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Decentraland (MANA) is a virtual realm built on the Ethereum blockchain with an indisputable record of ownership. It has an active Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) marketplace that allows users to trade art and other creations. MANA is Decentraland’s native asset, and it is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) token. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Decentraland is built around an idea that allows users to develop virtual reality lands and use MANA to pay for different services on the platform.

While the Decentraland platform seems to look promising, it has a peculiar problem of lacking engaging content, and this has resulted in reduced interaction among Decentraland users. Also, the high risk of cyber-attacks makes the platform susceptible to exploitation. These and many other issues, which the platform seems not to be resolving anytime soon, have scared potential investors from the platform, forcing them to look into other secured crypto projects like chúng tôi and Tamadoge.

Decentraland (MANA) Price Predictions

Decentraland project’s average predictions for the next 8 years are contained in the table below.


Average Price Predictions



















From the table above, you can see that the MANA token’s price pattern indicates a gradual and progressive increment pattern. On the contrary, the possibility of the price patterns above becoming a reality depends solely on how the platform can attract users to itself. While it looks highly unlikely for Decentraland to attract more users, it can as well be said that the future of the platform is clouded with a lot of uncertainties.

Why Tamadoge’s future seems to be well secured

Tamadoge is a unique combination of different entities that comprises a meme coin, a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse game, and NFTs. The game centers around virtual mintable NFT pets and the platform’s native token, TAMA. In terms of security, Tamadoge is already fully audited by Solid Proof, which makes it 100% secure. It is also fully KYC’d on CoinSniper, so it has an anti-rug pull mechanism in place that makes it a fully secured cryptocurrency.

So far, TAMA tokens market activities have been very impressive, which can be attributed to the fact that the tokens have debuted on different notable Centralized Exchange (CEX) and Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platforms like OKX, LBank, MEXC, BKEX, and cOinsbit. According to CoinGecko, the token is currently selling at the rate of $0.054404 with a market cap of $57,115,667 and a 24-hour trading volume of $54,973,655. With more listings in sight for TAMA tokens, the coin is expected to attain a higher price mark before this year runs out.

chúng tôi unique plans to become a top cryptocurrency that will skyrocket soon platform is a unique cryptocurrency platform that has recognized the negative environmental impacts of global warming and hopes to eliminate greenhouse gases emission by providing users with mechanisms that will help them offset their carbon footprints while earning good profits in return.

IMPT is the platform’s native token, and it is currently live on the fifth day of its presale first phase sell-out. Selling at the rate of $0.018, the platform has so far raised $1,907,735.238 from selling 105,985,291 IMPT tokens out of the 600,000,000 tokens allocated for the first phase of its presale. Read more about the IMPT tokens on insidebitcoins to learn better about these fast-growing tokens.

See where Decentraland lies in comparison with Tamadoge and

If you have taken your time to go through this article, you must have seen how the Tamadoge and chúng tôi platforms seem to have solved the problems of lacking good content that has made Decentraland’s potential investors have double minds about the investment platform. Tamadoge and chúng tôi platforms are centered around engaging game plays and features that can attract and keep users glued to their respective platforms. In terms of security, Decentraland’s mode of operation has, in a way, limited the platform’s security, making the platform highly susceptible to attack. This is not the case for both Tamadoge and chúng tôi as both coins are certified and proven to be well secured.


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Predictions For The Future: Google’s Algorithm Updates

Editor Note: Many points in this post are the author’s speculation/prediction of the future and not concrete fact.

Everyone is talking about “Mobilegeddon,” the recent change Google made to its search algorithm, penalizing sites that do not provide a good experience for mobile users. However, there was another recent update, which passed largely unnoticed and accordingly received an even more fitting name – Phantom.

Why does it matter? You need to anticipate how Google search will evolve in the near future so you can plan and adjust accordingly.

In this blog post I will try to make a prediction about how the company will evolve the search algorithm in order to make sure it continues to rule the internet.

The Google Algorithm Changes Forecast

The main point to remember is that search is the pinnacle of Google’s business strategy, so the company has to do everything in its power to protect it and keep it healthy. Search is all about the user – Google does not want you to be unhappy with your search experience, and they most certainly don’t want you to switch to an alternative search engine.

In order to do this they will continue to focus on relevance and ease of use.

Quality of Content Will Continue to Rule

Starting with Panda, Google has really made website owners and SEO experts focus on the quality of website content. The search engine will continue to get better at judging content quality thanks to developing its artificial intelligence. Some experts even suggest that the time when the algorithm becomes better at predicting quality and relevance than humans is not far away.

However, human factor will not be overlooked, either. With search beginning to feature tweets, it is clear that social signals will come to bear more influence on rankings. But it is unclear whether this will remain a long-term feature.

Usability Will Become More Important

Another important trend in usability improvement is the rise of conversational search. The introduction of the Hummingbird update in 2013 overhauled the way keywords work in order to make SEO more aligned with the way people are searching. Again, with the improvement in Google’s ability to predict relevance, optimizing for searchers’ intention will become more important than targeting specific keywords.

Changes Will be Much More Gradual

If you’ve been reading carefully, you have probably already noticed there’s a spirit of slower, more gradual change. Perhaps the most obvious proof of this is the name of one of the updates that affected users in the last month – Phantom. But even Mobilegeddon, regardless of its name, didn’t affect as many people as was initially expected.

I think this trend will continue as Google will be much more strategic and careful about the changes they are making.

Google Will Continue to Experiment with Temporary Changes

When mentioning Twitter and social signals, it is important to point out that this might turn out to be short-lived. The search team has already proven they are not afraid to move quickly and scrap features that do not fulfill their potential. This was the case of Google Authorship and might very well turn out to be the same for the Google-Twitter partnership and social signals in general.

Here’s why:

With such partnerships, Google is not only harming its own products (G+ in this case), but also becomes reliant on external parties for data.

Social signals are unreliable and notoriously easy to falsify.

The algorithm might develop to the point where Google no longer needs to factor in signals from third-party social networks.

However, the company may elect to follow the opposite strategy and ensure its interest by acquiring Twitter. Reports of an imminent merger have already surfaced in the media. Such a step will be a very strong signal that the search algorithm will come to rely heavily on social signals.

How to be Prepared for Future Google Algorithm Updates

One of the safest predictions to make is that the search giant is not going to alter its policy of being extremely secretive about the changes it makes in the way the engine works. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to be prepared for those changes and make the best of them.

Here are some areas where you should direct your attention and resources if you want to be ready for the next time Google decides to alter their policy:

Focus on Producing High-Quality Content

Producing any content isn’t enough, so if you’re finding it challenging to put out great material on a regular basis, talk to someone who can take it over for you. The money you spend on such a partnership will return to you in new customers.

And while we’re on the subject, you might also want to consider someone who understands SEO. Even if you are pumping out engaging content on a regular basis, there are plenty of people out there who are doing the same. Optimizing it for search engines might be the differentiator you need to succeed.

Invest in Improving User Experience and Engagement

Going after websites that have no mobile version is just the first step. Do not forget that Google has all this useful information about how visitors are interacting with your website (through Analytics) that helps them find out whether your page provides good experience or not.

Keep an eye on vital statistics, such as page load time, bounce rate, time on page, and other key data points. And since Google will continue to provide differentiated experience to its users across different platforms (desktop, mobile, etc.), remember to keep track of your performance across each of these.

That doesn’t mean you have to give equal attention to each platform; focus on those most relevant to your business goals.

Plan for the Future

It really isn’t that hard to be prepared for Google updates to the search algorithm. All you have to do is focus on providing relevant information and good experience to your visitors.

Of course, that is easier said than done, but if you remain aware of changes happening in the industry and how people search and browse, it is not impossible to achieve it. For example, the trend toward providing better mobile web experience was present for a few years, so Google’s stance on it with Mobilegeddon was hardly surprising.

And while few people can predict the exact changes Google will introduce, every one of us can and should adopt a mentality of constantly planning for the future.

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Polkadot Price Prediction – How Will Dot Perform Post Crypto Crash

One of the most widely known coins, Polkadot, has had a great ride in the past. It is for sure an excellent coin with distinctive features that we’ll discuss below, but a lot of great coins crashed because of the recent crypto market bear. Who’s to say Polkadot won’t face the same fate?

This article discusses the price prediction of Polkadot to see whether this coin has a future or not. In addition to that, we will also be discussing other coins like Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Fight Out (FGHT), Dash 2 Trade (D2T), C+Charge (CCHG), RobotEra (TARO), & Calvaria (RIA) that are expected to perform well post-crypto crash. 

Polkadot Brief Overview

A public blockchain network, Polkadot, was created with the intention of connecting several block networks. The White Paper for this initiative was formally presented at the end of 2023 by Gavin Wood, a co-founder of Ethereum and the creator of Parity Technologies.

A vast number of blockchains may communicate with one another because of Polkadot. This open-source multi-chain sharding protocol permits cross-chain transfers of any kind of data or assets and not just tokens. 

By connecting public and private chains, permissionless networks, oracles, and emerging technologies, the Polkadot protocol enables these separate blockchains to exchange data and conduct transactions securely and dependably across the Polkadot relay chain. 

The native token of Polkadot, called DOT, has three distinct objectives: to offer network governance plus operations and to produce parachutes through collaboration.

Experts’ Views

Polkadot’s price began at $27.26 in 2023, according to Coinpriceforecast. Polkadot’s price has dropped by -80% since the start of the year. Polkadot is currently trading around all time low numbers and despite a small uptake in price lately Polkadot is still not out of the woods.

The Polkadot price is predicted to  increase to $6.71 in the first half of 2023; in the second, it should increase by $0.28 to complete the year at $6.99, which is a 30% increase over the present price.

On the other hand, according to Coinpedia, if the network receives the necessary resolutions from the makers, marketers would invest significantly in the protocol. Consequently, the price can increase to its possible high of $6.8618. 

On the negative side, the altcoin may drop to $6.1201 under the extended bearish rule. However, if buying and selling pressures are balanced, the price may reach $6.4909. To sum it up, although Polkadot’s past performance was worth noting, experts have mixed sentiments about it performing well post-crypto market crash.

Other Coins Expected To Perform Well Post Crypto Crash

While DOT has been receiving mixed views from experts about its price predictions in the near future, there are some coins that are expected to perform really well post-crypto crash. Let’s discuss them.

Meta Masters Guild- Popular Metaverse coin presale 

Fight Out – M2E coin with a big future

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Top Cutting-Edge Analysis

C+Charge – Carbon credits for EV drivers

RobotEra (TARO) – Brand New Crypto With Shared Multiverse

Calvaria (RIA) – Best P2E Card Game

Meta Masters Guild

Many P2E crypto projects have failed thus far and have turned into pump and dump failures. This is mostly due to the quality of the games as players tend to take their rewards and move on elsewhere. Meta Master Guild are trying to stop this trend by making the first Web3 mobile gaming platform.

The guild is supposed to create a sense of community that traditional gaming brought to games like Halo and Call of Duty. They are also taking the step of separating their native currency from the currency you earn during games. This means that actually crypto will be used to improve on the games and enhance users’ experience. Think of it as a play and earn model rather than a play 2 earn model is the message they wish to pass on to gamers. The presale has just begun too so the price of MEMAG is very affordable.

Fight Out 

The Move2Earn sector of crypto has so far been quite successful and seems to have been mostly insulated from the crypto crash experienced last November. So, pinpointing an M2E coin that might make massive gains is something all investors should be trying to do. For us that coin is Fight Out. Compared to other M2E coins it seems the most comprehensive and has the best features by quite a bit.

Users will be able to log in via the app and set up a profile, from here Fight Out will be able to build personalized workouts that take into account everything from their users strengths to the equipment they have available. The real incentive for Fight Out users is that by surpassing their goals they can earn the native currency, REP. This can be used to buy items in their great store or even unlock more workouts to achieve their highest possible goals.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

One of our top picks for the best cryptocurrency to purchase during down markets is Dash 2 Trade. Dash 2 Trade serves as the social analytics platform for Dash 2 Trade. The cryptocurrency project wants to give you enough knowledge to enable you to choose wisely.

The usefulness of Dash 2 Trade is not over yet. It includes an AI-powered market sentiment analysis that instantly recognises the demand for specific cryptocurrencies among the crypto community and directs you to potentially successful deals. 

This raises the possibility of success while lowering the risk connected with the cryptocurrency market. Because of its clear intention to serve as a hub for market information for the cryptocurrency industry, analysts have given it the title “Bloomberg trading terminal version” for the developing crypto area.


In recent years everyone is realizing that environmentally conscious business or where the future lies. A big part of this is Carbon credits, the crypto community is coming to realize this too. That is why projects like C+Charge, who aim to reward electric vehicle drivers for doing their bit for the environment, have so much buzz surrounding their presales.

C+Charge are looking at the charging station situation in particular as they believe it currently discourages rather than attracts customers to the market. The problem is local municipalities tend to be in charge of the stations and they may not have enough knowledge or funding to treat them with the proper care. 

The C+charge app will allow peer to peer payments directly from users crypto wallets which will remove the inconsistent payment choices found now. They will also have up to date information for all the stations in their app users vicinity. As a brilliant added bonus, C+Charge users will even be able to earn carbon credits the more they charge up their vehicles.

RobotEra (TARO)

In November 2023, TARO, the newest addition to the list of the finest cryptocurrencies to invest in, will make its debut. RobotEra‘s blockchain, a sandbox-style constructing metaverse, is powered by the platform token. 

In this project, robots are your representatives. You are responsible for running the planet, gathering resources, and building robot allies. You are unrestricted in your ability to build any ecosystem you like.

You can use a shared multiverse, which connects to other worlds, to access additional metaverse ecosystem resources. As a result, you can create, share, and trade NFT-based commodities in the RobotEra environment while also opening theme parks and attending concerts.

Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria is one of the best cryptocurrencies that can be purchased. The project Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, which is also coming to the end of its presale, is powered by RIA. The entertaining tool known as Calvaria is used to amuse gamers. Gamification tools and players are being used to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrencies. The card-collecting game on the platform has two variants. There are two choices: free-to-play and play-to-earn (P2E) (F2P).

Those who are not interested in using cryptocurrency are the focus of F2P. Both standard gameplay and an engaging story mode are included in this game. In order to defeat other players, you must assemble the finest possible card deck.


To wrap it up, experts are predicting DOT’s price in the near future in different ways.  There are uncertainties and mixed feelings involved with expectations from DOT post-crypto crash. And while we are not sure about DOT’s future, we can say that the cryptos mentioned above, are highly recommended as they look set to explode soon.

Navigating The Bull And Bear Cycles – Top 3 Crypto Choices For June

The volatile crypto market witnesses daily fluctuations, forcing investors to learn how to navigate through the bull and bear cycles. Binance (BNB) and XRP (XRP) are considered good navigators with continuous trading in the green region, urging VC Spectra (SPCT) to show its full potential.

XRP (XRP) was recently shaken by the Ripple lawsuit filed by SEC, but it still marks a slight increase in price in the past 24 hours. Although Binance (BNB) keeps adding novelties to improve user convenience, VC Spectra (SPCT) is attracting attention with the potential to generate 10x gains and maximize returns. The stable rising curve shines a new light on investments in the crypto market for June.

The VC Spectra (SPCT) Garners Immense Investor Interest

VC Spectra (SPCT) has attracted increased attention from investors seeking an innovative decentralized hedge fund that introduces high-potential investment opportunities in Fintech and blockchain. It allows investors to select from cutting-edge blockchain and technology investments, with particular focus on ICOs.

Investing in VC Spectra (SPCT) means supporting a fund that diligently seeks out high-potential opportunities and projects. Before making investments, VC Spectra (SPCT) subjects projects to rigorous evaluations, adhering to strict risk management principles and investment strategies.

Consequently, VC Spectra (SPCT) exclusively invests in promising projects, constructing a comprehensive portfolio that maximizes the gains while minimizing the risks. Moreover, it offers early access to investment opportunities, which amplifies potential returns. The fund harnesses the power of AI in its daily operations and distributes quarterly dividends to all investors.

VC Spectra (SPCT) employs algorithmic trading methods as a way to optimize profits and mitigate risks. It has robust systematic trading strategies in place, enabling real-time data analysis to select only the most favorable investment options.

VC Spectra (SPCT) is currently in Stage 1 of its public presale, with a trading price of $0.008. With its significant real-world utility, VC Spectra (SPCT) is poised to generate 10x gains for holders before the presale concludes and even greater returns once it becomes available on exchanges.

Binance (BNB) introduces BETH-to-WBETH Conversions

Currently priced at $243.49, with a 5.63% increase in the last 7 days, Binance (BNB) is famous for continuously trading in the green region. With candlesticks touching Bollinger’s oversold region, experts believe Binance (BNB) may face a price correction.

Considered the biggest cryptocurrency exchange based on daily trading volume, Binance (BNB) continuously expands its service range to enhance user convenience. The latest improvement is the 1:1 ratio BETH-to-WBETH conversion on the BNB Smart Chains, enabling interoperability and flexibility inside the Binance (BNB) ecosystem.

Will XRP (XRP) be Shaken by the Ripple Lawsuit?

XRP is another crypto ecosystem that has continuously traded in the green region. Following the lawsuit filed by SEC, XRP faced a dramatic downturn and struggled to regain its former position. The past 24 hours marked a 0.40% rise for the XRP price, following a 5.08% decrease over the last week.

Currently trading at $0.4907, analysts are predicting that XRP investors might be eyeing $0.89 breaking targets in August, with $3.39 being the ultimate bull target. Whether these predictions will come true depends on the outcome of the SEC lawsuit, and investors are anxiously awaiting the news.

Explore the VC Spectra (SPCT) presale here:

Arm’s Mobile, Wearables And Iot Predictions For 2023

ARM Holdings, the processor design firm whose chip technologies have dominated the mobile device space, issued its predictions for 2023 via a series of tweets yesterday.

Three weeks into the New Year, the company’s Twitter account (@ARMHoldings) lit up on Jan. 21 with 15 new predictions that hint at how the company may be approaching the white-hot market for low-power, mobile processors. According to the company’s crystal ball, devices will grow more powerful, interconnected and a touch more personal as 2023 winds on.

On the wearable device front, ARM is suggesting that vendors and developers step up their game and take their users’ real-world interactions into account while building their solutions. “Wearables must pass ‘don’t leave home without me’ test by delivering actionable, contextual info,” the company tweeted. The company also expects the buzz surrounding the Internet of Things to shift from wearables this year to robotics.

IoT’s effect on the bottom line will be most strongly felt in cities and enterprises, in the form of higher revenues. ARM also expects that the diverse crop of “IoT standards groups will start to consolidate as industry begins maturing.” Chinese IoT semiconductor vendors “will start to deliver significant design wins,” predicted the company.

The IT industry is flocking to the burgeoning IoT market, establishing a foothold and readying solutions to help enterprises cope with (and help monetize) the massive amounts of data and traffic that a sensor- and mobile device-filled world will generate over the next several years. By 2023, Gartner predicts that the Internet of Things will grow to encompass 26 billion devices and generate $300 billion in incremental revenue that same year.

Heightened data security concerns to will drive the adoption of hardware-based solutions that safeguard data “from sensor to server,” added ARM. Along the same lines, increased adoption of biometric technologies like Apple Touch ID will start pulling the identity management market further away from passwords, and mobile payments will finally take off – courtesy of more robust chip-and-PIN payment card systems.

Here’s the full, lightly-edited list:

50% smartphones shipped in 2023 will be 64-bit capable

Biometrics will drive alternative user ID strategies

Mobile operators will deploy smartphone services as de facto healthcare for rural areas

Wearables must pass ‘don’t leave home without me’ test by delivering actionable, contextual info

64-bit LTE smartphones will ship for under $70

IoT’s biggest revenues will be in cities and enterprises

Increasing cyberattack concerns will drive hardware security from sensor to server

More OEMs and Internet companies will acquire semiconductor vendors to drive their unique selling proposition (USP) into the value chain

Massive mobile payment surge with chip-and-PIN and smartphones will make retail more efficient

Benchmark data will shift end-user choice to purpose-optimized servers versus monolithic approaches

Effort will turn to efficiency and form factor as wirelessly-chargeable consumer devices enter market

Chinese semiconductor vendors’ focus on IoT will start to deliver significant design wins

Latest IoT buzz will shift from wearables to robotics

Diverse IoT standards groups will start to consolidate as industry begins maturing

System performance demands will move network functions virtualization (NFV) from software on server to tightly-coupled hardware accelerators

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at Datamation. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

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Top 15 Crypto Staking Platforms In 2023

Crypto staking platforms have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for investors to earn rewards while holding their cryptocurrency. Staking involves holding a certain amount of cryptocurrency in a wallet or on a platform to support the operations of a blockchain network and in return, receiving a reward in the form of additional cryptocurrency. Think of it like earning interest on saving your cash in the bank. With the rise of DeFi and the increasing adoption of blockchain technology, crypto staking has become a popular investment option for many people.

Why do people stake crypto?

There are several reasons why people use crypto staking platforms, with the most obvious being the potential to earn passive income. Staking rewards can be a source of income for long-term cryptocurrency holders who are not planning to part with their coins anytime soon. It is a low-effort method of making a buck since it does not require actively trading or investing in other assets. Additionally, staking can be a way to support the network and increase its security by becoming validators for the network, which can be a benefit for those who are committed to the long-term success of a particular blockchain project.

The difference between staking and lending

Many crypto exchanges and wallets of certain cryptocurrencies offer rewards generated via lending or on-chain staking. When lending, you deposit your crypto into a platform’s lending pool, which others then borrow at a fixed or variable rate. The platform draws a commission for facilitating the lending while paying you the remaining yield. 

With staking, on the other hand, your assets are locked up in a smart contract that is governed by the network’s proof-of-stake consensus. Your crypto is used to secure the network, confirm transactions, and generate new blocks, and a fraction of the newly generated coins are then paid out to you. Be aware that many staking platforms charge a fee or commission for their services.

Considerations when choosing a crypto staking platform

Whether you’re staking or lending, especially on crypto exchanges, you should be aware that your funds are not in self-custody. When deciding on a crypto staking platform to use, it’s important to research the platform’s reputation and security measures to ensure that your funds are safe. Additionally, look for platforms with a clear and transparent staking process, including information about fees, rewards, and the process for withdrawing funds. It’s also important to consider the types of cryptocurrencies supported by the platform, as well as the potential rewards for staking each one. 

In this listicle, we will explore some of the top crypto staking platforms on the market today, highlighting their features and benefits, as well as potential drawbacks or considerations to keep in mind. By providing an overview of some of the best options available, we hope to help investors make informed decisions about where to stake their cryptocurrency and potentially earn rewards.

Top 15 crypto staking platforms AllNodes

via AllNodes

AllNodes is an all-in-one node hosting and staking platform that allows users to easily stake 71 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and other popular coins. The platform provides users with a simple and intuitive interface for managing their staked tokens and running a node on the network.

The platform has a value of over $2 billion across more than 34,000 hosted nodes. It supports staking from hardware wallets and offers competitive staking rewards ranging from 3-35%, depending on the token.


Supports a wide range of coins for staking

Competitive staking rewards

Simple and intuitive interface making it easy for novice users to participate in staking


No mobile app, which may be inconvenient for some users who prefer to manage their staked tokens on the go


via Everstake

A decentralized staking provider founded in 2023, Everstake uses enterprise-level hardware to run over 8,000 nodes for over 70 blockchain networks, including Solana, Cosmos, Tezos, Polygon, and Cardano. The platform creates liquid staking products like Eversol. Everstake has over 625,000 unique users with $6.2 billion assets staked. 


Supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies

Competitive staking rewards range from 5%-49%, depending on the token

User-friendly interface and management tools


Higher staking fees compared to some other platforms

No mobile app available for managing staked tokens


via Stakefish

Stakefish offers users the ability to stake their tokens and earn rewards while helping to secure a variety of blockchain networks. The platform operates validators for over 20 different protocols, including Ethereum, Cosmos, and Polkadot, among others. 

The platform has been operating validators since 2023 and has established itself as one of the largest and most trusted validators in the crypto ecosystem. It supports over $1 billion worth of assets staked by both institutional and retail investors. Stakefish claims that its globally distributed team ensures 24-hour coverage of its validator nodes, giving users peace of mind.


Competitive staking rewards range from 5%-62%, depending on the token

Offers staking for more than 20 different blockchain networks


Limited information available about its security measures

No mobile app available


via Lido

Lido is a decentralized staking platform that enables users to earn staking rewards on their Ethereum holdings. The platform allows users to stake their ETH, SOL, and MATIC tokens through a smart contract, which is then managed by a pool of validators. 

The platform offers a number of benefits, including the ability to stake any amount of ETH, high staking rewards, and no minimum staking period. Additionally, Lido’s staked ETH tokens are liquid and can be traded at any time. A total of more than 291,000 stakers have staked over 10 million tokens on the platform, with more than $500,000 worth of rewards paid out.


Allows users to stake any amount of ETH

Staking rewards from 4-6%

Liquid staked ETH tokens can be traded at any time


Limited to staking only ETH, MATIC, SOL


via Spool

Spool is composable and permissionless DeFi middleware that connects Capital Aggregators with DeFi Yield Generators to dynamically, automatically, and efficiently allocate funds and ensure optimized yields for custom strategies managed by DAO-curated Risk Models.

The platform offers an infrastructure solution to create and invest using “Smart Vaults” to manage risks. Users can create custom Smart Vaults tailored to their specific risk appetite. Once assets are deposited into a Smart Vault, Spool automatically manages and rebalances investments across various DeFi protocols, so users don’t have to worry about paying any gas fees. Users can also earn a performance fee when others invest in your Smart Vault. 


Risk-managed approach to yield farming

Users can create custom Smart Vaults tailored to their specific risk appetite

The auto-rebalancing feature across various DeFi protocols ensures that users don’t have to pay any gas fees


The performance fee charged to Smart Vault Creators may discourage some users from creating their own custom Smart Vaults


via MyCointainer

MyCointainer is a staking platform that supports over 100 cryptocurrencies. The platform offers secure and reliable node hosting services, as well as competitive staking rewards of over 14% APY for users. 

The platform provides a user-friendly interface and a range of tools for managing staked tokens and tracking rewards. The platform also offers a number of other services, including a marketplace for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, crypto mining, and cashback on shopping from over 2300 global retailers.


No lockup period for over 100 supported staking assets

Claims to offer daily rewards and minimal fees

Mobile app for users to manage their staking activities


No concrete information on staking fee/commission


via Stader

Stader is a multichain liquid staking platform that allows users to access their assets while earning staking rewards. Unlike the proof-of-stake system, where user funds are locked up for a period of time, liquid staking stores funds in DeFi escrow accounts so that users can access their tokens whenever they want, making their funds liquid. This enables users to use their staked tokens as collateral for other financial transactions, such as lending, borrowing, and trading, to generate multiple revenue streams.

The platform supports nine networks, including Ethereum, Fanton, BNB, Polygon, Near, and more.


Increased liquidity and flexibility.

Retain control over your assets while still being able to use them for other purposes

Potential for higher returns as staked tokens can be used for other financial transactions that generate additional passive income.


May be more complex and difficult to use than traditional staking platforms, as liquid staking involves additional financial transactions and collateralization

Regulatory uncertainty of liquid staking may lead to legal and regulatory risks for users and providers of liquid staking services


via Stakely

A decentralized staking provider built on the Ethereum network, Stakely is a non-custodial platform that supports close to 40 tokens, including ETH, FTM, DOT, and more. The platform offers staking APY ranging from 5-43%, depending on the token. It charges a 5% commission to cover the costs of maintaining its infrastructure. It has a total value of more than $612,000 locked and more than 38,000 users staking across 34 networks.

A percentage of the fees earned each month goes towards the Stakely Insurance Program, which provides insurance for delegators in case Stakely’s validators are affected by a slash incident. Slashing occurs when a validator displays harmful behavior like downtime or poor performance, resulting in a penalty of having their bonded tokens slashed, meaning that those tokens will be lost.


Staking insurance ensures that assets are secure

Low commission fees

Non-custodial platform. Users don’t have to transfer funds to the platform’s validator


Over 400 cryptocurrencies supported

Hardware wallet integration for added security

Option to earn staking rewards while maintaining control of private keys


No staking reward information for each token

May require some technical knowledge for staking from a hardware wallet

Aave v2 Ethereum

via Aave

Aave is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that offers staking services through its Aave Protocol. Users can earn rewards by staking their AAVE tokens or other supported assets, such as ETH and DAI. Staking rewards are distributed in AAVE tokens and can be claimed anytime. Prior to unstaking, users must start the cooldown period of 10 days, followed by a two-day window where they can unstake. If they miss that window, they would have to restart the cooldown process.

Users can also lend assets to earn interest on them and borrow assets with a stable or variable interest rate.


Staking feature is integrated with its lending and borrowing platform, so stakers can earn interest on their staked assets while also earning staking rewards


Low staking rewards compared to other platforms

Only supports staking for a limited number of assets


Competitive APY of up to 16%, depending on a token


Limited number of supported tokens

Some assets require a 14-day notice period for withdrawal


via Binance

Besides being a crypto exchange, Binance also offers staking services for a large variety of coins, including ETH, BNB, USDT, and many more. Users can stake their coins through the exchange and earn rewards that are distributed on a weekly or monthly basis. 

It also offers flexible staking options that allow users to unstake their coins at any time without penalties. Additionally, Binance offers a staking calculator that enables users to estimate their potential rewards.


Offers a wide range of staking options for many different assets

High staking rewards compared to other platforms

Mobile app available for easy staking and monitoring


Binance is a centralized platform, which can be risky for stakers in case of a black swan event

Some users may not feel comfortable trusting their assets to a centralized platform

Binance has faced some security and regulatory issues in the past, although they have since taken steps to improve security measures


via OKX

Like other popular crypto exchanges, OKX provides staking services to its users as an added value. Users can stake 80 cryptocurrencies on the platform, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a variety of altcoins. Staking on OKX is straightforward and can be done by simply depositing the cryptocurrency into the staking pool; that’s all you need to be rewarded in additional crypto. OKX also offers flexible staking so users can unstake anytime with no penalty.


Offers staking rewards for 80 cryptocurrencies, including lesser-known ones

A variety of staking options, including flexible and fixed-term staking

High APY for fixed-term staking

No commission fee


The platform has faced security breaches in the past, raising concerns about the safety of user funds

Some users have reported slow customer support response times


Coinbase is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange that also offers staking services. Users can stake 103 cryptocurrencies on the platform, including Ethereum, Cosmos, and Algorand, and earn up to 6% on crypto. Staking on Coinbase is user-friendly and can be done through the platform’s easy-to-use interface. The platform also offers a rewards calculator to help users estimate their potential earnings from staking. Additionally, Coinbase is insured against theft and hacking, providing an extra layer of security for users’ staked coins.


User-friendly interface that is accessible to both beginners and experienced traders

A well-established and reputable company with a strong track record in the cryptocurrency industry


Coinbase charges a high staking fee, which can reduce the overall returns

Does not offer staking rewards for some popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin


via Kraken

Despite having to shut down staking for US users, Kraken still offers staking services to its users in other countries. Ethereum, Polkadot, and Cosmos are among its 18 supported cryptocurrencies for staking. Besides bonded staking, which offers a higher APY, Kraken also offers flexible staking, allowing users to choose how long they want to stake their coins. Additionally, Kraken provides users with access to detailed staking reports, enabling them to track their earnings and monitor their staking activity.


Instantly unstake with no penalties

No fees for staking or unstaking


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