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Tips To Recover Deleted Files From Recycle Bin How To Recover Deleted Files?

Most of us think if a file cannot be found in Recycle Bin then there is no way to recover it. But that isn’t true you can recover this file. To know how to continue reading.

Use Advanced Disk Recovery To  Retrieve Permanently Deleted Files From Recycle Bin

Manually, retrieving a deleted file that cannot be found in Recycle Bin is not easy. To restore such files you’ll need a tool that can help in recovering an accidentally deleted file. To make the process easier, try using Advanced Disk Recovery- the best file recovery tool for Windows.

Using Advanced Disk Recovery is simple and quick! Just follow these few steps and you are done retrieving your lost files from every nook and corner of your Windows PC.

Step 1: Download and install Advanced Disk Recovery.

Step 2: Set up the application and choose a path to scan out of Hard Drive, CD/DVD, Removable and Partition.

Step 3: Now choose scan type (Quick or Deep) to proceed.

Step 4: Wait for the scan to complete. Mark all or a few files and tap Recover.

Note: For better results, we suggest you use the Deep Scan option to recover deleted files.

Note: Ensure that you retrieve the data on any drive, partition or external media other than the one which contains the deleted data. You strictly should not recover the deleted data on the same drive as it might get overwritten and as a result you’ll not be able to recover the files.

Now that you have learned how to recover permanently deleted files. Let’s learn how to restore a file that is in Recycle Bin and other Recycle Bin tricks.

How To Retrieve Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

If you or anyone who has accessed your system has accidentally deleted a file, then there are chances that it can be in the Recycle Bin. To recover this file from Recycle Bin follow the steps below:

2. Once you are there locate the file that you wish to recover.

4. Doing so will help you restored the file to its original location.

So, guys wasn’t it simple. See how easily you have retrieved deleted file from Recycle Bin.

Now let’s move ahead and discuss some other lesser known tips for Recycle Bin.

Recycle Bin Tips

Here we have listed some additional tips and tricks that will help you use and manage Recycle Bin in a better way:

Recycle Bin Location:

If you try to locate Recycle Bin folder in the specific drive, then you will not be able to find it. This is because Recycle Bin is hidden by default. To view the folder, follow the steps below:

Empty Recycle Bin:

This will help you empty recycle bin and recover hard disk space on your hard drive.

Change the Size of the Recycle Bin:

Only a few users know the size of Recycle Bin can be altered. By default, the size of the Recycle Bin is 10% of the available disk space. However, it can altered by following the steps below:

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More Settings to Tweak Recycle Bin Actions:

3. If you do not like the confirmation box that prompts every time before deleting a file, then uncheck the option, Display delete confirmation dialogue.

Hide Recycle Bin from Desktop:

If for any reason you wish to hide Recycle Bin from the Desktop of your system, then follow the below steps:

Change the Icon of Recycle Bin:

If you love customization, Windows gives you an option to customize the appearance of Recycle Bin icon. To change the Recycle Bin icon go through the below steps:

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Recover Files From Ext3/Ext4 Filesystem With Linux Live Cd

At one time or another, every computer user has accidentally deleted a file on his system. This is particularly true for Linux users, where a command like rm -rf . immediately deletes all files and folders in the current directory.

Recovering files from a Windows FAT/NTFS partition has been discussed previously. This article discusses the steps to recover files from EXT3/EXT4 partitions using an Ubuntu system. The techniques are the same for every Linux distro (except for the installation process, which are distro specific).


The first thing to do immediately after realizing you’ve deleted the wrong files is to unmount the file system, or mount as read-only. If the files are on your root partition, you should immediately shut down your system, and boot a live cd. This is very important to prevent other processes from overwriting your files. Even if you don’t explicitly overwrite the files, other system processes could write to the filesystem, and overwrite your files.

This article will make use of a system that has a single partition, and uses a Xubuntu live CD to recover the deleted files. The live cd should be started with the option to “try without installing.” On bootup, we launch a terminal, create a mount point using the command:



and mount the desired partition


Extundelete is an open source tool and is available on SourceForge. However, you can install it on Ubuntu using:

To restore a single file, (assuming you know the file name) use the command:

To restore all files in a directory, use the command:


This is also an open source tool, available on SourceForge.

It is also available in the Ubuntu repositories and can be installed using:


apt-get install


With Ext4magic, the partition can be queried for a list of deleted files and the percentage of the file available for recovery. This can be done using the -a (deleted after the given time) and/or -b (deleted before the given time) options. These times are calculated in seconds since the Unix epoch. A command to find all deleted files within the previous 24 hours in the Music folder, for example, is:

To recover these files, we use the -r option, together with the -d (output directory) option, like so:

Note that the -f option indicates the directory within the partition structure “home/obaro/Music” without the leading “/”. To recover a single file, specify the file name for -f, rather than the directory.


The probability of recovery files using both of these tools drops significantly the longer the partition remains in use after file deletion. This is also affected by conditions where data is being written to the partition/device. It is recommended that the “/home” directory be on a separate partition from your root directory. With a file system structured this way, files can be recovered without resorting to a live cd.

The best way to ensure data recovery is to have backups. However, backups will be useless in cases where new files, which haven’t been backed up get deleted.

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Recycle Your Old Iphone For Cash

With people standing in line all over the world to buy the new iPhone 4, many are asking what they can do with their old iPhones. Since the price tag floats between $199 and $299, based on features, carrier plans, and whether you’re a new or existing iPhone subscriber, wouldn’t it be nice to recoup a bit of that investment while keeping an old device out of a landfill?

Well, maybe you and your small business can both save some money. Vendors from across the globe are offering cash or exchange offers for old iPhones, in addition to a variety of other handsets.

Some companies, such as NextWorth and Gazelle, offer to purchase your organization’s old phones in bulk, providing volume incentives for selling your used equipment to them. Each offer is different, based on the number of phones, their condition, accessories, and so forth, so you may have to call or e-mail to negotiate for the best deal.

Services that pay for iPhones

NextWorth has an iPhone trade-in program that, it says, “can fully subsidize the price of upgrading” from the iPhone 3Gs to the iPhone 4, plus, it offers cash incentives for referrals that result in additional sales. iPhone owners can trade up in any of NextWorth’s participating retail stores, such as Target, or use the online program, which has a 10-day turnaround for an old iPhone in good condition. The service provides pre-paid shipping labels, but its Web site doesn’t mention whether it wipes the old data, so be sure to clean your device before you let it go. For a functional, normal 16GB iPhone 3G without any cables or accessories, NextWorth offers $107.50.

For the same type of iPhone, Gazelle offers you $96. Gazelle pays cash for products in good condition, which they inspect on receipt, then determine the value and send you the cash. The company provides free shipping with packaging, and says it will wipe all devices clean of previous data. Turnaround with Gazelle is approximately one week after it receives your package.

Both NextWorth and Gazelle say they will pay up to $100 for the iPhone 3G models and $200 for 3GS models, if the devices are in good condition.

RadioShack also offers $100 for the 3G and $200 for the 3GS, but for in-store credit or gift card only. It sends the devices out to be wiped, and provides free shipping if you work through the Web site. Radio Shack will not accept devices with cracked screens, scratches, or water damage; the phone must be functional and disconnected from service. The company will accept phones without the battery and charger, but pays a little less for these devices.

Cash For iPhones

Eco New Direct quoted $85 for our old 16GB iPhone 3G. However, the service noted that the suggested price was based on visual inspection and could change if they were not satisfied with the device I sent in. After the online form asked for my my e-mail address, phone number, and address, it forced me to “accept” a terms and conditions contract that states once they receive my phone, it cannot be mailed back, which means if they decide it’s only worth $10, I have no recourse to change my mind. They do provide a shipping label for free shipping, but I wouldn’t use this service even if it was the only one available.

MyBoneYard had the same form as Eco New, and when I entered the same information for an iPhone 3G, it offered $148. Again, however, I was forced to “accept” a terms and conditions contract. It asked me to select the method of payment I prefer, from the single option of a prepaid Visa. Why ask, if there is only one option? And, once again, I had to enter my contact information before it would reveal the shipping arrangements, which are the same as those of Eco New. MyBoneYard offered a postage paid label that you can print and attach to the package.

Unlike Eco New Direct, this vendor offers more money and does not threaten to keep my phone if we cannot come to terms about what it’s worth. But, it doesn’t provide any valid contact information, so if I’m dissatisfied, I cannot contact them except through an online form. I refuse to do business with a company that doesn’t provide valid contact information, especially when it forces me to accept a terms and conditions contract.

BuyMyTronics looks a little better, and its online form isn’t static like some of the others. You can change the options on the form to see different prices. This vendor is offering $79 for a working, undamaged iPhone 3G with 16GB in fair condition with no other items included. It lists several shipping options, and says it will provide a free shipping label. Also, on the plus side, this vendor provides a full street address in Denver, but no phone number.

Alternatively, you could sell your iPhone to individuals on eBay or Craigslist . Prices vary based on condition and accessories, but shipping is rarely free and you’ll have to wipe the data yourself. If, however, you can sell it for quite a bit more through one of these services, you can ship it in a USPS flat rate box for under $5, so it might be worth it to try eBay or Craigslist.

Wipe the iPhone before you resell it

Even more important than cash in hand, data security should be your top concern when offloading an old iPhone used for work, so wipe that handset clean. If you don’t, you’re essentially handing your contacts, usernames and passwords, e-mails with clients and co-workers, Web browsing history, and saved meeting locations from Google Maps to a stranger.

If your device runs an earlier operating system, wiping your personal data may be less easy and thorough. There are several steps required to complete the erasure process.

You can purchase a program such as AirWatch Mobile Device & WLAN Management Software to wipe old iPhones before you resell them. For companies with tight security issues, this might be a better option.

How To Recover Hacked Microsoft Account?

With nearly everything available online, security is one of the biggest concerns of respective users. With numerous news about data leaks and privacy breaches, it is good to be on the cautious side of things and protect your privacy.

If you are concerned about the security of your accounts and think that your account data may be stolen, here I will discuss how to resolve if Microsoft’s account is hacked.

If you suspect that, your Microsoft account has been stolen, first and foremost you need to try to reset the password to prevent any further damage. To do so,

Sign in to your account on the official Microsoft page.

Under the security section, look for the ‘Change my password’ button under the password security section.

Complete the form to change your password.

If you do not have access to your account, there is a security form that you need to fill in order to gain back access to your hacked Microsoft account.

Note: if you previously enabled two-step verification, you won’t be able to use the recovery form.

You need a working email address that will be used to contact Microsoft and fill the details in the account recovery form. The email need not belong to you; it just needs to be easily accessible to you. Then follow these steps as said by Microsoft themselves:

Go to chúng tôi provide the email address, phone number, or username for the account you are trying to recover.

Provide an email address (other than the one you are trying to recover) that can be used to contact you about your request.

Enter the characters you see on the screen to prove you are not a robot, then select Next.

A screen will pop up asking you to verify the contact email address. Check that email for a message from us with the security code; enter that code, then select Verify.

Fill in as much info as you can, even if you are not sure.

Select Submit when you are finished, and wait for the response from the official team.

If the verification is successful, you will be provided with the instructions to recover your account.

Many hackers get your password using malware that has been installed on your PC without your knowledge. They can also gain the same information from attacking internet sites and phishing techniques.

Most hackers get your information from malwares installed on your system or through malicious internet sites. Infected systems are prone to data theft; hence running a full scan may help you find out the culprit.

If you do not wish to invest in third party premium antivirus software, you can opt from a host of free antivirus like Avast free antivirus, and antimalware like Malwarebytes. Run a full scan, and delete any infected files.

You may have shared your account details with some of your close friends or family, which can be a source of the leak. In addition, once Microsoft realizes that your account may be in jeopardy, it changes some settings to ensure the safety of your account.

Go through the settings of your account thoroughly and fine-tune your account to how you see fit.

Microsoft will require you to provide the last 4 digits of the phone number to prove that you know the number and that the corresponding phone is in your possession.

Online security is one of the top priorities of many people, and having your Microsoft account hacked can be a serious issue. To secure your account further, you can activate Two-step verification that will require you to enter a code from the authenticator application. Enable two-step verification from here.

How To Recover A Word Document

You spent hours writing a document and then, all of a sudden, your PC crashes. Thousands of words, hours of effort: gone in an instant. Unfortunately, this is an entirely possible scenario that can sometimes occur when you’re writing or editing a Microsoft Word document, especially if you haven’t saved your file.

Thankfully, like Google Docs, Word can and will autosave your documents, even if you haven’t saved it yourself. Word will also try to help you recover changes to a file or recover corrupted documents. If you’re struggling, here are some of the steps you can follow to recover a Word document before you lose it entirely.

Table of Contents

Using Word’s Document Recovery Features

If Word crashes without saving your document, don’t panic! If you’re using a recent release of Microsoft Word, you may be in luck, as Word’s built-in auto recovery features may have saved your progress automatically.

This feature means that you can, in many cases, recover a crashed Word document up to the last autosave point (usually every 10 minutes). While it won’t work for every document, it could help you to recover files when Word is forced to close.

Searching For Word Backup Files Manually

Word will automatically locate any auto-recovery files, but this only works if you’re trying to recover Word documents under normal conditions. You may, for instance, be trying to recover documents from a folder on a failed PC.

To do this, open Windows File Explorer. Word autorecovery files are typically saved in the C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalMicrosoftOfficeUnsavedFiles folder (replacing username with your own account username). If there are no files here, try the C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWord folder (replacing username) instead.

Changing The Frequency Of Word Auto Recovery Saves

By default, Word should automatically save a copy of a document every 10 minutes. You can change this setting yourself to increase the frequency of these autosaves, but this will have an impact on performance for much larger documents.

With your autorecovery settings updated, Word should start to automatically save documents you’re editing more often. You can then recover a Word document as standard using the methods shown above.

Recovering a Corrupted Word Document

Auto-recovery is great for recovering progress you’ve made on Word documents that you weren’t able to save directly. If you want to recover a corrupted Word document that you’ve previously saved, however, you’ll need to follow different steps.

These steps aren’t foolproof, but if a Word document has become corrupted, you may be able to use them to repair it or extract the contents into a new document.

Using OneDrive For Document Storage

If these steps don’t work, however, you may need to brace yourself for the fact that your progress has lost and your file isn’t recoverable. While it isn’t a fix, you could use OneDrive as a save location for any future documents to help reduce this risk.

Using OneDrive doesn’t provide a guarantee that future Word documents won’t or can’t become corrupted. It may help you recover Word documents if the local file is lost or damaged, however, especially if your PC fails and you’re forced to reinstall Windows. 

If a hard drive fails, you can quickly load up Word files from your OneDrive cloud storage instead, saving you time.

Planning And Creating Better Documents In Microsoft Word

Knowing how to recover a Word document can help you save hours of your time, but the best fixes are the ones you put in place before you start working. Saving a file to OneDrive (or using Word Online) will help to make sure that your Word files are safe as you make changes to it, making it much easier to recover if your PC fails.

Tenorshare Reiboot: How To Recover Your Failing Iphone

You are using your iPhone and all of sudden it restarts by itself. That certainly will be scary, and to complete the package, a few minutes later, iOS restarts again and loops doing this over and over again. The sentence is given: It is no longer possible to use iPhone normally.

It is a situation that usually happens with some users and that is when the Tenorshare ReiBoot tool comes into play. It is the best option for you to avoid the headache of having your iPhone restarting by itself.

Tenorshare ReiBoot – Your companion in desperate times

If by any chance your iPhone keeps restarting or shutting down by itself, Tenorshare ReiBoot is a proper solution to address this issue. The tool offers a free option that works simply and quickly to solve your issues.


ReiBoot stands as the world’s #1 iPhone Recovery software that offers a free way to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode. In addition to fixing the reset issue, ReiBoot is much more than an iPhone restore tool. It allows the users to fix over 50 other common iOS issues and even download the latest version of the Apple software without any hassle.

Did you wake up and your iPhone is resetting itself or is the iPhone shutting down by itself?

iPhone keeps crashing

See how simple it is to solve these issues with ReiBoot. First of all, always back up your files.

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Download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer – it’s available for Windows and Mac

Connect your iPhone to your computer and open the software

After the process conclusion, your iPhone will reboot and will be back to its normal state. This process restores your smartphone and will fix the issue that puts it in a boot loop state.

More Possibilities with Reiboot

Want to try a simpler way to solve your iPhone problem by restarting yourself? Tenorshare also lists other simple options on its website. You can remove some applications with errors or incompatibility.

If you find an app in the list, go back to your iPhone’s home screen and press your finger on that app until the app’s icon starts to “shake”.

Another option is to see if you are on the latest version of iOS. Just go to the “settings”, “general” tab and tap on the “software update” option.

Finally, the last option is to hard reset:

Conclusion and Verdict

If you purchase a license, you can use ReiBoot on up to five different devices, and one PC or Mac.

The 1 Year license is being offered with a discount of $35.95 allowing you to save $36,05 when compared to the standard yearly price. There is also the monthly license that costs $29,95. However, if you can pay $59,95 we recommend the lifetime license which is down from the standard price of $120. The app will be yours forever and you’ll be covered for the coming years. Worth noting that the app is fully compatible with the iPhone 13 series and the iOS 15. Support for future devices and future iOS versions will also be added progressively.

In my opinion, Tenorshare ReiBoot is a powerful software solution that you can save your smartphone in certain emergencies. It’s a simple and easy-to-use solution that can free you from some headaches.

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