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Nintendo iPhone and Android games: maybe, maybe not

If there’s a way to clearly understand how Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata feels on expanding their business into the mobile smartphone universe through Android and the iPhone, the tech publishing world has yet to find it. Today we’re having a closer look at the transcript for Nintendo’s recent earnings call, specifically in the (translated) words of Iwata, attempting to decipher what the company really means to do in the near future with their characters, and if they’ll ever appear on non-Nintendo-made smartphones. Turns out he says yes, but he also says no, not a chance.

One thing is for certain – Iwata and the Nintendo board of directors want to expand the reach of Nintendo characters. This means that Nintendo’s licensing of Character IP – their likeness, the things that make them recognizable – will grow. Suggesting that they [Nintendo] “have been actively selling character merchandise for about a year in the U.S”, Iwata goes on to suggest that expansion will be “flexible”.

“Also, we will be flexible about forming licensing relationships in areas we did not license in the past, such as digital fields, provided we are not in direct competition and we can form win-win relationships.

By moving forward with such activities globally, we aim to increase consumer exposure to Nintendo characters by making them appear in places other than on video game platforms.” – Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata

As for releasing already-made Nintendo titles to mobile devices like the iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets – it’s not looking likely. Speaking rather directly on the matter, Iwata suggested that it’s simply not a smart approach to release Nintendo games on a platform that already has massive amounts of games and apps. Getting lost in that jungle isn’t something Nintendo wants to do.

Strangely – and here’s where things get a little confusing, Iwata also mentions that he has not restricted Nintendo’s developers on the possibility of “making games or using our game characters.” This seems quite different from the Microsoft approach with SmartGlass or the Sony approach with the PlayStation App, both of which offer engaging experiences, but no games directly. Could Iwata be speaking of integration of smartphone controls for games of the future?

“Having said that, however, in the current environment surrounding smart devices, we feel that we will not be able to gain the support of many consumers unless we are able to provide something truly valuable that is unique to Nintendo. Accordingly, I have not given any restrictions to the development team, even not ruling out the possibility of making games or using our game characters.” – Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata

If that seems quite clear on how Iwata expects Nintendo expand games to the mobile platform, the next line should, once again, throw you for a bit of a wallop in the opposite direction.

“However, if you report that we will release Mario on smart devices, it would be a completely misleading statement.” – Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata

This full reported transcript we’re working with today also has Iwata suggesting that it’s with apps – or just an ecosystem inside apps – that connect the user to Nintendo that the company will maintain control over their network of characters and machines.

Above you’ll find one of two presentation slides shown by Iwata during his presentation on the 30th of January, 2014. This slide shows how Nintendo has found a break in the dedication shown by Nintendo device owners with the release of the newest wave of hardware. The new consoles do not appear to have been purchased by owners of the old consoles, the same being true of the newest handheld devices.

With smart devices – smartphones and tablets – Nintendo will attempt to keep users in the fold with Nintendo Network IDs, aka NNID. With a smart device in a manner much closer to the PlayStation App or Microsoft SmartGlass, we’ll see Nintendo keep a leash, in a manner of speaking, on their users.

Finally there’s a bit tacked on by the Nikkei news source this week that we’re still speaking with Nintendo to get a direct response about. While the news group suggests they’ve interviewed Iwata this week, they’ve very recently been a bit misleading with how they’ve gotten their news breaks on Nintendo specifically – so we must direct you to Nintendo Games Denied: Nikkei Mix-up before you go any further.

Nikkei reported this week that they’d had an interview separate from the main set of Iwata announcements this past week, suggesting that Iwata spoke directly with them about some points that’d change the way Nintendo operates in a big way.

We should abandon old assumptions about our businesses. We are considering M&As as an option. For this reason, we’ll step up share buybacks.” – Iwata to Nikkei

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12 Best Building Games For Iphone And Android

As a playful kid, I loved creating the metropolis of dreams. Though becoming a real estate tycoon was not my wish, I enjoyed creating amazing buildings and defending them against invaders. While those times have flown away and I no longer play building games as passionately as I used to, my romance with them has continued to flourish. So, I’m glad to share some of the best building games for iPhone and Android, which I have always relished playing. If building a beautiful city and becoming a billionaire (in reel life) is also your penchant, give these games a shot. And, I bet you would love every bit of them.

Best Building Games for iPhone and Android Devices

Not all building games are the same. While some games are all about creating awesome skyscrapers and developing infrastructure, others are more dramatic thanks to the mix of epic battles. Not to mention, some city building games have added some killer humor under-the-hood so that you can drive your Monday blues away or bust stress with ease. That all being said, let’s get into the action!

1. The Simpsons

Being one of the funniest city building games, The Simpsons deserves a shot at the top. The game offers plenty of tools to create a wonderful living. But keep in mind, you will need to wipe out the mess and build everything from scratch. To get going, collect your favorite characters and reunite the residents with their loved ones. You can also dress your favorite characters so that they can look their very best.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 


“Townsmen” is the sort of building games that never seem to lose their charm. Probably the best part about this game is the opportunity to develop a small village to an amazing medieval empire. Beautifully set in medieval times, the city-building gameplay is quite intriguing. Keep in mind, apart from having a huge responsibility to build a great empire, you also have to tackle a complex economy and deep-rooted production chains.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 

3.City Mania: Town Building Game

For the folks who are hunting for a bit light-hearted building games, “City Mania” promises to be a fantastic bet. Aside from letting you build and expand amazing buildings, the app also offers a ton of customization. Whether you want to beautify cinema halls or add renowned landmarks such as Eiffel Tower, Space Needle or the Colosseum, you have plenty of unique stuff to give your dream buildings a special look so that they can look stand out.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 

4. Forge of Empires

If the time is ripe to embrace epic civilization-building games, you would be hard-pressed to find a better alternative to “Forge of Empires. The game is all bout building an empire and journey through different ages. Do bear in mind, this game warrants a killer strategy to succeed. So, if your moves fail to cut the ice, you won’t go ahead beyond a certain level.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 

5.SimCity BuildIt

It’s been several years since I first put my hands on “SimCity Buildlt.” And I must that the building game looks as fascinating to me today as ever. The most interesting thing about it is the gameplay where you have to bring all of your creativity to the fore to build an incredible metropolis. As the real estate tycoon, every decision is yours, so there is no question of any restrictions.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 

6. Clash of Clans

Unless you are living in the rock, you would be unaware of Clash of Clans. While Clash of Clans may not be a usual building game, this Supercell’s offering has got everything to liven up your gaming. The game is about building a village, raising a huge clan and then competing in heart-wrenching clan wars. It demands you to excel in not just building a marvelous empire but also defending it. Bear in mind, you are up against the Goblin King so you have to hatch your strategies like a true warrior.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 


Should you want to indulge in a building game that also offers a chance to get into a serious battle with rivals, try out “DomiNations.” In this exciting game, your challenges lie in creating an empire and commanding nations to win battles against enemies. As you grow your small village from a modern metropolis, you will have to face several unexpected roadblocks. In the gameplay, you can choose from one of the most famous civilizations from history including Romans, British, Chinese, French, Germans, and battle as a proud nation. On top of all, create a war strategy and execute it to perfection to triumph the world war. Needless to say, DomiNations is for die-hard warmongers who love epic battles!

Install: iOS and Android 

8. City Island

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

9.Village City Island Simulation

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 

10.Idle City Empire

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 

11. Megapolis

With a good mix of strategy and building games, Megapolis has got all the ingredients to offer hours of fun to you. The most interesting thing about this game is that it’s based on the rules of the market. So, you have to play smartly while creating the metropolis of your dreams. Aside from offering you the opportunities to create huge buildings, the game provides chances to upgrade infrastructure. For instance, you can create railways, airports, ships, and more. Moreover, you can also develop your own state and take part in contests to win great awards. And if joining arms race is your thing, you will enjoy developing destructive weapons and showcasing the might of your military.

Price: Free, in-app purchases available 

Install: iOS and Android 

12. Designer City

Should you want your favorite building game to have a lot of creative elements, give serious consideration. In Designer City, you have to put your best foot forward to create top-notch houses and skyscrapers so that people can find them worth buying. Besides, you also have to create big community buildings, attractive parks, and eye-catching decorations to keep residents happy. Not just that, you also need to ensure people have a better job and are happy in their lives. As the gameplay doesn’t have any limitations, you have absolute freedom to design your city as elegantly as you want.

Install: iOS and Android 

Choose the Best Building Games for iPhone and Android Devices

Amazon Echo Dot (5Th Gen) Review: Maybe The Only Alexa Smart Speaker You Need

About this Amazon Echo Dot (5th gen) review: I tested the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock over a period of 7 days, and updated it to use the latest software available at the time. A unit was provided by Amazon for this review.

Update, May 2023: Noted Matter support going live in December 2023 for Android users, followed by iOS in May 2023.

Amazon Echo Dot (5th gen): $49.99 / £54.99 / €59.99

Amazon Echo Dot (5th gen) with Clock: $59.99 / £64.99 / €69.99

Amazon Echo Dot (5th gen) Kids: $59.99 / £64.99 / €69.99

The Clock version is a nice upgrade, but not essential unless you’re using it to wake up in the morning.

While it’s available on some other Echo devices via a software update, another notable feature is Eero Built-In, which lets the Echo Dot (5th gen) double as a Wi-Fi extender if you have an Eero mesh router. Despite having three Eero Pro 6Es, I was unable to test this as it was automatically disabled due to the proximity to a Pro 6E that would offer better signal quality. Given how good the coverage of an Eero mesh is by default, it seems like Eero Built-In is only going to be useful in a handful of edge cases, like extending Wi-Fi outdoors if you place a Dot in a shed or near a window, or if you only have a single router and want an affordable way of extending your network. Just don’t expect similar performance to the real thing; many users report speeds dropping by half when connecting to the mesh via the Dot.

It should also be noted that Amazon enabled the Dot as a Matter controller in December 2023. This let Android owners pair any Matter-branded accessory with Alexa, and iPhone/iPad support for Matter pairing was added in May 2023. It’s unlikely to get Thread networking like the 4th gen Echo, which is a shame, since the Dot now has integrated motion and temperature sensors like its bigger sibling.

The Amazon Echo Dot (5th gen) is available to buy from Amazon and other major retailers in North America, Europe, and other major markets. It comes in Charcoal (non-Clock version only), Deep Blue Sea, and Glacier White (pictured) colorways. There is also an Amazon Echo Dot (5th gen) Kids version with further parental controls and child-friendly features that comes in a Dragon or Owl design.

What I like about the Amazon Echo Dot (5th gen)

Roger Fingas / Android Authority

Audio quality has improved once again. The 4th gen Echo Dot was already decent-sounding for a budget speaker, but the 5th gen has superior audio thanks to extra bass as well as reduced distortion in its highs and vocals. Let’s be clear — it still isn’t going to compete with an Echo Studio or even the 4th gen Echo, but Amazon has improved the Dot to the point that some people might be legitimately happy using one as their only smart speaker.

As you might expect, the Dot slots neatly into an existing Alexa smart home. It’s extremely easy to set up — once you plug it in, all you have to do is open the Alexa app to the Devices tab and you’ll be guided through essential steps. You may, of course, want to change your speaker’s name and/or group associations. If you’re new to Alexa the process will take a little longer, since you’re going to be setting up preferences and linked services, but you might not have to touch the Alexa app again for weeks or months.

For a compact speaker, the Echo Dot (5th gen) can take up a lot of room.

Amazon has explained that it was waiting to deliver Matter and Thread simultaneously. Matter is now available on the Dot, but the 5th gen model seems unlikely to ever get Thread. If you’re building a smart home for the first time you might be better off buying a 4th gen Echo, or choosing an option from Apple or Google if you’re willing to commit to their ecosystems instead. Thread can be that much better than Wi-Fi for a smart home’s speed and reliability. Of course, if you don’t play on dabbling with Thread and are happy with a cheaper alternative, the Echo Dot (5th gen) will work just fine over Wi-Fi.

In fact, there’s really little else to complain about for a budget price tag, but it’s worth pointing out some of Alexa’s flaws. For some people, the omission of YouTube Music may be a deal-killer, as might the automatic collection of anonymous voice command history (you can turn this off). Also, Alexa still doesn’t support multiple commands in the same sentence like Google Assistant, or do as good a job at interpreting context.

The Echo Dot (5th gen) is pleasantly affordable, easy to set up and use, and has just enough fidelity to rock or chill out with.

This all makes the Echo Dot (5th gen) something of a Swiss Army knife. Really, the only people we’d actively steer away are audiophiles, most owners of the still-great 4th gen Dot, and those already invested in Apple or Google’s smart home ecosystems. As nice as the 5th gen Dot may be, it’s not such a dramatic leap that you should worry about holding on to the 4th gen for another year. For everyone else, it’s an easy recommendation.

Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) with clock

Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) with clock

Alexa assistance • Easy to set up • Motion and light sensors

MSRP: $49.99

An affordable smart home speaker with motion and temperature sensors

The Echo Dot (5th gen) is easy to set up, and the motion and temperature sensors give useful smart home possibilities.

See price at Amazon



Should I wait for the Amazon Echo (5th gen)?

Eero says it extends range up to 1,000 square feet (about 93 square meters). Speed is limited to 100Mbps, however, and each Dot can only handle 10 simultaneous connections.

No. The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock will only show the time and simple contextual notifications, like a song name or weather forecast.

No. The only Echo with Atmos support is the Studio.

The Kids model comes decorated as an owl or a dragon, and is bundled with a year of Amazon Kids Plus content such as books and Alexa skills. Parental controls are also on by default, but it’s entirely possible to remove these if you want to use it as a regular speaker.

Yes. You can make free calls in the US, UK, Canada, or Mexico, and some mobile carriers support calling via your phone account. You can also make direct Alexa-to-Alexa calls if you know the recipient has a supporting device.

Best Mario Games For Nintendo Switch In 2023

Our beloved Mario has evolved from 2D pixel art to 3D render, never losing the character that charmed players back in the NES days. The greatest Mascot of Nintendo has overtaken the gaming industry with the Nintendo Switch game console that delivers versatile gameplay anywhere with friends and families. 

With each iteration, Mario games have achieved perfection in their platformer genre. Players can experience new and innovative ideas with each new release of Mario games. That’s the thing I love about Mario games. Mario never shies away from making creative ideas come to life. Although the story remains the same, Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bower, and you have to rescue her. 

Best Mario Games for Nintendo Switch

From the beginning to today, we have all the great Mario games in one portable console. Now you can play all the best games on the go for I have compiled the best Mario games on Nintendo Switch. 

Super Mario All-stars

Our old NES boys are back on the menu with improved graphics that enhance pixels, bringing nostalgia to the new switch console. Nintendo has completely changed its 8-bit image into 16-bit textures and added many small details that make the game competitively superior to its NES version. 

Everything is given an improved revamp from the Original soundtrack to its visual aesthetic, but the gameplay feels true to its core, a welcoming feature to old and new players.

The game has the four most influential games of the era, all with additional features and easter eggs. 

Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels(1986)

Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988)

Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)

Super Mario World

Released on November 21, 1990, Super Mario World took the world by storm with the introduction of its SNES gaming console. Now long-time fans have the opportunity to revisit the charming and delightful world on the new Switch console. 

Super Mario World is the first game that introduced T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas, or as we call him, Yoshi. It was mind-boggling for fans of Mario to hop on a dinosaur and gulp down enemies and objects. Yoshi as a power-up companion made a game-changing effect on Mario’s world. 

Most of the enemies you can see in the latest Mario games take direct inspiration from Super Mario World. Super Mario World is a founding pillar of all the character ideas and level design you see in today’s game. After, it’s the Mario game we all know and love. 

New Super Mario Bros .U Deluxe

As a side-scrolling 2.5D platforming game from the Wii U console, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe offers new ways to play on challenging-level designs. 

The game itself is nothing new, but it introduces a new playable character, Toadette. She is the character that regards the game to be in easy mode. Unlike Mario and Luigi having sliding inertia mechanics, Todette has precise control of her movements and jumps.

Players also don’t have to press the jump button repeatedly to maneuver underwater. But one of the best abilities she can have is super crown pick which converts her into princess Peach. U Deluxe is absolutely fun to play with friends solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles together as a team. 

Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo has collected all its great ideas for Mario games and made them accessible to players for creative level design or tormenting platforms of hell. The choice of creating both a pleasurable and frustrating experience remains in the hands of the creator in Super Mario Maker 2.

The freedom of creating both 2D and 3D side-scrolling platforms has never been so easy and enjoyable. The game sets you up to repair the toad castle by completing a hundred levels and collecting coins from repair costs. It introduces new players to the potential of the game and gives long-time players all new tools to build upon. 

Super Mario Maker 2 is an example of a complex game made enjoyable through learning. 

Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstar is the amalgamation of all the best games Mario Party has offered from its long-running franchise. The collection of one hundred mini-games is more than enough for friends and families to have a good time. 

Superstars have thrown most of their previous gimmicks out the window and focused on fun aspects of gameplay together with parties. The star of the show is always its board games that are simplified with pleasing visuals and excellent board layouts.

Each theme board compels players to use different tactics to move further and win the game because every board has its unique game machines that reward thoughtful players. With its top-notch game quality that every party player can enjoy, Mario Party Superstars delivers hours of fun with friends and families. 

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

You can see Mario and other characters using guns in a strategic game of hiding and shooting. It might seem strange at the beginning since our character only uses powerups and jumps to defeat enemies, but all the doubt melts away once learning the battle mechanics. 

Unlike other Mario games, Rabbids Kingdom Battle is built with a strategic mindset where each player has a thoughtful decision to make before executing in battle. It’s a different take from platforming because enemies here are quite challenging and unforgiving of making wrong decisions. 

Mario Strikers: Battle League

Battle League is more like an over-the-top action fighting arena rather than a soccer game. The crazy amount of cartoony violence you can pull is absolutely astounding and amazingly beautiful. After fifteen years since the first Mario Striker, we finally have Battle League on Switch.

 The objective is simple: shoot the ball on the net. But using crazy powerups to blow away opponents and getting that blazing ball into the opponent’s net never gets old. Each character has a unique gameplay style and ultimate shot that makes the game even more exciting. 

Mark the field with your ridiculous move that executes a badass cutscene, and the ball makes its way to its net with flashy action. 

Super Mario Sunshine

The only Mario game with a complex narrative and story is not as straightforward as any other game in the Mario franchise. Probably the only game with unique story-driven cutscenes and voice acting. 

Although the game is focused on exploration and extermination with your new F.L.U.D.D device, the game also puts emphasis on the cinematic presentation that progresses along with gameplay. 

 Despite its extremely challenging gameplay, Super Mario Sunshine celebrates the creativity of varied levels, acting as an open sandbox world to play. 

Super Mario 3d World + Bowser Fury

This time, Bowser has kidnapped Sprixies fairies and locked them into the castle. It’s time for Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad to set out on a mission to rescue them. 

The 3D world encourages players to use its new cat powerups, and having one on your arsenal makes exploring relatively easy as you can climb walls with cat powerups. The game takes every bit of inspiration from Super Mario World and implements its features bringing back nostalgia into the 3D world of Mario.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

This was Nintendo’s chance to further improve this great game, and I feel that they have succeeded greatly. The new ability to hold two items at a time makes exciting ways to tackle opponents while racing. 

With its forty-two unique characters along with their special items and forty-eight racing tracks, the game surpassed to become the best of all its predecessors. Mario Kart 8 was released for the Wii U game console, and Deluxe added even more content by adding a battle mode that lets you compete with friends in a new arena-based mode. 

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Battle mode adds fresh new ideas turning away from its creative racing tracks to an objective-based arena that is not only fun to play but extremely entertaining. 

Super Mario 64

The first 3D Mario game revolutionized the Mario franchise and also paved the path for upcoming wonderful Mario games. 

This game is close to my heart as I spend hours jumping from one painting to another and defeating boss BIG BOB-OMB and Stone Boss Whomp will always remain in my core memory. And who can forget the iconic villain, Bowser. Grabbing his tail and throwing it out from the platform felt so satisfying.

Super Mario 64 introduced the trend of collecting stars by exploring hidden secrets. Just like Cappy in Mario Odyssey, various CapAbilities were featured like the metal cap, wing cap, and vanish cap.  

Super Mario Galaxy

As a spiritual sequel to Mario 6, Galaxy presents a beautiful yet challenging playground with the platform letting you experiment with gravity. Nintendo has crafted the Mario Galaxy game so masterfully that it feels like the modern games of the 2023 era, even though it is over a decade old. 

Nintendo went all out by creating an orchestra soundtrack unique to the cosmic world of Mario Galaxy. Its amazing background music seamlessly blends with planets provide a fun platform to experiment with. 

Super Mario Galaxy redefines the platforming genre by combining intricate puzzles into an experimental world spread across the cosmic universe. 

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Mario Galaxy 2 takes all that is amazing from its predecessor and adds astounding new features, making Super Mario Galaxy 2 a true sequel. Along with the fun aspect of gameplay, Galaxy 2 is bursting with creativity that lets you experiment with the stage using new power-ups and a companion, Yoshi. 

Galaxy 2 does not withdraw from its complex platforming and rewarding challenges for completionists, but the game also welcomes new players with exciting ways to play on its creative stages. 

Along with all the skills and abilities, Galaxy 2 adds new features such as a classic world map that quickly lets you get from one level to another and a Starship Mario to travel across the world. 

Super Mario Odyssey

With every new console, Nintendo brings out its masterpiece in the gaming industry. Super Mario Odyssey is one true masterpiece that pays homage to the NES console game and all the Mario games that came after the classic ones. 

I love the idea of Cappy, A cap companion who lets Mario transfer into other creatures and objects to use its powers. Most creatures let you reach otherwise impossible places revealing secrets and Moon powers.

Throwing Cappy into bizarre new things and solving puzzles with their unique powers always brought a smile to my face. Such a versatile way to make the game fresh with just one unique ability. 

But it’s not just the ability that makes Odyssey so awesome; it’s the combination of a well-thought-out puzzle platform, great soundtracks, charming characters, and, of course, all new creatures you can throw caps that make the game so much fun to play. 

With a total of eighteen kingdoms that have their own theme and creatures, the game is awe-inspiring till the very end. And it still surprises me with so many hidden secrets, unlockable. This is by far the best platformer game Nintendo has ever created. Thanks, Nintendo, for making our childhood dream come true.  

4 Of The Best Nintendo Switch Educational Games For Kids

If your child plays a lot of games on the Nintendo Switch, why not use their game time to do some learning? While there aren’t many strictly educational games on the console, there are some that help promote learning and development of skills in some way.

Here are four educational games for Nintendo Switch that your kids can play.

1. Nintendo LABO

One of the absolute best options for Nintendo Switch educational games, the Nintendo LABO has an added extra on top of the game itself. Each LABO box comes with cardboard kits that are used to build the accessories for the game. For example, the LABO Vehicle Kit comes with the tools to create all kinds of driving-related accessories.

If you’re worried about having to pore over an instruction book, don’t worry. The LABO kit comes with a step-by-step guide that’s played on the Switch itself. The actual instructions are written in a fun tone, so it feels more like you’re building a toy than following directions.

Once you’re done, you strap the Joy-Cons to the toy and play games with your new invention. This makes it great for kids who want to learn how to build and make things but also want something they can play with in the end.

2. Snipperclips

Snipperclips is educational in the means of problem-solving and critical thinking. The game itself doesn’t contain strictly educational material, but the way the puzzles are solved does require some thought that can help children think things through rationally.

The objective of the game is to make your character fit the shapes that are presented on-screen. The way you achieve this is by using one another to clip pieces off of your character until they’re the right shape. Its two-player design makes it a great game to play alongside a child.

3. Numbala

If you’re looking for something more oriented around learning, Numbala is a good choice. It’s a shooting game that uses mathematics in order to progress through the levels. It’s designed specifically to help teach children how to do arithmetic, so this makes Numbala a solid choice if you want to help teach numbers.

4. Scribblenauts

If you want to help encourage your child to practice their English, then Scribblenauts is the perfect game. The premise is simple: you play as a boy who has the power to bring things to life by writing them in a notebook. Throughout the game, you’ll find people who have specific problems. It’s up to you to think up a solution, then write it down in the notebook to create the solution.

What makes Scribblenauts so engaging is that there are multiple solutions to each puzzle. This allows people to bring their own way of thinking into the game instead of simply relying on what the game “wants them” to write. You can also add adjectives to change the properties of the object you’re creating to suit the situation better.

Before you get worried about the potential for adult content, Scribblenauts was designed for children. No sexual, racial, or hateful things can be entered into the notebook!

Smarter Games

If you own a Nintendo Switch and want to play some educational games with your kids, there are some great games available for you to try. Now you know some of the best and how each one could help.

Did we miss any games? Let us know below.

Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.

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How To Fix Iphone Videos Not Playing On Android Phones

Did you transfer a video file from your iPhone to an Android phone, but it doesn’t play on the Android phone? Sometimes, it also happens that the iPhone video stutters on the Android phone or plays with a significant lag. Other times, when you watch a video on an Android phone that was shot with an iPhone, you only hear the sound but don’t see any video as the media player screen is black.

If you’re facing any of the above problems, let me tell you why this happens and how to fix it.

Why can’t some Android phones play iPhone videos?

Out of the box, your iPhone captures photos and videos in HEIF/HEVC format. Now, all recent Android smartphones support this format. So, if an Android phone doesn’t play an iPhone video, it’s mostly due to the resolution of the video, frame rate (frames per second – fps), and the inability of the Android phone’s native Gallery or File Explorer app causing it to struggle with large video files.

How to know if an iPhone video is 4K or 1080p?

1) Open the iOS Photos app and go to that video.

2) Swipe up on the screen to see the file information:

If it’s a 4K video, you will see 4K – 2160 x 3840.

For 1080p video, you will see 1080p – 1080 x 1920.

And for 720p videos, it will say 720p – 720 x 1280.

3) Besides the resolution, you can also see the frame rate (60 fps, 30 fps, 24 fps, etc.), video file size, and codec (HEVC, H.264).

Make Android phones play videos taken on iPhone

1. Check if the full video file has transferred or not

Since Apple’s AirDrop and Android’s Nearby Share don’t work cross-platform, there is no native way to share video files between iPhone and Android. But you can use other easy methods to move the files, like Android File Transfer, OpenMTP, AirDroid, etc.

Once the video is sent to the Android phone, make sure the full file has been transferred. Sometimes, the video file may be partially transferred, resulting in a corrupt unplayable file.

The easiest way to check this is by seeing the video file details in the Files app, Gallery app, or the File Explorer app of your Android phone and noting the file size. Next, open the Photos app on your iPhone, go to that video, and swipe up to see the file size. If the size on the Android phone and iPhone are the same (ignore the difference if it’s less than ~0.5 MB), that means the full video has been transferred successfully. If not, transfer the file over again.

2. Use VLC player on Android

The iOS Photos app is your default, standard destination for viewing pictures and watching recorded videos on all iPhones. The same isn’t true for Android phones, as different manufacturers set their own gallery or file management apps as the default for photos & videos.

Now, if the iPhone video doesn’t play in the built-in media player or gallery app on your Android phone, get the evergreen VLC Media Player from the Google Play Store.

Once VLC is downloaded, launch it and allow it to access your media files. Now, open the iPhone video here, and in many cases, VLC should be able to play the unplayable video successfully. If not, please move to the remaining solutions.

3. Restart your Android phone

Turn off your Android phone and turn it back on after a minute. Once that’s done, see if it can play iPhone videos.

4. Convert the iPhone video before sending it to Android

Now, we come to the most effective solution that worked for me. It is slightly time-consuming, but I can almost guarantee it will work for you as well.

So, if the videos you took on your iPhone aren’t playing on an Android phone, convert them to a lower resolution, decrease their frame rate, or reduce the file size before transferring them. After that, they will likely play on the Android phone.

Use the Compress Videos & Resize Video app

iDB developed this simple app that is fantastic at compressing your videos, resizing them, changing the frame rate (fps), and reducing the video file size.

Follow these steps to make your iPhone videos playable on an Android phone:

Download the Compress Videos & Resize Video app for free on your iPhone or iPad.

Open the app and Select Videos to Compress. Now, choose the 4K 60 fps video file (or any other video of any resolution) that doesn’t play on the Android phone.

Use the Frame Rate slider to lower it to 30 or 24.

For the best video quality, you can keep the video dimensions to their original numbers. However, if it still doesn’t play, you can lower it.

Finally, tap Compress. The app will convert the video and automatically save it to your iPhone’s Photos app. Optionally, you may delete the original video file.

Now transfer the converted video to your Android phone, and it will play like a charm there.

Use an iOS shortcut

The Compress video app is the easiest way to convert iPhone videos and make them compatible with your Android phone. Besides the app, if you’re comfortable with iOS shortcuts, I have built a simple shortcut that will convert your 4K videos to 1080p and make them playable on Android. Here’s how to use it:

Add Convert Video To 1080p shortcut to your iPhone or iPad.

Tap the shortcut tile and pick a 4K video. The shortcut will convert it to 1080p and save it to the Photos app. (left image below)

You can also open the 4K video inside your iPhone Photos app, tap the share button and choose Convert Video To 1080p from the Share Sheet. The shortcut will work its magic and save the converted file (right image below).

Now, send this converted video to the Android phone to watch it there.

Finally, if you have a Mac, QuickTime can easily convert large 4K video files to 1080p. Check out this guide that shows you five ways to reduce video size on Mac and iOS.

Set your iPhone to record videos in a lower resolution

So, I hope by now you know why some videos taken on your iPhone cannot play on an Android phone.

If you frequently transfer videos from your iPhone to your or family members’ Android phones, I recommend setting your iPhone to record video at 1080p or 4K 24/30 fps. This will make them compatible with almost all Android phones by default, and you won’t have to go through the process of converting videos before they can be watched on Android. Here’s how to do that:

Open iPhone Settings and tap Camera.

Tap Record Video and choose 1080p HD at 60 or 30 fps.

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