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With their latest flagship offering, OnePlus largely cut down on the marketing spiel that the company has a reputation for, and went back to basics of what their main intention was when they got started: offering a fantastic flagship smartphone at a fraction of the price. That is exactly what you get with the OnePlus 3, with its new design and build quality, the latest features and specifications, which includes a whopping 6 GB of RAM, and more, that makes it a worthy competitor in the flagship space. Of course, the best part is that the OnePlus 3 is significantly cheaper than its competition, and something that remains the biggest selling point of this device.

OnePlus 3 review

Best protective cases for the OnePlus 3

However, as is the case with any smartphone or tablet, the OnePlus 3 is not without its potential issues. Which is why, we’ve rounded up some of the common problems that may plague OnePlus 3 owners, and offer potential solutions on how to fix them.

Disclaimer: Not every OnePlus 3 owner will face these problems, and it is more than likely that you will not come across any of these issues at all.

Use an app like Push Notifications Fixer, that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, and this should help temporarily workaround the issue until an official update is available. There is also a separate version of the app for users who have root access, which you can find here.

You can also manually select which apps can push notifications, by going to Settings – Sound and Notifications – App Notifications. Also make sure that none of these apps have been mistakenly added to the Do Not Disturb list. Keep in mind however, that this option hasn’t worked for a few users.

Some users have found that a simple reboot has done the trick to address this problem. However, in most cases, this issue comes comes back after a few days, requiring frequent restarts.

A rogue app may be causing this issue as well. To check if this is the case, boot the device in Safe Mode (you can find the instructions below), and see if the problem persists. If it doesn’t, a recently-installed application is the cause for concern. Uninstall any apps that were added just before the problem started, and see if that fixes it.

This could also be an issue with the accelerometer and G-sensor as well. Download an app from the Google Play Store like GPS & Status Toolbox and re-calibrate the sensors, and see if that fixes it. If this is proves to be a hardware issue, the only option will be to pick up a replacement.

A temporary workaround that has worked for some is using an third-party app, such as Rotation Control, that will let you manually trigger the switch to the landscape orientations.

Problem #3 – Phone heating up, along with rapid battery drain, when in the pocket

Many users have found that their phones are getting hot, coupled with rapid battery drain, when the device is not in use and kept in the pocket. This is quite a common issue, and is known as the “pocket problem.”

Potential solutions:

This seems to be an issue with the fingerprint sensor. The scanner is continuously sensing for a fingerprint when the phone is in the pocket with the screen, and scanner, facing your leg. Unfortunately, this is a software issue, but OnePlus is aware of it, and hopefully a fix will available in an upcoming update.

There are a few workarounds you can try. One very simple solution is to keep the phone in your pocket with the display facing away from you leg. Many users have found that even this is more than enough to fix any battery drain problems and avoid having the phone get hot. That said, you will have to be more careful about not bumping into anything at that height, which could potentially damage the display.

Other users have found that a flip cover also works, to help keep the fingerprint scanner in standby when the device is in your pocket.

O course, you can also disable the fingerprint scanner until an update is available to fix this problem, which should hopefully be available soon.

The latest OnePlus update (Oxygen OS v3.2.1) brings with a sRGB mode, than can be enabled in the Developer options.

You can also go to Settings – Display, and toggle the Color Balance slider until it is more to your liking.

Problem #5 – Connectivity issues

Connectivity issues are quite common when getting a new device, and below are the general steps you can follow when facing problems with connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth issues seem to especially prevalent with the OnePlus 3.

Potential solutions:

Wi-Fi Issues

Turn off the router that you’re using and the phone, and wait for a while before turning them back on.

Go to the Wi-Fi settings on the device and forget the preferred network, before entering the details again from scratch.

Check the level of activity on your current channel with the Wi-Fi Analyzer application. If necessary, simply switch to a different channel.

Disable Power Saving Mode through Settings. 

Find the MAC address for the phone by going into Settings – About Phone and ensure it is recognized by your router.

Bluetooth Issues

Make sure that no power saving mode is enabled.

Start by turning the Bluetooth on your device off and back on again.

If the problem continues, clear the cache for Bluetooth by going to the Bluetooth Settings.

Restart the phone after clearing the data and cache.

If the Bluetooth device saves multiple profiles, you might have reached the limit for the number of profiles it can save. Delete old and unused profiles, and try setting up the connection once again from scratch.

This issue seems to occur only with the stock camera application, so you may be better off installing a third-party camera app, such as Google Camera, from the Google Play Store.

For others, wiping the cache partition seems to do the trick. You can find the instructions on how to do so in the guides below.

If the issue still persists, your last resort may be to perform a factory reset. You can find how to do so in the guides below.

The camera issues are also known, and some fixes have been made available via the latest software update. However, some users have found the problem to persist even after the update.

Guides – Soft reset, Hard reset, wiping cache partition, booting into Safe Mode

Soft reset

If your display is off, turn it back on using the power key.

Open the “Settings” application.

Scroll down until you find “Backup & Reset.”

Tap on “Factory data reset.”

Select “Reset phone.”

Tap on the box “Erase everything.”

The device should automatically reboot

Hard reset

Turn your phone off by pressing down the power key for five seconds.

Turn the phone back on while keeping the volume down button pressed in.

When the phone vibrates, release the volume down button.

Your phone should enter a mode called Simple Recovery.

You should get a message that says “Cache wipe complete.”

Continue to choose the option “Wipe Data/ Factory reset.”

The phone should automatically reboot.

Wipe cache partition

Turn your phone off by pressing down the power key for five seconds

Turn the phone back on while keeping the volume down button pressed in

When the phone vibrates, release the volume down button

Your phone should enter a mode called “Simple Recovery.”

You should get a message that says “Cache wipe complete.”

Booting into Safe Mode

Turn off the device.

Once off, press and hold the power button until the device starts booting up.

As soon as it starts loading, press and hold the volume up and volume down keys simultaneously.

Continue holding these buttons until the boot up is complete.

Unlocking the device, you should see it having booted up into Safe Mode.

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Destiny 2 Error Codes And How To Fix Them

In this post, we will talk about different error codes in Destiny 2 and see how you can fix Destiny 2 Error Code anteater, beaver, bee, bird, buffalo, cabbage, chicken, honeydew, lettuce, marionberry, termite, baboon, broccoli, centipede or weasel.

Why do I keep getting different error codes in Destiny 2?

Errors and issues in gaming and other services are common and Destiny 2 is no exception. Various error codes keep appearing in Destiny 2 in the middle of the gameplay or at the game startup. Some error codes are caused due to network connection problems which keep disconnecting them from servers. Many errors are caused due to game servers being down. Besides that, temporary glitches and issues can also cause several errors in Destiny 2.

Here, we have created a list of common error codes reported by Destiny 2 players. These error codes can occur on both PC and consoles. Along with the error code, we have also shared the working fixes to resolve these errors.

Fix Destiny 2 Error Codes

Here are the most common error codes in Destiny 2 that users keep getting every now and then:

Error code anteater.

Error code baboon.

Error code beaver.

Error code bee.

Error code bird.

Error code broccoli.

Error code buffalo.

Error code cabbage.

Error code chicken.

Error code centipede.

Error code honeydew.

Error code lettuce.

Error code marionberry.

Error code termite.

Error code weasel.

1] Destiny Error code anteater

The error code anteater in Destiny 2 is basically triggered in the middle of the gameplay when the connection to the game servers is lost. It mainly indicates that there is an issue with your internet connection.

Now, if you are facing this error, below are the fixes you can follow:

You need to ensure that you are not facing any internet connectivity issues.

You can try connecting to another network connection and see if the error is fixed.

For the users having a wireless connection, you can switch to a wired network connection as it is faster and more reliable.

Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and get the connectivity issues resolved.

Xbox console users can clear the console cache and see if the error is fixed.

2] Destiny Error code baboon

If you are getting the Error code baboon in Destiny 2, it means you are facing network issues. When triggered, here is the full error message you get:

Removed from the game world. Please try again. If this problem persists, you should troubleshooter your networking setup.

As the above error message asks to troubleshoot your network issues, you can simply fix internet connection issues on your computer or console and then see if the error is fixed. Besides that, change to a wired connection to resolve the error.

3] Destiny Error code beaver

Destiny 2 error beaver is similar to error code baboon which is triggered because of network issues. To fix this error, you can use the below fixes:

You can renew your IP address and see if the error is resolved.

Another fix you can use is to change your default DNS server to Google DNS.

You can switch to a different network connection which is faster.

One more fix to this error is to enable QoS and UPnP in your router settings.

If nothing works, try resetting your router settings to their default and see if it helps.

4] Destiny Error code bee

Bee is another error code experienced by Destiny 2 players. It removes the player from the game world in the middle of the gameplay. The primary reason for this error code is connectivity problems on your computer or console. Here are the fixes you can try to resolve this error:

First, try restarting your network device or performing a power cycle on it. In addition, make sure your network drivers are up-to-date.

If there are too many bandwidth-hogging apps running in the background, close them using Task Manager.

Try using a VPN app and see if it helps.

5] Destiny Error code bird

Destiny 2 error bird is another connection error that says “You have lost connection to Destiny 2 servers.” It can be caused if the servers are down at the moment. Hence, do check the current status of the Destiny 2 servers and make sure the game servers are up and running.

Another common cause of this error is an internet connectivity issue. So, ensure that your internet is working fine. Also, update your network drivers as outdated drivers can cause network problems on your computer.

6] Destiny Error code broccoli

Another common error code in Destiny 2 is broccoli. This error code basically means that you are dealing with outdated or faulty graphics drivers or glitches with the screen size of the game. To fix this error, update your device drivers especially graphics drivers right away. Besides that, you can try playing Destiny 2 in windowed mode or enable the VSync feature in your graphics card settings.

7] Error code buffalo

The next Destiny 2 error code on this list is buffalo. When it occurs, you will be prompted with the following error message:

You must restart the application using Blizzard’s chúng tôi app in order to play Destiny 2.

You can also try signing out and then signing in Blizzard chúng tôi client to check if the error is fixed.

Another fix that has helped users fix the buffalo error code in Destiny 2 is temporarily disabling their antivirus program. If the error is fixed, you can add the game to the whitelist/exception list of your antivirus.

Besides that, enable the Automatically detect settings option in your LAN Settings.

Read: Fix You have lost connection to the Destiny 2 servers error.

8] Destiny Error code cabbage

Error code cabbage in Destiny 2 is triggered with the following error message:

You have been returned to orbit. Please try again.

This error is also caused due to network connectivity issues. You can fix it by restarting your router, using a wired connection instead of wireless, or enabling UPnP in your router settings.

9] Destiny Error code chicken

Chicken error code is caused when the game client can’t connect to the game servers. So, make sure your internet connection is stable and active and your network configurations are correct.

There can be firewall or antivirus interference due to which there is an issue in establishing a connection between client and servers. Hence, try temporarily disabling your security program and see if the error is gone. If yes, allow the Destiny 2 game through your firewall and antivirus to fix the error.

10] Destiny Error code centipede

Is your connection with game servers lost in Destiny 2 due to the error code centipede? Well, no issues, you can fix it right away. However, you first need to make sure that the Destiny 2 servers are not down. If so, test your internet connection and update your network driver to avoid network problems.

You can also enable the UPnP option in your router settings. In addition, you forward the required ports by Destiny 2 to fix the error.

UDP: 88, 500, 1200, 3074, 3544, 4500

UDP: 3074, 3097

11] Destiny Error code honeydew

“Couldn’t connect to the Destiny 2 servers” is the error message you get with the error code honeydew. It clearly indicates two reasons for the error. First, the servers are down. Second, there is an internet connectivity problem. So, ensure that the game servers are up and running, and your internet connection is working fine.

12] Destiny Error code lettuce

Lettuce is one more error code that Destiny 2 players have reported to be experiencing. Here is the full error message:

If this problem persists, you should troubleshoot your networking setup. For more information, visit chúng tôi and search for the error code: lettuce

You can restart your router or modem or perform a power cycle on your console or PC to check if it helps. You can also follow Bungei’s Network Troubleshooting Guide from its official Help page to get through this error code.

 13] Destiny Error code marionberry

Error code marionberry in Destiny 2 is caused when trying to connect to online game servers. In order to get rid of it, you can start by power cycling your networking device and PC/console. If that doesn’t help, change your DNS to a public DNS that is more reliable e.g., Google DNS. Or, maybe it’s a server error. So, wait and try again later.

14] Destiny Error code termite

Some Destiny 2 users have reported experiencing error code termite. This error code is prompted with the below message:

Failed to download configuration files from Bungie servers, please try again.

This error is likely to be caused if your game files are broken or outdated. So, if the scenario is applicable, you can use Scan and Repair option in chúng tôi to fix the corrupted game files. Here’s how:

First, open chúng tôi and go to this GAMES tab.

After that, press the Begin Scan button to start verifying the integrity of the game files.

You should not see the error code termite in Destiny 2 now.

15] Destiny Error code weasel

Weasel is a connection error in Destiny 2 that prevents the game client to connect to the gaming servers. While the error could be caused when the Bungie servers are down, your internet connection can also be at fault. So, try troubleshooting your network connection by restarting your router, connecting to another network connection, changing to an ethernet, updating the network driver, etc.

If you face this error on your Xbox One console, try clearing the console cache by power cycling the device.

Some more Destiny Error Codes:

Is Destiny 2 down right now?

To check whether or not Destiny 2 servers are down, you can use a free service status detector like DownDetector or IsItDownRightNow. You can check for server outages or other server issues related to Destiny 2 game servers using any of these tools.

What Are Runtime Errors? Their Causes And How To Fix Them?

A Runtime Error is an error that occurs at the time of running or executing a program. When this error occurs, the program may hang or crash displaying an error message. There are many reasons for a runtime error, like when the program enters an infinite loop, it triggers the runtime error. Sometimes, it also occurs due to the user’s fault. For example, a program requires a numerical value to process the result, but if the user enters any value other than the required one, say, alphabetic character, the program may show a runtime error.

Why and when do runtime errors occur?

There are many reasons for which the users get runtime errors on their computers. We will describe the most significant reasons here:

Memory leak.

Programming errors.

Incomplete installation.

Corrupt registry.

1] Memory leak

A memory leak is the most common cause of a runtime error on a Windows computer. It occurs when a program incorrectly manages the memory allocations, such as consuming more RAM without freeing it. A memory leak also occurs when the running code cannot access an object stored in the memory.

2] Programming errors

Programming errors also cause runtime errors. When a software is in the development phase, runtime errors can be found during the debugging process so that the developer can correct them before it is being released. But if any bug is left in the software by mistake, it can cause runtime errors. In such a case, the runtime errors can only be solved by downloading the update patches from the developer’s website.

Fix: AppModel Runtime Errors 57, 87, 490, etc.

3] Incomplete installation

Sometimes when a user is installing a program, the installer quits abruptly. There are many reasons for this interruption like power failure, system hangs, etc. This results in incomplete installation which may cause runtime errors on the system.

Fix: AppModel Runtime Errors 65, 69, and 79.

4] Corrupt registry

A corrupted or damaged registry can cause programs to malfunction due to which you may get a runtime error. There are many causes for the registry damage. One of the main reasons is a manual change in the registry. Hence, you should be careful while editing the registry keys. Backing up the registry before making any change to it is always be the best practice.

Read: Fix NVIDIA GeForce Experience C++ Runtime Error.

How to fix a Runtime Error on Windows 11/10

Because there are many different runtime errors, the method to fix them is not the same. We are listing here some general methods that may help you solve most of the runtime errors.

Install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package.

Run DISM command and SFC scan.

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State.

1] Install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package

Some users have reported that they have started getting runtime errors after updating Windows 11/10. The error message that they received is:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!

Program: C:Users….

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

Please contact the application’s support team for more information.

According to the users, the popup window showing the error message arrives every time they turn ON their computer and comes back again if they close the window. Such a runtime error occurs due to a software problem or when the runtime components of the Visual C++ libraries are missing.

In such a condition, installing the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package after uninstalling the existing one may help. Follow the below-listed steps:

Launch Control Panel and go to “Programs and Features.”

Scroll down the list to find Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

Now, download the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package from the Microsoft official website.

Install it and restart your computer.

This works in most cases.

Read: Fix Runtime Error 217.

2] Run DISM command and SFC scan

System File Checker (SFC) tool is used to scan and repair the corrupted files, whereas, DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool) is used to repair the corrupted Windows system image files. Running these tools will help you fix the runtime errors.

To run System File Checker, execute the following command in an elevated CMD:

sfc /scannow

To run DISM, open Command Prompt as an administrator and type the following command and press Enter.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

The DISM tool uses Windows update to fix the corrupted files.

Read: Fix Runtime Error 1004 in Excel.

3] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State

Sometimes a third-party program may be the culprit. In this case, performing a clean boot may help troubleshoot the problem.

Clean Boot will help you identify if there is a third-party or startup application on your system that is causing the runtime error.

Hope this post guides you in the right direction.

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Has Oneplus Overhyped The Oneplus Nord?

We’ve known about the OnePlus Nord since December 2023 when the first renders of a mid-range OnePlus phone were leaked. This should be cause for celebration as it marks only the firm’s second mid-range phone ever and the first since 2024’s OnePlus X.

Unfortunately, OnePlus’s marketing strategy for the Nord could be setting itself and others up for disappointment. The Chinese brand has hyped up the phone to hell and back, to the point where I’m frankly sick of hearing about it with mere days until launch.

The list of stunts the OnePlus marketing team has pulled out ahead of the Nord’s upcoming launch has been exhaustive and exhausting. Don’t believe me? Here are just of few of the highlights to date:

A private Instagram account with a rumor-baiting handle to tease the phone’s release, followed by the launch of a separate public account.

Tagging leakers on said Instagram in cringeworthy meme posts.

A drip-feed of minor details shared across social media on an almost daily basis that included five separate Instagram Stories just to confirm optical image stabilization and a separate post just to show the box.

A four-episode documentary series on the phone’s development, with the tone wildly shifting between scenes of office confrontations between tired-looking OnePlus staff and banal platitudes.

Three rounds of pre-orders before the phone has even been fully revealed, with some of these rounds limited to just 100 units each.

Boasts of having sold out of pre-orders, as if securing sales of 100 units of a hotly anticipated product is any kind of surprise.

Selling a piece of cardboard to users so they can get a look at the phone in augmented reality and pretend they’re holding it.

Letting the OnePlus Nord do the talking


We don’t see this kind of pre-launch behavior from the likes of Google and Samsung because they generally let their products do the talking instead of falling for cheap promotional tactics. Google might touch on a specific technology they’re using before launch (like it did with Motion Sense for the Pixel 4 series) or show off an official render after a major leak, but we never see them selling cardboard or trumpeting a hollow slogan ad nauseum before the big reveal.

It’s not like OnePlus is fighting off a ton of rivals launching smartphones either. Samsung is the only other big-name company with a major confirmed launch in the coming weeks. OnePlus didn’t have to resort to this relentless attention grab in order to stand out. With seemingly endless delays to the Pixel 4a, the hype for the iPhone SE dissipating, and other launches pushed back due to COVID-19-related issues, the playing field is relatively empty for the Nord.

It’s already difficult for a major smartphone brand to meet everyone’s expectations for a phone launch. It’s even tougher to do so in the case of OnePlus with such a long-anticipated return to the mid-range segment. It’s also just that: a mid-range phone. This marketing campaign would’ve been excessive for a flagship like the inevitable OnePlus 8T, nevermind a budget phone that will have undoubtedly cut some corners to retail at the mooted sub-$500 price point.

The hype campaign for the Nord has been exhaustive and exhausting.

Even if the phone turns out to be great, there may be some who were turned off by the crude, occasionally obnoxious marketing strategy. But even worse than that, all this talk of a “New Beginning” is a potential recipe for disaster if the phone doesn’t live up to expectations and turns out to be an average, mid-tier smartphone. This is entirely possible too, as the likes of Apple, Google, realme, and Xiaomi have all raised the bar for mid-range phones in recent times.

We know the OnePlus Nord can talk a big game, but can it walk the walk? We’ll have to wait and see, but if it doesn’t, OnePlus only has itself to blame if the hype backfires.

What do you think of the marketing hype around the OnePlus Nord? Take our poll below!

Vpn Not Working? Best Methods To Fix Vpn Problems

VPN Not Working? Best Methods To Fix VPN Problems

We all know how VPN has made your whole internet surfing more secure than ever before & keeps the privacy factor on the top. Now imagine the privacy wall isn’t working properly & your privacy can be compromised because of unknown reasons. So that’s where we need to know the possible factors of why VPN is not working & what are the fixes for that:

What Are The Reasons Your VPN Isn’t Working?

No product is the perfect one because sooner or later it would need improvement & you didn’t leave a chance for that to happen. Similarly, Virtual Privates Networks means your security wall can also have technical issues or misbehaving phases that can wake you up all night. So, let’s look at the possible reasons first as what causes this wall breach issue:

Using out of date or an older version of VPN

Putting in incorrect/invalid/wrong VPN protocol

Trying to go beyond your VPN server (on geographical basis)

VPN server got blocked by Your own internet connection

Continuous glitch in VPN clients

Check Out The Methods to Fix VPN Problems 1. Internet Connection

The very first that can come to your mind is to check the internet connection if it’s working properly. Because there is no point looking for the VPN issue solution if your device doesn’t have a stable internet connection. Be it your mobile data or the Wi-Fi connection, you need to check if it does have the proper connectivity. Hopefully this can solve the issue of VPN not working & if not, let’s look for the other methods to fix VPN issues.

2. Relaunch The VPN or The Browser Plug-In

We all have experienced the situation of an app crashing or slowing down & the only way out we use is to restart the app altogether. Similarly, with VPN not working, another fixing method is to restart the software itself or the browser plug-in.

3. Check The Login Credentials

Sometimes, we are so busy looking at the problem deeply, we don’t give a single thought about the simple issues they can go overlooked easily. Putting in incorrect or wrong login credentials is one of those details that can also be the reason for VPN not working.

Also Read: Best VPN Apps for Netflix (Free & Paid)

4. Switch to Different VPN Server Connection

Those who have used VPN service know that this private network comes with specific servers you can get connected to. Having said that, sometimes that specific server might be facing issues that are not our cup of tea. That’s when the best thing you can do is to change the server & see if now you are able to get your VPN working.

5. Check If The VPN Software & Browser Are Up-to-date

Any & every software on your system needs an update & it must be updated so that it doesn’t glitch while functioning. With every update comes new improvements that help with bug control & performance issues with the last version (if any).

So in order to not become a victim of VPN not working, it’s always better to check for the latest version on your own. So that you won’t face difficulties while using the VPN software as well as the browser.

Also Read: What Is The Difference Between A Proxy & VPN?

6. Follow The Whole VPN Installation Process Again

If nothing above has worked out for you yet, you can also try to reinstall the VPN software as a whole again. A few times, while installing the driver/software doesn’t get installed properly & the system doesn’t show the error as well.

So just go to the official website of the VPN service provider, download it, & reinstall the latest package you just downloaded.

7. VPN Tunneling Protocol Changing

Sometimes, the reinstallation, up-to-date software, or restarting the system/software doesn’t work as there may be some tech issue. So, in case your VPN isn’t working properly, there is a possibility of problems occurring with VPN tunneling protocol.

If this is the case, visit the VPN or network settings & use different protocols including IKeV2/IPSec; L2TP/IPSec; or OpenVPN.

Changing the VPN tunneling protocols may get you out of this situation where your internet security is at risk.

If none of the above is working (quite rare situation), it’s better to directly contact the VPN provider. There are higher chances that the company’s technician can help you with solution steps over the call. This may help you become the VPN issues resolution expert within no time & the problem would be fixed as if there was none.

Wrapping Up

Almost every one of us has used VPN (virtual private network) to keep the internet browsing secure & private. However, not always this security wall works fine because there can be issues where VPN will stop working. That’s why we have enlisted here the methods of fixing VPN problems without much hassle.

Use these methods thoroughly & let us know if you find any difficulties while trying to resolve VPN problems.

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Compressed Work Schedules And How To Implement Them

What is a compressed work schedule?

A compressed work schedule is when a full-time employee works a traditional workweek, generally consisting of 35 to 40 hours, in fewer than five days. A compressed work schedule is a flexible option that allows employees to work more efficiently and gain a better work-life balance without sacrificing a full-time salary and benefits.

There are various ways to set up a compressed work schedule, with one of the most common being the 4/10 work schedule. In the 4/10 schedule, employees work 10 hours per day Monday through Thursday to earn the day off each Friday. 

Another alternative is the 9/80 schedule. This is when, over a two-week period, an employee works nine hours per day for eight days and eight hours per day for one day to accumulate one day off every two weeks. While there are various ways to make a compressed schedule, these are some of the most common and attainable schedules used.


According to a study by Robert Half, 66% of employees would prefer a compressed work schedule, but only 17% of employers offer that as an option.

2. There can be greater morale and productivity.

An extra day off can boost employees’ morale and lead them to be more driven and productive in their work, with fewer interruptions. They will feel more motivated and empowered to do better in their roles, knowing they have control over their personal time and don’t need to worry that important tasks are falling by the wayside. Employers also benefit, as employees are less likely to take time off for personal reasons, which should result in better attendance at work.

3. There’s more time for family and passions.

By working a shorter week, employees can organize their schedules to suit their lives. This gives them extra time to spend however they choose, whether that’s relaxing, spending time with family or taking care of personal matters. With the flexibility of a compressed work schedule, employees can get an additional scheduled day off without losing their full-time income and employee benefits.

A compressed workweek can be a great draw to attract and retain talent and can help improve company morale due to its flexibility. Employees want to have more personal time and not feel stuck in a job with no improvement or options in sight. The efficiency of a compressed workweek gives that additional personal time to employees while also increasing productivity when they are in the office. It also allows businesses to broaden their hours of operation by having employees in the office on an extended schedule, rather than all employees working the same hours.

Did You Know?

A compressed workweek is a form of flextime. Other flextime examples are remote work and job-sharing.

What are the drawbacks of compressed work schedules?

Compressed work schedules aren’t suitable for every employee and business. Here are some drawbacks.

1. Longer workdays may be a hard adjustment.

While compressed work schedules offer some great benefits, they can also be challenging to adjust to if you’re used to a standard eight-hour workday. Longer workdays can be more efficient, but without the proper management, they can come at a toll both mentally and physically.

If an employee isn’t used to working a compressed schedule, it can be hard to push through the extended hours while their 9-to-5 co-workers head out for the day. The longer workweeks can drag on and lead to a lack of motivation if the employee doesn’t manage their time right.

For some, the long shifts, lack of supervision and absence of co-workers during certain work hours can make it hard to push through the day, causing them to slack off and be unproductive.

“Some employees … are able to maintain consistently strong work for an entire 10-hour shift, [while] others may check out mentally after hour six or seven, meaning you get fewer useful work hours from them under a compressed schedule,” said Matt Erhard, managing partner at recruiting firm Summit Search Group. “It all comes down to knowing your team, their work style and the type of work they do when you’re deciding whether compressed schedules can work for your team.”

2. There’s potential for burnout.

If an employee is overwhelmed and feels the work will never end, they should step back and take a break to reset with some personal time. By not addressing these feelings, employees will exhaust themselves and head toward burnout, severely hindering their work and demeanor.

By finding ways to prepare for this adjustment mentally and maximizing their out-of-office time, employees can avoid burnout and keep the momentum going to maintain a compressed work schedule.


To help employees avoid burnout on a compressed schedule, allow them to set boundaries and schedule breaks into their workday, regardless of how long it is.

3. There are potential child care and scheduling issues.

Although a compressed schedule can be very beneficial to some, certain employees may find it to be more of an inconvenience. While a compressed schedule gives employees extra personal time and opens up their calendar, it also requires them to work hours that may be inconvenient for coordinating with others.

Scheduling conflicts can often arise when using public transportation, when getting to places such as the bank or DMV that run on strict schedules, or when dropping off or picking up children from school or daycare.

With a compressed workweek, extended hours can cause an employee’s daily availability to be out of sync with other businesses that operate on a 9-to-5 basis. With issues like child care, this could force employees to find alternative solutions, which can mean added expenses.

How do you plan a compressed work schedule?

If you’re considering implementing a compressed work schedule, consider these best practices.

1. Ask the right questions to ensure the plan is solid.

When planning and implementing a compressed work schedule, you need to ask the right questions to avoid issues once an employee’s schedule changes.

You should also consider the customer to ensure this new schedule does not interfere with current business demands, and whether the workload will still be healthy during extended hours. A compressed work schedule may be OK for an overworked employee in the short term, but it could negatively affect them in the long run.


The best employee scheduling software can help you manage schedules across multiple locations and gauge when you’ll need more workers to cover a busy shift.

2. Get employee buy-in.

To keep staff motivated, it’s important to get your employees’ buy-in so that everybody is on the same page and supportive of any changes being implemented. After all, the employees will be most affected by the change.

You must consider what’s right for the company if employees are divided on using a compressed work schedule. If a small minority doesn’t want it, will the policy change, or is it an elective schedule shift? Be sure not to force longer hours on an employee who can’t or doesn’t want to change the agreed-upon schedule in their contract.

3. Communicate with employees.

To ensure a compressed schedule works for all parties, you should openly communicate with your employees on a compressed schedule and monitor the arrangement to see if it’s going smoothly. Giving employees the chance to be open, preferably in a one-on-one setting, will help them see you’re on their side and that they’ll have the support to get through any issues or challenges that arise.

Make sure your whole team is aware of any compressed schedules being implemented. The schedule change could affect the entire team because of some employees’ differing hours and availability. It’s essential to keep everyone’s needs in mind and help the entire team adjust to the new schedule.

Watch for signs that a compressed work schedule arrangement is negatively affecting your employees, including symptoms of overwork and expressed lack of support. It’s critical to ensure all your employees’ needs are being addressed.

How to implement a successful compressed work schedule

Follow these best practices to implement a compressed work schedule.

1. Check your local labor laws.

Labor laws may come into play in certain states, particularly overtime pay laws. For example, California labor laws say a compressed workweek with shifts longer than 10 hours may mean some employees must be compensated for overtime.

Check your state’s rules and regulations regarding overtime and the legal limits for how many hours an employee can work per day to ensure you don’t violate any labor laws.

Did You Know?

In California, employers that wish to implement a compressed workweek must put it to a vote and receive at least two-thirds approval from all affected employees via secret ballot.

2. Use a time and attendance system to keep track of schedules.

To prevent staffing issues due to specific employees’ compressed work schedules and ensure adequate coverage, keep a close eye on your whole team’s hours. The best time and attendance systems allow you to manage schedules, create attendance policies, and change employee timecards as needed if there are last-minute adjustments.

3. Ask for employee feedback.

To make sure a compressed work schedule is beneficial for all parties, request feedback regularly from your employees to see if they can recommend any improvements to the arrangement. Keep track of this feedback and implement suggested changes as often as possible.

4. Modify and remain flexible.

Both employers and employees will need to adjust to compressed work schedules. As an employer, you should remain flexible and open to change to make sure this plan is working for everyone. Keep an open mind and be willing to try different things to figure out the plan that suits each employee best. Don’t be afraid of trial and error or going back to a standard schedule if the schedule shift doesn’t work.

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