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The File Couldn’t Open in Protected View [Excel, Word] If disabling Protected View fails to fix this, use a file repair software.




The file couldn’t open in Protected View? here’s one pesky error that plagues

MS Word and Excel documents.

You can fix the issue by disabling the feature altogether. However, it is not recommended for security reasons.

Instead, try updating your drivers and tweak your software settings a bit.

Looking for a faster method? Go ahead and use a dedicated file repair program to get the job done.

Some MS Office users have said on Microsoft’s support forum that they can’t open Excel and Word files in Protected View.

For them, this feature has stopped working or The file couldn’t open in Protected View error messages might pop up.

Here is what one user had to say about this specific issue on the Microsoft Answers forums:

Recently it seems I can not open any Excel or Word files in Protected View. This was not a problem previously, but seems all of a sudden all files get hung up trying to open in Protected View; and I have to force quit the program.

This error usually arises for Excel and Word files that were attached to Outlook emails. For more information, you can read our guide on how to disable Word Protected View.

The issue can be due to antiquated DisplayLink adapter drivers. If you need to fix that issue, check out these potential resolutions for it.

Why am I stuck in Protected View?

Protected view is a security measure in Word and Excel that prevents files from the Internet from being open in Edit mode. By doing so, the files won’t be able to compromise your PC.

You can disable this feature, but if the file is malicious it can compromise your PC, so only disable this feature if you really must and only with the files that come from 100% secure source.

How can I fix the Word and Excel Protected View error?

If you notice The file couldn’t open in protected view Microsoft Office 365, here are a couple of methods you can use to fix it.

1. Use the Stellar Repair software to fix the Protected View error 1. 1. Word File Repair Tool

The Word File Repair Tool from Stellar is the best software to use when you need to repair Word files that have been corrupted, without losing any of the data stored in them.

This amazing software can repair files in batches, which enables you to quickly go through a list of corrupted Word files without the need to waste any time.

Hence, in case you need to repair your corrupted MS Word files rapidly and without modifications in documents, you can go with Word File Repair Tool.

Word File Repair Tool

Keep your Word files organized and clean corrupted documents.

Free Visit website

1. 2. Repair Excel Tool

This powerful software is extremely useful for repairing Excel Attachments from Outlook, and also any corrupted Excel files on your PC.

This software also offers full compatibility with all MS Excel versions. If you’re getting The file couldn’t open in Protected View error in Excel 2023, 2023, or any other version, this tool should help.

You can easily update the DisplayLink driver by using powerful and easy-to-use software that will correctly update drivers without other issues.

Expert tip:

So if you need to efficiently update the latest version of the DisplayLink driver and resolve this unfortunate error, it’s a good idea to use the best driver update software on the market.

3. Disable Protected View to fix the File couldn’t open in Protected View error

If you are getting this error, you can disable Protected View altogether from the app’s settings.

After you disable Protected View in Excel or Word, the issue won’t appear anymore, but keep in mind that disabling this feature comes with security risks.

1. Open your MS Word or Excel application.

2. Next, select the File tab.

4. Select Trust on the left side of the window.

6. Select Protected View on the left of the Trust Center window.

7. Then deselect all the selected Enable Protected View checkboxes.

8. Press the OK button to leave the window.

4. Disable hardware graphics acceleration

If you’re getting The file couldn’t open in Protected View error with Outlook attachments, then this solution might be helpful.

5. Unblock the Excel or Word document

Those are some of the resolutions users have fixed Excel and Word Protected View errors with.

Disabling Protected View will probably resolve the issue for most users, but you can try the other fixes if you need to keep Protected View enabled.

This isn’t the only issue that users reported, and many users reported that they are unable to create new documents in Office 365.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you found a different way to fix this problem on your PC.

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“The System Cannot Open The Device Or File Specified” (Fix)

If you encounter the error “The system cannot open the device or file specified” (sometimes accompanied by an error code such as 2755) when running an installer in Windows 11 or 10, especially a .msi extension installer, this post will provide you with some possible solutions. While it can be difficult to identify the cause of this error, which is related to the Windows Installer and setup, the following are some of the most common causes and solutions.

The most common reason for the “The system cannot open the device or file specified” error is due to the file being encrypted. Therefore, it’s essential to verify if the installer and its directory are encrypted or not. Disabling the content encryption would usually resolve the issue. Follow these steps:

Under Compress or Encrypt attributes, uncheck the “Encrypt contents to secure data” option.

Repeat step 1-3 for the directory where the installer is located. For example, if the installer is in C:/Download, ensure that the Download folder is not encrypted.

Try running the installer again.

If you cannot change the attributes of the directory because it’s encrypted and you’re not allowed to make any changes, try moving the installer to another directory or drive and run it again.

If you have previously created a symbolic link or directory junction for the C:WindowsInstaller folder to save space on your system drive, this might be the cause of the issue. Some msi installers may have difficulty recognizing the symlink and causing the error. Therefore, if you have created a symlink for the C:WindowsInstaller folder before, move the files back to where they should be and remove the symlink. To learn how to do it properly, see this guide.

Note: If you have no idea what a symlink or directory junction is and don’t recall ever creating one for the WindowsInstaller folder, please skip this fix and do not attempt to make any changes to the Installer folder. Changing or deleting the Installer folder may cause serious issues to your system.

Sometimes, your antivirus program may prevent your system from opening or accessing installer files, causing the “cannot find file specified” error. This issue is especially common if you’re using Trend Micro, Avast, AVG, or Kaspersky Free as your antivirus software. Try temporarily disabling the shield or your antivirus entirely and rerun the installer again.

Before an installer can install files onto any directory of your choice, it first extracts its files into a temp folder, which is usually in your system drive by default (C: drive). If the temp folder or your C: drive doesn’t have enough space, it could cause the “The system cannot open the device or file specified” error when running the installer. To remove temporary files in the temp folder, follow these steps:

Press the Win + R keys to open the Run window.

Type in %temp% and hit Enter to open the temp folder.

Select all files and press Shift + Del to permanently delete all temporary files.

Alternatively, you can clear up some space on your system drive if it clearly has less than enough space for what you want to install. Once you have sufficient space, try running the installer again. Also, ensure that your drive is not encrypted (refer to fix 1).

Here are some other possible fixes for the “The system cannot open the device or file specified” error:

Check if the installation is being run over a Terminal Server or mapped network drive. Try running the installer in a local location and see if the issue can be resolved.

Try re-registering Windows Installer by opening command prompt (cmd) with administrative privileges (run as administrator) and typing the following commands followed by Enter key after each line:



Re-download the installer. If you’ve tried everything else and nothing works, a corrupted installer could also cause the error 2755. Downloading a new installer may sometimes fix the issue entirely.

How To Create, View, And Edit Gedcom File In Windows 11/10

Here is a complete guide for you to create, view, and edit GEDCOM files on your Windows 11/10 PC. A GEDCOM file is basically a genealogical data file that consists of family trees. It is one of the most widely used formats to store and exchange family trees. It was first developed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) to help in genealogical research. The GEDCOM files are generally saved with a .ged file extension.

A GEDCOM file basically contains genealogical information about every person in a family. It shows links and relationships between the members of a family or extended family. It is a plain text file consisting of a header section, records, and a trailer section. There are several version of GEDCOM that has been released; the latest being GEDCOM 7.0.2 version.

Now, if you have a GEDCOM file and you want to view or edit it, how to do that? Also, how to create new GEDCOM files from scratch? If you wondering the same, this post is for you. Here, we are going to discuss methods to create, view, and edit GEDCOM files in Windows 11/10. Let us get straight to the solutions now!

What software do you need to open a GEDCOM file?

There are multiple software that let you open and view a GEDCOM file. If you are looking for free software for your Windows 11/10 PC, you can find some in this article. Here, we have mentioned free software that you can use to open a GEDCOM file. You can try My Family Tree, GEDkeeper, or Gramps to do so. Also, if you are looking for a free online service, you can use the MyHeritage tool. We have discussed these services in detail, so let us checkout!

How to Create, View, and Edit GEDCOM file in Windows 11/10

Here are the methods to create, view, and edit a GEDCOM file on your Windows 11/10 PC:

Use a free desktop application to create, view, and edit GEDCOM files.

Now, let us elaborate on these

1] Use a free software to create, view, and edit GEDCOM family tree files

Here are the free software that you can use to view, create, or edit a GEDCOM file in Windows 11/10:


My Family Tree



RootsMagic Essentials

Now, let us discuss the above software in detail!

1] Ahnenblatt

Ahnenblatt is free genealogy software that you can use to create, view, and edit GEDCOM files. In it, you can simply open a GEDCOM file using the dedicated option. Then, you will be able to visualize, analyze, and modify the family tree as you required. It also lets you generate a completely new GEDCOM file containing a family tree.

You can add or edit a person’s details in the family tree such as name, occupation, birth date, parents, siblings, partners, children, notes, sources, etc. It even lets you put a photograph of the person in the tree. It lets you save created or edited family trees in GEDCOM and some other formats including XML, CSV, HTML page, HTML website, etc.

The good thing is that you can generate a family tree poster, ancestor tree poster, hourglass poster, and more using it. In addition to that, you can even print family lists, birthday lists, ancestor lists, lists of places, person sheets, etc. Some additional useful tools like family tree statistics, show pictures, find common ancestor, show calendar, adjust data, sort family, search for, etc.

This one is one of the best software to create, view, and edit a GEDCOM file. It comes in both portable and installer versions. You can download the version you prefer from its official website.

2] My Family Tree

My Family Tree is free software that lets you view, create, and edit GEDCOM files on Windows 11/10. It provides a dedicated Import GEDCOM option to import a GEDCOM file. You can view, analyze, as well as edit the family tree as per your requirement. Additionally, it even lets you create a fresh GEDCOM file from scratch.

You can edit various information about members in an imported family tree. These details may include name, sex, birth date, birthplace, photos, genetics, relationships, facts, and more. It lets you generate several reports for an imported family tree. For example, you can create reports including marriage list, timeline, person report, family reports, person timeline, relative, kinship, and many more.

Furthermore, this software allows you to visualize several family tree charts including family, ancestors, and fan charts. A lot of nice additional tools are also offered in it such as Date Calculator, Phonetics Calculator, Relationship Calculator, Spellcheck, Onscreen keyboard, and more. You can download it from here.

See: Family Tree Maker free genealogy software and online tools

3] GEDKeeper

It allows you to create a variety of reports that helps you understand a family tree better. You can generate reports including Frequency of names, Pedigree report, Personal Events, Phonetics, and Contemporaries. You can also view maps, family tree statistics, ancestor trees, descendant trees, and more charts. Plus, it provides you useful features like Relationship Calculator, Slideshow, Organizer, Manage Places, Merge Records, etc.

To further enhance its functionalities, you can use some plugins like Data Quality, 3D Visualizer, CalC, Words Cloud, Stream Input, etc. It also lets you convert GEDCOM to an Excel workbook. You can download it from

See: How to create an Org Chart in Google Docs

4] Gramps

Gramps is a free and open-source family tree maker software for Windows 11/10. Using it, you can create new GEDCOM files as well as view or edit existing GEDCOM files. You can add or edit family members’ information including title, name, surname, ID, gender, age, addresses, references, etc. It even lets you add photos of each family member.

You can use added persons while creating a family tree. Also, it lets you put events, places, sources, citations, repositories, and notes in your family tree. After creating a family tree, you can save it in its native GEDCOM format. Apart from GEDCOM, it also lets you generate family trees in formats like GeneWeb, CSV, Gramps XML, Web Family Tree, vCard, vCalendar, etc.

It also comes with several types of charts to analyze your family tree. Some of these charts include family lines graph, hourglass graph, relationship graph, etc. You can even create reports like ancestor tree, descendant tree, calendar, fan charts, statistic reports, text reports, web pages, and more. Furthermore, it also provides Analysis and Exploration, Family Tree Processing, Relationship Calculator, Find database loop, Media Manager, and Family Tree Repair tools.

All in all, it is great free genealogy software to view, create, or edit a GEDCOM file.

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5] RootsMagic Essentials

RootsMagic Essentials is a nice free software to create, view, and edit GEDCOM files. You can import, view, and edit GEDCOM and many other genealogical files e.g., Family Origin, Personal Ancestor File (PAF), TMG, etc. After editing a family tree, you can save it in its original format i.e., GEDCOM.

Like other listed software, it also lets you generate reports like a pedigree report, family group sheet, narrative reports, lists, individual summary, and some more. You can also create family tree charts including photo trees, wall charts, box charts, timeline charts, and relationship charts. Furthermore, it also offers tools like Relationship Calculator, Date Calculator, Color Code People, Set Living, Soundex Calculator, etc.

Read: How to create an Org chart in Microsoft PowerPoint

2] Create, view, and edit GEDCOM files online on MyHeritage

If you want to create, view, and edit GEDCOM files online, then you should try this free web service called MyHeritage. It is an online genealogy service that lets you import a GEDCOM file and then view or edit it. You can also create new family trees and export them to GEDCOM files. You can manage all your family trees on your account.

It lets you add various details of a family member including their photos, birthplace, maiden name, spouses, parents, and more. You can also view several family statistics in it including birthplaces, ages, marriages, children, and more. You can toggle the family tree view to pedigree view, fan view, and list view.

How do I convert a GEDCOM file?

To convert a GEDCOM file, you can use Ahnenblatt or Gramps software. Both of these support a good number of output file formats. So, you can import a GEDCOM file and then convert it to some other format using their Export feature. These let you convert GEDCOM to CSV, GeneWeb, vCard, vCalendar, XML, HTML, and a few other formats.

That’s it!

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Fix: Sorry, You Can’t View Or Download This File At This Time.

Fix: Sorry, You Can’t View or Download This File at This Time.




Do you often get the same message that states You can’t view or download this file at this time?

Bypassing this Google Drive error can be done in a few easy steps, as described below.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Google Drive is one of the most widely-used cloud storage services. Despite that, Google does place some restrictions on file sharing using bandwidth limits.

Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time. Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.

Why does it say this file cannot be downloaded at this time?

There are multiple reasons why this would happen, but it’s usually a small server-side bug and nothing to worry about. Of course, this implies you have full access to the said file.

This error effectively blocks Google Drive users from downloading the shared file for a day or so.

While you could always wait a few days and then download it, there’s also a handy workaround that allows you to download files that exceed Google Drive’s bandwidth restrictions. Here’s how it works:

How to fix Sorry, you can’t view or download this file error? 1. Fix Google Drive file issues

That will then save the file to a folder from which you can open it. This neat trick enables you to download any file types otherwise blocked by Google Drive quotas.

2. Try out a better cloud storage alternative

Online cloud storage solutions have easily gained the reputation of completely replacing traditional on-premise storage hardware.

Prevent hiccups such as being unable to view or download certain files by using Sync. That’s a top cloud storage option to keep, access, and share your data even while on the go.

Cautious users are thrilled about the fact that Sync backs up all files automatically in one centralized location.

Therefore, with apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone, and the web, no files could ever get lost or not benefit from end-to-end encryption protection.


There are lots of things to like about Sync. It offers an intuitive interface and all your files are safe from prying eyes.

Get it free Visit website

Which of these two options is your choice? Do you intend to stick with Google Drive or other cloud storage options are already more tempting?

Our previous recommendation may also be enjoyed when dealing with the following errors:

Download not possible at this point in time – Plenty of users claim that they are unable to download files from their Google Drive. If you’re one of them and the issue persists, try out Sync.

Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently – When getting this error, the bandwidth of the download has been probably already reached. Maybe it’s time to get past this limitation by choosing a new cloud storage solution.

Still experiencing issues?

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The Server Couldn’t Complete This Action: 0X88Ffc009, 0X803D0005, 0X803D000A

This post will show you how to ffix Error 0x803d000a, 0x88ffc009, or 0x803d0005, The server couldn’t complete the action requested in Office.

Some users cannot save files in Excel, Word, and other Office apps. Some other users reported the same issue when accessing files over a network. Both sets of users reported getting the following error message when trying to do their respective tasks.

The server couldn’t complete this action. Error Code0x88ffc009, 0x803d0005 or 0x803d000a

You may see different error codes such as 0x803d000a, 0x88ffc009, or 0x803d0005, but the solutions mentioned here apply to all since the error because of server and network issues.

Fix The server couldn’t complete this action Office error

If the server is unable to complete the action asked by the user, it is very likely that there is some issue with the network. Your network connection might be slow or laggy.

To fix The server couldn’t complete the action requested, Error 0x803d000a, 0x88ffc009, or 0x803d0005 in Office follow these suggestions:

Restart Microsoft Word

Check your network connectivity

Close potentially conflicting documents

Change the location of OneDirve

Repair Office

Let’s get started.

Fix 0x803d000a, 0x88ffc009, or 0x803d0005 Office error 1] Restart Office App

You may encounter the error due to some technical glitch. In that case, you can close the app completely and then open it. However, if you get this error when saving a file, closing the app is not a feasible option. In that case, either save the file offline or paste the content to an alternative application, for example, for Word, Google Docs is an alternative online service. Once you are out of this dilemma, follow the steps mentioned below to restart the app.

Close all related files.

Choose the File option in the menu and select close to exit completely.

Wait for a while then open the program again.

Once it is restarted, go and check whether the issue will be resolved or not.

2] Check your network connectivity

When a user tries to access a file that requires communication with a server or network, but the server or network is not responding and users are getting an error while opening Microsoft Word. In this situation, make sure network connectivity is working and stable and the server is reachable. For that, use any of the mentioned Internet Speed checkers. Sometimes restarting the router and modem at the customer end fixes the problem. Also, clearing the DNS cache helps to resolve DNS issues and improve connectivity.

3] Close potentially conflicting documents

The error can also occur if the same server is accessed through two or more Word documents or Excel files or some other Office file, as they cause a conflict or collision. Under these circumstances, the server will be unable to complete the requested action.  In this scenario, we should close the conflicting documents to fix the issue. First, save all Word documents before closing them. Now, reopen the Word document that was making an error. If the reason for the error message is conflicting documents, then closing the redundant files will do the job for you.

4] Change the location of OneDirve

Office program is not able to access the targeted files dues to them being stored in an unrecognized or incorrectly labeled folder. This can not just trigger the error, it can also cause the files to be lost. In such scenarios, we recommend ensuring that the targeted files are stored in the right place.

Navigate to File explorer and then search for all the OneDrive folders that are not recognized or have different labels. Also, look out for documents that’s giving you the error. If there are any new folders, search for the desired file, and then relocate it to the appropriate document folder in OneDrive.

Once the process is completed, delete all the unrecognized ones and then launch the app and see if the issue is resolved

5] Repair Office

If non of the above solution work in your case then you can repair the office. Repairing the office can fix any corrupted or missing files or settings that may be causing the error automatically. We can follow the steps given below to do the same

Close any applications that are open.

Press Windows + I to open Windows Settings

On the left side of the screen, select Apps

Follow the on-screen instruction. Once the repair process is completed, restart the computer and hopefully, the issue will be resolved.

We hope that you can resolve the issue using the solutions mentioned in this article.

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How do I fix error code 0x8004de40?

OneDrive Error Code 0x8004de40 occurs when your computer is unable to connect to OneDrive. This mostly happens due to misconfigured network settings, and you can try editing the settings and if that doesn’t work, reset the service.

What is error code 0x8004def7 on OneDrive?

OneDrive 0x8004def7 error means either you have exceeded your storage capacity or your account has been suspended or terminated by Microsoft.

Read: Fix Error Code 0x8004e4a2 on OneDrive.

How To View Form 27Q In Tallyprime


Form 27Q is a Quarterly return for deduction of tax in respect of payments made to non-residents other than salary.

Statistics of Vouchers displays the total number of transactions pertaining to a period which are categorised as Included in return, Not Relevant in this Return and Uncertain Transactions (Corrections needed). The drill-down report of Total Vouchers displays the Statistics report comprising of voucher types with the corresponding voucher count.

Displays all vouchers that have the requisite information in their corresponding masters and transactions to comply with the requirements for filing the returns. These vouchers will be a part of TDS forms as applicable.

Booking Voucher: Displays the count of booking voucher that are recorded without TDS deduction to book the expenses.

Booking with Deduction Voucher: Displays the count of booking voucher that are recorded with TDS deduction details.

Deduction Voucher: Displays the count of all the deduction entries passed during the report period.

Reversal: Displays the count of all the entries recorded for TDS reversal.

Overridden by User: Displays the count the TDS vouchers that were recorded and saved by overwriting the pre-defined tax details.

Displays the count of all vouchers which are not a part of returns.

Select Not Relevant in this Return.

Select the category or voucher type as applicable.

Press Enter. The Voucher Register screen will display the list of excluded vouchers for the selected voucher type.

Select the transaction and press Enter to view it in alteration mode.

Displays the count of all vouchers with insufficient information. These vouchers contain TDS related information that are not included in the count of Included in return and Not Relevant in this Return.

In this section

Unable to determine TDS applicability for ledgers or stock items: This exception occurs when the expense/purchase ledger that has been debited in a transaction, has not been enabled for TDS. Also, the expense ledger has not been tagged to a specific expense category for TDS. Select a nature of payment to resolve this exception. To set the nature of payment:



to select a group.

Press F5 (Ledger-wise) to view Ledger wise report.

Press F8 (Show Vouchers).

Press Alt+B (Nature of Payment).

Select a TDS Nature of Payment.

Press Ctrl+H (Change View)

You can display the details of a report in different views with additional details or for a specific period. You can also view other reports related to the current report.

Unable to determine the deductee type for party: This exception occurs when the deductee type of the party ledger is set to undefined. Select a deductee type to resolve this exception. To set the deductee type:

Press Enter on Unable to determine deductee type for party.

Press Spacebar to select the Name of the Ledger.

Press Ctrl+F4 (Deductee Type).

Select the required Deductee Type.

PAN not available for party: This exception occurs when the party ledger selected has been enabled for TDS but PAN has not been specified. Specify the PAN, and the applicability of PAN or the status of PAN application for the party. To enter PAN Details:

Press Enter on PAN not available for the Party.


Press Enter in the PAN No. field to go to the field PAN Status.

Select the applicable PAN Status.

Notification is not available for zero or lower rate: This exception occurs when a lower rate or zero rate deduction is recorded for a transaction, and the corresponding notification number is not defined for the party/expense ledger. Specify the notification details to resolve this exception.

In the drill down report for this exception, party ledgers that have been used to pass the zero rate/lower rate TDS entries will be listed. Identify the parties for which lower deduction/zero rate is applicable, select the relevant TDS Category, and provide the exemption notification number, applicability period, and the rate.

Unable to determine TDS applicability for duty ledgers: This exception occurs when the TDS duty ledger has not been classified under a TDS Category. Select a specific TDS Nature of Payment of TDS duty ledger to resolve this exception. To select the Nature of Payment:

Press Enter on Unable to determine TDS applicability of ledgers.

Select the Default Nature of Goods.

Unable to determine the tax rate for nature of payment: This exception occurs when the tax rate for the nature of payment has not been specified. Provide tax rate for the nature of payment to resolve this exception. To provide the tax rate:

Press Enter on Unable to Determine the Tax Rate for Nature of Payment.

Select Yes in the column Is Zero Rated, if required. Else, specify the rate of duty in the column Rate.

Press Enter.

Unable to determine the nature of payment in transaction: This exception occurs when the nature of payment in transaction has not been specified. Provide the nature of payment to resolve this exception. To select the nature of payment:

Press Enter on Unable to determine the nature of payment in transaction.

Select the required transaction, press Enter.

Select the nature of payment, or create the required nature of payment.

Press Enter.

Accept the screen. As always, you can press Ctrl+A to save.

Press Enter on No link is available with collection voucher.

Select the transaction and press


(Link All).

Unable to determine deductee details in cash transactions: This exception occurs in transactions where Cash has been selected in the field Party A/C name, but deductee details are not available. Select the appropriate party ledger to resolve this exception. To select the party ledger:

Press Enter on Unable to determine deductee details in cash transactions.

Select the Deductee Type and enter the PAN, if the details are not available in the ledger master.

Press Enter.

Accept the screen. As always, you can press Ctrl+A to save.

TDS deducted but not linked with expense/purchase transaction and Expenses/purchase returns not linked with expense/purchase transaction. These exceptions occurs when:

Press Enter on TDS deducted but not linked with expense/purchase transaction.

Press Spacebar to select the required booking vouchers.

Press Alt+R (Auto Fill) or Alt+L (Full) or Alt+V (Partial), as required.

Press Enter.

Advance payment is done via third party.

Press Enter on TDS deducted but not linked with expense/purchase transaction.

Press Alt+S (Direct Mapping).

Select Advance Payment.

Transactions accepted with conflicts: This exception occurs when the transactions recorded have conflicts or mismatches. Resolve the conflict to resolve the exception. To resolve this conflict:

Press Alt+J (Accept as is).

Press Enter to accept the voucher as is.

Unable to determine TDS applicability for duty ledgers: This exception occurs when the Type of duty/tax of TDS ledger is set to Others, and the option Is TDS applicable is set to Not Applicable. Select the nature of payment to resolve this exception. To resolve this exception:

Press Enter on Unable to determine TDS applicability for duty ledgers.

Press Spacebar to view the list of natures of payment.

Select the required nature of payment.

Accept the screen. As always, you can press Ctrl+A to save.

Bank Details are not available in Payment Voucher: This exception occurs when the bank details are not provided while record the TDS statutory payment voucher. Enter the payment details to resolve this exception. To resolve this exception:

Press Enter on Bank Details are not available in Payment Voucher.

Enter all the details.

To set the challan details for all the transactions in one-go, press Alt+S (Update Details), and enter the relevant details.

Press Enter to save the Challan Details.

Press Ctrl+A to save the TDS Challan Reconciliation screen.

Paid but not linked with TDS deduction Vouchers: This exception occurs when the TDS payment voucher is recorded without linking to the TDS booking voucher (purchase or journal voucher). To resolve this exception:

Press Enter on Paid but not linked with TDS deduction Vouchers.

Press Ctrl+Enter on the transaction to view the voucher and make the changes as needed.

Accept the screen. As always, you can press Ctrl+A to save.

Not able to determine the Type of Payment: This exception occurs when the TDS payment voucher is recorded without using stat payment feature. To resolve this exception:

Press Enter on Not able to determine the Type of Payment.

Press Spacebar to select the transaction and correct it.

The Deduction Details section denotes the type of deduction under which each of the Included transaction is grouped. Select the required deduction under Deduction Details, and press Enter.

To view the PAN number of each deductee:

Press F12 (Configure).

This section contains details of all TDS payment vouchers of the current period. Payments made to party, petty expenses, or any statutory payments other than that of TDS are not displayed here.

Select the required voucher and press Enter to view all the deduction vouchers recorded for the selected party.

To save Form 27Q, you need to save the Form 27Q Return, recompute the corrected return, overwrite the corrected report, save the recomputed valued as revised return, and export Form 27Q.

In this section

If the count of Uncertain Transactions is zero, a message appears as shown below:

If any master or transaction is modified or added after saving the return, the values can be recomputed. The recomputed information can be overwritten on the Form 27Q saved earlier or saved as a revised return.

For example, if the return was saved for the period 1-Apr-2023 to 30-Apr-2023, view the report for the same period.

The message The return values might have been changed, press Alt+W to recompute appears with a new section comprising details of:

Modified Masters: Displays the count of purchase and sales ledgers in which tax rates have been modified. Press Enter on Modified Masters to view the details.

Modified Vouchers: Displays the total count of vouchers which are Created, Altered, Cancelled and Deleted. To view the list of transactions captured against each modification type, press Enter on Created, Altered, Cancelled or Deleted vouchers row in which transaction count is displayed.

Press Enter to display the voucher alteration screen.

On recomputing the values of modified transactions, Form 27Q report displays two buttons, Alt+B (Overwrite) and Alt+H (Save as Revised).

Press Alt+B (Overwrite).

To save the recomputed valued as revised return without overwriting the information, press Alt+H (Save as Revised).

Press Alt+H (Save as Revised).

You can export the Form 27Q in text format.

Press Alt+B (Save Return) in Form 27Q report, to save the return (Form 27Q can be exported only after it is saved). The report closes on saving. Open Form 27Q again.

Press Alt+E (Export) and select E-Return to view the Export Report screen.

By default, File Format is SDF (Fixed Width) respectively.

In Folder path field enter or select the path to where the txt file to be exported.

By default, File Name as chúng tôi t which can be changed by the users.

Enter the Date.

Specify the required option in Is Regular Return filed for previous period.

Enter the Receipt No. /Token No.

The exported file (Form 27Q) is required to be validated with the File Validation Utility (a freely downloadable utility from NSDL website).

The latest version of the File Validation Utility (FVU), 7.5/7.6, is available. Accordingly, you can generate the Form 27Q text file in TallyPrime for filing TDS returns. However, you have to make a few updates in the text file before validating it in the FVU and filing TDS returns. This will ensure that your returns comply with the latest requirements.

The latest updates are regarding deduction of tax in case of specified senior citizen (under section 194P). Accordingly, the following new fields under the batch header information have been added:

Field 70: Count of Section 194P Details Record (Not applicable)

Field 71:  Batch Total of – Gross Total Income as per Section 194P Details (Not applicable)

For these changes, it is recommended that you open the exported text file of the return, as you will be able to update the batch header information easily.

In TallyPrime, export Form 27Q text file.

In Form 27Q report, press Alt+E (Export), select E-Return.

In the Export screen, configure the Folder Path, as needed, and select Send.

Open the text file (in Notepad) from the Folder Path.

Save the text file.

Now the Form 27Q text file is ready as per FVU 7.5/7.6. You can validate it in FVU 7.5/7.6 and proceed to file TDS returns.

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