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What is Netiquette?

Netiquette is an abbreviation for Internet manners or etiquette, which are principles for polite communication in the internet environment. It covers correct email and internet communication etiquette, among other things. The goal of netiquette, like conventional etiquette, is to help establish a friendly, comfortable, and productive environment for internet interaction and prevent putting pressure on the system and producing disputes among users.

Netiquette consists of guidelines that guide healthy social contact and technical quality online. What constitutes appropriate netiquette differs throughout the Internet’s numerous subcultures. Netiquette issues fluctuate over time and technology.

Why is Netiquette Important?

Following netiquette can help you improve your relationships with the people you care about while also preserving your professional reputation. Cyberbullying can be reduced by practicing online etiquette. Proper online information-sharing tactics are critical for protecting your sensitive information and respecting the privacy of others.

The Common Netiquettes You Must Follow

Let us now check out some of the common netiquette rules that one must follow while being active online −

Apply the same standards online as we do in public

Remember the etiquette principles you observe in everyday life when speaking online. Avoid offending, provoking, threatening, or insulting anyone. Respect your chat counterparts’ perspectives and offer constructive criticism. Remember that you could face legal consequences if you offended someone online.

Keep away from flames

A flame message comprises harsh personal criticism or abuse. It is strongly urged that users refrain from flaming or participating in flame wars. One must treat others as one would want to be treated; therefore, profanity is not acceptable netiquette. It is preferable to speak in a sensible tone and polite manner.

Refusing to encourage internet abuse and harassment

Accepting that the laws now in place to safeguard citizens’ rights and dignity will apply online and that laws are revised as needed to embody these rights in the expanded context.

Protocols for composition when writing messages

Users should use proper grammar and be mindful of punctuation and spelling. Online communications should be clear, brief, and well-organized; a well-written, thoughtful message elicits more responses.

Recognizing cultural differences

Intercultural acceptance and understanding should continue to exist even after national boundaries are no longer applicable. This necessitates accepting that the societal morals of some netizens will not be the same as those of all netizens.

Share with discretion

Avoid disclosing too much personal information online. Once these details are on the Internet, they become immediately accessible to the entire world. Even if you attempt to remove these posts later, it may be too late. Some posts may potentially result in serious consequences such as identity theft.

Respect people’s privacy

Don’t forward information without first verifying with the original sender, as doing so behind their back can cause mistrust if they find out. Copy-pasting text or providing screenshots are examples of this. The same level of privacy is required when submitting images or videos that feature other people to the Internet, whether in a shared environment or on your personal social media profile.

Fact check before reposting

If you are unsure about the facts behind an internet story or social media post, ask someone who knows or can find out. Another alternative is to conduct a Google search to see whether the post is true or fake. Urban legends, forged merchant coupons, and other misinformation contribute to the Internet’s clutter and consume people’s time.

Don’t spam

The term “spam” refers to receiving any unwelcome message. Spamming generally refers to an unwelcome email, text message, or social media communication online. If you avoid doing this with your contacts, you will be able to keep your connections intact.

If you wish to share anything with your contacts, make sure you get permission first. This single step can save you from becoming stymied.

Furthermore, many of the most dangerous virus attacks on record have been distributed via mass emails. So, don’t open an email or a social media message from somebody you don’t know. If the communication includes a download link, double-check with the source before accessing it to ensure it isn’t sent by someone impersonating them.

Update online information

Don’t put misleading information online simply because you’re too busy to update your profile or your company’s website if you operate a business. If you’re likely to be unavailable, don’t leave your work hours online, implying that you’ll be available. Takedown your website if you can’t maintain it up to date.

If you’re actively hunting for work online, following this netiquette standard is vital. If prospective employers see outdated information on your professional platform profile, they may conclude that you are uninterested in finding a job.

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What Are The Benefits Of Angular Development

There is an extremely popular tool for software development these days, and it is called Angular. It was released in 2010 and has managed to become one of the most recognizable names on the market. Furthermore, Angular is the second only to jQuery. But why this framework is one of the web developers` favorites?

Why Do They Prefer Angular?

If you decide to hire Angular developer, you need a great company that can offer professionals who are experienced enough to know the framework inside out. The thing is that it obtains a few great features, and here are the highly significant ones:

Component-based architecture. When utilizing this framework to develop web, it is easy to build what you need due to its architecture. Angular arranges the platform`s user interface into compounds that are logical and do not depend on one another. These parts are, in turn, structured as a tree where every item is hierarchized. Professionals are able to check even the tiniest pieces of the app easily and quickly, owing to the independence of the service`s compounds.

Modular structure. This framework obtains this kind of structure, and its task is to organize the app code into various modules. Thanks to this, everything is neatly structured so that it is possible to segregate the overall features.

Dependency injection.  It happens to be a design pattern where dependency is supplied by one piece on another. Thanks to this feature, the performance of the created app is enhanced.

Angular Universal. Utilizing this feature, experienced professionals can render their app the server-side, which is great when it comes to the platform`s SEO performance improvement.

Declarative UI. Using this framework, developers do not have to utilize JavaScript to interpret the UI because they can always make use of HTML for this purpose.

Angular CLI. This feature is nothing but Command Line Interface, which is another significant strength of this framework. Processes, such as configuration and application initialization, are automated with the help of Angular CLI. In virtue of such automation, the process of web creation is simple, while the code quality is better.

Ivy Renderer. It is an important engine responsible for the translation of the code from TypeScript to JavaScript so that any browser could understand these instructions.

Angular Material. The software development tool recognized how helpful Google design instructions are, so Angular has been improved and updated with these compounds. The outcome is that web developers can access a wonderful UI solution to make a comprehensive UI.

Support and accurate documentation from Google. This company has claimed that it is going to support Angular, which means that the service is going to be stable. Google also provides the community with accurate documentation that explains how to apply different tools to tackle problems and create functionalities.


Angular has become an amazing service when it comes to creating applications. The framework has managed to bring its features and functions to perfection; consequently, many web developers prefer it. That is why you should hire mobile app developers who know what Angular is about and are able to make the most of it.

Mariusz Gradon

This post is written by one of our guest contributors. They are tech lover and sharing their thoughts on tech innovation with readers around the world. Their passion for content, SEO optimization, and writing developed following every personal blog’s growth, and inspired there to pursue a career in content.

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing?

You as a marketer may have heard that email marketing is no longer effective. For many marketing departments, this is a common worry.

In fact, 73% of millennials expect businesses to interact via email, and 40% of B2B marketers claim the email content in their newsletters is most crucial to their marketing success. I like Also, 99% of customers regularly check their email, making it the most popular way for them to receive updates from brands.

Benefits of Email Marketing Create personalized content

Sending the correct email to the right recipient at the right time is essential for an effective email marketing plan. Personalization and segmentation can help in this situation.

Collect feedback and surveys

If you want your customers to keep interacting, engaging, and making purchases from your company, maintaining the customer experience at the forefront can be quite beneficial.

It’s actually one of the greatest methods for determining your Net Promoter Score (NPS). This indicator enables you to comprehend the proportion of patrons that support and criticize the company. Develop plans for enhancing the customer experience using the information provided here.

Improving sales

Of course, email marketing is a fantastic tool for marketing, but it may also help you make more money.

In fact, 670 percent more sales were generated by marketers that deployed segmented programs, and 59% of the marketers cited email as their top source of ROI.

Also, 59% of those who responded to the study claimed that they are influenced by marketing emails when making purchases.

Campaigns for email marketing can easily incorporate messages to encourage sales from customers who are more inclined to buy since they subscribed to news and updates. Email marketing can also be used to automate some steps in your sales process. Sales are boosted as a result of this. For instance, automated messages may be sent to prospects that sales reps desire to interact with and sales decline campaigns can be automated using HubSpot’s free email marketing tools.

Communicating with your audience

It’s crucial for marketers to constantly work on their audience communication. Your audience is more likely to be devoted to your brand when they feel like they can communicate with you.

Generating traffic to the site

How do you get outstanding material out to your audience once you’ve created it? You typically email them.

Email marketing strategies increase website traffic and SEO for your website. Keep your audience interested in your website and brand.

For instance, a lot of you could have arrived at this page from a HubSpot marketing email. This is due to the fact that email is a fantastic technique to benefit your audience. We accomplish so by using email to distribute content and drive traffic.

Always include a call to action (CTA) in every email you write that contains a link to your content so that readers can visit your website.

Sending timely campaigns

A standard marketing campaign has a date and location, but planning and organizing might take months. But, you probably have no idea if the relevant audience will see your marketing materials at the appropriate time.

Email marketing, on the other hand, requires less time to prepare, so you have more time to build a comprehensive campaign. Make sure your email is received by your audience at the appropriate time.

You can send content at the appropriate time, for instance, by segmenting your audience.

Reach out to the right people at the right time

The correct clients must be reached during the proper time for a marketing campaign to be successful. People frequently check their email, making it simple to contact them with email marketing. Any marketing campaign’s success can be increased by having access to it at all times on a variety of devices. This entails frequently speaking to a captive audience and being recalled.

Produce cost-effective campaigns

The cost of photography, site fees, printing, mailing, placement, etc., is one example of a cost that is not incurred. Just a copywriter and a graphic designer are all you need (if you are not utilizing stock images). This may also be a team player.

Moreover, email campaign creation is quick. You can build an email in a day if you’d like. Compared to the time it requires to create a direct marketing or print campaign, this is significantly more cost-effective.

Having a forum for self-promotion

Sometimes it can be awkward to self-promote in places where prospects haven’t necessarily opted-in to receive updates about your business. However, self-promotion is one of the best ways to attain customers. If you can’t promote yourself and sell your company, no one will buy from you.

With email marketing campaigns, you’ll always have an avenue to promote yourself, especially since customers opted-in. You can send emails about new products, features, benefits, or new content. Since customers want to hear from you, this self-promotion isn’t unwanted or disruptive.

Own your media and contact lists

Where potential customers may not want to receive notifications about your firm, self-promotion might be challenging. But, one of the most effective ways to draw clients is through self-promotion. Nobody will buy from you if you can’t market your business and yourself.


What Are The Security Risks Of Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is one of the hottest technology trends these days. From simple storage solutions to complete enterprise applications, a lot of computing is moving to the cloud.

But as our data is increasingly held in remote servers across the world, a question must be asked: is cloud computing really safe?

Table of Contents

How exactly is your data held in cloud applications? Can it be accessed by others? What are the security risks of cloud computing? Here is a comprehensive overview.

Cloud Computing 101

Normally, your computer can only perform as well as its hardware lets it. If you want more storage or processing power, you have to upgrade your PC. But with the decreasing costs of internet connectivity came another option – the cloud.

The basic premise of cloud computing is quite simple. Instead of running complex programs and storing files on your machine, you run them on a remote server. This remote server is called the cloud and is responsible for providing you with computing resources through the network.

The most obvious examples of this are cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. These cloud applications give you a dedicated amount of storage that you can use to keep your own files. As this storage does not come from your PC, these files are safe even if your personal computer gets corrupted or breaks down.

Of course, that is just scratching the basics. Cloud services go much further than just remote storage, offering everything from web hosting to entirely remote applications. Services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS are used by enterprises across the globe to run all kinds of computing applications.

The Advantages of Cloud Computing

There are many benefits of cloud computing vs traditional applications.

The second big benefit is scalability. For enterprise applications, it can be very difficult to acquire more computing resources to handle extra load in traditional setups. It requires making an investment into more hardware capacity that would go unused most of the time.

With cloud computing, applications can request more resources as and when required, paying only for the capacity used. This makes running a scalable app very cost-efficient, not to mention easy to implement.

The Vulnerabilities of Cloud Computing

The principal concern is data security. As your data is held on a publicly accessible server, its security is not in your own hands. The company running the cloud service (and its servers) has complete control over your information.

In a way, it is more secure than a personal computer. A single hardware fault cannot jeopardize your entire data. But at the same time, it also exposes the information to outside threats. A hack that compromises the cloud servers can leak your personal data.

More concerningly, you need to trust the cloud service provider itself to respect your privacy. And in this age of Big Data, that is hardly a given. Tech giants have routinely come under fire for violating the privacy of user data they have access to, making it a risk to store important information on the cloud.

Then there are the security vulnerabilities even cloud services are exposed to. Like any web service, cloud computing can be subject to Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks that cripple its capabilities. This forces the affected service to go offline, making your application unavailable for an unknown period of time.

Minimizing Risk

Okay, so cloud computing is potentially vulnerable. What then, is the solution? Should you stop using cloud services completely?

Of course not. For all the theoretical security risks inherent in cloud computing, it is practically one of the most secure forms of computing. Thanks to the redundancies put in place on cloud servers, there are very few points of failure.

Data loss or theft from a cloud service requires a catastrophe, instead of a spilled cup of tea that might spell the doom of the information stored on your laptop. It is usually also harder for hackers to break in, as cloud service providers tend to use better security measures than a PC.

Personal computers can also fall prey to ransomware attacks, which lock up your personal data and demand payment in cryptocurrencies to allow you access. Other malware can just corrupt all files outright, which makes cloud computing even more indispensable.

To improve your own data security, encryption can be used. For databases and cloud storage services, encrypt the data on your own system before uploading. For entire applications running off the cloud, try services that allow you to encrypt the information used. That way, even a hack or a data leak poses no risk to your private data. 

Is Cloud Computing Secure?

Asking if cloud computing is secure is like asking whether flights are a safe way to travel. Statistically speaking, it’s the safest form there is, though, of course, nothing is completely risk-free.

Cloud computing’s biggest security risks are posed not by hackers or technical faults, but rather by willful mismanagement. The nature of cloud servers makes it very difficult for hackers to get in, and virtually guarantees safety against hardware failures.

The only thing that can compromise data on the cloud is the service provider itself. And while tech giants like Google or Amazon have established themselves as trustworthy companies in this niche, putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea.

Simple measures like encrypting your data and trusting cloud service providers with a transparent privacy policy can help secure your files and other information from unwanted access. If you keep your eyes open, it’s easy to mitigate the security risks of cloud computing and enjoy its benefits.

12 Inspiring Ai Designers You Should Follow On Instagram

Carlos Banon

Artificial Intelligence has been transforming various sectors of our society. The future seems more modern and evolved with the introduction of artificial intelligence. Some applications of AI are in voice recognition, education, automobiles, robotics, navigation, healthcare, E-commerce, and application in several other chúng tôi application is utilized extensively in assisting design sectors. Listed below are 12 AI designers you should follow on Instagram!

AI is considered the future of the design industry. That has numerous applications. AI is revolutionizing the conceptualization process with its efficiency and user-friendly approach. Designing is a tedious process that requires time and human resources, though the AI process of designing is easier and assists designs in generating at our convenience.

1. Hassan Ragab

Hassan Ragab is an Egyptian artist and computational designer who explores the text-to-image artificial intelligence tool Midjourney, through which he explores design and architecture. Hassan has been exploring various AI design outputs with the integration of biomimicry. He utilizes biomimicry elements such as feathers and plant forms with architectural design styles. The artist utilizes simple architectural forms to create complex and dynamic parametric forms.

Join PAACADEMY’s AI Conceptual Architecture 3.0 – Studio Hassan Ragab!

2. Tim Fu

Tim Fu is a Canadian architectural designer specializing in algorithmic design and computational research and is also a part of Zaha Hadid Architects. The designer has recently been exploring architecture design through Artificial intelligence. The designer utilized Midjourney to reimage and redefine Renaissance architecture styles through designs. He mentioned that AI-assisted design is the future for architects and interior designers. The unique AI-generated designs by the architect have led him to collaborate with a clothing fashion house Sprayground.

3. Ida Rasouli Saani

Ida Rasouli Saani is a well-renowned Iranian architect and one of the most popular AI designers. She is the founder of Celeste Design Studio which focuses on residential projects. She utilizes AI for architecture visualization through her interest in Persian architecture. The designer explores the ideation and conceptualization process of architecture through artificial intelligence. She has been experimenting and developing innovative AI-generated architecture. Envision and elevate spaces through concept development utilizing AI.

4. Joshua Vermillion

Joshua Vermillion is an enthusiastic designer and an associate professor at the University of Nevada. The designer focuses on creating a connection between architecture and AI art. His architectural knowledge is showcased through the innovative digital art created by him. The AI-generated art developed by Josh is the exploration of parametric and generative architecture designs. The innovative designs showcase his designs and experimentation skill integrated with AI software in the design process. AI-inspired art represents innovation and pushing boundaries designs.

5. Arturo Tedeschi

6. Ulises

Ulises is an innovative AI artist who has redefined imagining and integration of household elements in visualizing architecture. The characteristic digital designs of the designer revolve around integrating household elements with ancient structures. The designer utilizes Midjourney to visualize and conceptualize architecture and designs. He has conceptualized and visualized innovative AI designs for futuristic mobile workstations. One of the innovative AI designs created by the designer utilizes plush pillows to explore historical construction.

7. Carlos Banon

8. Chantale Matar

Chantale Matar is an architect and founder of Studio Chantal Matar Ltd which focuses on architecture and mixed media. The architect upon graduation has worked for several multidisciplinary firms such as Zaha Hadid Architects, etc. The architect through Midjourney creates a digital design that integrates artificial intelligence and virtual reality. She wants to showcase and explore spatial architecture and futuristic designs through Artificial intelligence. According to the architect AI technology would create a noteworthy impact on the future of architecture that would enhance the design process.

9. Harshdeep Arora

Harshdeep Arora is an Indian architect and artist known for developing unique designs through artificial intelligence. The architect has worked under several reputed companies such as DADA Partners, UN Studio, etc. He explores unique and innovative architecture visualization utilizing the AI tool Midjourney. Design exploring and exploration of the architect revolves around experimenting with AI contemporary architectural designs. One of the popular AI-generated designs of the architect is Imagicasa, Swiss Alps hotel visualizations.

10. Shail Patel

Shail Patel is an architect with over eight years of professional experience. Having worked in India and China, and now based in the USA, Shail has gained diverse cultural and architectural experiences. He has contributed to designing large-scale commercial, public buildings, institutional, retail, and urban design projects and participated in international competitions while working for FLXBL Design (India), Plasma Studio, Spectrum (Beijing), and UN Studio (Shanghai). Currently, Shail is a Project Architect and Designer at UACDC, an outreach center of the Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas. Shail is known for constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of architecture and is an early adopter of AI. He has been exploring cutting-edge applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various fields, including art, fashion, architecture, automobiles, and retail.

Join PAACADEMY’s Prompt Intelligence – Studio Shail Patel!

11. Joann

Joann Ann is an emerging AI artist popularly known for her innovative visualization of architecture, products, etc. Some unique AI visualizations created by Joann are Inflatable monuments, dream-like designs, portraits, etc. The Inflatable Wonders, an AI series by the artist is one of the popular AI designs created by her. Her Instagram feeds showcasing her innovative and magical visualizations have gained popularity. The artist also collaborated with brands like GDS, Nike, and Adidas that showcase her intricate visualization skills.

12. Anna Cwik

Anna Cwik is an interior designer based in Berlin who utilizes Midjourney to explore various design sectors from architecture, and furniture, to fashion. She believes every space is a stage which is showcased through her innovative digital designs. She explores spaces and anthropomorphism through hybrid design with human and non-human elements. The innovative AI installation designs generated by her showcase the impact of utilizing AI tools like Mid Journey.

In a world where artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the design industry, following the work of talented AI designers can provide a glimpse into the future of creative innovation. These 12 AI designers on Instagram showcase the incredible potential of AI-assisted design. By following these visionary AI designers on Instagram, you can stay inspired and witness the exciting future of design unfold before your eyes.

The Week In Drones: Cameras That Follow You, Retro Police Copters, And More

Here’s a roundup of the week’s top drone news, designed to capture the military, commercial, non-profit, and recreational applications of unmanned aircraft.

Spy From The Past

Paleofuture recently unearthed a police drone — from 1976. The Westland Wisp was a prototype surveillance drone designed for police work. Foreshadowing future drones, it could transmit regular video (and maybe infrared) images back to a control station. After the Wisp, Westland made two more drone helicopters, the Wideye and the Sharpeye.

The Westland Wisp

Don’t mind me, just carrying around a flying police state here.

A Possible Private Privacy Violation

Long rumored, it appears the feared arrival of a “peeping Tom with a drone” finally happened this week. In Seattle, a woman called police after seeing a drone hovering outside her window.

**Update: **It appears that while the drone was outside the window, its purpose was not capturing lewd photographs. Instead, the drone company was apparently trying to capture an aerial panoramic view for a developer.

Following Filmographer

Hexo+ is a drone that carries a camera and automatically follows a specified person. Currently a crazily well-funded project on kickstarter, the drone can fly at about 45 mph for 15 minutes. Set up with a smartphone app, the drone then follows and films a person with an attached camera. The end result? Awesome video footage of one’s jogging, and one annoying flying machine closer to a future of robot smog.

Watch a video about it below:

New FAA Rules For Tiny Drones

We’re living in a weird pre-regulatory limbo of drones before drone law. Particularly challenged for the Federal Aviation Administration are small drones and model airplanes, which until the past decade were largely indistinguishable. The FAA wants to keep model airplane hobbyists happy at the same time they tightly restrict all commercial uses of drones. This challenge is inherent in new guidelines the FAA put out this week for model airplane use.

FAA Model Airplane Guidelines Detail

The most obvious impact of these rules are on drone delivery services, a common drone gimmick. More revealing is the first row, which says it’s okay to have model airplane clubs but not okay for those clubs to have contests with cash prizes. It’s good that the FAA is trying to regulate drones, but attempts like this to distinguish between hobbyist model airplanes and small drones have unintended consequences for both communities.

A Predator Drone Waits At Balad Air Base, Iraq. 2004

Back To Baghdad

The United States revealed this week that, as part of their renewed presence in Iraq, they are flying armed Predator drones as part of reconnaissance efforts there. The drones are flying from bases in Kuwait, according to the Pentagon.

In related news, Stimson Center, a DC think tank, released an in-depth study of the role of drones and targeted killing. The report, co-authored by retired Army general John P. Abizaid and defense analyst Rosa Brooks, calls into question several of the myths concerning drones at war. Perhaps the biggest finding is that we don’t even know if drone strikes are working towards any strategic goals. The report states:

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