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Oh, the holidays! It’s the most hectic time of the year.

Consumers are on the hunt for the perfect gifts for loved ones and friends, retailers are ramping up promos to attract more shoppers and maximize sales, and marketers are busy working on some last-minute campaigns with the hope of finishing the year strong.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s a wonderful time we should all remember to enjoy. Everyone deserves to take a break and celebrate the festivities.

Not only is this season about giving – it’s about receiving, too! While we shouldn’t expect to get gifts from Santa 🎅 (he’s got a lot on his plate right now), surely there’s that special something each of us wants to have.

We got curious what SEOs wanted for the holidays, so we asked our Twitter community what their wishes were. Here’s what they had to say.


As the holiday season is fast approaching… have you thought about your #SEOWishlist2024?

Free tickets to a major SEO conference? 🎟️

— SearchEngineJournal® ☃️✨ (@sejournal) December 13, 2023

Conference tickets are on top of most people’s wishlists…

— annaleacrowe (@annaleacrowe) December 13, 2023

Ditto. I’ll take a free ticket to a major search show.

— Katherine Watier Ong (@kwatier) December 14, 2023

Free tickets to a major SEO conference

— Bhuvi Sharma (@bhuviseoexpert) December 14, 2023

Free tix to a major SEO conference!

— Jack Nolan (@Jack_Nolan) December 13, 2023

A free ticket to a major SEO conference, 🙂

— Timothy Musenga (@timothymusenga) December 13, 2023

…along with a few other items.

Let’s see #bitcoin , 2 6 gpu card mining rigs, chocolate, a coffee mug, free tickets to a major seo conference (that is if the #bitcoin request doesn’t work out) and most importantly. Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all.

— SnowWrite #techseo (@SnowWrite) December 14, 2023

I would opt for more traffic and conversion and free tickets to a major SEO conference.

— Sudeep Rao 🛵 (@sraosudeep) December 15, 2023

Of course, everybody wants better rankings and more traffic.

What we want the most is Top rankings for our customers! #SEOWishlist2024

— SE Ranking (@SERanking) December 14, 2023

Free tickets to major SE conference, where I learn tactics to increase traffic, and eventually convert them as clients, with whom I can have amazing conversation with a mug of coffee! 😊

— Meenakshi Nautiyal (@meenz72) December 15, 2023

Free tickets to a major SEO conference? 🎟️

— Shereen Badr (@shereen_badr) December 13, 2023

Some wish for more clients – and reasonable ones.

Definitely more clients! A free ticket to an SEJ conference won’t hurt, either 😉

— Kenneth Fong ✳️ (@klfong2) December 13, 2023

Clients who get that #seo is just a part of the marketing mix and not the whole story?

— Gordon Smith (@GordonSmithUK) December 14, 2023

And a few want to make sure they have an indexable and search-friendly website sans messy code.

Code that’s SEO friendly and not having to put more code into a site to fudge the code so its workable and spiderable

— Alexis Huddart (@Flexoid) December 13, 2023

Still, someone wishes for the courage to start her own SEO business.

The courage to start my own SEO business… Oh and more coffee… ^_^

— Val 🍕 (@valscissors) December 14, 2023

Everyone came up with great SEO wish lists for 2023! Hoping you all get what you’re yearning for. 🎁

Happy holidays from the SEJ team!

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Header Tags: All That You Want To Know

In this article, we will discuss what header tags are and how to use them effectively.

What are Header Tags?

A web page’s headings and subheadings are specified using header tags. Although the SEO industry also frequently refers to these elements as “header tags,” the “H” in H1, H2, etc. officially stands for “heading element.” Header tags are crucial for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because they aid search engines in comprehending a page’s content. You can increase the visibility of your page on search engines like Google and Bing by employing header tags correctly.

What if Your Site Does not Have Header Tags?

Having header tags on your website is essential for SEO as it helps search engine crawlers recognize what the page is about and allows them to navigate easily throughout the site. If your website has no headings, it may limit the amount of traffic generated from a search result. To ensure you are optimizing your website’s SEO capabilities, try to include some descriptive header tags on all site pages. These headers should be carefully chosen and describe the content found on each page so Google can pick up those keywords and rank your page accordingly. Additionally, having appropriate headers lets readers know what they can expect from the following content, making it easier to quickly understand if a page has what they’re looking for.

Types of Header Tags

From H1 through H6, there are six main types of header tags in HTML. The level of relevance for each header tag varies, with H1 being the most significant and H6 being the least important.

H1 − The most significant header tag is H1, which should only be used once per page. This tag is often applied to the page’s primary title or heading. The H1 tag language needs to be descriptive and relevant to the page’s content. You may enhance user experience and boost search engines’ understanding of your page’s primary subject by appropriately using the H1 tag.

H2 − To divide the information into sections, the H2 header tag is used for subheadings. It’s crucial to employ header tags in the correct order, moving from H1 to H6. This aids in the understanding of the content hierarchy by both users and search engines. You may structure and simplify reading your material by utilizing H2 tags for subheadings.

H3 − This header element aims to further divide the material into sub-subheadings.

H4–H6 − H4–H6 header tags are used to further divide the text into lower-level subheadings.

This is an example of how a blog post about “Choosing a smartphone” may be structured −

H1 − Qualities to look for when choosing a smartphone

H2 − Basics

H3 − Price

H3 − Battery life

H2 − Features

H3 − Fitness tracking

H3 − Music

H3 − Bluetooth & other connection

H2 − My top recommended smartphone

How to Add HTML Header Tags

It’s crucial to check your headers in HTML to ensure they are formatted correctly because Google will scan them to let web browsers know what your website is about.

You don’t need to dig through the source code or HTML each time you want to add a header element because specific blogging platforms, including HubSpot and WordPress, include a button on the toolbar for that purpose.

How to Use Header Tags Effectively?

Here are some tips for using header tags effectively −

Use H1 only once per page

The most significant header tag, H1, should only be used once on each page, according to what was previously explained. The page’s primary title or heading should be structured with the H1 tag. Spend some time building an H1 header that is compelling and engaging since it influences whether or not the visitor will continue to read the content.

Employ header tags sequentially

It’s crucial to employ header tags in the correct order, moving from H1 to H6. This aids in the understanding of the content hierarchy by both users and search engines.

Use header tags to structure content

Header tags should be used to structure the content of a page. This means using H2 for subheadings and H3-H6 for lower-level subheadings.

Use descriptive text in header tags

Header tags should contain descriptive text that pertains to the page’s content. This enhances the user experience while assisting search engines in comprehending the page’s subject matter.

Don’t overuse header tags

Although header tags are crucial for content organization, utilizing them sparingly is necessary. The page may appear cluttered and unclear if too many header tags are used. Choose long-tail keywords that have lower search volume but strong purchase intent to avoid keyword stuffing.

For accessibility, use header tags

Header tags are crucial for accessibility since they aid screen readers in understanding the organization of the material. You may make your website more accessible by employing header tags wisely.

Make use of headers to divide the text

Scannable content is very popular. Forbes refers to it as the most neglected aspect of content marketing. The Nielsen Norman Group’s research also revealed that content that can be scanned has a 58% higher chance of performing well with readers. Keep paragraphs brief while composing blog posts and landing pages (roughly three lines of text). Subheaders for H2 and H3 should not exceed four paragraphs.


In conclusion, header tags are a crucial component of HTML and are used to organize and structure the content of a web page. Effective use of header tags can increase your website’s accessibility, your content’s organization and readability, and your page’s exposure on search engines. Remember to only use H1 once per page, to use header tags sequentially, to use descriptive content, to use header tags sparingly, and to use header tags for accessibility. You may design a well-structured, user-friendly web page that is accessible to all people and optimized for search engines by adhering to these rules.

Best Dell Refurbished Deals For Christmas 2023

Dell is not the only well-known laptop maker to list refurbished deals, with Apple and Lenovo also notable for their efforts in this area. But while Lenovo lists its own refurbished Windows laptops in the US, Dell also manages sales of its secondhand machines in the UK. Right now these Dell deals are available only to UK customers. 

What is a refurbished laptop or PC? 

Refurbished computers can be those that were originally sold with a defect or were otherwise faulty, perhaps subject to a recall. They can also be items that were returned in full working order, for example unwanted gifts.

In Dell’s case they are items that were previously leased out for an average 36-month period and have been returned, which means you might not find the most recent products but you can still source some great savings on slightly older but still decent-quality kit.

The manufacturer will ensure any faults have been fixed before resale, which means that in many cases you can buy a laptop or PC that is almost as good as new but at a fraction of the price.

There will almost certainly still be some signs of wear and tear, however. Dell lists all its refurbished kit with Cosmetic Grade A or B.

An A-graded product is one that is in excellent to very good condition. Some may have no visible damage, while others have only light scratches and minor blemishes. You might, for instance, notice a shiny area on the trackpad or frequently used keys where they have been pressed more than others.

A B-graded product is one that has some scratches or other surface imperfections, but functionally is in full working order. Grade B laptops and PCs are sold cheaper than Grade A products. 

Refurbished vs Used

“Refurbished” and “used” have two very different meanings. A used PC or laptop will likely have some wear and tear, and some degree of degradation, particularly in terms of battery life. When you buy a used computer you are relying on the assurances of the seller that it is in full working order, and that nothing untoward (such as a virus) has been installed on it.

However, a refurbished computer has been carefully restored by the manufacturer, with all components checked for performance and efficacy and replaced where necessary, and it comes with a limited warranty for additional peace of mind.

Dell’s warranty spans 180 days, and covers defects in materials and workmanship in the hardware. It does not cover software, including the operating system, nor expendable parts (the battery) or any accidental or malicious damage.

Should you buy a new laptop instead?

It’s going to be a personal decision whether you buy new or refurbished. There are some instances of people buying refurbished computers only to find out that despite the rigorous checks they are faulty, or that they develop problems later down the line. This is also true of those buying new machines, of course, though these come with a more comprehensive warranty that will span at least a full year. New machines also have zero wear and tear, looking and feeling like a brand-new computer.

However, by taking on some level of additional risk you stand to make significant savings, and you will be doing your bit to help to cut down on the number of working computers that are disposed of, and therefore the manufacture of new machines that can come at a greater cost to the environment.

If you decide to go down the refurbished route we’ve listed some great Dell laptop and PC deals below. Note that these are limited in number and therefore go out of stock fast, so grab them while you can. If you’d rather buy new and are looking for the best value, check out our round-up of the best budget laptops, as well as the best Dell laptop deals and best laptop deals.

Homekit Weekly: Tis The Season To Automate All Your Christmas Decorations With Homekit

It seems like just yesterday we were all relishing the end of 2023 and looking ahead to 2023. Now, 2023 is nearing its end, and many of us are preparing to enjoy the Christmas season. Adding HomeKit support to my Christmas decorations was my first introduction to HomeKit, so it’s only fitting that we kick off the season with my official guide to automating your Christmas decorations.

HomeKit Weekly is a series focused on smart home accessories, automation tips and tricks, and everything to do with Apple’s smart home framework.

Required Gear

As long as these devices are signed in to iCloud, you’ll be able to manage devices and run automations while you’re away from home. It’s not required for HomeKit but is certainly highly recommended.

The Christmas Tree

If you keep your Christmas decorations reasonably simple, an easy way to use HomeKit to automate them is by turning off and on of your Christmas lights with an outlet adaptor. Here are a few of the ones I recommend:

The outlet from Eve is the most expensive, but it does add Thread support to your network. To put it simply, Thread is a purpose-made mesh networking protocol for HomeKit and other types of smart home devices that create direct peer-to-peer communication. It’s self-maintaining, self-healing, and self-routing, allowing all your devices to communicate directly with each other with ease.

When you get the devices installed, you’ll then have the option to turn your tree on and off from Siri or the Home app. You can also create a HomeKit automation to automatically do it at Sunset or a particular time (I explain how to configure these automations at the end of the article).

Now, I am not allowed to touch the Christmas lights on the tree at my house, but if you are, check out Twinkly. With Twinkly, you’ll restring your tree with smart home-enabled lights. Twinkly has just added native HomeKit support to their product (Gen II and Plus models), so I’ll have a full review in the coming weeks. If the model you’re using doesn’t natively work with HomeKit, you can use HOOBS to bridge it to HomeKit. Twinkly also sells prelit Christmas trees and outdoor lights.

Outdoor lightning

I mentioned Twinkly already in this article, but what if you already have some outdoor lights that you want to use with HomeKit? Here are a few products I recommend.

You want to stick with outdoor rated plugs when using outdoor lights because ones rated for indoor aren’t made to withstand extreme cold, moisture, or rain.

The concept with these plugs is the same. You plug the lights into the adaptor, and then the adaptor goes into the wall.

Creating automations

Once all of your devices are in the Home app, you can interact with them in multiple ways. Of course, the easiest is to use the Home app to turn them off and back on whenever you please.

If you have a HomePod, you can use Siri to turn them off based on the device’s name: “Hey Siri, turn on my Christmas Tree lights.”

If you want a more hands-off approach, it’s ideal to let HomeKit manage the timing for you. Go to the Automations tab in the Home app, tap the + button, choose Add Automation, Choose A Time of Day Occurs, and then choose your timing. For example, an easy way to work with Christmas is to have them turn on at Sunset. You’ll then want to create a second automation to turn them off either at Sunrise or when you go to bed.

Wrap up

There are a lot of fun ways to automate your Christmas decorations using HomeKit with low-cost devices. It’s easy to start small with a single HomeKit plug for your main tree and interact with it in the Home app.

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What Is Wd Discovery? Should I Use It?

Do you own an external hard drive from Western Digital? Are you worried about how to manage it? The manufacturer of WD hard drives, Western Digital Technologies Inc., provides a drive management tool for every hard drive it produces.

The WD Discovery application provides great functionalities for your WD devices. But despite the usefulness of this application, people are still trying to figure out whether to use it or not.

But worry not, you are at the right place! After reading this article, you will have in-depth knowledge, which will help you decide.

What Is WD Discovery?

If you own products from WD like “My Passport” or “My Cloud Home” devices, WD Discovery software is the best approach towards your drive management goal. It provides a packaged solution for your data backup and data security. It facilitates the user with the Hard drive’s firmware updates. Moreover, It includes utility tools for device registration, updates, and cloud support.

WD Discovery application is available for Windows OS as well as Mac OS. You can access it from the official website of Western Digital. It is available as an executable file in .exe format for Windows OS and as .dmg for Mac OS.

This software is packaged with WD Backup, WD Drive Utilities, and WD Security applications. Let’s discuss each of them in detail:

WD Backup

This application is a basic service provided by the WD Discovery software. No one can guarantee that you won’t face a data loss. It may be due to a hard drive failure or any unexpected disaster.

It permits you to keep backups of your important files and documents and restore them when required. If you don’t want to bother to keep backups of your data every time, it also provides the facility of automatic backups.

Note: WD backup application is no longer in use. We use The Acronis Software instead.

WD Drive Utilities

If you are noticing any noise or overheated hard drive, this application packaged inside a WD Discovery software enables you to diagnose it, if any. With this tool, you can check for errors like read-write errors in your hard disk. Make sure you keep a backup of your important files before running any utility tool provided inside it.

WD Security

This application lets you secure your hard disk using 256-bit AES encryption and prevents any unauthorized person from accessing it. You can set up a password easily to secure your device. But there is one issue with this. You cannot have access to your disk if you forget the password. There is no mechanism to recover it. So be careful while encrypting your disk with this tool.

How To Install WD Discovery?

In most of the drives, the tool is already provided. You can open the setup file and install it. However, you don’t need to hassle if that’s not the case. You can easily download and install it from the Western Digital website. Here we will learn how to install WD Discovery on Windows and Mac.

On Windows

Follow these steps to install WD Discovery on Windows:

You can then carry out the necessary operations on your drive.

On Mac

Follow these steps to install WD Discovery on your Mac:

You will see your WD device listed inside the application. You will then be able to perform the required operations.

Should I Use WD Discovery?

Backup, Security, and Diagnosis are the main motto of WD Discovery software. It shows the details of your external drive, such as the model number and serial number. It is integrated with SMART, an attribute that helps analyze the state of your external drive. It reports to you if any probable failure is about to happen in the future.

Users can even store a copy of data from cloud storage providers using the software’s cloud capabilities. Backing up your content from Google Drive, Dropbox, and social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram has been made easier with the use of WD Discovery.

It is totally up to you whether to use this tool or not. Certain users appreciate WD’s software interface and like the features packaged inside it. In contrast, some of them have reported the problems. You can realize yourself if you could give it a shot.

Should I Use It For Mac?

The Mac’s OS consists of many of the services that WD Discovery provides. Even Western Digital suggests not using its software and using built-in Mac programs in some cases. Other programs you have installed on your Mac may interfere with the software.

Likewise, with the update in Mac’s OS, WD Discovery may lose some of its functionalities. However, it can assist Mac users with firmware updates and checking SMART attributes.

How to Remove WD Discovery?

Removing the WD Discovery application from your device can be quite frustrating. Uninstalling it straightforwardly as you do for other applications may not work every time. As we already discussed, it can either interfere with other applications or its traces may not be completely removed. Here we will see how you can completely remove every application component.

From Windows

For the clean uninstallation of WD Discovery from Windows, you need to go to the control panel and uninstall the application.

Once the uninstallation is completed, now you need to clear the log files that exist in the system. To clear the log files:

This will completely remove every log file including WD Discovery and you are good to go.

From Mac

If you are using Mac OS, it already provides you with WD Discovery’s functionalities. So you may consider uninstalling it. If you already have an uninstaller file in the package, you may directly run it and uninstall the application.

Else follow the steps below to uninstall WD Discovery from Mac:

It will now remove all the WD components from your Mac.

Google Is Testing A Feature No One Seems To Want

Google is testing a new feature in desktop search that, quite frankly, no one is happy about.

When Jennifer Slegg from The SEM Post reported on seeing autoplaying videos in Google search, the chatter around the web has been nothing but negative.

Here is a smattering of the sentiments thus far. I combed through Twitter to find even one positive opinion to balance out the negatives, but there were none to be found.

— Alex Johnson (@MAlexJohnson) July 27, 2023

— Rob Price (@robaeprice) July 27, 2023

— Dan Gillmor (@dangillmor) July 27, 2023

— David Chartier 🥃 (@chartier) July 27, 2023

According to Slegg, the autoplaying videos have been spotted in the knowledge panel when movie titles are searched for on desktop.

Videos will initially play without any sound, though sound can be turned on manually. That means they technically abide by Google’s better ad standards.

In addition, videos will not repeat themselves. They will only play once unless prompted to play through another time. Once again, they are not showing up in mobile search – at least not currently.

— Google Chrome (@googlechrome) July 27, 2023

What’s being linked to in the above tweet is a Chrome plugin that will prevent you from seeing any type of autoplaying video in the Chrome browser. However, if you’re not using Chrome, then the plugin will obviously be of no use to you.

What does this mean for the future of search? Well, Wired published a rather insightful article with potential answers to that very question.

If nothing else, it opens up a window of opportunity for Google’s competitors:

“Perhaps the changes at Google aren’t enough to send you into the arms of a competitor quite yet, or to get regulators to take a second look at Google’s search dominance. But it means that the time is ripe for more competition.”

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