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You can also download the QR Code for Windows 10 app and generate your own QR codes. All you need to do is to enter the URL of your choice, hit the Generate button, and voila, your QR has been generated.

Cortana support is also available. Just say QR Scan/Read and Microsoft’s virtual assistant will automatically read the code.

With its latest iteration, you can create QR codes with custom background and resolution. However, those are features available only in the Pro, paid version.

It’s also nice to know that you can also read a code directly from the Gallery or the screen and you can open the link from the decoded QR code automatically.

The free version is pretty simple and you don’t have any tracking options for the codes you create but you can produce as many as you like and they never expire.

Of course, you also have the option to use the camera of your device so even if it’s a laptop or a desktop, you can scan the codes by placing them in front of the webcam.

This app is also available to use on your mobile device so you can try it now and see if it fits your needs.

⇒ Get Codex

QRTIGER is a very user-friendly QR Code generator software with multiple features suited for personal and professional use. It allows you to make static as dynamic QR codes with logo.

In short, QRTIGER is your one-stop-shop of QR codes for various uses in marketing. It can integrate with over 3,000+ apps through the Zapier integration or through applying their APIs.

The 24/7 customer support and intelligent tracking features make QR Tiger ideal for large businesses as well. We can say it’s the best QR code generator on our list with affordable pricing.

The publishers of this online app say that branded QR cores can get up to 40% more scans than the classic black and white codes.

And with this tool, you can easily brand and color your codes to match the identity of your brand and attract users to scan it.

As for the possibilities, you can add almost everything to your QR code, from simple documents, URLs, and photos to multiple URLs, MP3 songs, Wi-Fi login keys, YouTube clips, and a lot more.

After you customize your code with your logo from a PDF, JPEG, or PNG file, you can print it on huge billboards because you can save the result in PNG or SVG formats.

If you want to automate the code creation at some point, you will be happy to know that this tool has Zapier integration.

The simple features are free but if you want to create a dynamic QR code that you will be able to edit in time, you will have to pay for a subscription.


Best tips on how to print QR codes

The usage mechanism is mostly the same for all the QR generators out there: you choose the type of the code (URL, photo, VCard etc.), then you enter the required info, and lastly, you publish it and deploy it.

However, we have some tips that will help you get things done better and quicker:

Ready to create your own QR code? We hope that our list of apps and the explanation about QR codes have got you started.

As you might have already seen, there are free tools and paid ones, and like in any other field, the ones that are free have limited options.

That is why you should first decide what volume of QR codes you need, and, more importantly, what do you need them for, where will you place them.

If you just need a simple QR-code to use conveniently as a VCard whenever you want to pass on your contact to someone else, you can easily go for a free tool.

However, if you need to create a more sophisticated one and print it on a banner that will be placed on a building, professional graphics software will make the difference.

Of course, consider the type of code you need and make sure that the software you choose can provide it for you.

Not all of them have, for instance, Bitcoin dedicated codes or can provide high-resolution vectorial output so try to test them first.

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🛠️ Game Benchmark Software: 5 Best Tools To Use In 2023

Game Benchmark Software: 5 Best Tools to Use in 2023




Benchmark tools run a stress test on your computer to evaluate its hardware capabilities and figure out if it’s powerful enough to run resource-demanding video games.

The best benchmark programs give you a score that you can share online and compare to other users. It’s a great way to tell how powerful your computer is.

You can test your computer not only for gaming but also for other activities using PC benchmark tools.

Visit our Benchmark hub to check out more cool guides!



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

We all love playing games, and the industry has evolved to keep up with our demand. In the 70’s there were only 2D text-style games and the computers were often big and hard to use. The industry has changed a lot since then. In the 21st century, we play incredibly immersive games with photo realistic 3D graphics, that we couldn’t even imagine a decade ago.

The market produces constant upgrades to any piece of hardware your PC might contain. We are also exposed to variety of games with different hardware specifications so it can become frustrating to check which games you can run smoothly on your PC.

In this article, we will explore some of the best options of game benchmarking software on the market. You will find out what benchmarking software is right for your needs with the option to even avoid downloading any software.

3D Mark is a complete tool that allows you to easily benchmark your PC and mobile devices in one app. PCMark 10 is the latest version of the 3D Mark series and features a comprehensive set of tests that cover a wide variety of tasks.

The tool comes designed for home use with the free Basic Edition and Advanced Edition and for business use with the Professional Edition.

Best features of PCMark 10 Basic Edition include:

Automatically scans your hardware & recommends the best benchmark for your system

Ability to invidually update benchmark tests

Custom settings – rendering resolution and quality

Fast and efficient

Multi-level reporting – low,mid and high-level test groups

PCMark 10 Express test

The features in the Advanced edition of PCMark 10 are the same as the features of the Basic edition but also include:

PCMark 10 Extended test

Hardware monitoring

Custom benchmark settings

Compare results side-by-side

Ability to save results offline

PCMark 10 Professional Edition has all the features included in the 2 previous versions presented, and adds other very useful features :

Private, offline results option

Command line automation

Export results as PDF and XML

Licensed for commercial use

Compatible with Testdriver

Priority support by email and phone

⇒ Download PCMark 10

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UNIGINE can be effectively used to determine the stability of a GPU under extreme conditions and also has the ability to check the cooling system’s potential under maximum heat output.

This benchmark app is very powerful and can test for performance and stability data on video card, power supply and cooling system. All these options come with interactive experience in a beautiful, detailed virtual environment.

The UNIGINE benchmarks for testing your video gaming capabilities have different themes – Superposition, Valley, Heaven, Tropics, and Sanctuary.

Some of the best features of UNIGINE Benchmarks include:

64-bit coordinates precision – real-world scale of virtual scenes

Connect to Oculus Rift/HTC Vive, monitor walls, etc.

Visual realism – nearly photorealistic

Professional input and output

Outstanding performance

Great technical support

⇒ Download UNIGINE 2

Expert tip:

This benchmark software gives you scores for Gaming, Desktop and Workstation performance and also an overall percentile score and a component-specific percentile score. This percentile score comes from a comparison with only computer s with the same components as yours.

UserBenchmark tests CPU, GPU, SSD, HDD, RAM, and USB.

⇒ Try UserBenchmark

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After you run the tests, Catzilla gives you specific results in forms of a score but also in a graphic form. This shows you how strong your computer is and if you can run a game.

Catzilla also allows you to test your computer by answering the question: ‘Will this game run on my PC?’

To test your computer for its performance in relation to a game, you can easily select the game from the list and run the test. Catzilla compares your hardware capabilities with the minimum and recommended specifications of any game you want to test and gives you the results in seconds.

If the results for the game you tested are not confirming you can play a game, then Catzilla searches in database for the best recommendation of hardware change, based on which it is easiest to replace.

This will allow you to know which hardware component it is recommended to change and it even gives you a preview of the score results after the upgrade would be applied.

⇒ Download Catzilla

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CanYouRunIt is actually an online data-base benchmarking software that you can use to easily find out if you can run a game on your PC.

CanYouRunIt works by just installing a plugin on your PC. After the initial installation, the plug-in runs automatically when you test a game on their site.

⇒ Try CanYouRunIt


In this article, we listed 5 of the best software options that allows you to easily benchmark your PC no matter its hardware configuration.

There are people who don’t want to download anything. Others prefer a powerful benchmarking tool installed on their PCs. The options presented in this article cover both categories and allow you to have an optimum gaming experience on any PC.

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Credit Card Reader Software: 3 Best To Use In 2023

Credit Card Reader Software: 3 Best to Use in 2023






To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

These days, programs can provide tons of solutions to all kinds of modern problems such as organizing photos, learning a new language, and more.

You can also use a piece of hardware for your PC or mobile device to gain enhanced functionality. For instance, a mobile credit card reader is able to replace clunky, old-fashioned cash registers, and help you start accepting debit or credit card payments right on your computer or mobile device. But, on the other hand, not everyone owns such a mobile credit card reader, and this is where credit card reader software comes into action.

There are lots of credit card reader tools out there, and we picked three of the best ones that you can currently find on the market.

With Credit Card Terminal you will be able to turn your PC, tablet, or Windows laptop into a mobile credit card terminal. You will be able to accept payments even when you are on the go. This is an effortless and secure way to make sure that you never miss a sale.

Take a look at the best features that are included in this tool:

You can use the USB Credit Card reader on all versions of Windows 8.1 and also on Windows RT for free when you will be setting up a new account.

Using Credit Card Terminal, you will be able to swipe or key in credit cards, capture signatures, accept tips, and also collect sales tax.

You will also be able to send PDF receipts with a map that will be showing the location of your transaction.

All you have to do in order to be able to use Credit Card Terminale is download it from the Microsoft Store, enter your business information and instantly start accepting MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. The US-based support team is available to help you whenever you need it.

Credit Card Terminal

The simplest way to accept online payments on-the-go, from your phone, laptop, tablet or PC and let your business flow.

FreeVisit website

Expert tip:

Check out the best features that are included in this software below:

The program was initially priced at $149, but now it is offered for free without any hidden costs involved.

The program does not come with any adware built into it.

You don’t have to provide your email address, unlike other software that is provided by other companies.

To be able to authorize cards, you will have to shop around and set up an account with a card processor, and AnyCard Professional only provides the software that allows you to authorize cards.

This program is really easy to use even for beginners.

AnyCard Professional states on the official website that is a small and generous way to give back to the community, and this is the reason for which it is free of charge.

The software does not come with support, but it does come with detailed help documentation which is filled with lots of helpful illustrations. This help documentation is built into the program. There is also included a PDF manual that covers the same help information that is found in the program. If you are having troubles while getting your Gateway configured, it’s recommended that you contact IT personnel or a more experienced computer user.

⇒ Get AnyCard Professional

PaySimple provides one of the easiest and fastest ways to handle card transactions. Take a look at the most important features that are included in this program:

Using PaySimple, you will be able to accept credit cards on the spot in your store or office from a desktop computer or a laptop running Windows.

All you have to do is to plug a reader into your USB drive, and the transactions will sync seamlessly with the account that you have previously created on PaySimple.

PaySimple features a sleek website.

The software is ideal for users who want to collect and store data about customers.

PaySimple is excellent for business owners who need support for both recurring billing and ACH.

Overall, PaySimple is a great payment processor for larger businesses that are really concerned about getting a rich set of features. The merchant account provider includes tiered pricing. In order to find out what the fees are, you will have to negotiate them when you sign up. PaySimple provides merchant accounts for both card-present and card, not present transactions. You can check out the complete set of features on PaySimple’s official website.

⇒ Get PaySimple

These are some of the best credit card reader programs that you can currently find online, and they are all compatible with systems running Windows.

They all come with their unique set of features, and before deciding which one of these programs is the best for you, we recommend that you head over to their official websites to take a closer look at the software.

After you have analyzed their complete sets of features, you’ll be informed enough to make the best decision for your needs.

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Label Maker Software For Pc: 8 Best To Use In 2023

Label Maker Software for PC: 8 Best to Use in 2023




A good label maker software makes a lot of difference and it’s understandable if you are looking for just the perfect one to use and stand out in your industry.

The primary purpose of a trademark is to attract the attention of potential customers while also building your brand identity.

There are several tools available to assist you in creating labels fast and effortlessly, and others require time and some experience to get the perfect design. 



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If you’re a fan of burning DVDs, CDs, and Blu-rays you probably label all of your music, movies, photo albums, and hard-copy archives with stickers or with a marker.

Perhaps you wish to find the most appropriate tool for designing product labels, such as packaging or stickers.

Whatever the reason, we are here to assist you in determining a suitable approach to design and print your labels.

There are label-making instruments that are ideal for designing easy items as names and office inventories, but they are only suitable for generating text labels.

Other software, on the other hand, can combine elements of photo editing and printing programs such as Adobe, Avery, and Canva to create personalized products and professional labels.

How can a label maker software help you?

A label’s power is that it can convey everything about your goods in a blink of an eye. Within seconds of capturing the customer’s attention, it establishes its pricing point, defines its contents, and builds enthusiasm.

Given the number of moving parts, label design may be intimidating; unlike logo design, which concentrates on a single feature, label design combines a variety of visual components and precision.

To further add some complexity, some of these design components are typically provided by other designers, while others must be created from scratch.

While dealing with this design challenge, visual comfort may be difficult to accomplish, this is where a specialized tool comes in handy.

We prepared a list of amazing label-making software tools that you can rely on, so keep reading.

Adobe is a professional business printing software that brings together a collection of 20+ desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, UX, and more.

Adobe Creative Cloud is often used by digital artists or those who use design software on a regular basis – mostly because of its cost, but also because of its depth.

It provides access to Spark, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, and other fantastic tools for creation.

Adobe Spark and Illustrator

You can duplicate and resize designs to ensure uniformity across numerous materials. It’s free and easy to develop, store, and express your thoughts quickly, and you may add teammates, get permission, and publish your unique label.

Adobe Illustrator enables you to create and edit high-quality vector images that do not pixelate when resized. This ensures that your labels will be absolutely clear when printed.

The cloud features various pre-designed templates to best suit all kinds of business needs, and it supports all the popular paper stocks, including Avery papers.

Note that the software overall provides a quick cut, a copy/paste option that lets you copy images from other apps and paste them to its temples.

It boasts a vast palette of ready-made templates, and it allows you to add your clip’s art and logos. You can also create a background of your own and use one of its many supplied backgrounds.

You are in full control of the color blend so do not hesitate to create a professional-looking label with this tool.

You will benefit from the following best features:

Full suite with over 20 desktop and mobile apps

Extensive graphics tools

Dedicated templates for labels

Easy to include your brand elements

Seamless integration between all Adobe products

Adobe Creative Cloud

With Adobe Creative Cloud, you can create and design with a plethora of high-quality programs, as well as a growing variety of online services and handy mobile apps.

Free trial Visit website

Struggling to get your labels printed? Label LIVE gives you the ease of use with flexible design and data import. 

A good label can help your brand stand out from the crowd. Using the best label maker software for PC and Mac will save you time and help draw attention to your products.

Go ahead, delete the software that came with your printer. You likely won’t need it after using Label LIVE.

Let’s have a look at some of the coolest Label LIVE features:

Label LIVE for Windows and Mac

Get the best label maker software that works with popular label sheets and label rolls!

Free trial Download Now

With a software license to Canva, you’ll get access to Design Cloud which features various extra clipart templates and backgrounds for labels.

The tool has a very modern interface, thousands of graphics, photo-editing tools, and all these features make it one of the best software for CD and DVD labeling.

There’s a label design for every requirement, from wedding invitations labels to wine labels and price tags. Alternatively, you may always select the specific custom proportions needed and create from scratch.

Simply upload your brand assets into the editor and drag them into your design to add components like existing logos or photos to your label, and moreover, you can print your labels directly from Canva.

Printing with Canva also gives you the option of printing your creations quickly in the comfort of your own home.

All of your adjustments are immediately saved when you use Canva’s label maker, so feel free to go back and make as many changes as you need, anytime.

Canva offers you a tracklist manager for mix CDs and also access to its online media base – the Design Cloud.

The graphics are SVGs or scalable vector graphics. This means that they won’t pixelate or warp during resizing or editing.

Let’s review some of its core features:

Scalable vector graphics

Over 50,000 templates to use

CD and DVD labeling

Easily accessible cloud-based platform

Dedicated label maker tools


You must do one thing using Canva, and that is brainstorm. Bring your unique ideas and demonstrate your ingenuity while designing a label.

Free trial Visit website

This is one of the best and most easy-to-use label maker software, and it features lots of wizards to help you make complex labels for all of your projects.

Note that you can create professional style labels in just a couple of minutes. This tool is created to help novice label creators to create professional-looking labels.

You just have to pick a wizard and then all you have to do is add logos, graphics, text messages, cartoon images, and so on. You’ll be able to customize it and get it printed via any laser or inkjet printer.

The key features of the tool include more than 50,000 clip art images, support for 13 barcode formats, over 600 exclusive label fonts, and more.

These capabilities include contrast adjustment, color balance, 3D, Transformation, rotation, Graphical Lines. You can add more effects to pictures, such as borders, and work with many layers and numerous pages.

Overall, CorelDraw has evolved into a versatile vector editing application, particularly for its drawing and layout creation capabilities, which are both simple and powerful.

Vectors are scalable, which implies that whatever you produce with vectors may be resized to a billboard scale if necessary, so more in-depth control over designing a label.

Take a look at some of its most important features:

Over 50,000 clip art images

Support for 13 barcode formats

More than 600 label fonts

Add effects, borders, elements and more

Multi-layer design features


CorelDRAW is a vector-based program that is frequently used in branding and packaging design, thus it might be an excellent choice for label creation.

Free trial Visit website

Expert tip:

Draw spirals, radials, arcs, and text of varying sizes. Change the font, size, color, style, shadow rotation, and blending parameters. For rich text on your label, combine text fonts, styles, and colors within a single text object.

Text can also be shown as a bar code, an auto-increment counter, or the current date and/or time.

You may print an unlimited number of labels beginning at any point on the page or specify particular places to print.

The interface is impeccable and clean, and it can offer you the opportunity to create great labels for your business.

Some of its most interesting features include the design wizard which allows you to create a custom-looking label from a vast range of templates in just a few minutes.

Up next, link your label to any of the built-in databases such as SQL, Access, Text, CSV, Dbase, and any other external database. You’ll benefit from top-quality customer support every time you need it.

Let’s see some of its core features:

Database link access

Auto-incremented counter

Very well organized UI

Quick label customization

Dedicated fonts, styles and colors

⇒ Get Label Designer Plus Deluxe

With the Label Design Studio, you can create more than just a label; you’ll be able to create your very own customized label in a few minutes, and you’ll have a vast palette of options of well-designed templates to choose from.

The tool is very versatile, and you really don’t need to be very experienced in order to learn to use it and to create fantastic labels.

It enables you to easily print labels from your home computer. If you need to print a large number of labels, the program has tiling options that allow you to put several labels on a single sheet of paper.

Labels may be saved as pictures and submitted to a professional printing location for commercial printing.

The tool boasts a broad range of label templates for all kinds of purposes, which come in various sizes, shapes, and designs.

It allows you to insert data from an Excel or an Access file and then it will get automatically inserted on your label.

This label creation toolkit will generate your labels with the imported data automatically. There will be no need for manual tasks, saving you time off work in the long term.

You can export more image file types including TIFF, BMP, JPG, PNG, and more. You have the option of adding various shapes such as squares, diamonds, and more.

Take a glance at a couple of its core features below:

Large database of templates available

Export your creation in multiple formats like TIFF, PNG, BMP, JPG and more

Allows you to include data from Excel or Access files

Simple, friendly user interface

Imports data automatically

⇒ Get Label Design Studio

This label maker software offers various options to customize the labels, and it’s also very easy to use.

You’ll be able to create fabulous labels for CDs and DVDs, return address labels, folder labels, mailing address labels, and more.

For more visual effects, you can insert BMP, JPG, GIF, JPEG, EMF, and WMF files, as well as clipart. Add counter numbers that increase with each label printed – perfect for serial numbers.

This tool allows you to design a wide range of labels in any font, color, or orientation by using text, images, boxes, ovals, lines, counters, and patterns.

Visual Labels comes with a large collection of Avery label templates. Text may be created in circles or half circles. Just specify how many degrees the CircleText includes, its initial angle, whether it is inclined or mirrored, and its color.

You may use its many text and font options for creating original labels and to design them in any shape you want to and also in any colors, gradient looks, and line thicknesses.

After you created the label, you’ll get an instant print preview.

There is no limit to how many times you may print your design, although it is meant to print one or more sheets with copies of the same label, such as series of copies for tea bag labels.

Remember that Visual Labels is intended to operate with sheet-fed printers such as LaserJet, DeskJet, inkjets, and so on, but not with continuous feed dot-matrix printers.

Take a look at some of its best features:

⇒ Get Visual Labels

Avery Design & Print makes it easy to create minimalistic labels by providing online access that allows you to immediately design a ready-to-use label with no complicated features.

Simply select a template, personalize your item, and print it yourself. Even better, you can do it from any device, at any time, and from any location.

With over 3000+ label variations to select from, you may purchase preformed Avery labels in the precise number you want, with no minimum orders.

Custom sheet labels may be ordered online and are ideal for smaller projects or young enterprises just getting started that need to have printed their brand on the products.

Using the free templates and design tools, you can easily modify and purchase your labels by the sheet in minutes.

Whatever you’re looking for, it’s there: tiny labels, large labels, decorative labels, Avery logo stickers, Avery big labels, blank sticker labels, printable label stickers.

You may purchase custom roll labels online in a number of quality forms, sizes, and materials if you require a label on a rolling tape.

Online, you may easily design your roll labels using free templates and have them printed in high-quality materials, at WePrint.

It also provides premium features and finishes to help you get the most out of your trademark’s appearance, such as waterproof films and Ultrahold shipping labels for labeling products that may be exposed outdoors.

Then just print your labels by yourself or have Avery WePrint professionally print them for you. Check out the WePrint template galleries to find labels that you can personalize for your small company items and packaging.

Here are its most important features:

3000+ label templates to select from

Cloud-based usage

Purchase label rolls straight from the app

Printing service available

Professional grade quality prints

⇒ Get Avery Design & Print

Whether you simply burn discs or run a small business, excellent label-making software will definitely add a personal touch to your projects.

After you finish browsing through these label-making tools, all you have to do is choose the one(s) that best suit your label-making needs.

And now that you know how to make the labels, you should also go through our list with the best label printing software to create stunning designs.

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Virtual Keyboard: 10 Best Software For Windows In 2023

Virtual Keyboard: 10 Best Software for Windows in 2023




If your PC has a keylogger or if your keyboard simply doesn’t work properly, then you need the best virtual keyboard software.

Below you can find a customizable keyboard and choose from several layouts and styles.

We also offer a keyboard that works on any Windows device that has a touch screen.

Another keyboard tool supports word prediction, making typing faster and easier. 

Virtual keyboards can be quite useful, especially if you have a keylogger that can steal your sensitive information such as login details.

Some users tend to use virtual keyboards because they have problems using their keyboard or because their keyboard isn’t working properly.

Windows 10 has its own virtual keyboard, but if you’re looking for a third-party solution, today we’re going to show you the best virtual keyboard software that you can download.

What is the best virtual keyboard software?

Regarding customization, there are more than 70 styles available, but you can also create your unique style if you want. In addition, there’s support for multiple languages and layouts. We also have to mention that this keyboard supports an auto-complete function that will make typing easier and faster than before.

It’s worth mentioning that this keyboard also supports gestures, so you can add spaces or change the case of the letters with a single gesture.

Hot Virtual Keyboard

Have a try with this fresh-looking virtual keyboard for faster and more accurate typing.

Check price Visit website

Comfort Screen Keyboard Pro is a universal on-screen keyboard created to help the users of portable PCs, tablets, or Surface devices.

With this practical virtual keyboard, you have universal support for multiple types of devices. You can utilize it on your PC with pointing devices like a mouse, touch screen, or a pen in order to type without effort.

It’s possible to fully customize the keyboard aspect with various colors and skins, change the size of keys or numbers, modify strokes positions, and more.

Using this on-screen keyboard offers multi-language support. That means you can write in multiple languages with characters that are available for most languages, without any localization settings.

In addition, this software can display Windows-specific shortcut icons on the keys to help you move faster on your device.

With Developer support, you have helpful functionalities to control the on-screen keyboard when you’re writing software code.

Comfort Screen Keyboard Pro

Write using this on-screen keyboard to have maximum productivity on all your devices.

Check price Visit website

This virtual keyboard will work on any Windows device that has a touchscreen display, so it’s perfect if you can’t adjust to your device’s physical keyboard.

The keyboard has large keys so you can easily type with your fingertips. It’s worth mentioning that this keyboard supports pointing devices, so users with mobility impairments can use it as well.

Free Virtual Keyboard is a simple tool, and it offers all the necessary features. We have to mention that a portable version is also available, so you can easily run Free Virtual Keyboard on any PC without installation.

⇒ Get Free Virtual Keyboard

This tool offers support for multiple languages and it has many languages and keyboard packs available. We have to mention that there’s a Keyboard Designer feature that allows you to make your own keyboard designs.

Touch-It Virtual Keyboard works with multiple languages and it supports multiple monitors and remote desktops. The keyboard is fully customizable and it supports an unlimited number of actions by key. In addition, it also supports Pascal scripting. The keyboard has a modern design, so it will match the look of Universal apps with ease. The keyboard can also appear whenever you select an input field, which is rather useful. This virtual keyboard is customizable and you can even design your own keyboard if you want.

Touch-It Virtual Keyboard is a great tool, and our only complaint is the size of the keyboard. Although it might be easier for some users to use the full-width keyboards on their PC, we found that the full-width version is taking too much space for our liking. Despite this minor flaw, this is still a great application and you can download and try the evaluation version for free.

⇒ Get Touch-It Virtual Keyboard

Another simple and free virtual keyboard for your PC is VirtualKeyboard. This tool has a humble user interface, and it supports self-training predictive text. Thanks to this feature you can quickly and easily enter words.

Expert tip:

VirtualKeyboard is a decent tool, but its humble user interface might turn away some users. If you want to try this tool, you can download it and use it for free.

⇒ Get VirtualKeyboard

Virtual keyboards can be useful especially if you’re concerned that your computer is infected with malware or a keylogger. Keyloggers will monitor your keyboard input and send it to malicious users without your knowledge. If you want to protect your personal information, you might want to use Neo’s SafeKeys v3.

This application allows you to enter your login information without using a physical keyboard. This is one of the safest ways to protect your login information from malicious users. The tool also has screen logger protection that will protect your sensitive information at all times.

Neo’s SafeKeys v3 is a great tool if you want to protect your login information from malicious users. This is a decent virtual keyboard, and it’s available for free. In addition to being free, this tool is also portable, and it will work on any PC without installation.

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This tool is designed to work with any Windows device that has a touchscreen display. We have to mention that this keyboard supports Windows logon screen so you can easily log in to Windows by using this tool.

The keyboard is multi-lingual and the key layout will adapt to the current input locale. To make switching between different inputs easier, the tool has a dedicated button that allows you to switch inputs instantly.

This virtual keyboard can be resized and moved freely so you can easily adjust it. In addition to a standard keyboard, you can also use numeric keyboard and function keys.

The application supports special shortcuts such as multimedia player, web browser, etc. The tool also has a floating icon, so you can easily open the virtual keyboard at any time. EyesBoard virtual keyboard has Caps Lock and Num Lock indicators and it even supports Ctrl+Alt+Del and Win+L shortcuts.

Regarding customization, this tool supports different color schemes and several levels of transparency. If you want, you can even lock the keyboard at the bottom of your screen so that it doesn’t interfere with any open windows.

If you’re a developer, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s an API available for third-party integration, so you can expand the functionality of the keyboard even further.

EyesBoard is a decent virtual keyboard and it offers all the features that basic users will need. This application isn’t free, but you can download the evaluation version and use it for 15 days.

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My-T-Soft Virtual Keyboard comes with over 200 international layouts, so it will support almost any language. The application supports up to 2000 keystrokes on each button, and you can also group up to 15 buttons on a panel. Using this tool you can assign any of the 63 functions to any button thus allowing a great level of customization.

This virtual keyboard has its own 4-function calculator that will always remain on top of all other windows. This allows you to enter the desired input right into the open document or input field. There’s also a built-in Magnifier tool that allows you to magnify a certain part of your screen in order to see it better.

My-T-Soft Virtual Keyboard supports customization and you can change the background color or the color of the open panel. In addition, you can change the color of the button text, button face, button highlight, button shadow, and keyboard background. If you want to customize your keyboard even further, you can use the Developer Kit to do so.

This application is fully compatible with touchscreens, but it also works with trackballs, pens, or any other pointing device. The keyboard supports infinite sizing and allows you to show and hide certain keys.

In addition, there are 11 panels available, and you can also create your own panels if you want to. Just like many other virtual keyboards, this one also supports macros so you can start certain programs simply by pressing the appropriate shortcuts.

The free demo is available for download, but if you want to continue using this application, you’ll need to purchase a full version.

⇒ Get My-T-Soft Virtual Keyboard

This virtual keyboard is a keyboard replacement, and it comes with smart word prediction that will allow you to enter words quickly.

A virtual keyboard memorizes your words as you enter them so the more you use it the more suggestion you’ll get while typing.

We also have to mention that the word prediction can also predict the next word that you’ll enter, thus making typing process faster and streamlined. Regarding the predictions, they are available in 23 different languages.

The tool also supports different skins and levels of transparency and it even allows you to create text macros. There are also special keys for frequently used tasks and scanning modes for 1 or 2 switches.

BeKey On-Screen Keyboard is a great tool and you can use the trial version for 30 days. If you want to continue using this tool, you’ll need to purchase a license.

⇒ Get BeKey On-Screen Keyboard

Virtual keyboard software can be quite useful, and if you’re looking for a third-party virtual keyboard, be sure to check some of these tools.

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How To Use Ai Music Generator?

AI music generators have gained significant popularity in recent years, offering a wide range of possibilities for creating unique and personalized music compositions. These tools utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to generate original melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, allowing musicians, producers, and enthusiasts to explore new creative avenues. In this article, we will delve into the various ways on how to use AI music generator to enhance your music production and unleash your artistic potential.

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When it comes to AI music generators, there are several tools available that offer unique features and functionalities. Some of the popular options include Beatoven, Soundraw, Boomy, and Jukebox. Each tool comes with its own strengths and characteristics, providing users with a diverse array of possibilities. Explore these tools and determine which one aligns best with your creative vision and requirements.

Once you have chosen an AI music generator, it’s time to dive into the creative process. Most AI music generators offer a range of options that allow you to tailor the music according to your preferences. Here are some common options you may encounter:

Mood: Determine the overall mood or atmosphere of the music. Options may include happy, sad, energetic, calm, and more. Consider the emotional tone you want the music to convey.

Genre: Select the genre that best aligns with your vision. Genres could include classical, rock, electronic, hip-hop, jazz, or ambient. Experimenting with different genres can lead to surprising and inspiring results.

Length: Specify the desired duration of the music. This could be in minutes or seconds, depending on the tool. Consider the intended use of the music and its compatibility with the project you’re working on.

Tempo: Determine the tempo or speed of the music. This can range from slow and relaxed to fast and energetic. The tempo can greatly influence the mood and impact.

instrument combinations to be included in the composition. This option allows you to customize the sound and texture of the music. Experiment with different instrument combinations to create unique sonic landscapes.

Melody and Harmony: Depending on the AI music generator, you may have the ability to input specific melodies or harmonies, or you can let the algorithm generate them for you. If you have a specific musical idea in mind, inputting your own melodies or harmonies can help shape the direction of the composition.

Additional Effects: Some AI music generators provide additional effects or parameters to modify the sound, such as reverb, delay, or filters. These options can add depth and character to the music, allowing you to further customize the composition to your liking.

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To avoid any legal complications and ensure smooth integration of the AI-generated music into your projects, many AI music generators come with built-in royalty-free music features. This means you can confidently use the music compositions without worrying about licensing issues. It not only saves you time and effort but also provides peace of mind, knowing that you are using music that is legally safe to incorporate into your productions.

If you are looking to take your AI-generated music to the next level, some tools, such as Boomy, offer the option to add custom vocals to the compositions. This feature opens up exciting possibilities for vocalists and artists who want to collaborate with the AI-generated music. By adding your own vocals, you can infuse the music with your unique style and release the songs as singles, showcasing your talent and creativity to a wider audience.

AI music generators provide an excellent platform for experimentation and exploration. While they can certainly be used in production, it’s important to note that these tools excel in generating a variety of musical samples, which can serve as a starting point for your creative process. By experimenting with different parameters, options, and styles, you can push the boundaries of your music and discover new sounds and compositions that may have otherwise remained unexplored.

After the initial generation, listen to the composition and evaluate how well it aligns with your creative vision. If you’re satisfied with the result, you can proceed to the next step. However, if you feel that some adjustments are needed, most AI music generators allow you to refine the composition.

Here are a few ways to refine the generated music:

Editing: Some AI music generators offer editing capabilities, allowing you to make changes to specific sections of the composition. You can adjust the timing, modify melodies, or tweak the dynamics to better match your desired outcome.

Variation: If you’re looking for more options or alternative versions of the music, many AI music generators provide the ability to generate variations based on the initial composition. This feature can help you explore different interpretations of your musical idea.

Iterative Process: Generating and refining music with AI is often an iterative process. Don’t be afraid to experiment and generate multiple versions of the composition. This allows you to compare and select the best outcome or combine elements from different versions to create a cohesive and unique composition.

AI music generators are becoming increasingly popular and there are several options available. There are numerous AI music generators available, each offering unique features and functionalities. Here are a few popular options: This simple and free AI music generator allows you to create a new song by providing input parameters such as track title, length, tempo, genre, and emotion. It provides a quick and intuitive way to generate music tailored to your specifications.

Soundraw: If you’re looking for a tool with a wide range of options, Soundraw is an excellent choice. It enables you to choose the mood, genre, and length of the music, giving you greater control over the output.

Boomy: For those interested in adding custom vocals to AI-generated songs, Boomy is a web-based AI music generator that allows you to release your creations as singles. It offers various musical styles like electronic dance, rap beats, Lo-Fi, global groove, and relaxing meditation.

MuseNet: If you’re eager to experiment with easy AI music creation for free, MuseNet is a great option. Powered by machine learning, it generates high-quality music across various genres, providing endless possibilities for exploration.

Aiva: With deep learning algorithms at its core, Aiva specializes in composing original pieces of music in genres like classical, jazz, and pop. While free to use, registration is required to access its full range of features.

Soundful: Designed specifically for creating custom background music for videos or podcasts, Soundful offers a diverse selection of genres and moods to choose from. It’s a valuable tool for content creators seeking to enhance their productions with captivating music.

Riffusion: Riffusion takes a unique approach to music generation by visualizing the music and offering customization options such as tempo, key, and style. While it requires registration, it provides a seamless and engaging user experience.

By exploring these options and considering your specific needs, you can find an AI music generator that resonates with your creative visions.

Limitations of AI music generators include:

Lack of musical depth, creativity, and complexity that human composers bring to their work.

Lacking originality, in some cases, the AI technology will generate new music that sounds similar to a previous generated track.

AI-generated music can possibly lack the emotional depth and creativity of human composers.

The AI used in some projects is not sophisticated enough to fully compose its own melody and lyrics, so humans on the project picked out the best parts.

Despite these limitations, AI music generators are becoming increasingly popular and are a versatile tool for music producers, who can use them to create new and unique musical styles that are not possible with traditional music production methods. One of the biggest benefits of AI music generators for music producers is the ability to produce new music quickly and efficiently.

AI music generators offer musicians and producers a wealth of possibilities by providing instant inspiration, generating unlimited music compositions, and allowing for customization. They can help overcome creative blocks, provide a starting point for new ideas, and serve as a valuable tool for exploration and experimentation.

Yes, many AI music generators come with features like royalty-free music, allowing you to use the generated compositions in your commercial projects without worrying about licensing issues. However, it is essential to check the specific terms and conditions of the tool you are using to ensure compliance.

AI music generators are not intended to replace human musicians but rather to complement and augment their creativity. These tools serve as a source of inspiration and generate musical ideas that can be further developed, enhanced, and personalized by human musicians.

Integrating AI-generated music into your projects is a straightforward process. Once you have generated the desired music composition, you can export it as a MIDI file or audio file and import it into your preferred digital audio workstation (DAW) or music production software. From there, you can further refine, mix, and arrange the music to fit your project’s requirements.

While AI music generators have come a long way in terms of sophistication and realism, they still have limitations. The generated music may lack the emotional depth and human touch that can only be achieved by skilled human musicians. Additionally, the AI algorithms may not always capture the exact intent or nuances that a human composer or producer would envision.

Some AI music generators utilize machine learning techniques that enable them to learn and improve over time. As more data is fed into these systems and more iterations of the algorithms are developed, the AI-generated music can become more refined and closer to human-created compositions.

AI music generators have revolutionized the music production landscape, offering musicians, producers, and enthusiasts new ways to create and explore music. By choosing the right tool, customizing instruments and structures, and utilizing the various options available, you can unlock a world of endless possibilities. Whether you are seeking inspiration, experimenting with new sounds, or looking to augment your compositions, AI music generators provide a powerful toolset to unleash your creativity. Embrace the future of music creation and embark on a journey of innovation and sonic exploration with AI music generators.

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