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Out with the old and in with the new

The idea of scheduling all your appointments on large excel sheets or overfilled diaries is a thing of the past. Small businesses are now gradually switching to digital calendars and online appointment scheduling and in turn improving their business output as customers have the ability to make appointments online, anywhere, anytime.

To get to this stage, it is recommended to follow the next 7 steps for success as a small business.

7 methods for a small business to boost adoption of online booking 1. Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

When committing your business to a CRM / Online booking system you need to “go big or go home”. Meaning, you need to promote the fact that you are now accepting new appointments through online booking.

As you are now taking online bookings with the ambition to switch completely to online bookings ONLY, it is of utmost importance to place a Call-To-Action on your website displaying “book now” at the very least.

2. Collect Reviews

It is without a doubt that reviews are by far one of the most powerful triggers for potential customers to chose your service over your competitors. Publishing the reviews, then sharing them on social media is recommended to drive more unique traffic.

However, you must be true to your word and place legit reviews on your site from actual customers so people don’t become suspicious about fake or unsubstantiated reviews.

There are plenty of review sites you can be listed in, which offer a badge for your page. Below are some of my favourite review sites:

3. Use and Obey the power of Booking widgets

For any small business a booking widget is your best friend. If you place the booking widget in the correct places, either on your website or social media you are guaranteed to reel in your customers.

In terms of offline communications, using a QR code is a good way to entice customers to use an online booking platform.

4. Take Advantage of Appointment Reminders

A booked appointment, gives you the necessary right to start communication with the customer. As well as sending out EMAIL and SMS reminders for the addressed appointment. You now have them in the pipeline for additional email marketing campaigns for example, special offers or discounts.

Any additional benefits can involve sending out thank you emails for customers that have booked online, this of course can all be automated and implemented with no stress, but very high customer satisfaction.

5. Unforgettable Design

It is imperative to show off to your customers, and let them enjoy an exciting visual appearance once coming across your website. Most people (unless they know what they want) need to be persuaded to book online. Therefore, you need to build trust on your website. Examples could include: displaying attractive pictures of your team, keeping the brand colors neutral or consistent use of your brand logo.

Believe it or not, but using the right visuals gives the customer confidence in their decision to book online or not.

6. Integrating Online Booking with Email Marketing

With these different parameters in mind, it is more likely that you will have repeat visits from your customers, because they now know you are thinking of them and are aware of the important dates.

7. Offer Customers a Booking App

In this modern day, we keep hearing of an increasing number of small businesses introducing an App for their product or service. This is simply because, more people are searching for apps from businesses that they want to (or already) know more about. It is almost as imperative to have an app as well as website.

When making an online booking you want to be able to access the booking platform anywhere, anytime. With mobile apps it is becoming the best way to drive online bookings as customers are more willing to act spontaneous when the information is at their fingertips.

In a Nutshell

With the growing power of digital, small businesses must evolve and adapt to new processes in order to attract their target audience. SMBs that use an online booking or appointment scheduling system should take note of the sections mentioned above to maximize on customer satisfaction and user experience.

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The 6 Best Link Analysis Tools For Competitor Benchmarking For Seo And Online Pr

Our review of backlink analysis software tools and web services

Link analysis has always been an integral part to search marketing efforts. As with all marketing, you need to benchmark where you are and what your competitors are doing in order to put the right work in place and also to track performance. Within the last two years this process has become easier with a wider range of tools now available to aid you.

Search specialists will definitely know all of these and many more, but this list is aimed more at client-side marketers who want to benchmark their link quality against competitors, review SEO agency performance and spot opportunities for partnering with other sites, for example blogger outreach.

Comparison of data quality of backlink analysis tools

Added references to this excellent review of data quality from backlink analysis tools from Richard Baxter at SEOGadget. Don’t purchase a subscription or use any of these tools until you’ve read this!

Here is a summary using the most important chart of many – see the full analysis. Data is presented for the chúng tôi site.

Size of link database

Majestic is often lauded for the size of its database. This chart shows a clear difference between these services. Another report on Live links shows a similar pattern:

So which is the best tool? While the chart above may suggest Majestic the detailed analysis shows that you need a combination. Richard Baxter concludes:

“The bottom line is this – I would consolidate and de-dupe the data from all 3 to get the most complete picture of my backlinks. While Majestic and Google Webmaster Tools have the ”most” data, they’re not complete. Open Site Explorer is about on par with Majestic Fresh (it’s slightly better in this case) but the data is different.

They all have differing crawl depths, index compositions, user interfaces and additional features. I can’t see how any serious link analysis would omit data from any of these sources. On a product development note, I really wish Google Webmaster Tools would make their link data available via the API.”

This is what we find when we speak to agencies and clients – most use both  Majestic and SEOmoz.

Overview of backlink analysis tools

Increasingly, there is overlap with monitoring online PR tools which record mentions across the web  - for these see our compilation of 36 reputation management services.

We think Majestic SEO is particularly useful for top-level benchmarking. The paid service gives more detail on the links, but the free backlink history analysis report below compares competitor activity at the top level. Here we’re comparing our recently launched site with the established chúng tôi It shows linkbuilding is a long-term play rewarded by a sound content strategy! If you use this tool, we recommend the cumulative view and focusing on the unique referring domains as explained below. We did an interview with Dixon Jones of Majestic SEO a year ago which reviews how to choose a tool and linkbuilding process.

Link analysis should be done before any link building campaigns are started. You should understand:

How many links you have. When benchmarking it’s most useful to review individual sites (known as unique referring domains) linking to you rather than total links, since you may have many links from one site (a link repeated across the whole site)

The quality & related anchor text of the links (this could show some good wins in link reconfiguration)

How you compare to your competitors in terms of number, quality & anchor text

You should also have a good understanding of any quality links your competitors have and you don’t (Usually creates an obvious starting point)

1. Google link: Advanced search syntax and Google Webmaster tools

Site address: chúng tôi





Only shows a tiny segment of links

Requires plugins to export & pull together

Doesn’t provide link quality data (Page Rank for example)

Google Webmaster Tools gives a much better analysis as the SEOGadget research shows, but of course it’s only available for your own data.

2. Open Site Explorer (SEOmoz)

Overview: With the demise of Yahoo Site Explorer imminent the rise of this new in 2010 tool is hardly surprising. Giving access to very useful data with just a free login this tool is a great place to start with link analysis (total number of links limited). Powered by SEOmoz this tool should be in all hands-on online marketers favourites.


Free (though paid options available for more links and  functionality)



Allows comparisons to other sites through domain authority benchmar.

Easy to use scoring tools which make comparisons & benchmarking simple

Anchor Text analysis available

Export to excel functionality built in

Ability to drill down into links to specific pages


Analysis beyond first 1,000 links requires payment

Cannot track links over time vs competitors to track your progress

3. Majestic SEO

Overview: Quite a well known tool in SEO, Majestic SEO gives incredibly detailed analysis on links. It prides its self on the size of its index and the its ability to turn this index into useful reports.


Free (though paid options available for more functionality)


Allows comparisons to other sites

Allows you to trend external links over time

Anchor Text analysis available

Export to excel functionality built in

Ability to drill down into links to specific pages

Allows both a back link & domain link counts

Separates EDU & GOV links to allow easy analysis on quality links


Not a sophisticated interface, requires practice

Analysis beyond first 1,000 links requires payment / subscription

4. Link Diagnosis

Overview: While an easier to use interface chúng tôi makes it frustratingly difficult to get started as it is locked down to Firefox and you have to install a plugin just to view reports.


Free (though paid options available for more functionality)


Anchor Text analysis available

Visibility on nofollow links

Export to excel functionality built in

Ability to drill down into links to specific pages



Only works in FireFox

You have to download a plugin to see reports

5. Advanced Link Manager

Overview: A tool created by the same team behind Advanced Web Ranking which is a popular keyword rank tracking tool this software which is available for PC & Mac is a great addition to their portfolio. It does however do a lot more than link analysis, it often promotes it ability to “automate” link building, it can be configured to source websites, get their contact details & send automatic link requests to websites. Not something I would recommend.


Ability to track link-building progress over time


Anchor Text analysis available

Ability to create custom reports & email / download

Ability to drill down into links to specific pages

Can be configure to run at certain intervals to keep everything up-to-date automatically


Cheapest version = $99

Software only – Cannot be accessed by web browsers

Tries to do too much

6. NEW (July 2012) : Bing Webmaster Tools Link Explorer

Yahoo Site Explorer has recently been reborn within Bing webmaster tools.

You may also be interested in this more detailed review on Bing Webmaster Tools.

With many of the same features as its predecessor Bing Link Explorer allows you to view:

View trend reports going back 6months

Analyse links into specific pages of the website

View anchor text relating to the inbound links

Export all data into Excel to manipulate / analyse further



Quick & easy to use


Ability to analyse by page

Ability to export & use the data in excel


Only includes your link data other tools required for competitor analysis which measure things differently

Using one of the tools above to help with your link analysis is definitely going to save you a lot of time. Remember when starting this work be clear what you want out of it, have objectives set and where possible benchmark your current performance so you can track your progress.

If you know of any other tools that we should have included above please let us know and we will take a look.

Importance Of Online Education Platforms After The Covid

The world was changed in many ways by the pandemic. One of the most affected areas was, and still is, the education system. Schools, universities, and traditional institutions around the world had to close and students were sent home.

Some of them were able to move their classes online quickly thanks to existing remote platforms, but most teachers and authorities were not prepared. They struggle to keep up with the pace and offer effective solutions.

Importance of Online Education Platforms After the Covid-19

​What are the effects of social distancing on education? Let’s look at some educational video platforms that have been successful in the last year.

The New Reality of Remote Learning

E-learning is a great way to learn because you can customize your experience to make it more fun.

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How did the “new reality” of digital and remote learning impact education?

One thing is that the interaction between teacher and student in virtual classes is very different. Instructors are constantly adapting their lessons to students’ reactions in a classroom. It’s much harder to identify someone who might need additional support through a camera.

Attention is another important aspect, especially for younger students. Teenagers and children can easily become distracted by social media and the Internet. This alone could lead to a low or even zero interaction in the socially distant class.

To be effective, online classes need to be presented and structured differently.

Learning works because it is social and engaging. Teachers need to modify their lessons to make the virtual experience more engaging and interactive.

The ultimate goal is to motivate students and encourage them to participate online. It is now more important than ever to integrate fun activities and activities that allow students to apply their knowledge, or give them hands-on projects they can do at home.

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UNESCO’s vision of online education and flexible learning pathways

Higher education has never been more varied – universities and other tertiary schools – Many students have not completed ” traditional”, including part-time students, older students returning to school, as well as international students. All of these students have different goals, challenges, and needs.

UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning responded by presenting a project that includes eight country case studies. This project was designed to help institutions identify tools that support flexible learning paths.

Many online and flexible learning options can be used in the new context of post-social distancing.

In India, for example, there is a platform called SWAYAM that allows students to access multiple online courses which are accepted by many higher education institutions. These online courses can be transferred to a university and used as a basis for an academic program.

Similar to Open University Malaysia, it offers extremely flexible education programs that allow students to tailor their learning at their own pace. It offers online learning, tutoring via digital technology, peer communication, forums for teachers and students, and credit transfer to previous education.

It is difficult to implement online education ( ) while maintaining quality. Besides all the important issues related to technology and connectivity, not all classes can be successfully supported by digital technology, for example, practical science or lab-based programs.

However, e-learning should be a part of higher education’s present and future. This is especially true when it comes to creating new and more efficient methods of education that allow for more flexibility in delivery and access.

Distance learning solution’s spotlight: Online education at its best

Online education can take many forms – eBooks and video classes, interactive online activities, and real-time classes. We’ve selected examples of online education with video because the format is versatile, engaging and allows you to convey a lot in a short time.

Some are simpler and were created by self-producers, while others were created by skilled educational video producers.

What does each of them have in common? They all demonstrate the incredible power and versatility these tools can have when used correctly.


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Live lectures recording

Recording a lecture and then uploading it to a YouTube tutorial, Instagram how-to video, or a remote platform is another great and simple way to make online education happen. Here’s an example of the Department of Political Science at Duke University doing it.

Each class is filmed and uploaded to YouTube and their website. This makes it available for anyone who missed it, as well as students interested in the subject.


These videos look almost like a traditional class, where the teacher does the board work and “talks” to an audience. But they are pre-recorded. These videos can be useful for technical subjects such as graphics, sketches, symbols, and so on.

Here’s a short piece developed by Northwestern University explaining why they use it for their online lectures.

Lecture slides

One of the most popular online learning methods is to combine slides with lectures. Lecture slides resemble a PowerPoint presentation, but it’s narrated, making the content much more dynamic and easier to follow.

This example, created by the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan, explains the US healthcare delivery system. It is simple but very clear.

Screencast demonstration

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Closing Thoughts

It was impossible to offer a flexible education, especially in terms of delivery, after Covid-19.

It is clear that online education cannot be implemented in a matter of hours. There are many obstacles, both technologically and socially.

This pandemic should lead to a wider change in education and the way it is approached. We need to move away from traditional learning methods and embrace new, flexible and inclusive options.

Best Free Pdf To Audio Converter Software And Online Tools

This post covers some best free PDF to Audio converter software and online tools for Windows 11/10 computers. Using these tools, you can create an audio file (say MP3 or WAV) from a PDF and listen to that file with any media player tools. These tools don’t work with scanned PDF files. If you want the same, you first need to convert scanned PDF to searchable PDF and then use the tools covered in this post to create the audio file.

Though there exist some good free PDF voice reader tools for Windows 11/10 to listen to the text content of an input PDF, the feature to save a PDF file as an audio file is not there. Therefore, for those who want to convert PDF to audio, these tools can come in handy.

Best free PDF to Audio converter software and online tools

Here is the list of tools added in this post for converting PDF to audio:





Let’s check these tools one by one.

1] Balabolka

This tool also lets you open multiple PDFs in different tabs and then you can listen to its text content or simply create the audio files of those PDFs. In addition to that, you can also change the speech type (3 different speeches are available) and set the pitch, rate, and volume of the selected speech.

Apart from converting PDF to an audio file, this tool can be used to view and read the text from ODP, Markdown file, TXT, RTF, DOCX, DOC, XLSX, DJVU, XLS, EPUB, FB2, and other supported format files. So the tool is feature-rich and works quite well.

Now let’s check how to use this tool for converting PDF to audio. Once you have downloaded this tool and opened a PDF file on its interface, follow these steps:

Select a speech from the drop-down menu

Set the pitch, volume, and rate

Listen to the text content so that you can find out if the audio is good enough for you

A Save Audio File window will pop-up

There, select the audio format

Give a name to the audio file.

Finally, you will be able to save the output audio to any folder of your choice.

2] Online-Convert

Online-Convert is an all-in-one service for different conversion types. There are multiple conversion types such as archive converter, eBook converter, video converter, image converter, etc. A PDF converter tool is also present there using which you can convert PDF to MP3 files.

In its free registered plan, you can upload a maximum of three PDF files per conversion. However, there are limitations to the free plan. You can upload a maximum of 100 MB PDF file and you can convert only 3 PDF files in 24 hours. If this limitation doesn’t bother you, then this service is good to use.

Converting a PDF file to MP3 is a pretty simple process. All you have to do is first open its PDF to MP3 tool from chúng tôi After that, upload a PDF file from your computer. Or else, you can also add an online PDF or upload a PDF document from your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Once the file is uploaded, you can start the conversion process, or first use the available options that are useful. You can use options like changing the variable rate for output MP3, changing audio frequency (8000 Hz, 16000 Hz, 44100 Hz, etc.), setting the audio channel (mono or stereo), and more. While default settings are good to produce a decent output, you can set options if you don’t get a good output.

Once you have set the options, press the START button. The conversion process may take some time. Once the conversion process is finished, you can download the output MP3 or upload the MP3 file to your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

3] Zamzar

Zamzar service is similar to the Online-Convert service as it also provides a lot of conversion types. It has a document converter, audio video converter tools, eBook converter, archive converter, etc. Hundreds of file formats are supported for conversion. And, PDF to MP3 conversion is also possible here.

The features are pretty good but its free plan is very limited. In its free plan, you can upload a maximum of 50 MB PDF file (less than 50 MB for 2 PDF files) and only 2 conversions are supported per day.

Finally, the service will do the rest of your work. It will upload the added PDF file(s), start the conversion process, and provide you with the download links to save the output audio file. This website doesn’t provide the options to set pitch, volume, or speech, but the output comes well.

4] AnyPDF

AnyPDF brings a very simple PDF to MP3 converter tool. It doesn’t mention any size limit and the number of conversions per day. However, based on my testing, I found that the tool is good for basic PDFs having only the text content. While other tools covered in this post were able to convert other PDF files that I used for testing, it showed errors in processing such PDFs.

How can I convert a PDF file to audio for free?

There is a program and a few online services that can help you convert a PDF file to audio for free. We have covered all such tools in this post above. While the software or program covered in this list has better features, doesn’t restrict you with size limit, and lets you convert PDF to MP3, MP4, M4B, and other formats, the services are able to generate only MP3 audio files from a PDF and have size limit to upload PDF. You can check these tools one by one and see which one fits your requirements.

Is there a free program that will read a PDF for me?

Apart from this tool, you can also use the Microsoft Edge browser and some third-party tools that provide voice reading option for PDF documents.

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12 Of The Best Websites To Read Manga Online

With so many options, it might seem hard to figure out where to read manga online. Manga contains some of the best storylines, incredible characters, and surprising plot twists available. While these graphic novels and comics may originate in Japan, that doesn’t mean you can’t read manga online from pretty much anywhere around the world. The best part is that many websites let you read much of it for free.

Tip: prefer to watch movies instead? Check out these free streaming sites to watch free movies online.

What Is Manga?

If you’ve never had the chance to try manga, think of it as the comic book/graphic novel version of anime. In fact, it’s not uncommon for an anime series to become a manga series and vice versa.

Manga features the same exaggerated features and artwork as anime. However, some of the themes tend to be more adult. When searching for manga to read online, make sure you’re using sites that have translated it into English or your desired language. All of the sites listed here are in English, outside of a few titles here and there.

1. Mangamo

Price: Free (limited) / Premium $5 per month

One of the most recent entries on this list, Mangamo only launched in 2023 but is already becoming a popular resource for manga hunters all over the world. With officially licensed publishers onboard, the selection on Mangamo is of a very high quality, and at the time of writing, contains over 400 titles. It’s nice that you don’t have to be concerned about piracy. This also means it’s a more reliable service.


Officially licensed titles only, such as Devil-Chi, Attack on Titan, and A Man With a Thousand Skills

New chapters released daily

Free users get four free chapters daily on a limited number of series

Easy to manage your collection and search for titles

Available on iOS or Android


Can’t customize reading preferences in app

Most titles are behind the paywall, but the price is reasonable for what you’re getting

2. MangaDex

Price: Free


Create your own library from numerous available titles

In-depth search filters by demographic (such as Shounen, Shoujo, Seinen etc.), publication status, theme, genre, and format

Forums for community participation


Mainly made up of scanlations, which are a hazy legal area

No apps (read in most browsers, including mobile)

Tip: whether or not you’re looking to learn something new, these intellectual websites can help give you a new perspective.


Price: Free

One of the top sites to read manga online is MANGA Plus by SHUEISA. The site’s created and controlled by the Japanese publisher SHUEISA, ensuring that artists are compensated for their work. It’s owned by the same company as the popular manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, so you’ll be able to read magazine contents on the website as soon as it’s published. With a good variety and clearly legal titles, it’s the perfect option for manga fans.


Everything’s completely free

Many titles are in English and Spanish

Create a favorites library

Wide variety of titles, such as Leach, Naruto, Blue Box, Dragon Ball, and Black Clover

Creators are compensated (all legal titles)

iOS and Android apps in addition to the website


Some titles are only available in the app

Could use better search filters

4. ComicWalker

Price: Free

In an effort to battle scanlations, manga publisher Kadokawa created ComicWalker as the free way to read manga online. While you won’t find all of Kadokawa’s manga on here, there’s ample variety to keep you entertained. No registration is required to read anything, but some titles are added and removed regularly, so if you see something you’re interested in, don’t wait too long to read it. Some titles do have expiration dates, but any title can be removed at any time.


Everything is free to use and registration is optional

Save favorites simply by signing up for free

Wide variety of titles available. (Check the release calendar to see when new titles are being added.)

Good filters to find what’s most popular, check out release dates, and limit your options to specific manga magazines


Titles may disappear randomly

No apps available

Tip: other than your desktop and mobile, did you know that you can also read comics on your Nintendo Switch?

5. Crunchyroll – Free/Premium

Price: Free / Premium plans start at $8 per month

You can’t have a list of the best sites to read manga online without mentioning Crunchyroll. Not only is there an extensive selection of manga, but you can watch anime as well. The main downside is that while there are some free titles, most are only available if you subscribe. On the other hand, it’s a reputable site that doesn’t rely on scanlations or user submissions, so you get high-quality content and new releases quickly.


Large legal collection of manga

New titles and chapters added regularly

You only need the lowest cost plan to access the entire manga library

Read on desktop, iOS, and Android


Most manga is behind a paywall (a free trial is available, though)

Apps have a lot of issues, including frequent crashes and infrequent updates to address problems

6. Shonen Jump

Price: Free / Premium – $3 per month

Shonen Jump, the digital version of Weekly Shonen Jump, offers some of the latest chapters of their popular manga titles for free. While you can’t go back and start from the beginning as a free user, this is a great way to get newer chapters without paying anything. You’ll need to create a Viz (the home site of Shonen Jump) account to save favorites. The quality is nice, and it’s easy to navigate the reader on desktop and mobile.


Get the latest chapters completely free

Cheapest premium subscription for manga at just $3/month

Over 15,000 chapters available to premium users

Read on desktop, iOS, and Android


Most chapters are for premium members only

Tip: learn how to add this manga-inspired bot to your Discord server.

7. ComiXology Unlimited – Premium

Price: $6/month

ComiXology is an Amazon company that’s just for comics, graphic novels, and manga. The main site allows you to buy individual titles. However, the best deal overall is easily ComiXology Unlimited. As the name implies, you get to read all you want for one flat monthly fee. While over 2,400 manga titles are included in the subscription, some are only available for individual purchase. Despite how well the Kindle reading app works, the ComiXology app isn’t quite as user-friendly.


Access over 45,000 titles of manga, comics, and graphic novels in one plan

Access on desktop, iOS, and Android

Free 30-day trial available


Apps have issues with resolution quality, screen sizing, and navigation

Not all titles in the ComiXology store are included in the Unlimited plan

8. MangaKakalot

Price: Free

You’ll find not only popular manga series on MangaKakalot but numerous lesser-known series as well. The layout of the site makes it easy to quickly sort by genre, check out what’s most popular, find the latest releases, or even stick to completed series. The site lives in a legal gray area. Nothing is officially licensed, but so far, no artists have pursued legal action against the site. On the other hand, you never download items, so it does make the site safer to use.


Increasingly large library of new and old titles

Easily sort by title, genre, and what’s most popular

Register for free to create your own library


No officially licensed titles

Resolution quality can vary from title to title and chapter to chapter

9. MangaHere

Price: Free

MangaHere offers over 10,000 series completely free. You’ll find most any genre you could possibly want, including everything from supernatural to comedy. It’s easy to find something new to read based on what’s most popular, the genre, latest updates, new releases, and more. MangaHere states that all content on the site is licensed under a fair use license. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean everything on the site is technically legal. Yet, the site is easy to use, and the quality is fairly consistent.


Massive library of both new and older titles

Check out the latest manga news

Free signup to create your own library


Titles may or may not be completely legal

Apps are available, but the iOS app rarely works, and the Android app is available only on third-party sites. (If you want to try it, use our guide for installing apps from unknown sources.)

Tip: for those who prefer to watch anime instead of reading manga, check out these Android apps to stream anime on your mobile.

10. Readm

Price: Free

Readm offers a nice selection of manga to read online. It has one of the more extensive genre lists to help narrow down your search. Everything is free to read and available under a fair use clause of the Copyright Act. Even on desktop, the updates section is kind of hard to read and navigate. Otherwise, it’s a clean layout, and the resolution quality is pretty good, too, for most titles.


Large variety available

Everything is free

Read with or without signing up. (Signing up lets you save items.)


No mobile apps

Updates section is tiny and cluttered

11. Mangaowl

Price: Free

Mangaowl was created and run by manga lovers who just wanted all their favorites in one place. Staff works to translate and upload new chapters as quickly as possible, so there can be delays sometimes. While you won’t find every title here, it’s a good place to find a variety of new and old titles. You can search by genre and title, but that’s it. It’d be nice if there was an official app, but for now, there’s an Android APK only.


Variety of titles available

Staff adds new chapters regularly

Site is easy to navigate

Everything is free


No official app, and the Android app APK comes from a Google Drive account (so it’s best to probably avoid it)

Titles are stated as legal, but you are encouraged to support publishers by buying the titles from other sites. (This is all listed in the site’s Legal Disclaimer.)

12. OverDrive

Price: Free with a library card

OverDrive is a service libraries use to provide digital books, audiobooks, magazines, and more. It’s completely free as long as you have a library card from a participating library. Manga can be checked out and returned just like any other book from a physical library, except it’s digital in this case. What’s available varies based on each individual library. Finding manga is sometimes a challenge but time is well spent to be able to read it legally for free.


Everything’s free to read

Check out books, magazines, and more in addition to manga

Read on desktop, iOS, and Android. (Depending on your library, you may require the Libby, Sora, or Kanopy app – you’ll get details and links to download on your library’s website.)


Difficult to find titles since it’s not dedicated to manga only

Not all libraries participate in OverDrive, and the titles you want may not be available at every library

Tip: If the websites you want to visit are blocked, learn how you can view blocked websites without difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions Are free manga sites legal?

It depends on the site. Free sites that have licensed content through the publishers are completely legal. For instance, MANGA Plus is free, but all content is provided through official channels, so it’s free and legal.

Most free sites aren’t technically legal, as they simply gather content but don’t pay any kind of licensing fees to the creators. Some have actually been taken down as a result, while others are still going strong. Those that don’t offer any type of download or offline reading options are less likely to be taken offline. However, don’t be surprised if any free sites that fall into a legal grey area are suddenly shut down due to a DMCA notice.

Another issue is whether the site is actually hosting the manga. A site that just provides links to other sites isn’t actually illegal. However, the sites that host or store the content are illegal. Until they’re required by law to cease operation, you can still read manga on them.

What’s the problem with scanlations?

The most common manga you’ll run across is scanlations. These are translated copies that are scanned in to be shared with readers. These are done without the copyright holder’s permission, meaning they don’t get credit or compensation.

Once again, it’s a grey area of legality. You can read them legally, but the person uploading the content could face serious fines if copyright holders decide to pursue any legal action against them. On the other hand, it’s seen as a great way for manga fans to read comics that aren’t licensed in their region of the world.

Check with online book stores like Book Walker that might offer free titles to download and keep. Consider keeping track of your manga collection (digital and physical) with a collection organizing app.

Image credit: Lisa Fotios via Pexels. All screenshots by Crystal Crowder.

Crystal Crowder

Crystal Crowder has spent over 15 years working in the tech industry, first as an IT technician and then as a writer. She works to help teach others how to get the most from their devices, systems, and apps. She stays on top of the latest trends and is always finding solutions to common tech problems.

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The 10 Best Online Shopping Sites For Cheap Electronics

Buying electronics can be a very expensive endeavor, especially if you prefer to stick to new products.

Getting a good deal can feel impossible sometimes, but if you know where to shop online shopping sites for cheap electronics, you can get some amazing deals that you’ve never imagined.

Table of Contents

The following are 10 of the best online shopping sites where you can find electronics cheaper than anywhere you may shop in person.

You may be surprised to see Amazon in a list of online shopping sites for cheap electronics. But if you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, then you’re probably already fully aware of the amazing deals on electronics that you can find there, if you know where to look.

If you only superficially browse the Electronics section of Amazon, you’d think that all you can find there are brand new products at roughly retail prices.

But the reality is that there are a couple of interesting ways you can find unbelievable deals on those same products.

Many of these “used” products are listed in new or almost new condition. Many of them are also Prime certified and include free shipping.

What is Amazon “renewed”? It’s Amazon’s term for refurbished items. These are usually returned items that have been fully repaired, cleaned up, and look and perform just like new. They often even include a short term warranty through Amazon.

These products will arrive in a plain box rather than in the retail box, and include basic accessories. However, just reading the reviews for these items you’ll see that many buyers have been thrilled at the quality of these items. 

The “renewed” deals you can find on Amazon are nothing short of amazing.

eBay is a well-known name in the world of used products, but in recent years more and more retailers of new electronics have established stores on the platform.

When you select the Electronics top level category in the left menu on the main page, you’ll usually see a link to the best deals in a banner at the top of the category page.

Further down the page, you’ll see all of the categories. One of those categories is Certified Refurbished. 

Select this to browse all of the refurbished electronics you can buy at similar prices as you’d find in the list of Amazon “renewed” products.

In these listings, you’ll find some of the hottest electronics at rock-bottom prices. $820 laptops for $599.99. $1,160 camera lenses for $599. And much more.

Best Buy is another large retailer that deserves to be on this list. Facing stiff competition from sites like Amazon, Best Buy instituted a Price Match guarantee.

All you have to do is take the listing for a product with the same brand, model number, and color to your store (or online!), and Best Buy will match the price.

This doesn’t exactly get you a better price, but it does give you peace of mind knowing that you can go into the actual store to test drive a product, and still get a price that’s as good as the one you found online.

Another reason to look for cheap electronics at the Best Buy site are the Top Deals and Deal of the Day links at the top of the main page.

Some of these are smaller deals of 10% to 20% off, but often you’ll find some pretty significant deals like hundreds of dollars off the price of a laptop or a tablet.

Another good place to find cheap electronics on the Best Buy site is on the individual item pages. Look closely under the bold price and you will likely see an alternative price next to Open-Box.

This price is often even lower than any discounted sales price that’s currently active on that product. You may not get the original box or a device in mint, unused condition, but it will be almost new and for a price far below what you’d pay for new.

Another section to check out is by selecting the Deal menu item on the main page, and selecting Best Buy Outlet from the dropdown menu.

This is where you’ll see a collection of just about every single deal throughout the site. They’re organized by open-box, discount, and best of all refurbished items.

In fact, if you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you’ll see a section describing Refurbished items, and a Shop refurbished link below it. 

Refurbished electronics are some of the best deals you’ll find on the latest, top-of-the-line electronics that you could never afford new.

These are products that have been repaired and certified by the Geek Squad as in like-new and working condition. Many of these are only available for local pickup, so make sure you read the fine print before you buy!

When you shop Micro Center, you’ll find that most of the products listed have some sort of discount off retail price.

In many cases that discount is pretty significant. But if you want even steeper discounts, explore the left navigation menu for three links:

Refurbished Deals: Like-new, repaired items across all of the site’s categories.

Clearance: Includes both closeouts and open box items.

Hot Ad Deals: These are short-term doorbuster deals throughout the site.

To save a few extra bucks, don’t forget to select the Rebate Center link in the footer of the site. This is where you’ll find manufacturer rebates that can save you even more on select electronics.

Newegg is a well-known source of all sorts of products, not only cheap electronics. However, the product deals are plentiful there. 

Some of these deals are remarkable, with markdowns off retail as much as 75% off or more. Just select See All Deals under this section to see all of the current deals that are available.

Another opportunity to find cheap electronics while you’re browsing products on the site is to look for a Used price under any of the products.

This is an opportunity to buy the same product from people selling slightly used version at a steeply discounted price. Just select View Details to learn more.

Also, while you’re browsing categories, you’ll notice in the left navigation pane, under the Condition section, there are checkboxes for Refurbished, Used, or Open Box.

Refurbished in particular provides a really good opportunity to get expensive electronics very cheaply from one of the Newegg reseller partner companies. 

TechBargains is a bit of a unique site to find cheap electronics in that it isn’t strictly a retailer site. It’s run more like a blog, with an entire team of “BargainMeisters” who constantly search for the best deals on gadgets and electronics. They use a very large team on-staff, but also take input and feedback from their user base as well. 

Following the blog-like theme, the main page lists the main updates of newly found deals under Latest Deals. However, along the right navigation pane you’ll also find Trending Deals and special events like Cyber Monday.

Be sure to check out the special event listings, like Cyber Monday, because these are often larger posts with a long list of deals listed out in each update.

There isn’t a Fry’s location in as many areas of the country as there are Best Buys, but if you live near a Fry’s then you know just how often you can find some amazing deals there. The Fry’s website is no exception. 

On the main page you’ll see sections like Daily Deals, Weekly Deals, and Shop Today’s Deals. 

Most of these discounts are remarkable; sometimes up to 50% off retail price or more.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page and select Fry’s Deals in the footer, you’ll see a page that includes ad listings for deals across major categories like audio, cameras, televisions, and more.

Another easy way to quickly find cheap electronics on the site is to pick any category you’re interested in. Then, under All Items in the left navigation pane, check the box for Clearance Items.

This will filter out all of the listings except for those electronics that are available at clearance prices.

If you’ve ever purchased electronics for your company, you’ve probably heard of TigerDirect. It’s a site used by most businesses to order their printers, laptops, and more. You can also shop TigerDirect for steeply discounted electronics.

These deals start right on the main page, under the Featured Deals section.

Some of these are remarkable discounts of 60% to 70% off retail.

There aren’t any refurbished or open box items to be found at TigerDirect, but if you select Daily Deal Slasher at the top of the page, you’ll see very short term deals you can grab.

These are so short term that you’ll see a timer counting down beside the deal. If you check back daily, you’re likely to catch discounts that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

You’ll see featured deals on the main page, pulled in from major online retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and more.

On top of these aggregated deals, at the bottom of the page you’ll see a section for Coupons & Discounts that will offer you some extra savings on top of the regular deals you’ll find.

Individual item pages will give you the discounted price and other details about the deal. When you select the See Deal button, it’ll take you to the retailer’s website. 

The final listing of the best online shopping sites for cheap electronics is BuyDig. This is another direct retailer of electronics, but it also offers up some pretty good savings on brand new electronics. 

Right on the main page you’ll see a frequently updated section called This Week’s Deals.

In the footer, under Explore, select Coupons to see a list of the current coupon codes you can use to get cash back on prices or save on shipping.

While you won’t find refurbished items here, you can get open box items. To find these, just browse any category, and select Open Box under Product Condition in the left navigation pane. 

Most of these open box deals offer steep discounts off retail prices, and it’s a great way to grab expensive electronics you normally may not be able to afford.

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