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Verizon Gifts Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers with a Replacement iPhone 4

Earlier today, Superbowl winning Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers sent out a tweet complaining about his terrible iPhone connection, saying that he’d like to call in to the sports radio talk segment the Jim Rome show, but couldn’t because he kept hearing voices. Not the voices of ghosts, mind you, but of his AT&T iPhone which he said kept telling him “I will drop ur call.” Someone over at Verizon wireless who has a good eye for opportunity has just replied a few minutes ago with an offer for Rodgers that appears to be no less than a free Verizon iPhone 4.

This all began a couple of weeks ago when Aaron Rodgers was asked to do a phone interview with the Jim Rome show, only to be cut off by a terrible connection more than once. A transcript of a couple of the more important interactions:

RODGERS: “Yeah, you bet, man. I love the iPhone, but sometimes AT&T doesn’t work around here.”ROME: “That’s the truth. Around here also…”

A few moments later:

RODGERS: (Unintelligible)ROME: “Aaron, my man, I just can’t do it. I hate that. AT&T and the iPhone. Too bad it hasn’t come to Verizon yet, but that’s February 10th. Great phone, spotty service. AT&T, thanks for nothing. Hate that. You got a guy coming off the best game of his career in demand, tough to get the interview, commits to it, probably in a place where it’s got to be a cell phone shot. iPhone. I mean, you got apps. But what good is it if we can’t do a freaking interview? Yeah, but the apps are great. Yeah, it’s great if you can use it as a phone. iPhone, not iApps. And I’m not here to crack you iPhone users, don’t freak out on that, I’ve got one. That’s why I don’t use it as much as my Verizon BlackBerry. Big drag. We’ll try to re-establish that with another phone or if not, what are you going to do? Guy made time for it. Tried to do it. We’ll see if maybe we can still turn that around.”

Immediately after this, the tweets started rolling out, and it began to look rather bleak for AT&T at the same time as it started to look like one heck of a free commercial for Verizon:

Jim Rome continued the show with a reading of an email, and suddenly the show was very much about AT&T’s coverage with their version of the iPhone. The email Rome read: “Hey, Jim, I agree completely about iPhones. I was on a call with one about a month ago. I could not hear a word the guy was saying, signed Joe Pa.”

Today, the story took another interesting turn. Aaron Rodgers tweeted his wish to call in to the Jim Rome Show again, saying that he was afraid as his iPhone warned him of the inevitable:

This alerted Verizon to the continuing situation, and they immediately took action with their fabulous free phone machine, appearing to offer Rodgers a brand new iPhone 4 from their recently released collection:

What can we learn from all this? Perhaps just make sure to have excellent service, especially when your device is in the hands of celebrities and sports icons.

One bad call can go a long way.

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Meet The 13 Diverse Startups In Tampa Bay Wave’s Accelerator Cohort

Diversity in a startup ecosystem is always good for business. In addition to providing a given startup ecosystem with an influx of unique ideas, it also supports the community in a way that begets more activity across the board. Fortunately, one Tampa Bay-based startup accelerator is making diversity a priority with their latest cohort.

Tampa Bay Wave is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and growing Tampa Bay startups into full-fledged tech companies. Their latest cohort consists of 13 startups, many of who are founded and led by women, minority, and veteran founders. And they’re pretty excited about it.

“Tampa Bay Wave is thrilled to welcome our newest Accelerator Build cohort to our Tampa Tech Ecosystem,” said Linda Olson, founder and president of Tampa Bay Wave, in a press release. “Wave is committed to providing every available resource to launch these promising tech companies to scalable, successful ventures. We look forward to fueling these startups with the support of our recent fund developments, further helping to close the critical early stage capital gap in our budding tech community.”

After just four years, Tampa Bay Wave has supported 180 companies as an accelerator, growing the Tampa Bay scene at an exponential rate. If you want to learn about the companies involved in their newest cohort, take a look at them below:

180byTwo is an industry leader in global audience solutions: leveraging multi sourced offline, online, mobile, location, signal, proximity, and various other data points across industry verticals designed to help marketers and platforms more efficiently and effectively target accounts, professionals and consumers across channels and devices.


As the Uber of Boats, Anchor can pick you up from any dock and drop you off with ease. Just sign up to be an Anchor Passenger by downloading the free app from the app store, select what type of boat you would like to take, select a driver, and you and your group of friends can set sail to your destination.

Course Align enables universities to create data-driven curriculum that aligns coursework with relevant job skills. By providing meaningful information to faculty in a comprehensive way, they’re hoping to close the skills gap in the education world today.

Data & Sons

Data & Sons is fostering new knowledge development by making data more valuable and easier to exchange. Their online marketplace for buying, selling, and sharing data makes exchanging data simple and safe.


Inzata brings together years of experience to create analytics products that are fast, and structured. Mass amounts of data can be processed with little time, little cost, while creating simple and interactive data visualizations.


Orchrd is a Tampa Bay-based edtech company with two notable products. The first, Class, is a powerful analytics platform for teachers. The second, NoteBear, is a collaboration platform for students to buy and sell notes and tutoring.

The PreferHired online platform is enabled by people, powered by technology and accessible to everyone. It’s where the world can go to hire, refer a friend and find a job.

Records Rescue

Record Rescue provide a single point-of-contact for medical records retrieval and focus on small to mid-sized plaintiff firms. Their secure cloud-based platform makes ordering easier than ever.

Rx Live is a concierge telehealth service that connects patients and expert pharmacists in a secure, private and personal way.


SimpleShowing is a trusted platform geared towards savvy home buyers and sellers. With expert, licensed agents, a dedicated customer service team, state of the art technology and a fast-growing list of clients, SimpleShowing is changing the way buyers and sellers use real estate services.


SimplyReliable has built two quality products for custom installers. SmartOffice, the first product, is the only cloud based project management software developed for the custom integrator, by custom integrators. And Design Machine, the second product, uses a patented process to easily create great drawings and documentation.


The Verapy platform is a game-changer in creating full flexibility of the rehabilitation process for the therapist. Their software ensures full engagement between patients and therapist throughout the entire cycle of the therapy.

Wabi Showing

Wabi Social is the breakthrough new dating app that cuts through the red tape to find better matches for a fun, safe, quality connection that is flexible with your schedule.

Read more about the Tampa Bay startup ecosystem on TechCo 

Unbrick Verizon Galaxy S3 Using Odin

The Verizon Galaxy S3 has to be the most problematic variant of the Galaxy S3. If the locked bootloader on it wasn’t enough, many users have seen their Verizon Galaxy S3 get bricked and stop booting after trying to flash a custom ROM, making it a very expensive paperweight. Normally, the only way to fix this is to send the phone it to Verizon, and probably also pay the full price of the phone for a replacement.

However, thanks to XDA Recognized Developer PureMotive, we can now fix a bricked Verizon Galaxy S3 and get it running again just like new. The procedure involves flashing a few files that fix the device’s bootloader and make it work normally again, and the guide below will walk you through it with step-by-step-instructions.

Something important to note is that the procedure is quite long, and if not followed properly, it will not work. So read instruction carefully, twice if you have to, and your phone will be fixed and running again in no time.

Now let’s take a look at how the Verizon Galaxy S3 can be unbricked.

How to Unbrick Verizon Galaxy S3

Download Drivers

Extract the chúng tôi file to a convenient location on the computer to get a folder named Odin307 with 4 files inside.

Download the following files:



Open this file in a torrent application like µTorrent to download a file named stock.vzw_root66.7z. After downloading the stock.vzw_root66.7z file, extract it to get a file named stock.vzw_root66.tar (use a software like 7-zip to extract).

Make sure phone is off. Boot into download mode. To do so, hold down the Volume Down, Home and then the Power buttons together until a Warning!! message is displayed on the screen. Here, press Volume Up to enter download mode. A green Android and the text Downloading will be displayed on the screen.

Then, connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable and wait for Windows to finish installing drivers. Odin will say Added!! in the message box on the bottom left if the phone is detected successfully. If not, make sure the drivers are installed and also try using a different USB port – preferably a USB port on the back if using a desktop computer.

Wait till flashing is complete and you get a PASS message in Odin. When that happens, disconnect the phone from the computer, but DON’T turn it off and let it stay in download mode. Also close Odin.

Reconnect your phone to the computer (while it is in download mode). Open Odin again.

When flashing is complete and you get a PASS message, disconnect the phone and close Odin. But keep the phone in download mode, don’t turn it off.

Open Odin again and also reconnect the phone to the computer.

The phone will still not boot up completely. Now, remove the battery on the phone, then re-insert it. Don’t turn it on.

In recovery, use the volume buttons to scroll up/down and the home button to select options.

Select wipe data/factory reset, then select Yes on next screen to confirm. Wait a while till the data wipe is complete (this will NOT delete your personal files on the SD cards).

Select wipe cache, confirm, then wait for cache wipe to be completed.

Then, select reboot system now to reboot the phone.

The phone will now boot up properly into Android and is fixed, and you will be able to use it now.

Your Verizon Galaxy S3 is now fixed, and has saved you from sending it in for repair to Verizon. Do let us know how the procedure works!

How To Remove Green Screen Backgrounds In Photoshop

Removing Green Screen In Photoshop

There are a variety of simple ways to remove green screen backgrounds in Photoshop. Since you only need to remove a single color, Photoshop can accurately select around your subject with ease. Although many tools would work to remove a green screen, one of the fastest is called Select Color. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Select Color to remove a green screen in no time. After the initial selection is complete, I’ll then share an easy way to remove green spill from your photo using Select And Mask.

Let’s get started!

How To Remove A Green Screen Background – Step By Step

By following the steps below, you can quickly remove a green screen background from an image in Photoshop. For this tutorial, I’ll be using the select color method; however, you could use Channels or the Magic Wand Tool as well.

Select Color tends to do the best job and gives you more customization options, which is why I recommend it for this scenario! Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Select And Duplicate Your Image Layer

To ensure you’re editing non-destructively, it’s helpful to always have a backup of your original image. By selecting your image layer, press Command + J (Mac) or Control + J (PC) to duplicate your layer.

This will open the color range dialogue box where you can begin to select and remove the green screen color.

Step 3: Sample The Green Screen Background To Select It

If you aren’t familiar with removing backgrounds with select color, let’s quickly explain how it works. Unlike other selection tools in Photoshop, this method uses sampled colors to create selections. By grouping various hues, Photoshop can tell the difference between edges in your photos and ultimately make a selection.

In the case of keying out a green screen, there’s no better tool for the job! If you want to learn more of the specifics, I discuss the tool more in-depth in this post.

To make life easy, set the dialogue box preview to “Selection” and change your selection preview to “None”. That way, you can see what’s being selected while still making all of the green easily visible for sampling.

Looking at the dialogue box preview, it works exactly like a layer mask. Everything that is white is visible, while everything that is black is transparent. The goal when removing a green screen is to sample the different colors in the background. Photoshop will easily separate the two and divide them into black (invisible) and white (visible) based on the samples.

In this example, the background has a few creases and shadows, giving me different shades of green, so it didn’t select everything first go. That means I’ll need to add to my sampled area.

At this point, the entire background should look white in the dialogue box preview, indicating all of the green is selected. Now it’s time to refine your sampled area.

Step 4: Adjust The Fuzziness Value

At the top of the color range dialogue box is a slider labeled “Fuzziness.” This controls how much tolerance Photoshop will have between the sampled colors and similar hues. By increasing the fuzziness, you can get rid of green screen spill or get a more accurate selection around the hair.

There isn’t any right or wrong setting for this, as it depends solely on the image you’re working with. To help you get a better idea of how your selection is looking, take a moment to change the selection preview from None to Grayscale. This way, you can easily see how the fuzziness slider affects the selection area.

Ultimately, you want to adjust this slider until you’ve refined the selection without losing too much detail. For example, if I were to go too crazy with this slider, I would lose the flyaway hairs that make the cutout look realistic. Aim for as good as you can, without losing information from the image.

Step 5: Invert Your Selection Preview

Since you’ve sampled the background, you’ll have the opposite of what you want to be selected. To switch this around, simply check off the Invert option on the color range panel’s right side.

Your subject will become white (100% visible) while the background will become black (100% transparent).

Step 6: Add The Active Selection To A Layer Mask

The selection will automatically be applied to your layer mask, and the green screen background will be removed.

Also, be sure to turn off your backup layer’s visibility, so it doesn’t show through in the background!

– The Result

The green screen is gone, but lots of fringing still remains.

Now you’ve gotten rid of the green screen background from the photo, but it’s likely there is a lot of spill left over. This can happen from light reflecting off the backdrop and coloring your subject with a green hue. This is particularly common around the edges of things, such as the arms and hair of this model.

Obviously, this doesn’t look very good and makes it obvious that this was photographed on a green screen. In the next section, we’ll go through how to use Select And Mask to remove any of the remaining green screen spill!

How To Remove Green Screen Spill

Select And Mask is a powerful tool in Photoshop for refining edges and making more accurate image cutouts. Using the refine edge brush tool and some automatic refinement options, you can quickly eliminate green screen spill.

Step 1: Open Select And Mask

A new window will appear with a variety of new tools and settings. This is called Select And Mask!

Step 2: Set Your Edge Detection To “Smart Radius”

Before you begin refining anything, go to your edge detection tab and check off the Smart Radius option.

Smart Radius automatically adjusts the hardness of your brush depending on the edge you’re near. In layman’s terms, it improves Photoshops edge detection capabilities. This proves extremely useful for the next step with the Refine Edge Brush.

Step 3: Paint Over The Green Spill With The Refine Edge Brush

First, select the Refine Edge Brush Tool from your toolbar.

This tool operates just like any other brush-type tool in the program. If you need to change the brush’s size, just use the [ or ] keys to scale it.

Begin by painting over any areas that have been affected by the green spill. You may also need to paint over areas that the previous color range option didn’t properly select in some cases.

As you paint around your subject, Photoshop will automatically refine the edge for you. You can even paint around strands of hair to get rid of any green glow that’s around them!

Talk about a time-saver, am I right?

Continue to go along the edges of your subject until most of the green spill is gone.

Step 4: Shift The Selection Edge Inwards

If you still have a bit of green leftover, you can use the Shift Edge slider within the Global Refinements Tab.

Decrease the edge value to a negative percentage to bring the selection edge inward from its original position. This helps to get rid of the green fringing and further refine the cutout.

Step 5: Check-Off Decontaminate Colors (Optional)

This final step is optional, as it helps some images while not so much for others. This setting further eliminates the fringing in your photo and is a perfect final option for getting rid of that green spill.

You can find this setting at the bottom of the Select And Mask adjustment bar and can select it by checking it off. Try it out and see what effects it has on your photo. After all, if it doesn’t work out, just uncheck it afterward!

Since I don’t want to have an extra layer, I’ll set the output option to “Layer Mask” so the changes will apply to the mask that already exists.

– The Result

No more green spill leftover!

Now the green screen has been removed from the background, and you’ve gotten rid of the green spill around your subject! With a perfect cut out, you can easily change the background or add your subject into other images.

If you simply want to add a new background image to your photo, just drag and drop your background image into the project and place it below your cutout.

Now you have a new background, and you’ve successfully gotten rid of the green screen using Photoshop. Score!

Happy Editing,

Brendan 🙂

The Best Gifts For People Who Love To Drive

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How to make your favorite car enthusiast love you. Picjumbo

Drivers are a special breed—one that’s completely distinct from people who drive. No, drivers live for their cars, choosing the road over all other forms of travel whenever possible. The quickest route to their hearts this holiday season is a gift they can use in their rolling living room.

As if the windows weren’t enough, there are like eleventy-thousand screens in every car now, often ones that are meant to be poked at with your grubby little fry-slimed fingers. Aaaaaaaah! Fingerprints everywhere! Getemoff getemoff getemoff! These are the best microfiber cleaning cloths. Seriously, one swipe. Looks like a boring gift, has a stupid name, but you’ll be riding shotgun for life. $7.95 on Amazon.

Don’t you love it when you plug your phone into your friend’s car to charge and that U2 album you forgot you owned starts blaring? No, you don’t love it, and neither does anyone else. It’s great that every new car has a USB port and all, but they usually charge slowly and almost always result in an A/V faux pas. This is the car charger to get your drivin’ fool: it charges two devices simultaneously at 2.4 amps each, so you can both juice up on the quick. $8.99 on Amazon.

Charging cables just aren’t meant for the car. Those things stick out your phone’s bum like a salamander tail just waiting to be snapped off. And they don’t grow back. Get one that’s made to be jammed into in a cupholder while you totally don’t watch Gilmore Girls on your phone as traffic creeps along. $15.74 on Amazon.

If your friend’s license plate doesn’t rattle when they crank Terry Gross’ velvet tones, their stereo sucks. Save them. Get them a subwoofer. Now, not everyone is cool enough to sacrifice their trunks to the gods of bass, and while that is not OK, it is legal. This easy-to-install 300-watt powered job packs a 12-inch woofer, so it should be able to pop an eardrum. If it’s not enough, you can always get two. $177.91 on Amazon.

Serious drivers often have a leisure ride, one they only take out on sunny days, when the journey is the destination, man. Those people also often have dead batteries, because a long winter of auto-stasis is not the friend of a lead-acid cell. Battery Tenders add teensy drops of voltage as needed, to make sure a seldom-used car will always start. (And if it doesn’t start, it’s probably not the battery.) $49.99 on Amazon.

That new car smell won’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help your travelin’ bestie hold on longer. These little bags are straight-up magic (well, science-magic, anyway). The charcoal inside soaks up the olfactory evidence of your bud’s latest road trip without leaving some oily truckstop-flower smell behind. Throw one under the seats, and set it out in the sun once a month to keep it rockin’ on. $9.95 on Amazon.

We’ve all been there: Driving along, favorite song, etc. You pull over for some fuel—both for you and the car—and the service station HAS NO MOUNTAIN DEW CODE RED! Gotta pack your own, and this cooler not only holds two cases of the stuff, but plugs into your car’s 12V power socket and works as a fridge. So that Code Red stays ice cold. Or you can flip a switch and keep stuff warm with it. Like 20 slices of pizza. Won’t fit in a stocking. $89.90 on Amazon.

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Debunking The Verizon Iphone Lte Insane Rumors

Over the weekend, a website claiming that sources “we believe to be familiar with the matter” has made some pretty ballsy claims about the Verizon iPhone. Looking at the information shared by this website, it makes no doubt to me that they were just link baiting, you know, like making up stuff to get people to talk about them.

I didn’t want to talk about it at first, but seeing how many people actually believe this, I had to raise my voice and tell what I really think about all this. Hint: this is all bs…

Verizon held management training for iPhone sales last week

What management? Store managers? Apple’s own Apple Store managers are not aware of new devices as they come out, I really doubt Apple would let Verizon’s managers know about the products weeks before it’s supposed to be released.

Verizon had functioning iPhones (LTE-capable) in management hands for the training sessions

The formal announcement of the iPhones Verizon debut is coming right after Christmas; “Apparently ATT’s final demand so as to maximize ATT’s Christmas iPhone sales”

The end of an exclusive agreement is not similar to death row. You don’t get to have a “final demand”. Besides, Apple couldn’t care less about AT&T. If they wanted to give Verizon the iPhone for Christmas, they would. That would allow Apple to potentially sell more devices.

The Verizon iPhone will be immediately available upon formal announcement

Verizon agreed to take 100% responsibility for security, so all the devices will be in their hands until the official announcement date, and they will then distribute thru channels in massive manner (hence early stockpiling)

Right! So you’re telling me Apple doesn’t have one of these supposed Verizon iPhone in stock? You believe this if you want to, but I don’t.

The new iPhone is an LTE device and that fact – the only “LTE iPhone,” exclusive to Verizon – will be the main marketing theme; i.e. “For the new ‘4G’ (cough) verizon network” that Verizon has already started promoting

This has to be the most ridiculous claim of them all. Let me remind you that while 3G was a widespread technology back in 2007, Apple still decided to limit iPhones to the slower Edge. Why in hell would Apple bet big bucks on a technology that hasn’t made its grades yet? If anything, we won’t see an iPhone LTE until at least 2012.

iPhone 5 was planned to debut in summer as LTE-only, for all contracted carriers, but the clock is ticking and nobody thinks either Verizon or AT&T can get to critical mass to offer an LTE-only version

Seriously? Apple would play all its cards on LTE, something that no one has even tested yet? Apple would drop 3G from the iPhone? Come on people, a little common sense, please!

Steve Jobs is said to be upset that carriers cannot seem to get their LTE act together more quickly

Steve Jobs is a smart guy. I doubt he is upset that carriers aren’t rolling a brand new multi-billion dollar technology quick enough. Jobs knows it’s going to take some time to reach a critical mass.

That was me talking with passion (maybe too much?) about the Verizon iPhone. What do you think about all this?

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