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Examples of how to communicate your offer effectively

Simply put, value propositions are the reasons retailers use to persuade us to buy products or services from them rather than competitors. From a retailer’s perspective we also consider them sales tools. This includes benefits provided by products/services or even the website, functionality, customer service, loyalty schemes etc.

This tends to be done really well by retailers offline, but for some reason online value proposition (OVPs) becomes a watery-at-best version – and this is something that is quite possibly MORE important online than offline.

Yes, there are lots of other elements which must be considered when it comes to website design, but you must ensure that you don’t lose sight of your OVP and that it is visible through the user journey- not just when they hit the home page of your website.

Examples of including your value proposition across customer journeys

So if your site already has good calls to action and the traffic coming to site is relevant yet you still have a relatively low conversion rate – the answer could be the lack of an OVP. But with so many different value propositions, how do you choose one and who does this well?

Simply put, you can have more than one for different audiences, channels and situations. It’s just important to ensure that you use the most appropriate OVP for the channel because value propositions can be communicated even before a consumer reaches your site.

For example, chúng tôi have included OVPs in their title and meta tags so that the consumer is aware at the stage that they are browsing on Google that they offer free delivery, great deals and gifts for all occasions.

The reinforcement of OVPs run throughout the site with the free delivery proposition again being reinforced at category level:

Free delivery, positive customer feedback scores and their ‘Superpoints’ loyalty scheme savings feature at product level:

So in terms of the bottom line, what does having an OVP actually mean? Some tests we have conducted on our clients have provided some really interesting results.

For higher ticket branded items it was a different OVP included in the Meta description – detailing that they were Official Suppliers- which resulted in the increased CTR, where all other on-page OVPs remained the same.

In other on-page examples, the inclusion of an OVP in the header image on the top right of a client’s site (every page, site wide) resulted in an over 30% increase in the goal conversion rate on that site. For OVPs to provide these kind of conversion increases, it is important to be aware that they must be highlighted site wide- through every step of the buying process (remember you only have between 8-13 seconds to get across what your OVP is).

But as touched on in the meta description example, it is also very important to understand the different personas of people using your site to enable you to identify which OVP is likely to work best for which persona.

In the above example on our clients’ site, CTRs to lower priced products’ pages increased as a result of pushing their ‘Free delivery and Returns’ OVP. Yet on their high ticket items it was the ‘Official Supplier’ OVP which worked. So understand the customer journey and buying decisions of your customers to work out which OVP is most suited to different personas.

Taking another look back at the chúng tôi example you can see how they change their OVP to suit their different personas. In this example for customers looking for appliance they push the OVP that they have a great range of ‘trusted household brands’ indicating that they are more than well aware of the persona that is likely to look at this category of product:

To sum it up your OVP is one part of your online sales team. If you don’t put prompts in place to close the sale, your sales tool won’t work! But ensure that you know what value your customer holds dear. You wouldn’t try to push an OVP of huge product choice on a page where you only stocked two products of a brand range would you?

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5 Ways To Advertise Your Cbd Brand Online

The North American cannabis industry is expected to reach $16 billion by the end of 2023.

CBD is one of the most profitable product categories in the industry and is projected to bring in total revenue of $1.6 billion in the U.S. within the next couple of years.

As one of the fastest-growing trends in consumer goods, it’s difficult to ignore the growing presence of cannabidiol (CBD).

Here at Hallam, we’ve been approached to develop market penetration strategies for a number of CBD clients. These often encompass creative SEO strategies to target long-tail searches, alongside content and PR campaigns designed to gain brand recognition in what’s becoming a rapidly saturated market.

While they are certainly worth investing time in, relying purely on organic and earned media strategies will take time to generate traction for a new brand.

Like any other industry, CBD brands should still have an eye on paid media as an acquisition strategy.

1. Display Advertising

From syndicated content to high-end ad placements, using platforms like FieldTest can prove a great way of gaining brand awareness and traffic via premium inventory outside of the Google Display Network.

2. Influencer Marketing

Partnering with influencers enables CBD brands to reach a wider audience through organic social posts by tapping into individuals who already have a large community of followers.

Choosing the right influencers is essential to ensure a strong brand fit.

It’s also important to keep in mind that sometimes influencers with smaller audiences can actually be better options for brands than influencers with larger reach but less engagement in the CBD niche.

3. Native Advertising

This strategy usually revolves around placing sponsored content on third-party websites, billed on a CPC or a CPM basis.

Many native platforms have restrictions on the type of content that’s able to be promoted. That said, there are strategies available to navigate the restrictive policies of many native platforms as explained in this post on the native platform StackAdapt.

By placing sponsored content into publications like Forbes, for example, with millions of monthly active users, you can leverage the scale of their audience to grow awareness of your brand.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Because affiliate fees are based on performance (% commission based on sales of your products), working with affiliates is a low-risk method of generating qualified traffic.

This is a strategy available to any CBD brands looking to get support in driving online sales for an agreed commission.

5. Podcast Ads

44% of all monthly podcast subscribers are aged between 18-44, perfect for brands looking to reach a younger audience.


For now, CBD brands can also invest in building a solid organic foundation through informational content and creative PR activity to:

Educate consumers with thought leadership content.

Leverage social media to build an engaged community around your brand before scaling any paid media investment.

Ensure you’re able to differentiate your brand and clearly articulate through the power of persuasion why potential customers should choose you over the multitude of alternative CBD brands already on the market.

More Resources:

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All screenshots taken by author, November 2023

How To Use Online Video In Your Classroom

It’s one thing to talk about Mount St. Helens erupting in science class. It’s another thing altogether to watch a video of the mountain’s summit exploding into dust. Teachers all across the country are finding that judiciously chosen videos help students engage more deeply with the subject matter, and recall the information they’ve learned longer.

“A lot of students these days expect information to be presented in a flashy, entertaining way, so videos can help draw them in,” says Larry Sanger, executive director of WatchKnowLearn, a site that collects education-related videos. High school student Patrick Greaney still remembers a photosynthesis video he watched in class at Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School, in Haverhill, Massachusetts, that featured a catchy tune. “The song stuck in my head and made me remember the process better,” he recalls.

Your YouTube Primer

Though YouTube is blocked in many classrooms because of inappropriate materials on the site, there are many valuable videos that do further learning. The site lists an ever-growing collection of excellent educational content, everything from President Obama’s weekly addresses to algebraic demonstrations.

In fact, in late 2011, YouTube for Schools was introduced, an opt-in program that allows schools to access thousands of educational videos from vetted YouTube channels like PBS, TED, and Khan Academy in a safe and controlled environment; the teachers and admins choose what videos are available to their students.

Short of joining the YouTube for Schools program, here are a other few ways to separate the wheat from the chaff:

Limit your searches to respected sources. Most established newspapers, museums, libraries, radio stations, and institutions have specific channels on YouTube where they collect their content. Just search by the name of the outlet on YouTube (say, the Teaching Channel), and that organization’s channel will pop up. From there, you can search exclusively within the Teaching Channel’s content.

Check out the teachers channel on YouTube. It starts with a ten-step tutorial on how to use YouTube in your classroom, with many more tips available if you join the YouTube Teachers Community and sign up for the e-newsletter. Teachers and students can upload videos here or create playlists from those already available, which range from Khan Academy’s explanation of the Cuban Missile Crisis to a rap about the Krebs cycle.

Try the YouTube education channel. It allows users to search within it for videos on a wide range of academic subjects. Most of the content is aimed at university-level students, but may be accessible for younger ones, too.

When choosing clips for the classroom, keep them short. This gives you time to discuss what you’ve just shown and its significance to the larger lesson. Once you’ve identified a video, there are several ways to bring it to the classroom.

Many people are tempted to download videos from YouTube to show them in classrooms where YouTube is blocked. According to YouTube’s terms of use, you’re not supposed to download unless you see a download link, in order to protect video creators’ rights, so you may not want to take this route.

If the content you’re interested in doesn’t come with a Creative Commons tag, it helps to know that the fair use clause in the Copyright Law of the United States allows the use of works without permission for teaching. Still, the user must adhere to some key regulations that can be vague and confusing.

One thing is clear, though: Any material first published after 1978 is copyright protected. You can find the U.S. Copyright Office’s educational-use guidelines (PDF) in Circular 21. The University System of Georgia links to a fair use checklist; you can also email the video’s maker for permission.

YouTube doesn’t typically offer a way to download and save most videos directly. But if you have permission and would like to download from YouTube, there are a variety of ways the resourceful user can download videos:

If you use Firefox, you can use the free DownloadHelper extension, which makes most videos downloadable and convertible to several formats.

Convert the video to your playback format of choice (mp4, FLV, HD, AVI, MPEG, 3GP, iPhone, PSP, mp3, GIF) and store it on your laptop or PDA, which lets you access it at any time, even if it’s removed from the site.

Other Educational Video Websites

Some choose to skip YouTube entirely and go to teacher-specific online video sites, of which there are many. SchoolTube is a moderated video-sharing website just for schools. TeacherTube and WatchKnowLearn aggregate thousands of videos from educators, YouTube, and the rest of the Web. In essence, they are clearinghouses of educational videos that cover most school subjects, categorized by subject and education level. WatchKnowLearn has a review panel of educators and educational video experts that vet videos from first-time submitters before posting. The Teaching Channel bills itself as “a video showcase of inspiring and effective teaching practices,” and publishes great original videos with tips and lesson plans, searchable by subject, grade level, and topic. SnagLearning is the educational branch of SnagFilms, and offers hundreds of high-quality documentary films to be used as educational tools.

More Edutopia Resources

Cyberghost Vpn Review: Protect Your Online Identity & Privacy

CyberGhost VPN is an anonymity software for Windows that will help you hide & protect your online identity & privacy. Today, on the Internet, anything is possible – even your computer getting hacked and your data stolen. As a result,  anonymity over the internet has become a must! When you are an anonymous user, you can hide your IP address, and no one can steal your private information from your PC, and consequently, you can protect your online identity and protect your computer from being hacked!

Read: What is a VPN, and Why should we use a VPN?

CyberGhost VPN Review

CyberGhost is an anonymity VPN solution for Windows that completely hides and protects your identity online. CyberGhost is available in two variants, CyberGhost Premium, and CyberGhost Free. The features are as follows:

CyberGhost VPN Features

CyberGhost VPN is a package for frequent surfers and permanent Internet users to satisfy every desire in terms of surfing, downloading and streaming. For anyone who wants to use the Internet without constraints.

Unlimited Traffic

Additional protection for mobile devices (PPTP)

Access to Free servers, Premium servers, and VIP servers

Guaranteed availability without any waiting times

Includes Premium support

CyberGhost has now added new streaming services unblock for SkyGo, BBC One, chúng tôi ORF and Comedy Central, as well as brand-new server locations in Strasbourg, Berkshire and Barcelona.

Features in a nutshell:

Easy to set up

Excellent user interface

Unlimited access to 3,500+ servers in 60+ countries

Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire Stick, Linux & more

Simultaneous connections for up to 7 devices with one subscription

45-days money-back guarantee

Automatic Kill Switch

High speed streaming for Netflix apps

Secure access to global content

Doesn’t keep logs

Located outside of the Five Eyes (Based in Romania so no government spying!)

Unlimited Data – Peer-to-peer (P2P) torrenting allowed

Extra layer of protection when connected to public WiFi

Includes safety features that block malicious websites and tracking.

TIP: Download this VPN to give your Windows the Ultimate Privacy Shield.

Anonymity Test

The app works really well in anonymizing my computer. It completely changed my IP address.

Email Test

My guess was right – this app doesn’t support email protocols. I mean, you can’t send emails anonymously with this software. You would need to add an exception for your email protocols or else you wouldn’t be able to send emails from your PC!

After you add an exception for your Email Provider, you will be connected to the email service with your own IP only and NOT with any other anonymous IP.

If you are a privacy-conscious individual who would like to keep your location private and secret, I would like to strongly suggest that you check CyberGhost, which is fast and considered to be one of the best software.

Buy CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost Premium VPN for 7 devices costs $63 for 1.5 years, but other options are available as well. You can buy CyberGhost Premium VPN from their online store and stay safe & private.

The USD prices are as follows:


$3.69/mo – billed $88.56 every 2 years

$2.75/mo – billed $99 every 3 years

$5.99/mo – billed $71.88 every 12 months.

They offer a 45-day money-back policy.

I use CyberGhost on my Windows Desktop, laptops as well as my Android Phone and iPhone.

UPDATE: Cyberghost has discontinued the Free version.

Stay safe, surf anonymously!

5 Best Online Zombie Games To Pump Up Your Adrenaline

5 best online zombie games to pump up your adrenaline




Ther’s nothing more entertaining than playing some good zombie games online, and this guide will surely help you choose.

The list we compiled in this guide covers a variety of games, stories, and video graphics quality.

Check out our detailed Gaming Hub for more useful guides, tips, and tricks for your favorite games.

Bookmark our extensive Online Games section for more detailed information about this topic.

True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

Built-in sound controls and custom music

Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

Every online zombie game guarantees its own unique experience, even if the general action scenario remains the same, and it’s not a bad idea to know what level of excitement you’re in for before you consider playing online zombie games.

From series like Dying light to Arizona sunshine, we have tested these classic zombie games to figure out which one is scariest and above all, most fun to play online. There are more than enough online zombie games to keep to get your blood pumping.

To get the most of your online gaming session, use the best game-ready browser available on the market, Opera GX.

Opera GX never fails to amaze us, by offering a wide range of very useful gaming-related features, and also some very powerful built-in online privacy tools.

Editor’s choice

Opera GX

Best gaming browser

Resource controller

Custom UI

Twitch integration

Free VPN included


Download Opera GX

Try the games mentioned below in the most powerful gaming browser that ever existed.

Dying Light brings together resource management, and crafting to develop an online zombie game that you either like or dislike. While playing Dying light you will feature as an undercover agent in an area that is heavily quarantined.

Zombies can easily be avoided with various gadgets that allow you to practice parkour when it is daytime. However, the case is quite different when its night time, zombies can move fast at night and are a constant threat to your survival.

The online feature offers a multiplayer mode, which can be exciting, with lots of close quarter tense conflicts. Dying Light is among the most complex open-world zombie games.

⇒ Get Dying Light on Steam

The favorite fan pic since its debut has been The cooperative zombie mode has been Call of Duty: World at War.

The game style and mission range from gaining access to new locations, unlocking new gear and weapons, and repairing structures while eliminating wide colonies of zombies.

The Black Ops 3 game stands out the most when compared to zombie modes in Call of Duty.

This Zombie Chronicles edition game comes along with map versions from Black Ops 2, and World at War that has been remastered to better fit your experience when playing this online zombie edition for the Call of Duty.

⇒ Get Call of Duty on Steam

Arizona Sunshine operates on the usual struggle survival mode, just like all other zombie game narratives before it.

The multiplayer modes and online co-op are excellent when compared to other online zombie games. You have to kill Zombies every day with little hopes of a safe haven nearby. You will fight your way through armies of the undead who want to eat your brain.

Expert tip:

The physics of the game and design of the map are well developed, and when in gameplay mode, you find yourself fully immersed in a post-apocalyptic world. 

Overall, Arizona Sunshine is one of the best zombie VR online game ever created.

⇒ Get Arizona Sunshine on Steam

 If you’re on a  look for an online zombie game that lets you prove how long you can stay alive in a zombie apocalypse.

Project Zomboid is the definitive game on the market currently, and yet it is different from these other games that clot up the online zombie games genre.

When playing project Zomboid Long term survival means maintaining farms, constructing, building urban America, and adopting defensive playstyle.

What is more fascinating is the fact that’s it’s been on Steam for about two years.  If you are gaining knowledge of this game for the first time, then I must say its worth your attention.

⇒ Get Project Zomboid on Steam

The walking dead offers a new perspective on a global level about the walkers trying to occasionally show us that there is more to them than the primal lust for human flesh, and loud noises.

In this final season of the walking dead game, the zombies continue to prove to us that they were once human before the outbreak.

The online feature for the Walking Dead gives you multiplayer options, and also updated reflexes for Clem and AJ in response to zombies.

As new ways to survive in the zombie-infested world arise, the reflexive response of killing every walker you encounter suffers changes too.

This is something you definitely have to find out for yourself while playing this wonderful online zombie game. 

⇒ Get the Walking Dead on Steam

By now you should have successfully chosen the best online zombie games that keep you engaged and entertained.

Fortunately, all the zombie games talked about in this article can be accessed from Steam, and an online link to each of the games was presented.

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Make Your Business Shine Online: 8 Steps To Boost Visibility

It has become harder than ever to stake your claim on the Web. Searches for your small business’s name don’t always lead to your website. Companies with similar names or splashier domain names—along with random online product listings and completely unrelated results—too often beat your business to the top of Google’s results. If you’re in a commoditized industry, such as plumbing, dry cleaning, or coffee sales, standing out online is increasingly difficult.

Managing your own website and submitting it to Google are good first steps, but they’re no longer enough. Read on to learn how to upgrade your online presence on your own website and on third-party sites, so that people can  find you on the Web when they come looking.

Build up your website

Include plenty of pages and helpful text on your website—with a blog to keep it fresh.

Today, a one-page website is the equivalent of an ad in birdseed type in the Yellow Pages. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can find it—but most shoppers will skip right past you.

Fortunately, the first key to standing out involves a tactic that lies completely within your control: building up the size of your website. Though Google’s algorithms aren’t public, sites with more pages tend to rank higher in search engine results. Google also devotes more links and real estate to pages that have a deeper page structure, embedding secondary links called Google Sitelinks to subsidiary pages on your website. A Google result of this type can consume up to three times as much screen space as a standard search result.

How many pages do you need to have to get results like this? There’s no “official” number (nor are Sitelinks under your control to a significant extent), but even taking your website from one page to five should help. Once you’ve expand beyond a few dozen pages, bonus links should start showing up in your search engine results.

Start by segmenting your home page content into obvious secondary pages, under headings like “About Us,” “Contact,” “Services,” “Rate Information,” “Customer Testimonials,” and “Locations.” You don’t need to put a lot of information on each page, but try to be verbose rather than succinct, place unique content on each page, and use keywords, especially in the page title. Photos help, too.

Beyond these measures, the easiest way to add pages to your website is by maintaining a blog. Make sure that the blog is part of your company domain, and not hosted on a separate URL. Blog as often as you can. Daily is great, but a few times a month is enough for Google to take notice. Again, photos are a good idea, even if you use nothing but free stock art.

Finally, avoid using Flash in your site design. Although Google usually can spider Flash content these days, many site visitors don’t like Flash, and numerous mobile devices—which an increasingly large percentage of page views come from—can’t handle it. If your website is heavy on bandwidth demands, having a phone- and tablet-friendly version of your website available is essential.

Hone your social media savvy

Building your brand on social media channels enhances your visibility to Google.

You don’t need to be involve yourself in the intricacies of Twitter and Facebook to promote your business with these services. Merely having accounts in place and keeping them active in a basic way can raise your visibility to users of the networks and to search engines.

Obviously, the only way to become visible on Twitter is by actively tweeting. And the more often you write, the more visible you’ll become. Set up business accounts on (at a minimum) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Pinterest is another good bet, but it may not be relevant to every business.

Social media has a second, arguably more useful function in small-business visibility: Your social media pages will be indexed by search engines, and searches for your company name will turn up results for all of these sites. Over time, you’ll want your website to be the top result in a search for your business name, your Twitter account to appear next, and your LinkedIn page to be third (or similar). A Google+ page for your business is especially critical. If you have one, a Google search for your company name will add an extra box-out with your Google+ information placed to the right of the search results. This box includes your contact information and your recent Google+ posts, greatly enhancing your visibility to searchers.

When you set up your social media accounts, don’t get too fancy. Use images and logos consistently, and make sure that all contact information, spelling, and capitalization styles remain the same across each network. Everything should link back to your homepage as often as possible. When you choose your usernames for each account, include your business name to the extent you can (for example, @Bobs_Termite_Treatment_Chicago). Paying attention to keywords never hurts.

Post to all of your accounts as often as you can—twice a day is plenty, and it’s easy to do. I use a twice-daily reminder in Outlook to ensure that I don’t forget to post updates. You can automate these operations to cross-post to multiple services at once with a service such as HootSuite Pro ($10 per month), and you can schedule posts in bulk if you can’t break away from your work to post at periodic intervals.

Leverage Yelp

Keep close tabs on your Yelp profile—and dress it up with images.

The rules governing what kinds of businesses can appear on Yelp are pretty liberal—even Yelp itself has a Yelp listing. So if you’re on the fence about whether you should submit your business to Yelp, give it a try and see what happens. A well-populated Yelp listing can greatly improve your visibility online.

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