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Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 Plus is a 6.7-inch beast that might be tough to fit in a pocket. It’s a large, premium device, though, so you’ll want to do anything you can to keep it safe. There are plenty of third-party cases to consider, but they can be too bulky for some people. Here are the best official Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus cases to get your protection right from the source.

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Looking for more ways to keep your phone safe and get the most out of it? Don’t forget to check out our guide for the best case brands to look at and mobile accessories you can get! For more options, don’t forget to also check out our roundup of the best Galaxy S21 Plus cases currently available.

The best official Galaxy S21 Plus cases:

Editor’s note: We’ll be sure to add to this list of the best official Galaxy S21 Plus cases if new options launch.

Silicone cover


Samsung’s simple silicone cover is one of the most basic official cases you can get for your Galaxy S21 Plus. It’s a single, flexible piece of material that you can apply or remove in seconds. You can also choose from a few different shades to match your phone, including violet, pink, gray, and black. The silicone cover also covers part of the Galaxy S21 Plus’ large camera housing to protect it from harm.

Clear cover


If you’d rather show off your Galaxy S21 Plus than cover it in silicone, this clear case is your best official option. It’s another TPU case, though it pairs a crystal clear back panel with a matte bumper around the edges. You can choose from either black or white finishes, and the textured pattern should keep your phone snug in your hand. Samsung also added a small loop on the back, presumably for a lanyard.

Leather Galaxy S21 Plus official case


Our next case adds a premium feel to your Galaxy S21 Plus in the form of an official leather cover. Available in either black or brown, this case adds some solid protection without the bulk you might expect from a durable case. Samsung’s official leather case also features small aluminum accents that add even more of a premium touch and contrast with the overall construction.

Kvadrat cover


Samsung introduced its Kvadrat case, made with recycled materials, a few years back. Now, the bumper is back with a few new shades to match the color palette of the Galaxy S21 family. You can grab yours now in either Mint Gray or violet. If your Kvadrat case should get damaged, the entire unit is compostable so you don’t have to create extra waste. However, the soft material may not stand up to scratches well.

Clear Galaxy S21 Plus official case with kickstand


The next official Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus case worth considering is this clear option. It’s more flexible than the previous clear option in that it includes a metal clear case for hands-free streaming. Better yet, the kickstand works either vertically or horizontally, so there are no limits to what you can stream.

S-View flip cover


Samsung’s S-View flip cover is a great option if you want to protect your Galaxy S21 Plus from all angles. It relies on a tough bumper and a folding folio cover that features a clear strip for your notifications. You can easily check your texts and emails without ever unlocking your device and answer calls with the cover closed. Like the other official cases, the S-View flip cover comes in four shades to match your phone.

LED wallet cover


We’ve already mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is a big, beefy device. You might be looking for a way to free up some other pocket space, and that means leaving your wallet behind. This LED wallet cover is an easy way to do just that, though you won’t find a cash pocket built-in. It only features one card slot, though it appears to expand and hold more than one credit card for your convenience.

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Rugged cover


The last official Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus case on our list is also the most durable. This rugged cover offers some serious protection with textured side rails and a series of raised ridges on the back panel. You can get the case in black or silver, and the rugged cover features a folding kickstand for hands-free streaming. You can adjust the kickstand between two different positions too for the perfect viewing angle.

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10 Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases You Can Buy

After multiple leaks and rumors, Samsung finally unveiled the Galaxy S21 series at its virtual Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event. With the devices being up for pre-orders and shipments starting from the 29th of January, now would be a good time to go shopping for a case to protect your shiny new Galaxy S21. If you’re planning to buy a Galaxy S21, these are the best cases you can buy to safeguard your phone from accidental drops.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases in 2023

1. Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen is one of the established case makers in the business and is known for making cases with good quality that offer superior protection. This time around, the company has made a total of six Galaxy S21 case variants namely Tough Armor, Rugged Armor, Liquid Crystal, Slim Armor CS, Neo Hybrid, and Thin Fit. My favorite among the bunch is Tough Armor as it offers complete protection along with its foam technology for shock resistance.

The case adds just over 0.14” thickness to the phone and even comes with a built-in kickstand. If you’re looking for a case that you can just buy and forget about the fear of accidental drops, I’d highly recommend checking out Spigen Tough Armor. Feel free to visit Spigen’s dedicated Amazon page linked below to explore other Spigen offerings for the device.

Check out other Spigen S21 cases from Amazon

2. Official Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases

Samsung is one of the few smartphone brands that takes extra care for its accessories lineup. With the launch of the Galaxy S21 series, the South Korean tech giant is offering a total of 9 case models: Rugged protective cover, Clear cover, Silicone cover, LED back cover, clear standing cover, clear protective cover, S-View cover, Leather cover, and LED wallet cover. Simply put, Samsung has something in store for everyone and the pricing starts at $19.99 and goes up to $59.99.

Buy from Samsung: Starts at $19.99

3. Caseology Parallax

Buy from Amazon: $14.99

4. Cyrill Color Brick Case

In case you fancy minimalistic matte finish designs, look no more – Cyrill color brick case is exactly what you need. The case, built with a semi-transparent hard polycarbonate back and TPU bumper, offers a clean look and protection. What sets Cyrill’s color brick case apart is the fact that it offers customizable colored buttons. You can swap the black buttons with the included yellow buttons for a hybrid look. You also get camera ring protection and raised bumpers on this one.

5. OtterBox Commuter Series Case

Otterbox’s Commuter series comes with antimicrobial protection to protect the case against common bacteria. According to the company, the case passes thrice as many drops as military standard and boasts dual-layer protection with a secure grip, port protection, and raised edges. The case comes in black and blue color variants and you can choose the one that looks more appealing to you.

Buy from Amazon: $39.95

6. ESR Metal Kickstand Case

For those interested in a clear case with an additional kickstand to conveniently watch movies and videos, ESR metal kickstand case is a promising offering. You can adjust the kickstand up to 60 degrees, making it easy to find a comfortable position for all your binge-watching sessions. The flexible polymer offers better impact protection if you drop your phone and it also has raised edges to protect the screen and camera.

Buy from Amazon: $14.99

7. Restoo Rugged Case

Restoo’s rugged case is for those who tend to drop their phones a lot and need that extra layer of protection. The case offers 360-degree protection and is made of hard polycarbonate back and a flexible TPU bumper. Thanks to its shock absorption capabilities, the company promises that the case will protect your device from damages when dropped from a height within 1.5 meters. Moreover, the stripes at the back ensure that the device won’t easily slip from your hand when you’re using it.

8. Razer Arctech Pro Case

In case you didn’t know already, Razer makes gaming-oriented protective cases for smartphones. Dubbed Arctech Pro, the case comes with a special Thermaphene cooling technology for efficient heat dissipation. Razer has also applied an anti-bacterial coating to avoid the growth of bacteria in the case. Combined with reinforced side panels, the Arctech Pro is capable of withstanding drops and offering a comfortable grip while you’re watching videos or playing mobile games.

Buy from Razer: $44.99

9. Totallee Transparent Case

If you’re looking for a simple transparent case that doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the phone, Totallee has got you covered. The case is just 0.03-inch thin and is made of TPU, which also offers shock absorption and extra grip. As can be seen below, you’ll barely notice the presence of the case and can enjoy the original design of the phone without sacrificing or risking protection. Another aspect worth noting about these cases is that they don’t have branding or logos in the case, adding to that minimalistic aesthetic.

Buy from Totallee: $39

10. FYY Luxury Leather Case

Lastly, we have picked a leather case for those who love using leather cases on their phones. You can also use it as a cardholder and it accommodates a total of 3 bank cards. In addition, thanks to the RFID shielding technology packed in, the case ensures that unauthorized parties can’t misuse your bank cards. With the magnetic close mechanism, you can easily protect the front portion of the phone when you’re not using it.

Buy from Amazon: $35.99

Choose the Best Case for Your Samsung Galaxy S21

The Best Official Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases You Can Get

Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

If you’re considering Samsung’s more affordable phablet, you already know that you’ll need a tough case. It can be difficult to choose the right one, but protection is a must. The easiest route might be to head to the source and look at Samsung’s own cases. Here are our picks for the best official Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases to shield your new phone.

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Looking for more ways to keep your phone safe and get the most out of it? Don’t forget to check out our guide for the best case brands and best mobile accessories you can get!

The best official Galaxy Note 20 cases:

Editor’s note: We will update this list of the best official cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 as more are released.

S-View flip cover


It’s not easy to protect your phone, cover the display, and still see your notifications. Somehow Samsung has managed all three with the S-View flip cover. The case snaps on for solid protection, and a clear strip allows you to take calls and read notifications without opening your phone. Samsung’s official Galaxy Note 20 S-View flip cover comes in black, brown, and mint and a microbial layer helps to counteract harmful germs.

Samsung LED wallet cover


Samsung’s LED wallet cover adopts a similar overall design to the S-View, though it has the added benefit of a card slot. After all, the Galaxy Note 20 isn’t the easiest device to stuff in a pocket. The case helps you to keep the essentials with you without carrying a wallet. Even better, the folding cover stars an LED array that displays the time as well as important notifications. While there’s just one card slot, it’s a lighter option than toting a phone and wallet around.

Silicone case


Official Galaxy Note 20 cases don’t have to be fancy or feature-rich, and this silicone case is a perfect example. It’s less than 2mm thick, yet offers solid protection against both drops and scratches. You can apply or remove Samsung’s silicone case in seconds thanks to the flexible design. Like most first-party cases, the silicone case comes in black, brown, and mint to match your phone.

Clear case


Samsung’s clear case follows in the silicone options footsteps and keeps things as simple as possible. It’s a basic clear case that allows you to show off the carefully crafted design of your Galaxy Note 20. Although it’s a bit thinner than the silicone option, Samsung beefed up the lips around the display and camera bump for better drop protection. You may find that it stands up better to scratches than to drops, but a slim case is better than no case at all.

Leather case


The Galaxy Note 20 is a luxurious device, so why not go with a case that feels just as nice? The official leather case comes in black, brown, and green, and it blankets your phone with a soft, comfortable shield. Samsung didn’t miss any details with the leather case — it features an embossed logo and tactile aluminum button covers. After all, leather buttons might have been difficult to press. You’ll want to be careful of scratches, but the leather case should age nicely the longer you use it.

Official Kvadrat fabric Galaxy Note 20 case


Kvadrat’s case for the Note 20 sticks with a comfortable texture, though it’s made entirely from recycled materials. It comes in gray or Coral Red, so the Kvadrat may be a good bet if you don’t want a case in the same shade as your phone. The case is thin enough to handle wireless charging with ease, and it should be a breeze to apply or remove. It’s tough to say how the fabric will stand up to scratches, but you should be safe from light drops.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 20 rugged cover


Today’s final official Galaxy Note 20 case is also the most durable on the list. You’ll immediately notice the raised vertical ridges which are reminiscent of a heavy-duty suitcase. Samsung also texturized both side rails for superior grip and the hybrid design is ideal against both scratches and falls. Instead of adopting an adjustable kickstand, Samsung chose two for its rugged cover — one for 60 degrees and another for 45 degrees.

10 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases And Covers You Can Buy

While Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra might have stolen the spotlight at the Galaxy Unpacked, the regular Galaxy Note 20 is more than capable to be a nice pick for those willing to get a powerful phablet without having to breach the $1,000 price tag. If you are one of them, you are, most probably, also on the lookout for the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases and covers to not only keep the phablet safeguarded against accidental damage, but also amp up the elegance quotient. And that’s what we have you dished out in this extensive roundup!

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases and Covers

In this lineup, we have picked out cases from several different categories, considering one set of designs don’t fit everyone’s style and preference. From sparkling clear case, super handy kickstand case, incredibly thin case to pretty grippy cover, we have listed it all.

Did I say, the roundup has also got high-quality leather cases that can get along nicely with your pro outing? Do note that we have already lined up the cases and screen protectors for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. If you want them for the bigger sibling, check them out. With that said, it’s time to explore the top cases designed for Galaxy Note 20.

1. Official Cases: Premium Suits for Galaxy Note 20

If you have set your sight on presenting your Galaxy Note 20 equally appealing cases, look no further than the official cases. They sport a modern-looking design and wrap around the 6.7″ phablet elegantly.

Not to mention, Smart Clear View Cover also features an antimicrobial technology that enures your Galaxy Note 20 remains away from germs. Just in case you are fond of a classy or a more professional design, Kvadrat Cover with high-quality textures would be a better choice for you. Besides, the luxurious leather cover with brushed aluminum buttons would also be a great pick.

Buy from Samsung: (price varies based on the case you choose)

2. ESR – A Top-Notch Metal Kickstand Case for Galaxy Note 20

A kickstand case comes in super handy when you want to watch movies or indulge in hands-free video calling comfortably. Not to mention, it’s also quite useful in letting you play lighthearted games with the needed peace of mind. If that’s what you are looking for, ESR metal kickstand case would be a fantastic companion for your smartphone.

The case sports a pretty compact design that offers full-freedom to Note 20 to show off its profile. And with the metal stand, you can position your Note both horizontally and vertically to enhance viewing. Despite having a slim form-factor, ESR case is no pushover when it comes to resisting scratches and can even absorb minor impact.

With the inclusion of raised bezels, it safeguards both the 6.7″ inch display and triple camera setup. Considering these specs, it seems a safe bet at $19.

Buy from Amazon: $18.99

3. dbrand Grip Case: Thinnest Cover for Galaxy Note 20

When it comes to producing compact and grippy cases, dbrand stands out of the rest. And if you want a case that can offer much-improved gripping to ward off accidental drops, look no further than Grip case from dbrand.

The case is made of high-quality polymer material that fits around the edges of the smartphone. At just 2mm thickness, it can easily stake the claim of being the thinnest case for Galaxy Note 20 in the market right now.

For all having an incredibly slim form-factor, dbrand Grip case offers a military-grade shield against impact. Furthermore, it’s also up to the task as far as fighting out scuffs is concerned.

Buy from dbrand: $29.95

4. Spigen Liquid Air Armor: Anti-Slip Case for Galaxy Note 20

Featuring anti-slip texture, Spigen Liquid Air Armor is designed for the folks who have butterfingers! If that’s you, do check out this slim case. Thanks to the grippy matte surface, your palm can comfortably hold the Galaxy Note 20. The case has a slim profile and fits snuggly around the 6.7″ phablet.

Just in case you think that Liquid Air Armor may be too delicate to endure shock, let me tell you that it delivers military-grade protection. With the air cushion technology, it’s more than capable to fight out the impact.

Being fingerprint resistant, Liquid Air Armor retains a good-looking profile for long. Coming in at $12, it’s a comparatively cheap yet impressive cover for Galaxy Note 20.

Buy from Amazon: $11.99

5. FYY – Genuine Leather Wallet Case for Galaxy Note 20

Going by the looks, FYY case appears to be a top-notch leather wallet case for Galaxy Note 20. Carved out of high-grade cowhide leather, the cover flaunts professional-look and feel. So, if you are hunting for a case that can make a great match with your executive outing, this one could be one of the better contenders out there.

Moreover, the leather cover features multiple card slots and a big pocket where you can store your dollar bills securely. With the RFID blocking technology, it ensures the sensitive information of your credit/debit cards stays protected.

That’s not all, FYY leather case also supports kickstand functionality. That means you can prop up your Galaxy Note 20 horizontally for a convenient media watching or video calling. Keeping in mind these impressive specs, it seems to be a reasonable deal at $26.

Buy from Amazon: $25.99

6. Caseology Parallax

Yet another case that bets big on ergonomic design is – Caseology Parallax. The highlight of this case is the 3D design that improves ergonomics, allowing your palm to hold the large-screen smartphone comfortably. Furthermore, this secure gripping also reduces the chance of accidental slip-offs.

Another feature that makes Caseology Parallax a better suit for Galaxy Note 20 is the dual-layered casing. Due to the cushioned construction, the case delivers reliable military-grade protection.

With the incorporation of the raised lip, the 6.7″ screen remains safeguarded against scuffs. Notably, Caseology Parallax comes in multiple color variants including matte black, aqua green, burgundy, and midnight blue.

Buy from Amazon: $13.99

7. Ringke Fusion X – Protective Yet Stylish Case for Galaxy Note 20

If complete protection from impact is what you are after, give serious consideration to Ringke Fusion X. The case sports a rugged bumper designed to take on accidental drops with ease. Apart from strengthening the casing, the durable bumper also enhances gripping so that you can hold the 6.7″ large phablet comfortably.

Additionally, the raised lips also ensure the display remains protected from scuffs. Thanks to the see-through design, Note 20 continues to show off its profile. As for cutouts, they look quite precise, allowing you to access all the ports without any problem.

Despite being a rugged case, it supports wireless charging which is a big plus. Priced at $13, Ringke Fusion X is available in two color variants such as black and camo black.

Buy from Amazon: $12.99

8. TORRAS – A Crystal Clear Case for Galaxy Note 20

Should you think of giving more liberty to your brand-new Galaxy Note 20 to showcase its famed design in full glory, this crystal clear case from Torras could be a clear winner. Made of soft TPU material, the case is incredibly sleek and flexible. And with the smooth texture on top, you will also have the needed gripping to hold the smartphone conveniently.

Slim profile aside, torras clear case can withstand minor impact. Thanks to the presence of elevated bezels on either side, it can also guard the beautiful display and the prominent camera bump against scratches.

As for buttons, they are quite smooth and responsive. Add to that the neat cutouts and Torras case leaves very little room for complaint.

Buy from Amazon: $16.99

9. Lamcase – Sparkling Case for Galaxy Note 20

If you are willing to add a bit of sparkle to your Galaxy Note 20 so that it can arrest eyeballs with ease, Lamcase is the one I would recommend you to take a look at. The case is made of soft TPU rubber and fits around the smartphone like a form-fitting glove. With the rubberized texture, it also feels pretty nice in the palm.

But what makes it an eye-grabber is the sparkling bling that looks pleasing. Beyond the glowing profile, the case can fight out low-volume impact and also keep scuffs away.

The elevated bezels help it protect the triple camera setup and display from scratches. Priced at $10.98, Lamcase glowing case comes in two colors such as clear glitter and life tree.

Buy from Amazon: $10.98

10. Arkour – Slim Leather Case for Galaxy Note 20

This offering from Arkour is a slim leather case for Galaxy Note 20. If you aren’t a fan of a complete leather wallet case, it can easily appeal to your taste. Featuring soft PU leather construction, the case has a sophisticated form-factor. With the smooth exterior, it also fits snuggly in the palm.

In terms of protection, Arkour seems up to the market. The inclusion of TPU frame strengthens the casing. As a result, it can survive bumps with ease. Not to mention, it also offers extra protection to screen and camera thanks to the raised bezels.

That’s not all, Arkour sleek leather case also comes in some nice-looking colors including brown, dark blue, saddle brown, and more.

Buy from Amazon: $15.99

Best Galaxy Note 20 Cases to Protect Your Phone

So, these are the top covers designed for the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 20. With a range of cases from several different categories at hand, I guess your phablet has got a suitable case.

By the way which case have you chosen for your Galaxy device? Is it the one that excels in offering protection from impact or the one that provides much-improved gripping. Do let us know your pick.

10 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Skins You Can Buy

Samsung’s latest flagship arrived in the shape of the Galaxy S8. A beautiful looking device, with an gorgeous edge to edge display, the bleeding edge of technology all packed neatly into a package that anyone would love to get their hands on. The phone features a completely glass and metal build, which really adds to its look. However, it does make the phone a fingerprint magnet, and rather slippery. So, if you’re buying a Samsung Galaxy S8, and you don’t want it to constantly slip out from your hands, you should definitely consider putting a skin on it. So, in order to help you along on your quest to find the best skins to put on your brand new flagship, here are the 10 best Samsung Galaxy S8 skins you can buy:

1. dbrand Skins for Galaxy S8

Hands down, some of the highest quality skins available in the market are manufactured by dbrand – the skin brand that’s everywhere. What sets dbrand apart, is the really amazing customization options they offer. You can choose skins for the back, front-top, front-bottom, and even the camera independently. There are skins like carbon fiber, stone, matte, metal, wood, leather etc. So, you can really come up with something generic, or as unique as you want.

Buy from dbrand: (up to $16.80)

2. Hero Series Samsung Galaxy S8 Skin

3. Galactic Series Skins for Samsung Galaxy S8

4. Black Marble Galaxy S8 Skin

If you’re looking for a minimal, classy looking skin for your Samsung Galaxy S8, you should definitely check out this black marble skin from Skinit. The skin is made from high quality authentic 3M materials, resulting in a skin that looks amazing and really complements the look of your phone. The black marble skin is precision cut to fit the S8 perfectly, and uses adhesive that does not leave any residue upon removal.

Buy from Skinit: ($14.99)

5. Villain Series Skin for Galaxy S8

6. Helmetica Series Skins for Galaxy S8

7. US Army Digital Camo Galaxy S8 Skin

Buy from Skinit: ($14.99)

8. The Starry Night Galaxy S8 Skin

If you’re a fan of Vincent Van Gogh, or even if you just love “The Starry Night” (who wouldn’t?), you should definitely check out this Samsung Galaxy S8 skin from Skinit that features a print of the famous painting from the legendary artist. I must say, The Starry Night really adds quite a bit to the already amazing looking device that the S8 is. Plus, the front top and bottom bezels really look amazing with this skin on them.

9. Baroque Roses Galaxy S8 Skin

If you want your Samsung Galaxy S8 to look a little more beautiful and elegant, you can definitely take a look at this skin. Just like other Skinit skins, the Baroque Roses S8 Skin is also made from the highest quality materials, and uses an adhesive that doesn’t leave any residue upon removal. So you can freely remove the skin if you get bored of it, or if you just want a change.

Buy from Skinit: ($14.99)

10. Diamond Red Glitter Skin

For lovers of bling, and glittery phone skins, this diamond red glitter skin is probably going to be a perfect fit. The skin is precision cut to not interfere with any buttons on the Galaxy S8, and looks good. Plus, thanks to the adhesive Skinit uses, you can easily remove the skin without leaving any residue on your phone. There are a lot of other colours available in the glitter skin category, including gold, so you can choose the one that you find best suited to your taste.

Buy from Skinit: ($14.99)

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Try These Galaxy S8 Skins to Make Your Phone Look More Appealing

The Best Cases You Can Buy For The Asus Zenfone 10

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

The ASUS Zenfone 10, a compact flagship smartphone with impressive performance and battery life, has officially hit the European markets and will be coming to the United States by year-end. The phone has a metal chassis, Gorilla Glass Victus protection, and a soft, textured, Bio-based polycarbonate back in various colors. While Zenfone 10 includes a standard bumper case in the box, you may want to explore other options to enhance protection, show off the phone’s design, or add functionality. Whether you’ve just purchased your ASUS Zenfone 10 or plan to buy one soon, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best ASUS Zenfone 10 cases currently available.

The best ASUS Zenfone 10 cases

The Zenfone 10 may have just launched, but a few cases have already made their way to the market and are worth your attention. Here are the best cases available right now:

Editor’s note: We will update this list of the best ASUS Zenfone 10 cases as more become available.

Connex case

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Here’s something a little bit different from your typical phone cases. The Connex case consists of a protective shell and two pieces you can clip to the backside of the case, giving you a kickstand or cardholder. The modular capabilities of this case let you choose which purpose you want your case to serve on any given day without being too bulky by having everything at once. The cardholder can comfortably hold up to three cards, and the kickstand will even launch an app of your choice when opened.

You can also just sport the glossy protective shell without the added accessories if you want a slim yet durable case. Whatever the case, the Connex case provides flexibility for multiple purposes in a sleek and simple package.

Devilcase Guardian


If you are looking for something transparent to show off the vibrant backside of the ASUS Zenfone 10, the Devilcase Guardian is a great option. It features a clear, glossy, lightweight design. Yet, it provides durable drop strength thanks to its military-grade protection and scratch-resistant aluminum camera ring.

Qinouk Cloth case


If you want a case that feels warm and comfortable in hand, the Quinouk case sports a nice felt cloth fabric that will eliminate any fingerprints. It doesn’t skimp on protection either, featuring a hard PC interior with raised edges and reinforced corners. It comes in brown, blue, black, red, and shades of grey.

Qinouk Protective case


This protective case features a brushed textured backside and an internal heat sink design which the manufacturer says will enhance heat dissipation. Notably, it also comes with two screen protectors made from 9H tempered glass, saving you a second purchase and protecting the display from knicks or scratches.

Uilyi Wallet case


Made with PU leather, the Uilyi wallet case has a slim fit and sleek design with a magnetic clip that doubles as a stand for watching videos. Inside, it has two slots for cards and a pouch for cash, and the manufacturer claims it has RFID-blocking technology for added security. The case comes in black, blue, red, and brown.

With the ASUS Zenfone 10 being a new release, we anticipate a range of cases to hit the market soon. While we’ve already highlighted some great options, we’ll keep an eye out for new arrivals. We will update this list regularly to bring you the most current and top-rated cases for your ASUS Zenfone 10, enhancing the look and lifespan of your new phone.


Yes, the ASUS Zenfone 10 comes with a black bumper case in the box. If you want something more durable or stylish, check out this list of the best cases.

Yes, some cases, such as the RhinoShield SolidSUit case, are compatible with wireless charging.

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