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Outlook Account Suspended: How to Get it Back Discover sure-shot solutions that do the trick!




When Outlook shows that the account has been temporarily suspended, you won’t be able to access mails or change settings.

The issue arises when Outlook detects suspicious activity or promotional intent.

To fix things, verify the Outlook account, enter a mobile number, or clear the browsing data, amongst other solutions.



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Outlook users often describe receiving the error Your account has been temporarily suspended. This might happen when you create a new Hotmail/Outlook account without a phone number.

Give it a few days, and it might eventually display this message when signing in. And if you, too, have been facing the problem, keep reading to find out all about it!

Why is my Outlook account suspended?

Besides that, Outlook is also extremely strict in keeping its products and services up to its policies. If it happens to discover any suspicious activity, Microsoft temporarily suspends your account.

Using Windows Live at different locations, as well as sending unsolicited promotional or commercial content to people you don’t know, may lock down your account for a temporary period.

What can I do when the Outlook account is suspended? 1. Verify the account


The phone number you’re entering doesn’t have to be the one associated with your account.

Log in to your suspended Microsoft account.

Enter your phone number to request a security code be sent to you via text message.

After the text arrives, enter the security code you received on your phone.

Immediately change your password to complete the unlocking process.

Once done, you should be able to access the suspended Outlook. And make sure to change the password right away to prevent the issue from reappearing.

2. Try a different phone number

In case of not getting any security code in the next few minutes, you may want to try a different number. That’s also recommended if you see the usage limit exceeded error message when requesting the code.

This basically means the phone number has been used too many times in a short period of time or that Microsoft detected a form of unusual activity related to the phone number itself.

3. Clear the browser cache


The procedure varies from one browser to another. This doesn’t change the fact that clearing your web browser’s cache, cookies, and history may remove data such as saved passwords, shopping cart contents, and more.

One way or another, you’ve done something that violates the Microsoft Services Agreement. That’s why you’ve seen the Your account has been temporarily suspended Outlook error, but we hope you’ve addressed the issue already.

Before you leave, find out how to speed up Outlook in Windows.

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Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile? Here’s How To Fix It

Sometimes when you open Outlook, the program seems to be loading but doesn’t open at all. This is a common problem that many users face across all versions of Outlook.

Usually, factors like corrupted files, hardware acceleration, and more can cause Outlook to stop responding. So, let’s explore the causes further and how to fix Outlook getting stuck on loading profile: 

Why Does Outlook Get Stuck on Loading Profile?

Add-in applications and extensions

Corrupt data files

Weak internet connection

Outdated Windows

Compatibility preferences

Hardware acceleration

Here is a list of why Outlook is stuck on loading profile:

How to Fix Outlook Getting Stuck on Loading Profile on Windows?

Let’s look at some of the ways to fix Outlook getting stuck: 

Disable Add-in and Extensions

External add-in applications and extensions, such as Skype, Teams are external to Outlook, which can cause interferences in the system.

In order to know whether add-ins and extensions are causing the issue, you need to open Outlook in safe mode. This is because safe mode does not include add-ins and extensions while operating. To open Outlook in safe mode, please follow the steps below:

If your Outlook works fine after this, the issue is due to certain add-ins and extensions. To open Outlook in normal mode, disable all the add-ins in the safe mode. To do this, please follow the steps below:

Relaunch the Outlook in normal mode. Now you can start enabling the add-ins one by one and see if a certain add-in causes the issue. Once you find it, you can disable that certain add-in and again check to see whether Outlook works in the normal mode.

Repair Outlook Data Files

If Outlook has corrupt data files, it can prevent the application from loading. Outlook comes with an inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool that diagnoses and repairs corrupt data files related to Outlook. Before using the tool, you might want to back up some of the important files just in case. This option is also available during the process of repairing the files. Once the backup is done, please follow the steps below:

Create New Profile

Creating a new profile also creates a new PST file. If you do not have time to repair the corrupt files with the steps below, you can just create a new profile. Here’s how you can do it:

Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

You can also install the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant. The application detects issues and offers solutions. You can install it from Microsoft’s official website.

Close All the Office Processes

Sometimes just restarting Outlook and closing other office-related software helps to clear away glitches that may prevent Outlook from loading. This step is also necessary before running any repairs. In order to close all the Office processes, please follow the steps below:

Disable Outlook Presence Features

In addition to closing all the office processes, you can also disable Outlook presence features to ensure that all the outlook related programs and features are closed. To do this, please follow the steps below: 

Disable Compatibility Preferences

All versions of Outlook are fully compatible with Windows so there is no reason to enable compatibility preference. Instead, sometimes compatibility preferences do not support Outlook which can prevent it from loading. In order to disable compatibility preferences, please follow the steps below: 

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration allows the computer to offload some of CPUs tasks to other hardware that can perform the activity better. As such, the tasks run faster. However, sometimes this can overheat the system and cause more harm in the system’s operations. In order to disable hardware acceleration please follow the steps below:

Update Windows

Outdated Windows can impact the overall performance of your system, one of which may be preventing Outlook from loading. In order to update Windows, please follow the steps below:

How to Fix Outlook Getting Stuck in Mac

Your Mac can have the same issue of Outlook getting stuck due to similar causes such as corrupted profiles and lack of updates. Follow the steps below to address these issues. 

Update Outlook

In order to update Outlook, please follow the steps below: 

Update Add-ins

You should also make sure all the add-ins and extensions are up to date. In order to update the add-ins, please follow the steps below:

Create New Profile

To create a new profile for your Outlook in Mac, follow the steps below:

Try opening the Outlook with the new profile, if it opens then the issue lies with the previous profile. For this, you need to rebuild To fix this, follow the steps below:

Go to the search button located on the top right corner.

Paste ~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile/Data.

A data file should open.

Scroll to find Outlook.sqllite and drag the file to your desktop.

Open Outlook with the original profile. 

Outlook will inform “there is a problem and Outlook needs to rebuild”.

Follow the onscreen instructions.

Update Mac

To check for updates and install them, please follow the steps below:

Outlook Preview Not Working – Why & How To Fix It

In such case, you should install applications to view this preview. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, make sure to download it before moving on to the following steps.

If this doesn’t work, read this article to find the causes and its solution for Outlook preview not working issue. 

It is very hard to pinpoint the causes for your outlook preview not working, but the fixes for this issue are quite easy. We have gathered some issues that might be the culprit for your preview not working.

Disabled Attachment Preview: When your Attachment Preview is not enabled, you won’t have access to your email preview.

Windows firewall Service Not Running: if your Windows firewall service is disabled, you might receive a message saying, “This file cannot be previewed because of an error with the following previewer” while previewing the email. 

Issue With Preview Panel: Sometimes, when there is a problem setting the view tab, you might face a slight issue in your preview panel. This might make you think your preview is not working in your Outlook. 

Previewer Not Installed: If you don’t have the proper application downloaded on your computer to view the mail, you won’t be able to open it. 

Sender Sent Older File Extension Type: If the sender has sent you an old file extension type of email, you might not get to see it on the preview.

There are many options for you to solve this issue but before we move on to these steps, make sure you are aware of what changes you are bringing to your outlook. Here’re some of the solutions to fix the problem with your Outlook preview.  

There are previewers like HTML previewers, Microsoft previewers, and so on that lets you preview your mail on Outlook. However, if they don’t have the excess to show the previews, you won’t be able to see it.

To enable the previews, follow these steps:

After following these steps, restart your Outlook and see if the preview is working or not.

When your Windows Firewall Service is disabled, you might not be able to preview documents in your Outlook. An error message saying, “This file cannot be previewed because of an error with the following previewer” may appear. 

Here’re the steps to enable the Firewall service:

Following these steps will enable the Windows Firewall Service on your computer, which might have been the cause of your issue. 

If nothing works, you can always update your MS office to the latest version to get rid of such glitches on your Outlook.

Here’re the steps:

This could be another option to solve your Outlook preview not working issue.

Disabling the protected view is not a permanent solution; however, it lets you see the preview on your Outlook. Using this as a one-time thing would be a better idea. If you turn Protected View off, it won’t protect or give security to your device from the harmful files you might receive in your Outlook.

Follow these steps:

Make sure to enable it all once your outlook preview starts working.

If the document is not opening, try optimizing the user interface for compatibility. Open your previewer, i.e. MS Word, Excel, etc., and follow these steps to fix your issue.

You can use this method for all different applications prior to trying to preview documents in outlook.

A registry is a folder of settings and information related to the installed software and hardware documents stored in Windows. Error on the registry can cause your preview to not function so make sure to backup registry before moving further. In such cases, you can try changing the Value Data.

Restart your computer after following these steps, and recheck if it’s working now or not. 

If you can’t see previews on your Outlook or it keeps on glitching, you can simply reset the view under the view tab. Along with changing the outlook view, you can also change the layout of the preview panel, which could be the cause of your issue

It shows the email in the reading panel beside or below the preview. This might be handy when the email doesn’t open in another tab. 

How To Build Suspended Corner Shelves (With Pictures)

Each end of your 1×3 inch (2.54×7.62 cm) board should be cut at a 45 degree angle.

Read the instruction manual for your miter saw and remember to keep your hands away from the blade.

Wear goggles and a face mask when cutting wood.

This board will act as a pattern that will help you build the rest of your shelves.[2]


Measure the bottom of the shelf on a 1/4-inch (0.63 cm) plywood. Repeat the process that you just did, but this time on a thinner, 1/4-inch (0.63 cm), piece of plywood. Lay the 1×3 inch (2.54×7.62 cm) board that you cut previously over this piece of plywood and use a pencil to draw a straight line to create a triangle. This piece of wood will act as the bottom of your shelf.

Make straight cuts through the lines you drew on the plywood. Cut each piece of your plywood with a circular saw. Each of these pieces of plywood should be equal in size because you used the same piece of 1×3 inch (2.54×7.62 cm) board as a stencil to draw your cutting line.

Doing this will give you the exact dimensions of your frame without having to re-measure.

Cut the lines that you created. Cut the 45-degree angles to create the frame for your shelves on the 1×2-inch (2.54x 5.08 cm) piece of wood. This piece of wood will be the front of your frame.

Line up the two boards to create the tip of the frame. Take the excess board that you cut away from your 1×2-inch (2.54x 5.08 cm) board and line it up on the 45-degree angle of your freshly cut board. The boards should fit together flush on a the 45 degree angle that you cut. It should look like two sides of a triangle.

Cut the last piece of wood to create the last piece of your frame. Using the circular saw again, cut the line that you just created on the 1×2-inch (2.54x 5.08 cm) piece of excess wood. This cut will be a straight line, at the bottom of the triangle, rather than a 45-degree angle.

Cutting the last part of the frame 3/4 of an inch (1.905 cm) shorter will allow all pieces of your frame to line up.

Assemble your frame. Line up the three sides of your frame and drive nails into all three corners of the frame. The nail should be driven through two sides of the triangle each time. Make sure that the nails connect each piece of the wooden frame together, securely.

If there are studs near the corner of your wall, drive the nails into them instead of the sheetrock.

Use wall anchors and screws to better support your corner shelf if you are using more weight.

Nail or staple the top and bottom of the shelf to the frame. Take the triangular pieces of plywood that you cut previously and set the thicker piece on top of the shelf. Drive nails or screws into the surface of the plywood and into your wooden frame to secure the top of the corner shelf to the frame. Your project is now complete and you can use your corner shelves to store things.


Windows Audio Service Needs Restart At Login To Get Sound Back

Have you ever experienced a restart issue with Windows Audio Service? If yes, here is a guide to help you through this issue with easy tips. Many users have said that they get a Windows Audio Service needs a restart error message every time they restart their computer. You may also encounter a problem while playing videos, music, and playing games. It is observed while watching YouTube videos and can be caused due to outdated drivers, a large amount of cache data, or installation issues in the Audio service itself.

Windows Audio Service needs restart

If the Windows Audio Service needs to be restarted manually at login to get the sound back, you can try the following suggestions to fix the issue:

Check dependencies of the Windows Audio Service

Manually restart Windows Audio Service

Update or Rollback Audio driver

Run Audio Troubleshooter

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State

Let us look at these solutions in more detail.

1] Check dependencies of the Windows Audio Service

Windows Audio Service manages audio for Windows-based programs. If this service is stopped, audio devices and effects will not function properly. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start. For it to perform normally, its following Dependencies too should be working normally.

Windows Audio Endpoint Builder Service

Startup – Automatic

Status – Running

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

Startup – Automatic

Status – Running

So ensure that the Service configuration of these two Services is as mentioned.

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2] Manually restart Windows Audio Service

Now having checked the Dependencies, you can then restart it manually.

You need to ensure the following configuration:

Windows Audio Service

Startup – Automatic

Status – Running

For the same, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

Locate Windows Audio Services in the Service window.

Ensure that the Startup type is set to Automatic.

Restart the computer and see if you can play both music and video.

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3] Update or Rollback Audio driver

An outdated driver might also be the reason for the Audio Service issue. In such a case, you can update the audio driver to the latest version.

Follow one of the methods below to update your device drivers:

You may check for Driver Updates via Windows Update to update your drivers

You may visit the manufacturer’s site to download the drivers.

Use a free driver update software

If you have the INF driver file already on your computer then:

Open Device Manager.

Select Update Driver.

Follow the on-screen wizard to finish updating your audio drivers.

If you recently updated your Audio driver and then started facing this issue, then you may want to consider a Rollback.

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4] Run Audio Troubleshooter

Windows 11/10 already includes Playing Audio Troubleshooter and Recording Audio Troubleshooter, which you can easily invoke via the Control Panel, the Taskbar Search or the Troubleshooters tab of our freeware FixWin. You can also access the Troubleshooters Page in Windows 11/10.

Run it and see if that helps.

5] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State

Perform a Clean Boot:

Open your system as an Administrator. Press the Win + R key together to launch the Run dialogue box.

Now type MSConfig and then hit Enter to proceed with the steps.

Now, select the Startup tab followed by the Open Task Manager option.

Restart the device.

Once in Clean Boot State, you need to manually locate the offender and then disable or remove that process or program.

We hope this guide helps you. Do let us know in case of any suggestions.

Additional help links:

What is Windows Audio Service?

Windows Audio Service manages the audio device for Windows-based programs. If it stops working, the audio devices and effects will not work properly. If this service is disabled, any service that depends on it will not start.

How do I restart Windows Audio Service?

Do the following to manually restart the Windows Audio Service:

Locate Windows Audio Services in the Service Manager window

How do you know if the computer has inbuilt speakers?

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Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page.

You only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.


Before you begin with guide instructions below, make sure your android device is adequately charged — at least 50% battery of the device.


To make sure your device is eligible with this, you must first confirm its model no. in ‘About device’ option under Settings. Another way to confirm model no. is by looking for it on the packaging box of your device. It must be SGH-M919!

Do not use the procedures discussed here on any other Galaxy S4 (including the Galaxy S4 variant at Verizon, US-Cellular, AT&T, Cricket and other International variants) or any other device of Samsung or any other company. You have been warned!


Back up important data and stuff before you start playing around here as there are chances you might lose your apps and app-data (app settings, game progress, etc.), and in rare case, files on the internal memory, too.

For help on Backup and Restore, check out our exclusive page on that linked right below.



You must have proper and working driver installed on your windows computer to be able to successfully flash stock firmware on your T-Mobile Galaxy S4. In case you’re not sure, follow the link below for a definitive guide for installing driver for your Galaxy S4 on your computer.



Download the Odin zip file and firmware file given below. Transfer both Odin and firmware file to a separate folder on your computer just to keep things tidy.


Important Note: Backup important files stored on internal SD card of your device, so that in case a situation arises requiring you to do a factory reset after flashing stock firmware, which might delete internal sd card too, your files will remain safe on PC.

Extract/Unzip the Odin zip file, Latest Odin3 on your computer (using 7-zip free software, preferably) to get this file: Odin3 v3.09.exe

Extract/Unzip the Firmware zip file, on your computer (using 7-zip free software, preferably) to get this file: M919UVUEMK2_M919TMBEMK2_M919UVUEMK2_HOME.tar.md5

Move the firmware file, M919UVUEMK2_M919TMBEMK2_M919UVUEMK2_HOME.tar.md5, in the same folder in which you extracted Latest Odin3 (Just for your convenience, that is). So, now you’ll have the following files in that folder:

Odin3 v3.09.exe


Disconnect the Galaxy S4 from PC if it is connected.

Boot your T-Mobile Galaxy S4 into Download Mode:

Power off your phone first and wait for 6-7 seconds after display is off

Press and hold these 3 buttons together until you see Warning! screen: Volume Down + Power + Home

If you don’t get the Added! message, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Make sure you have installed driver for Galaxy S4 as said above in ‘Before you begin..’ section.

If you have already installed driver, then uninstall them and re-install back.

Connect using a different USB port on your PC.

Try a different USB cable. The original cable that came with your phone should work best, if not, try any other cable that’s new and of good quality.

Reboot phone and PC and then try again.

Load the firmware file (extracted in Step 1) into Odin as instructed below:

Now in the Option section of Odin, make sure that Re-Partition box is unchecked. (Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time boxes remain checked, while all other boxes remain unchecked.)

Double check the above two steps.

If you see FAIL message instead of the PASS in Odin’s top left box, that’s a problem. Try this now: disconnect your Galaxy S4 from PC, close Odin, remove phone’s battery and put it back inside in 3-4 seconds, open Odin and then repeat from Step 3 of this guide again.

Also, If device is Stuck at setup connection or on any other process, then too, try this: disconnect your S4 from PC, close Odin, remove phone’s battery and put it back inside in 3-4 seconds, open Odin and then repeat from Step 3 of this guide again.


Your suggestions and queries, if any, are most welcomed!

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