and this collection with several dozen custom icons for third-party apps is worth a mention. M’flat in my opinion is a nature-oriented theme, with lots of off-green, grey, blue and outdoors icons. Better yet, even more icons are in the process of being added. Since this is another theme not hosted on Cydia yet, you’ll need to manually place the M’flat iOS 7.theme file in the Winterboard directory /Library/Themes/ using a tool such as iFile, iExplorer or iFunBox.


People searching for a very simplistic yet sophisticated tweak should look no further than Clarity for iPhone. Clarity features almost 150 glyphs for many stock and third-party applications. The one major issue with a theme like Clarity is that non-themed icons will definitely stand out, making the theme look inconsistent and unfinished. One solution could be to put themed icons on the first page of the Home screen, and non-themed icons on following pages, but that’s merely a workaround. Clarity, by Smuys, is free on Cydia in the ModMyi repository.


With simplicity being at the heart of iOS 7 design, this new iPhone theme by Mike Birkey uses transparency to achieve a look that reminds us of the Clarity theme above. Just as we noted with Clarity, be prepared for non-themed icons to stick out like eyesores, at least until more icons requests are fulfilled. 7ransparency comes with nine different color hues that can be enabled through Winterboard. We’re using white in the screenshots above, which we believe goes well with this baby blue wallpaper and ClassicDock. 7ransparency is free on Cydia in the BigBoss repo.

1derful HD and 1Derland

We recently highlighted the new challenges that theme makers face because of the way iOS 7 is built, and Tim Collins is certainly one of those people. Nevertheless, he has gone ahead and issued iOS 7 and 64-bit patches for his popular 1derful HD and 1Derland HD themes. While these themes are intended to skin the entire user interface, limitations of iOS 7 will — at least for now — limit the both to providing custom icons on the Home screen. While the themes don’t have a tremendous amount of icons, they both look nice and can be yours for $2.99 each on the Cydia Store.


Collins is also the creative brainchild behind RocketSauce, another well-designed theme that he recently patched for Winterboard on iOS 7 and 64-bit devices. RocketSauce was another theme that used to skin the entire iOS user interface, but currently just customizes the SpringBoard icons with fog-like curved edges. Collins will be issuing updates to this theme to add functionality back where possible, although it will take time. RocketSauce can be yours for $2.99 in the Cydia Store.


Solstice takes the stock iOS 7 icons and redefines them with long shadows and a slightly less eye-popping color palette. The theme currently supports over 90 apps, with designer John Bussell vowing to add more every day. A shortlist of popular third-party apps with custom icons so far includes Alien Blue, Facebook, Google Maps, Rdio, SoundCloud, Twitter, Vine, WhatsApp and YouTube. Solstice is free on Cydia in the ModMyi repository.


Elite7 themes many elements of the iOS 7 user interface, from the Status Bar and Control Center to the bottom bars in the Safari and Mail apps. The smallest of glyphs are even skinned, like app notification badges and the five symbols at the bottom of the Emoji keyboard. The quality and effort put into the icons is clearly apparent, with very detailed custom icons that have been crafted one pixel at a time. Elite7 remains a work in progress, with access to the beta and all future versions available on a subscription basis.

Space Blueberry

A theme that I have previously covered, Space Blueberry by Gionata gives over 70 of your Home screen icons a slightly more cartoon or flat appearance. The new and improved Game Center, Music, Reminders and Safari icons look much better in particular, compared to their original designs. If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, download Space Blueberry on Cydia for free in the ModMyi repository. Unfortunately, this theme is currently incompatible with iPad.



Oil7 is a redesign of Flat7 with an oil-based paint finish, and also includes some additional icon that the latter doesn’t have yet. All stock apps have custom icons, alongside several popular third-party apps. While this isn’t my favorite theme on the list, it might pique the curiosity of others. Oil7 is the work of designer Zutx, and is available now as a free download from Cydia on the BigBoss repository. Give it a try.

Final thoughts

If you like what you’ve seen here, please consider supporting the growing community of iOS designers by either purchasing a paid theme, donating to those that offer their work for free, or saying thank you. Every bit of support that these designers receive motivates them to work on additional icon requests and future projects for the benefit of all of us. Most designers offer various methods of making a donation, and leaving one is a great way to show a small token of appreciation.

For those of you who would like to keep up with our themes coverage, make sure to check out our dedicated theming section that not only highlights themes, but also jailbreak tweaks that can take your UI customization tothe next level.

Any noteworthy themes not covered here? What do you think are the best jailbreak themes? Sound off below!

8 Best Vpn Browsers For Android (2023)

Whether taking control of your privacy or geo-restricted content, having a Virtual Private Network on your smartphone is certainly beneficial. And lately, we have seen a trend of popular browsers incorporating a VPN or a proxy service, making it more accessible to users. But it raises a question, why should you use a VPN browser on your Android smartphone?

Here are a few benefits of using a VPN browser on Android over a dedicated app:

VPN browsers are comparatively easy to set up as some do not require you to create an account or sign up.

Most VPN browsers are free, and you do not have to pay upfront to use their services. You do get the option to upgrade to a Pro version with more benefits later on.

It saves you from the hassle of installing two apps that serve the same purpose.

You do not have to keep it running in the background, which can cause your smartphone to slow down and drain its battery faster.

You can start using the VPN just by opening your web browser. No need to enable it first from a dedicated app.

With that said and done, let’s return to the topic at hand and look at the best VPN browsers for Android. Some of the VPN browsers are completely free, while others provide an option to upgrade to the Pro version and a few of them require a subscription to use the VPN services. So without any further delay, let us jump into the list.

Opera is among the most popular browsers on this list and chances are you might already have it installed on your phone. It offers several useful features like ad and tracker blockers, a crypto wallet, synced tabs, and several other customizations on top of the VPN.

As for the VPN itself, it lets you browse the web anonymously and you can switch between three regions-  Asia, America, and Europe. It also lets you access the geo-restricted content on streaming services and there is no bandwidth on the free version.

Opera VPN Pro ( 5.99$ a Month/ 23.88$ a Year )

The issue with Opera is that it creates logs and collects your data to show personalized news, videos, and ad recommendations which is exactly what we are trying to avoid with a VPN. But it does not change the fact that it is one of the best free VPN browsers available on Android.


Select from up to three different regions.

Several customizations, features, and built-in ad and tracker blockers.

Bypass geo-restrictions on streaming services.


Creates user logs.

Collects data to serve customized ad and news recommendations.

The built-in VPN encrypts your data with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption which helps hide your activity, provides unlimited bandwidth on the free version, and has a strict no-logs policy.

Aloha Premium VPN ( 5.99$ a Month/ 49.99$ a Year )

Aloha Premium VPN service unlocks additional features like phone-wide VPN, the option to select a different region, and auto-start to turn on the VPN automatically when you open the Aloha browser.


Lock the browser or just the Private tabs with a passcode.

Military-grade AES 256-bit encryption of your data.

Unlimited bandwidth and DNS protection.


Premium membership plans are expensive.

Most of the options are locked behind the premium subscription.

It comes with an encrypted proxy which helps mask your IP address and location. You can select from eight different regions to access geo-restricted content and it works on all websites. The proxy essentially works as a VPN but you will have to download it from the extensions page within the browser.

Epic does not require you to sign in, or create an account and doesn’t even have a premium tier. If you want to browse blocked or restricted websites privately then Epic browser should be your pick.


Choose from 8 different regions.

Does not require any signup.

Complete access to geo-restricted websites and content.

Google search is not available as a search engine. (You can still use it by setting it as your homepage)

The encrypted proxy needs to be installed via the extensions page.

Brave has recently started rolling out Brave VPN + Firewall which is a paid service that encrypts your data, hides your IP address, restricts unwanted websites, supports 100 Mbps speeds, and allows access to geo-restricted content. The service is in collaboration with Wiregaurd– a reputable VPN provider.


Encrypts online activity and blocks unwanted websites.

Supports network speeds of up to 100 Mbps.


The browser does collect certain data from you.

The membership plans are way too expensive.

But sending data over multiple relays does result in poor network speeds, and some websites might not work properly with Tor. However, it is a free browser that you can also use to browse the Dark web and it has a few useful privacy-specific features along with some extensions.

Free to use with unlimited bandwidth.

Uses onion routing which makes it difficult to track your IP address.

Allows access to blocked content and websites.


Slow network speeds.

No option to select regions. (The routing process selects a random region itself)

Some websites might not work with Tor.

Tenta Browser Pro ( 5$ a Month/ 13$ a year)

Tenta Pro has the lowest price of any premium tier VPN which makes it tempting to buy the Pro upgrade and enjoy all the features but you should not the network speed of the browser is not up to the mark. Still, it can be a popular choice for those who want a secure web browser.


Secure vault for media.

Uses a 256-bit encryption cipher.


Mediocre network speed.

Does not let you select a region in the free version.

You might have heard about Avast before as they were popular for their antivirus programs. Well in late 2023, Avast acquired Tenta, the browser we just discussed above and the result was Avast Secure browser.

Avast Secure browser shares all features, even the design and interface with the Tenta browser. You get the same Secure vault for media, 256-bit encryption, and ad and pop-up blockers. Even with the VPN, you get to access one location which is Singapore similar to Tenta with unlimited usage.

Avast Secure Browser Pro ( 5.99$ a Month/ 39.99$ a Year )

With Avast Secure Pro, you get all the same benefits as Tenta Pro like the ability to select different regions, encrypt local media files in Secure vault, and device-wide VPN but with an additional option to add up to five devices. So you can enjoy the Pro version on your PC as well which was missing with Tenta.

Available on all major platforms.

Option to add up to five different devices in the Pro version.


Some useful features are only available in the Pro upgrade.

Phoenix is a feature-rich web browser that offers a variety of utilities junk files cleaner, a weather widget, a WhatsApp status saver, a selection of small browser games, a document viewer, and a few more.

It also comes with a built-in VPN service that provides some security but mainly could be used to access blocked or restricted content. You cannot select the region and you get only one hour limit per day which you can increase by watching an ad.


Comes bundled in with lots of utilities.

Ad blocker with privacy report.

VPN can bypass geo-restrictions on streaming services. (Does not work with Netflix)


VPN is limited to 1 hour per day.

Some features feel suspicious and shady.

An encrypted proxy will encrypt your traffic, hiding it from your ISP and other authorities like a VPN but proxies usually use a mediating server, unlike a VPN which uses multiple servers located in different regions which is why a VPN is more secure than a proxy.

It all comes down to your needs and preference. If you already use either one of the browsers listed above, then you should go with that or else we recommend you go with a browser that you can trust, like Opera, Brave, Avast, and Epic.

If you are willing to buy their membership then do take a look at the pricing of dedicated VPN providers, as they will be able to offer better security than other browsers.

Tor browser does not connect your computer to the requested server. Instead, it uses onion routing, where the requests are encrypted and then sent through multiple relays. This makes it extremely difficult to track or spy on your IP address and monitor your online activity.

No. VPN browsers often use a proxy server and call it a VPN which is misleading and also not as secure as using a proper VPN service as it encrypts your traffic, bypasses geo-restrictions, and does all that by directing the traffic through multiple VPN servers in different locations around the globe.

These were some of the best VPN browsers you can use on your Android phone. We spend most of our time on smartphones, and it carries almost all our data, so we must protect this data from falling into the wrong hands. If you use public WiFi or want to look up a suspicious website, then do make sure to use a VPN browser on your Android device. We hope you enjoy this article. Stay tuned to Browser To Use for more such articles and How-Tos.


The Best Dissertation Writing Service In 2023

There are a lot of thesis writing services out there. Many of them promise the same thing: high quality papers at an affordable price. However, not all of them can deliver on their promises. Some thesis writing services are nothing more than scams, preying on unsuspecting students who just want to get their papers done on time. Let’s read a story from M., who ordered a dissertation several years ago and got a second-hand paper: 1. from Ohio: “When I was a senior in college, I was desperate to find a thesis writing service that could help me with my dissertation. I had no idea where to start, and I was running out of time. So, I did some research and found a service that seemed to be reputable. I sent them my requirements, and they sent me back a paper that was 100% plagiarism. Needless to say, I was expelled from college and had to start over at a new start. If only I had known then what I know now about thesis writing services“. So, how can you avoid becoming a victim of a thesis writing scam? The best way is to do your research and only use services that have been recommended by someone you trust. If you’re looking for the best dissertation writing services in 2023-2023, then look no further than the graduates at Reddit community. This community has already helped thousands of students with their findings to reveal the truth, and they can help you too. All you need to do is to post a question in the community, and the graduates will provide you with a list of reputable services that match your needs. Or just continue reading this article:  

Shortlist of the best dissertation writing services:

1. Paper Help – $12 per dissertation page + free revisions. The best option, according to redditors. 2. 99Papers – less than 2% of refunds (according to the company’s inner statistics). Always in-time delivery, according to Reddit. 3. Essay Pro – direct communication with the writer. Positive feedback at Quora and Reddit. Let’s read in detail about each of these companies.  

Written Dissertations and Students’ Graduation.

According to the latest report by the National Center for Education Statistics, over 1.5 million students graduated from colleges and universities in the USA in 2023. The majority of them had to write a thesis or dissertation as the final step towards getting their degree. A thesis is a research paper that is written by students who are finishing their master’s degree. A dissertation is a research paper that is written by students who are finishing their doctorate. Both of these papers are very important, and they can be very difficult to write. There are a lot of different factors that can make writing a thesis or dissertation difficult. For one, these papers are usually very long. They can also be very complex, with many different sections and chapters. In addition, students often have to do a lot of research in order to gather all of the information that they need for their paper. That’s why there are so many failures while writing dissertations. According to statistics prepared by PaperHelp, almost 50% of students can’t complete their dissertation in time. And this is not surprising, taking into account the fact that a dissertation is a huge and complex paper. In addition, it usually takes several months to write a good dissertation. Let’s look through the top 3 dissertation writing services we have chosen in this article.   #1 Paper Help – $12 per dissertation page + free revisions Pros 

The company offers high-quality and low-cost services.

You earn cash back when you use your point balance towards purchases, making it simple to save money on even the most expensive writing services, like dissertation paper.

Original proved content.

24/7 support


You cannot select which writers you want to work with.

For additional information on reviews, see the following communities:   #2 99Papers – less than 2% of refunds

title and bibliography pages

formatting in any style

revisions within 14 days


The company offers high-quality papers at an affordable price.

They have a money-back guarantee and always deliver on time.

They offer several free features with each order.


There is no live chat or phone number available on their website.

You cannot select which writers you want to work with.

  # 3 Essay Pro direct communication with the writer Pros 

The company offers direct communication with your writer.

You can place an order by phone.

They offer discounts for bulk orders.


No live chat available on their website.

These are just a few of

FAQ about Dissertation and Thesis

What is a dissertation called in America? In America, a dissertation is called a thesis. What is the difference between a thesis and a dissertation? The main difference between a thesis and a dissertation is that a thesis is written for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, while a dissertation is written for a Doctoral degree. What is the length of a typical dissertation? The length of a typical dissertation is between 80,000 and 100,000 words. What is the structure of a dissertation? A dissertation typically consists of five chapters: an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, and discussion. However, the exact structure of a dissertation depends on the field of study. How long does it take to write a dissertation? It typically takes two to three years to write a dissertation. However, the exact amount of time depends on the field of study, the topic of the dissertation, and the individual student. What is a good topic for a dissertation? A good topic for a dissertation is one that is researchable and has not been explored extensively by other scholars. It is also important to choose a topic that is of interest to you and that you are passionate about. How much does it cost to write a dissertation? The cost of writing a dissertation varies depending on the length of the dissertation, the topic, and the individual student. However, most students can expect to spend at least $1,000 on their dissertation. What are the benefits of writing a dissertation?

What’s The Best Type Of Portable Heater?

Before we get into the pros and cons of various heaters, we want to add a little safety announcement. Portable heaters can be a fire hazard when used incorrectly. Place your heater well clear of flammable items and pieces of furniture and always make sure it’s switched off before you leave the room. Don’t use your heater to dry clothing. In fact, make sure it’s never covered at all.

The other thing to bear in mind is that, while portable heaters can be energy-efficient for quick blasts or spot heating, if you run them all day long, they’ll cost you a huge amount in electricity. If you run a portable fan heater for 24 hours continuously on a standard electricity tariff, it could cost you £7 per day.

And before you unearth the rickety, wheezy old heater from the back of the cupboard and dust it down, be aware that older devices may pose more of a fire risk. In fact, if it’s covered in dust, that can be a fire hazard in itself. When in doubt, don’t plug it in. Dispose of your old heater safely and read on to find out how best to replace it.   

If you’d like to see our top-rated portable heaters, check out our round-up of the best heaters we’ve tested.

Fan heaters

On the minus side, they’re noisy and as soon as you turn your fan heater off, the room will quickly get cold. Because of this rapid heating and cooling effect, they’re not the best choice for keeping a room at a stable temperature. Fan heaters are also not suitable for damp or humid environments, so can’t be used to warm up a chilly bathroom.

In summary, a fan heater is an inexpensive choice to make a cold space bearable very quickly but isn’t a long-term heating solution.

For £37.99, you can buy the Pro Breeze mini ceramic fan heater from Amazon UK. It’s a 2000W appliance with two power settings and an oscillation mode.

Ceramic heaters

Ceramic heaters produce heat by sending electricity through ceramic plates. Typically, a ceramic heater will cost a bit more than a fan heater. You can get one for approximately £40 upwards.

You can get a compact De’Longhi chúng tôi Capsule Ceramic Heater for £45 from the De’Longhi website. It’s very attractive – much more so than most options at this price point. We reviewed it and liked it, with the caveat that we wish it were a little quieter. 

Oil-filled radiators

An oil-filled radiator is a good choice for heating an entire room and keeping it at a stable temperature. It would work well for warming up a dining room or little-used spare room for an evening’s use.

An oil-filled radiator won’t provide the instant Caribbean hot-air blast of a fan heater but it’s a better medium-term solution. It will also heat up an entire room more effectively than a ceramic or fan heater.

Oil-filled radiators will again be a little more expensive than a fan or ceramic heater but you can buy a decent one for under £100.   

The Von Haus Oil Filled Radiator is available from Amazon UK for £59.99. It’s a 2500W appliance and comes in black or white.

Halogen heaters

Halogen heaters are effective at spot heating, for example warming a person in a room, rather than heating up the air that surrounds them. You’re most likely to meet with one in a pub beer garden, where it’ll lightly cook one side of your face while leaving the rest of you completely unaffected.

As indoor heaters, halogens are falling out of fashion. They aren’t usually the most attractive devices, with a glowing panel that tends to attract the eye only to burn an annoying afterimage onto its retina.   

Be warned, one thing comes up again and again with this type of heater: they must be used carefully to avoid the risk of fire. Don’t use an old or second-hand halogen heater. Don’t use one with an extension cord or a multi-socket plug. If there’s any damage to it at all, dispose of it immediately.

The Proelectrix EH10197SPRON Halogen heater is £22.99 on Amazon UK. It’s a 1200W appliance with three heat settings and an oscillation option.

Hot and cool fans

Hot and cool fans are very much the high-end, high-tech portable heating solution. This is an area currently dominated by Dyson products and the prices are, as you might expect, steep. You can expect to pay between £300 and £550 for one.

Most models have an air purifying function as well, which makes them a good investment for allergy suffers and, of course, for anyone needing an excuse to justify the price of purchase.

You can currently buy the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool from John Lewis online for £549. When we reviewed it we scored it 4.5 stars out of 5 and said it’s “worth the investment”. It’s pictured at the top of the page.

Connected heaters

The electriQ smart, oil filled radiator has three power settings and is Alexa and Google Home compatible. It’s available from Appliances Direct for £79.98.  

Looking for more recommendations? Check out our guide to the best portable heaters, which has links to all of our best-reviewed and rated products.

8 Of The Best Reddit Clients For Ios And Android

Reddit is called the “front page of the Internet” for good reason. It’s where a lot of news, trends, and memes begin. Whether you are a Reddit lurker or spend hours a day on the site, finding the best experience on your smartphone is important, but finding the best Reddit clients for iOS and Android isn’t always easy. This list includes the best Reddit clients for your mobile in no particular order.

Is It Safe to Trust Third-Party Reddit Apps?

Absolutely. As your first consideration, most likely you are logging in to Reddit through your existing login. Because of that, you are not handing anything private over to these apps. In the case of Apple, the App Store tells you exactly what you can view and know about your user data. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t have any privacy concerns using the apps listed below.

1. Reddit 2. Slide

For anyone who wants a Reddit app that does not look like other Reddit apps, Slide is the answer. Upon launching the app for the first time, you are given the choice of four separate looks. One of the favorites is the card style which focuses on image and video previews as you scroll through all of your subreddit subscriptions.

Customizing the app can definitely be a little overwhelming, as nearly 12,000 different theme combinations are available.

Overwhelming setup aside, Slide emphasizes an ad-free experience without compromising features like full offline capability as well as syncing all personalization settings through iCloud or Synccit on Android, so your devices are always synced. Pro subscribers even have the option of an ad block on websites that are visited from inside Slide. App parity between iOS and Android ensures that major updates to the app are arriving around the same time.

3. Apollo

Available on: iOS

If you spend any time hanging around r/iPhone or r/iPad, there is a good chance you have already heard of Apollo. It is, arguably, the best Reddit client for iOS. Whenever anyone asks for a third-party app for Reddit, Apollo is almost always the majority of responses.

The biggest downside? Its “Ultra” service is prohibitively expensive for a Reddit app; however, it does add push notifications, custom icons, and more.

4. Narwhal

Available on: iOS

5. Comet

Available on: iOS

Focusing on a fast but sharp-looking interface, Comet for Reddit is another great option. Like Apollo, Comet offers full Markdown support, and like the official Reddit app, Comet offers infinite scrolling. The media viewer is top-notch, enabling you to see Reddit’s various GIFs and videos in all their glory. Five themes and four-post layouts ensure there is a customization option for everyone. That’s on top of more than 60 other app settings that can be personalized as well.

Comet also stands out for its ability to add an unlimited number of accounts as well as uniquely show you all of your downvoted content. That’s a feature we don’t see on many other third-party Reddit apps. The unique user interface adds a fresh layer for anyone who uses Reddit daily. It’s this interface plus native Reddit features that help differentiate it from the rest of the third-party options. Where it falters is that it hasn’t been updated in a while and the developer has gone silent. With every new OS release, there is a chance features could break, so use cautiously.

6. Sync

Available on: Android

7. Infinity

Available on: Android

Adorable app icon aside, Infinity for Reddit is an Android Reddit client that deserves all of its praise. That’s especially true when you consider “Lazy Mode” or an automatic scrolling of posts so that you can enjoy Reddit content without having to move your thumb to swipe down. Every Reddit post is designed as a card that helps separate posts so that you can read and follow easier than on the official Reddit app where everything blends together.

You can also switch to compact mode so that videos and image thumbnails become small squares. Multi-account support is of course present, as is switching between all of your accounts within seconds. Best of all, it’s entirely free, so get started with lazy mode right away. On the downside, media viewing is a pretty frequent complaint as the autoplay feature doesn’t work consistently.

8. Boost

Available on: Android

Right away Boost for Reddit stands out from the pack of Android apps due to its integration of moderation tools for subreddit moderators. While nearly every Reddit app caters to the general user, few make it a point to enhance the user experience for the admittedly small(er) number of subreddit moderators. If for no other reason, Boost for Reddit deserves a download it’s for this – and maybe it’s in-app previews for nearly every type of media format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having said that, most clients offer certain common basic features – infinite scrolling, for example – designed to enhance your Reddit experience.

Image credit: Brett Jordan on Pexels

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