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Double printing or Ghost printing describes the problem where the printer prints faded text or images onto the page of the current document that is printed. Ghost printing can happen when printing on blank paper or pre-printed paper. Ghost printing or double printing can happen as a repeat of the contents of the current document repeating or contents from a previous document or page printing on the current document or page. To fix ghost printing or double printing it is good to understand what is Double Printing or Ghost Printing, what causes it, and what can be done to fix it.

What is Double printing or Ghost printing?

Double printing or ghost printing can be seen in both printers that use toner or liquid ink. Double printing or ghost printing can show that the printer has a mechanical error or there is a setting that needs to be changed. In some cases, double printing or ghost printing can be easily fixed and in other cases, things may need cleaning or changed. There are two types of ghost printing and knowing and understanding them can help you to diagnose and fix the problem. Below are the key terms, types of ghost printing, and the causes and solutions for ghost printing.

Important terms

Types of double printing/ghost printing

Causes and fixes for ghost printing

Effects of double printing

Important terms

Double printing: Double printing is where a shadow or ghost of a previous document or current document is printed on the current page or document. this double printing is not to be confused with the act of printing on both sides of a paper. This is why double printing is also called ghost printing or ghosting, this helps to distinguish it from the art of printing on both sides of a paper. Double printing or ghost printing is where a faint or smudgy copy of the content from the same document or a previous document is printed onto another document. double printing or ghost printing can be due to a mechanical defect or because of improper settings.

Blank paper: Blank paper is paper that has no print on it.

Pre-printed paper: Pre-printed paper refers to paper that comes with some amount of printed content on it -like cheques, invitations, templates, etc.

Low humidity: The environment is hotter due to fewer water vapors being present in the air.

High humidity: There is too much water vapor in the air.

Types of Double or Ghost printing

There are two types of double printing/ghost printing, and it is important to understand both. The type of ghost printing that you are experiencing will determine the cause of the ghost printing and what you can do to fix it.

The first type of double printing is when the printer repeats a faded or shadowy copy of data from the document that you are printing on the same paper. This means that you will see the data printed properly but there will also be a faded shadowy copy of the same data on the same paper. This can happen on blank paper and pre-printed paper. You may also see the data from one document repeated onto another unrelated document.

The other type of double printing happens when the printer copies some of the ink from pre-printed paper and places it on the same paper or on other papers that follow. For example, you are printing on pre-printed paper like cheques or letterhead templates, and you notice that the pre-printed content is being repeated onto the same paper or on other papers that follow.

Causes and fixes for Ghost printing

Double printing/ghost printing has many causes, and the type of ghost printing will determine what is causing it and how to fix it. Ghost printing is mostly seen in laser printers but can occur in inkjet printers as well.

To know how to fix the double printing/ghost printing problem, you need to know what is happening, and when it is happening so that you can diagnose the problem. What happens and when it happens tells the type of double printing/double printing and will help to pinpoint the cause, the seriousness of the problem, and how to fix it.

If double printing/ghost printing is happening on blank paper then it could be because there is a faulty fuser kit, poor toner quality, or faulty transfer rolls. Printers like any other machinery have a life span that is based on length of age or the number of uses so double printing could mean that the printer or parts are nearing or past their service time. The frequency of use may bring the printer closer to the end of life rather than the age of the printer.

If double printing/ghost printing happens on pre-printed paper such as cheques, invitations, forms, etc. If the double print is the pre-printed content and not the currently printed content then it could be due to errors with the settings, heat, or paper used.

If the incorrect settings are used it could cause the printer to use incorrect heat settings that melt the ink and cause it to contaminate the print head. There are also settings in the printer that tells the printer what paper is being used for the print, if the settings are not adjusted according to the paper, the printer may use the wrong temperature or pressure if the printer is expecting a thinner paper, but a thick card stock is used then that could cause the incorrect pressure or heat to be used.

If the printer is too hot due to incorrect settings of the ambient temperature in the room, then it can melt the pre-printed ink and cause it to contaminate the print head and the papers.

The double print can also be caused by a paper that is not recommended for use in the specific printer.

Causes of double printing/ghost printing and the solutions:

Unfavorable environment: Whenever there is double printing/ghost printing take note of the condition of the environment. Double printing can happen if the humidity in the environment is too high or too low, or if the surrounding temperature is too hot or too cold.  I noted that a laser printer I used was having double printing problems whenever it rained.

Solution: The best way to avoid double printing due to humidity or unfavorable temperatures is to use mechanisms that will regulate the surrounding temperatures. The ideal surrounding temperature for an office is 68-76 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity between 20% and 80%.

Solution: Most printers have a built-in cleaning function. If your printer is double printing, run this built-in cleaning function until you see the double printing disappear. You should also get safe quality toners and cover the printer when it is not being used. You can also use air quality filters and place screens over open windows.

Incorrect paper and settings: Double printing could be caused by using the wrong printer settings and paper. Different papers have different properties. Some printers especially commercial or industrial printers have different settings for different paper types.

The thickness of paper or grammage is measured by Grams Per Square Meter (GSM). The thinner the paper the less GSM and the thicker the paper the higher the GSM. This means that the printer’s settings need to change to accommodate the different papers with different GSM. You can also add the different paper textures available (glossy, semi-glossy, matte, etc.). All these properties of the paper can cause double printing if the printer settings are wrong.

Solution: Whenever you buy a printer, ensure that it is the proper printer for your needs. If you plan to print with different types of paper, be sure that your printer has settings to support the different paper types. You would need to note the GSM of the paper and set the printer’s settings to accommodate the GSM of the paper. You should also set the printer based on the texture of the paper. The printer will use different heat settings for paper based on its thickness and texture. Incorrect GSM and texture settings will cause double printing.

Faulty drum: The printer may be double printing because there is a problem with the drum. This problem could be caused by excessive leftover toner powder.

Solution: The built-in printer cleaner usually cleans the leftover toner off the drum, however, if the built-in cleaning function doesn’t clean it off then you will have to do it yourself. You can go to your printer manufacturer’s manual or website to find out how to clean your brand and model.

Faulty fuser kit: If you cleaned the drum and the double printing persists it could mean that your printer’s fuser kit needs cleaning or replacing. The printer uses high heat to fuse the contents of your document to the paper. This high heat could cause the buildup of leftover toner powder.

Solution: You can attempt to extract and clean the fuser kit yourself. Follow the instructions in the printer’s manual or the manufacturer’s website. If the cleaned fuser kit does not fix the double printing problem, it could mean that the fuser kit may need replacing. Consider the cost of the fuser kit and the cost of the printer. See if it is worth replacing the fuser kit or just getting a new printer.

Effects of double printing

Double printing could be a sign that more serious things are happening in your printer. The cause of the double printing should be diagnosed and fixed. If you have a business that relies on printing, then double printing could cause delays and even loss of clients. Double printing could also cause the leaking of important information as one document’s content could be printed onto another document.

Why do humidity and temperature affect your printing environment?

Low humidity may cause the printer to heat up too much and shorten its life. High humidity may cause the printer to condensate and damage the printer.

To fix this keep your printer in a climate-controlled environment. Use instruments to monitor the humidity in the environment. If the environment is too humid, have a dehumidifier and if the humidity is low get a humidifier.

How can printer settings affect double printing?

The printer settings that you choose tell the printer what to do and how to do it. The settings tell the printer the weight of the paper (GSM), and whether it has a coating. If it has pre-printed data and any other paper properties. These settings will tell the printer if it needs to use more heat or less heat. More heat may affect thinner pre-printed data. The high heat can cause the pre-printed heat to melt and double-print onto the same paper and other papers that go through the printer.

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Fix: The Printer Is Printing Slowly

Printing issues can be quite annoying during a busy schedule. Sometimes the printer takes forever to print, making the situation worse.

If you have the same problem and the printer is printing slowly then follow this article.

Here I will discuss all the possible solutions when to fix the issue.

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If you are facing this issue on a network printer, then see if the network connection is stable and fast. 

You can restart your router or modem. To do that, turn off the router or the modem. Detach all the cables attached to it.

Wait for a couple of minutes, then attach the power cable.

Restart the router or the modem, and then try a test printing. If the printer prints slowly again, reset the printer.

When your HP printer prints slow, reset the printer. This may fix the problem.

To reset the HP printer, follow the steps given below:

With the HP printer turned on, unplug the printer’s power cord.

Allow a few minutes and then reconnect the power cord.

The printer should automatically turn on after this. If it does not, then turn it on manually.

HP always recommends directly connecting the printer to a wall outlet. So, do this and check if this fixes the problem.

Make sure that no paper is jammed in the printer and that the paper tray is not empty. Also, check there is enough ink in the ink cartridges.

So, open the access door of the printer and remove if there is any jammed paper.

You may need to remove the toner cartridge to check for the paper jam. Place papers in the paper tray if it is empty.

Also, check there is enough ink in the ink cartridges. Refill the empty ink cartridges and replace any damaged cartridge.

The print quality settings can affect the printing speed as different settings use a different amounts of ink.

If you have selected to print in the Best quality then this may slow down the printing speed.

So, tweak the printing preferences, and print with plain paper for faster printing:

Enter Printers and Scanners in the Windows search box and select the top option.

Now try a test printing and check if your printer is working as expected. If not then go to the next solution.

The older HP printer models allow printing with a single cartridge. This can slow down the printing process.

Open the printer and make sure that the cartridges are installed properly.

Make sure there is enough ink in the cartridges otherwise replace the empty cartridges.

To reduce the printing noise we sometimes turn on the Quiet Mode but this can reduce the printing speed.

So, turn off the quiet mode and this can fix the problem.  Check the printer’s manual or visit the manufacturer’s official website to know how to disable the Quiet mode.

For HP users follow the steps given below to turn off the Quiet mode:

If the printer driver is outdated then this can also be a reason why HP printer is taking forever to print.

So, update the printer drivers to fix the issue. Follow the steps to do so:

Select the Update driver option.

Next, select Search automatically for the drivers option.

If the printer still prints slowly after updating the drivers, reinstall the driver.

To do that, open the Device Manager and expand the Print queues section.

Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the process. Restart your PC and see if this fixes the problem.

Pint Spooler manages all the printing jobs on your device. So, when your printer is printing slow, restart the print spooler service. A fresh restart can fix temporary issues.

To do so, follow the steps given below:

Make sure to shut down all the printing-related programs. Type Services in the Windows search box and select the top option.

You can also press the Win + R keys to open the Run utility. Enter Spool in the dialogue box and press the Enter key.

Open the Printers folder and delete everything in the folder. This will clear the print queues.

Try to test print and this time you should be able to print without any further issues.

Why Is My Printer Printing So Slowly?

If your printer is not connected to a stable network then your printer may take long hours to print.

Also, make sure that the printer drivers are up to date and quiet mode is disabled to ensure faster printing.

How Do You Fix A Slow Print?

To fix a slow print, reset your printer, disable quiet mode, update or reinstall the printer driver, and change the printing preferences.

Why Is My HP Printer Printing So Slow All Of A Sudden?

If you are using the best mode for printing or set to maximum DPI then your HP printer may print slowly. The more ink the printer consumes, the slower it prints.

Hope your printer is no more printing slow after performing the above methods.

Blank Pages When Printing From Internet Explorer

Blank Pages When Printing from Internet Explorer [FIX]




It seems that some users get blank pages when trying to print webpages from Internet Explorer.

In this article, we list a few solutions that should help fix the problem.

For an extensive list of articles on web browsers, see our Browsers Hub.

Similarly, if you’re having trouble with PC peripherals, see our dedicated Peripherals section.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

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Here’s what Opera One can do:

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Thousands of users reported that they can’t print pages from Internet Explorer after installing certain Windows updates. More specifically, the printed pages come out blank.

Here’s how one user describes this issue on Microsoft’s forum:

Several of our users got security update KB4022719 last night and are now getting blank pages when printing from our Electronic Medical Records application which relies on Internet Explorer’s printing functionality. The users who did not get this update are not having this problem. Uninstalling the update fixes the problem. I just want to spread the word that this is happening since I can’t find any other way to inform Microsoft.

This problem seems to affect only Internet Explorer 11, as users of Chrome or Edge did not report the problem. As mentioned, the issue appears to caused by some updates in both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

How can I fix blank pages being printed from Internet Explorer? 1. Switch to an alternative browser when printing

This is just a mere workaround but you can also just copy-paste the webpage from one to another browser and print it that way.

If the problem with printing blank pages appears solely on Internet Explorer, you can try and print from an alternative browser.

We recommend using Opera, as this is a faster and more reliable browser. And, who knows, maybe after you’ve used it for a while, you might also consider switching to it for good.

Because Opera comes with a lot of useful features that help to improve your productivity and overall web surfing experience.

Besides the common features that you can find in any browser, Opera offers some exclusive tools such as integrated ad blocker, messenger tools, VPN with unlimited traffic, or battery saver.

Not to mention that you can customize several workspaces or share your browser work between all your devices using a dedicated feature.


If you’re tired of fixing the errors of your current browser, switch to Opera in no time to benefit from free exclusive features that improve your browsing experience.

Download Visit website

2. Uninstall the updates

Type updates in the search bar.

Go to View update history.

Select the Uninstall updates option.

However, if you still want to benefit from the quality improvements brought by these updates, you should keep them.

In this case, follow the rest of the troubleshooting steps listed below.

3. Repair IE 4. Update your printer drivers 5. Disable Protected Mode 6. Relocate your user folders to another drive or location

Close Internet Explorer.

Go to Start and launch  Command Prompt as Administrator.

Type the following command: mkdir %userprofile%AppDataLocalTempLow

Run Command Prompt as Administrator again and, this time, type: icacls %userprofile%AppDataLocalTempLow /setintegritylevel low

Open Internet Explorer, and print some pages. The printed page should come out printed correctly.

We hope that at least one of the solutions listed above helped you fix the print issues affecting Internet Explorer.

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Fix Printing Problems In Firefox Browser On Windows Pc

Fix Printing problems in Firefox

If Firefox browser encounters An error occurred while printing, is printing blank pages, prints the first page only or crashes when printing on your Windows PC, these suggestions will help you fix the problem. While printing problems might be many, let us discuss the common ones here.

1] Page not printing properly/Page not printing to fit paper dimensions/Layout issues

While the dimensions of our screen are not usually the same as an A4 size sheet, we could adjust the settings accordingly. Eg. When editing a document in MS Word, the default dimensions on the document are made to fit an A4 size, but the same is not true with a web page. If not set right initially, we could do it manually.

2] Verify the scale should be set to shrink to fit.

3] The orientation should be set to Portrait.

4] Select the Page Setup option to open the page setup window.

5] In the Margins & Header/Footer tab, select the margins as per your needs.

2] Unable to print from Firefox

If the printer is correct, we could try to isolate the issue as follows:

If we are unable to print a webpage, the issue could either be with the browser, the web page or the printer. Thus to confirm, we would try interchanging them one by one.

1] Try printing the same webpage using a different browser. If it prints, the issue was with Firefox.

2] If it doesn’t print after changing the browser, try printing a different webpage. If it works, the issue was probably with the webpage.

3] Last if neither of the above steps works, try printing an offline page (e.g. an MS Word file). If the MS Word file doesn’t print either, we could safely assume the issue is with the printer. In such a case, we could use the Printer Troubleshooter.

Assuming the issue is with Firefox, we could try the following solutions:

A] Reset Firefox printer settings

1] Type about:config in the address bar and press Enter. It would give the warning “This might void your warranty.” Select “I accept the risk.”

3] Press Ctrl+Shift+Q to exit Firefox.

Restart Firefox and check if the issue persists.

B] Reset all Firefox printer settings by deleting the profile

3] Exit Firefox by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Q.

4] Find the chúng tôi file in the folder and copy it elsewhere as a backup.

5] Now open the original chúng tôi (or just prefs if extensions are not available) in Notepad.

6] Find and delete all lines which start with print_ and then Save the file.

3] Issues with the default font/Unable to recognize the font

Usually, the default font for Firefox is Times New Roman, and some printers are unable to recognize it. The steps to fix the same are as follows:

1] Type about:preferences in the address bar and press Enter to open the setting page.

2] In the General panel, scroll to Fonts & Colors under the Language & Appearance section.

3] Change the default font. Mozilla recommends Trebuchet MS for the printer.

4] Close the about:preferences tab and it will save the settings.

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Hope the suggestions here help you solve your Firefox printer problems.

Error Printing In Windows 10: How To Fix It In 4 Steps

Error Printing in Windows 10: How to Fix it in 4 Steps With our precise fixes, you can remove printer errors once and for all




While the world tries to go paper-free, the printer is still handy and familiar in the office and at home.

Printer errors usually show precisely when we are in a hurry and need the documents as soon as possible.

Clear the Print Spool folder and run the troubleshooting to resume your printing activity. 



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

One user stated the following situation:

Whenever I try and print a document, from WordPad, Adobe Reader, Word, whatever, it just appears in the print queue with the status as ‘Error – Printing.’” Users can’t print when the “Error Printing” error arises.

Let’s check some more related issues that our readers reported in connection to this situation and then find out how to fix them as soon as possible. Follow along!

Why does my printer keep saying error printing?

In most cases, the Error Printing notice is brought on by a connection that is too loose or by printer drivers that are too old. There is a possibility that an error code may be shown alongside this dialog box when it displays, but there is also a possibility that there’ll be no such code.

It is conceivable that your Printer Spool service became overwhelmed with corrupt data and shut down, stopped operating normally, or did not start up. Corrupt data in the spool or the printing tray caused this service to cease working.

Where and when can this error occur, and what does it look like?

There are plenty of printer errors that arise daily. However, the following are the most common ones reported by our readers that we will address below:

Windows 10 printing network printer error – One clear indicator of this issue is when Windows cannot connect to the printer.

Status error printing – It’s possible that there’s something wrong with the printer itself.

Printer in error state – If there is already a default printer specified and configured, or if Windows does not wish to create the new printer at all, this error message will appear.

Error printing wireless printer – Changing the port settings is the first thing you should try to do if you want to bring your printer out of the error status.

Printer error 0x00000709 in Windows 10 – When upgrading to Windows 10 from an earlier version, one of the most significant issues that might develop is the incompatibility of devices.

Printer keeps saying error printing – The process of printing is much more involved than you may believe, and it involves a number of different components.

Error printing Windows 10 HP/Brother/Canon/Epson – After completing any outstanding obligations, you should restart the printer spool service to get everything back on track.

Error printing Windows 10/11/7 – If your printer works well on a different computer, the issue is probably with the USB drivers on the computer you’re using.

Printing issues with Windows 10 update

– There are instances in which the drivers from older versions are not always compatible with Windows 10.

Error printing PDF Windows 10 – It can arise from having the printer’s settings configured incorrectly.

Error printing restarting Windows 10 – Launch the Printer Troubleshooter and let it do its thing so you can figure out what went wrong with your printer.

First, you should try resetting the printer. Thus, turn the printer off, then unplug it. Plug the printer back in, and turn it back on.

Resetting the printer is a simple resolution, but it might still not be enough to resolve the issue for some users. If the problem persists, move to the solutions below.

How do I fix printer problems in Windows 11?

Outdated drivers have always caused problems as all software and hardware are optimized for the latest driver versions. Windows rarely updates each driver you have individually, so you may have to fix the problem yourself.

Instead of searching for each driver manually, you can use automated tools for this process. It’s much faster and more secure because it uses its own driver database from which it installs updates. Afterward, the Windows 11 USB printer not detected issue will be fixed.

Often, your computer system might not be able to update the generic drivers for your hardware and peripherals correctly. There are vital differences between a generic driver and a manufacturer’s driver. Finding the correct driver versions for every hardware component can become tiresome.

That’s why a dependable updater can help you find and update your drivers automatically. We strongly suggest the Outbyte Driver Updater, and here’s how to do it:

Download and install the Outbyte Driver Updater app.

Launch the software and wait for the app to detect all incompatible drivers.

Now, it will show you a list of all outdated drivers to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Maintain your device healthy by letting OutByte Driver Updater find the latest driver options.

Free trial Download now

Disclaimer: You may need to upgrade the app from the free version to perform specific actions.

2. Open the Printer Troubleshooter 3. Clear the Print Spool Folder 4. Check the Printer’s Port Settings

In Windows 11, if you choose to Search automatically for updated driver software, your computer will check for available updates, then install them. Of course, you will need to reboot your PC afterward.

You can also try to use a professional tool for more efficiency. Outbyte Driver Updater will scan your device for outdated drivers and update them instantly with the most recent version of it.

How do I fix a print queue error?

Having issues with the printer queue in Windows 11 or any other operating system may be pretty frustrating, especially if the printer queue becomes stuck and the papers you have printed in the past continue to print repeatedly.

You may immediately repair the issue by canceling the paper printing using the What’s printing option; however, you should check out our dedicated guide on fixing print queue errors to find more detailed solutions.

We hope the solution in this article has solved this issue, but if your computer is still unable to connect to your printer, we recommend that you have a look at the linked article.

Still experiencing issues?

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A Club For Every Taste And Cause

A Club for Every Taste and Cause Student Expo offers cigar aficionados, rugby, and knitting

With the Metcalf Ballroom reverberating with the din from 100 student organizations plying would-be members with candy, key chains, stickers, drinking cups, and, inexplicably, crayons, misconstruing some of the mostly handmade signs, ranging in quality from print-worthy to ransom note, is more than possible. Is Iron Marrow a heavy metal band? No, it’s a group for students affected by scoliosis. Why is an organization called the MAN Project manned, so to speak, by women, smiling at passersby from behind a sign daintily drawn in pink? And are BU Escorts . . . nah, couldn’t be.

The spring Expo is the more sedate of the two events showcasing student organizations — the annual fall Expo draws between 350 and 400 groups, says Shannon Pittman, an assistant in the Student Activities Office, which pitched the Spring Expo with posters saying “Find Your Perfect Match.” The Expo, which began more than 20 years ago, “is a hands-on thing,” says Pittman, but the University is updating its Web resources to get more students connected with clubs.

Diana Sull (COM’11) and Sunny Lee (CAS’11) want to make people aware of oppression in North Korea.

Over at the Iron Marrow table, Joshua L. Wright (CAS’12) explained that he wanted the new organization to conjure images of sturdiness and strength, in contrast with conventional assumptions about people with scoliosis. “We need people willing to make a commitment,” he explained, gesturing toward a sign-up sheet with two signatures. “We volunteer with kids and adolescents.” Iron Marrow’s current membership? “Right now — zero,” said Wright. “I won’t lie to you.”

Margaret Carbery (CAS’11), Yelena Goncharik (SMG’13), and Jacob Schwartzman (MED’13) play the Russian game Preferans at the Russian American Cultural Club table.

One of the many impressive things about the event is its prevailing spirit of inclusiveness. The Women’s Rugby Club, the Culinary Arts and Kitchen Entertainment Club (C.A.K.E.), and the Knitting Club all welcome novices. And according to their respective spokes-students, you don’t have to be an Asian Baptist to join the Asian Baptist Student Koinonia (that’s Greek for fellowship) or Russian-American to sign up for the Russian American Cultural Society. Not only does the society include students from former Soviet republics with a distinctly eastern flavor, like Kazahkstan and Uzbekistan, club president Yevgeniy Maksimenko (CAS’10, GRS’10) explained, many of the 100-plus members of this popular group are in it for the language practice and nights of playing durak (a Russian card game), eating kotleti and pelmini, and sipping tea from a samovar. “We play cards not for money, but for prestige,” he added.

There are clubs for which a student must pass muster, however. Sororities and fraternities are fair, but selective. Vibes, Boston’s only all-female college hip-hop team, is holding tryouts on February 8. “We’re different,” said Cassandra Aviles (COM’10), Vibes vice president. “We take pride in being an all-girls team and despite what people think, our hormones don’t get in the way of our closeness as a team!” Of the 55 or so women who try out, only 2 are accepted. Campus musical groups such as the Jazz Band and the BU Orchestra understandably expect sign-ups to be a musician already. And it would be just plain strange for someone who doesn’t plan to be a veterinarian to join BU’s Pre-Veterinary Club.

Mark Belzowski (CAS’10) and Adam Waters (CAS’10) are looking for men and women cigar smokers.

If, like Groucho Marx, you don’t want to join any club that would have you as a member, there might be poetic justice in considering the group with a president who cites Groucho, along with Winston Churchill, as his inspiration. “That’s El Presidente,” said Mark Belzowski (CAS’10), head of Cigar Aficionados. The nine-year-old organization inspires “either interest or disgust” among Expo-goers, said Belzowski, leaning back in his chair beside a pair of stogies nestled in a hotel-style ashtray the size of a fruit bowl. “Some people say, ‘Gross!’ Or, ‘Why?’ Or, ‘I’m not an old man,’” he said. “Those are the top three.” At a typical aficionado gathering, “we play poker, we eat, we go to Suffolk Downs, we do everything that goes with smoking,” said the sociology major, who works at the Churchill Cigar Lounge downtown, where members often convene. The club, which has two female members and one on the sign-up sheet, “evokes an older lifestyle,” according to Belzowski, who can’t smoke in his apartment, his friends’ cars, or pretty much anywhere except where he works. “It makes me want to wear a bowler hat.”

More information about student clubs and organizations is available here.

Susan Seligson can be reached at [email protected].

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