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Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM software products available for users. If this software stops working on computers, it could lead to work stoppage for companies. If Salesforce is not working in your Google Chrome browser, then please read through this article for the solutions.

Salesforce not working in Google Chrome

The issue with Salesforce not working across all popular browsers is well-known. While it is attributed to a bug associated with Chromium-based browsers, the problem could have many more reasons like a corrupt cache system. The problem occurs when you try to load the Salesforce page and it shows blank on the browser.

If you encounter the Salesforce issue with Google Chrome, try the following solutions sequentially:

Clear browser cache and cookies

Enable cookies on the Google Chrome browser

Update Google Chrome to the latest version

Isolate the case with extensions and add-ons

1] Clear browser cache and cookies

Before proceeding with any other solution, try clearing the browser cache and cookies to make sure that you are isolating the cause. In case the cache files are corrupt, deleting them and restarting the browser will help pick the Salesforce website as a fresh website.

2] Enable cookies on the Google Chrome browser

Third-party cookies are blocked by default on the Google Chrome browser. It will have to be enabled separately. When you open a website which requires cookies to be enabled, you will get the prompt for the same and then you can enable them each time the website is opened. In case you miss that notification, the procedure to enable cookies is as follows.

Open Google Chrome.

In the Settings window, go to the Privacy and security tab on the list on the left-hand side.

In the right-pane, scroll down and select Site Settings.

Then scroll down and select Cookies and site data.

Shift the radio button to Allow all cookies.

3] Update Google Chrome to the latest version

A lot of issues with the Google Chrome browser are caused because the version is obsolete. You can resolve this case by updating Google Chrome to the latest version.

Google Chrome will start updating itself and you can restart the browser once the process has completed.

4] Isolate the case with extensions and add-ons

If extensions and add-ons are causing the problem, you can isolate this cause as follows.

Open Google Chrome.


This will open Google Chrome in Incognito mode.

Check if Salesforce works fine in the incognito mode.

If it does, then the issue is probably with the extensions. The reason is that the incognito mode doesn’t involve extensions.

If it works in incognito mode, try the following.

Open Google Chrome.

Select Settings from the list.

In the left pane, select Extensions.

In the Extensions window, you can enable and disable extensions using the switch associated with it. Use hit and trial to figure out the problematic extension and then remove it.

Other than the above-mentioned solutions, there are certain policies on administrator-managed systems which can cause the problem. For this, please consult the IT administrator of your organization.

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What is Salesforce used for?

Salesforce is used for Customer Relationship Management. It allows you to manage the support, sales, and marketing for your business efficiently and easily. The real benefit is that the software uses cloud technology, so you can access your data anywhere.

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Why does everyone use Salesforce?

Mostly smaller and mid-level companies use Salesforce. The reason is that it eliminates the need of top-level technicians. The software can be learned by laymen and the servers are cloud-based, thus affordable.

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Fix Chrome Crashing Or Not Working Issues

Chrome is the leading and most popular web browser in 2023, beating Apple Safari, Internet Explorer/Edge, and Firefox, which rank second, third and fourth respectively. Despite being number one, it has its downsides and its malfunctions, too. Many of its users have reported Chrome crashing, freezing, not responding or just not working.

As frustrating as it can be, the good news is there are several fixes to resolving the problem. Before you switch to a different browser, here are some tried and tested solutions you can use to get Chrome back to a stable state.

Preliminary checks

Check the address bar for any typos in the URL

If the page takes too long to load, either your connection is slow or the page is busy.

If you’re using a VPN, a particular website may hinder the browser from connecting

If you’re getting the “Aw Snap!” message, a plugin could be causing Chrome to crash

Refresh the page if any connection was interrupted while loading

Try using an incognito window. If the site works while in incognito, clear your browsing data

Restart Chrome

This is one of the most basic things to do before you try to troubleshoot why Chrome is crashing. It just involves closing Chrome completely and then reopening it, then trying to reload the page again to see if the problem disappears. You can also reopen the tabs you hadn’t closed and see if they all load again.

Try a different browser Restart your computer

A restart helps fix any software glitches that would cause the Google Chrome browser not to work or to crash. Sometimes apps and programs can stop pages from loading properly, so try to restart your computer and load the page or pages you had open on your browser again.

Close extensions, tabs and apps to free up memory

If your computer is low on memory, it may not be able to load sites and still run your apps, programs and extensions on your browser.

Remove or disable whatever you don’t use and delete any that shouldn’t be there.

Run a virus or malware scan

Viruses or malware on your computer could cause several problems, including Chrome crashing or not working. You can run a malware or virus scan using your system’s security software to spot and remove any resident threats that would be affecting Chrome’s normal operations.

Check for any software conflicts

Sometimes Chrome can conflict with other software or with Chrome itself and cause it not to work or crash altogether. This can be anything from network-related software to malware and any others that interfere with the browser.

To know which software conflicts with Chrome, go to chrome://conflicts on your browser’s address bar, and press Enter. Alternatively, you can go to Google and check for the software that caused Chrome to crash or not work properly.

You’ll also find the steps you can use to resolve any conflicts Chrome has with conflicting software on your system, but at best, you probably want to update your software to the latest version and disable or uninstall the problematic software.

Check for Chrome update

Chrome may crash or refuse to work if the software isn’t updated to the newest version. A new version or update can help patch any software glitches that cause this problem.

Fix hardware acceleration issues

Hardware acceleration hands graphical tasks to a different component other than your computer’s CPU, usually the GPU, for Chrome to run better. However, it can sometimes cause Chrome to crash or stop working.

Disabling this feature helps resolve problems with how Chrome and your computer hardware work together. To disable it:

Toggle the “Use hardware acceleration when available” to Off if it’s On and then restart the browser.

Fix Network and website issues

Chrome can also crash or stop working due to network or website issues. If the website doesn’t load properly, you can let the website owner know that you’re experiencing issues with it.

On the other hand, if you found that the page didn’t load when you tried a different browser, the issue could be your Internet connection or network. In this case, restart your modem or router.

Fix problematic apps stopping Chrome from working properly

Note: if the option is available, it means there’s a problematic app. If not, there’s no problem app.

You can update the apps from the app store if there’s an available update or check the app developer’s site for more details. You can also remove each app from the list if you prefer.

Reset and reinstall Chrome Wrap-Up

Few things are as frustrating as not being able to use your browser or when it freezes or crashes while you are enjoying your surfing experience. We hope these solutions helped resolve whatever caused Chrome to crash on your computer.

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5 Ways To Fix Telegram Web When It’s Not Working In Chrome

5 Ways to Fix Telegram Web when It’s Not Working in Chrome




Telegram is the fastest messaging app, and it has lots of features that allow users to communicate easily.

Because Telegram is a platform with lots of traffic, you need a reliable network to help it sync better.

Telegram web requires a stable browser to run it, so discover the best option. 

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

Telegram is a messaging platform that allows users to send and receive messages and media files. It is cross-platform as it works across different operating systems.

Like most messaging platforms, Telegram has a web version. You can access it on your browsers without downloading or launching the native app. Also, it doesn’t reduce the number of features you can access on the platform.

However, there are several issues you can encounter when using it. A common one is the Telegram web not working in Chrome and this can be due to many reasons. In this article, we’ll discuss why Telegram isn’t working on Chrome and how you can fix it.

Does Telegram work on Chrome?

Chrome is one of the browsers in the market. It is because it has features that can run web apps like Telegram. It supports the Chrome browser, and it works smoothly on it.

Why is the Telegram web not working?

1. Outdated browser

Browsers go through maintenance processes regularly, depending on the developer’s timing. It is essential because it helps fix the bugs and loopholes infesting the browser.

However, using an outdated browser can prevent Telegram from working. Because it lacks some necessary features that are in the new patch.

2. Poor internet connection

Telegram requires a stable and fast network connection to work smoothly as a browser. So, if this condition is not in place, Telegram won’t be able to connect to its servers. It can also lead to Telegram not loading chats.

3. Corrupt cache and cookies

Cache and cookies help the browser load faster and more smoothly. Nonetheless, this can be a problem for web apps like Telegram. They may block the connection between the server and the client.

4. Windows Firewall issues

A firewall is a tool that helps protect Windows from external threats that can come with new apps and files. However, it can block the browser from connecting to Telegram servers. So, if you don’t allow

Expert tip:

5. Telegram server is down

If the server is down, the platform won’t function and users won’t be able to access it. It doesn’t occur frequently, but Telegram might not work on browsers when the server is down.

Quick Tip:

To quickly access Telegram and keep track of all your messages, connect using the Opera browser. It has dedicated support for messenger apps, including Telegram.

You can send and read messages directly from the sidebar, without having to open a separate tab for Telegram or install any add-on.

1. Restart the Chrome browser

A simple fix for this issue is by restarting your browser. It allows it to sync better and load the Telegram web app faster. This is the first thing you should do and if the issues persist, proceed to the other solutions below.

This solves compatibility issues that may prevent Telegram web from working on the Chrome browser.

3. Clear Chrome browser cache and cookies

As earlier stated, corrupted cookies and cache can affect the functionality of the Telegram web on chrome. Hence, this should fix the issue.

4. Add Chrome to Windows Firewall 5. Check for Server information

Check Telegram social media groups for updates about the platform’s server. Although the server is rarely down, it could happen.

What is the best browser for Telegram web?

Telegram web also requires a stable browser. One of the best options that are lightweight, fast, and also very secure is Opera. It includes dedicated support for Telegram plus installable add-ons.

If there is anything you should know about server breakdown, it’ll be on their page. Hence, all you can do is wait till it’s resolved.

Still experiencing issues?

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Microphone Is Not Working In Steam

If your microphone is not working in Steam, the solutions listed in this article may help you fix the problem. According to the affected users, the issue is occurring only on Steam. Their microphone works fine in other applications like Discord. Due to this issue, users are not able to chat with their friends on Steam. On the other hand, some users have reported that their microphone does not work only in some particular games on Steam, like Counter-Strike.

Microphone is not working in Steam

If your Steam microphone is not working, the following suggestions may help you resolve the problem.

Check your Privacy settings on Windows

Check your microphone volume

Disable all other microphones in Windows

Disable and re-enable your microphone

Check if you have selected the right microphone in Steam

Disable GeForce Experience Share In-game Overlay

Uninstall and reinstall your microphone driver

Disable Audio Enhancements for your microphone

Troubleshoot in a Clean Boot state

Let’s see all these fixes one by one in detail.

1] Check your Privacy settings on Windows

If you have blocked apps to access your microphone, those particular apps will not be able to use your microphone, even after detecting it. You can check this in the Privacy settings on your system. The following steps will guide you on this:

Open Windows 11/10 Settings.

Turn on the following options:

Microphone access.

Let apps access your microphone.

Let desktop apps access your microphone.

If you see Steam on this page, make sure that the button next to it is also turned on.

2] Check your microphone volume

A microphone is an input device. Users can also change the input volume of a mic. If the input volume of your microphone is low, other gamers on Steam will not hear your voice. Also, check if you have selected the right microphone on your Windows PC.

The following steps will help you with that;

Open your Windows 11/10 Settings.

Select your microphone under the Input section and increase its input volume by moving the slider to the right.

Apart from Windows 11/10 Settings, you can also set your microphone as a default input device via the Control Panel. The following steps will guide you on this:

Open the Control Panel.

Select the Recording tab.

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3] Disable all other microphones in Windows

If you have connected an external microphone to your laptop, disable its built-in microphone or other microphones that are showing in the Sound settings. The steps to do that are listed below:

Open the Control Panel.

Type sound in the Control Panel search.

Select Sound from the search results.

Under the Recording tab, you will see all your microphones.

This solution has worked for the users whose microphone was not working in some particular games on Steam, like Counter-Strike. It should also work for you.

4] Disable and re-enable your microphone

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5] Check if you have selected the right microphone in Steam

If your microphone is working in all other gaming applications but not working only in Steam, make sure that you have configured it correctly in Steam settings. Follow the instructions mentioned below:

Open Steam.

Select VOICE from the left side.

Increase your microphone input volume by moving the input volume/gain slider to the right.

6] Disable GeForce Experience Share In-game Overlay

Some users have found the NVIDIA GeForce Experience Share In-game Overlay interfering with the Steam app and causing the issue. The solution to fix this problem is to disable the NVIDIA GeForce Experience Share In-game Overlay. This can be done in three simple steps. Go through the following instructions:

Open NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

Select the GENERAL category from the left side and turn off the button next to SHARE.

7] Uninstall and reinstall your microphone driver

If your microphone is not working in Steam as well as in other applications, you need to update or reinstall your microphone driver. A corrupted device driver causes the device to fail. Go to the Windows Optional Updates page in Windows 11/10 Settings and check if an update for your microphone driver is available, If yes, install it.

If an update is not available, uninstall and reinstall your microphone driver. The following steps will help you do that:

Open the Device Manager.

Expand the Audio inputs and outputs node.

After uninstalling your microphone driver, restart your computer.

Windows will automatically detect the hardware changes and install the missing driver. This should resolve the issue.

8] Disable Audio Enhancements for your microphone

The Audio Enhancements feature makes the sound of your hardware device absolutely perfect. Sometimes, users may experience issues with their sound input or output devices due to this feature. In such a case, disabling the Audio Enhancements can help. Disable the Audio Enhancements for your microphone on Windows 11/10 and see if it helps.

9] Troubleshoot in a Clean Boot state

If despite trying the above solutions, your microphone is not working in Steam, there might be a third-party startup application conflicting with Steam. Some users have confirmed that an audio process running in the background was conflicting with the Steam due to which their mic was not working in Steam. You can check this by troubleshooting your system in a Clean Boot state.

In a Clean Boot state, all the third-party programs remain disabled. After starting your system in a Clean Boot state, connect your microphone and launch Steam. Now, check if it is working or not. If your microphone works in the Clean Boot state, there is a conflicting application installed on your system. To identify that program, restart your computer in normal mode and then disable the startup programs one by one. You can do this via the Task Manager, Windows 11/10 Settings, etc. Launch Steam and check your microphone every time you disable each startup app.

This process will take time but help you identify the problematic startup app. Once you find it, consider uninstalling it.

Now, the issue should get fixed.

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How do I enable my mic on Steam? Why does my mic work on Discord but not on Steam?

There are many reasons why your mic is working on Discord but not on Steam. For example, you have blocked Steam from accessing your mic in Windows Settings, you have configured your mic incorrectly in Steam, you have selected the wrong mic in Steam, a third-party startup program is conflicting with Steam, etc. We have listed some solutions to deal with this problem in this article.

I hope this helps.

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How To Number Google Results In Firefox And Google Chrome

We scan through Google Results daily, sometimes even hourly. Having Google results numbered helps a lot in understanding where your (or your competitor’s) page scores.

With Google changing its SERPs so often, it is essential to be aware of several tools that would number Google SERPs for you.

Understanding the Limitations

When you number Google results, you should know what to expect and what not. All of the browser addons and extensions that number Google results have a few limitations in common:

They all number indented results incorrectly: showing it going next to the main listing (which is not always true);

They all number universal (blended) search results which interferes in the normal SERPs order.

And of course, when numbering results (to check your positions) be sure to take into account the fact that your results are personalized (be sure to disable personalization).

Number Google Results: FireFox

There are a number of alternative addons and Greasemonkey scripts allowing you to number Google search results. My most recent discovery (which I was pleased to have found) is this script called Tuned Google SERPs.

The script fine-tunes Google search results in a number of ways including:

Adding numbers to SERPs;

Displaying Google “Text-only” link to each listing;

Marking websites which you had placed to “linksUnderTheSupervision” list.

Numbering works pretty well:

Does numbering work with Google Instant on? – No

Does numbering work for more than 10 results (when you default up to 100 results per page)? – Yes!

Another pretty reliable alternative is this addon which, in terms of numbering, works pretty well:

Does numbering work with Google Instant on? – Yes!

Does numbering work for more than 10 results (when you default up to 100 results per page)? – Yes!

Number Google Results: Google Chrome

This extension does pretty good job numbering Google search results in Google Chrome.

Does numbering work with Google Instant on? – No

Does numbering work for more than 10 results (when you default up to 100 results per page)? – Yes!

Happy numbering!

How To Enable Material Designs In Google Chrome.

Google has recently started releasing its new Material Design look for a good portion of its services, from Chrome OS, Chrome browser, to Youtube. Not all of these services are currently up and running yet, however, the ones that are can be turned on manually. So if you would like to make a few changes to the look and layout of your Chrome experience, this guide will show you how to enable them manually.  

How to Open and Read Messages in Facebook Messenger Without Them Showing as Seen.

The changes to some of the Material Design aspects of Google Chrome are disabled by default, meaning the new design layouts for some of the functions are completely hidden behind their old outdated faces. If you would like to get your hands on some of the new interfaces that are waiting, doing so is quite simple, although, isn’t something you would probably ever find on your own.

How to Manually Enable the New Google Chrome Material Designs.

For the time being though, as of writing, there are only 5 new Material Designs available to be activated. They are listed below.






Each one of the above must be activated individually, meaning you will have to spend a little time doing so, although it’s not all that much work. It’s also worth noting that if you do not like the new look you can always revert back to the old one by disabling the feature.

The first Material design we are going to change is the Extensions page, so open Chrome and a new tab, then enter the following address: chrome://flags/#enable-md-extensions into the address bar. (Feel free to cut and paste it from here to save yourself some time)

If you have entered the text correctly, you will see a newly highlighted option selected, just change the option from Disabled to Enabled. Once you have flipped the option to enabled, you will need to save the changes at the bottom, then Restart Chrome. Next time you open Chrome the extension page will have a new look and layout.

In order to change the other four remaining Material designs, you will need to enter the same address as above, however, this time changing the ending, for example, the previous address was:



The new address should look like this.

As you can see, only the ending changes to either one of the 5 options listed above. Once entered correctly, you can enable the new Material Design in the same way as the first extensions one. Just remember if you do not like the new layout or you find it confusing, you can always just use the same address to go back to the settings page and disable it.

It’s probably worth noting though, that at some stage Google will enable all of these new Material Designs as default, so there is no point hiding from the future, you might as well embrace it. Personally, I think the new interfaces make things a lot more simple, especially the changes to the extensions page

Update the detailed information about Salesforce Not Working In Google Chrome on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!