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Apple plans to hold one of its annual fall media events on Wednesday, September 9th to introduce the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus with Force Touch, and after many fits and starts, it appears that the long-awaited next-generation Apple TV will also be unveiled. We’ve been reporting on this upcoming model since 2014, as Apple has been planning to update its set-top-box with support for an App Store for quite some time.

Earlier this year, Apple had locked in a June WWDC debut for both the new Apple TV hardware and software upgrades, but the company ultimately decided to delay the introduction until the fall. While some had speculated that the announcement was pushed back due to a lack of content deals, we are told that the delay was internally attributed to a concern over compromising iOS 9 engineering resources, as the latest OS release is focused at least as much on polish as on new features.

Why would the new Apple TV potentially take away resources from iOS 9? According to sources, this new Apple TV model, codenamed J34, will be the first model to run a full-blown iOS core. Specifically, the new Apple TV operating system will be a TV-optimized version of iOS 9. In addition to the new hardware inside, running iOS 9 will give the new Apple TV a series of benefits over the current model. Below, we explore what users can expect from Apple’s next-generation living room product.

New Device Hardware Design

After living with the same external look for over five years, a new industrial design for the next-generation Apple TV is a lock. We’ve heard that the new model looks like the prior Apple TV, but it is slimmer thicker and slightly wider. As the Apple TV is a product that needs constant connectivity to wireless standards such as Wi-Fi networking and Bluetooth, it is likely that a mostly plastic body will be retained in order for the best compatibility with routers and Bluetooth remotes.

New Dedicated Remote Control

The files indicate that the new remote control will include both Bluetooth technology and an infrared sensor, which suggests superior control responsiveness as well as the potential for backward compatibility with non-Bluetooth home AV equipment. As our Jeremy Horwitz noted earlier this year, the introduction of a new remote control could help open up the door for improved gaming. With an integrated touchpad, in addition to the Apple TV SDK we’ll discuss later in this article, Apple could open up the remote to developers looking to bring gaming to the Apple TV box. Critically, this new remote will likely pack enough technology to deter users from losing the controller, which happens often with the older Apple TV remotes.

The aforementioned El Capitan files also indicate that some sort of audio technology wil be integrated into the new remote control, and we believe that this raises three possibilities. First, it is possible that the new remote integrates a small speaker to augment the sound experience of the new Apple TV, which could be important for gaming. Next, perhaps the new remote will include an audio jack to connect to headphones to enable private listening/viewing, similar to the latest Roku models. Last and most likely, the audio feature could refer to a microphone that enables Siri support.

Siri Support

We’ve been hearing for a while, as also reported by John Paczkowski at BuzzFeed, that this next-generation Apple TV will include support for Siri. Currently, there are two main ways to control an Apple TV: the Remote app on iOS devices, and the small aluminum remote that makes typing characters difficult. Utilizing a microphone in the new physical remote, the Apple TV could make searching for content or beginning playback simpler by using the voice-based Siri system. For example, users will likely be able to search up a James Bond movie by saying “Search for Goldfinger,” or begin playback of an Apple Music playlist by saying “Play my Party Mix.”

Improved Proactive-Based Search

Speaking of search, it sounds like one of the reasons behind making the new Apple TV software directly based on iOS 9 is for its new Proactive search support. In iOS 9, Proactive search brings new, more powerful and accurate system-wide search support. As Jeremy Horwitz also noted in March, one of the biggest omissions from the current Apple TV is system-wide search support. For example, a user cannot search for “James Bond” and see results across the iTunes Store, Netflix, the Crackle app, and the Apple Music library. Apple is said to be planning to fix that with the next-generation Apple TV software, but we are told that the company may wait to integrate the new search features until the Apple TV is populated with third-party applications.

App Store + Developer SDK

Third-party applications support plus a full Software Development Kit for the Apple TV will be two tentpoles of the new device. This means that developers, just like with the iPhone and iPad, will be able to build apps for the Apple TV. These applications will likely be able to be downloaded via a dedicated App Store accessible via the new Apple TV.

We are told that Apple’s focus on Apple TV App Store apps has been video-centric applications, which would allow media companies to release new channels on the Apple TV on their own schedule, and not on Apple’s. Apple has slowly added channels to the current-generation Apple TV on a sporadic basis, ranging from every few weeks at times to every several months. Of course, gaming apps, news applications, and others could make sense on the Apple TV as well, but don’t expect opportunities for content creation akin to the iPhone and iPad.

More Storage + Faster Processor

Refreshed User-Interface

To go with the new iOS 9 core and redesigned hardware, we are told that the new Apple TV will include a refreshed, more iOS-like interface. While the new system is likely to improve the current scrolling list of large icons, we are told that the general aesthetic will be similar to the current look. We’ve received one tip indicating that the new operating system looks somewhat like the mockup above, which is to say it will look more like an iOS Software product. When Apple launched the redesigned Apple TV operating system in 2012, it brought the new look to earlier-generation models, not only to the new 1080P box, so perhaps Apple will port over at least some new features to existing models. We are told that the new Apple TV iOS 9 builds internally run on both the current J33 Apple TV and future J34 model, but internal testing does not always accurately forecast public launch plans.

No Live Cable-Replacement Service (Yet)

Lastly, as we first reported early this year, the new Apple TV will not launch with Apple’s long-in-the-works Cable TV replacement service. Apple’s discussions with TV networks indicate that Apple wants to launch a $40/month plan for Apple TV users that allows customers to get their favorite channels without the need of a cable connection. The content would be streamed from the web and integrated with iTunes on the new Apple TV. Sources say that internal prototypes of the next-generation Apple TV are fully designed to unlock content via cable networks in the same manner as current and past Apple TVs, so it appears that the new TV service won’t launch until at least next year.

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9 Best Public Speaking Apps For Android & Ios

9 Best Public Speaking Apps for Android & iOS

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9 Best Public Speaking Apps for Android and iOS

Public speaking apps for Android and iOS prove to be the most beneficial tools to boost your confidence. It provides a great platform to practice for your speeches and improve conversation skills.

1. Rev Audio & Voice Recorder

Price – Free

Android Compatibility – 5.0 and above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 10.0 or above

One of the quickest ways to improve public speaking is to transcribe a verbatim voice recording. This means,  by recording your voice and speech, you can know where you are going wrong and what modifications you can make to improve yourself. And, that’s exactly where Rev Audio & Voice Recorder helps. Once you record your voice with Rev Voice Recorder, you’ll have an exact human transcription of it delivered directly to your mailbox. The app will help you quickly enhance your public speaking.

Key Features:

High-quality recording and playback engine that ensures crystal clear recording.

Simple and easy-to-understand user interface

Get automated transcription with 90%+ accuracy using industry leading AI.

One-tap process for transcribing

Download Rev Audio & Voice Recorder on Android

Download Rev Audio & Voice Recorder on iOS

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2. Orai

Price – Free

Vendor – Orai App

Android Compatibility – 6.0 and above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 14.0 or above

Orai is another widely popular app that will help you to improve public speaking skills with confidence. Majority of people can’t afford a professional public speaking coach. But Orai’s voice recognition technology can be just as useful. It offers  lessons  to improve your speech pace, clarity, confidence, facial expressions, filler words , conciseness, and more!

Key Features:

Script mode to help you practice a prepared speech.

Freestyle mode to practice speeches anytime and anywhere.

Share your recording and transcript as and when they are needed with friends and colleagues.

Audio recording with playback and clear vocal clarity.

Detailed performance tracking and micro-lessons on public speaking.

Download Orai for Android

Download Orai for iOS

3. Metronome Beats

Price – Free

Vendor – Stonekick

Android Compatibility – Android 6.0 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 13.0 or above

Maintaining pace while speaking has a vital importance in delivering an effective public speech. And,Metronome App provides the most efficient ways to train yourself for it. . It’s a free interactive public speaking app that allows you to speed-train yourself with a drum machine designed by musicians. It will also help you to maintain an active pace while giving a speech. You can improve conversation skills with a  specific tempo on Metronome Beats.

Key Features:

Drum machine beats for speed and pace training.

Adaptive layout for larger devices.

Varying tempo beats for effective training.

Timer that allows you to stop the metronome after a certain number of bars.

Download Metronome Beats for Android

Download Metronome Beats for iOS


Price – Free

Vendor – ELSA Speak

Android Compatibility – Android 5.0 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 14.0 or above

Although some of us don’t have trouble speaking English, fluency and pronunciation can occasionally be a challenge. It can significantly affect your speech and overall session. That’s exactly where ELSA helps a lot. It assists you in getting your pronunciation and fluency right with AI equipped with exclusive voice recognition features. It is voted as Top 5 apps to practice conversation skills in the World.

Key Features:

Real-time speech recognition to give feedback on pronunciation and fluency.

3000+ lessons of English conversation.

Easy-to-use tool to improve your English-speaking skills.

Bite-sized lessons to improve an accent.

Download ELSA for Android

Download ELSA for iOS

5. Voice Analyst

Price – ‎$14.99

Vendor – ESpeechtools Ltd

Android Compatibility – Android 4.1 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 14.0 or above

Apart from maintaining a pace, pitch is another vital component that affects your speech. You can easily control it by analyzing your voice with the Voice Analyst app. The app has cutting-edge features that enable you to test pitch identification, which examines your volume with the in-built pitch recognition algorithms between 60Hz and 2kHz.

Key Features:

Voice recording in real-time.

Analyze your voice for minimum, maximum, average, and range for pitch and volume.

Enables you to set minimum and maximum targets for pitch and volume.

Share your recordings and statistics via message, email, AirDrop, and more/

Analyze every recording in detail by zooming.

Download Voice Analyst for Android

Download Voice Analyst for iOS

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6. Activate Your Voice

Price – ‎$0.99

Vendor – Elaine Clark

Android Compatibility – Android 5.0 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 8.0 or above

Activate Your Voice is a perfect tool to improve your speaking skills. It’s a professional speech warm-up app, which is fast, effective, and useful. The app helps you exercise for your upcoming speech, strengthen your speaking voice, improve enunciation, and enhance breath support. It aims to help you deliver a public speaking session with more authority, clarity, confidence, and conviction. You can use it anytime and anywhere to practice conversation skills.

Key Features:

Easy to use & interactive UI.

Helps you exercise and improve diction, breath support, projection, and pitch.

Provides clear and simple instructions that help you at every step.

5-minute exercise to improve your speaking skills.

Download Activate Your Voice for Android.

Download Activate Your Voice for iOS

7. Promptsmart Pro

Price – ‎Free

Vendor – PromptSmart

Android Compatibility – Android 4.4 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 11.0 or above

PromptSmart is another public speaking way that offers a great way to improve communication skills. It is designed with a VoiceTrack speech recognition feature that automatically follows a speaker’s voice in real time. This helps in making media broadcasting and video production more efficient. To improve conversation skills, the app is designed with cutting-edge features like video recording, mirroring, and the Remote-Control Android app. It also features the iCast web editing platform that is significantly useful for remote working and collaboration among teams.

Key Features:

VoiceTrack that follows your voice as you speak.

Works with Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox to import scripts in bulk.

Side-Margin Adjustment that center-aligns your text in the presentation screen.

Split-Screen Multitasking.

Video and audio recording (upgrade required).

Supports docx, .rtf, .txt, or Google doc files.

Download PromptSmart for Android

Download PromptSmart for iOS

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8. Speeko

Price – $11.99 per month After trial

Vendor – SPEEKO Tech, LLC

Android Compatibility – In-launch

iOS Compatibility – iOS 11.0 or above

Key Features:

Cutting-edge feature that tells if your speech is inclusive or exclusive.

Help you learn core speaking techniques.

Voice recorder to practice speech.

Personalized feedback for improvement.

Record and practice for upcoming presentation, meeting, interview or random speaking sessions.

Download Speeko for Android

Download Speeko for iOS

9. Speakometer- Accent Training

Price – Free

Vendor – Datawide

Android Compatibility – Android 6.0 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 13.0 or above

Clear pronunciation is necessary for delivering fluent English dialogues. The app grades your speaking and provides recommendations on how to improve it using a state-of-the-art AI algorithm. You will learn spellings and comparisons to other sounds. It allows you to practice conversation skills and master pronunciation with this accent training app.

Key Features:

AI Language learning app.

English pronunciation practices.

Reduce accent and correct mispronunciations.

English IPA chart to improve your English pronunciation.

Download Speakometer- Accent Training for Android

Download Speakometer- Accent Training for IOS

Final Takeaways,

Public speaking is a relatively difficult but indeed an important skill to develop for your personal and professional life. As terrifying as it is, it can still be mastered like any other skill. All thanks to the variety of public speaking apps for iOS and Android that are available on official app stores. All the aforementioned apps are easy to use, effective, and help you master public speaking skills with ease and confidence.

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What Will Android M Bring?

Voice controls

Will we see greater integration of Google Now into Android? There’s a chance that voice controls are going to be rolled out across the platform, so you’ll be able to use them to navigate around your device with voice alone. The speculation about this was based on another session that also seems to have been removed from the schedule. From the sounds of it, this could be focused on improving the Android Auto experience, but we really can’t say for sure at this point.

Expanding Android

There’s no doubt we’ll be seeing more moves to help Android expand beyond smartphones and tablets. Android M has three areas to cover – cars, wearables, and TV.

Android Auto – One rumor has suggested that cars will start to roll out with Android M installed. A full version of Android M in a car without the need for your smartphone to hook up could be a very interesting prospect. In either case, Android M will surely come with some more features that have drivers in mind.

Android Wear – Google has to continue to improve Android Wear as the smartwatch category starts to really take off. Killer apps would drive adoption, but that’s largely going to be down to developers.

Android TV – Google Cast and Android TV could offer new ways to find content, play games, and more on the big screen in your living room. How is it going to work with multiple accounts and devices? There are lots of questions to be answered here.

What we want to see

That’s about it for clues, but how about what we would really like to see in Android M? Here are a few ideas:

Split screen or floating apps

It’s almost a year now since we suggested split screen should come to stock Android. As screens get bigger, it makes sense to be able to open a couple of apps at once. It’s especially handy on a tablet. Manufacturers have led the way here with split screen options and floating apps. It’s about time Google baked it into the platform.

Other ideas

There are a few other areas that could be improved. How about more customization for the keyboard? A lot of manufacturers have introduced gestures as shortcuts, could they make an appearance in Android M? Maybe it’s time for another dig at smart home options? Perhaps we’ll see further integration of Chrome OS and Android. There’s room to improve the backup options to make it easier and faster to restore a backup. It may also be a good idea to change the volume controls back, so you can tweak the volume before the clip plays, as anyone who has woken their sleeping partner with a surprisingly loud video clip can attest.

Release date

It may seem like Android M is premature, when you consider Lollipop has only hit around 10% penetration, but we think Google is already moving towards an annual release cycle for Android. That means Android M will get a developer preview first, ahead of a consumer launch towards the end of the year. November is our best guess for a release date.

Fix Ios 9 Slow Performance & Lag With Three Easy Tips

A notable number of users who have installed iOS 9 on their iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch have discovered that iOS 9 has caused performance to suffer, with annoying lag, choppiness in interactions, delayed response from the user interface, and just general performance degradation. That lag can be notable enough to make the device feel considerably slower on iOS 9 than when compared to the same hardware running a prior version of iOS. This can be a frustrating experience, but there are a few tweaks you can make to immediately improve the performance of a sluggish iOS 9 device, effectively speeding up the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch again.

Readers may recall we warned of this exact issue in our guide to prepare for iOS 9 (see #2), and now that iOS 9 is in the wild, it’s not just old hardware that has seen negatively impacted performance. But do keep in mind that if you just updated to iOS 9 and things seem slow, you need to give it a few hours for indexing and other functions to complete. Some argue that waiting an entire day is necessary for devices with a ton of content on them, but that’s usually not necessary. If it’s been more than five or six hours after you’ve updated iOS 9 and you notice it’s annoyingly slow or choppy, you can start taking action by modifying some aspects in Settings. Yes, this will actually speed up an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 9, and the performance boost is noticeable, even if you don’t feel like things are particularly slow.

Speed Up iOS 9 by Disabling Transparency & Motion

Some devices seem to struggle to render visual effects on iOS 9, by disabling transparency and motion eye candy, you can speed up the general interactivity of iOS on any iPhone, IPad, or iPod touch.

Open the “Settings” app in iOS and go to “General”

Choose “Accessibility”

Locate “Increase Contrast” and choose “Reduce Transparency”, toggling that to the ON position

Go back to Accessibility and now locate “Reduce Motion”, toggle that to the ON position as well

Exit out of Settings and explore around iOS to immediately feel the difference in speed

The end result is that iOS will look less fancy without any translucent windows or crazy zooming in and out motion effects, but the tradeoff for a slightly uglier iOS experience is notably better performance on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch of virtually every model. Also, by enabling Reduce Motion, you end up with a nice transition effect, which some users prefer anyway.

If you’re a Mac user and this sounds familiar, it’s because you can increase the speed of OS X and general performance by also disabling transparency and visual effects, so perhaps iOS and OS X both could use some optimization in the visual department, but in the meantime if you experience sluggishness, learn to be satisfied without having fancier looking translucent windows. For what it’s worth, the performance of keeping those visual effects enabled in OS X did improve with El Capitan, and given that iOS 8.4.1 ran fine with eye candy enabled on most iOS devices, it’s quite likely that performance for visual effects will improve in iOS 9.1 too.

Boost Performance By Disabling Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is an interesting feature that allows background app activity in iOS, but while it’s well intentioned it can lead to a decrease in device performance. Turning it off is easy, and the only side effect is that when you open an app that gets details from the internet, it refreshes on open rather than in the background – no big deal.

In the Settings app of iOS, go to “General”

Find “Background App Refresh” and turn the feature to the OFF position

Disable Siri Suggestions for a Another Speed Increase

This is probably the hardest feature to turn off, because Siri Suggestions is one of the most notable new abilities and interesting features in iOS 9. But, unfortunately, it also slows down iOS (at least on some hardware), and turning it off has an immediately noticeable increase in speed.

Open the Settings app and go to “General”

Select “Spotlight Suggestions”

Flip the switch for “Siri Suggestions” to the OFF position

Yes this means you will no longer get the Siri Suggestions when you swipe over or down to search in iOS, but the result is a faster device when performing searches and accessing those screens. Whether or not you want to lose one of the core features of iOS 9 for the sake of a speed boost is really up to you.

Bonus Tip: Forcibly Reboot the Device

Sometimes forcing the device to reboot can help performance, usually if there is an errant process or something of the like going on in the background. Though people seemed to have mixed results with this, force rebooting is easy to do:

Hold down the Home button and Power button until you see the  Apple logo on the screen

Now then let it boot up as usual, does it run any faster? You tell us.

Think iOS 9 is Unbearably Slow?

If you feel like iOS 9 is just unbearably slow and you can’t stand it, you can downgrade back to iOS 8.4.1 pretty easily, but you will likely have to setup the device as new, or restore from an older backup.

Another option is to wait for iOS 9.1 to be released, which is likely arriving next month with the iPad Pro, as iOS 9.1 should almost certainly include performance improvements and bug fixes which may be causing the performance issues with iOS 9. In fact, many iOS 9.1 beta users report it runs faster than iOS 9, so that should be encouraging.


9 Things To Do After Installing A New Ram

RAM is a storage device that temporarily stores electronic data so the processor can access and process them faster. Hence, you need RAM with better latency, frequency, and capacity if you seek better performance from your OS.

If you recently upgraded your RAM, your initial thought is probably what to do next. However, you do not need to scratch your head as there’s nothing really left for you to do. Since RAM adopts a plug-and-play feature, it should work just fine once the stick is seated in the right slot.

Well, you might have thought of installing a dedicated driver to run RAM. But the truth is you do not need any additional software to make this memory device work. Nonetheless, you can definitely check the RAM’s latency and frequency to determine if it is functioning the way it should. 

Hence, we have presented this simple guide on what to do after installing new RAM.

Most probably, you have installed a new RAM to improve the performance of your PC. Certainly, it’s not just limited to that, as an upgraded RAM offers tons of additional features. 

Your computer starts up way quicker than before

Better gaming experience with improved frame rates

Computer stores more data, reducing CPU load

Enhances online activity, like improving streams and running browsers efficiently

Can improve the overall performance of your PC

Once you know the benefits of installing new RAM, you need to check whether you’re achieving everything mentioned above. Basically, we’ll guide you in comparing your old RAM with the recently installed one to ensure that your upgrade is worth it.

So, without further delay, let’s jump right into the seven things you can do after installing new RAM on your laptop or desktop computer.

Firstly, if you haven’t installed a new RAM stick yet, there are certain things you need to consider. But if you’ve already done it, you can skip this section and move on with the second step.

If RAM isn’t properly seated, your PC won’t boot at all. This is because it is one of the essential hardware components responsible for communicating with the CPU. 

Thus, if you haven’t installed the RAM correctly, your system will reach the power-on self-test and probably beep continuously. Moreover, you might even get an error message, or your PC might show a black screen.

So, we suggest checking if your RAM has been properly aligned with the motherboard. Here, you will learn to do so on both laptop and desktop.

On Desktop Computer

On a desktop, you need to open the cover plate of your PC casing to access RAM. Since you’ve already installed a new RAM, you should know about this. Now, here’s how you can check if RAM is properly seated and aligned on its dedicated slot in the motherboard:

On Laptop

Unlike desktop computers, a RAM chip is located below the laptop surface. So, you need to open it up and check if it is installed the right way:

When installing multiple RAMs, your motherboard may not be compatible with all of them. So, you need to consult the user manual to learn what RAM your motherboard supports. 

For example, if the motherboard has a DDR4 RAM slot and you’re trying to use DDR3, your CPU won’t support it. This way, your upgraded RAM chip may not work, and only the compatible one gets detected. 

Furthermore, if you bought cheap RAMs, there’s a possible chance you may have been scammed. So, it is vital to check whether the RAM has the same capacity as stated on the stick.  

Luckily, Windows OS allows us to check several RAM settings without getting into the BIOS. Here’s how you can easily check whether the new memory is detected on Windows 11:

Indeed, it’s important to know whether your new RAM has any memory faults. Basically, using this utility helps you detect and diagnose these problems.

Hence, before moving on to other steps, we highly recommend running the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool that checks whether there’s a RAM error on your system. Here’s how you can do it:

As soon as you install the right RAM and power on the CPU, it gets up and running. So, you do not really require any third-party applications.

Nonetheless, a few useful applications let you check various RAM settings that aren’t accessible within your Windows OS. For example, you can check the DRAM frequency, CAS Latency, and even your processor’s vital information.

Some popular applications include CPU-Z, Memtest86, Piriform Speccy, and many more. You can download them via each manufacturer’s official site.

The major reason you may have installed a new RAM is probably to increase the RAM speed. So, once the RAM stick is seated, it’s also important to cross-check whether you’re getting the speed as desired.

Interestingly, you can easily examine the RAM speed within Windows, and here’s how you can do that:

Well, you can go through our other article to learn how to change RAM speed in BIOS.

RAM Latency, often called CAS Latency (CL), is measured in terms of clock cycles. While RAM speed states how fast the RAM can fetch or send data to the CPU, the Cache Latency is about the time the RAM takes to respond to the CPU’s request.

Unlike RAM speed, you require a RAM monitoring application. For demonstration purposes, we’ve used CPU-Z to examine the CAS Latency:

Enabling XMP is an easy and effective way to overclock your memory, enabling higher clock speeds that your RAM can actually support. However, this is only compatible with some motherboards.

By default, these profile is disabled so that your RAM performs as per the standard DDR specification. So, you need to enable XMP from the BIOS. Here, we have demonstrated this on an ASRock motherboard:

Note: If you do not find XMP, you might find its alternatives like EOCP in Gigabyte and DOCP in AMD motherboards.

Dual channel mode is available only on specific CPUs and laptops. So, before moving ahead, ensure your system is compatible with this. 

Basically, when you get new RAM sticks, they are either numbered as A1, B1, A2, and B2 or have two different colors, usually blue and black. These multiple RAM chips have separate channels, so data transfer becomes much quicker.

Well, enabling the dual channel mode is based on how you have installed the multiple RAM chips. If the setup was done correctly, you do not need to disassemble the parts. Luckily, you can check whether the dual channel mode is working or not via CPU-Z:

But if it shows Single and your system supports the dual-channel mode, you’ll have to make certain changes and reinstall the RAM sticks:

Running a benchmark test gives you an idea of how your RAM is performing and whether the upgrade has been successful. Moreover, you can also compare how your PC performs when the XMP profile is enabled and when disabled.

Well, you can use any reliable third-party application that lets you run a benchmark test. Some popular programs are UserBenchMark, Maxxmem2, AIDA64, and many more. For demonstration purposes, we’ve used UseBenchMark in the steps below:

What Will Openai’s Chatgpt Professional Look Like?


OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art language model that has been trained on a massive amount of text data. It is capable of generating human-like text, answering questions, and engaging in conversations. Recently, OpenAI announced that they are developing a professional version of ChatGPT, which will be designed for use in the business world. The professional version of ChatGPT is expected to take the capabilities of the current model to a whole new level, with new features and capabilities that will make it even more powerful and useful for businesses. In this article, we will take a closer look at what the professional version of ChatGPT will look like and explore its potential applications and impact on the business world.

Key features of the professional version

The professional version of ChatGPT is expected to have a number of new features and capabilities that will make it even more powerful and useful for businesses. Some of the key features that are expected to be included in the professional version include:

Improved accuracy and language understanding: The professional version of ChatGPT will be trained on even more data and fine-tuned for specific industries and use cases, resulting in a higher level of accuracy and a better understanding of language and context.

Advanced customization and integration capabilities: The professional version of ChatGPT will have more flexibility in terms of customization and integration with other systems, allowing businesses to tailor the model to their specific needs and use cases.

Additional pre-trained models for specific industries and use cases: OpenAI will provide additional pre-trained models for specific industries, such as finance, healthcare, and customer service, to enable businesses to quickly and easily deploy the model for their specific use cases.

Enhanced privacy and security features: The professional version of ChatGPT will be built with enhanced privacy and security features to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Overall, the professional version of ChatGPT is expected to offer a more sophisticated, customizable, and secure solution for businesses looking to leverage the power of AI for natural language processing tasks.

Potential applications of the professional version

The professional version of ChatGPT is expected to have a wide range of potential applications in the business world. Some of the most notable potential applications include:

Customer service and support: The professional version of ChatGPT can be used to power chatbots and virtual assistants for customer service and support. Businesses can use the model to automate repetitive tasks, such as answering frequently asked questions and provide 24/7 customer service.

Content creation and marketing: The professional version of ChatGPT can be used to generate high-quality, human-like content for websites, social media, and other marketing channels. Businesses can use the model to create blog posts, product descriptions, email campaigns, and more.

Business intelligence and data analysis: The professional version of ChatGPT can be used to extract insights and intelligence from large amounts of unstructured data, such as customer reviews and social media posts. This can help businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers, competitors, and market trends.

Language Translation: The professional version of ChatGPT can be used to translate languages, this can help businesses to reach a wider audience and provide customer service in multiple languages

Virtual Event management: The professional version of ChatGPT can be used to power virtual event assistants, allowing attendees to ask questions and get information in real time during virtual events.

Education: The professional version of ChatGPT can be used to assist students and teachers in e-learning environments, provide personalized answers, and help with research and assignments.

Research and Development: The professional version of ChatGPT can be used to aid research and development teams in various industries by providing insights, summaries, and analysis of technical documents and research papers.

Healthcare: The professional version of ChatGPT can be used to provide medical information and answer patients’ questions, it can also be used to assist doctors and nurses in their daily tasks, such as scheduling and documentation.

Legal: The professional version of ChatGPT can be used to assist legal professionals with legal research and document review, and improve their workflow by automating repetitive tasks.

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