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Do you know that a simple task such as opening PDF files can infect your computer with malware? This is a very common method used by hackers to install malicious software on your system and gain access to it.

Adobe Reader comes with support for javscript embedded in PDF file. Hackers can simply add malicious javascript code to the PDF file to exploit this vulnerability. When you open the PDF file, the malicious javascript get executed and install malware on your computer, all without you knowing it.

Many people don’t pay enough attention to the fact that PDF files can contain viruses and open them without scanning them. Recently, Microsoft Malware Protection Center released a list of commonly infected PDF files that have been detected over the past few months.

Here is the list of files that has been released:






5661f[1].pdf 7927

9fbe0[1].pdf 7065


The question that remains here is how can you protect yourself from getting infected through this method? The answer to this question is pretty simple. As most of the PDF exploits the vulnerabilities using JavaScript, one way to protect your system would be to disable JavaScript on your PDF reader.

How to Disable JavaScript in Adobe Reader?

From the sidebar, select JavaScript and uncheck “Enable Acrobat JavaScript”.

Other Ways to Protect Yourself

First you need to ensure that you never open an email or download anything that is sent to you by an unknown person/source. It is recommended that you always check the name of the file in the email before opening it on your computer or web browser. If you use Gmail, it scans every attachment that is delivered to your Inbox and blocks the infected file if it’s already in your Inbox. Although opening an email is safe, it is still recommended that you avoid opening emails that have attachments or links from unknown senders.

Second, ensure that you update your Windows and your antivirus program. It is very important to perform a regular system scan to check if your computer is infected or not. If you are not sure of the PDF files that you have downloaded, you can scan them with Virustotal to make sure they are virus-free .

Final Words

As hackers are finding new ways to attack you, you should take all the precautionary steps to make sure your system does not get infected. On the other hand, the antivirus companies are also on the verge of releasing new virus definitions every day. So, it is highly recommended that you install good antivirus software such as Kaspersky or BitDefender, and set them to update definitions automatically. You can also try tips to protect yourself from viruses and malware.


Hammad is a Business student and computer geek who cover latest technology news and reviews at AppsDaily. Apart from that, I like to review web services and softwares which can be helpful for the readers.

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Best Open Source Software List

Open source software is software that is released under a license that allows companies the right to use, study, change, and distribute the software for any purpose. Open source software can also be developed in a public manner. 

The open source list has quite a few additions related to cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI). It also has other helpful tools for cybersecurity, healthcare, e-commerce, and more, based on software types and industries.

Open source cloud software follows the recent trend of more cloud software. However, cloud open source software can save company’s money, giving companies more flexibility at a low or no cost. 

Here are five of the top cloud open source software:

This cloud management solution is the open source project behind Red Hat CloudForms. It enables services like chargebacks, service orchestration, lifecycle management, and automated workflows, as well as enabling hybrid cloud environments. Operating System: Linux, VMware

OpenNebula promises “the simplest cloud deployment and management experience.” Paid support, training, engineering, and consulting are available through OpenNebula Systems. Operating System: Linux.

This very popular cloud computing platform claims that “hundreds of the world’s largest brands” rely on it every day. Its sponsors include AT&T, Ubuntu, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, IBM, Intel, Rackspace, Red Hat, SUSE, Cisco, Dell, EMC, Symantec, and many other well-known technology firms. Operating System: OS Independent

This cloud management platform has been highly ranked by market research firms, and it simplifies the process of managing multiple cloud environments. Its notable users include Expedia, Samsung, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Accenture, Sony, and Autodesk. Operating System: Linux

This tool describes itself as “the open source personal cloud for organizations.” Like Dropbox, it syncs files across multiple devices, and it also includes client-side encryption for security. Operating System: Windows, Linux

For more on the cloud market: Top 16 Cloud Service Providers & Companies

Cybersecurity is necessary for every company. With cybersecurity open source software, companies can save money while protecting their infrastructure.

Here are four of the top cybersecurity open source software:

Apache Mesos is a resource abstraction tool that makes it possible for enterprises to treat their entire data center as a single pool of resources, and it is popular with companies that are also running Hadoop, Spark, and similar applications. Organizations that use it include Airbnb, CERN, Cisco, Coursera, Foursquare, Groupon, Netflix, Twitter, and Uber. Operating System: Linux, OS X

Docker has quickly established itself as the dominant platform in the field of containerization. Many of the biggest names in technology, including Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Red Hat, Rackspace, and Canonical are building or offering products that extend or use Docker technology. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

Developed by Google, Kubernetes is an open source container management solution. It is highly scalable, running billions of containers in Google’s data centers, as well as containers at Viacom, Ebay, and Wikimedia. Note that to use it you will need Docker and a Google Cloud Platform Account. Operating System: Linux, OS X.

This group oversees three separate containerization-related projects: LXC, a set of tools for containerization; LXD, a descendant of LXC which provides a more intuitive user experience; CG Manager container group manager daemon and the LXCFS filesystem. Its stated goal is “to offer a distro- and vendor-neutral environment for the development of Linux container technologies. Operating System: Linux

Learn more about cybersecurity.

Healthcare open source software is a vital role in the growth and development of their systems. Patient data, test results, scans, and more are important to protect, and open source health software can keep them safe.

Here are three of the top healthcare open source software:

An official GNU project, this award-winning application combines EMR functionality with a hospital information system and a health information system. It was designed to comply with industry standards, and it’s been adopted by the United Nations University. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

OpenMRS began as a project to fix the medical record system at a clinic in Kenya and has grown into a leading open source medical record system used around the world, particularly in developing countries. It describes itself as “both just a library of API calls and a database and a default implementation of those API calls in the form of a web application.” Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

Designed for healthcare facilities with limited resources, this hospital information system has been implemented extensively in Africa. It supports multiple languages, and it integrates with Central African health insurance billing tools. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

E-commerce websites should be able to develop while giving companies the factors they need.  affording the freedom to customize it according to your needs.

Here are five of the top healthcare open source software:

Designed for users with some development expertise, Drupal Commerce is a framework useful for building online shopping sites of all sizes. It includes a payment method API, tax calculation, dynamic product display, discount pricing rules, and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

Isotope is an e-commerce plug-in for Contao CMS, a Web content management system designed to be accessible to people with disabilities. It’s highly flexible and paid support is available for purchase. Operating System: OS Independent

This e-commerce platform was designed for brick-and-mortar retailers that want to have an online presence. It integrates with Lightspeed’s POS solutions. The source code is available on GitHub. Operating System: OS Independent

Education companies and schools should have free or lower-cost open source software to help students and staff add and get more comfortable with their software.

Here are four of the top education open source software:

If you’re giving a browser-based test (for example, through a learning management system), this tool locks down the student’s system so they can’t browse the Internet or access other applications while taking the exam. It can be used with student-owned PCs, as well as with school-owned, networked systems. Operating System: Windows.

This app boasts that it can help students learn just about any type of information, whether they are learning a new language, studying for medical exams, or trying to remember guitar chords. It comes in iOS and Android versions, making it ideal for learning on the go. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android.

One of the better flashcard apps available, Mnemosyne was born from a research project that is studying the nature of long-term memory. It supports multiple card formats and uses an algorithm to determine which card should appear next. Users who choose to do so can upload their progress anonymously to provide data for the research team. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android

Specifically designed to help with the creation of technical publications and books that contain a lot of mathematics, MiKTeX brings the TeX/LaTeX solution that is familiar to many Linux users to Windows. Numerous add-ons extend its capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux

For more information on education technology: How AI is Being Used in Education

Open source artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) software has an underlying code and is open to changes in scenarios.

Here are four of the top AI/ML open source software:

It comes in two open source versions: standard H2O and Sparkling Water, which is integrated with Apache Spark. Paid enterprise support is also available.

TensorFlow is one of Google’s open source artificial intelligence tools. It offers a library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. It can run on a wide variety of different systems with single- or multi-CPUs and GPUs and even runs on mobile devices. It boasts deep flexibility, true portability, automatic differential capabilities, and support for Python and C++. The website includes a very extensive list of tutorials and how-tos for developers or researchers interested in using or extending its capabilities.

An Apache Foundation project, Mahout is an open source machine learning framework. According to its website, it offers three major features: a programming environment for building scalable algorithms, premade algorithms for tools like Spark and H2O, and a vector-math experimentation environment called Samsara. Companies using Mahout include Adobe, Accenture, Foursquare, Intel, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo, and many others. Professional support is available through third parties listed on the website. Operating System: OS Independent.

For more on AI: 100 Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies

Big data needs to be analyzed so a company can see patterns and trends, specifically human behavior and interactions. Open source software will help a company pay less for visibility.

Here are five of the top big data open source software:

Formerly known as Tachyon, Alluxio describes itself as “a memory-centric distributed storage system enabling reliable data sharing at memory speed across cluster frameworks.” It works with tools like Spark and Hadoop to speed up performance on big data queries. Operating System: Linux, OS X

This Apache-sponsored project is the best-known big data tool available. Numerous companies, including Amazon Web Services, Cloudera, Hortonworks, IBM, Pivotal, SyncSort, and VMware, offer related products or commercial support for Hadoop. Well-known users include Alibaba, AOL, eBay, Facebook, Google, Hulu, LinkedIn, Spotify, Twitter, and Yahoo. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

Now owned by Hitachi Vantara, Pentaho describes itself as “a comprehensive data integration and business analytics platform.” Its customers include Caterpillar, Halliburton, BR, and Nasdaq. It allows organizations to integrate big data from a variety of sources, including Hadoop, NoSQL databases, analytic databases, and relational databases. It then enables interactive analysis, reporting, and visualizations, allowing users to create customized dashboards that suit their unique purposes.

The open source version of the Pentaho software is available on the Community website. In addition, the company offers a free thirty-day trial of its paid enterprise software, and it offers a variety of paid services like custom visualizations, training, enterprise support, consulting, certification, and technical support. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

Powered by Apache Ignite, GridGrain offers an in-memory data fabric for the fast processing of big data and a Hadoop Accelerator based on the same technology. It comes in a paid enterprise version and a free community edition, which includes free basic support. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

Cloudera claims that its SQL-based Impala database is “the leading open source analytic database for Apache Hadoop.” It can be downloaded as a standalone product and is also part of Cloudera’s commercial big data products. Operating System: Linux, OS X.

For more information on big data: Top 23 Big Data Companies: Which Are The Best?

A content management system (CMS) lets a company create a website without understanding any code. There are many options of CMS open source software available for big data.

Here are five of the top CMS open source software:

This ASP.NET-based CMS is modular and highly extensible, making it easy to add blogs, photos, and much more. The project has several international communities, and Microsoft staffers are involved in the project. Operating System: Windows

Calling itself “the ultimate enterprise CMS,” Plone offers integration with many other enterprise tools including Salesforce and other CRM solutions, Oracle, continuous integration tools, and many Web services. Paid support and other services are available through third-party providers. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

This award-winning CMS claims to be “the industry’s first integrated open-source e-commerce and product information management platform for delivering rich and compelling e-commerce (B2C/B2B) experiences across all available channels.” Paid support, training, and add-ons can be purchased through the site. Operating System: Linux, Unix

Created by developers in New Zealand, SilverStripe is both an open source CMS and a development firm that provides a variety of related services. SwipeStripe adds e-commerce capabilities to SilverStripe sites. Operating System: OS Independent

Open source software with customer relationship management (CRM) offers customer support, pipeline management, and more.

.Here are five of the top CRM open source software:

This community-run ERP, CRM, and supply chain management solution is a fork of an earlier project called ADempiere, which was itself a fork of Compiere. iDempiere, as it is now called, has adopted OSGi standards and continued development on the ADempiere code. A good option for international organizations, it can handle multiple organizations, multiple languages, multiple currencies, and multiple accounting formats. It offers tools for materials management, procurement, sales and marketing, manufacturing management, accounting, and more. Because it is Java-based, it can run on Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X servers; it also requires a PostgreSQL or Oracle database. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others

Group-Office combines enterprise CRM and groupware features like calendar and email. The paid professional version adds a help desk, mobile sync, time-tracking, projects, and document editing. A hosted cloud version is also available. Operating System: OS Independent.

SugarCRM is an extremely popular, award-winning open source CRM solution. The website link above is primarily devoted to selling cloud-based subscriptions, but you can find the open source version at chúng tôi . Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

Internet of Things (IoT) open source software is a significant help in connecting other IoT devices and applications to pass on information. IoT open source software will help a company while saving money.

Here are 10 of the top IoT open source software:

One of the best-known names among open source IoT projects, Arduino is a platform that encompasses both hardware and software. The software includes an integrated development environment (IDE) for writing code in the Arduino language.

The Eclipse Foundation has a long list of IoT-related projects that include standards and development frameworks. The project also offers a wealth of videos, tutorials, sandboxes, and other tools to help new IoT developers get started on their first projects.

Focused on speeding IoT projects, Kaa describes itself as “a production-ready, multi-purpose middleware platform for building complete end-to-end IoT solutions, connected applications, and smart products.” It enables communication and monitoring between IoT devices and back-end infrastructure, and it can be easily deployed on Amazon’s cloud. Operating System: Linux

Funded in part by the EU, OpenIoT describes itself as a “blueprint middleware infrastructure for implementing/integrating Internet-of-Things solutions.” The project’s goals are to be able to collect and process data from nearly any IoT device, a stream that data to the cloud and analyze and visualize the collected data. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

SiteWhere aims to help companies build scalable IoT applications and speed their time-to-market with new products and services. It integrates with MongoDB, HBase, Hortonworks, Clouder, Apache Solr, and Twilio, and it supports deployment on nearly any cloud computing platform.

This IoT application and API make it possible to collect and process data from remote devices. Key features include real-time data collection, geolocation data support, data processing, data visualizations, and device status messages.

Microsoft released much of the code for its IoT program on GitHub. It’s a collection of tools and templates for programming small devices and connecting them to Azure services. Operating System: Windows, Linux

Based on chúng tôi Zetta can create IoT servers that link to various devices and sensors. The website includes a page devoted to projects built with betta that includes a car speed tracker and home security systems.

RIOT calls itself “the friendly operating system for the Internet of Things,” and it aims to be developer-friendly, resource-friendly, and IoT-friendly. Key features include support for C and C++, partial POSIX compliance, multi-threading, energy efficiency, and more.

This “visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things” simplifies the process of connecting IoT devices with APIs and online services. It is built on chúng tôi and includes a browser-based flow editor. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

The open source list has quite a few additions related to cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), cybersecurity, healthcare, e-commerce, education, big data, customer relationship management (CRM), and content management system (CMS). 

As the list of open source software grows, more companies can find the software they need to improve their systems.

Bihar Dst Office Attendant Merit List 2023, Karyalaya Parichari Selection List Pdf

The Department of Science & Technology is going to publish the Bihar DST Office Merit List 2023 PDF in which names of the selected candidates with their Roll Number will be mentioned. All of you can download the DST Bihar Merit List 2023 for the post of Office Attendant from chúng tôi According to news sources and officials from the department, Office Attendant Result 2023 will be declared in July 2023.

Moreover, we want to convey to you that in order to check DST Bihar Office Attendant Selection List 2023 PDF, you need to login on the given portal with the help of your Registration Number and Password. Applicants can get their name in the list by scoring above DST Bihar Office Attendant Cut Off 2023 which will be released on the same day of result announcement. All the relatable information having direct link with DST Bihar Karyalaya Parichari Merit List 2023 is clearly discussed in this post for your easy reference.

Bihar DST Office Attendant Merit List 2023

As we know, Bihar DST Office Attendant Recruitment 2023 was released in the month of September for which thousands of applicants across the state applied to get selected. Online Applications for 309 Vacancies of Karyalaya Parichari were invited from 23 September 2023 to 31 October 2023. Now if you have also applied for this recruitment and have submitted your 10th Scores then you must be waiting for the Bihar DST Office Attendant Merit List 2023. This list is totally prepared on behalf of your marks in 10th Class and other certificates.

As a part of the selection process, it was mentioned in the notification that candidates will be selected directly through a merit list and it is prepared solely on the qualification of applicants. It’s been 1 month since candidates are waiting for this list but it is not released yet. 

Bihar DST Karyalaya Parichari Selection List 2023 PDF

As we know, direct recruitment for Karyalaya PArichari was released recently on the Bihar DST Portal.

The Department of Science and Technology in Bihar released this vacancy to recruit 309 individuals for this post.

Only 10th Pass individuals were allowed to apply for this vacancy on

Online applications were open on this portal till 31st October 2023 and as many as thousands of candidates applied for it to get selected.

Now all of them are in the wait of Bihar DST Karyalaya Parichari Selection List 2023 PDF. Office Attendant Result 2023

RecruitmentDST Bihar Office Attendant Recruitment 2023Supervising BodyDepartment of Science & TechnologyTotal Vacancies309 VacanciesApplication DateOver on 31st October 2023Qualification Required10th PassSelection ProcessMerit List chúng tôi Office Attendant Result 2023July 2023Result ModeOnlineDST Bihar Merit List 2023July 2023Article CategorySarkari ResultDST

Applicants who are registered under this recruitment should start waiting for the Office Attendant Result 2023 because as per news coming from officials you will be able to check the result on July 2023. As per officials from the DST, Merit List is being prepared after considering many factors and once it is prepared you will be able to check it on the official website. Moreover, this list will be prepared based on many criteria such as number of vacancy and number of applicants.

Applicants should know that Merit List is still not released and can be published online in the coming days. Today we got the fresh news that Merit List can be released in this week.

DST Bihar Merit List 2023

All the applicants are hereby informed that DST Bihar Merit List 2023 is going to be prepared and published in July 2023.

Secondly, you will be able to check your name on it with the help of search button.

All of you need to search the name in the given box or you can also take the help of your Roll Number.

Once you see the name in the search list then get happy because you are selected for the recruitment.

Now all of you need to prove your documents and then submit it to the board so that they can verify it and give you the appointment letter.

Guidelines to Download Bihar DST Office Attendant Merit List 2023

All the applicants are requested to open the chúng tôi from their respective Smartphone or Personal Computer.

Secondly, you have to tap on the Merit List under the Notification section and then you will be able to see the login page.

Once you verify the login details and you will see the result and link of a pdf file in which merit list is given.

Using these guidelines, any candidate can download Bihar DST Office Attendant Merit List 2023.

DST Bihar Office Attendant Cut Off marks 2023

The Bihar DST Office Attendant Cut Off Marks 2023 will be prepared on behalf of many factors such as number of vacancy and number of applicants.

Secondly, once you score above the DST Bihar Office Attendant Cut Off Marks 2023 your name will be mentioned in the merit list.

After that, you have to prove your documents and then submit your other certificates.

Board will verify your documents and then joining letter will be issued to you.

Using this letter, all of you can get selected for the vacancy of Office Attendant.

Bihar DST Karya Parichari Merit List 2023 PDF Download

Bihar DST Karya Parichari Merit List 2023 PDFView HereBihar DST PortalView Here

FAQs on Bihar DST Office Attendant Merit List 2023 PDF

When is the Bihar DST office Attendant Merit List 2023 PDF?

DST Bihar Karya Parichari Merit List 2023 will be released by July 2023.

What is the Next stage after getting selected through Bihar DST Office Attendant Result 2023?

Next stage after passing the Bihar DST Office Attendant Result 2023 is to prove your documents.

On which portal is Bihar DST Office Attendant Merit List 2023 PDF?

You need to visit on chúng tôi to get the Merit List 2023.

How To Open Epub Files On Windows

Microsoft Edge used to allow you to read your favorite eBooks directly in the browser. Microsoft made opening EPUB files possible through the Windows 10 Creators Update, which brought a slew of features including EPUB file format support. 

Adding EPUB support to Edge was a strategic decision because Microsoft sold eBooks in the Microsoft Store app. In July 2023, once Microsoft removed eBooks entirely, they also ended support for EPUB files, which means you can no longer open eBooks with the .epub file extension with Microsoft Edge.

Table of Contents

Fortunately, you can open EPUB files on Windows using an application that supports them, convert the EPUB files to other supported file formats, and then read them on your PC.

How to Open EPUB Files on Windows

You can open EPUB files in most eBook readers, but if you want to open the files on your Windows PC, this guide will show you five different ways to do that. 

Using third-party ePub apps 

Using a browser extension

Using Google Play Books 

Renaming the file from .ePub to .zip

Converting the EPUB file to PDF

Open EPUB Files Using Third-Party Software

Microsoft has a list of free and premium, recommended third-party .ePub apps that open EPUB files. Also, you can use other free programs such as Calibre, Adobe Digital Editions, or the simpler EPUB File Reader. 

Allows you to open EPUB files 

Keeps your EPUB library organized

Converts EPUB files to other popular eBook file formats so you can read them on your Windows PC

Here’s how you can use Calibre to open EPUB files on Windows.

Download and install Calibre on your computer, open the app, and select Add books.

Find and select the EPUB file you want to open.

Highlight the EPUB file in the main panel and select View at the top.

An EPUB file will appear in a new window, which you can resize to your reading preferences.

Adobe Digital Editions is a free program that helps you: 

Read eBooks you download from popular booksellers or library sites 

Transfer the eBooks across different devices

Open EPUB Files Using a Browser Extension or Add-on

If you use Chrome or Firefox, you can get an extension or add-ons like Simple EPUB Reader or the EPUBReader that let you read EPUB files in the browser.

On Chrome, find EPUBReader from the Chrome Web Store and select Add to Chrome.

Select Add extension to add EPUBReader to Chrome. 

You’ll get a notification that the EPUBReader extension has been added to Chrome.

To open your EPUB file, select the EPUBReader Chrome extension icon at the top right side.

Select the folder icon in the new window. 

Choose the EPUB file you want to open, select Open and start reading your eBook directly in the browser.

Open EPUB Files Via Google Play Books

Google Play Books is an online bookstore that contains collections of textbooks, bestsellers, classics, and new book releases. You can use the app on your mobile device or a web reader app for Chrome on your Windows PC. 

You can upload the EPUB file to your Google account and open it using Google Play Books in a few quick steps.

Select My books on the left side.

Select Upload files.

Once your EPUB file is uploaded to Google Play Books, you’ll find the file under the My Books section, and you can read it directly on your browser.

Note: Any books you add to Google Play Books are visible to you alone, meaning no one can view or open them. Plus, you can’t customize the book covers.

Open EPUB Files by Renaming .ePub to .zip

If you don’t want to open EPUB files on Windows using third-party software, you can rename the file from .ePub to .zip and open it with a file compression program like 7-Zip.

Replace the .ePub suffix with .zip and press Enter. 

You can also use an online tool like ezyZip to convert the ePub file to a .zip file.

Then, use 7-Zip, WinRAR, WinZip, or your preferred file compression program to extract the contents of the file, which are in HTML format. (See the differences between the many archived compressed file formats).

Open EPUB Files by Converting the EPUB file to PDF

You can also convert an EPUB file into a PDF and open it on your PC. Some programs that can convert EPUB to PDF or other eBook reading formats include Calibre, Zamzar, and Online eBook Converter.

Select your preferred format, which can be PDF, MOBI, LIT, TXT, FB2, AZW, or PDB, among others.

Note: You cannot transfer or convert eBooks with DRM protection into other file formats.

Select the PDF file to open, and choose the app you want to use to open the PDF and read the eBook.

Read Digital Books on Your PC

Whether you downloaded or received a file in EPUB format, knowing how to open it on Windows will save you time and a whole lot of frustration. 

How To Open Heic Files In Windows 10

The move from JPG might seem like a strange one, but it has significant benefits. File sizes are typically much smaller without sacrificing quality, while multiple photos (from a burst sequence of something similar) can be stored in a single file.

Android has stuck with JPG, but you can save in HEIC if you’d prefer. If you’re looking for ways to free up storage space, it’s worth considering.

The Photos app on Windows 11 is compatible with HEIC (and HEIF) files, but it’s not always as straightforward on Windows 10. While technically supported, there are a few steps you may need to take before opening or saving them. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to open HEIC files in Windows 10

Next, you need to install the support utility, available on the Microsoft Store as HEIF Image Extensions. This should be free, but it may already be installed on your device.

See more on opening H.265 videos in our separate guide on how to install HEVC codecs on Windows.

How to convert HEIC to JPG

That method is fine if you want to convert the occasional photo, but there are far easier ways of batch converting a lot of photos to JPG

There are quite a few free apps including

If you want more control, such as the level of JPG compression, file renaming and more, HEIC to JPG – The HEIC Image Converter is a great free option.

Below is iMazing Converter, a small app that lets you drag and drop files and choose whether to convert them to JPG or PNG, as well as the output folder.

Apple users can easily convert an HEIC file to JPEG on a Mac.

How to make your iPhone transfer photos as JPG instead of HEIC

If you don’t want to convert files in Windows, then there are various way to share those photos so they get converted to JPG automatically. To share photos, open the Photos app, tap Select at the top, pick the ones you want and then tap the share icon (bottom left) and choose an app or method to share them. 

You could send them via email or upload to a cloud storage service. It’s a bad idea to share via WhatsApp or other social media, as the photos are invariably reduced in quality.

When you choose to share via Mail you’ll get to pick which size – always go for the original (maximum) file size if you want to retain the best quality.

And if you choose a cloud provider such as Google Drive, you should see that the files will be saved with a .jpeg extension.

Anyron Copeman / Foundry

How to stop your iPhone saving photos in HEIC

Open the Settings app and scroll down until you see Camera. Tap it and then tap Formats (which is right at the top).

You’ll see this screen, and you need to change it from High Efficiency to Most Compatible:

Anyron Copeman / Foundry

It’s a similar story for videos, with H.265 files requiring a codec in order to open in certain apps. Learn more in our guide on how to install HEVC codecs on Windows.

What is a HEIC file?

If you copy photos from a recent iPhone or iPad to a PC or laptop, you may see a lot of strange HEIC files:

The format was developed by MPEG – not Apple – so it’s not Apple trying to do its own proprietary thing. In fact, HEIC is slowly usurping the established (but old and flawed) JPG format.

Images with a .heic are compressed using HEVC, which is the high-efficiency video codec. These images are then stored in a HEIF file, which stands for High Efficiency File Format

There are lots of benefits of using HEIF files, even if it is a bit confusing that the file is called HEIC rather than HEIF.

Here’s why HEIC files are great:

Around half the size of JPG for the same quality

Can store multiple photos in one file (ideal for Live Photos and bursts)

Supports transparency like GIF files

Can store image edits, such as cropping and rotating so you can undo them

Support 16-bit colour vs JPG’s 8-bit

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6 Reasons Why You Should Not Install Android P

However, there are factors that should be considered. Factors that tell you why you shouldn’t jump the gun just yet. Sure, you will get a glimpse of latest OS of the largest OS in the world by installing Android P DP1 build right away, but there are risks involved. Here they are.

Why you shouldn’t install Android P

1. Not suitable for daily use, even Google says it

As you may know, this is a developer build. So, are you a developer? Do you have apps that you need to get up to speed to Android P’s new APIs and features? Well, nope (most probably). So, do not install Andriod P for just because you have the Pixel. (We did, anyway!)

Google says the current build is not fit for daily use. It is only intended for developers so that can prepare their apps for the Android P by the time it available for the public.

2. Poor battery life

The developer builds are well known for their worse battery life. Remember, almost no apps are optimized for Android P yet, and hence your favorite apps may start draining huge battery juice until they do. And we are not seeing this drawback for the first time, as we experience issues with battery life on DP builds of earlier Android OS too.

3. Slow apps and poor performance?

What, you may ask: new Android OS update and poor performance? Isn’t this supposed to be opposite of this? Well, since apps are not optimized, and even the system itself is in alpha stage, such that Google has itself indicated it’s not suitable for daily use, this isn’t entirely out of the blue.

The apps may work slowly, and you may even experience jerk and occasional lag one your Pixel, arguably the smoothest phone available on the market.

4. Apps may force close and not work at all

Yep, this is also entirely possible that your favorite Andriod apps and games aren’t working one bit on the Android P update. That may happen because of the underlying changes in Android P which may be very different to OS version up to Oreo.

5. Don’t install if you have got only one device

In case you maintain two phones for usage, you might make-do with issues above to enjoy the new UI and features on the offer in Android P. However, if you have only one device on which you have to rely completely, things would turn awkward when you discover massive battery drain in idle state, or apps force closing or not working for you. Better stay away.

6. You have to travel

It doesn’t require any rocket science to measure how much we rely on our smartphones these days. Right? If you plan to travel, you wouldn’t want to be disconnected because of any Android P issue, right? Especially because you might not have any alternatives on the road, it’s safe to not travel with a developer preview 1 build installed on your only device.

Let us know why you think one shouldn’t install the Android P just yet. Is there any other reason you know?

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