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The Phemex Trader’s Arena is live once again, with registrations having started on March 10th. This time, Phemex set a prize pool of up to $2,000,000 (45 BTC), depending on how many participants join the competition. The registration stage will be live until March 24th, when the competition will begin, coming to an end on April 7th.

Phemex Trader’s Arena explained

How is the prize distributed?

78% of the prize will be allocated to the team awards, and it will be distributed as follows:

The 1st spot will earn 25% of the total prize pool.

The 2nd spot will receive 15% of the total prize pool.

The 3rd spot will get 8% of the prize pool.

The remaining 30% will be distributed equally to the teams that placed 4 to 10.

The prize will be further distributed to each team, based on the following system:

The team captain will receive 40% of his team’s reward.

The top 10 traders will equally split 30% of the reward.

The rest of the traders will equally share 30% of the reward.

However, if a team has less than 20 members, the captain will still get 40% of the reward while the rest of the members will equally split the other 60%.

The remaining 22% of the prize pool will be allocated to individual awards, being distributed as follows:

The 1st spot will earn 8% of the total prize pool.

The 2nd spot will receive 5% of the total prize pool. 

The 3rd spot will receive 2% of the total prize pool.

The remaining 7% of the prize will be distributed equally between the players in positions 4 to 10. 

So what is the total prize pool?

Well, that will depend on the number of total participants.

The prize pool can range between 0.2 BTC for 200 participants and can go up to 45 BTC for 18,000+ participants.

At the moment, over 1,000 people joined the Phemex Trader’s Arena, putting the prize pool at 1.5 BTC just one day after registrations were opened. Once the number of participants reaches 2,000, the prize pool will double, going up to 3 BTC.

What else do I need to know?

As in all competitions, the Phemex Trader’s Arena has several rules that participants need to follow.

For starters, your BTC Trading Account Net Value must be at least 0.005 BTC at the time of registration. 

Secondly, each team must have at least 10 participants to be eligible. If a team has fewer than 10 members when the competition begins, the team will be disbanded, and all the members will be randomly assigned to other teams that meet this criterion.

Also, to make the competition as fair as possible, the following actions will result in the immediate disqualification of both individuals and teams:

Batch account registrations

Profits from market manipulation

Reverse transactions between team members

API trading is also prohibited for every participant, and sub-accounts will not count as individual participants in the competition.

About Phemex

Phemex is a cryptocurrency trading platform founded in 2023 by Jack Tao and a team of experienced Wall Street traders and investors. After identifying some of the existing problems with the crypto industry, such as lack of trustworthiness and proper customer support, they dedicated themselves to building a simple, efficient, and trustworthy trading platform.

The platform supports both spot and contract trading and allows its users to buy cryptocurrency through various methods, including credit and debit cards, ApplePay, and bank transfers.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Phemex Trader’s Arena and get your share of the prize!

You're reading Phemex Trader’s Arena – Competition With A Prize Pool Of Up To $2,000,000

Bet On Football And Get A Share Of 6 Btc Prize Pool At 1Xbit

1xBit, in its element, are out yet again with another mouthwatering tournament that will be available to all users. This time around, it is bigger and better. Bet on the top 6 European leagues and get a share of the 6 BTC prize pool! This is an opportunity to win big prizes out of your support for your favorite teams. Exciting, right?

How to participate

To get started on this offer, follow the steps below:

Navigate to the


official website

Log in to the website

Bet on the EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, and Primeira Liga matches and collect promo tickets

The more promo tickets you amass, the more your chances of winning the tournament prizes.

1xBit benefits

Now that we have covered all bases as regards what the tournament entails, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using 1xBit.

An extensive list of sports

If you are a big fan of sports betting, then you will most likely be delighted by the extensive range of sports available for betting on this platform. As of the time of writing this review, 1xBit offers betting markets on over 30 sports.

What is particularly impressive about their market offerings is that there is almost an equal distribution of betting markets across all sports, though there is a broader range of options for football. As such, regardless of what sports you may be interested in, you are very likely to find what suits your choice on this site.

Live betting

The live betting feature is one key benefit that makes betting on 1xBit super exciting. This feature allows you as a bettor to place bets on live games and still win prizes.

The particularly impressive thing about 1xBit’s live betting as compared to others is the broad range of live games that are constantly available, and the highly functional statistics tab on each live game, which makes it possible for bettors to make more informed decisions before placing bets.

Promotions with generous prize pools

As a matter of fact, 1xBit makes it a tradition to release at least two new promotions with mouthwatering prize pools every month. This way, you never run dry of offers to explore.

Over 40 cryptocurrencies

As of the time of writing this review, there are over 40 cryptocurrencies that are currently acceptable on 1xBit.

Since the platform is a crypto-based betting platform, it is only rational that it provides a range of cryptocurrencies that can be maximized for processing transactions.

Welcome offer of up to 7 BTC

A large number of 1xBit users today joined the platform because of the mouthwatering welcome bonus that’s on offer. To date, there is no platform that comes close to offering up to 7 BTC in welcome bonuses on 1-4th deposits. Boost your first deposit bonus up to 125% with promo code SIX1X! This is one of the benefits that set the platform apart from others currently available today.

Easy registration

This whole process promises to take less than 1 minute.


Sign up today on 1xBit and take part in the Super Six tournament with an extensive range of prizes waiting to be won! 

How To Set Up A Raspberry Pi Module With Default Settings

Raspberry Pi is a single board, low powered single board computer available for a very low price. It is one of the best boards to build solutions that come under the Internet of things or IoT. It comes out of the box with an operating system calls as NOOBS which comes out as New Out Of the Box Software. In this guide, we will be taking a look at how to set this default environment up for a new Raspberry Pi board.

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Set up Raspberry Pi module with default settings

We will talk about the following aspects of setting up the Raspberry Pi module with default settings:

The Power Supply

The Storage.

Input devices.

The output display.

These are the minimum components that will help you in setting up the Raspberry Pi module. In addition to these, you can also connect a case, ethernet connection, and more.

The following will be the steps to get Raspberry Pi ready:

Get the SD Card ready.

Powering on the Raspberry Pi.

Setting up the environment.

1] Get the SD Card ready

Get the latest version of NOOBS or RASPBIAN from their official website here.

Extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP to the formatted SD Card using your Windows 10 computer.

2] Powering on the Raspberry Pi

To make sure that all the components of the board are safe, you would have to plug in the components in the given order.

Insert the SD card where you extracted the files for your operating system.

Connect the USB Mouse and then the keyboard.

Finally, plug in the display cable not matter if you are using HDMI or VGA.

Just plug in any of the optional devices if you want to.

And just plug in the power supply and boot it.

You will see the following loading screen on the main display.

There you go.

You will land on this Desktop after a few seconds.

Next, we will be setting up the environment.

3] Setting up the environment

Run the Welcome to Raspberry Pi application.

It will take you through the setup guide.

Select Next to initiate the setup.

Set your Country, Language, and Timezone and then select Next to proceed ahead.

Put up a strong password and select Next again.

Set up your WiFI on the next screen and upon selecting Next, it will check for software updates,

If any updates are found, it will download and install it.

You will get a Setup Complete message. Now, you will have to Restart your Pi immediately or later to complete the setup.

In case you need some further help, you can always refer to their Help section of the Raspberry Pi project.

How do I reset my Raspberry Pi to default settings?

Normally, the only way to restore or reset your Raspberry Pi OS is by unplugging the SD Card, formatting the card, re-write the OS image, and then plugging back the SD Card. If you want, you can also use a gist from chúng tôi that lets you factory reset your Raspbian OS. That gist provides the scripts for creating an image file of Raspberry Pi OS including an option to factory reset it. You won’t have to unplug the SD Card and format it to factory reset Raspberry Pi OS.

How do I change the configuration on my Raspberry Pi?

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Entrapped Takes Redstone Top Prize

Entrapped Takes Redstone Top Prize 32nd annual film festival plays to packed house

Redstone first prize winner Maggie Kimball (COM’12) and COM’s Jan Egleson, festival coordinator. Photos by Vernon Doucette

Entrapped, a comedy about a young woman’s efforts to lose a clinging boyfriend, took the top prize at the 2012 Redstone Film Festival Wednesday night. Written, directed, and edited by Maggie Kimball (COM’12), the quirky comedy had the packed house at the Tsai Performance Center laughing throughout its nine-minute run.

“I’m shocked I won. I was hoping for maybe third place,” said Kimball, who took home a $2,000 cash prize. “I think people could relate to my film because everyone’s gone through a crazy or bad breakup.” Kimball said the film would have “fallen to crap” if it weren’t for actors Alex Highsmith (CFA’11), Edmund Donovan (CFA’12), and Sydney Lemmon (CFA’12).

Second place went to Julian Cornwell (COM’10) and Harry Joseph (COM’10), directors of Long Way Home, a suspenseful tale of two brothers who are on the run. The Runner, a dramatic film by Jim Dandee (COM’13), took third place. The short film, about a young woman’s struggle with a haunting memory, was shot on Boston’s Esplanade.

“I thought all of the nominated films were strong,” said festival coordinator Jan Egleson, a College of Communication associate professor of the practice of film and television. “They were all really interesting, and different. They showed what BU does and what we do well.”

The 32nd annual Redstone Film Festival, sponsored by media mogul Sumner Redstone (Hon.’94), chair of Viacom, showcased films and screenplays created by undergraduate and graduate students in COM filmmaking and screenwriting programs. This year’s contest saw 40 films submitted, and 6 were deemed finalists by a committee of production, screenwriting, and film-studies graduates.

The festival winners were then selected by a panel of film industry professionals, made up this year of Carolyn Pickman, cofounder and director of CP Casting and Acting Studio; filmmaker Lyda Kuth, executive director of the LEF Foundation, a nonprofit that supports contemporary work in film; and 
filmmaker and cinematographer D’arcy Marsh.

The other 2012 Redstone finalists were Padrick Ritch (COM’12), director of Limbus, the story of a man’s flashbacks before a proposal; Anna Gerstenfeld (COM’12), Emma Kazarian (COM’11), Stephen Matter (COM’11), and Chandler Stephen (COM’12), the team behind TAG, about a duel between a young graffiti artist and an anonymous tagger; and Ron Utin Lalkin (COM’11), director of Guppy Love, a romantic comedy about a fish biologist on a blind date.

The winners of the Fleder-Rosenberg short screenplay contest, sponsored by screenwriters Gary Fleder (COM’85) and Scott Rosenberg (COM’85), were also announced at last night’s festival. Rachel Tesler (COM’13) won the $1,250 first place prize for her screenplay Little Lost Puppy, Julia Iglesias (COM’14) took the $750 second place award for Coming Out, and in third place was Samuel Laskey (COM’13), receiving $500 for The Crib.

In addition to the three winners, the finalists for the Fleder-Rosenberg competition were Jason Mark Hellerman (COM’12), Nancy; Sharon Zemina (COM’12), Leaves of Love; Leah Thomas (COM’13), If We Shadows Have Offended; and Joseph Dwyer (COM’13), Clean Copy.

New this year was the Adrienne Shelly Production Grant. Shelly (COM’87), a producer, writer, and actress, was tragically murdered in her New York City home in 2006. She was most famous for directing The Waitress, which played at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

Shelly’s husband, Andy Ostroy, executive director of the Adrienne Shelly Foundation, attended last night’s Redstone Festival to award the first Adrienne Shelly Production Grant, which went to Kim Rideout (COM’12) for her script The Doghouse. Rideout will use the $5,000 prize to produce the film in her Production III class.

Paul Schneider, a COM associate professor and department chair, noted that the top prizes in the three categories, film, screenplay, and the new one, the Adrienne Shelly Production Grant, all went to women. Schneider said he hoped to see more women in the top-level production classes at COM.

The Boston Redstone Film Festival is followed in March by Redstone festivals in New York and Los Angeles. New and different films will be competing in those festivals. The Redstone Alumni Short Film Competition, started last year, is open to film and television alumni. The winning film will be shown at the Los Angeles screening, along with those of the finalists in the student competition. This year’s alumni winner gets $500.

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What’s Up With The Wto?

What’s up with the WTO? IR Professor Kevin Gallagher has some answers

Kevin Gallagher

Kevin Gallagher, a College of Arts and Sciences international relations professor, will be attending the ministerial meetings of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Hong Kong, China, from December 13 to 17, as both a guest and an observer.

While delegates debate various global trade agreement proposals, Gallagher will hold workshops for trade negotiators from developing countries. He has been invited to speak at the Hong Kong Trade and Development Symposium, where academics and policy-makers will be assessing the developmental impacts of the negotiations.

To put the WTO in context, Gallagher answered some questions from BU Today:

Q: Why is this conference important to us as Americans?

A secure and stable world trading system helps Americans by providing export markets for our products while allowing us to import goods from countries that do a better job than we can. The U.S. economy stands to gain $4.9 billion if the U.S. government manages to get cuts in support for agricultural producers in industrialized nations. If structured correctly, a WTO deal would also enable developing countries to grow their economies — which would mean more exports and imports for the United States in the future.

Unfortunately the talks are in gridlock — industrialized nations are being accused of making dramatic demands on the poorer countries, but refusing to make concessions themselves. According to the World Bank, current proposals by the developed countries would yield $80 billion for industrialized countries and only $16 billion for the developing countries, or less than a penny per person per day in the developing world.

Q: What would make the Hong Kong WTO conference a success?

Different countries will have different answers to that question. Indeed, countries will be asking themselves whether no agreement will be better than the current proposals. For many, the answer to that question would be ‘yes.’

For instance, nations in the Middle East and North Africa are projected to be worse off by $600 million, Mexico stands to lose $900 million. The United States, on the other hand, will gain $4.9 billion if the U.S. government manages to get cuts in support for agricultural producers in industrialized nations.

Q: Do you expect that there will there be success in Hong Kong?

Expectations are low for Hong Kong at this point. At best the ministers will agree on new deadlines to agree — a frustrating process. But that’s the nature of WTO decision-making. It’s a consensus vote, so all 149 countries have to agree on every sentence. Too much is at stake for the meetings to end as abruptly as they have in the past. There will be a declaration with modest goals and new deadlines.

Q: With such frustration inevitable, what does the future hold in store for the WTO?

If these talks don’t end up in a final deal, say in the year 2006, at some point the WTO may lose its legitimacy. That would accentuate the rush to regional trade agreements, where the benefits to Americans and other countries are more ambiguous.

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How To Become A Person Of Culture (With Pictures)

Choose a genre that you have genuine interest in, such as fantasy or romantic fiction. Research the best books of that genre as judged by book enthusiasts, and read them. You may want to look up books in other genres that interest you while you’re at it. If there is a genre you are not sure about, try it, and you might actually enjoy it.

After you feel you’ve become reasonably well-read in one genre choose another. Also, read some classic or recommended books. You might understand and enjoy some books of past cultures by reading books of the present culture.


Word-of-mouth is the best way to become aware of which contemporary films to watch. You may remember your friends talking about a certain film. Go to the video store and scan the shelves to find names of movies you may recognise.

Look up reviews about a film on Wikipedia before you watch it, just to make sure you’re not wasting your time (if you’re pressed for time). However, remember sometimes critics’ opinions are not always right.

It is important to do your research. If you don’t understand a certain film, then look it up on Wikipedia or somewhere on the internet. Sometimes an old movie will contain references to other classic films. As a result, you can learn about other works. When you watch these type of films, you will soon be able to appreciate more of them than you could previously.

Don’t restrict yourself to English-language films. There are many other films out there worth watching, they are just in different languages.

Look up good TV programs that you think you might enjoy. There are many types, ranging from situation comedies to drama. Wikipedia usually has information on popular TV shows. You can look up ratings or just ask around.

Don’t forget to be open-minded. TV shows you thought you might not like might turn out to be your favourite show. It has happened.

If you really like a TV show and you think you’d watch it again, then buy the DVDs.

Watch TV channels like Discovery andThe History Channel. This is a painless way to get involved in topics such as the origins of impressionist art or the history of English kings.

For example, while it is important for a person to listen and enjoy songs with non-cliché lyrics, it is also important that one is able to enjoy music without lyrics at all, just for the mood it can set, or the story it can tell without of words.

The ability to appreciate classical music is not as daunting as it seems. Just listen to some famous musical pieces, and you will most definitely understand why.

Be very open-minded. There is a lot of music out there which may not fit into any genre, but you may enjoy it. Don’t reject certain forms of music just because you have never heard them.

Listen to albums, not just singles. You might develop an interest in songs that never gained much popularity. Yet, this is not to say you won’t enjoy the memorable ones.

Listen to bands. Many bands have been around for a long time, in spite of this fact, some of their music is still fresh. This will give you access to older music, and you’ll be able to hone an appreciation for it.

Listen to music from other countries and in other languages. You’ll be surprised.

Learn a musical instrument. Once you listen to some good music, it will be natural for you to try to learn an instrument and create your own.

If you don’t like “shooting” games, there are many other types of video games that you may like. Do your research and you’ll find there’s a lot more variety than you originally thought. Role-playing games, RPGs, especially open world RPGs, are good to lose yourself in. However, some people prefer simpler games like platformers.

Don’t worry if you actually enjoy video games. That’s a good thing. It doesn’t automatically make you a nerd, it just adds more complexity to your personality.

Video-gaming is quite an expensive hobby, so make sure you try them before you buy them.

While you may feel like you already know a lot about the Internet, learn about the history of the Internet, and check out memes and viral videos so that you have a greater understanding of it.

Set your homepage to Wikipedia and read an article each day about something which seems “cultured” to you. In a very short time, you will know quite a bit more than you know now.

If there is one art form you particularly like, such as dancing or sculpting, then become practised in it.

World history. This is probably the most important cultural asset for you to acquire, since it provides pathways into other domains of knowledge and contextualizes its discoveries.

Geography. Again, a person of culture should not be ignorant of where countries or famous landmarks are.

Basic Sciences: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology. Unless you want to follow a career in the sciences, a refined knowledge in the sciences isn’t completely necessary. Instead, make sure you have a sound understanding of the sciences at a high school level.

Economics. This is very relevant in understanding today’s world.

Psychology. A note about misconceptions: there is a huge misconception that Psychology is not a science, or that it is bogus. Read up on experimental methodology and actually educate yourself about it before believing those claims. Psychology is of extreme importance in today’s society, becoming increasingly more so as the world becomes more complicated.

Art and Architecture


Part of becoming cultured is learning about other cultures, not just your own. Try to free yourself from ignorance and media-fed stereotypes you have about other societies/religions.

Always try to empathize with all parties while learning. It is very important to challenge your prejudices. No one is inherently good or evil; instead you should aim to understand the motives for actions. Otherwise you will not understand other cultures.

Think for yourself. Don’t let others dictate your opinions.


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