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Difference Between Right Issue vs Bonus Issue

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What is the Right Issue?

The Company offers its existing shareholders the choice to purchase additional fresh shares through a Rights issue. Existing shareholders are given the right to buy additional shares at a discounted price compared to the market price. They can exercise the right within a stipulated time frame. Any shareholder who exercises the rights can buy the shares and increase their shareholding in the Company. In the post-rights issue, the number of shares increases, diluting the share value and, in turn, affecting the share price in the market.

A rights issue mainly offers to raise additional capital. The raised capital can use for any business needs or settlement of existing debts.

Rights given to shareholders can also use in three ways (1) Use the rights and purchase additional shares, (2) Ignore the rights, or (3) Sell the rights to other parties.


ABC Corp has decided to make rights issue. It declared a rights issue of 1:2 at $1000 per share, where the market price is $1300. The company is willing to issue one rights share for every two shares held by the existing shareholder.

So now shareholders can use the rights completely or renounce their rights partially or fully.

What is Bonus Issue?

A bonus issue considers when the Company cannot payout to the shareholders due to a financial crunch or to restrict cash outflow while meeting the shareholders’ expectations. The bonus issue does not involve cash outflow, only increasing the company’s share capital. Post Bonus issue, the company’s share price will reduce as the number of shares increases. It will create more liquidity for the shareholders as they can sell the shares in the market and get cash. Additionally, shares have become more affordable in terms of price to retail investors.


X Corp has decided to make a bonus issue in the ratio of 1:2. It means for every two shares held by existing shareholders; additionally, one share issue is free of cost. This will increase the liquidity in the market and restrict the company’s cash outflow to the existing shareholders.

Head To Head Comparison Between Right Issue vs Bonus Issue (Infographics)

Below is the top 9 difference between Right Issue vs Bonus Issue:

Similarities Between Right Issue vs Bonus Issue

Both Rights Issues and Bonus Issues are made to the existing Shareholders.

Both issues increase the no. of outstanding shares and the Company’s Share capital.

Both are Ordinary classes of Shares.

Both issues increase the liquidity in the market for the shareholders to transact easily.

Shareholders are benefitted from both issues as one comes at a discounted price, and one comes free of cost.

Key Summary

A rights issue prefer when the company needs funds for business activities and debt repayment. In contrast, a bonus issue considers an alternative to dividend outflow to restrict the cash outflow.

Right Issue vs Bonus Issue Comparison Table

Below is the 9 topmost comparison between Right Issue vs Bonus Issue:

Rights Issue

Bonus Issue

They are issued to existing shareholders as a right to buy additional shares at a discounted price within a specified period of time. They are issued to existing shareholders free of cost in proportion to their shareholding.

Additional shares are created for the issue. Shares are issued from free reserves, capital redemption reserve A/c, and securities premium A/c.

The purpose is to raise additional capital for the company. The purpose is to pay shareholders in the form of shares instead of dividends and also to bring down the share price in the market and make it more affordable to Investors.

A minimum subscription is needed for the rights issue as shareholders need to pay for the issue. It is irrelevant as shares are issued to the existing shareholders at no cost.

Rights can be fully utilized or rejected partly or completely There is no such need or option.

Rights issues can be fully paid up, or the party paid up. A bonus issue is always fully paid up.

Issued at a discounted price than market value Issued as free shares (No cost)

The company receives cash from the shareholders. There is no such transaction.

Share price can be affected to some extent due to dilution in the value of the shares. Share prices reduce according to the proportion of bonus shares.

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Halo Infinite No Sound Issue On Xbox? How To Fix

Halo Infinite is the latest first-person shooter to come out of Xbox Studios and is among the most anticipated titles to launch in the coveted Halo series. Currently in open beta, the game is set to launch for everyone on December 8, 2023, as Microsoft and developers 343 Industries work on fixing any residual bugs and issues that may have gone unnoticed. 

In recent posts, we’ve helped fix several issues like the “No Ping to Our Datacenters Detected” error, inability to buy credits, credits not showing, and the “All fireteam members are not on the same version” Issue. Adding to the woes, there’s yet another issue that users have been facing – it’s the inability to hear audio within the game on Xbox consoles. 

Several users have been facing issues with in-game audio inside Halo Infinite as the gameplay sound sometimes stops abruptly or fades away during some parts. Sometimes, you may hear a sound as if it’s coming from behind you or from your sides and is extremely inaudible. There are other instances where users have complained of crackling sounds or problems when connecting their headphones. The audio problem isn’t just limited to Xbox consoles but also seems to affect players on PC as well. 

In this post, we’ll help you resolve the no sound/audio issue on your Xbox console with the following fixes.  

Fix #1: Power Reset your Xbox

This is a new fix that seems to be working for almost every user. Power resetting your Xbox helps clear caches, refresh services and restart vital components that might be facing conflicts or glitches in the background. If you have been unable to get audio output from your Xbox while playing Halo Infinite, then we recommend you try Power Resetting your Xbox using the steps below. 

Power resetting your Xbox is pretty simple, simply hold down the power button on your Xbox for 10 seconds. The unit will turn off within the first few but keep holding down the button until the 10 seconds are complete. Now unplug the power cable from your Xbox and hold down the power button again for a good 5 seconds. Once done, leave your Xbox alone for around 10 minutes. When you return, power on your Xbox and you should no longer face audio issues in Halo Infinite. Use the images below to find the Power Button on your Xbox depending on its make and model. 

Xbox One

Xbox One X

Xbox One S

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series S

The need for such Power Resets and cycles is rare but needed nonetheless. If you’re facing this issue then Power Resetting your Xbox is a great way to start before tinkering with your system. A power reset won’t delete your saved data or downloaded games so you are safe in the same regard as well. 

Fix #2: Apply “Stereo uncompressed” settings to your speaker/headphone

To help fix the no sound issue on your Xbox, Halo’s official support team recommends that you apply “Stereo uncompressed” as the default option for your speaker or headphones. Doing so may be helpful for those who feel that the in-game audio isn’t coming from the right channels.

To apply the Stereo uncompressed option, you need to quit Halo Infinite on your console and when that’s done, press the Xbox logo on your controller. 

For those of you playing the game on speakers, locate the ‘HDMI audio’ and choose the ‘Stereo uncompressed’ option inside it. In any case, you have to make sure that this setting isn’t set to ‘7.1 surround sound’ or ‘5.1 surround sound’ options. 

Once that’s done, you should check if there are still the same audio problems occurring on your Xbox.  

Fix #3: Change privacy settings to allow chats with everyone

On this screen, go to ‘View details & customize’ and select the ‘Communication & multiplayer’ option. 

This should enable chats from others you’re playing with inside Halo Infinite. 

Fix #4: Check if your audio accessory is working on other games

To make sure the ‘no sound’ issue is specific to Halo infinite, you can check if the same set of speakers or headphones are working properly on other games or apps you have installed on your Xbox. If the audio accessory works as intended, you can isolate the issue to revolve around the game itself and send feedback to the official Halo Support on Reddit, Twitter, or Steam.

Fix #6: Pause, then unpause the game

Some users reported that they were unable to hear any audio on Halo Infinite when they paused the game during the intro inside the training mode. While this shouldn’t be a problem on most occasions, since the game is in beta, this may just be one of the bugs that are present in the current release. To fix this problem, you can pause and unpause the game again to see if the audio comes back.  

You can pause on any screen of Halo Infinite by pressing the Menu button on your controller. 

To unpause, you can press the Menu button again or tap on button ‘B’ instead. 

Fix #7: Restart your Xbox console

If the gameplay audio worked previously or stopped abruptly midway through the game, then the ‘no sound’ issue must definitely be a bug inside the game. Since there’s no update from Halo’s side, you may try your luck powering down your Xbox console completely and then restarting it again. 

To restart your Xbox, long press the Xbox button on your controller until you see a dialog on the screen. Inside this dialog, navigate to the ‘Restart console’ option and select it by pressing ‘A’ on your controller.

A handful of users also suggested that hard resetting the console fixes their problem but we won’t recommend doing that as that may force you to erase other games and apps you may have installed on your Xbox. It doesn’t make sense to factory reset your console over a bug that may be present within the game. 

Fix #8: Uninstall and re-install Halo Infinite on Xbox

If none of the solutions above fixes the ‘no sound’ problem on Halo Infinite, then you can try installing a fresh copy of the game on your Xbox to check if the problem still persists. We recommend proceeding with this step as your last option because this will first delete the current copy of the game and you’ll be required to download it back again onto your console. 

This fix doesn’t seem to fully solve the audio problems as the game may run without issues but you may start experiencing similar problems again shortly.

However, if you have made up your mind and want to resort to this method, you can uninstall Halo Infinite from your Xbox by navigating to the game’s thumbnail on your Home Screen and pressing the Menu button on your controller. 

When an overflow menu appears, scroll down and select the ‘Uninstall’. 

You’ll be taken to the Halo Infinite app on the screen, showing you the space that’s consumed by the game. Navigate to the ‘Uninstall all’ option on the screen and select it to completely delete the game from your Xbox storage. 

Fix #9: Wait for the official stable release

Halo Infinite is currently on open beta on all platforms it is available in. So, we can expect a few bugs to be present and at the same time, we can hope they get ironed out in time for the game’s official launch date which isn’t far away. In case you don’t know, Halo Infinite will officially release on December 8, 2023, which is just a couple of weeks away. So, if you’re unable to fix the no sound issue on your Xbox, you may just have to hang in there for a few more days until a stable version of the game makes its way to the public. 

That’s all you need to know about fixing Halo Infinite ‘No Sound’ Issue on Xbox. 

How To Fix ‘Cannot Verify Server Identity’ Issue On Your Iphone

How to Fix ‘Cannot Verify Server Identity’ Issue on Your iPhone

The Reason Behind “Cannot verify server identity” Error Popping Up

The error “Cannot verify server identity” on iPhone pops up when you try and connect to a mail server and the mail server’s certificate is fake. To understand the meaning in a one-liner, “the error occurs due to iPhone’s strict verification of mail server certificates.”

Don’t you think, with the kind of security-breach-trends going on in the market, keeping these things a bit strict is quite necessary?

Let’s read on how to fix the “Cannot verify server identity” on the iPhone:

1. Restart the Mail app

One of the most common workarounds we use to get rid of the issues we face when they don’t work is to restart the particular application. This case is also not different from them so here also while facing “Cannot verify server identity” on iPhone, first quit, close, and restart the mail app to check if it has started working.

2. Restart Your iPhone

The second in this list, however, the most used and worked way of fixing any app in the mobile devices is restarting the phone. I’m sure a lot of us have used it so many times and it has worked for almost all of us.

In case you receive the “Cannot verify server identity” error on your iPhone, go ahead and press the power button until you see the slide to power off the device. Switching off the device can sometimes help you come out of that issue in case there is any minor software glitch.

Now wait for a few seconds and then go ahead and power on the device to check if the issue has been resolved.

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3. Remove and Recreate the iPhone Mail account

Unlike the above-mentioned workaround, this one has been suggested from Apple’s end to come out of this “Cannot verify server identity” error situation.

The self-explanatory fix has been enlisted to remove the already added mail account and recreate it. Below is the navigation you will need to use to perform this process:

This way, your current mail account gets removed and then you need to recreate the mail account with the help of below steps:

Following this, edit the incoming and outgoing mail servers and replace them with your server hostname.

Use the below mentioned secure ports for outgoing and incoming server ports after providing account details:

Outgoing Server Port for Both IMAP and POP: 465 (port number)

Incoming Server for IMAP: 993 (port number)

Incoming Server Port for POP3: 995 (port number)

After putting these, you will get an option to “Trust” (upper right corner) for certification, tap on it and continue.

This process usually resolves the issue we face while connecting to the mail server.

4. Turn Off SSL In iPhone Mail Account

We all know that the iPhone uses SSL and due to this security layer, we get the error of “Cannot verify server identity” on the iPhone. Since it’s a security layer that is necessary, however, there is an option to switch off SSL that can make your device vulnerable to security threats. Even if you want to proceed with it, below is the process to follow:

Once you tap on it, the green light is gone, and SSL is disabled.

Again, not suggested to follow this process, however, it totally depends on how much you want the error to just go away.

Wrapping Up

Now you know more about this mail server error and how to fix it in various ways. Test these above-mentioned workarounds and let us know if these are working out best for you. In case you face any issue, do let us know if we can help you out.

Similarly, if you have faced this situation already and came out fine without using any of the above fixes, do share the method with us here and we will add the same in our blog to let our readers know.

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14 Ways To Fix Bluetooth Audio Not Working Issue On Windows 11

Bluetooth (Bluetooth) is one of the best ways to connect audio peripherals and play audio seamlessly on your device. Although inferior in quality when compared to wired connections, Bluetooth connections allow you to transmit audio wirelessly which is usually the preferred way.

However, with the recent release of Windows 11, you can face compatibility issues with certain Bluetooth devices on the OS. If your Bluetooth devices are failing to play audio when using Windows 11, then we recommend you refer to the fixes below. Let’s get started.

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How to fix Bluetooth audio on Windows 11

You can fix Bluetooth audio on Windows 11 using the fixes below. As Bluetooth audio issues can be caused by several reasons, we recommend you start with the first fix and make your way through the list until you manage to fix your issue. Let’s get started.

Windows troubleshooters have come a long way since they were first introduced almost a decade ago. Troubleshooters can now scan your devices and refer to the vast amount of data on Microsoft’s servers to find a fix specific to your system. We recommend you run relevant troubleshooters on Windows 11 to see if they can fix Bluetooth audio issues. Follow the steps below to help you along with the process. 

Follow the on-screen instructions to apply the fix suggested by the troubleshooter. 

Similarly, run the following troubleshooters as well once you’re done.



Once you’re done, restart your PC for good measure. You can now try playing audio on your Bluetooth devices. If the troubleshooter was able to fix your issue, then you can skip the fixes below.

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We now recommend you try re-pairing your Bluetooth devices. Sometimes devices can run out of space for Bluetooth connections which can cause issues with existing or new devices. Re-pairing devices usually help fix the same. Follow the steps below to help you along with the process. 

Select Remove device.

Now turn off your Bluetooth using the toggle at the top.

And that’s it! You will now have re-paired your devices. You should now be able to play audio over Bluetooth if you were facing connectivity issues. 

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At this point, we recommend you try re-installing your relevant Bluetooth drivers. Follow the steps below to get you started.

Start by downloading the relevant Bluetooth drivers for your network card. We recommend you try downloading the latest version initially to ensure compatibility with Windows 11. 

Once done, download DriverStoreExplorer using the link below.

Extract the archive and launch DriverStoreExplorer using the .exe file. 

Now check the box for all your Bluetooth drivers. 

Restart your PC for good measure at this point. If you were facing issues with Bluetooth due to outdated or incompatible drivers, then the same should now have been fixed on your system.

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Turn off the following services by unchecking their respective boxes if either is present and currently active for your select Bluetooth audio device. You will lose out on features when doing so and you can find out more about the same using the options below.  

AAP Server: This will allow Windows to create an administrative access point for the selected Bluetooth device.

Handsfree Telephony: This service allows you to use the microphone on audio devices that have an onboard mic.

Remote Control: If your Bluetooth audio device has controls and buttons to control audio playback remotely, then this service assists with the same.

Remote Controllable device: This is a support service for Remote Control that allows you to remotely control playback for your audio devices.

Note: You only need the Audio Sink service for audio output through your Bluetooth audio. If you still end up facing issues after disabling these services then we recommend you disable other services specific to your device to see if it fixes the issue for you.

If Bluetooth services were causing issues with your audio device, then the problem should now have been fixed on your system.

We’ve now re-paired, reinstalled, and customized your Bluetooth audio device. If by this point you haven’t restarted your PC then we highly recommend you do so at the earliest. This will help clear immediate cache files, establish connections, re-launch services and reload drivers.

This will help establish changes made by you which can also help get audio working back again on your Bluetooth device. This can especially be the case for PCs using older network cards manufactured before 2024. Ensure you have Fast Startup disabled on your system to avoid conflicts with pre-loaded services and apps. 

Network and dedicated Bluetooth cards come with multiple drivers to support all variants and models while ensuring compatibility with most hardware components. Optional drivers that can help fix certain issues for your network card show up in Windows update. If you’re still unable to fix Bluetooth audio for your device, then we recommend you try checking for any optional drivers that might be available for your device. Use the steps below to help you along the process. 

If you find any drivers relevant to your Bluetooth or network card, then simply install them on your PC. 

Once done, restart your PC. 

You should now be able to get your Bluetooth audio device working again using the optional drivers recently installed on your system.

Fix 7: Change Bluetooth power management

Power Management options can also interfere with certain Bluetooth audio devices. We recommend you turn off Bluetooth power saving for your current power plan to see if that fixes the issue for you. Follow the steps below to help you along with the process. Let’s get started.

Now uncheck the option for Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

Restart your PC for good measure and you will now have fixed your Bluetooth audio if power management was the cause of issues on your system. 

Fix 8: Ensure Bluetooth compatibility

At this point, if you’re still unable to play audio over Bluetooth, then we recommend you check compatibility for both devices, especially if either of them was manufactured before 2024. Bluetooth standards have come a long way with different versions with additional capabilities bundled in newer devices. You will find Bluetooth devices with the following versions of Bluetooth currently available on the market. 

Bluetooth 1.2 (2003)

Bluetooth 2 (2004)

Bluetooth 2.1 (2007)

Bluetooth 3+ HS (2009)

Bluetooth 4 (2010)

Bluetooth 4.1 (2013)

Bluetooth 4.2 (2014)

Bluetooth 5 (2024)

Bluetooth 5.1 (2024)

Bluetooth 5.2 (2024)

Bluetooth 5.3 (2024)

Each of these versions is backward compatible but does not support certain modern features offered by later versions of Bluetooth. This in turn means that if either of your devices relies on one such exclusive feature unsupported by the Bluetooth version on your other device to transmit audio, then you won’t be able to play audio on the same.

We recommend you check your device specifications and subsequently refer to the compatibility chart for more information. As a rule of hand, the device you wish to connect over Bluetooth should be using the same or higher Bluetooth version than the one used by your PC. 

Fix 9: Force remove and downgrade Bluetooth drivers

We now recommend you try force removing your drivers and then downgrading them to an older version to get everything back up and running again. You might be facing bugs or compatibility issues with the latest drivers issued by your OEM.

In such cases, downgrading to an older version or the initial version that was bundled with your PC at the time of manufacturing can help fix the same. Follow the steps below to help you along with the process.

Open the Start menu, search for Device Installation Settings, and launch the same from your search results. 

Now download and extract DriverStoreExplorer using the link above. Once done, launch the same using the .exe file in the extracted folder.

Check the boxes for all the Bluetooth drivers that show up at the top of your screen. 

Now check the box for Force Deletion.

If however, you have an .INF file at hand, then press Windows + X and select Device Manager.

Now restart your PC for good measure. 

The older drivers should now help get everything up and running on your system. You should now be able to easily transmit audio over Bluetooth to the concerned device.

Fix 10: Remove the device from Device Manager and re-pair

Now check for your Bluetooth device under the following categories. 


Audio inputs and outputs

Sound, video, and game controllers

Note: Check the box for Attempt to remove the driver for this device if available.

Repeat the steps above to uninstall all instances of the concerned device in these categories. Once done, restart your PC. You should be prompted to restart your device when removing the device from the Sound, video, and game controllers category.

Select Remove.

Your devices will now be re-paired on your system. You should now be able to play audio through your device if you were facing issues due to driver bugs and connection errors. 

Tip: You might need to disable the mic or additional services for your audio device to improve quality, and volume or to get audio working altogether. Once you’re done with this guide, we recommend you refer to the section at the top to disable additional services.

Windows 11 handles mic and audio output separately even though these components might be for the same device. This can lead to a known bug where the mic is constantly active which thus prevents audio from playing on your device. Disabling your mic can help fix this issue on your system. Follow the steps below to help you along with the process.

Press Windows + R to launch Run.


Select Disable.

Now uncheck the boxes for the following services depending on the ones available for your device. 

AAP Server

Handsfree Telephony

We now recommend you try using your Bluetooth audio device again. You should now be able to play audio over Bluetooth without any issues as the mic has been disabled for your device. You might even see an improvement in the audio output quality as part of your Bluetooth bandwidth is not being used for your mic functionality.

This is more of a last-minute check but let’s ensure that your Bluetooth audio device is set as your default audio device on Windows 11. If it isn’t then it could be the reason why no audio is playing through the same. Follow the steps below to help you along with the process. 

Press Windows + R to launch Run.


Audio will now be automatically routed through the selected device once it has been set as your default device.

Fix 13: Check and restart Bluetooth services

We now recommend you try restarting the Bluetooth support service on your system. This might help get rid of cache and background conflicts which can fix issues with your Bluetooth device. Follow either of the sections below to help you along with the process. 

Note: Ensure your Bluetooth device is paired and connected to your device before proceeding with either of the guides below.

Method 1: Using the Services app

Open the Start menu, search for Services and launch the same from your search results.

Select Restart.

Similarly restart the following services as well using the steps above.

Bluetooth Support Service

Bluetooth User Support Service (if available)

Once you’re done, try using your Bluetooth device again. You should now be able to play audio over Bluetooth if you were facing issues due to malfunctioning services in the background.

Method 2: Using CMD

Press Windows + R to launch Run.

Type in the following and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter.


Now use the following command to restart Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service.

net stop BTAGService

net start BTAGService

Similarly use the following commands to restart Bluetooth Support Service.

net stop bthserv

net start bthserv

Lastly use the following commands to restart Bluetooth User Support Service. Replace the Number with the relevant number applicable to your PC.

net stop BluetoothUserService_Number

net start BluetoothUserService_Number

Once done, use the following command to close CMD.


And that’s it! You should now be able to easily play audio through your Bluetooth device.

Fix 14: Disable the Bluetooth LE enumerator

Bluetooth LE enumerator is a dummy service used by Microsft Windows to help most devices function as intended. However, this can cause issues with devices that have an onboard mic or playback controls that require additional features and drivers to function as intended. Disabling this dummy device in the device manager can help fix the same. Follow the steps below to help you along with the process.

Note: Disabling the enumerator can cause issues with other Bluetooth devices you use with your PC. If this happens to be the case, you will have to manually disable and enable the enumerator each time you wish to use your audio device if this fix works for you.

Select Disable device.

You should now be able to use the Bluetooth device to transmit audio as intended.

Last Resorts

If by this point you haven’t been able to fix Bluetooth audio issues on your system then it’s time for some drastic measures. We recommend you start by resetting Windows 11 to see if that fixes the issue for you. If not, then we recommend rolling back to Windows 10. Follow the sections below to help you along with the process.

Reset Windows 11

Resetting Windows 11 will help rule out the possibility of persistent malfunctioning drivers, malware, corrupted system files, and more from your system. If a malfunctioning Windows 11 installation is causing Bluetooth issues on your system then resetting Windows 11 can help fix the same. Use this comprehensive guide from us to help you reset Windows 11 on your system.

Rollback to Windows 10

If by this point you haven’t been able to fix Bluetooth issues on your system then we recommend you roll back to Windows 10. This has worked for tons of users around the world as it seems Windows 11 is yet to introduce support and compatibility for many Bluetooth devices currently on the market. Windows 10 has been out for 7 years and has compatibility for most devices released in the past 7 years.

If Windows 10 supports your Bluetooth audio device then you can continue using the same till 2025 if preferred. You can also try upgrading to Windows 11 in the future once a feature update to the OS has been released by Microsoft which might help fix Bluetooth issues.

Use this guide by us to format your hard drive and roll it back to Windows 10. Simply use the Windows 10 ISO linked below instead of the Windows 11 ISO linked in the post.


How To Fix Windows 10 Mail App Error 0X8000000B. (Gmail Account Issue)

If you have recently updated Windows 10 to a newer version and are trying to set up a new email account or check an existing one but are receiving error 0x8000000b. This guide will show you how to fix the issue and get the Windows 10 Mail App working normally again. Most specifically Gmail.

How to Filter and Hide Unwanted Content on Facebook.

The Windows 10 Mail App for most people is the only useful preinstalled default app on the operating system. Allowing you to quickly and easily set up a variety of different email accounts and manage them all from a safe, user-friendly location. Traditionally the Mail App also (usually) escapes update bugs, however, this time around may not have gone unscathed, with error 0x8000000b becoming quite a lot more common.

Thankfully there are troubleshooting steps you can take to get rid of Mail App error 0x8000000b on Windows 10. All of which a relatively simple, so follow along as we introduce you to them below. Before you start though, make sure you have Restarted your computer for good measure.

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How Do You Fix Windows 10 Mail App Error 0x8000000b. (Gmail Account Issue)

As mentioned above the Mail App on Windows 10 is usually pretty good but has recently started showing error messages like the following. Especially when trying to add or access a Gmail account. 

“Something went wrong, we’re sorry, but we weren’t able to do that. Error code 0x8000000b”

If you don’t see a text-based message, you’ll more than likely see one of the following codes: 0x8007042b, 0x80040154, 0x8000ffff, 0x8007000d, 0x80c8043e, 0x80070435, 0x8007006d, 0x80070425. Regardless of the code, the fix is always the same so let’s begin. 

On the next screen fill in your Gmail account details then use the following configurations:

Account type field: IMAP4

Next, make sure all 4 checkboxes are checked:

Outgoing server requires authentication

Use same user name and password for sending email

Require SSL for incoming email.

On a Side Note…

If you are also having issues with the Windows 10 Photos App opening whenever you connect your phone to your computer. Make sure you check out the following article which will show you how to customise how it opens on your Windows 10 system.

How to Stop the Photos App on Windows 10 Opening When Connecting Your Phone.

Alpha Testing Vs Beta Testing: Which Is Right For You?

Difference between Alpha Testing and Beta Testing

Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

Alpha Testing

It is a type of testing which is performed before the release of the product to identify all the possible bugs. It is done to simulate real users by using techniques like white box testing and black-box testing technique. It is done in a lab environment, and internal employees are the testers. The aim is to hold out the tasks that a typical user may perform.

It is done in two phases:

In-house developers do the first phase; they either use hardware-assisted debuggers or debugger software.

The second phase is performed by QA (quality assurance) team.

It is named alpha only because this kind of testing is done at the early stage, i.e. near the end of the software development. It is conducted before beta testing.

Beta Testing

It is a type of external User Acceptance Testing as it is performed by real users of the product in a real environment. It is done to take feedback on the standard of the software/product. A limited number of end-users test the product as it gets released to a restricted number of end-users only. It reduces the risks of product failure as customer validation provides assures the hyperbolic quality of the product.

Head To Head Comparison Between Alpha Testing and Beta Testing (Infographics)

Below is the top 12 difference between Alpha Testing vs Beta Testing.

Key differences between Alpha Testing and Beta Testing

let’s understand the key differences between alpha testing vs beta testing:

Alpha testing is done by the testers who reside as an internal employee in the organization, while the end-users perform beta testing.

Alpha testing is done in a lab environment as it is performed mainly by the developers, while beta testing is done in a real-time environment as real-time users perform it.

Both of them ensure a good quality product, but alpha testing does not test the in-depth security and reliability of the product, while beta testing tests the robustness, reliability, and security of the product.

Alpha testing uses both white box and black box testing techniques, while beta testing uses only black-box testing techniques.

Bugs/Issues which are identified in alpha testing can be fixed and implemented easily as it is done near the end of the development, while feedback that you get in beta testing is implemented in the future release of the environment.

Alpha testing ensures that you are sending a quality product for beta testing, while beta testing ensures that the product is ready for the end-users.

Alpha testing vs Beta Testing Comparison table

Below is the topmost comparison between Alpha Testing vs Beta Testing:


1 Performed by the internal employees of the organization. Performed by the end-users or clients who aren’t the employees of the organization.

2 Performed within the organization or at the developer’s site. Performed at the client’s location or with the end-users.

3 Involves both white box and black box testing techniques. Involves only the Black box testing technique.

4 Do not test the in-depth security and reliability of the product. Tests robustness, security, and reliability of the product.

5 Done to identify all the possible bugs. Done for quality testing.

6 Requires a lab environment. It requires a real-time environment as it is done by the real-time users.

7 It takes more time as the execution cycle of the product is expected to belong. It takes lesser time as the execution cycle is of few weeks only.

8 Developers can address critical issues immediately. Feedback or issues are collected from the end-users.

9 Have mainly technical issues or some issues with the working of the product. User’s feedback also involves things like the addition of the new feature.

10 It can be incorporated/ implemented easily as it is done before the near end of the development. Will be incorporated/ implemented in the future release of the product.

11 Performed to ensure the quality before the beta testing phase. Performed to ensure that the product is ready for the end-user.

12 Finding testers is not a challenge as in-house employees are the testers. Finding the right users for testing and maintaining their participation could be a challenge.

Advantages Advantages of Alpha testing

It helps to detect designing and functionality errors at an early stage.

It gives you a better view of the quality and reliability of the product at an early stage.

Advantages of Beta testing

It reduces the risk of product failure.

It improves the quality of the product through customer validation.

It increases the satisfaction of customers.

It helps you to get involved with real-time users.


In the Software world, no matter how much hard work you do, how many tests you perform, how good you make the interface or how many bugs you fix, your product is useless if your client and your end-users do not like it. Beta testing helps you to take feedback from your end and real-time users. It helps you to ensure that you are providing a quality product.

On the other hand, Alpha testing helps you simulate a real-time user environment before you send the software for Beta Testing; it helps to fix possible bugs so that you can send an eligible product for beta testing.

Alpha testing and Beta testing are inseparable from each other, and they play a major role in your testing lifecycle. So, you can’t imagine a product release without them.

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