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You are using your iPhone and all of sudden it restarts by itself. That certainly will be scary, and to complete the package, a few minutes later, iOS restarts again and loops doing this over and over again. The sentence is given: It is no longer possible to use iPhone normally.

It is a situation that usually happens with some users and that is when the Tenorshare ReiBoot tool comes into play. It is the best option for you to avoid the headache of having your iPhone restarting by itself.

Tenorshare ReiBoot – Your companion in desperate times

If by any chance your iPhone keeps restarting or shutting down by itself, Tenorshare ReiBoot is a proper solution to address this issue. The tool offers a free option that works simply and quickly to solve your issues.


ReiBoot stands as the world’s #1 iPhone Recovery software that offers a free way to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode. In addition to fixing the reset issue, ReiBoot is much more than an iPhone restore tool. It allows the users to fix over 50 other common iOS issues and even download the latest version of the Apple software without any hassle.

Did you wake up and your iPhone is resetting itself or is the iPhone shutting down by itself?

iPhone keeps crashing

See how simple it is to solve these issues with ReiBoot. First of all, always back up your files.

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Download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer – it’s available for Windows and Mac

Connect your iPhone to your computer and open the software

After the process conclusion, your iPhone will reboot and will be back to its normal state. This process restores your smartphone and will fix the issue that puts it in a boot loop state.

More Possibilities with Reiboot

Want to try a simpler way to solve your iPhone problem by restarting yourself? Tenorshare also lists other simple options on its website. You can remove some applications with errors or incompatibility.

If you find an app in the list, go back to your iPhone’s home screen and press your finger on that app until the app’s icon starts to “shake”.

Another option is to see if you are on the latest version of iOS. Just go to the “settings”, “general” tab and tap on the “software update” option.

Finally, the last option is to hard reset:

Conclusion and Verdict

If you purchase a license, you can use ReiBoot on up to five different devices, and one PC or Mac.

The 1 Year license is being offered with a discount of $35.95 allowing you to save $36,05 when compared to the standard yearly price. There is also the monthly license that costs $29,95. However, if you can pay $59,95 we recommend the lifetime license which is down from the standard price of $120. The app will be yours forever and you’ll be covered for the coming years. Worth noting that the app is fully compatible with the iPhone 13 series and the iOS 15. Support for future devices and future iOS versions will also be added progressively.

In my opinion, Tenorshare ReiBoot is a powerful software solution that you can save your smartphone in certain emergencies. It’s a simple and easy-to-use solution that can free you from some headaches.

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How To Recover Your Psn Account Without Email Or Password

If you’re looking to recover your PSN/PS4/PS5 account, you can reset your password by selecting “Trouble Signing In?”.

Then, select “Reset your password” to reset your PSN password.

However, you need to use your email to reset your PSN password.

If you lost access to your email, you won’t be able to proceed.

This is because a password reset link needs to be sent to your email address.

Since you don’t have access to your email, you won’t be able to receive a password reset link.

As a result, you won’t be able to reset your password.

In addition, you cannot use an email address that is not linked to your PSN account.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to recover your PSN/PS4/PS5 account without email or password.

How to recover your PSN account without email or password

To recover your PSN account without email or password, you need to get in touch with a live agent.

Once you’ve got in touch with a live agent, explain that you don’t have access to your email and you need help in recovering your account.

The live agent will give you instructions on how you can regain access to your PSN account.

To get in touch with a live agent, you must first go to the PlayStation website.

In the footer of the website, you’ll see a “Support” link.

Select the “Support” link to go to the PlayStation Support page.

Once you’re on the page, select the “Recover account” button.

This will open the Support Home page where you can request a chat.

Here’s how to recover your PSN account without email or password:

1. Go to PlayStation Support

The first step is to go to the PlayStation website.

Then, you’ll be able to find a link to the PlayStation support page on it.

Then, select the first result to visit the PlayStation website.

Once you’re on the PlayStation website, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

In the website’s footer, you’ll see a country option.

Select the “Country / Region” option and select your country.

For example, if you live in the United States, select “United States”.

After you’ve selected your country/region, select the “Support” link.

After you’ve selected the “Support” link, you’ll land on the PlayStation Support page.

On the page, you’ll see multiple categories.

This includes “Account & Security”, “PS Store & Refunds”, “Subscriptions”, and more.

Scroll down the page until you see the “Online Assistant” section.

Under the “Online Assistant” section, you’ll see a “Recover account” button.

Select “Recover account” to proceed to recover your PSN account.

2. Select “I’m ready” and “Let’s continue”

After you’ve selected “Recover account”, you’ll land on the PlayStation support bot.

The PlayStation support bot can help you to reset your PlayStation Network account password.

Firstly, select “I’m ready” to proceed to the next step.

After you’ve selected “I’m ready”, the bot will say that it needs to know your online ID and email address.

However, you don’t have to provide your online ID or email address just yet.

Select “Let’s continue” to proceed to the next step.

3. Select “No, I don’t have access”

After you’ve selected “Let’s continue”, the bot will ask you a final question.

The final question is whether you have access to the email address that is associated with your PSN account.

This is because a password reset link will be sent to it.

Since you don’t have access to your email address, select “No, I don’t have access”.

After you’ve selected “No, I don’t have access”, the bot will say that you need to get in touch with a live agent.

You’ll also be given a Support ID like “19167270”.

Copy your Support ID and save it for your records.

Next, select “Ok, I understand” to proceed to the next step.

4. Get in touch with a live agent

After you’ve selected “Ok, I understand”, the bot will tell you a couple of ways to get in touch with a live agent.

You can either chat with a live agent or get on a call with them.

The fastest way to get help with your password is via chat.

This is because the wait time is usually only a few minutes.

Select “Connect me to chat” to chat with a live agent.

Alternatively, you can select “I want to call” to view the PlayStation Support number that you can call.

If you don’t see the chat or the call option, it means that PlayStation Support is currently not available.

If that’s the case, you need to come back again at a later time.

Here are the PlayStation Support hours:

Chat hours: Monday – Sunday, 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM PT.

Phone hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM PT.

After you’ve selected “Connect me to chat”, you’ll land on the “How can we help” page.

On the page, you’ll be able to request to chat with a live agent.

Firstly, enter your first name in the “First Name” field.

Next, enter your email address that is linked with your PSN account in the “PSN Sign-In Id (Email)” field.

Then, enter your PSN Online Id in the “PSN Online Id” field.

Lastly, select “REQUEST CHAT” to request to chat with a live agent.

Once you’re in the chat, tell the agent that you don’t have access to your email address and that you need help in recovering your PSN account.

Here’s an example of a message, “Hi, I lost access to my email address that is linked to my PSN account. I need help in resetting my password”.

The agent will then give you instructions on how to reset your PSN/PS4/PS5 password to regain access to your account!


If you encounter an issue with your PlayStation, you should try to fix it yourself first.

You can find solutions to your issue by visiting the PlayStation Support website.

On there, you’ll see multiple help categories that you can choose from.

Select the category that you need help with and select the most relevant article to your issue.

The PlayStation Support website has a lot of articles that can help you to fix your issue.

If you’re still unable to fix your issue, you can get in touch with a live agent either by a chat or a call.

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How To Recover Hacked Microsoft Account?

With nearly everything available online, security is one of the biggest concerns of respective users. With numerous news about data leaks and privacy breaches, it is good to be on the cautious side of things and protect your privacy.

If you are concerned about the security of your accounts and think that your account data may be stolen, here I will discuss how to resolve if Microsoft’s account is hacked.

If you suspect that, your Microsoft account has been stolen, first and foremost you need to try to reset the password to prevent any further damage. To do so,

Sign in to your account on the official Microsoft page.

Under the security section, look for the ‘Change my password’ button under the password security section.

Complete the form to change your password.

If you do not have access to your account, there is a security form that you need to fill in order to gain back access to your hacked Microsoft account.

Note: if you previously enabled two-step verification, you won’t be able to use the recovery form.

You need a working email address that will be used to contact Microsoft and fill the details in the account recovery form. The email need not belong to you; it just needs to be easily accessible to you. Then follow these steps as said by Microsoft themselves:

Go to chúng tôi provide the email address, phone number, or username for the account you are trying to recover.

Provide an email address (other than the one you are trying to recover) that can be used to contact you about your request.

Enter the characters you see on the screen to prove you are not a robot, then select Next.

A screen will pop up asking you to verify the contact email address. Check that email for a message from us with the security code; enter that code, then select Verify.

Fill in as much info as you can, even if you are not sure.

Select Submit when you are finished, and wait for the response from the official team.

If the verification is successful, you will be provided with the instructions to recover your account.

Many hackers get your password using malware that has been installed on your PC without your knowledge. They can also gain the same information from attacking internet sites and phishing techniques.

Most hackers get your information from malwares installed on your system or through malicious internet sites. Infected systems are prone to data theft; hence running a full scan may help you find out the culprit.

If you do not wish to invest in third party premium antivirus software, you can opt from a host of free antivirus like Avast free antivirus, and antimalware like Malwarebytes. Run a full scan, and delete any infected files.

You may have shared your account details with some of your close friends or family, which can be a source of the leak. In addition, once Microsoft realizes that your account may be in jeopardy, it changes some settings to ensure the safety of your account.

Go through the settings of your account thoroughly and fine-tune your account to how you see fit.

Microsoft will require you to provide the last 4 digits of the phone number to prove that you know the number and that the corresponding phone is in your possession.

Online security is one of the top priorities of many people, and having your Microsoft account hacked can be a serious issue. To secure your account further, you can activate Two-step verification that will require you to enter a code from the authenticator application. Enable two-step verification from here.

How To Recover A Word Document

You spent hours writing a document and then, all of a sudden, your PC crashes. Thousands of words, hours of effort: gone in an instant. Unfortunately, this is an entirely possible scenario that can sometimes occur when you’re writing or editing a Microsoft Word document, especially if you haven’t saved your file.

Thankfully, like Google Docs, Word can and will autosave your documents, even if you haven’t saved it yourself. Word will also try to help you recover changes to a file or recover corrupted documents. If you’re struggling, here are some of the steps you can follow to recover a Word document before you lose it entirely.

Table of Contents

Using Word’s Document Recovery Features

If Word crashes without saving your document, don’t panic! If you’re using a recent release of Microsoft Word, you may be in luck, as Word’s built-in auto recovery features may have saved your progress automatically.

This feature means that you can, in many cases, recover a crashed Word document up to the last autosave point (usually every 10 minutes). While it won’t work for every document, it could help you to recover files when Word is forced to close.

Searching For Word Backup Files Manually

Word will automatically locate any auto-recovery files, but this only works if you’re trying to recover Word documents under normal conditions. You may, for instance, be trying to recover documents from a folder on a failed PC.

To do this, open Windows File Explorer. Word autorecovery files are typically saved in the C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalMicrosoftOfficeUnsavedFiles folder (replacing username with your own account username). If there are no files here, try the C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWord folder (replacing username) instead.

Changing The Frequency Of Word Auto Recovery Saves

By default, Word should automatically save a copy of a document every 10 minutes. You can change this setting yourself to increase the frequency of these autosaves, but this will have an impact on performance for much larger documents.

With your autorecovery settings updated, Word should start to automatically save documents you’re editing more often. You can then recover a Word document as standard using the methods shown above.

Recovering a Corrupted Word Document

Auto-recovery is great for recovering progress you’ve made on Word documents that you weren’t able to save directly. If you want to recover a corrupted Word document that you’ve previously saved, however, you’ll need to follow different steps.

These steps aren’t foolproof, but if a Word document has become corrupted, you may be able to use them to repair it or extract the contents into a new document.

Using OneDrive For Document Storage

If these steps don’t work, however, you may need to brace yourself for the fact that your progress has lost and your file isn’t recoverable. While it isn’t a fix, you could use OneDrive as a save location for any future documents to help reduce this risk.

Using OneDrive doesn’t provide a guarantee that future Word documents won’t or can’t become corrupted. It may help you recover Word documents if the local file is lost or damaged, however, especially if your PC fails and you’re forced to reinstall Windows. 

If a hard drive fails, you can quickly load up Word files from your OneDrive cloud storage instead, saving you time.

Planning And Creating Better Documents In Microsoft Word

Knowing how to recover a Word document can help you save hours of your time, but the best fixes are the ones you put in place before you start working. Saving a file to OneDrive (or using Word Online) will help to make sure that your Word files are safe as you make changes to it, making it much easier to recover if your PC fails.

How To Secure Your Iphone (17 Tips)

Your iPhone has a ton of sensitive and private information. This includes your photos, videos, audio notes, bank apps, notes, passwords, contacts, and more. Therefore to ensure your valuable data isn’t misused, stolen, or hacked, you must take measures to keep your iPhone secure.

In this guide, we give you 17 tips that will help you further strengthen your iPhone and keep its data safe.

1. Add a strong alphanumeric passcode

You should never keep your iPhone without a passcode. And even the passcode you set should be long and difficult to guess. This will make it almost impossible for anyone else to guess your passcode, even if they happen to get physical access to your device.

2. Add additional app-specific passwords

Many chat apps, bank apps, payment apps, notes apps, etc., offer an extra option to add a password lock. Dig inside the respective app setting and enable that. If an app doesn’t have one, you can contact its app developer and request such a feature.

3. Don’t let apps unlock with Face ID or Touch ID on shared iPhone

Have you added a second Face ID or Touch ID of other people on your iPhone? If yes, they can get inside your iPhone and your apps that are unlocked by biometrics. To address this, set up your concerned third-party app to open via passcode and not Face ID or Touch ID.

Alternatively, you can also remove extra unnecessary fingerprints or face from Face ID.

4. Remove fingerprints and Face ID of other people

You can add up to five fingerprints to iPhone’s Touch ID and two faces to Face ID.

When you got your iPhone, you might have excitedly added fingerprints of multiple family members or set up a second face to Face ID.

Tip: When you’re on the Touch ID screen and place your finger on the Touch ID button, it will highlight the added fingerprint corresponding to that finger.

5. Make sure Find My iPhone is enabled

Find My service lets you know the location of your iPhone, lock it, display a message on the Lock Screen, play a sound, and erase the device in case it’s misplaced.

6. Remove unknown and unnecessary configuration profiles

If you aren’t using the beta version of iOS or your iPhone isn’t given to you by your organization/school or not managed by them for special settings, apps, etc., then ideally, there should be no configuration profiles on your device.

7. Set a shorter auto-lock duration

8. Use two-factor authentication for all supported services

Two-factor authentication acts as an extra wall of protection. Almost every major service, from email, and social media, to banks, support this. Dig inside the privacy and security settings of the concerned service to find the two-factor authentication option.

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9. Prevent sensitive information from appearing on the Lock Screen

10. Control app notifications on the Lock Screen

If you have some sensitive apps, you can prevent their notification from showing on the Lock Screen. This will ensure that any onlooker can’t see a preview of these notifications.

11. Review app location access

Some apps like Uber must have access to your location to function. However, several apps request your location but can work perfectly fine even if their location privileges are withdrawn.

12. Double-check other privacy settings

App developers regularly publish updates to fix bugs and add new features. The newest version of an app is generally better with security patches and improvements.

14. Install the latest version of iOS

15. Prevent your iPhone from auto-joining Wi-Fi and hotspots

You can stop your iPhone from auto-joining open Wi-Fi networks and hotspots as these can be easily exploited (and are deployed publicly in many cases) to steal your data.

Besides that, you can tap (i) next to a previously joined network and turn off Auto-Join or tap Forget This Network if you don’t plan on using this Wi-Fi network in the near future.

16. Don’t unnecessarily use free VPN

Free VPNs have to find a way to make money, and most of the time, it’s with your data. If you must use a VPN, it’s better to research and get the paid version of a reputable VPN. And if you don’t want to do that, make sure you use free VPNs sparingly.

17. Don’t download just about any app, and do your research first

App Store is well regulated, and Apple has checks and balances in place. Still, there have been ample cases of imposter or insecure apps making their way to the iOS App Store. Therefore, when you wish to download an app for a particular task, do your due diligence and get apps that have seen regular updates, have good ratings & reviews, etc.

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And even when you open an app, don’t go about tapping “Allow” on every popup it presents. Read the alert and allow the app to access your location, contacts, microphone, etc., only if you think necessary.

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How To Photograph Silhouettes With Your Iphone

Silhouetting is one of the most interesting techniques in iPhone photography. By leaving your main subjects in the dark, silhouetting helps you to create a sense of mystery in your photos while at the same time drawing more attention to their subjects.

But more importantly, silhouette photos just look awesome, and it’s very easy to take them with the iPhone. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll know how to photograph silhouettes with your iPhone on your own, and you’ll discover a few simple tips to make sure that they always look amazing.

Finding the perfect light

Whenever you shoot against the source of light so that your subject is illuminated from behind, the iPhone will automatically turn your subjects into silhouettes. It really is that easy to shoot silhouettes, as long as you know where to find such light.

To take photos against the source of light, you need to find what is known as directional light, which is essentially light coming horizontally from the side. On sunny days, there is directional light for about an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset since the sun is low above the horizon at that time. If you live at a higher latitude – like Canada and most of Europe – the sun may also be sufficiently low throughout the day in winter.

Since the sun is low, make sure you can actually see it from your shooting location. Large open spaces such as the beach are really good for silhouettes, though you can take them anywhere where you can see the sun when it’s low above the horizon.

In the above photo, I found a small sunlit area when most of the park was already in the shadow because of the numerous trees blocking the sun. And did you notice that I placed the sun behind the tree? I did that on purpose to avoid a blown-out white area where the sun was supposed to be and also to avoid lens flare.

In most cases, light can only enter the scene from the sky. However, sometimes light can be reflected from wet surfaces, and it is also possible to create silhouettes against such reflected light, as seen in the following photo.

In many cases, you can also take interesting silhouettes indoors if there is directional light coming from a window, door, or another architectural feature. In the following photo, I could create a silhouette because the light was entering the room through the glass door.

When your subjects take up a large portion of the screen (as seen above), the iPhone will automatically set the exposure to the subject, thus ruining the silhouette. If that happens, you can fix the exposure manually by tapping on the brightest parts of the scene.

Finding the perfect subject

Once you’ve found good directional light, the next step is to find an interesting subject for your silhouettes. While you can create silhouettes from almost anything, the vast majority of my silhouette photos have people as subjects. I like human silhouettes, as they always create a sense of mystery when you try to imagine who those people could be.

I often choose to take silhouettes in popular places such as a busy beach so that I don’t run out of interesting subjects. If there’s a steady flow of people, I might just stay in one place and capture whoever is passing by, as I did in this photo.

Notice how lens flare – seen as a gray circle covering the person on the right – looks great in this photo, and the sun is completely blown-out. This may work well in some photos, but usually, I prefer not to have the sun shining directly into the iPhone’s lens.

At other times, I might be walking around and actively looking for interesting subjects that would look great as silhouettes. That’s how I came across the following scene of a family feeding seagulls, which I knew would make the photo very interesting.

In this photo, two silhouettes on the right are overlapping, which doesn’t really look good. In general, it’s best to keep silhouette scenes simple and avoid such overlapping subjects as they can quickly get very confusing.

If you’re new to iPhone photography, you might not feel comfortable taking photos of people you don’t know. From my experience, it has never been a problem as most people don’t care about being photographed, and you can’t recognize anyone in silhouettes.

Of course, you could just take silhouettes of your friends and family. In general, I find it less interesting since I enjoy the unpredictability of subjects I don’t know. On the other hand, knowing your subjects gives you more control over the scene, and you can take photos that would never be possible otherwise.

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