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The NFT industry has increasingly taken over the blockchain and digital asset marketplace, especially in 2023. The NFT trends have continued well into 2023 with the launch of several new NFT companies and platforms that have been well-received by crypto and blockchain investors. The sheer number of these projects is completely insane. 

From an investment standpoint, one of the best ways to know whether the project you are investing in will be lucrative or has a positive growth trajectory is to see how popular it has become. Ithas become a rule of thumb in NFT trading. According to experienced investors, the more popular a project is, the more valuable it is going to be down the line. 

In light of this, we’re going to talk about how BudBlockz ($BLUNT) is giving Azuki a run for its money and why you should consider investing in $BLUNT. 

A Little Background on Azuki 

Chiru Labs launched the Azuki NFT project in January 2023. The NFT platform has more than 10,000 unique pictures inspired by Japanese anime. The NFTs are available on Ethereum. In terms of popularity, Azuki NFTs are growing in demand on OpenSea, and Azuki managed to sell its first collection in a matter of minutes, generating a profit of more than $28 million. The company has been on a pretty strong growth trajectory since January.  

Azuki NFTs enable community members and investors to seamlessly explore the project’s virtual ecosystem, The Garden. The Azuki metaverse highlights timely NFT drops, upcoming live events and festivals, and other types of collaborations. 

NFT collectors and enthusiasts are understandably attracted to the platform’s streamlined and quick minting procedures. Users are pretty impressed with the platform’s intelligent sales model, which makes the collection strategically primed to potentially run over BAYC. However, one new, powerful contender threatens to disrupt and possibly overtake Azuki – say hello to BudBlockz. 

How BudBlockz is Overtaking Azuki

BudBlockz ($BLUNT) has remarkably proven itself to be a very lucrative, quite honestly, revolutionary NFT platform. How? The company aims to unite the marijuana industry with the blockchain ecosystem seamlessly. And it is succeeding. Its native token, $BLUNT, is proving to be a superb investment vehicle for crypto traders, and the platform managed to sell every $BLUNT token during its presale. That is an incredible feat for a new NFT platform with a DeFi token. 

BudBlockz is on the verge of becoming the first marijuana and cannabis-crypto platform, and the company has already announced its primary line of nonfungible tokens, known as Ganja Guruz. The NFT collection is up for grabs on both OpenSea and Rarible. 

Ganja Guruz will be the cornerstone for BudBlockz, allowing them to integrate a diverse array of platform features and opportunities for $BLUNT users and investors. For example, individuals that only own one Ganja Guruz will have the chance to play retro games on the BudBlockz Arcade. Users can choose from a wide variety of 90s-inspired games and participate in P2E competitions to earn more $BLUNT. 

BudBlockz will become a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind, cannabis-based DeFi token that will change the marijuana industry. 

Bottom Line

We strongly recommend that you consider investing in $BLUNT to help maximize your returns on the initial capitalization. Moreover, BudBlockz NFTs collection will always have more space to grow in value accumulation thanks to its popularity and rate of acceptance.

Learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

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Best 9 New Technology Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

What exactly does this mean to you? Plus it means keeping your eyes in the long run to understand which skills you will need to understand to procure a secure job tomorrow and also learn how to arrive. All bows into the global pandemic, the majority of the international IT populace is sitting working from house.

Man-made consciousness, or AI, has effectively gotten a ton of buzz in the previous decade, yet it keeps on being one of the new innovation patterns since its outstanding impacts on how we live, work and play are just in the beginning phases.

AI is now known for its predominance in picture and discourse acknowledgment, route applications, cell phone individual associates, ride-sharing applications thus substantially more.

Other than that AI will be utilized further to examine cooperations to decide basic associations and bits of knowledge, to help foresee interest for administrations like medical clinics empowering specialists to settle on better choices about asset use, and to recognize the changing examples of client conduct by investigating information in close to constant, driving incomes and improving customized encounters.

The AI market will develop to a $190 billion industry by 2025 with worldwide spending on psychological and AI frameworks coming to more than $57 billion of every 2023.

With AI spreading its wings across areas, new positions will be made being developed, programming, testing, backing and maintenance, to give some examples. Then again AI likewise offers probably the most significant compensations today going from more than $1,25,000 each year (machine learning engineer) to $145,000 each year (AI draftsman) – making it the top new innovation pattern you should look out for!

Machine Learning the subset of AI, is likewise being sent in a wide range of ventures, spurring a colossal interest for gifted experts.

Forrester predicts AI, machine learning, and robotization will make 9% of new U.S. occupations by 2025, positions including robot observing experts, information researchers, robotization trained professionals, and substance caretakers, making it another new innovation pattern you should remember as well!

Mastering AI and machine learning will help you secure jobs like:

AI Research Scientist

AI Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

AI Architect

Like AI and Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is another innovation that is robotizing occupations.

RPA is the utilization of programming to computerize business cycles like deciphering applications, handling exchanges, managing information, and in any event, answering to emails. RPA mechanizes dull errands that individuals used to do.

Despite the fact that Forrester Research gauges RPA mechanization will undermine the business of 230 million or more information laborers or around 9% of the worldwide labor force, RPA is likewise making new positions while modifying existing positions.

McKinsey tracks down that under 5% of occupations can be completely robotized, yet around 60% can be halfway mechanized.

For you as an IT proficient planning ahead and attempting to see new innovation patterns, RPA offers a lot of vocation openings, including designer, project chief, business investigator, arrangement modeler, and specialist. What’s more, these positions compensate fairly. A RPA designer can acquire over ₹534K each year – making it the following innovation pattern you should keep a watch on!

Mastering RPA will help you secure high paying jobs like:

RPA Developer

RPA Analyst

RPA Architect

Once another innovation pattern to watch, distributed computing has become mainstream, with significant players AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform overwhelming the market.

The selection of distributed computing is as yet developing, as an ever increasing number of organizations relocate to a cloud arrangement. Be that as it may, it’s not, at this point the arising innovation pattern. Edge is.

As the amount of information associations are managing keeps on expanding, they have understood the inadequacies of distributed computing in certain circumstances.

Edge figuring is intended to help take care of a portion of those issues as an approach to sidestep the dormancy brought about by distributed computing and getting information to a datacenter for preparing.

It can exist “on the edge,” maybe, nearer to where processing needs to occur. Hence, edge registering can be utilized to handle time-delicate information in far off areas with restricted or no network to a concentrated area. In those circumstances, edge figuring can behave like little datacenters.

Edge processing will increment as utilization of the Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets increments. By 2023, the worldwide edge figuring market is relied upon to reach $6.72 billion. Furthermore, this new innovation pattern is just intended to develop and nothing less, making different positions, basically for computer programmers.

Keeping in accordance with distributed computing (counting trendy edge and quantum figuring) will help you get stunning positions like:

Cloud Reliability Engineer

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Cloud Architect and Security Architect

DevOps Cloud Engineer

Next amazing innovation pattern is quantum figuring, which is a type of processing that exploits quantum marvels like superposition and quantum trap. This stunning innovation pattern is likewise engaged with forestalling the spread of the Covid, and to foster possible immunizations, because of its capacity to effectively inquiry, screen, break down and follow up on information, paying little heed to the source.

Another field where quantum processing is discovering applications in banking and account, to oversee credit hazard, for high-recurrence exchanging and misrepresentation location.

Quantum PCs are currently a large number occasions quicker than ordinary PCs and gigantic brands like Splunk, Honeywell, Microsoft, AWS, Google and numerous others are presently associated with making developments in the field of Quantum Computing.

The incomes for the worldwide quantum processing market are projected to outperform $2.5 billion by 2029. Furthermore, to make an imprint in this new moving innovation, you need to have insight with quantum mechanics, straight polynomial math, likelihood, data hypothesis, and machine learning.

The following excellent innovation pattern – Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), and Extended Reality (ER). VR inundates the client in a climate while AR upgrades their current circumstance. Albeit this innovation pattern has basically been utilized for gaming hitherto, it has additionally been utilized for training, similarly as with VirtualShip, a reenactment programming used to train U.S. Naval force, Army and Coast Guard transport captains.

Either could be utilized to train specialists to perform a medical procedure, offer gallery attendees a more profound encounter, improve amusement leaves, or even upgrade promoting, likewise with this Pepsi Max transport cover.

Fun actuality: 14 million AR and VR gadgets were sold in 2023. The worldwide AR and VR market is relied upon to develop to $209.2 billion by 2023, just setting out more open doors in the moving innovation, and inviting more experts prepared for this game-evolving field.

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Albeit the vast majority consider blockchain innovation corresponding to cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin, blockchain offers security that is helpful from multiple points of view. In the most straightforward of terms, blockchain can be depicted as information you can just add to, not detract from or change.

Henceforth the expression “chain” since you’re making a chain of information. Not having the option to change the past blocks is the thing that makes it so secure. Likewise, blockchains are agreement driven, so nobody substance can assume responsibility for the information. With blockchain, you needn’t bother with a confided in outsider to administer or approve exchanges.

A few businesses are including and executing blockchain, and as the utilization of blockchain innovation increments, so too does the interest for gifted experts. From a 10,000 foot perspective, a blockchain engineer has practical experience in creating and executing design and arrangements utilizing blockchain innovation. The normal yearly compensation of a blockchain engineer is ₹469K.

In the event that you are captivated by Blockchain and its applications and need to make your vocation in this moving innovation, at that point this is the ideal chance to begin.

To get into Blockchain, you need to have involved insight of programming dialects, the basics of OOPS, level and social information bases, information structures, web application improvement, and systems administration.

Mastering blockchain can help you scale up in a variety of fields and industries:

Risk Analyst

Tech Architect

Crypto Community Manager

Front End Engineer

Another promising new innovation pattern is IoT. Many “things” are presently being worked with WiFi availability, which means they can be associated with the Internet—and to one another. Subsequently, the Internet of Things, or IoT.

The Internet of Things is the future, and has effectively empowered gadgets, home machines, vehicles and substantially more to be associated with and trade information over the Internet.

What’s more, we’re just in the early phases of this new innovation pattern: Forecasts recommend that by 2030 around 50 billion of these IoT gadgets will be being used all throughout the planet, making a monstrous trap of interconnected gadgets spreading over everything from cell phones to kitchen apparatuses.

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It is relied upon to be utilized in production lines, HD cameras that assistance improve security and traffic the executives, savvy framework control and brilliant retail as well.

5G administrations are relied upon to dispatch worldwide in 2023 with in excess of 50 administrators offering administrations in around 30 nations before the finish of 2023, making it another innovation pattern you should keep an eye out for, and furthermore save a spot in.

As confirmation of the solid requirement for online protection experts, the quantity of network safety occupations is growing multiple times quicker than other tech occupations. Likewise, the requirement for appropriate network protection is high to such an extent that by 2023, $6 trillion will be spent internationally on network safety.

You should take note of that anyway difficult the field is it additionally offers rewarding six-figure livelihoods, and jobs can go from

Ethical Hacker

Malware Analyst

Security Engineer

Chief Security Officer

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The Importance Of Critical Thinking In Project Management

Critical thinking is one of the most important skills for project managers to possess. It involves analyzing information and making decisions based on evidence rather than intuition or opinion. Project managers need to be able to assess a situation, evaluate possible solutions, and then make an informed decision about how best to move forward.

Critical thinking helps project managers identify potential risks and opportunities within their projects, as well as identify areas that need improvement or additional resources.

Additionally, it allows them to think critically about ways to handle conflicts in order to reach successful outcomes more quickly and efficiently. In short, critical thinking enables project managers to make better decisions which can lead to improved results for their projects.

Importance of Critical Thinking in Project Management Critical thinking as a problem-solving tool

By using critical thinking, project managers can identify and analyze potential problems or risks before they occur, anticipate customer needs, and develop creative solutions to ensure the success of the project. It also helps them to stay focused on the big picture while managing individual tasks along the way.

With critical thinking skills, a project manager can assess different scenarios and come up with better strategies for achieving desired outcomes than simply following a standard plan. Additionally, it allows project managers to think strategically about how resources are allocated in order to get maximum results from limited resources.

Finally, by being aware of any potential issues that could arise during a project’s implementation phase, critical thinkers will be able to react quickly when necessary and take corrective action where needed.

Critical thinking as a decision-making tool

Critical thinking has the ability to assess and analyze a situation from multiple perspectives, allowing project managers to identify possible solutions that may have previously been overlooked. It also increases the chances of making informed decisions that are in line with stakeholders’ expectations and objectives.

Project managers who use critical thinking skills can make more efficient decisions by considering all aspects of a problem before choosing a course of action. This helps them avoid costly mistakes, as well as maximize the value they bring to their organizations through successful projects.

Furthermore, critical thinking enables project managers to be proactive rather than reactive when dealing with issues; this allows them to anticipate potential problems and take appropriate steps ahead of time instead of reacting after it is too late.

Critical thinking as a risk management tool

Critical thinking helps minimize errors by providing more insight into how specific tasks may be completed in the most efficient manner possible. By encouraging creativity and looking at problems from different perspectives, project managers can identify opportunities for improvement before they become major issues.

Overall, leveraging critical thinking as part of any risk management strategy increases the chances of successful completion while minimizing costs and avoiding unnecessary delays.

Examples of Critical Thinking in Project Management Identifying and defining project goals

A key element of successful project management is to identify and clearly define the desired outcome of the project. This includes setting realistic goals, including cost estimations for completion, and establishing a timeline for completion.

Once these goals are established, it is important to monitor progress against those milestones in order to ensure that the project remains on track and within budget.

Additionally, breaking down a large task into smaller pieces or steps allows you to focus your critical thinking skills on addressing each individual piece with an eye toward identifying potential risks or challenges that may arise along the way. With this kind of clear vision of where you want your project to go, you can make sound decisions about how best to proceed in order to achieve success!

Analyzing data and making informed decisions

Critical thinking helps project managers to weigh their options when making decisions and ensure that the chosen path is the most efficient one for all stakeholders involved. Project managers must use critical thinking to assess current resources, identify potential risks, and consider alternative solutions in order to make the best decision for a successful outcome.

The ability to think critically can be invaluable when setting up timelines, cost projections, and other details of a project as well as minimizing any possible errors or oversights during its execution.

Additionally, being able to evaluate data efficiently can help project managers determine where they should invest their time and energy in order to maximize results while maintaining quality throughout the process.

Strategies for Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Project Management Asking questions

Asking questions is one of the most important strategies for developing critical thinking skills in project management. Asking questions allows you to further understand the subject and obtain a better understanding of it by exploring different angles and perspectives.

Additionally, asking questions encourages dialogue between team members which can help foster collaboration and creative solutions to difficult problems.

Seeking diverse perspectives

Another strategy for developing critical thinking skills in project management is Gathering Information from Multiple Sources. This involves researching information from multiple sources such as books, websites, news articles, industry experts, etc. so that a more comprehensive viewpoint on an issue can be developed before acting upon it.

By gathering information from multiple sources, project managers are able to consider all data points when making decisions rather than relying solely on their own opinion or experiences which could lead to biased judgment calls and inadequate problem-solving methods down the road.

Challenging assumptions

Project managers must challenge the assumptions they make in order to seek creative solutions that may not be immediately obvious. By questioning why something is done a certain way, project managers can identify opportunities for improvement or uncover potential risks and challenges that need to be addressed before moving forward with any plans.

Another strategy for developing critical thinking skills in project management is brainstorming. Brainstorming sessions are effective tools for exploring all of the possible options available to address a problem or situation, as well as encouraging team members to think outside the box and come up with unique ideas.

Developing a culture of critical thinking

This involves fostering a mindset of asking questions, brainstorming with team members, challenging assumptions, and considering alternative solutions. It’s also important to create an environment that encourages critical thinking by providing feedback on project performance.

Additionally, it is beneficial for managers to encourage team members to take initiative and think outside the box when it comes to project tasks or assignments.

Finally, regularly scheduled meetings that allow for discussion on how projects can be improved are an excellent way to stimulate creative thought processes while simultaneously motivating employees.


The importance of critical thinking in project management is undeniable. It allows project managers to think through various problems and solutions, as well as effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas to stakeholders.

Critical thinking helps ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget while also helping create innovative solutions that meet the needs of all involved parties.

The ability to think critically can be a powerful tool when deciding how best to manage a project, so it’s important for project managers to hone their skills in this area. Doing so will lead to successful outcomes for everyone involved.

How Climate Change Is Pushing Oxygen Out Of The World’s Oceans

Since the 1960s, the oxygen level in the world’s oceans has dropped by about 2 percent. While that may not sound like a lot, the continuous decline in oxygen content of oceanic and coastal waters, called deoxygenation, can alter marine ecosystems and biodiversity. This is largely happening due to global warming and nutrient runoff.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from anthropogenic activities like deforestation and fossil fuel use trap the sun’s heat, warming the planet and heating up the ocean. Oxygen becomes less soluble at higher temperatures, which means warm water holds less oxygen than cold water. Eutrophication due to excess inputs of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus from agriculture or wastewater also stimulates algal blooms, resulting in oxygen depletion when they decompose.

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Deoxygenation affects living resources and disrupts natural biogeochemical processes, says Nancy Rabalais, professor and chair in oceanography and wetland studies at Louisiana State University who researches coastal eutrophication and hypoxic environments. Oxygen concentrations play a role in the rates of breakdown of organic matter and the cycling of different elements in the environment. For instance, deoxygenation may enhance phosphorus recycling, reduce nitrogen losses, and initially enhance the availability of iron, all of which can alter the productivity of coastal and ocean ecosystems.

Loss of oxygen content also has significant impacts on marine microbes and animals. Deoxygenation can alter their abundance and diversity, reduce the quality and quantity of suitable habitats for them, and interfere with reproduction. The oxygen decline doesn’t have to be major to potentially cause ecosystem-wide changes. In oxygen minimum zones that may already be close to physiological thresholds, even small oxygen declines can have drastic impacts.

When oceans lose oxygen, marine organisms become stressed and need to adapt—if they can—to survive. Species that are especially sensitive to oxygenation changes, like tuna and sharks, are being driven to shallower habitats as oxygen-deficient zones expand, says Anya Hess, PhD candidate at Rutgers University who studies ocean oxygenation. Deoxygenation also threatens the ocean’s food provisioning ecosystem services for humans, potentially leading to reduced catches for fisheries and the collapse of regional stocks. 

Although new research suggests deoxygenation may eventually reverse, it might not happen until the far future. In a recent study published in Nature, Hess and her co-authors looked to the Miocene warm period about 16 to 14 million years ago when temperatures and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations were higher than today to study a “possible example of how oceans behave during sustained warm periods,” she says.

Their results show that the eastern tropical Pacific—a major oxygen-deficient or “dead” zone that has been losing oxygen as the climate warms—was well oxygenated at that time, which suggests that deoxygenation could reverse on long timeframes as the climate continues to warm.

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Climate models from a 2023 study published in Global Biogeochemical Cycles predict oxygen concentration may start increasing and oxygen-starved regions in the ocean can begin shrinking by 2150 through 2300 due to decreasing tropical export production—the nutrient supply from the ocean interior—combined with increased ocean ventilation or the transport of surface waters into the interior. But marine ecosystems are already facing various impacts today—and rebounding is hard because deoxygenation can reconfigure food webs and organisms that can’t avoid low oxygen levels can become lethargic or die.

“I don’t think we should wait around to see whether deoxygenation will reverse as the climate continues to warm,” says Hess. “We know that rising temperatures are causing ocean deoxygenation, so if we want to stop it we know what we need to do—reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Policymakers can also establish long-term monitoring programs around the world to study oxygen measurements, which will help identify patterns and predict biological responses. All in all, deoxygenation trends may eventually reverse in the future, but taking the steps to mitigate climate change and control nutrient runoff will benefit humans and marine ecosystems today.

The Best Apple Watch Accessories In 2023

Apple Watch is a great wearable on its own. However, there are many things that you can improve about it using the right accessories. Some accessories enhance certain features and functions of the Apple Watch, while others are there to change and improve the style and overall look of the smartwatch. 

The following gadgets are some of the best Apple Watch (Amazon, Best Buy) accessories out there. Whether you’re looking for a protective case or need a way to charge your Apple Watch quicker, we’ve got you covered. 

Table of Contents

Your Apple Watch is also a portable music player you wear on your wrist. To make sure you get the best possible sound out of it, you’ll need a pair of wireless earphones. While you can use any set of earbuds with the Apple Watch, if you want a seamless connection and the best sound quality, the natural choice is a pair of AirPods Pro. 

Since Apple makes the AirPods, you can pair them with all your Apple devices at once. Once your AirPods are linked up with one of your Apple gadgets, they’ll pair with every other device that’s connected to your iCloud account. That way, you can jump back and forth from listening to music on your Apple Watch to your iPhone, MacBook, and even Apple TV. 

You can also use the AirPods Pro to take calls or use Siri on your Apple Watch. Compared to other generations of AirPods, it’s worth getting the Pro version as they sound better, have a better fit, and come with active noise cancellation. 

One of the cool things about the Apple Watch is that you can change its look as often as you want. Mainly, you can get custom watch faces and multiple Apple Watch straps. The first only affects the style of your Apple Watch, but choosing the right band can bring you more benefits and extend your watch’s functionality. 

If you’re a workout enthusiast and use your Apple Watch as a fitness tracker a lot, a must-have Apple Watch accessory for you is a Nike Sport band. 

While there are many sport loop bands available for the Apple Watch, the Nike Sport band seems superior. The synthetic rubber material is breathable and lightweight and will let the water and sweat get through it (unlike stainless steel or a leather strap, for example). The band itself feels smooth, light, and comfortable enough on your wrist to take you through the toughest of workout sessions. 

If using the standard magnetic charging cable to charge your Apple Watch isn’t enough for you, the next best option is to get an official Apple Watch charger – the Magnetic Charging Dock for your wearable.

Like other Apple products, it’s got a stylish and elegant look. However, it comes at a price that’s a little more than other similar options on the market. This charging dock is a simple, minimalistic device with only one purpose: to keep your Apple Watch charged at all times. You can also use it to charge your watch at night: Prop your watch on the dock sideways, and you can use it as a bedside clock. 

Belkin boost 3-in-1 charging stand with MagSafe is perfect for when you need to charge multiple iOS devices simultaneously. If you’re not just an Apple Watch owner but also a recent iPhone owner, you’ll appreciate the 15W iPhone MagSafe charging speeds, as well as the overall style and look of this watch stand by Belkin. 

This wireless charger supports charging 3 of your Apple devices simultaneously. You can use the two magnetic spots for charging your iPhone and your Apple Watch while also using the base of the stand to juice up your AirPods. 

The only downside of the Belkin 3-in-1 charging stand is its steep price. You can find cheaper alternatives on the market with magnets that you can use for iPhone wireless charging. However, they won’t have full-speed 15W MagSafe charging as this stand does. 

The TimePorter by Twelve South is a great Apple Watch accessory for any traveler. In a nutshell, it’s a 2-in-1 storage and charging case for your wearable. The TimePorter looks like your normal eyeglass case, made of synthetic leather and lined with silicone on the inside. There’s enough space inside the case for your Apple Watch, as well as some accessories, like charging cables, travel adapters, or Apple Watch bands. 

The best part about the Twelve South TimePorter is that you can use it to charge your Apple Watch on the go, which makes it a perfect travel case. However, you’ll need to use your own magnetic Apple Watch charging cable to do it. You can use this Apple Watch case to tuck the cable away while placing your watch on top when charging. If you leave the TimePorter open, you can prop up your Apple Watch and use it in Nightstand mode. 

The Airbox by Momax is the perfect charging device for those who prefer staying completely mobile. The Airbox allows you to charge your digital timepiece on the go. It comes with an impressive 10,000mAH MFI battery and can charge devices at 10W wirelessly and 20W via Type-C port (meaning it supports the latest 8th Gen iPad). 

As this is a multi-device charger, you can use it to charge your Apple Watch, iPhone, AirPods, iPad, and even Apple Pencil. You can also use it to store your gadgets when they’re not in use, which solves the problem of misplacing and losing smaller devices like Apple Pencil or AirPods. On top of that, the foldable design of this power bank makes it look cool and futuristic. 

The wireless charging surface is powered by the three charging coils and a separate upright wireless connection spot for your Apple Watch. The charging coils mean that you don’t have to worry about positioning your gadgets in a certain way on the surface. You can put them anywhere and the Nomad base station will still charge them. 

The Rugged Armor Pro is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). While it doesn’t have a direct screen protector, it has a raised bezel around the screen that’s supposed to absorb impacts when you hit your screen and keep it intact. The case looks rugged and tough, and will surely prolong the lifespan of your Apple Watch. 

What Apple Watch Accessories Should You Get in 2023?

These are our top picks for the best Apple Watch accessories of the upcoming year. However, there are of course other great gadgets that can enhance your user experience with Apple Watch. To name a few, the Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock for on-the-go charging and the Twelve South Actionsleeve for turning your Apple Watch into a superb fitness device. 

Donald Trump’s Nft Card Collection Sold Out On A Day Before Christmas

Donald Trump’s NFT card collection sold out within hours after the announcement

The former 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump’s NFT card collection sold out within hours after the announcement. Statistics from Opensea, three days after the sale, show that the digital Trump card collection’s floor value is now roughly $578.

On Wednesday, Trump alerted fans to a “major announcement” on his Truth social media platform. A day later, the 45th president of the United States revealed he was offering “limited edition cards featuring amazing ART of my Life & Career”, which he promised would prove “very much like a baseball card but hopefully much more exciting”.

Some tokens are selling for much higher prices. The one-of-ones, the rarest of the NFTs, which comprise 2.4% of the 45,000 unit collection (roughly 1,000), are selling for as much as 6 ETH at the time of writing. One of these rare trading cards, of the 45th president standing in front of the Statue of Liberty holding a torch, is currently listed at 20 ETH, or about $24,000.

The businessman-turned-politician rolled out the “Trump digital trading cards” on Thursday in a widely hyped announcement. The video opens with an animated image of Trump dressed in a superhero outfit shooting laser beams out of his eyes. The cartoonish graphic is followed by the real Trump.

“This is Donald Trump, hopefully, your favorite president of all time, better than Lincoln, better than Washington,” Trump, who recently declared himself a candidate for president in 2024, says in the video.

The NFTs were sold for $99 (Rs 8,100) each and 45,000 of them were put on sale. As with previous NFTs, the buyer retains copyright of the particular digital Trump card, but anyone online is free to copy and share the image. Some designs are unique, while others exist in editions of up to 20, according to Collect Trump Cards, the official website of the trading cards.

According to the website, “These Digital Trading Cards are not political and have nothing to do with any political campaign. NFT INT LLC is not owned, managed or controlled by Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization, CIC Digital LLC or any of their respective principals or affiliates.”

In the announcement video of the online store to sell $99 digital trading cards, which has been shared by several accounts on Twitter, the former US President said, “Would make a great Christmas gift. Don’t Wait. They will be gone, I believe, very quickly!” He described the NFTs as containing “really incredible artwork pertaining to my life and career,” and that purchasing one is a ticket to “a very exclusive community.”

According to data from Dune Analytics, nearly 13,000 users minted 3.5 tokens upon the release of the collection. Additionally, 115 customers purchased 45 NFTs, which is the minimum number of tokens that guarantees a ticket to a dinner with Trump; 17 people purchased 100 NFTs, which, according to the Trump Trading Card site, was the maximum quantity allowed to mint. However, additional metrics from Dune show that other wallets held far more.

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