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It’s WWDC 2013 time.  We’ve run down what we know about Apple’s announcements, what surprises we could see, and what we wish for the conference.  Be sure to stay tuned at 10 AM Pacific/1PM Eastern time for the full keynote live blog.

Update: Since Apple will be live streaming the event on the Web, iOS and AppleTV, we will be doing real-time updates only on our Twitter account and posting stories as they become available.   Also we’ll post the best pictures from Moscone below:

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

iOS 7 is a major release for developers. 1500 new APIs. AirDrop, MFI game controllers, New multitasking APIs. SpritKit. Barcode scanning.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

New landscape album view. Replaces cover-flow.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

iOS 7: App Store updates apps automatically (cc @ john mccain)

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Redesigned Stores. Very white/black UI. New categories for kids. Apps near more. Popular apps based on current location.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

iOS 7 is defining an important new direction and in many ways a beginning – Jony Ive

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Motion sensing!

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

“I think there is a profound and enduring beauty in clarity, efficiency”

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Design is the whole thing. The way something works on so many levels. Design defines so much of our experience. – Jony Ive

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Jony Ive talking in video.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Jony Ive talking in video.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

“The biggest change to iOS since the introduction of iPhone.” Amazing new features, stunning new interface. Video now.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

“We know that we can positively affect developers and users with a new version of iOS. This is exactly what we’ve been up to.”

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

“We know that we can positively affect developers and users with a new version of iOS. This is exactly what we’ve been up to.”

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

iWork on iCloud supports Safari, IE, Chrome. iWork everywhere. Today in Developer beta. Public beta later this year.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Editing options are there. Gorgeous.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Editing options are there. Gorgeous.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Can support 3 simultaneous 4K displays.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Can support 3 simultaneous 4K displays.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

New Mac Pro: Flash storage. PCIe, 1.25 GBPs speed. 10X faster than any HD in previous Mac Pros. All expansion is external. Thunderbolt 2.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013


— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

New MacBook Air: All-day Battery life. Haswell chips.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Phil Schiller out to talk more about the Mac.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

OS X Mavericks. Preview today for developers. Public release this Fall.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Continuous scrolling in Calendar. Federighi making more fun of the leather! Ha!

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Syncing of iOS push notifications to Mac Notification Center… huge..

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

All kidding aside, the Mac stuff just isn’t hugely interesting. Mac OS X has been solid for a long time and they’re not doing Franken-OS.

— Paul Thurrott (@thurrott) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

New technologies to improve Mac battery life and performance.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Apple TV can work as full powered display with Mavericks.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

iBooks App and Maps App are in the Dock.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Craig Federighi takes the stage, to talk about Mountain Lion. “We’ve hit a real issue for the next release; running out of names of cats.”

— Andy Ihnatko (@Ihnatko) June 10, 2013

Wow, so Federighi was joking.

OS X Mavericks is the real name.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Craig Federighi out to talk OS X!

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Mountain Lion: 28 million copies sold. Best selling release of all time. 35% of all Mac users are on ML.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

72 million Mac installed base. New iMac #1 desktop in the U.S. MacBook is #1 notebook.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Anki, an app developer, is launching their company on-stage right now. Artificial intelligence and robotics.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

For the record, couldn’t care less about a new Xbox 360. But would love to have the Xbox One controller on the 360 today. 🙂

— Paul Thurrott (@thurrott) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

1 million daily visitors daily last year to apple retail.

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

Before Event VV After Event Started ^^^

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) June 10, 2013

People being allowed inside moscone

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) June 10, 2013

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) June 10, 2013

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) June 10, 2013

Don’t even try cutting, mister.

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) June 10, 2013

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) June 10, 2013

The coffee machines for press look like Mac Pros.

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) June 10, 2013

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) June 10, 2013

— Zac Hall ⊙︿⊙ (@apollozac) June 10, 2013

— Seth Weintraub (@llsethj) June 10, 2013

— Seth Weintraub (@llsethj) June 10, 2013

Wow. “@realdanlyons: Eagerly awaiting the Jony Ive video where he talks about the iOS7 redesign. Can he top the one about the EarPods?”

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) June 10, 2013

— Seth Weintraub (@llsethj) June 10, 2013

— Kovach-O-Lantern (@stevekovach) June 10, 2013

This doesn’t look like ‘Presentation Hair’

Secret projects=watchish stuff

— Seth Weintraub (@llsethj) June 10, 2013

60 minutes until keynote

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) June 10, 2013

Ive is in a t-shirt. Would you consider that presentation attire?

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) June 10, 2013

— Jon Erlichman (@JonErlichman) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013

— 9to5Mac  (@9to5mac) June 10, 2013



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Head below to keep up with all of the latest news via our news hub and live blog.

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WWDC 2023 schedule

Here’s the breakdown of the schedule for WWDC today: 

WWDC Keynote: June 5, 10 a.m. PDT

Platforms State of the Union: June 5, 2 p.m. PDT

Apple Design Awards: June 5, 5 p.m. PDT

How to watch WWDC 2023

If you’d like to tune in to stream WWDC 2023 from home, Apple has you covered. You can watch the event via Apple’s website, YouTube, the Apple TV app, and more.

Check us out on Twitter and Instagram, where we’ll be sharing pictures, videos, and more from Apple Park throughout the week. 

News hub and live blog

Commentary from Chance Miller

Apple Vision Pro will start at $3,499 and will be available “early next year.” Apple is showing off an ad.

Powered by visionOS: “The start of an entirely new platform.”

Two chips: all-new R1 chip paired with M2 chip

12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones

Display specs: micro-OLED Apple Silicon display backplane, 23 million pixels, more pixels than a 4K TV for each eye, custom three-element lens.

The battery attaches via a subtle woven cable.

Apple is working with Zeiss on custom optical inserts that magnetically attach to the lenses for people that wear glasses.

The vibe here at Apple Park is absolutely insane. Lots of cheers and gasps.

Immersive movies and TV shows, including 3D content. Also 100 Apple Arcade games at launch.

Spatial photos and videos support for reliving memories in 3D.

Controlled entirely by eyes, hands, and voice. Tap your fingers together to select, and move your fingers to scroll.

Tim Cook likens this to the introduction of the original Mac

Apple Vision Pro is official

Now it’s time for AR and VR features. Tim Cook: “It’s already been a big day, but we have one more thing.”

iOS 17, watchOS 10, macOS Sonoma, tvOS 17, iPadOS 17 are available to developers today. Public betas in July.

Vision Health features to reduce the number of people affected by myopia, which is nearsightedness caused by changes to the eyes. Risk can be reduced by getting 80-120 minutes of time in the sun. In watchOS 10 Apple Watch can measure the amount of time spent in the sun every day. Also new features for measuring screen distance.

Health app adding new mental health and mood tracking features. Mindfulness app will let you track your momentary and daily mood information. You can also identify what’s making you feel a certain way. You can add more details by writing in the Health app.

Hiking updates: compass will now generate cellular connectivity waypoint and a waypoint for where you can go to make a call to emergency services. New altimeter features and Maps design.

New features for Cycling: new data types and training information. Apple Watch can now connect to Bluetooth-enabled bike sensors. Cycling workouts from Apple Watch can now show up as a Live Activity on your iPhone.

New watch faces including Pallete and Snoopy and Woodstock

Apps across watchOS 10 have been redesigned: world clock, activity app with new corner icons and full-screen views for rings, and more. New design details are also available to third-party apps.

Moving on to watchOS 10 now: turn the digital crown from any watch face to see widgets. Smart stacks that use machine learning to show you relevant information throughout the day.

tvOS 17: redesigned Control Center, ability to find a lost Siri Remote via your iPhone, and FaceTime app that uses Continuity Camera. Apps like Zoom and WebEx coming to Apple TV as well.

Apple Music adds SharePlay support in the CarPlay to let everyone in the car collaborate on what’s playing.

AirPlay improvements: on-device intelligence to learn how and when you listen to certain content. Ask Siri to start an AirPlay session. AirPlay will be available “in select hotels” before the end of the year.

Improvements to automatic device switching.

Personalized Volume that will dynamically make set music and podcasts to the most ideal volume level.

Now we’re talking AirPods. New Adaptive Audio that dynamically blends transparency and active noise cancellation.

Safari in macOS Sonoma now lets you save web apps to your macOS dock.

Profiles in Safari for keeping things separate, such as one profile for work and another for personal.

Support for sharing passwords and passkeys.

Safari: “Private Browsing Mode” locks the browser window, blocks trackers from loading, and removes URL trackers.

Updates to video conferencing: “presenter overlay,” new effects for video: FaceTime, Zoom, Teams, WebEx, and more.

Death Standing Director’s Cut coming to macOS later this year thanks to Apple Silicon and Metal 3.

“Game Porting Toolkit” to make it possible for game developers to bring their games to Mac in just days.

New “Game mode” in macOS Sonoma that ensures gaming gets full access to Mac’s power to reduce lag.

macOS 14 Sonoma supports adding iPhone widgets to your Mac’s desktop. Your iPhone just needs to be near your Mac.

macOS Sonoma includes support for adding widgets to your desktop.

Now it’s time for macOS, which is called Sonoma this year. New screensavers are similar to the Apple TV screensavers.

iPadOS 17 also includes the same features as iOS 17 like Messages, autocorrect, and FaceTime improvements.

Updates to Stage Manager as part of iPadOS 17: more flexibility for adjusting window location and size.

Updates to PDF support on iPadOS 17: It will now automatically recognize text fields. PDF support in Notes app has also been expanded. Real-time collaboration: “Live Collaboration.”

Health app is also coming to iPad as part of iPadOS 17.

iPadOS 17 also adds support for interactive widgets, so you can control widgets without having to jump into the dedicated app.

iPadOS 17 adds support for Lock Screen customization, including Live Activities. The widgets on the iPadOS 17 Lock Screen are located along the side.

Siri revamped to drop the “Hey,” so now you just say “Siri” to trigger the smart assistant. Siri also now supports back-to-back commands so you don’t have to say the trigger multiple times.

New “Standby” feature that works when your iPhone is connected to power and placed in landscape orientation. Support for widgets and other ways to few quick glanceable info. Standby also includes support for Live Activities.

The Journal app is official: it will make suggestions on moments and memories to capture. You can write details along with those memories.

Updates to the keyboard with support for improved autocorrect that also will give grammar suggestions for sentences. Also, Craig says: “When you just want to type a ducking word, it’ll learn.”

AirDrop is getting updated with a new NameDrop feature that lets you share your contact info by tapping phones together. You can also now start an AirDrop transfer by tapping phones. SharePlay support also coming to this new tap-to-phone system.

Updates to iMessage apps. Revamped support for stickers and “Live Stickers.” You can use stickers and all emoji via Tapback in the Messages app.

Check-in: a new way to be reassured that someone made it home or to their final destination.

Messages app: Catchup arrow for jumping to the start of a group message. Improved search with support for filters. Automatic transcripts for voice messages. You can now swipe on a message to start a threaded reply, instead of long-pressing.

FaceTime updates: Support for leaving voicemails. Finally!

Live Voicemail: When someone calls you and leaves a message, you’ll see a live transcription in real-time. You can then pick up the call if you want to.

You can now customize what appears when you call someone via what Apple is calling “posters.”

Now we’re back to Craig Federighi who is introducing iOS 17. Big updates to Phone, FaceTime, and Messages.

Surprise! The Apple Silicon-powered Mac Book is also here. It’s powered by the M2 Ultra. It will be available to order today starting at $6999: Apple announces new Mac Pro powered by M2 Ultra: PCI expansion, starts at $6999

New Mac Studio with M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips

The M2 13-inch MacBook Air is also getting a price drop to $1099.

The 15-inch MacBook Air is now official. Powered by M2 chip, It will be available to order today for $1299: Apple unveils 15-inch MacBook Air, available to order today for $1299

John Ternus is now talking about the benefits of Apple silicon

Tim is touting the “magic” of using Apple products and the value that developers provide to platforms.

After a short opening video highlighting the developer ecosystem, we’re officially watching a pre-recorded video.

Craig is cracking some jokes about how he becomes a meme every year…says that won’t happen this year. We’ll see about that!

Craig Federighi is also on stage: “Boy do we have a lot to share today.”

Tim Cook is on stage introducing WWDC week, “the most exciting yet.”

Spotted wandering around and mingling: Apple Fellow Phil Schiller and marketing VP Greg Joswiak.

I am seated and ready to go for WWDC 2023. The shaded area is certainly nice…but I am still right in the middle of the sun.

Apple is using the iconic rainbow-colored stage as the center point for the keynote, just like last year.

We’re expecting Apple’s in-person event for WWDC 2023 to be quite similar to last year’s. We’ll be watching the keynote video from inside the Apple Park ring along with developers and Swift Student Challenge winners.

We arrived in Cupertino on Saturday, and there’s been a buzz in the air the entire time. There were big crowds full of eager Apple developers, employees, and fans at the Apple Park Visitor Center all weekend.

Apple adds Wallet to Business Register site ahead of iOS 17 announcement

And we’re here! Just over an hour before the keynote kicks off.

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Build 2013 Keynote: Microsoft Unveils Windows 8.1, Pledges ‘Rapid Release’ Schedule

Microsoft formally unveiled Windows 8.1 to developers on Wednesday, with executives promising a “rapid release” schedule to keep the pace of new innovations coming.

For Microsoft, the Build 2013 developer conference represents a chance to connect or reconnect with developers, luring them back to the Windows platform. Although Microsoft is nearing 100,000 Windows 8 apps, that still falls well short of the millions of apps that have been written for the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms.

For Steve Ballmer, the chief executive of Microsoft, the company is undergoing a transformation to a business that develops devices and services, and not just software. “And the only way that can happen is by a company undergoing a rapid-release schedule,” he said.

Although Ballmer and other Microsoft executives focused on Windows 8, they took a few moments to make a few announcements regarding Windows Phone, which provides an interface consistent with that of the other Windows platforms. “It’s beautiful, and it looks like the same software that we have on Windows tablets, Windows PCs, and our Xbox systems,” Ballmer said.

New Windows Phones will appear on Sprint.

The big news for Windows Phone is that Sprint will add the HTC 8XT as well as the Samsung ATIV S Neo, meaning that Windows Phones will appear on all U.S. wireless carriers.

But whether it’s a phone or a tablet, smaller screens will become increasingly important, Ballmer said.

Redoing the hardware

”The PC of today doesn’t look a lot like the PC of …five or seven years ago,” Ballmer said, referring to an “explosion of new devices,” including small-form-factor tablets. Acer’s eight-inch ATIV tablet is “flying off the shelves,” Ballmer said, enabling kids to do homework and do a little bit of entertainment, too.

”This small form factor is very important,” Ballmer said.  “I wouldn’t call them PCs, but this small form factor is very important.”

Ballmer also promised that hardware makers would deliver Windows 8 devices with touchscreens, a capability that was neglected within early Windows 8 offerings. Consumers will see an “outpouring” of new devices that are notebook computers in every respect, and touch-enabled, Ballmer promised, Customers that have touch systems are much happier than non-touch-enabled customers, or Windows 7 customers, he said.

Ballmer showed off the Helix notebook from Lenovo, a Core i7 device with a full day’s worth of battery enabled with a keyboard dock.. “It literally makes it the most powerful PC, and the most powerful lightweight tablet… should we call it a PC? Should we call it a tablet? I’d call it all Windows, all the time,” Ballmer said.

“Refine the blend”

Finally, Ballmer moved to the meat of the presentation, the changes that it had made to make Windows 8.1 a bit more consumer friendly—or in Ballmer’s words, to “refine the blend” between the Start page and the Desktop, among other changes.

Ballmer said that the way in which the Desktop and the Start page will be integrated will represent a better blend of both, with boot to Desktop, common backgrounds between the Desktop and the Start page, and other features bringing both together.

Combining the Desktop and Start pages “refines the blend,” according to Steve Ballmer.

Julie Larson-Green, who runs the Windows division at Microsoft, said she was proud of how responsive Microsoft’s engineering team had become.  The company had over 800 updates to the products since Microsoft launched Windows 8 last October, and Windows 8.1 is the biggest.

In portrait mode, the new Start screen works well on the new small-form-factor devices, Larson-Green said. The Twitter app has been designed for the new, smaller form factor. With Windows 8.1, she said that Microsoft had added gestures to the on-screen keyboard, where users can slide their fingers across, tap, and then the word appears. Users can also press and hold to access.

Apps are the key

Microsoft’s message at Build 2013 is that apps rule—both its own, and the ones created by third-party developers.

Larson-Green showed off the new Mail app, due in the fall. Users will be able to banish or Sweep emails from a certain sender, and then segregate automated emails, such as those from Facebook and Twitter, or subscribed newsletters, into their own folder.

Free music streaming from from Xbox Music will comes with Windows 8, Larson-Green said, together with the ability to create a playlist from music it finds on the Web, she said.

Larson-Green also showed off personalization features, such as the ability to show photos via the lock screen, the ability to take a Skype call from the lock screen, and Windows 8.1’s ability to add personalized backgrounds. She also briefly explained integrated photo editing, plus new apps including Food & Drink, which can be manipulated via hands-free mode. Basically, all the apps “in Windows 8.1 have either been written for Windows 8.1 or updated for it,” she said. Those apps can be snapped together,  with four per widescreen monitor.

Ballmer also emphasized that new apps for Windows 8 were on the way. “It’s gratifying to me that developers are doing really great work for Windows 8.”

Larson-Green also showed off a preview of alpha code for PowerPoint, designed for the Modern experience on both Windows RT and Windows 8. Microsoft did not say when the full release for Office, within the Modern environment, would be released.

Antoine Leblond took the stage to unveil the improvements in Windows 8.1 for developers, which will be described in 100 sessions or so across the conference.

Visual Studio 2013 is also operating at a faster release cadence, Leblond explained. Devs can download the preview version of VIsual Studio 2013 today, he said, including new features that measure power, assist in asynchronous debugging of code, and send notifications via Windows Azure.

Facebook is finally coming to Windows 8.

Ballmer also emphasized that new apps for Windows 8 were on the way. “It’s gratifying to me that developers are doing really great work for Windows 8,” he said, including Flipboard for WIndows 8, NFL Fantasy Football. Most importantly, Facebook will bring an app to the Windows 8 platform, he said, eliminating the need to pin a shortcut to the Start menu.

Leblond also unveiled tiled resources, using a model of Mars made up of actual data from NASA. Normally, the graphics card would load all of the data, and downsample the data, he said. As the user would zoom in, the detail would become fuzzy. If put inside a game context, the result is an incredibly detailed game experience, Leblond said.

Leblond also showed off a Windows tablet working with a unreleased version of LEGO MindStorms, and showed off the capability of WIndows 8.1 to manage 3D printing.

Leblond also highlighted a new Samsung ATIV with the highest-resolution 13-inch display on the market, with an 8-hour battery life, and the Acer Aspire P3, about 0.25 inches thick, with a wireless keyboard that doubles as a touch cover. The Acer Aspire v5 offers high-quality touch for under $400, he said. Leblond also highlighted a Dell Windows RT tablet with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chip inside, and a whopping 18 hours of battery life, with the keyboard. Finally, there’s the Dell XPS ET, an all-in-one that weighs less than five pounds and promises seven hours of battery life.

Bing bringing knowledge of the Web to apps

Ballmer said that the company continually wins blind “taste tests” between its Bing search engine and Google’s search engine, with the “shell experience” of search within Windows 8.1 powered by Bing. But search has increasingly become an enabling technology, rather than just a destination.

“Search is not just a list of links, it’s things you can do,” Larson-Green said.

Gurdeep Singh Pall, a corporate vice president for Bing, said that the search engine’s share continues to climb, currently up to 17.4-percent market share. Developers know that Bing is an incredible product, but they want more, Pall said.

”For a long time we’ve had this vision that we can enable all these new experiences,” Pall said.

For developers, the “unbounded knowledge of the Web” is now available, Pall said, connecting the real world and the Web via Bing APIs and controls. Pall showed off technology that allowed users to take a virtual tour of Valencia, Spain, using Bing and the power of Bing Maps. Windows 8.1 Maps will come with 3D capability, Pall said, via a 3D control that can be added inside applications.

New 3D capabilities will be added to Bing Maps.

Pall didn’t brag about it, but the 3D maps puts Bing back on pace with Apple and Google in 3D mapping applications, instead of just using its traditional “bird’s eye” view.  Pall also showed off integration with Bing to search out more information on a famous Valencia architect, as well as Bing’s translation capabilities, all designed to add the information to a sample travel app Microsoft developers.

”I believe that apps will have eyes, they have ears, they will have mouths,” Pall said, all with the idea that apps should be enhanced with additional capabilities.

 Microsoft executives ended the keynote by showing off Project Spark, both a game and a development environment through which gamers can create their own virtual worlds for the Xbox One game console and PCs.

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By leveraging the industry-leading features of Appy Pie’s custom domain blog app maker, you can convert your existing blog to a native app for mobiles, and tablets simply and affordably. Listed here are some of the top features of our app maker that will help you create highly functional and engaging custom blog apps without any coding.


Connect your blog to the app and convert a new visitor into an engaged, loyal reader. This feature benefits both your app users and your business.


Improve your users’ communication by adding a chat feature in your app. Your app users can chat easily with you whenever they want to.

Polls and Surveys:

Quickly and easily create online surveys and polls for app visitors, and use the data you collect from surveys to drive decisions.

Push Notifications:

Increase the sense of urgency for user actions and get them back to your app quickly with push notifications. This feature helps you increase user engagement and retention rate.


Give your app users a convenient medium to stay connected with you from anywhere, at any time. Add brief information including name, email id, website, and social media links.

Why should you use no-code app maker to convert your custom domain blog into an app?

Discussed here are some reasons that makes Appy Pie AppMakr the best no-code app development platform in the industry.


Apps created using our no-code app builder work well on different mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

Safe and Secure:

All apps are compliant with the GDPR standards and hosted on AWS cloud which has the highest levels of compliance including HIPAA, PCI & SOC.

Competitive Pricing:

Appy Pie offers the most competitive app plans to suit the needs and budget of businesses of all sizes.

App Store Submission:

We also have an expert team of customer support professionals who help you publish your app to Google Play and Apple App Store.

How To Start A Gaming Blog

A gaming blog is a website that typically publishes video game guides, news, and reviews.

If you’re looking to make a gaming blog, you don’t have to code.

Instead, you can use a CMS (content management system) like WordPress (.org).

WordPress is used by over 40% of all websites on the internet, and it’s the gold standard for website creation.

This quick and easy guide teaches you how to start a gaming blog (video game) in a few hours of work and with minimal expenses.

Just so that you know you’re in good hands—I’m the founder of this website (that’s also built on WordPress).

I have multiple years of experience in SEO, blogging (writing video game guides), and website creation.

Here is how to start a gaming blog in 7 easy steps:

1. Get web hosting

To get your gaming blog up and running, you need to get web hosting.

SiteGround hosting is highly recommended because it’s fast, secure, and reliable.

Choose between 3 plans—StartUp, GrowBig (recommended), or GoGeek.

2. Choose a domain name for your gaming blog

Other extensions like .org, .net, or .io, are fine too, but they are not the most common.

Review the order and pay using a debit/credit card.

3. Install WordPress

Select “Set Up Website” to start the installation process.

Select “Start New Website” and select “WordPress”.

Choose if you want to add extra services.

Select “Finish” and wait for WordPress to install.

Tip: If you need help with the installation process, you can contact SiteGround’s 24/7 support for help.

4. Choose a theme

Once WordPress is finished installing, you need to choose a theme (the design of your blog).

For a Gaming blog, I recommend buying a premium theme like GeneratePress, Divi, or Astra.

Tip #1: You can find great WordPress themes on EnvatoMarket.

Tip #2: If you need help with customizing your theme, you can contact your theme’s support.

Tip #3: You can create a gaming logo for free using Namecheap’s logo maker (it’s the best logo maker that I’ve used).

5. Install plugins

Recommended plugins to install:

Google Site Kit – Easily connect your site to Google Analytics to see real-time visitors and stats.

Yoast SEO – An all-in-one SEO plugin for WordPress that you can use to add an XML sitemap (a site directory).

Jetpack – A security, speed, and stats plugin.

6. Start posting video game content

Since you’re starting a gaming blog, you need to research PC, PS4/PS5, and Xbox games to write about.

You can write about gaming guides (e.g. how to craft a diamond pickaxe in Minecraft), reviews, news, and more.

To find content ideas, you can use the Google Keyword Planner or browse similar blogs (e.g. IGN, GamesRadar, PCGamer).

When writing your post, make sure to include headers, spacing, lists, and media to engage your readers.

You can also add categories and tags to your post on the right sidebar.

Tip #1: If your blog is new, your posts will start ranking on Google after 3 to 6 months (if they are of quality).

Tip #2: Try targeting low-competition keywords like “How to start a video game cafe” instead of “How to start a business”.

7. Monetize your gaming blog

Once your gaming blog gains some traffic, you can start monetizing it.

I recommend applying for Google AdSense or Ezoic.

Before you apply to either one, make sure that your blog has a privacy policy and an “About” page.

You can also join the Amazon Associates program and include video game affiliate links in your articles.

Tip #1: Ezoic earns about 5x more than Google AdSense because of its technology.

Tip #2: After you’ve reached 50k or 100k monthly visitors, you can apply for Mediavine or Adthrive (both are premium ad networks).

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Qualcomm Uplinq 2011 Keynote #1: 3D, Peer

Qualcomm Uplinq 2011 Keynote #1: 3D, Peer-to-Peer Gaming, Augmented Reality

This particular Qualcomm keynote on a lovely June 1st morning began with Dr Paul Jacobs, Chairman and CEO of Qualcomm noting some impressive numbers on a large stage with one gigantic colorful screen behind him flowing with ribbons of light. Jacobs noted that they’ve got word that mobile data is expected to grow 10-12 fold by 2023, this punctuated by the completely odd addition of “Real D 3D” glasses on everyone’s seats. Next Jacobs noted that 1 BILLION Qualcomm BREW-powered devices had already been shipped, and notes that “today’s market [is one where people] don’t really care about what their next PC is going to be.”

“You have the ability to think AND act globally.” “Mobile is the dominant computing platform and it’s never going back.” These are the quotes that matter, as spoken again by Dr Paul Jacobs. CreativeArtistsAgency aka CAA, Qualcomm’s newest partners in business spoke next. It’s noted that 250 Snapdradon devices are in development – an impressive number by anyone’s yardstick. He went on to remind the audience that on benchmark tests in the past, single-core Snapdragon processors have beaten dual-core processors run by the competition. In their a-synchronous dual-core devices of the future, Qualcomm will only run one core when one core is needed, two when two are needed. This makes the best of the cores, says Jacobs, and it sets Qualcomm apart from the rest of the competition. HP is seen on the screen, their whole new lineup toting some magic for the near future, then it’s Sony Ericsson’s turn.

The new lineup of course includes our favorite Xperia PLAY device amongst a couple other smaller players, and their Executive Vice President and Chief Creation Officer Rikko Sakaguchi notes that their mission is to combine communication and entertainment. Check out our recent review of the Verizon Xperia PLAY here.

The note by Qualcomm comes in the form of 3D – they showing up on the big screen a bunch of video games and video captured and played back for the audience. Next they punctuate the experience with a scene from Kung Fu Panda 2, a 3D movie that’s just come out in theaters this weekend. All of this is being shown on the Qualcomm MPD, a device we’re just a bit familiar with, running its ADRENO GPU. All of this is played back from the smartphone. Have a peek at the MPD here.

A bit of the ol’ peer-to-peer gaming was demonstrated on an HTC tablet, and it was mentioned that there’d be augmented reality in earnest for Apple’s iOS by July of this year. The HTC tablet used was a HTC Flyer (we’ve got two reviews of this device, believe it or not,) and the game was a lovely PAC-MAN racing game.

Of course they bust the MPD out again for another show of power, this one in Augmented Reality showing off some Dreamworks DVDs, each one of them looked at through the MPD’s camera. This camera sees each of the DVD cases and displays a trailer for each of the movies inside!

Dreamworks was invited on stage via President of Production and Feature Animation, John Batter. He speaks of pre-selling DVDS using augmented reality, again pushing the entertaining experience of doing so, and partnering with national retailers to do so. Pre-selling DVDs, he says, allows for custom content to be pushed to the users phone, content that’s exclusive to this sort of situation, available only on pre-purchase and only through the device.

Finally, before the beginning of the keynote there was a screen that showed some options for what the audience felt was the Biggest Opportunity in Mobile in the Next Five Years. Have a peek at what the poll resulted in here:

Finally there was a bit of a sitdown where one quote stood out from all others: Jon Rubinstein noted that he believed that giants in the mobile space today (aka Apple and Google’s Android implied) “may not be giants in the future.” Power shifts a-brewin? Stick with us throughout the week as we’ll be hanging out at Uplinq 2011 the whole time!

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