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The iPhone 14 Pro series of smartphones have been on the market for just under two months, and since receiving my iPhone 14 Pro Max, I’ve kept steady with my annual hunt for the best accessories to go along with Apple’s latest handset.

In today’s roundup, I’ll discuss some of my favorite accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro Max and provide a brief overview of why I enjoy them compared to other brands and options. With a little luck, perhaps it will help you on your journey to accessorize your iPhone.

My favorite iPhone 14 Pro Max accessories mophie powerstation wireless stand with MagSafe

Being one of the first companies to incorporate a licensed MagSafe charging puck into a battery pack, and a trusted brand in the mobile power industry, it’s hard not to recommend the mophie powerstation wireless stand with MagSafe. The little rearward kickstand is a bonus for when you’re sitting at a desk.

While I love this product and use it frequently, be prepared to pay up. This battery pack isn’t cheap because of the licensing required to incorporate a true MagSafe puck. It’ll cost you $129.95 on mophie’s website, but you’ll get free shipping out of the deal.

Zagg InvisibleShield Glass XTR2

When it comes to screen protection, I always turn to ZAGG’s InvisibleShield line of screen protectors because they come with a no-questions-asked lifetime free replacement warranty for cracks, chips, defects, and installation concerns.

With this year’s iPhone nixing the notch in favor of the new Dynamic Island, one can’t simply slap an iPhone 13 Pro Max screen protector on their new iPhone 14 Pro Max. Instead, Zagg’s InvisibleShield brand is out with a redesigned screen protector to suit the new design, and the Glass XTR2 is the heavyweight champion.

Glass XTR2 features everything you want, including anti-reflective technology, anti- dust adhesive, blue light filtering, anti-fingerprint smudging, and the highest impact rating of any Zagg InvisibleShield Screen Protector thanks to Hexiom technology to top it all off. But if that wasn’t enough to sell you, then check out the impressive one-year screen replacement guarantee that the company boasts.

You could get a cheap tempered glass screen protector on Amazon for chump change, but it won’t have the clarity, smoothness, and guarantee that the Zagg InvisibleShield brand carries. You can pick up a Glass XTR2 for your iPhone 14 Pro Max from Amazon for $59.99.

Quad Lock Out Front PRO Kit

Anyone that does any kind of bicycling or electric scooter riding may want to invest in a mounting solution for their smartphone so that it can be viewed from the handlebar. This is especially important if you go on longer rides and want mapping or workout information immediately viewable while keeping both hands firmly planted on the handles for your safety.

No other mounting solution that I’ve tried has been quite as sturdy as the Quad Lock system, and with the large size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, I can only recommend their aluminum Out Front PRO mount. It’s available separately, or as a full-fledged kit with a compatible case that can be ordered with or without a MagSafe-compatible magnet.

As a frequent electric scooter rider, I like to have my route mapped out in front of me, so I use the Quad Lock Out Front PRO mount to secure my iPhone 14 Pro Max to my handlebar. The phone doesn’t shake around, and the mating between the mount and the case is so secure that I don’t have any worries about my iPhone going flying while I buzz around town.

The Quad Lock Out Front PRO mount is available as a kit with a compatible case for your smartphone for as little as $89.99 from Quad Lock’s website, or you can order the mount separately from Amazon for $59.99.

Belkin BoostCharge Pro

When I lay my head to sleep every night, I tend to put all my devices on their charger so they’re ready to use by morning. After all, I seldomly have any time to set aside to charge during the day.

For this task, I prefer a 3-in-1 charging station like Belkin’s BoostCharge Pro, which provides me with a 15W MagSafe charging puck for my iPhone, a dedicated Apple Watch charger with support for fast charging, and a Qi wireless charging base for my AirPods Pro 2.

The entire unit is fairly compact for what it is, and it’s very Apple-esque in its aesthetics. Belkin built this product with a sturdy metal construction that puts those janky plastic Amazon specials with Qi-only magnetic charging to shame, so it’s my top pick for all-in-one charging management.

You can buy a Belkin BoostCharge Pro unit from Amazon for around $150.

OtterBox Defender Series XT

Generally speaking, I can be rough with my stuff. That’s why you’ll see me using less-than-minimal cases and tempered glass screen protectors most of the time.

For my everyday case needs, I use the Defender Series XT. It’s a slimmed down version of OtterBox’s famous Defender case with full support for MagSafe charging.

Not only is this case plenty protective as a Defender series case, but it offers plenty of additional perks besides MagSafe support, including a lanyard loop, a grippy edge, and a pocket-friendly depth.

Albeit somewhat challenging to install because of the two-piece design, once it’s on, it stays on unless you intently remove it. This means I won’t worry about my phone popping out like I’ve had happen to me with some other case brands.

You can pick up a Defender Series XT case from Amazon for $69.95.


There are undoubtedly several different accessories not even considered in today’s list given the broad scope of products available for Apple devices but based on what I’ve tried and sought to try in the time I’ve had my iPhone 14 Pro Max, I can confidently say these have been of my favorites thus far.

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Iphone 14 Pro / Max To Resume Full Production After Issues In China

Foxconn assembles about 70% of the iPhones Apple sells. However, its production may have fallen by 30% due to supply disruptions. Currently, Foxconn’s iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models are severely affected. Apple is struggling to maintain supply, with iPhone 14 Pro models currently facing at least four-week delays in shipments from Apple’s online store in the US. At the moment, online stores in China are facing a 4 – 5 week delivery delay.

Analyst reports show that in the 13th week after the release of the iPhone 14 series, the global delivery time of the iPhone 14 Pro series has been shortened from 35 days in the previous week to 29 days. However, the shipment time of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus remains at 3 days. These two models are not as attractive as the Pro models. The shortened global delivery time of the iPhone 14 Pro series means that delivery times in major markets around the world have also improved significantly.

iPhone 14 Pro series production capacity is improving

Apart from the troubles at the Foxconn factory in China, the pandemic is still affecting Apple. The production of the iPhone 14 Pro series is yet to return to normal levels. Thus, deliveries of the new Pro iPhones are delayed. The delivery time of the iPhone 14 Pro series is also longer than the same period in previous generations. Analysts are now looking at week by week capacity of iPhone production. Relative to the previous week, analysts say that the iPhone 14 Pro series production capacity is better.

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iPhone 14 Pro series production is still struggling

In the above four major markets, the delivery time of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus is shorter. The sales of the lower iPhone 14 series models are also more stable than that of the Pro series. The US market is stable at 4 days, and the Chinese market reduces from 2 days to 1 day. The UK market reduces from 4 days to 3 days. The analyst said in the report that compared with the iPhone 13 series in the same period, the delivery time of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus is basically the same. However, the delivery time of the latest iPhone Pro series is longer.

Obviously, the new iPhones are facing a situation. The production capacity of the iPhone 14 Pro series is better. Also, the delivery time of the new iPhones is also reduced. However, analysts claim that the current delivery time is still longer than before the Foxconn factory had pandemic issues. Thus, the new iPhone production is yet to reach its regular normal levels.

iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max supply will reduce by 6 million units this year

Back in November, there were reports that the Pro series production will largely reduce. Due to factors such as supply disruptions at Foxconn factories, there may be a reduction in the production of 6 million Pro series in 2023. The Pro series is currently Apple’s most-demanded model. However, the company is struggling to ship them. The supply of iPhone 14 Pro models has also seen new variables as production continues to be severely affected.

According to a Bloomberg report, an insider familiar with the Foxconn factory said that Apple may be producing nearly 6 million fewer iPhones than expected. That number could improve as the situation changes. This to a large extent depends on how quickly Foxconn can resume normal operations. Sources say Foxconn factories need at least 100,000 workers to get production back on track.

Apple said in early November that demand for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models remains strong. However, due to reduced supply chain capacity, shipments of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are expected to be lower than previously expected. This also means that potential buyers of this device will have to wait longer to receive new products.

Situation at Foxconn

Due to pressure from Apple and COVID-19, Foxconn recently hired around 100,000 new employees. This new recruitment comes after thousands had panicked after a COVID outbreak among staff in October. Some of the staff point out that they were recruited by Foxconn under false promises. For this reason, there has been a breakdown of law and order at the factor. The Chinese government placed stringent COVID-19 restrictions. Due to the strict restrictions, Foxconn had to stop workers from leaving the factory environment. However, the conditions of living in the factory are not decent.

Best Skins For Iphone 12 Pro Max In 2023

Apple’s flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max is a delight to hold and use. This makes it essential to match it up with something that can keep up with the phone’s and your style quotient. While cases are a great option, they can’t match the customization and slimness that skins and decals offer.

Moreover, most skins come with protection for triple camera layers and frames, thus securing the device from scratches and dust. If you’re looking for the best skins for iPhone 12 Pro Max, I’ve picked out some that offer the ideal blend of quality and style. Let’s dive straight into the roundup!

1. Design Skinz full body decal – Cutting edge print

Ensconce your phone in some beautiful patterns and vibrant colors with this collection of skins that fit snugly and add no bulk. The matte finish protects your phone from surface scratches and damage while making a style statement. Further, it feels good to hold and has precise cutouts to ensure full use of your device.

It has been created carefully with a comprehensive three-layer production process using 3M materials that ensure the highest quality finished product. It begins with a patented Air-Release Adhesive backing that prevents air-bubbles from occurring during the installation process. Choose from thirty attractive options!

Check out on Amazon

2. dbrand skins and wraps – Best Premium materials

dbrand, the frontrunner in manufacturing top-notch skins and wraps, offers some of the highest quality iPhone 12 Pro Max skins available in a range of color and pattern options. Crafted from a premium vinyl, they’re the perfect coverup for your premium device. While they are available in every possible color, you also get an option of customization.

That is, you can choose from a back skin, screen guard, camera skin, frame, and even a MagSafe charger skin. This allows you to get all-round protection in one purchase. Choose from beautiful pastel colors, dark shades, or patterns. I loved the way it fits perfectly on the phone and is extremely easy to apply.

If you have a thing for quality and plan to use the iPhone skin for a long time, dbrand is IT!

Buy it from dbrand

3. MightySkins camo skin – Carbon fiber finish

MightySkin has always been the one to come up with innovative designs! Your iPhone will undoubtedly love this ultra-thin, ultra-durable, stain-resistant laminate vinyl that effectively protects against dings, scrapes, dust, and the wear and tear of everyday use. You can easily apply the decal, and it will not leave any sticky residue on removing it.

Moreover, there’s a range of colors you can choose from to match your unique style. Each is printed on industry-leading 3M cast vinyl, which eliminates potential creases and bubbles. Lastly, the stylish carbon fiber texture looks and feels great. Get it already!

Check out on Amazon

4. Skinit customized skins – Add bold and lightweight style

If you want a custom look for your iPhone 12 Pro Max, this is the brand for you. They offer a ton of skin designs showcasing everything from TV shows and movies to sports teams and universities. No matter what you’re a fan of, you’ll find a skin to match.

Further, you can even design your skin from scratch for a unique look that’s sure to stand out from the crowd. It offers adequate protection, fits snugly, and looks beautiful on your device.

Buy it from skinit

Check out this range of skins for iPhone 12 Pro Max that comes with texture and depth you can feel. They’re ideal for protecting against minor scratches and smudges to keep your device pristine.

You can choose from several beautiful colors and finishes from the metal series to customizing, and beyond that will give your device an eye-catching look. Moreover, the company claims that its skins offer bubble-free installation and goo-free removal. Thus, making it a seamless, DIY process.

Buy it from SLICKWRAPS

6. BETXELL carbon fiber skin – Elegant and modern

The cheapest skin on the list, BETXELL offers an iPhone 12 Pro Max skin with a black carbon fiber texture that looks and feels great. It’s cut with precision to fit accurately around your device’s curves while giving easy access to the ports and camera.

Further, it boasts the right adhesive components for perfect coverage and proffers a 3D texture for convenient grip. It does not peel with use and leaves no residue when you remove it. Overall, it’s thin and lightweight. The brand also has a YouTube tutorial for easy application of the skin.

Check out on Amazon

7. GadgetSheldz iPhone 12 Pro Max skin – Precision engineered

Say hello to authentic 3D textures designed meticulously and precisely cut for the best fit possible. This collection of back and camera lens skins for your iPhone 12 Pro Max line up seamlessly with your device to keep the scratches at bay while adding a touch of style.

The premium vinyl material and a different air channel technology make it easy to apply the skin without air bubbles. Ranging from gorgeous grunge texture to an eye-catching white marble and more, these custom skins come in different color and texture combinations to personalize your phone according to your unique taste.

Buy it from GadgetShieldz

8. MightySkins solid skin – Matte finish look

Here are some phone skin options for all those who love bright colors. They are manufactured with ultra-thin, ultra-durable, stain-resistant laminate vinyl to effectively protect your gear from dings, scrapes, dust, and the wear and tear of everyday use.

It’s a quality vinyl decal that can be applied easily to your iPhone 12 Pro Max, thanks to a patented low grip air release adhesive that’s built to last. At the same time, it’s easy to remove when you’re ready to switch to a different design! Choose from over 20 beautiful colors.

Check out on Amazon

9. MightySkins patterned skin – Best UV protection

Here’s another super fun and quirky collection from MightySkins. It’s bound to appeal to your inner child and give a vibrant, funky look to your iPhone. Like other decals from the brand, it’s super slim and easy to attach without leaving any bubbles or residue.

Further, it is engineered with quality to last you a long time. You also get access to friendly customer service in case of any quality issues. Choose from a collection of cute prints that will liven up your phone.

Check out on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Q. Should you buy a case or skin for your iPhone 12 Pro Max? 

This depends on your usage and preferences. Skin is like a sticker and offers a thin layer that only covers up or protects against surface scratches. It does not offer any protection against bumps and drops. So if you’re a cautious user and do not want to add bulk to your phone, go for a skin. But if you want adequate protection against wear and tear, get an iPhone 12 Pro Max case.

Q. How do you put on skin on iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Skins are like stickers and need to be carefully applied. They often come with instructions that make it easy to apply to your device. However, if you aren’t confident, it’s better to go to a professional.

Q. Can I easily remove the skin from the phone?

Yes, you usually just have to peel it off. And most skins have a unique adhesive that does not leave any sticky residue or ugly marks on your device.

Q. Are all skins DIY?

Yes, skins have an adhesive at the back, so you have to stick it on to your phone. They usually come with instructions to help you out. Of course, you could also go to a store and get someone to help you apply the skin.

Customize your device with the best iPhone 12 Pro Max skins!

I think skins offer a convenient way to customize your phone and offer some bare minimum protection against minor scratches and smudges. It’s great that they are also easy to change whenever needed with different designs that match your mood.

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Esr Foldable Wireless Charger For Iphone 11 Pro Max

I prefer a wireless charger for my iPhone 11 Pro Max over the wired one as it helps me keep my desk uncluttered and spacious. Finding a perfect wireless charger is a bit challenging. Because a premium wireless charger makes a big hole in users’ pockets and a cheap one comes with performance issues.

Thankfully, ESR has bridged this gap. About a week ago I received ESR wireless charger review unit. And following are my findings after using it for a week.

ESR Foldable Wireless Charging Stand: QI Certified Charger for iPhone and Android

One of the most important things about this charger is the price. I know I am breaking the sequence of writing an ideal review, but if you check wireless chargers made by top-notch brands, you will hardly find one with less than $40 price tag. After glancing through other features, you can take your judgment.

Neat and Clean Design

Design is the first thing anyone notices when they open the box. And this helps in forming an opinion about the product. So when I got the package and unboxed it, I was in awe as I hold a foldable charger in my hands.

The horizontal and vertical placement of your device gives you better convenience. Whether you are at the office or work from home, you can always keep your phone close to you. It is an excellent combination of stand and pad. And you can adjust the angle when you use stand mode to charge your device.

While using the charger, you may rest assured that your device is secure. For greater stability, ESR has used non-slip padding, which ensures a firm grip to the surface. This allows you to use the charger in stand and pad mode without having to worry about shakes or slips.

The Body

Although ESR has manufactured a lightweight charger, it is a rugged piece that protects your device. When you place your phone on the charger, it nearly sticks to it and does not shake. This ensures constant charging of your smartphone without any hiccup.

Usually, a sturdy material likely to make a hefty product. This is not the case with ESR’s wireless charger. It is not one of those hefty chargers, which are difficult to carry. However, this charger can endure the weight of your beast – iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S20, or Galaxy Note 10.

Technical Features

ESR has manufactured a dual coil charger that allows you to place your devices comfortably on the pad. However, you should place your iPhone in the center; and not either left or right.

ESR Wireless Chager Compatibility

There are two charging modes: 10W and 7.5W.

10W is for premium Android phones like,

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20+

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Note10

7.5W charges your iOS devices like,

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11

iPhone Xs Max

iPhone Xs

iPhone XR

iPhone X

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8

Travel-friendly Charger

Since the charger is loaded with appealing aesthetics, you would like to carry it around, even if you are traveling somewhere. I was surprised to find a lightweight product that weighs merely 6.1 ounces. A closer look reveals its other dimensions – 6.3 x 3.7 x 1.8 inches.

Before you go anywhere, you can pack this charger in its box or use any travel kit bags. It is a bit bulkier than your smartphones, but is not at all heavier; hence, you can always take this charger with you during your trips.


If your device is wrapped in a magnetic case, you should not place it on the pad. Take that case off and then charge your phone. However, the charger is friendly with other cases, which are not thicker than 5mm.

This feature gives you much relief from installing and removing the protective cases from your smartphones.

Miscellaneous Features

Explore the full potential of this charger by connecting its USB-C cable to a wall charger or you can also connect it to your Mac. Note that the default charging cable has USB-A, which you need to insert in your computer.

Three things to take care of…

Cases thicker than 5mm may hinder the charging

If the charger overheats, remove your phone and place it back once the charger cools down

The charger needs protection against water and other liquids

Buy it from Amazon

Final Words…

Go for it! AT this price, it isn’t effortless to find another wireless charger with impressive features and specifications offered by ESR’s ECW15 wireless charger. A fast wireless charging solution at an affordable price guarantees quick success. In a cluttered market of wireless chargers, this product has strength to make a dent.

Find more charging solutions…

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Best Iphone 11 Pro Max Cases For Women In 2023

Well, it’s that line-up again. I have selected the best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases for women in this post because why should we men have all the masculine and heavy-duty cases to themselves. However, I am not saying that these cases are all beauty and no protection. These cases are equally robust and sturdy.

Kate Spade has been my ultimate favorite label when it comes to premium stationery. I have always loved its minimalistic approach towards designer goodies and that is actually what draws me to the label. Additionally, iPhone cases from this brand are to die for their aesthetics, beauty, and minimal design.

The case in question here is a straightforward transparent case with multi-color rhinestones scattered on the back. Most importantly this case is also shock-absorbing because of the cushioned bumper that provides an additional layer of protection to the giant 6.5″ smartphone.

2. i-Balson

When you want to step out of your home to run some quick errands or even do some shopping, do you prefer carrying your whole handbag along or do you just like to carry your cards and your phone? If the latter is you then this i-Blason women case for iPhone 11 Pro Max is for you.

This case is perfect for all the quick shopping trips, as you can store 2 credit cards easily in it and of course, your phone’s there with it, so it’s a win-win. Secondly, the cute marble design turns your iPhone into a new accessory that you can mix and match with your favorite outfits.

3. Gviewin

I have heard that glitter and flowers are girls’ favorite patterns/prints. While the glitters will make an appearance at a later stage in this post, flowers have arrived. Moreover, I don’t know why floral prints have this particular thing about them, they give you great tropical vibes anywhere.

Get your hands on this tropical iPhone 11 that is sure to keep you away from having FOMO while all your friends are vacationing in Hawaii and you are stuck at work. In addition to its good looks, the case is made of soft TPU material thin and lightweight to give you flexible durability and ultimate protection to your iPhone.

4. Maxdara

As promised, glitter makes its much-anticipated presence in with this iPhone 11 Pro Max case for girls. The Maxdara glitter case is a perfect accessory for all the girls out there who love them a little bling. Moreover, the flowing glitter liquid moves freely making your phone look pretty and luxurious.

Maxdara case is a slim fit that does not add any unnecessary bulk to your device while protecting your iPhone from scratches, bumps and accidental falls. In addition to its beauty and protection, this case comes with a reliable 1-year replacement and refund warranty.

5. Velvet Caviar

Firstly, let’s just acknowledge the name of this brand, Velvet Caviar, so unique. Anyway, so I know how much in trend marble prints are these days. However, I wanted to add some grit in the regular white marble pattern and thus I have selected this funky multi-colored marble printed case.

Beautifully designed and made with really tough and durable materials, this case is robust. Moreover, the full-body shockproof firmflex case defends your iPhone against drops with a soft TPU bumper and a stiff PC back. The raised bezel edges for screen and camera coverage elevate your phone from flat surfaces.

6. ZHK

If I am going to be completely honest I low-key like the Mandalas because of their intricate pattern. They are made with much precision and look so very intriguing that I would not mind sporting a mandala printed iPhone case. However this line-up is dedicated to all the lovely ladies reading, thus this one is a perfect iPhone 11 Pro Max case for ladies.

This case sports raised lips for your screen and lenses that will protect them from scratching while placed on a flat surface. Additionally, the sturdy full-body armor offers complete protection to your 6.5″ iPhone. It has a 3 layer protection design that effectively absorbs impacts due to drops and falls.

7. Wesadn

This girly iPhone 11 Pro Max case is infused with sequins integrated into the flexible TPU cover. When it moves, the shiny quicksand will float and look like a waterfall very eye-catching and different from other cases. Suitable gifting solution for teenage girls and women.

It is made of an armor construction that uses hybrid rugged plastic frames and a soft TPU back shell. The case also sports drop absorbing corners, offering your 6.5″ smartphone a 360° protection from drops and scratches. Additionally, the dustproof flaps also prevent the port from getting clogged with dust and dirt.

8. Wollony

Bling it on… How Bling is too Bling? Well, the answer is there is no such thing as too much Bling. And, this case is just an example of that. Sporting a tremendous blingy back with rose gold shock-absorbing bumper, this case is every woman’s perfect match for all their outfits.

Its shock-absorbing TPU protects your iPhone from scrapping or scratching when the phone accidentally slips from your hands. Front and back raised lips to offer scratch protection to your device when laid on a flat surface. Over and above all the precise cutouts for lightning port and controls on your device, give you unhindered access.

9. Topwin

Rhinestones have always been considered as something super decorative, feminine and luxe. Giving an illusion of having rhinestones pasted on the case, this Topwin iPhone 11 Pro Max girly case is a perfect match for those looking for an affordable solution to expensive cases.

The inner layer of the case is made from soft TPU that protects your device from the inside and gives it edge-to-edge protection. Moreover, the outer layer is made from a hard PC that protects your device’s back, making this case a worth buy in every aspect. As the saying goes, ‘Tough on the outside, soft on the inside’.

10. Jakpak

While all the heavy-duty cases ooze masculinity, the Jakpak girly case for iPhone 11 Pro Max is a complete opposite. Giving heavy-duty protection a new name, this case is a perfect example of safety and style put together.

Made with white-mineral oil, this case ensures that no harm comes to your hands while you hold it, giving it an edge over all its new cases. The sparkle within the case doesn’t leak or wear off, which adds to this case’s beauty. Also, its dust flaps protect your device from dirt and dust.

Signing Off… 

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Best Folio Cases For Iphone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, And 12 Pro Max

While there are many cases for your iPhone 12, a folio-style case is an ideal option for all-round protection. These have a flip cover that guards the screen when not in use. On the inside, there are usually card slots or a pocket to store some cash or receipts. This makes it a convenient multipurpose option. So without wasting any time, let’s explore our round-up of best folio cases for iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max.

1. Twelve South BookBook Vol. 2 – Best Folio Case

Here’s is one of the most stylish leather cases for your iPhone 12. It’s made of premium material and has It’s got a magnetic closure for better phone and wallet protection, a magnetic leather shell for easy separation of wallet and phone.

Further, the inside of the flap has plenty of space for some cards and cash. The case can also double up as a kickstand to view your device hands-free. So it’s a great all-in-one option.


Stylish look

Detachable inner shell




A bit pricey

Just two colors

Buy it from Twelvesouth

2. Otterbox Strada Series Case – Genuine Leather Folio

Here’s another genuine leather folio case that’s slim, sleek, and pocket friendly. It features a slim profile with a vertical interior slot for cash or an essential card.

The dual-materials provide maximum protection against drops, bumps, scratches, and scrapes so that you can be out-and-about without worry. It also comes with the OtterBox limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured about quality issues.


Slim profile

Dual-layer protection



Only two colors

A bit pricey

3. CASEZA Vegan Book Folio Cover

Protective, functional, thin, and elegant – this iPhone 12 folio case ticks all the boxes to make a perfect everyday use option. It’s made of carefully selected vegan leather that gives it a high-class look & feel.

You can comfortably watch videos using the integrated kickstand function. An extra card pocket allows you to leave your wallet at home at times. Lastly, the soft silicone inside cover provides soft all-around protection for your device.


Slim and sleek

Soft silicone inner

Premium look


Limited color options

4. TUCCH Flip Case – 360° Protection

Enjoy a blend of style and convenience with this folio that’s beautifully crafted with a classic low profile design. It feels great in hand and is engineered to emphasize thinness without compromising protection.

The durable soft TPU full-body inner case comes with a cushioned shockproof edge and ensures your phone against drops and bumps. Further, it’s got three credit card slots and one pocket for cash.


Protective yet stylish

Attractive color options

Lifetime warranty


Can feel a bit bulky

5. FYY Leather Flip Cover with RFID Blocking

Here’s a case that’s made of genuine cowhide leather, and it resists the bacteria and germs that tend to build upon your device. It will also keep scratches and scuffs at bay.

It has three card slots for holding your credit cards, ID card, driver license, and business cards perfectly. There’s also an additional pocket for dollar bills or receipts.


Health-friendly material

Secure magnetic closure

Kickstand function

Spacious card slots


No color options

6. SHIELDON Genuine Leather Case – Enhanced Protection

This folio has a durable soft TPU full-body inner case that comes with a cushioned edge that absorbs impact and defends your phone against drops and bumps. It provides excellent dual-layer protection for your smartphone.

It boasts four card slots and a side pocket to help you store ID card, driving license, credit cards, and some cash. The magnetic closure keeps everything secure. Moreover, it boasts RFID blocking technology that prevents unauthorized scanners from accessing your card info.


RFID blocking technology

Premium genuine leather

Kickstand functionality

Seven color options


Somewhat bulky

Clumsy to open and close

7. Arae Folio Wallet Case – Stylish Exquisite

Keep your device snug and protected with this wallet case that’s got soft TPU cushioning and a plush exterior. The flip cover boasts four card slots and a magnetic closure.

The stand feature will bring you more convenience for watching videos at multi-viewing angles or hanging out with friends on FaceTime. The accurate cutouts keep all the features of your phone fully accessible.


Layered protection

Affordable price

Wrist strap

Several color options


Attracts fingerprints easily

8. UAG Flip Folio Case – Rugged protection

This rugged case combines a drop-tested armor shell with a premium supple Italian leather folio cover for sophisticated protection. The leather will patina with age, enhancing the natural beauty and unique look of the case.


Military-grade protection

Compatible with Wireless Charging and Apple Pay



No magnetic closure


9. Snakehive Vintage Case – Drop & Scratch Protection

Encase your premium iPhone 12 device in European Nubuck leather that has a soft, suede-like finish. It matures with time, developing an elegant patina that’s unique to every case.

A classy leather outer & flexible plastic inner keeps your phone both safe & stylish throughout your day. It includes three card slots, a money pocket, a magnetic closure, and a landscape kickstand. It also offers full access to all the ports and functions.


Beautiful vintage look


Unique colors


Attracts dust easily

Summing Up

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