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We answer: What is an IP address and how to use it?






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IP address is a key component of every network device, and we briefly mentioned IP address in our guide on how to change MAC address.  Today we’re going to explain you what is an IP address and how does it work.

What is IP address and what does it do?

Internet Protocol, or IP, address is a numerical value assigned to every network device so that device can be identified in local network or Internet. IP address is a 32-bit number and it consists out of four numbers that are divided by dots. Standard IP address looks like this, and each segment of an IP address is represented by a number ranging from 0 to 255. Each segment is using 8 bits thus making the maximum value for each segment 255. This is how a standard IPv4 address works, but there’s also IPv6 available.

IPv6 addresses use a different format, and they are not represented by decimal numbers, instead they are represented by hexadecimal values. Each IPv6 address comes with eight sets of four hexadecimal values, and each set is separated by a colon. For example, an IPv6 address might look like this fdce:ddf3:9279:ffff::.

If you’re wondering why there are two versions of IP addresses, the answer is rather simple. IPv4 can support a certain number of unique addresses, and since there are millions of devices accessing the Internet, and with more network devices being created each day, we might run out of IPv4 addresses that we can assign in near future. In order to deal with this issue IPv6 standard was invented, and unlike IPv4, IPv6 standard can support up to 340 undecillion addresses. In comparison, IPv4 standard can support only approximately 4.3 billion addresses.

In addition to IPv4 and IPv6 addresses there are also static and dynamic IP addresses. Your IP address is assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider, and you can have static IP address that doesn’t change, or you can have a dynamic IP address that changes automatically after certain period of time. Most users don’t require a static IP address, and most Internet users have a dynamic IP address. Having a static IP address usually costs more, and using a static IP address comes with a certain security risk.

Now when you know what are IP addresses, let’s see how can you change the IP address of a PC in your network. By doing this you’ll change your IP address in your network to a static one, but your IP address assigned to you by your ISP will remain unchanged. To change your IP address, you need to do the following:

Changing your local IP address to a static one is sometimes required, for example, if your wireless network is configured to allow only devices with certain address to access it. In addition, sometimes it’s easier to manage computers in a small network if each computer has its own static IP address.

This is some basic information regarding IP addresses, and we hope that now you understand a bit better how IP addresses work and how you can use them.

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You're reading We Answer: What Is An Ip Address And How To Use It?

What Is An Ip Flood?

IP Flood

An IP Flood is a type of malicious assault that can affect a single device or a whole network. This is a Denial of Service (DoS) attack that seeks to prevent a device from performing its usual functions, such as delivering requests or processing data. In an IP flood attack, the system is flooded with data, using all available bandwidth and denying access to genuine users.

Fortunately, IP flooding is a well-known form of assault and it is well-documented and hence it can be readily avoided. IP Flooding is a sort of attack in which the victim or system is flooded with data, using all available bandwidth and preventing legitimate users from accessing the system. In layman’s terms, it means that one device can use all available data, preventing other devices from connecting.

When IP Flood Detection is turned on, your router can detect and prevent malicious devices that are attempting to flood your network. IP Flooding is a sort of DoS attack in which the victim or system is flooded with data, using all available bandwidth and preventing legitimate users from accessing the system.

An IP Flood occurs when IP packets from one device overrun the IP packets from another device or devices. It’s usually a malicious occurrence, although it can also be the result of faulty programming in the transmitting device. A router or switch that performs basic packet/frame inspection may often assist reduce network impact. IP broadcast flood (also known as IP Storm) can be considerably more damaging to the network since it affects all devices in the broadcast domain.

This is a Denial of Service (DoS) attack that seeks to prevent a device from performing its usual functions, such as delivering requests or processing data. Fortunately, because this is one of the most well-known forms of assault, it is well-documented and readily avoided.

How an IP Flood Attack is Carried Out

An IP Flood attack is often carried out with the use of an executable application or a piece of code that makes the requests. The malware will first establish a connection with the victim, after which it will send a series of ping queries (also known as echo request packages). These ping requests will continue to be sent until the system of the receiver fails. You may believe that a machine or network can tolerate a few ping attempts, but an IP Flood attack can entail hundreds of requests per second.

IP Flooding is a sort of DoS attack in which the victim or system is flooded with data, using all available bandwidth and preventing legitimate users from accessing the system. In layman’s terms, it means that one device can use all available data, preventing other devices from connecting. When IP Flood Detection is turned on, your router can detect and prevent malicious devices that are attempting to flood your network.

Negative Impacts of an IP Flood

A device or a network can be effectively crippled by an IP Food attack. If the connection is open, the receiving device will immediately respond with the information when a ping request is received. The device or network will simply not be able to handle the ping queries since they are continual and in such a large volume. The system will eventually fail, and the network device or computer will crash, leaving you unable to complete any additional tasks.

What Can Be Done to Avoid an IP Flood Attack?

Most routers and networking equipment, fortunately, will have built-in protection against IP Flood assaults. There is no need for alarm among residential users; if your router is properly set up, you should never be vulnerable to an IP Flood assault. Many routers offer an “IP Flood prevention” option that can be manually engaged; however, this might have a negative impact on your router’s performance and significantly slow down your network. It is best to avoid turning this feature on and to double-check that your router’s security settings are accurate.

The ability to carry out a ping flood is contingent on the attackers knowing the target’s IP address. As a result, based on the target and how its IP address is resolved, attacks may be divided into three groups.

A single machine on a local network is attacked by a targeted local revealed ping flood. To discover a computer’s IP address, an attacker must have physical access to it. The target computer would be taken down if the assault was successful.

Ping flood is a type of attack that targets routers in order to disrupt connections between computers on a network, according to a router. It relies on the attacker knowing a local router’s internal IP address. If the assault is successful, all computers linked to the router will be shut down.

Before launching an assault, a blind ping flood requires utilizing external software to discover the IP address of the target computer or router.

What Is Offload App And How To Use It On Iphone, Ipad

Seeing the Storage Almost Full alert on your iPhone? In these situations, Offload App is a handy solution to manage space. You can use it automatically or manually to free up local iPhone storage. This tutorial will teach you what app offloading is, how to enable it, and how to re-download offloaded apps.

What is Offload App on iPhone and iPad?

In the earlier days of iOS, you had two options for an app: you either kept it on your iPhone or you deleted it. If you kept it, the app and its data continued to occupy local storage. If you deleted the app, the app itself and all its local data was gone.

In iOS 11, Apple introduced the option to offload apps. This is somewhat of a middle ground between keeping and deleting an app.

When you offload an app, the app itself is deleted, which clears local storage. But the app documents and data are still saved locally on your iPhone. Once you reinstall the offloaded app, you can keep using it like before as the app data is still saved. In other words: As opposed to deleting an app, which nukes its binary and data out of orbit, offloading ensures that app data, along with user settings and documents, remain on your device.

Given the increasing app sizes, it is sensible to offload apps to keep local iPhone storage unoccupied. And thanks to the availability of Wi-Fi pr cellular, downloading an app is quick and easy.

So, whether you have a 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB iPhone, or one that’s full, offloading apps is a great way to optimize storage. You can do it manually or have your iPhone offload apps automatically.

How to manually offload apps on iPhone and iPad

Open Settings and tap General.

Tap iPhone Storage and give it a while to load.

From the list of apps, tap the app you want to offload.

Tap Offload App and confirm.

Can I offload all apps?

You can offload all third-party apps you downloaded from the App Store and several Apple apps like TV, Music, Mail, Files, Maps, Books, Reminders, Podcasts, Contacts, Calendar, Shortcuts, Measure, Home, Compass, Stocks, FaceTime, Tips, iTunes Store, Translate, Calculator, Weather, Voice Memos, Notes, Magnifier, and all other Apple apps like iMovie, Numbers, Pages, Keynote, Apple Support, Apple Store.

You cannot offload or delete Photos, Phone, Safari, Wallet, Messages, and Health apps.

One interesting thing to note is that if you have an Apple Watch paired with your iPhone, you cannot delete or offload the Watch and Fitness apps. But if you don’t have an Apple Watch paired, you can offload or delete the iOS Watch app.

If you offload or delete the FaceTime app, you can continue to make FaceTime calls from the Phone or Contacts app.

How to automatically offload apps on iPhone and iPad

Manually finding and offloading apps can be a chore. If you struggle to keep local space free, you can let your iPhone offload apps automatically to optimize storage. Once you enable it, your iPhone will automatically offload apps that you have not used in a while.

Here’s how to set automatic offloading of apps on iPhone and iPad:

Open Settings and tap General.

Tap iPhone Storage.

Under Recommendations, tap Enable next to Offload Unused Apps.

Caution: Some people enable this, forget about it, and then worry as they have to re-download the app again.

How to re-download an offloaded app

Even after you offload an app, its app icon stays on the Home Screen and App Library. You’ll see a download arrow before the app name, which signifies that this app is offloaded. Tap the app icon to download it again. As mentioned, the app data is still on the device.

Finally, you can also search for the app in the App Store and tap the download button.

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Keygen.exe: What It Is And How To Remove It

Keygen.exe: What it is and How to Remove it Learn everything about this tool




Keygen.exe is a pirated software that can be carrying Trojans and malware.

Its purpose is to create license keys for users in order to illegally register the software.

This hack tool is barely used nowadays, but, is still present within the pirating community. 

To get rid of it, you can try to scan your PC with a reliable Windows 10 built-in security tool or use dedicated malware software.

ESET Antivirus comes with all the security tools that you may ever need to protect your data and privacy, including:

Anti-theft support

Webcam protection

Intuitive setup and UI

Multi-platform support

Banking-level encryption

Low system requirements

Advanced anti-malware protection

An antivirus program needs to be fast, efficient, and cost-effective, and this one has them all.

Pirated versions of software often come accompanied by security threats. Most of the time, they require secondary applications to run or register.

One of those is chúng tôi a simple application that can bring a bag full of malware or spyware right at your front door.

Our intention today is to explain what chúng tôi is, how it can affect your PC, and how to deal with it. If you’re concerned about the negative effects, look below for a detailed explanation.

Is Keygen safe?

Named also Key Generator, is a hack tool but not malware per se. It mostly comes with pirated software and its main use is to create license keys so users can illegally register the desired application.

Even though this tool isn’t malware by itself, it’s still illegal for obvious reasons, and it can be carrying Trojan, viruses, or data-stealing keyloggers that will damage your PC.

In comparison to cracks, Keygen doesn’t modify any parts of the program. Modifying certain security algorithms enables any random license key to work.

After you’re prompted to insert the license key during the installation, this hack application will generate a code so you can manually insert it.

How can I remove the chúng tôi virus? 1. Perform a quick virus scan

1. Press the Windows key + I to open the Settings app.

2. Go to the Update & Security section.

3. Select Windows Security from the left panel.

You can remove the chúng tôi file from your PC by conducting a virus scan. Your built-in Windows antivirus can scan your PC and not only find the tool, but also provide you with options as to what to do to remove it.

If you’re keen to get rid of Keygen and other related files, you can do it by deleting them manually. Just completely delete the downloaded files and that should be it.

On the other hand, there’s a chance that your system is already infected. Therefore, any infections detected may mean you will have some data loss.

Want to know how to scan your PC with Windows Defender Offline? Check our detailed guide for more info.

2. Use a third-party antimalware software for a deep scan

Making sure that your PC is protected from the effects of the malware presence is of utmost importance. In this case, we suggest a full scan with a modern antivirus solution.

This antivirus is a next-generation security solution that is designed to be fast, stay out of the way, and keep your digital life safe.

It offers complete protection against viruses, worms, spam, spyware, and other malware. This AI-powered antivirus is continually improving itself.

We also recommend you keep your computer safe by installing the recommended antivirus or any of these great malware remover tools.

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What Is Chat Gpt Zero & How To Use It?

See More : Chat GPT Zero: How Does It Work?

Chat GPT Zero is an application specifically designed to detect AI-generated text. It is capable of analyzing text produced by various AI models, including Chat GPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, and Bard. Developed by Edward Tian, a student at Princeton University, this tool employs sophisticated algorithms and statistical analysis to identify the source of a given text accurately.

Copy the text you want to analyze.

Go to the developer’s website or Streamlit where the app is available.

Paste the text into the provided text input area.

The app will utilize complex algorithms to analyze the text and generate accurate results.

Note that the app is currently experiencing high demand and may be overcrowded due to users testing whether texts are machine-generated or human-made works.

Despite the high demand, the app is free to use on the developer’s website and Streamlit.

Please ensure that you have access to the developer’s website or Streamlit to use the Chat GPT Zero app.

Chat GPT Zero has a wide range of applications across different fields:

Detecting Plagiarism: Chat GPT Zero serves as a powerful tool for educators and professors to identify AI-generated essays or copied assignments, ensuring academic integrity and deterring academic dishonesty.

Evaluating Originality: By using Chat GPT Zero, educators can determine if their students’ work is original or if it has been generated by an AI model, providing fair assessments and promoting authentic learning.

Verifying Original Content: Content creators and writers can utilize Chat GPT Zero to confirm the authenticity of their work, ensuring they have not unintentionally generated text similar to existing AI models.

Learning Resource Evaluation: Chat GPT Zero enables students and researchers to evaluate the authenticity and credibility of online resources, helping them to discern between AI-generated information and human-generated content.

Avoiding Unintentional Plagiarism: Students can employ Chat GPT Zero as a safeguard against unintentional plagiarism, ensuring that their work is original and properly cited.

Also Read : How to Bypass GPT Zero?

While Chat GPT Zero is a remarkable application, it does have certain limitations:

Chat GPT Zero’s accuracy and reliability may be compromised when analyzing short texts produced by the Chat GPT model itself. Due to the differences in training and complexity, the results may not be as precise as when analyzing texts from models like GPT-4 or GPT-3.

It is crucial to understand that relying solely on AI generators to write academic papers or essays can lead to academic dishonesty and tarnish one’s reputation. The use of Chat GPT Zero should be seen as a preventive measure rather than an encouragement to depend entirely on AI-generated content.

Q1: Is Chat GPT Zero available for free?

A: Yes, Chat GPT Zero is available for free on the developer’s website and Streamlit.

Q2: How accurate is Chat GPT Zero in detecting AI-generated text?

A: Chat GPT Zero works with high accuracy when analyzing AI models like GPT-4 and GPT-3. However, its reliability may vary when analyzing short texts produced by Chat GPT.

Q3: Can Chat GPT Zero be used to detect plagiarism in essays and assignments?

A: Absolutely. Professors and educators can utilize Chat GPT Zero to detect if their students’ assignments are original or copied, thereby ensuring academic integrity.

Q4: Can content creators rely on Chat GPT Zero to verify the authenticity of their work?

Q5: Is Chat GPT Zero capable of evaluating the credibility of online resources?

A: Yes, students and researchers can leverage Chat GPT Zero to evaluate the authenticity and credibility of online resources, distinguishing between AI-generated information and human-generated content.

Q6: How crowded is Chat GPT Zero currently?

A: According to recent reports, Chat GPT Zero is heavily overcrowded as numerous users are eager to test whether their texts were machine-generated or human-made.

Chat GPT Zero, developed by Edward Tian, is a groundbreaking application that aids in the detection of AI-generated text. By utilizing statistical characteristics and complex algorithms, this tool accurately determines whether a text was written by an AI model or a human. Its applications extend to various domains, including education, content creation, and research. However, it is important to understand the limitations of Chat GPT Zero and avoid overreliance on AI generators. By incorporating Chat GPT Zero into their workflows, educators, writers, and students can uphold academic integrity and ensure the authenticity of their work in the age of AI-generated content.

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What Is Edge Bar And How To Use It In Microsoft Edge? – Webnots

Microsoft tried lot of new features in Windows 11 and with their new Chromium based Edge browser. Edge bar is one such an attempt to combine the widgets feature in Windows 11 with Edge settings. Using Edge bar you can use the default widgets or add site tabs and keep you updated while working on other tasks. In this article, we will explain how to access Edge bar and customize the settings.

Edge Bar with Microsoft Edge

Edge bar is the feature comes with the latest Microsoft Edge browser in Windows. Though Edge browser has a Mac version, Edge bar is a dedicated feature that is only available in Windows. As the name indicates it opens a fixed sidebar with default list of widgets. You can customize these widgets and rearrange them as per your convenience.

Opening Edge Bar

There are multiple ways to open Edge bar with Microsoft Edge browser.

1. Open from Settings Menu

This is the easiest way to launch Edge bar from the browser’s default menu.

Launch Edge Bar from Menu

2. Open from Edge Settings Page

This is similar to above method to open Edge bar from browser’s settings page.

3. Open Edge Bar with Shortcut URL

Unfortunately, there are no direct keyboard shortcuts available in Edge to open Edge bar. What you can do is to open the Edge shortcut URL edge://settings/edgeBar in address bar to go to the Edge bar settings page. There on you can launch the bar as explained in the above method. 

Features of Edge Bar

Edge bar opens with default set of widgets from the right section of the screen. Unlike Windows widgets which open on top of other apps, Edge bar will occupy the space and adjust other windows to the left. However, you can customize this behavior and add new tabs to the bar’s sidebar.

Drag the bar to change the position on your screen.

Access weather, top stories and feeds which is a first tab by default.

Access other default tabs to open Bing search, Outlook and LinkedIn.

Add or delete new tabs below the default tabs.

Change the layout, pin or unpin and autohide the bar.

Minimize the bar to system tray icon and open back when needed.

You can quickly open any website URL without opening Edge browser app.

Customizing Edge Bar Options

If you really like Edge bar then make sure to customize the settings to use it productively without disturbing your work.

Changing Edge Bar Layout

We recommend using the smaller layout so that it will not change the size of other windows and intrude in your work.

Change Edge Bar Layout

Search only layout will show you a search box which will help you to open a webpage URL or search with Bing.

You can also use “Enable floating button” to change the Edge bar as a floating icon on the screen to quickly access when needed.

Edge Bar Search Only Layout and Floating Icon

Customizing Top Stories and Feed Adding New Website in a Tab

In addition to the default tabs, Edge bar allows to add your favorite websites.

Auto Launch Edge Bar when Starting Computer Problems with Edge Bar

Though Edge bar is useful to access your custom tabs, it can be annoying due to the following reasons:

We do not know why Microsoft is aggressive in pushing their MSN feed without an option to disable. The problem is that the feed will show in the local language where you are located instead of your preferred language/location. For example, you will see the MSN China feed if you have purchased the laptop from China. This is absurd as Microsoft forcibly redirects due to restriction from government instead of allowing users to customize or disable the feed.

You cannot rearrange the order of default widgets and tabs.

You can open Edge bar only through the Edge browser. However, the bar will stay even you close the browser. So, it is ­­­­a confusion why this called Edge bar and part of Microsoft Edge browser.

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