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Mozilla Firefox is an open source browser which allows anyone to modify the code to create a “fork” browser. Some of the popular forks include Waterfox, Comodo Ice Dragon, Pale Moon, Basilisk, Swiftfox, and TenFourFox. These forks, however, do not carry the seal of approval of Mozilla.

If your only purpose is ordinary web browsing, there is nothing wrong with these alternative browsers. After all, Chromium forks are extremely common, and Google Chrome itself is one among many “forks” based on the original Chromium Project. However, with Mozilla it is different. That is why you have to ask the following questions before proceeding with another browser inspired by Mozilla Firefox.

1. Does the Fork Support All Extensions?

Mozilla Firefox has a rather extensive library of extensions which are really useful and often not found on Chrome. One such example is “Bypass Paywalls for Firefox” which can bypass several news websites. After trying with Comodo IceDragon browser, I was able to install the precise extension and achieve the same objective – bypassing news websites. It also supports the adjunct extension “ublock” which helps override paywall access permissions.

Clearly, with Comodo IceDragon, almost all Firefox extensions enjoy support across the new browser. With a Firefox account, one can seamlessly transfer all their add-on information and privacy settings. It is also true for Waterfox, which imports the Firefox extensions without any difficulties.

2. Does the Fork Support Firefox Configuration Tricks?

Firefox allows cool configuration tricks, such as handling JavaScript pop-ups or opening a new tab for search box results. We checked some of these configuration tricks with IceDragon as well as WaterFox. In the following screen the extensions were checked for compatibility with browsers. The configuration was set up without any problems, and it is safe to assume that IceDragon and WaterFox are compatible with Firefox configuration tricks.

3. Does the Fork Support Mozilla Security Updates?

This is one of the drawbacks of the fork browsers. Mozilla periodically introduces security updates and patches in Firefox. These are useful in preventing denial of service attacks, spoofing, and discouraging websites which track your browsing. While the forks support many of the older security features common to Mozilla Firefox, they cannot always keep with updates. Mozilla’s security updates are timely, and the forks might lag behind a bit. But they have their own security updates which may or may not be based on Mozilla Firefox.

4. Does the Fork Support Mozilla’s Privacy Measures?

Some privacy measures of Mozilla Firefox include preventing WebRTC attacks, disabling WebGL, allowing NoScript and self-destructing cookies. The commands and techniques work just as easily with forks including IceDragon, Waterfox and TenFourFox. You can enable almost the same degree of privacy controls with the forks as with Mozilla Quantum.

5. How Stable Are the Forks?

In Summary

We saw that at least a few forks which are based on Mozilla Firefox are really good browsers. Comodo IceDragon and Waterfox can be safely used as alternatives to Firefox. The only drawback is that you have to wait for the security update which may be delayed compared to regular Mozilla updates.

At the same time, a few forks, including Pale Moon and Basilisk, are somewhat outdated versions of Firefox and do not give the same results.

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15 Best Hotjar Alternatives You Should Use

In a very short period, Hotjar has become a favorite of website owners for their web analytics needs. What gives it a clear edge over other web analytics platforms is the versatility that not only offers more flexibility but also makes analyzing the online behavior of users hassle-free. That all being said, the website analytics tool does have some shortcomings like the inability to provide in-depth analytics and less organized video recordings. Not to mention, it also seems to add plenty of load time to websites – which is nothing but a nightmare, to say the least. If these downsides have forced you to look beyond, let’s jump right in to explore the best Hotjar alternatives of 2023!

Best Hotjar Alternatives You Should Try (2024) 1. Smartlook

When it comes to providing accurate analytics for websites and mobile apps, “Smartlook” has long been a trusted name. But unlike many other website analytics platforms, it’s more cost-effective despite being feature-rich. So, if you find Hotjar a bit too expensive for your budget, do not fail to try it out.

Smartlook is quite similar to Hotjar. It works pretty well in offering a vivid insight into the behavior of visitors and also allows you to get to the bottom of each reason.

Taking everything into account, Smartlook is a highly-rated cost-effective, and free alternative to Hotjar in the market right now.


Vivid insight into the behavior of visitors

Heatmaps provide UX insights

The powerful event tracking feature


Heatmap is a bit slow

2. Mouseflow

In terms of features, Mouseflow is very similar to Hotjar’s noted offerings like form analytics, session replay, heatmaps, and funnels. Though they can’t compete with the latter’s offerings as far as efficiency is concerned, they can prove to be more than a handful. Besides, it also offers integrations with several popular platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Google Analytics, Hubspot, and Shopify which provide more flexibility.

If Hotjar claims to have many filtering options, Mouseflow doesn’t look too far behind. For instance, you use filters and segments to quickly segment your visitors by the operating system, traffic source, location, and more. Even better, it also lets you save a separate filter to analyze later.

Overall, Mouseflow is a fully equipped alternative to Hotjar, thanks to its ability to offer in-depth analysis.


Integrations with several popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Google Analytics

Filters and segments

Clean interface 

Lacks powerful analytics tools

3. Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a Hotjar alternative for free. Yes, that’s right. Microsoft offers access to Clarity to users for free. As you might have guessed already, there is a catch. Microsoft will process anonymous data of Clarity users to understand user behavior-related insights and to improve its machine learning models. Honestly, for what you’re getting here, it’s a fair trade-off if you ask me.


Free forever

Google Analytics integration

ML-powered insights

Heatmaps and session recordings

Processes your anonymized data

4. FullStory

Though there is a lot to like in FullStory, I would talk about the notable features that make it an excellent alternative to Hotjar. First and foremost, the web analytics platform is designed for multitasking. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are trying to keep a close watch on user trends or get the session replays, it comes with all the tools to keep you in the loop.

As compared to Hotjar, FullStory provides an extensive analysis of digital interaction. But what sets it apart from the rest is the intuitive way to present detailed insight. From comprehensive quantitative analysis to pivotal qualitative research, it ensures you have access to all the vital info on a clutter-free dashboard.

Even better, this web analytics platform also offers a freemium variant with basic features like 1, 000 sessions/month, user trends, event funnels, and heatmaps. However, its premium version starts at a staggering price of $849. If you are looking for a basic tool without spending any bucks, the free version could be a fine alternative.


Provides extensive analysis of digital interaction

Comprehensive quantitative analysis

An intuitive way to present detailed insight


The premium version is priced very high

5. Crazy Egg

Should you think of getting a website analytics tool that can offer plenty of customization, look no further than “Crazy Egg”. Apart from providing more customization than Hotjar, it also comes with many notable features that can give its more popular rival a run for its money. And that too, without costing an arm and a leg!

Moreover, its recordings look a bit more organized than those of Hotjar’s. Another area where this cost-effective alternative looks pretty good is the ability to create and modify content thanks to the handy editor that’s quite easy to use. So, even if you aren’t a pro developer, you can modify some basic things without any hiccups.

Long story short, Crazy Egg is a notable replacement for Hotjar for the folks who want to have more customization at their disposal.


Plenty of customization

Recordings look a bit more organized

Impressive heatmaps


Doesn’t offer in-depth analysis 

Doesn’t offer a straightforward way to create white-label reports

6. Contentsquare

Contentsquare is the elder sibling of Hotjar. In September of 2023, Contentsquare acquired Hotjar to streamline its operations. While Hotjar is aimed at entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and mid-market companies, Contentsquare caters to enterprises.

Contentsquare offers a variety of features including customer journey analysis, zone-based heatmaps, session replays, form analysis, and even merchandising analysis. Ideal for enterprises, Contentsquare’s features are beneficial for digital marketing, analytics, e-commerce, design & UX, operations & IT, and product teams.


Advanced features

Variety of data insights

Clean interface


Expensive for SMBs

7. Browsee


Detailed heatmaps

Priority session recordings

Free tier has generous feature limits


Insights are limited

8. Matomo

Matomo” may not be a popular name but when it comes to offering reliable web analytics, it’s at par with the best in the business. Moreover, it comes at a relatively low price of $20/month which makes it an excellent budget-friendly alternative to Hotjar.

Beyond the price, the web analytics platform comes with all the essential features like heatmaps, session recordings, A/B testing, funnels, goals, and form analytics so that you can analyze visitors’ behavior with the desired flexibility.

But unlike Hotjar, Matomo goes a bit deeper into the detail providing several vital info like media analytics, content interactions, transitions, and row evolution. So, if the former isn’t able to offer the needed analytical data about visitors, it can prove to be very helpful in driving the growth rate and also diagnosing the Achilles heels.

Another feature that makes Matomo a fine substitute for Hotjar is “Visitor Profiles” which allows you to evaluate every action of a visitor and compile a complete historical profile. You can use this handy profile to check out the entire journey of an active user in just a few seconds.


Provide several vital info like media analytics, content interactions, and transitions

Visitor Profiles



Feels sluggish at times 

Comparatively, the interface doesn’t offer much customization 

9. VWO

For an in-depth analysis and much better insight into the behavior of visitors, you can’t go wrong with VWO (Visual Website Optimizer). In terms of accuracy and the ability to deliver detailed analysis, I put this platform a few notches above Hotjar. Combining heatmaps, on-page surveys, and session recordings, VWO enables you to easily spot the problematic areas.

Just like Hotjar, it also offers form analytics which allows you to figure out visitors’ interactions and the reasons why they drop off the form analytics. Furthermore, you can even find out the thing that caused the most confusion or took more time. If you want to go even further into the detail, you can also choose to watch the recordings of the visitors who either didn’t submit the form or got stuck.

Price-wise, VWO is on the expensive ($199/month vs $89/month) side of the spectrum. But if you can walk some extra miles in favor of detailed analysis and exceptionally helpful insight, VWO would be a top-notch alternative to Hotjar.


In-depth analysis

much better insight into the behavior of visitors

super handy segmentation


High price 

10. WalkMe

With features like business process funnels, auto-event tracking, and visual session playback provide you the much-required convenience to track a variety of info. Thanks to intelligent automation, it also accelerates the whole process, which could prove to be a boon for your productivity.

Notably, WalkMe offers a basic variant for free. With features like 3 walk-through’s, up to 5 steps per walk-through, 300 assists /month, and basic online support, the freemium model is good for normal usage, which makes it a viable free substitute for Hotjar.


Business process funnels

Auto-event tracking

Visual session playback

Top-notch campaign designer


Feels a tad clunky 

Steep learning curve 

The premium version is expensive 

11. Zoho PageSense

If you have set your sight on enhancing conversion optimization, give a chance to Zoho PageSense to help you understand your visitors’ online behavior and offer them a fully personalized experience for much-improved conversions.

Thanks to the session recordings, you can get the video playback of visitor interaction to have a better understanding of the behavior. With the detailed data at your disposal, it will become a tad easier for you to fine-tune your website in accordance with the demand of your visitors.



The interface could be more refined

Requires some learning curve initially

12. Freshmarketer

Freshmarketer also comes with a visual editor to help you edit web pages. Being quite simple to use, you can change text, images, and many other elements with ease. Comparatively, Freshmarketer’s visual editor looks a touch more intuitive than that of Hotjar.

As for conducting polls, it offers you plenty of flexibility to customize the poll widget using a nice color palette. Notably, Freshmarketer also offers a decent freemium plan with basic features like contact and list management, web form tracking, email builder, and limited conversion optimization feature. As for the premium variant, it starts at $19/month, which is a solid deal considering the wide range of tools it offers.


Smart conversion optimization

Dynamic heatmaps

A super handy visual editor

Customize poll widget

Requires plenty of learning curve 

13. Mopinion

Looking for a Hotjar alternative that can deliver the most helpful feedback analytics? “Mopinion” promises to be the right answer to your needs. What has caught my eye in this web analytics platform is the event-driven feedback system which enables you to fine-tune feedback forms for specific groups of online visitors. Thus, you have more chances of getting the desired response from visitors.

Another area where Mopinion seems to have an edge over Hotjar is the ability to provide comprehensive text analytics reports. And with the fully customizable dashboard, you can get rid of the clutter to make it show only the info that you need. Furthermore, it also provides email sharing and real-time alerts to keep the entire team in sync.

The only department where Mopinion seems to have missed the mark as compared to Hotjar is the price point. At $229/month, the latter seems way too expensive. However, if you want to have comprehensive feedback analytics, it’s worth checking out.

Event-driven feedback system

Provides comprehensive text analytics reports

Fully customizable dashboard


Lacks in-depth analysis tools

14. Lucky Orange

Last but not least, I have saved “Lucky Orange” specifically for the folks who want to get one of the cheapest Hotjar alternatives without compromising much on quality. This web analytics platform works pretty much like its more famed counterpart.

For starters, it has a clutter-free interface that makes sure everything you want to view is just a glance away. As the dashboard is fully customizable, tracking the important data and keeping the unwanted info at bay is never a big deal.

Overall, Lucky Orange is what you need to analyze the online behavior of users efficiently without spending much money. In a nutshell, it’s one of the best affordable Hotjar alternatives that tick off most essential boxes.


Clutter-free interface

Creates an automatic recording of every visitor

Efficient heatmaps 

Segment recordings


A bit complex to group and view multiple recordings and maps

15. Ptengine

Notably, Ptengine has a striking similarity with Google Analytics. With the ability to show data in real time, it keeps you in the loop about what’s happening. Thus, you can take the needed action before it gets too late.

Like Hotjar, it also offers a solid heatmap that provides a detailed graphical representation of data. Thanks to the neat color coding, keeping an eye on specific data becomes a painless exercise.

One of my favorite features of Ptengine is the ability to visualize each user’s requirements, which plays a vital role in finding out what could be the ideal shape of your website. Hence, giving the desired shape to your website becomes a little straightforward.

Just like Hotjar, Ptengine offers a pretty good freemium model with basic features like 3, 000 page views, and 1 heat map. Talking about the premium plan, Ptengine starts at $39/month (same as Hotjar’s starting price). Putting everything into the right perspective, Ptengine could be a smart asset for detailed website analytics and customer engagement.

More efficient for website analytics and customer engagement

Offer in-depth marketing

Comprehensive graphical representation of data

Ability to visualize each user’s requirements


Doesn’t offer a freemium model

Comparatively expensive pricing

10 Best Windows 10 Video Editors You Should Use

No matter how proficient you are at video editing, if your video editing app lacks top-notch features and versatility, your creativity will not have the freedom to express itself and the end product may eventually fall well short of expectations. Fortunately, there is no dearth of video editing software on the market. However, if your search for the best Windows 10 video editors seems to be in a fix and you can’t decide which one to choose, this short roundup can help you make the right decision. Here are the 10 best Windows 10 video editing apps that you should check out in 2023.

Best Windows 10 Video Editors (Updated July 2023)

Before putting your money on a video editor and spending hours on learning it to edit your videos, there are a few crucial things you need to keep in mind so that you don’t end up with the app that is not in line with your expectations. So take a quick glance at all the apps and learn what kind of video editors would be the best for you.

For Amateurs and Pro Users

Free and For Beginners

Fix Your Priority Before Choosing a Video Editor

It’s always good to be very clear of what your need demands. For instance, if you are looking for Windows 10 video editors to just create fun-loving videos for sharing on social sites like Facebook and Instagram, then you don’t need to go for a powerful software with tons of pro tools. A simple video editor can live up to your task without costing an arm and a leg. And oh, there are also some pretty good free apps that are designed to get the job done elegantly.

Windows 10 Video Editors for Amateurs and Pro Users 1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Another area where it excels is the ability to edit footage in many modern formats like 8K and virtual reality. With the support for several formats, Premiere Pro offers you the liberty to take control of any video at your own pace. It brings the Lumetri color tools to enhance selective color grading elegantly. Also, of all the video editors that I have tried, I have found Premiere Pro to be better at the ability to get rid of background noise. It offers some really crisp built-in tools that make it easier to deal with unwanted noise.

It also brings the support for VR 180 and allows you to create videos in Google VR180 format. As a YouTuber, you would find this feature immensely helpful. Besides, the library of over 130 desktop fonts and more than 800 web fonts add more wings to your creativity. However, what has made me use Premiere Pro is the seamless integration with other popular apps such as “After Effects” (free trial) and “Audition” (free trial). To say the least, it will be super handy for your productivity and workflow.


Feature-rich and extremely powerful

Supports 8K and virtual reality

High-end tools kits

Several third-party integrations

Slow to process videos

Quite Expensive

Supported Input Formats:  MP4, MPEG, MPE, MPG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2), M2V (DVD-compliant MPEG-2), MTS (avchd), MOV, FLV, AVI

Supported Output Formats: H.264: AAC, 3GP, MP4, M4V, HEVC (H.265), MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, among others

Install: One-week free trial, the premium version starts at $20.99/month 

2. Avid Media Composer First

If there is a Windows 10 video editing software that can give Adobe Premiere Pro a run for its money, it has to be the Avid Media Composer. For those unfamiliar with its rich legacy, this app played a major role in editing movies and TV show like Captain Marvel, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Game of Thrones. As compared to Premiere Pro, Avid’s interface looks a bit more inviting. On the editing front, it has got a plethora of professional tools that let you edit videos immaculately.

Thanks to impressive audio effects, it will also let you create unique sound effects and dialogue. With the virtual recording studio at your disposal, you can effortlessly create voice-overs and edit audio. There are also dozens of effects and presets which can endow visual appeal to your movie instantly.

One important thing worth mentioning is that Avid offers this video editing software in four versions: Media Composer First, Media Composer, Media Composer Ultimate, and Media Composer Enterprise. Should your need demands a good Windows 10 video editing app without burning a hole in your pocket at all, Media Composer First would be a smart pick for you.


Professional-grade software

Top-notch library of transitions and effects

High-end editing toolkits

Create unique sound effects

Stabilize footage



3. Lightworks

Beyond the praiseworthy UI, the support for a number of file formats (including variable frame rate media) makes it pretty much in line with the best in the business. Another thing that I like a lot in it is the ability to edit files without any loss of quality. If you are a purist who never wants to compromise with the quality, it would live up to your expectations admirably.

With royalty-free media including music and videos, you get a bit more liberty to experiment. The app also boasts tons of stunning effects that would not only play a pivotal role in boosting the visual appeal but also hiding errors. One thing worth mentioning is that the free version of the app offers you access to all the tools, however, it has restrictions on output formats. To break this limitation, you will have to get the pro version of Lightworks.

Features packed the brim

Access royalty-free media

Excellent UI

Variable frame rate editing

Stunning effects and filters


Need to learn even the basic tools


Supported Input Formats: MPEG-2 I-Frame SD, Apple Pro Res, DVCAM / DVCPRO 25, AVCHD (M2T, M2TS, MPEG4, H.264) and others

Supported Output Formats: Web-compatible file (MPEG4/H.264), WebM, Blu-ray and others

Install: Free, the pro version is available for $24.99/month 

4. DaVinci Resolve

Another notable feature of this software is multi-user collaboration. If you often have to collaborate with entire team and want everyone involved to seamlessly work on a project, you would be hard-pressed to find a better alternative to it.

DaVinci Resolve 16 has a cut page which comes in handy for speeding up the project. Basically, it’s an alternate edit page featuring a streamlined interface to let you edit, add transitions, titles a lot faster. Depending on your needs, you can create multiple timelines with different resolutions, frame-rates, and even output settings.

Times where you want to work with more flexibility, the custom timeline settings would make your task more convenient. What’s more, it also uses machine learning to quickly recognize people in the video and automatically creates bins. So, getting started with a project doesn’t seem to be time-consuming.

To me, GPU acceleration is a must especially when you have to deal with large media files and want the production to proceed with the desired speed.  Therefore, you would be really glad to find a full-on GPU acceleration tool that offers you more control and also plays a vital role in accelerating your task.


Best for color correction

8K support

Multi-user collaboration

Custom timeline settings

Supports GPU acceleration



Not for beginners or amateurs

Supported Input Formats: QuickTime, AVI, R3D, MXF, Prores, DNxHD, MXF, DPX, CIN, EXR and others

Install: Free, the full version is available for $299

5. Sony Vegas

Whether you are a professional video editor or a beginner who has just taken on video editing, “Sony Vegas” is one of the better options for you. If you are a novice, the guided video creator and model-based workflow can go a long way in helping you master many tricks of the trade. What puts it at the forefront is the ability to offer more flexible video production, depending on the type of movie you would like to create.

Sony Vegas excels in optimizing videos. In fact, there are very few Windows 10 video editors that can come close to it as far as the proficiency for video optimization is concerned. If you take special care of quality and also want the process to be done at a rapid speed, Vegas should be an obvious choice for you.

When it comes to video stabilization functionality, Vegas does an excellent job. As a result, you won’t have to spend much on stabilizing your shots. On the video effects front, it has got both the rich quality and variety. So, when you decide to ramp up the visual appearance of your video, you will have a good many options to try out.


Powerful video editing tools

Supports third-party plugins

Video stabilization

Multi-panel timeline

Excellent video effects


Steep learning curve

Supported Input Formats: DV, HDV, AVCHD, NXCAM, MOV, MP4, WMV, MPEG-1/2/4, H.264/AVC, and more.

Install: Starts at $399

Free Windows 10 Video Editors for Beginners 6. OpenShot

If you are looking for a free video editor on Windows 10 and one that is dead simple to use then OpenShot is your best option. Apart from being completely free, the video editor is also open-source and available on multiple platforms, besides Windows 10. It has a quick learning curve and you don’t need to spend hours and learn how to apply some transitions or merge multiple clips. Keep in mind, that does not stop OpenShot to be any less powerful.

Simple and easy to use

Free and open-source

Multi-timeline support



Supported Input Formats: FFmpeg, WebM (VP9), AVCHD, HEVC, mp3, aac, MPEG4, ogv, Blu-ray, and DVD video

Supported Output Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, AVCHD Disc, (DV-)AVI, MJPEG, MXF, MOV, WMV, XAVC, XAVC S, MPEG-1/2/4, H.264/AV, and more

Install: Free

7. HitFilm Express

As for the features, it comes with more than 400 presets and VFX toolkit under the free version and support for unlimited tracks and transitions. Among other things, you can also do 2D and 3D compositing. To sum up, HitFilm Express hits a sweet spot for users who want a free video editor for Windows but packed with premium features and is also available for free.


Premium features


Unlimited tracks and transitions

Supports 2D and 3D composition

Hundreds of presets

Learning curve can be higher for beginners

Supported Input Formats: Quicktime, AVCHD, AVI, M2T, M2TS, MOV, MP4 (AVC/H264 & AAC), MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 (TS, PS, MPE, MPG, MPEG, M2V), MTS, MXF (DVCPro HD), DV, HDV, WMV.

Supported Output Formats: DVD, Blu-ray Disc, AVCHD Disc, (DV-)AVI, MJPEG, MXF, MOV, WMV, XAVC, XAVC S, MPEG-1/2/4, H.264/AV, and more

Install: Free, Pro version starts at $349


VSDC is a Windows 10 video editor that is known for its free offering and simple user interface. It weighs around 80MB in size which makes it clear that VSDC is not for pro users, but for beginners who want to get started with video editing on Windows 10. That said, lately, the developer has added a wide array of video processing tools to VSDC like Chrome Key, video effects, filters and support for 360-degree video editing.

Not to mention, you have the usual multi-panel timeline, support for various codecs and file formats, stabilization, voiceover, and more. You can also export videos at 4K resolution without paying any charge. To conclude, if you are looking for a free Windows 10 video editor that has ample processing tools then VSDC is a great choice.


Light on resources

Multiple timeline support

Comes with stabilization and various processing tools

Supports 4K


Supported Input Formats: AVI, MP4, MKV, MPG, WMV, 3GP, FLV and others; audio files: MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, PCM, OGG, AAC, M4A, AMR

Install: Free

9. Shotcut

If you are a budding YouTuber or someone who likes to create awesome videos for sharing on social networking sites, you will love to have Shotcut. One of the biggest highlights of this app is the support for hundreds of audio and video formats. As a result, you will be able to edit almost any video file without having to run into an incompatibility issue. Besides, the multi-format timeline, frame-rates, and resolutions would play a decisive role in enhancing your productivity.

Talking about the interface, it appears to be sleek. And if you don’t appreciate heavily-loaded interface, chances are high that you would give a thumbs up to its UI. You can check detailed media properties and quickly access the recent files.

When you would want to give scenes a more enchanting look, a wide range of transitions like a barn door, clock, and box would come into play really well. Plus, the support for resolutions up to 4k makes it more than a safe bet.

That’s not all, Shotcut is also designed to play nicely with capture from SDI, HDMI, webcam, JACK, Pulse audio, IP stream, X11 screen, and Windows DirectShow devices, which further solidifies its reputation as a versatile Windows 10 video editor. Oh, and did I mention that it’s completely free to use?


Free and open-source


Huge library of video filters

Supports audio accessories

Color correction


UI can be jarring for some users

Supported Output Formats: H.264, WebM, ProRes, MPEG-2, and others

Install: Free

10.  Microsoft Photos App

I bet not many of you are aware of the fact that the stock Photos app of Windows 10 has hidden video editing tools. If you are looking for a simple yet highly efficient video editor that can let you create fun-loving videos to share on social networking sites, it can fit into your needs with ease.

Now, you will have access to plenty of editing tools. For instance, you can trim the video to get rid of the unwanted portions and add a slo-mo effect to make your clip look eye-catching.

If you wish to take your creativity a bit further, you can add some artistic touch by drawing on the clip. Just be careful not to overdo it otherwise your video won’t look impressive. Not to mention, it also lets you bring in some cool customization by adding awesome 3D effects. I would strictly recommend you to save them for the times when you want your clips to have an extravagant look. And when your video is ready to be unleashed, you can share it right from this app via Skype and Mail. Super handy, isn’t it?


Easy to use and free

Pre-installed on Windows 10

Beautiful 3D effects

Share on social media


Quite basic editing tools

Frequently Asked Questions Q. Does Windows 10 Have Video Editing?

Yes, you can use the Microsoft Photos app on Windows 10 to edit videos. It comes preinstalled on Windows 10 and works like a charm.

Q. Where Do I Find Video Editor in Windows 10?

You can either use fully-featured video editors from the list above or use the first-party Microsoft Photo app to edit videos on Windows 10. Just press the Windows key once and search for “photos” and then open it.

Q. Why Should I Care About Free Software?

Q. Which Programs Do Most YouTubers Use?

YouTubers generally use Final Cut Pro (Apple users) and Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows users). However, if Adobe Premiere Pro is too complex for you then you can take a shot at OpenShot and HitFilm.

Q. Which Programs do Professionals Use? Use the Best Windows 10 Video Editors

Tor Vs Vpn – Should You Use One Or Both?

The thought of protecting yourself from hackers, spies, and malicious attacks should be at the forefront of your mind anytime you connect to the internet. This is the prime purpose of both Tor and a VPN. But, when talking about Tor vs VPN, how much do you really know? 

When it comes to ensuring that our personal information and online activity remains private, VPNs and Tor are the most powerful tools you can use. Both share striking similarities, but it’s their differences that make them useful in niche situations. Whether getting around a geoblock or navigating through the dark web, you’ll need to understand which choice is right for which situation.

Table of Contents

What Is Tor & How Does It Work?

Tor, short for The Onion Router, is free software that provides a hidden traffic service, protecting your identity by encrypting your online traffic and routing it through multiple volunteer-operated nodes. 

Each node benefits from multi-layer encryption, allowing the network to see only the IP address of the node before and after. The exit node is also visible and the only one that can see your encrypted data.

Since the nodes are operated by volunteers, anyone is free to set up an exit node. The problem with this is that a poorly setup node can harvest private information which can remain visible to hackers and spies. Tor will prevent all browsing activity from being linked back to you but anyone can see your traffic once it leaves the network. All but where it begins, that is.

Tor will map a path that begins from your device, routing you through two randomly selected nodes, until finally coming to an exit node. Prior to sending out your data packet to the first node, Tor will apply three layers of encryption. 

The first node on the trip will remove the outermost layer, which is the layer that knows where the data packet is headed to next. The second node will repeat this process, sending your data packet to the network’s exit node.

The exit node removes the final layer, revealing all of the information the data packet was carrying. To keep hackers guessing, Tor will continue to use the same three nodes for no more than 10 minutes before creating an entirely new, random route for your traffic.

The Advantages Of Tor

Tor is 100% free, making it the most cost-effective solution for your security.

There are no logs or records kept within the Tor network. There are no sign-ups and you won’t have to worry about your financial information being released when using the software.

Tor has no worries of ever being shut down. All nodes are scattered across the world making it virtually impossible to ever be in danger of removal. Having no main server keeps it free of attacks and raids from malicious entities and legal authorities.

What Are VPNs & How Do They Work?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides end-to-end encryption from your device to a remote server in any country a server is available. While using a VPN, your IP address is hidden, making it appear as though you are accessing the internet from the location of the remote server instead of your actual location.

You’ll need to choose a provider, create an account, launch the client from your device, log in, and then select the appropriate server. An appropriate server would depend on your needs. For a more secure and swift connection, a nearby server is preferred. If looking to circumvent region-blocked content, connect to a server in a different country with less restrictions.

Once connected, all data will be encrypted prior to being routed through your chosen server. The data will then traverse through the tunnel to the website you’re trying to access. Your IP will be masked from the website, and in its place will be the server’s IP address, making your access completely anonymous.

The Advantages Of a VPN

All data is encrypted from origin to destination.

VPNs can either slow down or speed up your connection, depending on network congestion and if your ISP throttles your bandwidth.

Technical skills are not normally necessary when a VPN is concerned.

A VPN can help you get around geo-blocked restrictions through IP masking. Unable to watch US Netflix while stationed in Korea? A VPN may be able to help you overcome that obstacle.

Tor vs VPN – Combining Forces

By combining both Tor and VPN, you can create a powerhouse of online security and privacy protection. There are two ways to combine a VPN and Tor; either Tor over VPN or VPN over Tor. The choice will be determined by your needs.

Tor Over VPN

A VPN connection will need to be made first before opening Tor. Doing it this way will allow the VPN to encrypt your traffic before doing your business on Tor. This will hide your Tor activity from your ISP. 

Your traffic however is not encrypted once it leaves the Tor network, leaving you without protection from malicious exit nodes. You’ll still need to be very careful about sending sensitive information over your connection.

Choose Tor over VPN if:

You need to hide your use of Tor from your ISP.

You need to hide your traffic from your VPN provider.

You won’t be sending sensitive information over your connection.

VPN Over Tor

Using this method will go in the opposite direction from Tor over VPN. You’ll need to connect to the Tor network first before logging into your VPN. This will require that you are more technically sound, as you’ll need to configure your VPN client to work with Tor.

Tor’s exit node reroutes your traffic to your VPN server, eliminating the risk of malicious exit nodes. This happens because your traffic is decrypted after it leaves the Tor network.

Choose VPN over Tor if:

What Is Instagram And Why You Should Use It Full Guide?

What is INSTAGRAM this question most of the peoples search on Google because till now also they did not know what is INSTAGRAM I know INSTAGRAM is a so.

much popular app and so many people’s know about it but there are some people’s did know about INSTAGRAM because they using smart pone at first time or new user at INSTAGRAM etc. and they want to know about INSTAGRAM so if.

you also INSTAGRAM user then this article for you also because in this article I will guide what is INSTAGRAM how to created an INSTAGRAM account how to use INSTAGRAM and many more so let’s  start knowing about INSTAGRAM.


INSTAGRAM is a photo’s and video’s sharing social networking site where you can share your photos and videos with your followers and friends and you can also.

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How to create an INSTAGRAM account?

First you have to download INSTAGRAM app from play store or app store after downloading INSTAGRAM app and when you open it you will see buttons like.

How to use INSTAGRAM?

For using INSTAGRAM perfectly you have to know all the INSTAGRAM feature and buttons so let’s see what they are after creating your INSTAGRAM account you will see buttons like.



Plus button

Heart button

Profile button

So let’s see how this buttons was works.


The home button will show you photo’s and video’s of your INSTAGRAM following peoples for example you follow any business man like bill gates than all bill gates photos and videos show on your INSTAGRAM home page and at to left you will see.

story button:

In this button you can able to keep any story like on whatsapp status but the different is in INSTAGRAM story button you will get so many filters like Q&N task animals filters photos filters and many more. and you can also go live on INSTAGRAM and share with your followers.


The search button help you to find any peoples or any companies account on INSTAGRAM and you will see trending videos and photos in search and you will also see  sub buttons like.





Let’s see how this buttons was works.


The top button will show you top INSTAGRAM accounts like celebrities politics or any others popular accounts.


The account button will show you your search accounts for example if I search any users name than account button will show me that user account.


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The places button help you to find locations of the places and so many people’s use location in there photo’s or video’s so that photo comes to that location if any one search that location or place and that photo will show to them also.

In the search button you will also find categories sections like {IGTV-for video’s  shop well-being DACOR travel arts} etc. and you will get at top right discover. peoples button in this button you will find top ID’s and you can easily follow them if you want.

Plus button:

The plus button help you to share your photo’s or video’s on your INSTAGRAM account and you will also get options to edit your photo’s and many more.

features like filters adjust brightness and you will be able to add location and tag peoples in your photo’s and many more things you can able to do in plus button.

Heart button:


The profile button is most important for us because in profile button you can able to add your full history like.





Switch to professional account

Let’s see what is the meaning of this buttons.


In this button you can add you name.


In this button you can able to choose your unique INSTAGRAM name that will show on your INSTAGRAM ID.


In this button you can able to add your website or blog URL.


In this button you can able to add you bio for example I’m a actor artist etc.

Switch to professional account:

In this button you can able to convert you normal account to professional account like.

Creator account:

The creator account is for creator like public figure producers artists and influencer’s this the new feature at INSTAGRAM.

Business account:

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INSTAGRAM is the best app for creators public figure’s influencer’s if you want to become one of them than INSTAGRAM is a golden opportunity for you because.

most of the famous influencer’s use INSTAGRAM and they know how important is INSTAGRAM for them.

If you want to use INSTAGRAM for normal purpose than you can use it but do not waste your time I see so many people’s wasting there time on INSTAGRAM by like.

photos or videos so use it for learning purpose  there are so many accounts are there on INSTAGRAM for learning like success tips food making tips etc.

15 Cool 3D Touch Tricks You Should Use In Ios 10

3D Touch is one of the defining features of the newer generation of iPhones. The pressure sensitive input method on iPhone 6s and above opens up a world of possibilities for the way users interact with their devices. While 3D Touch wasn’t very well implemented in iOS 9, Apple has made it much better, and more useful in iOS 10. So, here are 15 3D Touch tricks that you should use on your iPhone.

1. Control Center

The Control Center has been completely revamped in iOS 10, giving it a much cleaner look. However, the arrangement of UI elements is not all that has changed. There are a lot of 3D Touch features available in the Control Center, as well.

Torch: Users can now 3D Touch on the torch icon in the Control Center to adjust the intensity of the flashlight. There are three options available: “Bright Light“, “Medium Light“, and “Low Light“.

Timer: The timer icon in the Control Center can also be 3D Touched to set pre-configured timers. Available time settings for the timer are: 1 minute, 5 minutes, 20 minutes, and 60 minutes.

Calculator: On pressing the calculator icon firmly in the Control Center, users now get the option to copy the last calculated result, which can then be pasted wherever they want.

Camera: The camera icon in the Control Center also supports 3D Touch. Users can 3D Touch on the camera icon to directly start the camera in any one of the four available modes: “Take Photo“, “Record Slo-mo“, “Record Video“, “Take Selfie“.

2. Notifications

Managing notifications on the iPhone has been made much better in iOS 10, as well. While, in iOS 9, users had to clear off notifications for each day by tapping on the “X” icon, on iOS 10, users can simply 3D Touch on the “X” icon to get the option to “Clear All Notifications“.

3. Keyboard

The trackpad can also be used to select text. All that users need to do, is lighten their touch, and then press harder again to begin selecting text.

4. App Switcher

Pressing the home button twice, to access the App Switcher is easy, but there’s an alternative way to do it, using 3D Touch. I must warn you, though, this might take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you will never want to double press your home button again.

Whenever you want to access the App Switcher on your 3D Touch enabled iPhone, simply 3D Touch on the left edge of the display. Once you get the taptic feedback from your phone, press harder and you will get into the App Switcher.

Another great use of this trick is to switch between apps quickly. When you’re in an app, and you want to switch to the last opened app, quickly, simply 3D Touch on the left edge of the screen, then, drag your finger to the right edge of the screen, and your iPhone will switch to the last opened app in the App Switcher. Pretty cool, right?

5. Preview Safari Tabs

Another great use of 3D Touch is the ability to preview what’s on a tab, without having to actually switch to it.

You can simply tap on the tab switcher button in Safari, and then press firmly on the tab that you want to preview. Then, if you want to switch to the tab you’re previewing, simply press harder on it, and it will pop onto the screen.

6. Get Directions to Home and Work

If you use Apple Maps, or Google Maps, and you have set your Work and Home locations in the apps, you can simply 3D Touch on the apps’ icons on the home screen. This will give you the options to “Get directions to Home“, and “Get directions to Work“, so you can directly get going.

7. Alarms, Stopwatch, and Timers

Setting alarms was never really difficult, but its’ always better if a task can be done in less number of steps. This is exactly where 3D Touch steps in. You can simply 3D Touch on the clock app in the home screen to get options to “Create Alarm“, “Start Stopwatch“, and “Start Timer“. You can simply tap on any of the three options to directly set them up in the clock app.

8. Quick Actions in Mail App

If you use the default Apple Mail app on iOS, then you can use this 3D Touch trick to quickly reply to emails. When you’re viewing an email, simply 3D Touch on the sender’s profile icon to get options to email them. If the sender is in your contact list, and you have their phone number saved, you will even get the options to text, or call them.

9. Peek in Photos App

10. 3D Touch on the Home Screen

Chances are you use a lot of apps, everyday. But, did you know that you can 3D Touch on almost any of the apps that you have on your iPhone? For example, you can 3D Touch on the Adobe Lightroom app to get options to “Take Photo”, “Take Selfie”, and “Edit Last Photo”. Similarly, you can 3D Touch on the Drive icon to search, or upload photos.

If you 3D Touch on an app that does not have any 3D Touch actions defined, you will still get the option to share the app, by the way.

11. Peek in Messages

12. Message, or Call Sender in Messages

In the messages app, you can 3D Touch on the contact image for any sender, to get various options like “Create a New Contact“, “Message“, “Call“, etc. You can use this to quickly create a contact, when a friend texts you from their new number, or call up a person who texted you.

13. Prioritise Downloading Apps

Do you know that feeling when you try to download a lot of apps at once, and then you end up waiting for the apps to download, slowly? Well, with 3D Touch, you can actually prioritise the apps that you want your iPhone to download first. Simply 3D Touch on the app that you want to prioritise, and, in the menu that pops up, tap on “Prioritise Download“. iOS will then try an make sure that the app that you have prioritised gets downloaded first.

14. Live Wallpapers

If you want to, you can set a live photo as your wallpaper, and then, on the lock screen, you can 3D Touch on the wallpaper to make it animate. To do this, just follow the steps given below:

Select a Live Photo that you took, or one of the default ones from Apple.

Once you have set up the live photo as your wallpaper, simply 3D Touch on it in the lock screen, and you will see it animate.

15. Preview Images Without Leaving the Camera App

Using 3D Touch, you can also preview images without leaving the Camera app on your iPhone. Simply 3D Touch on the image thumbnail in the bottom left corner of the Camera app UI, and you can move your finger left or right to scroll through all the images in your Photos library. When you let go, the preview ends, and you are back in the Camera app again.

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Use These 3D Touch Tricks to Enhance Your iPhone Experience

Those were the 15 coolest 3D Touch tricks that you should be using on your iPhone. If you start using these tricks in your everyday use of the iPhone, we are sure that you will start loving the technology, and you’ll be able to get more productive on your Apple device than you already are.

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