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Edit, unsend, and unread Messages on iOS 16

iOS 16 is bringing some major improvements to iMessage. When it’s available to all users, you’ll have 15 minutes to edit and two minutes to unsend any messages. This is very useful when you misspelled a word or send the wrong message to the wrong person.

When editing a message, Apple will now show the history of the edited message plus the user will have up to five chances to edit that content.

Unread, on the other hand, is useful to help you keep track of what messages you want to answer later. It’s important to notice that at least edit and unsend message features will need all devices to be running iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13 Ventura, or watchOS 9.

A brand new Lock Screen to your current iPhone

The most important feature of iOS 16 – or at least the most noticeable – is the new Lock Screen. It offers a handful of new customization, letting you edit the Lock Screen almost any way you want.

It’s easy to customize the font, color, or placement of elements on your Lock Screen by tapping them. With a multilayered photo effect, photo subjects are dynamically displayed in front of the time to make the subject of the photo pop.

In addition, you can also add, for the first time, widgets to the Lock Screen in iOS 16 — and not only widgets made by Apple, but third-party widgets as well.

iOS 16 brings groundbreaking Live Text feature to video

Live Text was already great with iOS 15. You could grab information from a photo by selecting the text available, a telephone or address, for example.

Now, with Live Text in videos, the text is completely interactive in paused video frames, so you can use functions like copy and paste, lookup, and translate.

In addition, Live Text with iOS 16 adds recognition of Japanese, Korean, and Ukrainian text. Last but not least, data detected in photos and videos is actionable with a single tap. Track flights or shipments, translate foreign languages, convert currencies, and more.

Focus Mode is getting even more useful in iOS 16

With iOS 15, I said Focus Mode was the most important feature of the update. Now, this function is getting even better.

For example, the Lock Screen can link with your Focus Mode. So if you’re working, your Lock Screen will reflect the Focus set.

With Focus filters, you can set Apple apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari to draw boundaries for each Focus you enable. In addition, you can have a Focus turn on automatically at a set time or location, or while using a certain app, which is more useful than just a particular time.

For a passwordless future, meet Passkeys in iOS 16

Passkeys plans to replace passwords with an easier and safer sign-in method by using your face or fingerprint with Face ID/Touch ID.

It’s protected against phishing and website leaks, since passkeys never leave your device and are specific to the site you created them for, making it almost impossible for them to be phished or hacked.

In addition, Passkeys syncs across devices and lets you sign in to other devices. Apple says that it is trying to reach an industry standard so you can sign in to websites or apps on other devices, including non-Apple devices, with your saved passkey by scanning the QR code with your iPhone or iPad and using Face ID or Touch ID to authenticate.

Wrap up

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Ios 16 Features, Info, And More

Last Updated on July 28, 2023

Apple has laid out the new iOS 16 features at WWDC, with SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi leading the lowdown. We’ve looked at the new features in and around iOS 16 to get you the key information. Here’s what you need to know.

iOS 16 Lock Screen

We already had rumors about some of the potential features for the lock screen on iOS 16, but this is the “biggest update ever”. So here’s what we’re getting.


A whole host of personalization features are coming with iOS 16’s lock screen, starting with images and filters.

Pressing and holding the lock-screen will allow you to choose ‘customize’ and try out styles, filters, backgrounds, and fonts. These will impact how your chosen lock screen image appears.

Tapping an element allows you to edit it too, so you can choose different typefaces and colors specifically for, let’s say, your clock element.


Apple has also added a new wallpaper gallery with “hundreds” of wallpapers allowing for “millions of combinations” when edited. The wallpapers include a striking animated weather wallpaper, animated astronomy wallpapers that change when you unlock your phone, and more – including a pride wallpaper and an emoji one.

Users can also make use of iOS 16’s Photo Shuffle option on the lock screen. This will alternate the image appearing.

Or you’ll be able to use the Suggested Photos option: an “intelligently curated” set of personal photos (of friends, family, or nature) which could be good options for your lock screen.


As expected, you can now add widgets right onto the lock screen in iOS 16, and you can add several at once. So, for example, you can include calendar notifications, temperature, and activity all on the same lock screen.

It’s one of the most interesting iOS 16 features in terms of usability, as developers can also make use of Apple’s ‘widget kit’ to enable glanceable information from apps…right on the iOS 16 lock screen.

Multiple lock screens

With as much customization as Apple has included, you can also create several lock screens and change between them, seemingly without losing their customization. We don’t yet know of a maximum number of lock screens you can have on standby, but having this option is pretty novel nonetheless.

iOS 16 Notifications

Apple wants to do away with notification blocking personal photos on the lock screen, so iOS 16 features roll-in notifications from the bottom, rather than them appearing from the top-down, creeping across your screen. It looks like two notifications plus an ‘and more’ notification will appear, although you can choose to hide notifications too.

Live activities

To combat persistent, ongoing, notifications, Apple is introducing ‘Live Activities’ in iOS 16 as “compact and glanceable experiences”.

Live Activities means you can view live sports scores, an arriving Uber (or potentially food delivery), and monitor your ongoing activity progress all on the lock screen. Be gone repeated notifications.

The new feature will also impact playing music, which will appear as a compact or a full-screen display with larger album art; whichever you prefer.


In iOS 16, Apple also wants to build upon its Focus feature, allowing users to keep distractions to a comfortable level. With the ability to create several lock screens in iOS 16, you’ll be able to link levels of Focus to a particular lock screen depending on the situation.

Building on Focus too is Focus Filters, which will allow users to focus chat conversations, calendar reminders, Safari tabs and Mail messages to specific filters, for work, personal, sleep or do not disturb settings.

iOS 16 Messages Typos

In the new iteration of iOS, you’ll be able to edit just-sent messages to avoid those cringe-worthy typos you notice only after the fact. We’ve all been there.

Undo Send

But if there’s more wrong with the message than a simple typo, Messages is getting a new Undo Send feature. Yes, an option to recall a message you then decide against, or what Apple calls a “misfire”.


The final tweak to Messages is the ability to mark any thread as unread, should you want to revisit it later and easily find it.


It’ll now be easier to discover SharePlay experiences and supported apps in FaceTime in iOS 16. But SharePlay will now also be available in Messages – something Federighi recalled was the number one request from developers.

In the example given, you can now use SharePlay to share a film from Disney+, while chatting about it in Messages. This means watching it in sync with whoever you’re sharing with, while you have the same access to the share playback controls.


For anyone making use of the dictation feature in iOS, 16 will allow you to switch between dictation and keyboard without fuss. The keyboard will remain open while you dictate, so if you need to manually correct or tweak something, or move from speech to touch or vice versa, you can.

iOS 16 Siri

Additionally, you’ll be able to select text with touch and replace that text with your voice instead of having to type.

A further trick for dictation is automatic punctuation on long messages, which also works when using Siri to send messages (as does emoji dictation).

Siri in apps

A quick word on Siri too in iOS 16: thanks to a new developer API, Siri should work with supported apps without any need for set-up.

iOS 16 Live Text Live Text in Video

Live text is already pretty useful when it comes to photos and iOS 16 is bringing it to video. That means you’ll be able to pause a video and interact with text in it, in the same ways already allowed for photos. 

Live Text Quick Actions

Quick Actions should allow you to convert currency and translate languages on the fly, with easier access to those features on photos in just one or two taps.

Camera View

Apple’s shown that you can use Live Text while in the Translate app using a new Camera View. The idea here is that this is better for when you have a lot of text to translate, so you can quickly translate what’s in front of you…for example a signpost or a menu.

iOS 16 Visual Lookup

Visual Lookup already allows you to select the subject of a photo to find additional information about things like landmarks, pets, plants, etc, but in iOS 16, you’ll be able to touch and hold the subject of a photo.

iOS 16 Wallet

iOS 16 features a decent amount of Wallet changes, as Apple’s work on the Wallet app continues: Drivers’ licenses and ID (currently Maryland and Arizona) can be stored inside the app.

Apple has stated that selected TSA (Transportation Security Administration) checkpoints will now accept wallet IDs – although at the time of writing we don’t know which.

ID verification

The Wallet app also supports functionality for users to securely present ID to apps, without the need to provide a scan or photo upload, with only select information shared. This should mean you can protect your birth date if you wish while stating you are “over 21”.


Wallet also does a decent job of storing keys (for home, hotel, gym, etc). And the sharing of keys should now be easier in Mail, Messages, and WhatsApp, as those receiving a key can add it to their own wallet with one tap of an ‘Add’ icon.

Apple has also revealed it’s working with the IETF (Internet Engineering Taskforce), to make sharing of keys an industry standard. There’s no word on when cross-ecosystem sharing will be available, but it’s a positive move.

iOS 16 Apple Pay

Starting this month (June 2023) merchants across the United States will be able to offer tap-to-pay services directly on a merchant’s own iPhone. That’s without any additional hardware or terminals needed to receive payment.

Clearly, this is a boost for Apple Pay, and (in theory) less hassle if not less expenditure for merchants too.

Apple Pay Later

Announcing Apple Pay Later, Apple says the feature allows for the cost of a purchase to be split into four equal payments, across six weeks with zero interest and no fees of any kind. The feature is to be available anywhere Apple Pay is accepted too, in apps and online.

After the purchase, upcoming payments will be managed through Wallet for users to keep track of what’s due when – something we think is a pretty essential inclusion for budget management.

Apple Pay Order Tracking

This feature will allow merchants to deliver receipt and tracking information to users, and directly to the Wallet App in iOS 16. Apple says the feature will be available at millions of merchants and ecommerce platforms starting with Shopify.

iOS 16 Maps

Apple’s redesigned map is already available in:









United Kingdom

United States

We now know that later this year the map is also coming to:








New Zealand

Palestinian Territories

Saudi Arabia


Apple’s also adding Las Vegas and six more cities before the end of the year.

Multi-Stop Routing

Maps will also now store previous routes and recents, making it easier to revisit places and get going quicker. Plus, you can ask Siri to add additional stops while en route, which we can see being very helpful indeed.


Apple’s making it easier for those using transit options to see fares for the cost of journeys and the option to add transit cards to Wallet for safe storing.

Even more useful, if a transit card’s balance is running out, you’ll get an alert in Maps so you can reload the card without having to leave the app.

Map Kit

Developers can now make use of rich detail map data for use in their own apps. This means apps like those of e-scooter service Bird can include better information with a detailed integrated in-app map.

Apple News My Sports

Apple News is introducing a new section featuring stories from hundreds of the best sports stories, specifically for following your teams and leagues, called My Sports. The section will include scores, schedules, and standings for top professional and college sports leagues – plus highlights.

To personalize the experience, your favorites will be synced across to Apple TV and other Apple devices, with the service available for free in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

There’s now an added benefit to Apple News+ too, with subscribers getting “premium sports coverage from many local newspapers”.

iOS 16 Family Sharing Easier Parental Controls

Additional iOS 16 features for Family Sharing meaning that it should be easier and simpler to set age-appropriate controls for content and to set up other parental controls – such as location settings and approval of more screen time.

In fact, you can now respond to requests for more screen time inside the Messages app, when Messages detects a request from a child.

Quick Start

A new ‘Quick Start’ feature will allow you to turn on a new device a child will be using, bring your own iPhone nearby and select to set up with Quick Start.

Apple says that with a few taps the device can be set up with all the parental controls you want to be configured from the get-go.

That should mean less having to adjust things later, and make things somewhat more straightforward.

Family Checklist

In iOS 16 there’s a new Family Checklist too, designed to help remind you to update children’s settings as they get older, suggestions for turning on location sharing. Also there’s helpful reminders around the ability to share subscriptions with family members should you wish.

Essentially the tool is designed to help users get the most out of Family Sharing.

iOS 16 Photos iCloud Shared Photo Library

There’s a new iCloud Shared Photo Library, allowing families to pool their photos instead of missing out on the great shots taken by other members.

The separate iCloud library is designed so that family members can contribute and collaborate. One shared library accessible by up to five people and everyone having equal permissions.

Content in the library will also appear in everyone’s memories, featured photos and be available in the photos widget.

Shared Library Switch

Sharing of photos can be filtered by subject (the people in them) or by start date so you can choose what to share once you set up. But for pictures after set-up, there’s now a shared library switch right in the Camera app.

While the sharing switch can be turned off, Apple states that it can be set up to come on automatically whenever you take photos when other members of the shared library are nearby. Clever switch.

iOS 16 Privacy Safety Check

Introducing Safety Check as one of the iOS 16 features with clearly important use-cases, Apple reveals it’s been working with organizations that support victims of domestic and intimate partner violence. As a result, Safety Check exists.

The tool allows you to review and easily reset any access to your information or app data that you have granted to others. It also includes a ‘Start Emergency Reset’ feature which will allow those in danger to quickly cut off access for other parties when seeking safety.

Safety Check will stop sharing location with others via FindMy, also resetting system privacy information for all apps. It will also protect access to messages by signing you out of iCloud on all other devices, and restrict Messages and FaceTime to the device you are using.

So that’s it. We’ll be covering more information on the future of iOS just as soon as news comes through to us. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our iOS 16 release date page for the latest updates too.

A Comprehensive List Of Ios 7 Features

Since it was unveiled on June 10, 2013, iOS 7 has seen six beta and one final GM releases before it was made available to the general public today. If the overall look and feel of iOS 7 hasn’t changed much since Apple first demo’d it on stage during WWDC, the mobile operating system has been constantly improved on with the usual “bug fixes and stability enhancements,” but most importantly with new features.

These new iOS 7 features are sometimes obvious, but often very subtle. Over the course of the last three months, we’ve made it our mission to build a list of features that are new to iOS 7. It is not an exhaustive list, but this is probably as comprehensive as it gets. If you want to know all iOS 7 can do for you, you’ve come to the right place…

Note that we didn’t necessarily focus on the design aspect of things in iOS 7, but rather on features. This means that we didn’t list every new design element.

App Store

A closer look at the App Store app in iOS 7

Add apps to a Wish List

You can search your previously purchased apps by name

Tap the screenshot preview of an app to get a full screen screenshots of it

You can see popular apps “Near Me”

You are now asked if you want to download an app if it is over 59MB

New icon animations when downloading an app

You can now use apps while they’re updating

Camera Clock

The app icon now shows the current time

When setting a timer, remaining time appears on Lock screen

When alarm is snoozed, remaining snooze time appears on Lock screen

In World Clock, tap on a clock to display digital clocks


The app has a new calibration system

The app now features a level as well


When editing a contact, you can now add date, social profile, or instant message handle

A contact now shows icons for Messages, Phone, FaceTime, FaceTime audio or email

Control Center

iOS 7 introduces Control Center

Control Center works in landscape mode


FaceTime now has its own icon

You can block callers

You can make FaceTime audio calls (without video)

Lock screen

A brand new Lock screen

You can pull down to bring Notification Center

You can swipe up to bring Control Center

Charging icon is now showing up for a few seconds when first plugged in

You can Slide to Unlock from everywhere on the Lock screen

Lock screen fades in as you hit the Home or Power buttons

Lock screen fades out after 10 seconds of inactivity


Smart “send from” feature

You can “Mark All” emails as Read, Unread, or Flag

New smart mailboxes

Improved Mail search


Maps app has a night view

Turn-by-turn walking directions

Night mode

Pin in Maps app now shows estimated driving time to location


A closer look at Messages in iOS 7

See Messages timestamps by swiping left

Messages app now opens to conversation list instead of opening to unread message

Double tap and hold a message to copy, delete, clear all, or select to forward

“Contact” button at the top of a conversation now makes it easy to access additional contact info

Long MMS support

You can block senders


Multitasking works in landscape mode


Complete app redesign

iTunes Radio

Landscape mode now shows a tile view of your albums (no more cover flow)

Better Lock screen controls

You can skip up to 6 songs on iTunes Radio before hearing an ad

Tap on album cover in Music app to rate a song

Notification Center

A new Notification Center

Context-based alerts

Notification Center works in landscape mode

NC now has 3 tabs: Today, All, and Missed

You can now swipe between Today – All – Missed views in Notification Center

Notification sync


You can share passes via email or Messages

Scan to acquire Passbook passes


The Map view is gone

Screenshots aren’t pushed to Photo Stream anymore

Photo collections

You can now see Shared Streams activity

A new tab for Videos has been added


You can block callers

Photos are showed for your Favorites

On the keypad, pressing “Call” will call the last dialed number


Search bar in Reminders

A new card-like view


An all new mobile Safari

Full-screen interface

Unified smart search field

New layout for your Favorites

New tab view

Swipe tabs to the left to close them

Parental controls

Swipe left and right to navigate back and forward

Easy access to Private Browsing mode

Saved Passwords for Safari now ask you want to setup an on-device password


In Cellular, you can see cellular data used per app

 Siri Other What’s new in each beta release?

Five Ways To Make The Most Of A File Manager On Jailbroken Ios

The vast majority of non-developers who jailbreak do it for the tweaks, and use Cydia almost exclusively to find, maintain, and update them.

However, jailbreaking your device brings much more than the ability to install tweaks; its real power lies in granting unfettered access to the filesystem, which allows you to make almost any change you like.

In this article, I’ll go through five of the most interesting and ubiquitous uses for file managers on iOS.

There are two main fully-featured file managers available on Cydia: Filza File Manager, and iFile. Both are excellent, but my preference is for Filza due to its more frequent updates and compatibility with the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak. Either way, take your pick, and let the minor amendments to system files commence!

Install tweaks manually

On occasion, you might find that a tweak you want is not available on a Cydia repository. Perhaps a developer has sent you an alpha version directly for testing, or perhaps it’s an older version of a tweak no longer available on a repo. You can use your file manager to install the tweak on your device instead.

1) Open your file manager.

2) Navigate through the filesystem to where your file is located. If you sent it via Airdrop or downloaded it from the internet and opened it with your file manager, it will be saved in /User/Documents.

3) Your tweak should be saved as a .deb file, a Debian package format used by Cydia for installations. Select it and an information screen will appear.

4) Press the “Install” button in the top-right to install your .deb file. When complete, the output on the screen will show the command prompt again.

5) Enjoy your tweak! You may need to respring your device for its effects to become visible. It should now also appear in the Cydia app in your “Installed” tab, with its repo listed as “Unknown / Local” because you did not download it from a Cydia repository. Now that it’s showing in Cydia, it can be managed from there. To remove it, select it in the list, touch “Modify” in the top-right, then select “Remove”. On the uninstallation screen which comes up, select “Confirm”. Done!

Block iAds

1) Open the file manager and navigate to /Applications.

2) Locate the item named chúng tôi This controls Apple’s iAds. Select the item (a short-hold on it in Filza), and select the option to “Rename” it.

3) Edit the file name by deleting the .app extension and replacing it with .bak, to give the name chúng tôi Then touch “Done” in the top-right to save your changes.

4) Next, navigate to /User/Library/Caches, and delete the entire folder named “”. In Filza, a swipe-left on the item and pressing the “Delete” button should do it.

Open and manipulate files not usually supported by iOS

Under stock iOS there are many file formats which are unsupported or else have very limited support, able to be opened only within certain programs. A couple of examples that spring to mind are .zip files and .plist files. While some apps can uncompress and create .zips within them (a great app that springs to mind here is Goodreader), they can only unzip a file within the app, and can only create .zips out of files saved in the app, hardly useful if you wish to deal with system files stored elsewhere. Similarly, .plists can be saved and moved between compatible apps, but not edited in place or created.

Let’s say I want to zip up all the photos in my camera roll on my device, for ease of sending on, or as a backup prior to some tinkering.

1) Launch the file manager and navigate to the files you want to zip, in my case, the photos stored at /User/Media/DCIM/100APPLE.

2) In Filza, touch “Edit” in the top-right, and select the files you want to compress, then “More” in the bottom-right. You should now see an option to “Create ZIP”, which will make an archive out of the files.

3) To unzip any such file in the file manager, simply select it, and it will unpack.

Filza also contains a built-in hex editor, and a .plist editor. For another example of manipulating non-standard formats in this way, see below.

Investigate the filesystem for threats

Many iOS malwares leave behind trace files which are not normally detectable without access to the filesystem. Using a file manager, we can look for these files, determine if we have been infected, and in some cases, remove them with a simple deletion. One example which has been covered on iDB in the past is Unflod.dylib, which was first noted on iOS 7. To determine whether you are infected by this, let’s open our file manager.

1) Navigate to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/.

2) Trawl down the list and look for a file named “Unflod.dylib”.

3) If absent, you are safe. If you see it, delete it, and reset your Apple ID password immediately. In the case of Unflod.dylib, it is also recommended to restore your device. Whilst that would be the end of your jailbreak and therefore file manager this time around, it does illustrate the utility of a file manager to identify the presence of these threats.

Tweak the UI of your device

Sometimes there just isn’t the exact tweak you want to customise the look and feel of your device. However, the right effect can often be achieved with some editing of system files. These two examples also show the power of file managers to edit .strings files in place.

To remove the “Enter passcode” text from your Lock screen:

1) Using your file manager, navigate to:


2) Select the file corresponding to the language your device is set to; mine was “en_GB.lproj”, but yours may be different and is likely “en.lproj”.

3) Inside that file, open up SpringBoardUIServices.strings and expand the list of fields by pressing the arrow symbol next to the word “Root”.

4) Search through for the field entitled “PASSCODE_MESA_ENTRY_PROMPT” and touch the information symbol to the right to edit. If you are on a non-Touch ID device, the field may be labelled differently here.

5) Edit the “VALUE” field to be empty, or if you prefer, a custom message, then press “Back” in the top-left. Some tweaks have the ability to add a custom string here, but I couldn’t find any which remove it completely so as to have no message at all.

6) In the top-right of the screen, press “Save” to make your changes stick. Other fields which may be of interest in this .strings file are “Cancel” and “Delete”, also for the passcode screen.

To remove all text from the “slide to power off” screen:

1) Using your file manager, navigate to:


2) Select the file corresponding to the language your device is set to; mine was “en_GB.lproj”, but yours may be different and is likely “en.lproj”.

3) Inside that file, open up SpringBoard.strings and expand the list of fields by pressing the arrow symbol next to the word “Root”.

4) Search through for the field entitled “POWER_DOWN_LOCK_LABEL” and touch the information symbol to the right to edit.

5) Edit the “VALUE” field to be empty, or if you prefer, a custom message, then press “Back” in the top-left. Some tweaks have the ability to add a custom string here, but I couldn’t find any which remove it completely so as to have no message at all.

6) In the top-right of the screen, press “Save” to make your changes stick.

7) Repeat steps iv-vi for the field entitled “POWER_DOWN_CANCEL”.

After a respring or reboot, the changes should be visible. To revert them, return to their locations with Filza and re-enter their original labels.

As these examples show, the ability to inspect and modify the filesystem on jailbroken iOS with a file manager is both powerful and versatile, and is only really limited by your own needs and the amount of digging you are prepared to do.

Wwdc 2023: Ios 16 Unveiled With New Imessage Features, Lock Screen Customization, And More

Apple’s WWDC 2023 event happened today, and one of the most crucial announcements was arguably the next-gen iOS iteration. Yes, iOS 16 is now official. The new version of iOS brings in a plethora of new features, including lock screen customizations, new iMessage features, and much more. Here’s a look at all of the new iOS 16 features.

iOS 16 Announced: New Features

Firstly, the main attraction here is the lock screen customizations, which have been rumored for a long time. It will allow people to add widgets, wallpapers, change the date and time font and colors, and more to the lock screen. Users will be able to look in for calendar events, alarms, weather, and more on the lock screen.

The revamped lock screen will also include a Lock Screen Gallery and Live Activities (showing real-time events like workouts, food-delivery orders, and more). Plus, you can add various Focus modes, which were introduced with iOS 15, to the lock screen. Focus Filters for apps to display content relevant to a Focus. Notifications have been redesigned and will now roll up from the bottom to get better reachability and access in iOS 16.

There are interesting changes for iMessage too. iOS 16 will now let you edit a sent message (something WhatsApp is planning to add soon), undo a sent message, and even mark messages as unread so that you don’t miss out on them. Apple has also added enhancements to the SharePlay feature. You will now be able to use this feature via iMessage, something which has been available only on FaceTime.

The Wallet app is another app that has got a bunch of features. This includes in-app age and identity verification for apps like UberEats and the ability to share keys over messages. Apple Pay now supports the Tap to Pay functionality and there’s Apple Pay Later to buy stuff in 4 easy installments without any fee or interest. This is currently for the US market, though. Additionally, there’s support for order tracking with Apple Pay too. For Apple Maps, there’s now support for multi-stop routing and this can be done by Siri too.

The Family Sharing feature now allows for easier Kids account setup, quick account setup, the ability to approve requests in Messages, and a Family Checklist feature too. There’s a new iCloud Shared Library feature, which allows people to have a separate library for shared media on iCloud. People will also be able to add photos to the Library via a toggle in the Camera app.

Moreover, Safari now lets you share Tab Groups and has Passkeys to browse safely and easily. Passkeys are meant to replace passwords, which is an endeavor Apple has been chasing for a long time. There’s the availability of the Fitness app for all iPhone users even if they don’t own an Apple Watch, some Home improvements, Medications tracking using the Health app, a new My Sports section for Apple News, personalized spatial audio, Mail app features, and Accessibility updates, among others.

iOS 16 also gets the Safety Check privacy feature for safety from domestic violence. This will allow people to remove access to all accounts granted to others with ease.

iOS 16: Availability

A developer preview of iOS 16 is now available to developers and will be followed by a public beta, which will be available to all users next month. iOS 16 will be available to everyone this fall for iPhone 8 and above.

8 Of The Best Reddit Clients For Ios And Android

Reddit is called the “front page of the Internet” for good reason. It’s where a lot of news, trends, and memes begin. Whether you are a Reddit lurker or spend hours a day on the site, finding the best experience on your smartphone is important, but finding the best Reddit clients for iOS and Android isn’t always easy. This list includes the best Reddit clients for your mobile in no particular order.

Is It Safe to Trust Third-Party Reddit Apps?

Absolutely. As your first consideration, most likely you are logging in to Reddit through your existing login. Because of that, you are not handing anything private over to these apps. In the case of Apple, the App Store tells you exactly what you can view and know about your user data. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t have any privacy concerns using the apps listed below.

1. Reddit 2. Slide

For anyone who wants a Reddit app that does not look like other Reddit apps, Slide is the answer. Upon launching the app for the first time, you are given the choice of four separate looks. One of the favorites is the card style which focuses on image and video previews as you scroll through all of your subreddit subscriptions.

Customizing the app can definitely be a little overwhelming, as nearly 12,000 different theme combinations are available.

Overwhelming setup aside, Slide emphasizes an ad-free experience without compromising features like full offline capability as well as syncing all personalization settings through iCloud or Synccit on Android, so your devices are always synced. Pro subscribers even have the option of an ad block on websites that are visited from inside Slide. App parity between iOS and Android ensures that major updates to the app are arriving around the same time.

3. Apollo

Available on: iOS

If you spend any time hanging around r/iPhone or r/iPad, there is a good chance you have already heard of Apollo. It is, arguably, the best Reddit client for iOS. Whenever anyone asks for a third-party app for Reddit, Apollo is almost always the majority of responses.

The biggest downside? Its “Ultra” service is prohibitively expensive for a Reddit app; however, it does add push notifications, custom icons, and more.

4. Narwhal

Available on: iOS

5. Comet

Available on: iOS

Focusing on a fast but sharp-looking interface, Comet for Reddit is another great option. Like Apollo, Comet offers full Markdown support, and like the official Reddit app, Comet offers infinite scrolling. The media viewer is top-notch, enabling you to see Reddit’s various GIFs and videos in all their glory. Five themes and four-post layouts ensure there is a customization option for everyone. That’s on top of more than 60 other app settings that can be personalized as well.

Comet also stands out for its ability to add an unlimited number of accounts as well as uniquely show you all of your downvoted content. That’s a feature we don’t see on many other third-party Reddit apps. The unique user interface adds a fresh layer for anyone who uses Reddit daily. It’s this interface plus native Reddit features that help differentiate it from the rest of the third-party options. Where it falters is that it hasn’t been updated in a while and the developer has gone silent. With every new OS release, there is a chance features could break, so use cautiously.

6. Sync

Available on: Android

7. Infinity

Available on: Android

Adorable app icon aside, Infinity for Reddit is an Android Reddit client that deserves all of its praise. That’s especially true when you consider “Lazy Mode” or an automatic scrolling of posts so that you can enjoy Reddit content without having to move your thumb to swipe down. Every Reddit post is designed as a card that helps separate posts so that you can read and follow easier than on the official Reddit app where everything blends together.

You can also switch to compact mode so that videos and image thumbnails become small squares. Multi-account support is of course present, as is switching between all of your accounts within seconds. Best of all, it’s entirely free, so get started with lazy mode right away. On the downside, media viewing is a pretty frequent complaint as the autoplay feature doesn’t work consistently.

8. Boost

Available on: Android

Right away Boost for Reddit stands out from the pack of Android apps due to its integration of moderation tools for subreddit moderators. While nearly every Reddit app caters to the general user, few make it a point to enhance the user experience for the admittedly small(er) number of subreddit moderators. If for no other reason, Boost for Reddit deserves a download it’s for this – and maybe it’s in-app previews for nearly every type of media format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having said that, most clients offer certain common basic features – infinite scrolling, for example – designed to enhance your Reddit experience.

Image credit: Brett Jordan on Pexels

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