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The Sims 4 infant update release date, time, and details

Another expansion and addition The Sims 4 are around the corner, and fans are now wondering when The Sims 4 infant update is likely to land, what exactly it will entail, and how it can be obtained. Luckily it’s all relatively straightforward, and you’ll be caring for your infant Sim children later today with no problems whatsoever.

There’s been a bit of ‘noise’ (or maybe ‘out-cry‘? Geddit?) about this update as up to now, infants had been a relatively plain part of a Sims’ person lifespan. This is now set to change with fans expecting some more active interaction with infants, and more bespoke animations, and options available too. We’ve laid out the most pertinent facts, and some speculation on file size and the like, below for your viewing pleasure.

The great news is that this latest update is coming imminently; today! Coming at a particularly pleasing time for UK players, the update is being released by EA at 10am PT/ 1pm ET/5pm UK time today (Tuesday, March 14th, 2023).

The full details of what’s inside the update won’t be known until the update itself is out in a few hours. However, we can have a pretty good stab at what we think we’ll see given what was teased in a previous behind-the-scenes YouTube video as well as what’s been revealed for the upcoming Growing Together expansion by EA.

In short, we reckon we’ll be seeing the likes of what could make up a whole new life stage for your Sims. For example, playing, bathing, and feeding are all likely to be included, We also hope that more meaningful, multi-faceted ways of interacting with infants will come with this update, like being able to do other tasks while holding them, while we do expect a whole new range of animations that will help ‘define’ infants. Fans will also have their fingers crossed for customisation options too, as well as a bunch of new items. We could run away with predictions here but it’s not long until we’ll know for sure!

Now, this is a tricky one to nail down as, well, we just don’t know. As fans will know, too, as there have been so many updates to the Sims 4, there have also been so many updates of a vast array of different sizes! Especially when it’ll vary across platforms.

Anyway, at a guess, given it’s the introduction of a whole new life stage, and will likely come with other game updates, we’d say prepare for something that’ll be measured in multiple GBs rather than MBs. (But we have been wrong before!)

And remember, no matter how big it ends up being, the Sims 4 infant update will be absolutely free to download and add to your existing game. Nice.

Remember to ensure you’ve got the right PC gear to get the most out of The Sims 4 if that’s your platform of choice, by getting one of the best GPUs for Sims 4 and the best monitors for Sims 4.

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Windows 10 Version 1903, May 2023 Update, Release Date Details

UPDATED 5/22: Windows 10 May 2023 Update, version 1903, is available to everyone starting May 21, 2023, after being in the Release Preview Ring for several weeks, and with this new feature update, you can expect a new set of features and changes to improve security, performance, and productivity.

Windows 10 May 2023 Update rollout

Of course, you’ll still be able to upgrade manually using the Media Creation Tool and Update Assistant. Alternatively, you’ll be even able to download the Windows 10 May 2023 Update ISO file directly as soon as it’s officially available using the Media Creation Tool.

In order to reduce problems Microsoft is planning to ship a smaller update that will be finalized with enough time before the deadline, and once the update is complete, the company may also offer several previews in the Release Preview ring before shipping the final version to the masses. 

Similar to previous versions, the May 2023 Update rollout will take month as only devices known to be compatible will be getting the feature update first. Then as the new version has been tested further, it’ll be available more broadly. Also, during the entire rollout, Microsoft will remain vigilant and block computers with compatibility problems from receiving the update until the issue has been resolved.

Once available, if your computer isn’t upgrading automatically, then there’s a good chance that the update is currently not compatible for you. If you want to avoid problems, it’s not recommended to force a new version of Windows 10, unless you know exactly what you’re doing, and you understand the risks.

Windows 10 May 2023 Update new features

While we’ve seen updates adding a lot of features and changes in the past, this time around, the Windows 10 May 2023 Update is just a smaller incremental update with a lot of refinements and several new features.  

For example, with version 1903, you’ll find a new system light theme that expands to the Start menu, taskbar, action center, and flyout menus, and you’ll notice several Fluent Design changes, such as shadows for context and drop-down menus and acrylic effect in the Sign-in screen.

Cortana and Search are now two seperate features, which you can disable independently from the taskbar, and the Search experience has been updated with a new interface, activities from Timeline, and a short list of your most frequent applications.

Windows Sandbox is another big feature that introduces a lightweight isolated environment to test untrusted applications without affecting your device or files. Basically, it’s a tiny installation of Windows 10 of around 100MB in size, enough to install and run classic applications separate from the main installation.

In order to reduce issues while installing updates, starting with the May 2023 Update, there’s a new feature called “Reserved Storage,” which sets aside part of the system storage for updates. When a new update is available, Windows 10 will delete the files on the reserved storage automatically allowing updates to install successfully.

The Settings app introduces a new homepage with a header design, which surface your personal information, alongside status for Windows Update, Microsoft rewards, and Your Phone feature, very similar to the visuals that you’ll see in the Microsoft account online. Also, there’s a new feature that detects and fixes common problems on your installation of Windows 10 automatically, and this update delivers a new Emoji panel that include symbols, such as for punctuation, currency, geometric, math, Latin, and language symbols. 

You can learn more about all the new features and improvements coming this year in this guide.

Although we all are waiting for Windows 10 version 1903 to arrive, during the early days major releases are known to ship with unknown issues, bugs, and compatibility problems. As a result if you’re planning to wait a little longer, it’s now the time to configure your system to prevent Windows 10 from installing the May 2023 Update to a later date.

Oneplus Android 11 Update: Device List And Expected Release Date

It seems quite absurd to talk about the next version of Android only a few months after the initial launch of its predecessor. Yet, here we are, already diving deep into the rumors surrounding Google’s upcoming Android 11. The Mountain View firm has recently released Android 11 Developer Preview, which hints at an escalated release date for the next version of Android.

While companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi take pride in their highly-customized skins on top of stock Android, one leading Chinese OEM is holding up the efficiency of near-stock Android. OnePlus may not be one of the most decorated names in the business, but its commitment towards keeping its users up to date has been truly exemplary. In this piece, we’ll try to decode OnePlus’ software update timeline for 2023 and tell you whether your OnePlus device would get the bump to 11.

OnePlus was one of the first companies to release the stable build of Android 10, rolling out 10-based OxygenOS 10 for the 7 and 7 Pro on September 21st, 2023. OnePlus’ knack for keeping its software as unadulterated as possible actually plays in its favor, as it allows the Chinese OEM to push out the big updates with very little alterations.

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As mentioned earlier, Google has only released the Developer Preview for Android 11. And while that does hint towards an escalated release date, we don’t know for sure when the stable build of Android 11 would see the light of day.

OnePlus follows a strict pattern when it comes to the release of Android OSes. Just like Android’s parent company, OnePlus, too, starts with multiple Developer Previews, then moves on to Open Betas, and then finally releases the final stable build for supported devices. Since Google has already rolled out the first Android 11 Developer Preview, OnePlus also shouldn’t be too late to the party.

We could see the first Android 11-based OxygenOS 11 before April 2023. Open Betas are generally released around a month prior to the launch of the stable build. So, we’ll have to wait for a while to get a tentative date. As for the stable build, OxygenOS 11 is expected to release within a week of the release of Google’s Android 11.

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OxygenOS 11 device list

When it comes to software updates, OnePlus is one of the most generous companies out there. While most companies end support after two major Android OS updates — Samsung, for example — OnePlus generously offers three Android OS upgrades.

OnePlus 5 and 5T, which came with Android Nougat out of the box, are scheduled to get Android 10 in the second quarter of 2023. And while that might be the end of the road for the 5 and 5T, OnePlus 6 and 6T users can safely dream of running Android 11 in the near future.

Here is the list of devices that are expected to get Android 10-powered OxygenOS 11:

Device name Expected release date

OnePlus 8, 8 Pro Q3 2023

OnePlus 7T, 7T Pro Q4 2023

OnePlus 7, 7 Pro Q4 2023

OnePlus 6, 6T Q1/Q2 2023

OnePlus 5, 5T Not eligible (Android 10 will be the last update)

OnePlus 3, 3T, 2, X, 1 Not eligible

OxygenOS 11

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has untamed love for Google’s stock Android. So, every year, it pays homage to the leading software developer in the world by releasing OxygenOS — a ROM that resembles Google’s unadulterated Android. OxygenOS, at its core, looks and behaves a lot like Android. However, OnePlus never shies away from improving Google’s original software, making it even more efficient. From improving the gaming experience to bundling in useful proprietory software, OnePlus leaves no stone unturned to deliver the best-in-class experience for its users.

We are guaranteed to see all of Android 11’s standout features in OxygenOS 11, with some OnePlus goodness sprinkled on top. As it’s early days, it’s hard to predict which new features would make their way to OxygenOS 11. However, rest assured that we’ll notify you as soon as any new information comes to light.


Which OnePlus device have you got? What are your views on the Android 11 update?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release 2023: Time Tips “2X” Details

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release 2023: time tips “2x” details

This week details in a recently-published set of design files from Samsung suggest that the Galaxy Note 8’s backside will have two cameras. This information should not come as a surprise to those watching this space extremely closely – there was just a tip about this same sort of thing just a few days ago. Now with the return of some documents first filed all the way back in November of 2023, it’s time to start hypothesizing in earnest.

Not entirely unlike what we’ve seen with the Huawei Mate 9, this Samsung device is tipped to roll with a set of cameras at its back. Very similar to the Huawei Mate 9, this Samsung device has been tipped to have a pill-shaped lens cover glass containing the back-facing camera duo.

What we’ve seen published this week is a document with the USPTO which shows how Samsung’s most basic implementation was planned. Implementation of a set of cameras at the back of a smartphone, that is to say. They mention in the document that this isn’t necessarily the limit of what the technology is capable of, but it shows where the array makes the most obvious sense to place.

Unless you’re taking nothing but vertically-arranged photos like a monster. If that’s the case, there’s always the iPhone 7 Plus. Until Apple’s next generation, where they might well turn the pill vertical, how it aught to be turned.

Implementation includes talk of Optical Image Stabilization and the possibility of either one or both cameras doing the focusing at once. Described inside also is flexible circuit board, a driving member, a ball bearing, a sensor for measuring the tilted state of the driving member, and a sensor that detects the movement of the plurality of focusing modules. Not included in the description of this technology – as expected – is any naming of part numbers or specific devices for possible implementation.

They might also be testing out the production-level implementation of a similar camera system on an earlier phone release. It’s been rumored China-based Samsung-heavy leaker Twitter user MMDDJ that an upcoming Samsung Galaxy C10 will use a dual-camera setup first. This device would be released in Asia in the weeks before the Galaxy Note 8 – or significantly earlier.

What I’d love to see happen is for Samsung to follow Huawei’s lead, rather than Apple’s. When I say “follow their lead” I mean in implementation, not necessarily development of new types of technology. It’s more likely that Samsung, this time, decided that they’d wait to release a sort of dual-camera setup until they had something new and exciting to offer.

As it were, my own personal favorite dual-camera setup is in the Huawei Mate 9. Not because it necessarily generates better focus or color, but because one of the two cameras is specifically built to capture monochromatic light. As such, it’s optimized to make the most of black and white photos.

Expect at least what the Huawei Mate 9 offers on its backside cameras if the Galaxy Note 8 is released with its own pair. The Huawei Mate 9 provides one 12MP camera and one 20MP camera, the larger of the two made just for monochrome captures. These 27mm cameras have f/2.2 optics, optical image stabilization (OIS), and the array offers 2x optical zoom.

One of the two cameras will likely match that of the Samsung Galaxy S8. That means a size 1/2.55″ Sony Exmor IMX333 image sensor capable of capturing 12.2MP photos. This RGB camera sensor can capture 1.40µm pixels and features dual-pixel phase detection autofocus.

The rest of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 won’t likely be all that spectacularly different from the Samsung Galaxy S8. Or the Galaxy S8 Plus, to be more specific. Have a peek at SlashGear’s Galaxy S8 Review to see what the S8 and S8 Plus are all about.

Lenovo K8 Note Oreo Update: All News And Expected Release Date

Lenovo had launched its mid-range handset, the K8 Note, at an event in Delhi earlier this month. The smartphone features pretty capable hardware and most importantly, is available for buying at INR 12,999. Yes, it is priced quite well too.

But, good hardware or equally good price is not what makes the Lenovo K8 Note special, as its software plays an important role too — you know, Lenovo has chosen to go stock with the K8 Note, and it’s a big plus point in our books. Especially in the context of this post, where we discuss the Oreo update.

When it comes to updating, the stock software experience enables the OEM to prepare the update with minimal fuss, as they don’t have to worry about tweaking the whole of the update with their own custom skin. Case in point, Motorola has always been quick to release updates for its flagship devices every year, and opting for the stock UI in their has helped them a lot this case. Now that Lenovo owns Motorola, maybe they know how good it is to do that, and thus the K8 Note without Lenovo’s custom skin.

So, what prospects does the Lenovo K8 Note has regarding the Android 8.0 Oreo update release, and when? Let’s discuss.

‘How to download Oreo update‘

Lenovo K8 Note Oreo Update: What to Expect?

Except for phones branded under Motorola, Lenovo has had a very bad reputation when it comes to providing software updates to its phones. Most of its previously launched phones are still running on the OS version they were originally launched with. Yep, no update ever! Duh!

Why? Well, possibly, Lenovo didn’t mind updating them devices. Or, given that it loaded heavy custom skin on these devices, it became a task too complicated for the company to build a major Android update for each of its devices.

But thankfully, that’s not the case with Lenovo K8 Note, as it runs on stock UI, meaning developing Oreo software update for the device should be pretty easy, as mentioned earlier. The K8 Note is a capable device to run Android 8.0 Oreo update, fully eligible that is, and thus we don’t see why Lenovo would budge away from updating the device to Oreo.

That said, Lenovo is yet to confirm the Oreo update for K8 Note.

‘Android Oreo Root for Pixel and Nexus devices‘

With the Oreo update, you will be able to utilize all the new features Android 8.0 OS has to offer. Some of them include the new Picture in Picture (PiP) mode, faster boot times (2X on Pixel, Google claims), adaptive icons, notification dots (awesome!), new rounded emojis, contextual press-to-hold options, and much more. Besides that, Lenovo could throw in a feature or two of its own with the update. All in all, it’s the update you want if you own a K8 Note.

Lenovo K8 Note Oreo release: When to Expect it?

Expected in early 2023. Not confirmed yet, though.

Well, there’s currently no official confirmation from the company if it will ever release the Android 8.0 Oreo update to the Lenovo K8 Note or any other of its large portfolio of devices, for that matter.

But, if it happens (which is more likely), it will happen sometime by the end of this year or in early 2023. That is, K8 Note users should see the update hitting their devices by the end of January or February 2023.

Apple Airpods Pro 2 Release Date Rumors *The Latest*

Apple AirPods Pro 2 release date rumors *THE LATEST*

New AirPods Pro 2023: Apple Airpods Pro 2 release date prediction & info

AirPods Pro vs AirPods Pro 2 design changes

As yet there are no definitive details on the AirPods Pro 2 design, but between the predictions of Ming-Chi, plus the undisclosed sources of 9to5Mac, the following are probable inclusions.

Form factor

There’s been conflicting reports about the form factor of the AirPods Pro 2, with Ming-Chi Kuo positing earlier in 2023 that he thought a full redesign was likely, with the end product looking more like the in-ear Beats Fir Pro from 2023 – a more aerodynamic appearance without the current ‘stem’ section.

More recently however 52audio leaked an image (shown below) that was apparently of the new AirPods Pro 2, looking much the same as the previous one, except with different ear tips. It pays to be a tad skeptical about such things, however, the site was right in the past when it came to predicting the AirPods 3 design ahead of release.

The current audio processor from Apple is the H1 chip, and the AirPods Pro 2 are likely to see an updated version of this processor. This new chip should allow LC3 codec support, meaning improved sound quality for both music and voice calls, as well as greater stability, power efficiency, and Bluetooth 5.2 support.

ALAC lossless support

Apple Lossless Audio Codec, or ALAC for short, is Apple’s proprietary audio compression technology, that enables the user to enjoy music with absolutely no loss of data and therefore audio quality, compared to the original recording. For this reason, it obviously takes up more bandwidth/storage space on your device. Up until now, this hasn’t been possible on Bluetooth earphones, but it’s thought that the AirPods Pro 2 will be the first to change this.

Will the AirPods Pro 2 support Lighting or USB-C ports?

Again there’s been conflicting reports on this matter. In the tweet below you can see that Ming-Chi Kuo has stated his belief that the charging case of the AirPods Pro 2 will continue to support Lightning connection, rather than upgrading to USB-C.

However, 9to5Mac have stated that USB-C connection will be a reality for the new wireless earbuds. We should know soon enough one way or another.

Advanced head tracking

Unlikely AirPods Pro 2 features

Despite previous rumors about various fitness tracking features the AirPods Pro 2, such as a heart sensor, oxygen meter, and body temperature reader from inside the ear, Mr. Mark Gurman has thrown cold water on this idea. We may see these features in the future, as apparently, Apple is exploring them, but not for this generation.

AirPods Pro 2 price prediction

It’s been a good while since the last AirPods Pro were released (October 2023 to be exact), so we can’t expect the AirPods Pro 2 to cost the same amount as these did upon release i.e. $249 / £249 (Gad daymn inflation).

iDropnews estimates the price at anywhere between $249 – $299, and we think something closer to the latter number is the most likely.

Here’s how other premium wireless earbuds from competing brands are currently priced on Amazon:

Apple AirPods Pro 2 improvements in iOS 16

In the latest iOS 16 Beta there have been a couple of improvements which improve the functionality of Apple audio devices, that will be rolled out the AirPods Pro 2 when both the full version of iOS 16 and the AirPods Pro 2 are released.

Automatic Switching – a feature that lets you seamlessly transition between listening audio inputs from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Personalized Spatial Audio – improved spatial audio for when you’re using your AirPods Pro along with your iPhone, using its TrueDepth camera.

L3 codec firmware support – (which we’ve already mentioned the AirPods Pro 2 will be coming with above).

Apple AirPods Pro 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro vs Google Pixel Buds Pro

The two biggest competitors to the Apple AirPods Pro 2 are the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro and the recently released Google Pixel Buds Pro. We’ll have to wait until all three of these premium earbuds are released and given in-depth reviews to see how they match.

Apple AirPods Pro 2 name?

There’s been some talk about whether or not the AirPods Pro 2 will actually be called ‘the AirPods Pro 2’. Alternative names doing the rounds online are ‘SoundPods’ and ‘AudioPods’, but these are completely baseless and unlikely in our opnion (not least because they sounds a bit naff and redundant). Ultimately the name AirPods Pro 2 is by far the most likely, as it fits into Apple’s existing naming conventions and is a well-known brand.

Final Word

For all the latest updates on the Apple AirPods Pro 2 release date as they come out, plus for the iPad 2023 release date, iPad Pro 2023 release date, and iPhone 14 release date, stay locked onto WePC.

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