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Probably, if you know how to transfer files from one device to another, your friends will call you an “IT guru”. Or are you often called in emergencies to get help when someone is not running Windows properly or your PC won’t turn on? If so, you landed on the right page. Stay tuned to find out.

We have Concluded a list of the main and essential tips that you can use to repair any PC. Although this guide does not tell you how to diagnose and replace defective PC components, all of the simple troubleshooting tips are written below. You no longer need to pay a substantial amount for hiring specialists.

Top 5 Ultimate Computer Recovery Tips 1. Restore Your PC with System Repair Option

There is a feature built into Windows called rollback. Using this feature allows you to restore all changes made in the recent past to your PC’s software and hardware. This option will not remove your personal documents such as photos, images, etc. From your PC. This is a useful feature if your PC is experiencing recent problems. Find the System Restore feature in the Control Panel.

2. Get a Laptop Cooling Fan

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3. Shut The Files Running in Background

This tip we have found after huge research. This tip was recommended by famous Network Installation Services Burlington MA.

A PC’s performance decreases over time when many programs run in the background at the same time. Go to the Task Manager on the Taskbar and find out which programs are taking up the most RAM and CPU. If you find that some of the programs in the Processes and Services section are not needed, search for them on Google and remove them if necessary.

4. Learn to Use All System Recovery Options

See all the modalities of the provision, Windows has the option of the system incorporating into the rich in any case in its own PC. It is sufficient to touch the F8 function during the course of the process and select the option “Ultima configuration securement Function”. Selecting this option makes it easy to configure and turn the Windows around correctly.

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5. Replace PC Power Cables

If you have tried all the tricks available in the box and your PC is not booting properly, your power cord, adapter, or charger is likely damaged. It may also be due to a battery drain. Try replacing each of these items, and then check whether the PC boots correctly or not. It is always a good idea to keep a spare cable in your laptop bag.

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Top 5 Computer Vision Applications In Security In 2023

As the global crime rate increases, so does the need for security services. The demand for investigation and security services is projected to increase from $288 billion in 2023 to $417 billion by 2025.

While conventional security services such as manual surveillance are effective, they are limited to the capabilities of the person performing them. For instance, security personnel can only watch surveillance footage for a limited time and with a limited level of accuracy.

Business leaders in the security industry are leveraging digital solutions such as AI and ML to meet the increasing demand and optimize their offerings. Computer vision is a field of AI and can help the security sector overcome these challenges by providing higher accuracy and efficiency.

This article explores 5 applications and use cases of computer vision in the security sector that can help business managers implement this technology in their businesses.

Person detection

Finding escaped criminals or fugitives is a problem all over the world. Law enforcement agencies and government bodies have been using facial recognition for a long time to find criminals or people of interest. However, the level of accuracy and intelligence that computer vision and AI systems offer has only been achieved recently.

Many countries are using computer vision-enabled facial recognition systems to catch criminals at large, even with masks on.

Watch how the government of Dubai is using an AI and computer vision-enabled smart surveillance system to safeguard its public transport.

While computer vision-enabled facial recognition systems are effective, they face significant scrutiny in terms of public privacy. Some people feel that the technology violates their privacy and threatens their freedom. Therefore, many countries such as Canada, and the US are working towards regulating and limiting the use of this technology to protect public privacy.

You can also check our data-driven list of video annotation tools to find the option that best suits your project needs.

Dangerous situation detection

Another application of computer vision is smart security surveillance for violent and dangerous situations in urban cities. These systems are implemented through high-definition surveillance cameras deployed in different parts of the city to observe the people and detect violent behavior such as fights and alert authorities.

See how it works

These systems can be implemented in areas where there is a shortage of security personnel and a high rate of street crime.

School shootings have also increased since the pandemic started. In 2023, the highest number of school shootings was recorded in the US since 1999. Smart surveillance systems enabled with computer vision and AI can also help improve security and safety in schools in the following ways:

Detect suspicious behavior of students

Flag unwanted persons

identify unsafe objects

send alerts if there is overcrowding in any area

Theft and fraud prevention

Computer vision-enabled smart surveillance systems also help detect thieves:

Retail theft prevention

Retail crime is a big issue in the retail sector and it has increased after the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies have to face significant losses every year due to shoplifting and theft. Computer vision-enabled systems can observe customers in the stores to accurately detect shoplifting.

According to a recent report, computer vision systems are proving to be effective in minimizing retail theft and reducing product loss.

Walmart is also using AI-enabled surveillance cameras to detect store theft.

To learn more about how computer vision is revolutionizing the retail sector, check out this quick read.

ATM theft prevention

Computer vision-enabled systems can also observe the people using an ATM. The system can analyze the behavior of the person using the ATM to detect suspicious activities and alert authorities. 

In 2023, 2 people were arrested for tampering with around 700 ATMs in India. In a situation like this, a computer vision system can use facial recognition to identify those people and alert authorities to take action.

Crowd disaster prevention

Crowded events such as concerts, sports, or political events involve a high level of risk. Usually, in events like these, a large security team consisting of many security guards and staff is appointed to protect the crowd from potential incidents such as stampedes, terrorist attacks, etc.

Computer vision-enabled smart surveillance systems can help eliminate the challenges in high-risk events. It can help security companies cover larger areas and crowds with fewer security guards and higher accuracy. This can also reduce the costs of hiring and managing a big security staff.

Watch how a computer vision-enabled system can help manage the flow of crowds in busy places like airports and malls to avoid incidents and disasters.

Computer vision systems can also help detect abandoned objects in high-risk areas such as airports. The system detects the abandoned object and alerts the authorities for further investigation. 

See how it works

To improve your computer vision project, you check our data-driven lists of:

Further reading

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

Shehmir Javaid

Shehmir Javaid is an industry analyst at AIMultiple. He has a background in logistics and supply chain management research and loves learning about innovative technology and sustainability. He completed his MSc in logistics and operations management from Cardiff University UK and Bachelor’s in international business administration From Cardiff Metropolitan University UK.





Top Computer Vision Internships To Apply This October Weekend

Computer Vision Internship at Augtual Reality Labs

Duration: 6 months Location: Bengaluru Roles and Responsibilities: Augtual Reality Labs is creating augmented and virtual reality experiences over the web for small and large businesses as well as enterprises. Therefore, the company is looking for interns who can work closely to build, stabilize, and scale its Fabrik Platform. He/she should work on writing well-documented, clean code and test and fix bugs and other coding issues. They should develop and manage well-functioning databases and applications. Qualifications:

Only candidates who can be available full-time in the office are asked to apply for the internship.

He/she should be available in the office throughout the six-month period.

They should have prior knowledge in computer vision frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.

The candidate should have prior experience in edge and mobile-based implementations.

Hands-on programming skills in Python, machine learning is also mandated.

He/she should have working knowledge in C/C++.


Computer Vision and Deep Learning Interhsip at

Duration: 6 months Location: Hyderabad Roles and Responsibilities: As a computer vision and deep learning intern, the candidate should work on custom train neural networks. He/she should try to incorporate image processing techniques as much as possible to make solution resource effective. They should explore the latest computer vision research papers and see if chúng tôi can incorporate those solutions into its pipeline. Qualifications:

The candidate should be available in the office for full-time.

He/she should be able to stay in the job for the whole 6 months period.


Deep Learning Computer Vision Engineering Internship at Dfy Graviti

Duration: 1 Month Location: Bengaluru Roles and Responsibilities: Dfy Graviti is an aerospace engineering company building situational awareness solutions, aiming to accelerate aerospace design and development services by building critical IPand investment into space-related infrastructure, and leading the creation of new markets in the space ecosystem. The company is looking to recruit a deep learning computer vision engineering intern who can set up a Linux system for a deep learning application. He/she should train a given dataset under the given framework. They should communicate with the team and mutually identify improvements to the model. Qualifications:

The candidate is mandated to be available at the office during the 1-month internship.


Computer Vision Internship at Wobot Intelligence

Duration: 6 months Location: Work from home Roles and Responsibilities: The selected intern’s daily responsibilities include implementing computer vision algorithms and pipelines for various use cases. He/she should use internally developed libraries to train models and implement the same for deep learning interference. They should understand the problem statement and write Python codes to solve the same following a standard architecture. The candidate should assist the team to implement complex pipelines and algorithms. Qualifications:

This job also demands the candidate to be available for 6 months without any fail.


Computer Vision Internship at Intozi Tech Private Limited

Duration: 6 months Location: Gurgaon Roles and Responsibilities: As a computer vision intern at Intozi Tech Private, the candidate should develop computer vision capabilities for the company’s core platform. He/she should use TensorFlow, OpenCV, Python, and deep learning frameworks to train models. They should use deep learning techniques such as Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc through their work. The candidate should develop integrations with various in-house or external microservices. They should research the latest technologies and develop proof of concepts (POCs). Qualifications:

The candidate should be available at the office throughout the 6-month internship duration.

Top 5 Adsense Publisher Concerns

The Google AdSense team reached out via Twitter for feedback about the kinds of things AdSense publishers wanted help with.

Top AdSense Publisher Concerns

It’s understandable why AdSense would reach out. Google’s official AdSense forums and Facebook page are dominated by three questions:

Why was my AdSense account disabled?

Why hasn’t my account been approved yet?

How do I contact customer support? (presumably to ask one of the two above questions)

If you want to understand the mind of the typical AdSense publisher, one of the best sources is the WebmasterWorld AdSense community. I am a moderator of the WebmasterWorld AdSense community so perhaps my opinion may be biased. .

Top AdSense Publisher Concerns

The following is a list of top concerns that AdSense publishers have. They are listed in no particular order.

1. AdBlockers and AdSense Revenues 2. AdSense Monetization and AMP

One of the biggest fears of transitioning to AMP is of declining AdSense revenues. According to WebmasterWorld forum members, AdSense revenues have been in a freefall for years. Publishers are naturally wary of making a bad situation worse.

3. Better Communication Between AdWords and AdSense

There seems to be a disconnect between what happens between the AdWords and AdSense teams at Google. What happens on the AdWords side will affect publishers on the AdSense side. Publishers are asking for better communication from Google to Publishers about the impact of changes from AdWords on AdSense.

In a discussion in the AdSense forum from April 2023, many AdSense publishers had never heard of the Brand Safety update.

It may be helpful if the AdSense support team needs to communicate what’s coming down the line from the AdWords side and share with publishers discuss how it might impact them on the AdSense side.

4. Improved Coordination Between Google Play and AdSense

Another example is an apparent disconnect between the AdSense teams and the Google Play team. Software is available that will create apps that will frame a website, any website. That way, a website can be promoted as an app on the Google Play store.

What is happening is that people are using the software to display content that belongs to other publishers and monetizing that content with Ad Mob.

Does that violate AdSense policies? This is an example of a disconnect between the AdSense team and other teams at Google. Web publishers would appreciate seeing Google AdSense address this concern. 

5. Focus on Helping Publishers Make More Money

What publishers may find useful is content that is frank about how a new feature will help a publisher make more money. A majority of discussions in an AdSense community are about how to make more money or the fear of losing money (which is still about making more money).

It may sound crass to focus on making money. But making money (and lots of it) is what the AdSense program is all about for publishers. 

How does a new feature help an AdSense publisher make more money? how to make more money.

Was this new sensitive topic category created to placate publishers? How does it help publishers make more money? Is there an official AdSense post about it?

AdSense Publishers Responds via Twitter

Most of the responses to the AdSense tweet were fairly repetitive and of little use to the greater publisher community. However there were a few responses worth noting:

Google AdSense’s Official Request for Comment

Read the AdSense tweet and publisher responses here. Do you have a concern? Voice it, ask your question and with a little luck maybe Google will answer your question with an official video.

Friday 5: Final Cut Pro Tips For Youtubers

Final Cut Pro X is by far my most used app on the Mac, as I use it to produce a large swath of the content on our YouTube channel. As a long-time proponent of Apple’s flagship NLE, I’d like to use this week’s edition of Friday 5 to share some of my favorite Final Cut Pro X tips for those of you who use the app to create content for YouTube. Watch our hands-on video for a brief look at five handy tips.

Export a YouTube thumbnail

To save time, I often export a screenshot directly from a video to use as the YouTube thumbnail. This isn’t always the best option, especially when you’re looking for a specific type of shot, but when pressed for time, it’s a great option to have available.

To create a Screenshot shortcut, simply go to the Share menu, and select Add Destination → Save Current Frame. You can then rename the destination to ‘Screenshot’ for a more descriptive label.

Video walkthrough

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Fine-tune exports with Compressor

You can rely on the stock export options available in Final Cut Pro X’s Share menu, or you can fine-tune your export settings by using Compressor. Compressor is a $50 app that’s well worth the price of admission; it lets you specifically determine how exported videos are encoded down to the small details. Compressor allows you to encode videos exactly how you want, which is great for meeting YouTube’s recommended encoding settings.

Compressor is tightly integrated with Final Cut Pro X. When you add a Compressor setting to the Share menu, you can use that setting for all of your exported videos.

Adding a compressor setting is as easy as going to the Share menu, selecting Add Destination → Compressor Setting, and selecting the custom setting that you’ve already created within the Compressor app.

Map keyboard shortcuts to export options

If you’re like me, you likely have a variety of different video export options configured in the Share menu. Along with setting the default export option — which automatically maps the Command (⌘)+E shortcut to export — you can also set up a keyboard shortcut in System Preferences to map keyboard shortcuts to more than one export option.

Use blur for End Screens

YouTube’s End Screen feature is a great way to drive traffic to other videos on your channel. Although there are many ways to go about using them, I like the idea of adding a blur to the end of a video to allow the End Screen stand out. A simple faded-in Gaussian Blur effect is a great way to separate End Screens from the rest of your content.

Create teaser project for social media promo

From time to time I like to promote my videos on social media channels using small excerpts from existing video content. The best way to do this is to create a separate project within the same event, and copy and paste the original project into that event. From there it’s just a matter of cutting the video in a way that meets your time requirements, perhaps adding additional titles or effects along the way to make the promo look enticing.

You can also set up a specific Compressor setting dedicated to promo videos, which allows you to save time and bandwidth when it comes to sharing across social media channels like Instagram.


For more Final Cut Pro X tips and tricks, be sure to take a look at our Final Cut Pro X guide. And if you missed the previous edition of Friday 5, you can catch it in the following video:

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5 Tips To Become A Successful Blogger – Webnots

Few years back it was not so easy to build a successful website. Now the situation is different that building a site is never been easier than before. Thanks to the hundreds of website building packages like WordPress, many individual people had tremendous success with their site as a blogger. These all factors drive youngsters to choose blogging as their full time career instead of going for traditional 9 to 6 job. It’s a good sign to dream on building an own kingdom, but it all depends on how hard you work and understand the world of web.

How to Become a Successful Blogger?

In this article let us explore 5 simple tips to be a successful blogger.

1. Have a Purpose

So have a clear purpose for your blog and start building blocks around that purpose. Never starts a blog without having an idea of what will you do after few years.

2. Patience – Blogging is Like Raising a Tree

A mango tree approximately needs three to five years for yielding fruits starting from a seed. Blog is similar to raising a tree – it needs many years to yield the expected result. You need to patiently do your work for some years without looking at the benefit. Once established then your blog will automatically works for you even when you are sleeping.

90% of the bloggers fail to patiently wait for long time and leave the site to end their online dream abruptly. So fix your horizon for at least three years before choose blogging as your career. Yes, we do agree the time frame may be little high or low based on the niche and the frequency of posting. In general it should take three years for getting 2500 to 3000 visitors per day.

The reason for long waiting time is oblivious. Go to Google and search for the topic you want to write. We bet you will find millions of searches for any given keyword. In such scenario, you need to compete with those millions of existing sites to attract readers to your site. When you write for long time, it is easy to understand that Google needs at least three months to bring traffic to your page (assuming you have published quality content which attracts users).

3. Spend Dedicated Time

You need to spend lot of time at the start for understanding the basics. Running a blog single handedly needs huge effort right from buying a domain to publishing each article. A quality article will take more than a day to write, format and for preparing images. It may even take more than a week time for writing product comparison or in-depth reviews.

When you decide upon blogging is a career then gear up to do hard work without looking at the clock. Believe us, sometimes you may need to work on the whole night to keep up your commitments or to troubleshoot some silly problem.

4. Invest Money

This is another mistake most of the bloggers will do – start building a site with free platforms like Blogger or Weebly. Simply remember two facts:

Open source platforms are different. They grow based on the community-based contribution and backed up with funding from large-scale organizations. Take an example of WordPress – companies take this open source package, develop on their own and sell back to users. These companies contribute to the growth of WordPress (like sponsoring WordCamp) so that they can also grow.

What you get is for what you paid. Choose premium theme, plugins and hosting for your site start from the beginning. Do not buy cheap shared hosting plans and end up in termination of your account just for using caching plugins (which utilize large space and resources to create and serve cached pages).

So choose open source platforms and invest smartly to build your site in comfortable space. Every free mistake you make will take long time to correct it. For example, migrating a 500 pages blog from Weebly to WordPress is a hectic task. You may need to pay heavily or spend months together to do it yourself. Also there is no point of dreaming about having a 1000 pages WordPress blog with free themes like twenty seventeen and hosting on a Bluehost shared server. You need to invest sufficient money to create infrastructure for your site’s growth plan.

5. Structure Your Style

Assuming you have patience, time and money the next important thing is to structure your working style. Avoid directly creating content on the editor without spelling check and proof reading. Following are some simple guidelines for better understanding:

This kind of structured approach will help you to stand out from the crowd and publish content frequently.


Update the detailed information about Top 5 Ultimate Computer Recovery Tips on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!