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Amazon’s Echo, Dot, and Tap offer “skills” for the virtual assistant Alexa. Skills are a lot like apps and allow the device to do things it wouldn’t otherwise be able to do right out of the box. For example, Alexa can search movie times and ticket pricing with Fandango or read your car’s fuel level with Automatic.

That being said, in this article we cover the top ten skills across a wide variety of categories that most users will get a use out of – including connected car devices, mindfullness, traffic updates, kitchen, and more.

1. 7-Minute Workout

7-Minute Workout is just that – a seven minute workout to help you increase metabolism, improve your energy, lower day-to-day stress, and remove excess fat. Whether you work out in the morning or just before your evening shower, 7-Minute Workout is sure to help you improve your health. How? Just say, “Alexa, start seven minute workout,” and make a daily commitment. The best part is it’s all based on simple, guided routines. Just follow along and push yourself.

2. Classical Study Music

This skill is different than anything Prime Music has to offer as it plays classical music that has been curated specifically for studying and for enhanced focus. Once you’ve enabled the skill, just say “Alexa, play Classical Study Music.”

3. Automatic

If you own an Automatic adapter for your vehicle, you can see where you parked last, your driving history, and your gas level (if your vehicle reports fuel level via the OBD, and about 50% of cars do). Again, just enable the skill, and ask Alexa to get started.

4. Inspire Me

Inspire Me plays excerpts from speeches by famous people. This includes Steve Jobs, Will Smith, Michael Jordan, JK Rowling, and plenty of others. You can ask Alexa to “inspire me,” ask for a new speaker, or even ask for a specific speaker. It’s all bite-sized messages – usually only three minutes long.

5. Thrive

Thrive offers an eight-minute meditation session, designed to play before bed. This session will help you rest easy and wake up refreshed. Just tell Alexa “Open Thrive” to get started. One downside, though, is that there is only one session that is currently available.

6. Magic 8-Ball

It’s for all the important questions life has to offer. “Alexa, ask Magic 8-Ball if I am going to be rich.” Seriously, just ask.

7. Ambient Noise: Thunderstorm Sounds

One of my personal favorites, Ambient Noise: Thunderstorm Sounds, is a great way to get to sleep quickly. Either with your Echo or your Dot connected to external speakers, the sounds offered are certainly realistic. The storm sounds are moderate and not enough to wake you when drifting to sleep. You can search in the Alexa app for more sound skills, including rain and ocean sounds.

8. Focus Word

Focus Word provides the user with a word and a corresponding phrase. It’s designed as something to focus on over the course of the day and also meant to implement it into your life in some way. Each day, ask Alexa, and she’ll provide a new word.

9. My Chef – Kitchen Assistant by Chefling

My Chef keeps track of expiring goods in your fridge and keeps track of inventory. You can even add expiring items to your shopping list. For those that like to cook, My Chef is a must have.

10. Capital One

If you bank with Captial One, you’ll be able to check account balances as well as make payments. You can even see how much you’re spending at specific stores and restaurants. Just summon Alexa and ask, “How much did I spend at Target last month?” or “How much did I spend at Starbucks yesterday?” Ready to pay the bills? Just say, “Alexa ask Capital One to pay my credit card bill.” It’s the 21st century way to bank.


Alexa and her skills are constantly evolving, every day. That stated, these featured skills will help you get set up with your new Alexa-enabled device and provide a level of usefulness that you won’t have right out of the box.

Corbin Telligman

I’m a junior at UT Dallas, a tech enthusiast, an adreneline junkie, and a coffee fanatic.

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6 Best Alexa Skills That Help When You’re Sick

Amazon’s Alexa platform has revolutionized the way we approach technology. As one of the first widely-available voice assistants, Alexa introduced the average person to voice control of their home. Since that time, Alexa has branched out and become a beast of a service that can do everything from ordering a ride to shopping online.

One area where Alexa shines, however, is when you’re sick. With the holiday season upon us, flu and cold season isn’t far behind—and the last thing anyone wants to do when they’ve got the sniffles is venture out into the world for medicine.

Table of Contents

Dr. AI Is An Alexa Skill That Can Diagnose You

No one likes to go to the doctor. Even if you aren’t sick when you get there, you probably will be when after spending an hour and a half in the waiting room. On the other hand, not going to the doctor is courting disaster. If you have a cold that has you feeling horrible, but not horrible enough to go to the doctor, give Dr. AI a try.

Dr. AI is an Alexa skill that’s ideal for when you’re feeling sick. It uses the expertise of over 107,000 doctors from 141 fields of medicine to diagnose you based on your age, gender, symptoms, and other factors. It is provided courtesy of HealthTap, a company that provides medical technologies.

Dr. AI is no substitute for an actual physician, so if your symptoms worsen you should visit the doctor—but it can be useful when you think you have nothing more than a nasty cold and need to know what sort of over-the-counter treatment to take.

Alexa Can Order Some Medicines For You

While Alexa can’t yet write prescriptions for you, she can order OTC medicines. Amazon sells quite a few common medications like Sudafed, Ibuprofen, and Tylenol.

If you have Amazon Prime and live in an area with Prime Now, you can have medicine delivered to you the same day. You can purchase it simply by telling Alexa what you would like to buy and then confirming by saying, “Buy it now.”

You will need to activate voice purchasing in your settings. It’s turned off by default to avoid accidental orders by children or because Alexa heard the wrong phrase from the TV.

Alexa Can Have Soup Delivered To You

Alexa is no stranger to delivery services. The main one used with Alexa is GrubHub. Oddly enough, neither DoorDash nor UberEats seem to be represented despite the presence of an Uber skill.

It’s easy to eat junk food when you feel ill, but it’s far better to give your body what It needs—quality, healthy food that will give you the energy you need to beat the cold and get back on your feet.

Even if GrubHub isn’t your speed, there are a lot of other delivery options from restaurants like Panera Bread. Your might even have smaller, more local restaurants with Alexa skills.

If it comes down to it, Alexa can also provide you with recipes on how to make your own soup at home. Instead of reaching for something unhealthy, order warm soup to soothe the savage cold.

Alexa Can Order a Rideshare To Take You To The Doctor

If you’re sick and taking cold medicine, you shouldn’t drive. If you’re sick and physically weak, you shouldn’t walk around. Instead, ask Alexa to order an Uber, Lyft, or your preferred rideshare service to take you to your local physician.

Alexa Can Tell You The Status Of Your Prescription & When It Ships

If you use a delivery prescription service, Express Scripts can tell you when your order is shipped and keep you up to date on the status of your order.

This skill is limited, however; you need to be a member with Express Scripts and use an eligible service, but for those that qualify the skill brings a huge number of benefits. Package theft is prevalent, and even more so when it comes to medicines. Express Scripts can help you make sure you’re around when the order arrives.

Alexa Can Keep You Entertained While You’re Sick

The only good aspect of being under the weather is the excuse to binge-watch your favorite shows without feeling guilty. Of course, losing the remote can spell disaster—unless you have Alexa set up and linked to your favorite streaming services, that is.

Alexa can play shows from Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many other services. All you have to do is ask her to stream it to a connected display, and voila: your favorite shows. Alexa won’t even mind if you cough while you ask.

The idea of your smart assistant evaluating your symptoms and providing a diagnosis seems a bit creepy (and to some people, far too invasive.)

Top 9 Essential Skills For Ux Designers For Future

It is a great time to start in user experience design (UX) Popular job site Glassdoor named “UX designer” as one of the 50 Best Jobs in America 2023, based on job satisfaction and earning potential.

We reviewed UX designers‘ job postings on LinkedIn to discover the most common skills (as of April 2002). These skills are sought after by companies such as Visa, Apple, Microsoft, and Microsoft.

What skills do UX designers need?

UX designers combine technical and soft skills when designing. While some skills are specifically for UI/UX design, others are general. You may already have the skills necessary to transition into a new career as a UX designer.

UX designer technical skills

1. Prototyping, wireframing, client streams, mockups

An immense piece of the item improvement measure is imagining what an item will resemble. Contingent upon the phase of improvement, you may do this by making wireframes, low or high-constancy models, mockups, or client streams. How about we characterize these terms.

Wireframe: A page format deprived of visual plan used to focus on page components dependent on client needs

Model: An example or reproduction of an end result used to test and assemble input. Low-constancy models may be outlined on paper and don’t permit client connection. High-devotion models are commonly PC-based and consider mouse and console communication.

Mockup: A reasonable visual model of what a last site page or application will resemble

Client stream: A graph that guides out each stage a client takes when utilizing an item or administration

These components of collaboration configuration are involved skills that require practice. Fortunately, you can begin with a pen and paper. Work on drawing out wireframes and client streams for an application or site you as of now use every now and again to get to know the segments.

Models and mockups frequently require uncommon UX programming. In case you’re simply beginning, think about working with a free alternative, similar to Origami Studio. Mainstream paid prototyping instruments, similar to InVision, Sketch, or Adobe XD, normally accompany a free preliminary that permits you to plan a few models without buying in.

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2. Visual plan and plan programming

Both UX designers and UI designers utilize visual plan programming, as Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator, to make the visual components of an item. Other than capability in the apparatuses, you should fabricate your insight into visual plan best practices for things like typography, shading hypothesis, format, symbols, and general plan hypothesis.

3. Client examination and convenience testing

To plan an item that tackles a client issue meets a client’s need, or by and large joys a client, you first need to comprehend who that client is. That is the place where client research becomes an integral factor.

Leading the right sort of client research for the item or highlight you’re planning can enable you to make an item far and away superior. As you foster models, you’ll lead client testing to approve your plan decisions. Realizing how to emphasize through these two client-driven stages can assist with making you a more powerful designer.

4. Spry

Light-footed, a bunch of undertaking the executives rehearses well known in the product development world, depends on an iterative way to deal with building an item. Since numerous product development groups utilize the nimble philosophy, it would bode well that UX designers could profit with a comprehension of this famous item the executives approach also.

UX and spry have started to cover to the point that there’s a term for it—light-footed UX plan. While you don’t have to know everything about project executives to be a UX designer, you can improve your resume by knowing the rudiments. Peruse more in our fledgling manual for coordinated development.

5. Data engineering

Data design (IA) includes successfully sorting out and organizing content. At the point when planned well, IA assists clients with discovering the data they’re searching for or complete their undertaking. UX designers can work with this by making it simple for clients to comprehend where they are, the place where they need to go, and what’s next.

In case you’re new to data engineering, begin by concentrating on some normal site IA designs. Similar to you did with wireframing, you can likewise rehearse by making a sitemap of a site or application you appreciate. Do this a couple of times, and attempt to distinguish the components that lead to great IA.

6. Application development

While UX designers are not for the most part expected to compose code—that is an undertaking for engineers—it can assist with having a fundamental comprehension of application development, including dialects like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Seeing how applications are created can help you as a UX designer in a couple of ways:

You’ll have more sensible assumptions for what’s conceivable in your plan.

You may be more attractive in little new businesses that recruit for a more extensive scope of abilities.

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7. Coordinated effort

Functioning as a component of a group additionally implies realizing how to give and get input and consolidate novel thoughts on the best way to make the most ideal item.

8. Correspondence and show

Correspondence and joint effort go inseparably. Furthermore, it’s difficult your group you’ll have to speak with. Solid correspondences abilities assist you with getting more important information from clients when leading client examination and construct eagerness in partners while introducing your plans. Great UX frequently depends on successful visual correspondence and composed correspondence (UX composing) too.

9. Prioritization and using time effectively

Organizations are regularly searching for UX planners who can deal with their time and focus on assignments to address the most basic necessities first. You may be dealing with various activities (or different pieces of a similar undertaking) throughout the span of a day.

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Instructions to further develop UX abilities

You most likely as of now have a portion of these abilities. Others may be different to you. In any case, you have a few choices for fostering your UX plan range of abilities. Your endeavors could wind up giving you an upper hand when it comes time to go after positions.

Take UX courses.

Try out a UX plan course for a more organized way to deal with ability improvement. General UX courses may address a few of the abilities referenced previously. You’ll likewise discover specialty courses focusing on singular abilities.

To begin building position-prepared UX plan abilities in under a half year, consider acquiring your Google UX Design Professional Certificate on Coursera. You needn’t bother with a degree or any related knowledge, and you’ll cover abilities like wireframing, prototyping, client research, convenience testing, and plan programming.

Keep awake to date on the most recent UI/UX patterns.

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Getting the job: How to present your UX skills in your resume and interviews

It’s often about showing potential employers and hiring managers your capabilities that you are able to get a job in UX design. You should add these new skills to your UX toolkit to your resume. Here are some tips to help you tailor your resume to the job you want.

Practice telling stories about past jobs, courses, or personal projects as you prepare for interviews.

Get started with UX

You can take the next step towards a career in UX design by enrolling free in the Google UX Design Professional Certificate course on Coursera. Get a free seven-day trial to see what UX design really is all about.

5 Android Apps You Must Have For Your Outdoor Camping Trip

Vacationing is a great way to spend some downtime and recharge yourself. In my opinion, one of the cheapest and most fun ways to vacation is camping. Even though you may want to detach as much from your everyday world as you can, you will still bring your phone.

The number of apps geared toward the camping and outdoorsy crowd. Below is a varied list of different Android apps to help you plan, track activities and survive if something disastrous happens.

1. Camping Trip Planner

We don’t usually recommend paid Android apps here, but Camping Trip Planner is an exception. One of the hardest parts of any trip is planning it. Well worth the 99 cents. When you are just starting out or haven’t been camping in a while, you are bound to forget something important. Using the Camping Trip Planner, it gives you lists of things to consider and a check box to mark them complete. Lists like “Before leaving” have great tips such as turn off the water to your home and give handheld radio codes to friends or family in case you are lost.

2. Tiny Flashlight + LED

This a simple to use flashlight app with a few different options. Aside from the flashlight, there is a morse code signal. Type in what you want to say and the app converts it.

3. Sky Map

The stars seem so much brighter when you are out of the city. Using Sky Map, you will be able to tell what constellations you are seeing. Information about the night sky from years past is searchable in Time Travel mode. On the nights a planet is visible, you can enter in the planet or group of stars you’d like to see and Sky Map will point you in the right direction.

4. AllTrails – Hiking & Biking

Exploring nature is the whole reason for camping. Knowing where some great hiking trails are can really make or break a trip. All Trails offers locations and guides for trails near you. When you know a little more about the history and other possible activities, you can plan more of your day and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the possible fun.

5. Where’s My Droid

Outdoor activities can cause you to be a little more careless with your phone. You could drop it on a trail or a furry woodland creature could sneak up behind you and carry it off. Regardless of how you lose your Android, you need a way to find it. Where’s My Droid is one of the best options to help you find your phone. Sending your phone a text message can activate the ringer or send back a GPS location.

Final thoughts

Getting out and breathing in some of that fresh air is good for you as long as you come prepared. Other than your phone, you can leave your life behind for a few days and just enjoy being disconnected from your everyday world.

Trevor Dobrygoski

Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world’s greatest game… Soccer.

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11 Best Yoga Android Apps You Must Have

An ancient practice that combines the art of controlling your breath, your mind and your body to establish everlasting health and harmony, yoga has become increasingly popular over the past couple of decades. With millions of practitioners across the globe, yoga is undeniably one of the most accepted forms of exercise now.

Whether you’re looking to achieve physical fitness through the art of yoga or hoping to get in touch with your spiritual self, your smartphone can help you out. We’ve compiled a list of the best yoga Android apps in the Android world, so you can try out a few and settle down with the one that you like as you undertake the journey to physical and mental peace.

10 best Android Games [March 2023]

Yoga originated in ancient India, so it can be especially rewarding to undertake daily yoga classes curated by some of the most knowledgeable Indian gurus that are well versed in the old ways. Designed for the fast-paced world, each of the practices enlisted takes just about 5 minutes to complete, and they are all categorized based on what they help you achieve (Nadi Shuddhi for peace, Nada Yoga for joy, Yoga Namaskar for wellbeing and so on).

Download: Yoga tools from Sadhguru

Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

The best part about yoga is that you don’t need any specific equipment or a set place to begin your daily session. Thanks to the Down Dog app, you now get a virtual yoga instructor at your fingertips anywhere and anytime. Start off by selecting a practice sequence, then notify the app about how long you’d like the yoga session to be and your level of expertise and the app will build your regimen around your personal needs.

Download: Down Dog

Keep Yoga – Yoga & Meditation, Yoga Daily Fitness

Keep Yoga can be your app to attract physical and mental health with seven meditation courses and over 400 yoga sessions to begin with. The voice guidance to perform yoga proves to be useful while you can view the video guidance to get your postures right. The app is a decent option for beginners without giving in for a paid subscription and get a deeper level of relaxation.

Download: Keep Yoga

Yoga Workout – Yoga for Beginners – Daily Yoga

Yoga workout can be your app to relax, destress and remain healthy. The app offers a range of 3D videos to help you understand a posture better and perform it more effectively and that too without any professional equipment. You can begin with the basic yoga exercises and even track your workout and weight loss. You can also make use of the reminder feature to remind yourself of your daily yoga routine.

Download: Yoga Workout

Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness Plans

Download: Daily Yoga

Yoga Workout by Sunsa. Yoga workout & fitness

To come up with your own yoga routine that helps you remain healthy, Sunsa is the app yoga performers. In this app, you will find all the essential postures and sequences to commence your yoga journey. For those who lead a busy life can opt for some quick 5 min sessions daily to make it a routine habit. The free version offers sufficient content to learn and practice yoga but you may need to upgrade to the premium version for gaining access to all the features.

Download: Yoga Workout by Sunsa

Yoga for weight loss – lose weight program at home

Why not add a physical workout routine to your life that is effective, requires no special equipment, and can be done from the comfort of your home? Yoga for weight loss is an app designed with 50+ intensive yoga-based exercises that work all of your muscle groups to get the blood flowing. From creating your own workout routines to getting professional audio and visual guidance, you get it all with this app.

Download: Yoga for weight loss – lose weight program at home

7pranayama Yoga Daily Breath Fitness Habit & Calm

Keeping those extra pounds off and trying to maintain a healthy weight can be a nightmare, especially when you don’t have the time to hit the gym every day. 7pranayama app comes with a 21-day package that includes a variety of muscle and mind focused asanas (yoga poses), along with a dincharya (schedule) for notifications, pranayama (breathing exercises) and yogasana (yoga postures) for you to learn and master.

Download: 7pranayama Yoga Daily Breath Fitness Habit & Calm

Yoga daily fitness – Yoga workout plan

An all-in-one solution for those who wish to incorporate yoga into their daily routine, yoga daily fitness app covers all the broad branches of yoga. A new user begins by learning about different yoga poses, such as Standing Back Bend, Half Moon Balance, Warrier Pose and dozens of others, and then bring them into practice with 30-day workout videos.

Download: Yoga daily fitness – Yoga workout plan

Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain Relief

There is no denying that yoga poses can help you relieve some of the most serious physical ailments. If you are suffering from muscle and vertebral issues such as lower back pain, this app will help you pull through it but also help you learn the 11 poses such as Cobra Pose, Supine Spinal Twist Pose, Wind Release Pose and others.

Download: Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain Relief

Yoga Challenge App (A Yoga game, yes!)

Yoga doesn’t always have to be a serious and sombre business, and the Yoga Challenge App is here to prove that. Designed for two players to play at a time, the app brings up poses that you can select based on your expertise, so you and your partner need to recreate the pose that you see in the picture on the app to successfully qualify.

Download: Yoga Challenge App

10 Best VPN apps for Android

Bonus apps

The app teaches you breathing techniques, which is a main part of the Yoga too BTW, with nice tunes and reminders option. A very good app, one that should be very appealing to Yoga lovers.

A habit tracker app that helps you set the target and achieve them, whether that be getting proper sleep, achieve weight goals, or — you guessed it — doing Yoga.

As the name implies, this one would get you lovely music to help you relax and meditate. Comes with a ton of useful options.

This is a great app to perform some warm-up exercises before you start Yoga.

Top 10 New And Trending Technologies In 2023 You Must Know About

This article enlisted the top 10 new and trending technologies in 2023 you must know about blockchain

Technology is getting better and better and it has only made our lives easier than ever. With every passing day, technology is evolving and that too at a fast pace. Technology has made it extremely convenient for the organizations to reduce costs, enhance customer experiences and increase profits. Also, the onset of the pandemic has boosted businesses’ digital transformation journey in the best possible manner. On the same lines, being well aware about the tech trends for the coming future has got its own benefits. Here, we bring for you a list of top 10 new and trending technologies in 2023 you must know about.

Artificial Intelligence

It has been quite some time that artificial Intelligence has become popular. As a matter of fact, AI is constantly evolving, and newer applications for this emerging technology continue to spring upon the scene. Today, there are countless applications that rely on AI – image and speech recognition, navigation programs, voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, to name a few. No wonder, the coming years will see a lot more dependence on AI.

Edge Computing

These days, we can see millions of data points collecting user information from various sources such as social media, websites, emails, and web searches. This throws light on how exponentially the data collected is increasing. This is why old and traditional computing methods fall short. Well, edge computing to the rescue.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing, a computing that focuses on developing computer technology based on the principles of quantum theory, has become extensively recognised and popular in no time. Quantum computing stands the ability to perform calculations based on the probability of an object’s state before measurement instead of just 0’s and 1’s. This computing is highly likely to get more recognised in 2023.

5G Technology

Gone are the days when the world was invariably happy with 3G and 4G. Today is the era of 5G. As it has the potential to change the way we see the online world, there’s no looking back. 5G aims to revolutionise our virtual interactions by integrating AR and VR technology and better cloud-based gaming experiences.

Internet of Things

IoT has emerged to become one of the most promising technologies of the decade. Multiple devices or ‘things’ today are wifi-enabled, which means they can be connected to the internet. Devices within the network can communicate with each other, collect data and transfer it across the network without human intervention.


The cryptocurrency market has given importance to blockchain technology like never before. This technology offers security that can be useful in several other ways as well. As this technology is consensus-driven, which means no single person or organisation can take control of the data, it makes it to the list of top tech trends.

VR and AR

Virtual reality and augmented reality are those technologies that have been popular for almost a decade now. Virtual Reality immerses the user into a new environment, on the other hand , Augmented Reality enhances the user’s existing environment. These technologies have profound importance in gaming and filters on social media, simulation software, etc, hence continuing to be a top trend.

RPA Full Stack Development

Full stack development is one of the newest industry trends within the technological space and is all set to gain momentum in 2023 and beyond. It continues to rise as IoT becomes a more mainstream technology with diverse applications. Full stack development covers the front and back-end development of applications and website.


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