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Plotting data over time can reveal patterns and trends, but often blips in the data require further explanation. We can help our user by labelling events in Excel charts to highlight key points in time that may explain those blips or patterns revealed in the data.

For example, the chart below monitors Phil’s average running pace per kilometre in mm:ss format. December was a busy social month and Phil “fell off the wagon”, a few times. We can see after each blip in his training routine that his average times suffer, and it takes quite a few days of training to get back on track.

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Tricks for Labelling Events in Excel Charts

There are a few tricks to building this chart. I’ll summarise them here and then go into more detail:

The ‘Events’ are a separate series plotted as a line chart with just the markers showing:

The data is stored in an Excel Table so that as Phil adds to it, it automatically feeds through to the chart. Nothing to update.

Chart Source Data

The first part to labelling events in Excel Charts is to set up the source data so that there are two numeric series; one for the average pace columns and another for the event markers. See image below:

The Event Type column is where Phil makes a note of an event that may impact his run training. A night out, an injury, a special occasion, being lazy 😉 etc.

When he enters a value in the Event Type column (F), the formula in the Event column (E) detects an event and calculates the placeholder value. This placeholder value is based on the maximum average pace + 5%. Tip: I add 5% so that the label points sit above the columns. The formula is:

Note: Cell references used in the formula like [@[Event Type]] and [Average Pace mm:ss] are called Structured References, and are available when working with data stored in an Excel Table.


the Event Type cell is not empty


find the MAX([Average Pace mm:ss]) and multiply it by 1.05


otherwise return the #N/A error*


* I use #N/A because these errors do not get plotted in the line chart, whereas a blank or zero would put a dot on the horizontal axis at zero.

Bonus Tip: I’ve used a nested horizontal axis so that the day letter (from column B) and date (from column C) are both displayed in the axis. This enables me to avoid long axis labels and gives context to the dates, so we can easily see when weekends are.

Building the Chart

When you insert a chart based on data in an Excel Table, Excel tries to detect the type of chart you might want based on the data in the table. However, it gets a bit confused with my data because I have two axis columns (Day and Date), as well as the Event Type column containing text.

Even if I choose just the Date and Average Pace columns (C and D) before inserting the chart, Excel 2024 still thinks it’s cleverer than me, I mean imagine that (!), and considers all of the columns when detecting the chart type and source data ranges. And what I end up with is a mess that looks like this:

So, if your version of Excel thinks it knows better than you too, then this is how to fix it:


Add the Event data to the chart: There are lots of ways to tackle this, here are three options:

Now it should look like this:

There’s no right or wrong, just use whichever method you prefer.



        Set the Marker formatting: These are my settings:



          Deselect ‘Show Leader Lines’ and ‘Value’ from ‘Label Contains’.

          Note: If you have Excel 2010 or earlier you can use the custom Chart Labels technique described here.

            Tidy up: Some final formatting tips:  

            Add labels to the columns; Position them ‘Inside End’ and align the text -90 degrees. Note: I’ve included labels because the times vary by less than a minute and this detail is important. Ideally, I’d make the chart wider so the labels fit horizontally, but I only have 600 pixels of width to fit this image in!

            Add a legend; I put mine at the top right and the chart title in the top left so they’re not taking up too much space.

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            What is the Data Science market trend in the UK?

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            Business Analytics using R


            Abderrahmane Friha

            Amazing First Sashay with Customer Analytics


            Acee Vitangcol

            Great content


            Jorge Dominguez

            Good Introduction to Marketing Analytics


            Ricardo Garibay-Martínez

            Effective Tool for dashboard creation



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            Salesforce – Introduction to cloud computing – Basic course


            Fredric C

            Salesforce Training Mausam

            Salesforce Course experience

            The content quality was extremely good,  well-structured, and helped me to boost my career.  Outstanding Salesforce training by EDUCBA. It helped me to understand the logic by giving real-life examples and scenarios.

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            Company owners and directors working for smaller businesses

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            Course Highlights

            Project Highlights

            Goals Objectives Course Highlights

            This course has brief and consistent topics covered which are important to meet the goals and objectives of any organization for the beginners and professionals to get the job and understand the technology properly. Here are the concepts are given below that are covered throughout this course:

            In this course, you will be introduced to the selenium IDE along with installation, Selenium web driver for managing web elements, testing tools with an understanding of toolbar components and commands.

            In this course, concepts like TestNG are covered which are used to test the test cases using few test methods or testing XML file and grouping parameterizing are also covered.

            In this section of the course, You will be introduced locator techniques in skill with selenium which includes concepts like working of locators, customization of Xpath in locators and also you will be trained for interview questions related to this topics.

            Lastly, you will also be taught selenium using .Net which again starts from scratch like introduction building test cases and login suits using selenium commands this section also includes selenium commands by locators.

            Project Highlights

            In this course, there few projects for each section so that the students can understand the concepts and implement those concepts easily by the knowledge given during this course. These projects are mainly to understand case studies for different fields.

            In this course there few hands-on projects like Cucumber BDD with Selenium Java in this project the basics of BDD (behavior-driven development) which is used in cucumber as it is one of the testing approaches to explain the behavior of any application easily. In this project how to create runner classes, cucumber options, snippets, keyword features, splitting step definitions across files, validation and testing using different pom. In this project, you will be working with the BDD cucumber framework from creating a feature file to testing and validation with extent reporting.

            Secondly, HDFC Bank Case Study in this project will start with installation and setting up of eclipse, JDK and selenium jars chrome driver and later the case study which uses search text insert boxes with some read properties and POI files with expected conditions and priority.

            Lastly, Complete Web Page Automation using Selenium this project deals with enhancing the quality of web pages of your software web app. In this, you will cover topics like web driver methods, how to deal with footer sector links, and understanding and working with javascript executor with validation of texts.

            Certificate of Completion

            What is Selenium?

            Selenium is a framework used for testing web applications which is portable. It was licensed under Apache License 2.0. It was purely written in Java Programming language. Selenium has a feature of a playback tool that is useful for functional testing without using Selenium IDE. Selenium can be used to write automated tests many programming languages such as Ruby, Scala, Java, C#, Python, PHP, and Perl. Selenium is a free and open-source framework under Apache Projects. It supports cross-platform operating systems. Selenium has several core components in a framework called Web Elements, Locators, Web Drivers, to automate the complete web pages with different functionalities such as Buttons, Fields, Forms, Images, iFrames, etc.

            The set of skills those which can be acquired upon completion of this Selenium training are Selenium IDE, TestNG, Apache Ant, Maven, Selenium WebDriver, Web Elements, Web Page Automation, Synchronization in Selenium, UI Techniques, .NET, Locator Techniques, Java, Web Applications Testing, Ajax, etc.

            Few other skills that can be obtained upon completion of this Selenium course are such as Selenium, Ant, Maven, Automation Build tools, Iframes, Child Windows, etc.

            This Selenium course is very useful for the prospective Test Engineer, QA Consultant, Test Lead, Test Manager, Selenium Tester, etc. in larger organizations to develop automated test cases for web-based applications using Java or any other programming languages by using test automation tools and frameworks like Cucumber and TestNG to automate web application testing.


            Target Audience

            Bachelors or Masters in Engineering or any other fields: Any Bachelor or Master Degree in Engineering or any other filed in can choose this Edu CBA – Selenium Testing training to become a Test Automation Engineer or QA Engineer or Test Architect in any Testing based applications or Test Automation related QA roles in the larger MNCs or organizations.

            Selenium Training FAQ’s- General Questions Why should I consider this Selenium training? I don’t have much expertise in Computers or Engineering or Testing related Automation programming, is this Selenium training course still a better option for my career?

            YES, this Selenium training is still a better option for your career to choose without any Testing knowledge as well, this course can be easily learned and does not have any pre-requisites of testing basics or Java programming knowledge. Any students or learners who are interested to learn Selenium concepts can choose this course. The selenium training course can be easily learned because of the comprehensive content which is in detail about the Selenium framework.

            Will this Selenium training add value to my profession?

            Yes. this course will add value to your profession and your profile in terms of the Selenium Test Automation and also to your career including the verifiable certifications from EduCBA Academy that is a benefit in obtaining further career opportunities.

            Is this quick revision for interview preparation or certification exam preparation to learn this Selenium training?

            Career Benefits

            There are many career benefits on completing this Selenium training and its concepts which are mentioned as below:

            This Selenium certification is a package of 15 online courses, Projects for the Selenium framework to automate the web applications using TestNG or Cucumber tools by using Ant Maven and Java-related tools and features of automation programming and its core components with hands-on content.

            There are also other benefits to a career upon choosing this Selenium training are such as the Selenium Testing certification which is also a part of the learners’ profile as a verifiable qualification.


            Best Experience

            Now I can do many simple codes by my self only.

            Shubham Shahaji Shinde

            My Selenium training experience

            The Selenium Testing concepts are very well explained in this course which is understandable and the method of explaining in the contents is really in the best way with a greater learning experience. This course contents are easily understood and especially the Selenium web components are well explained.


            Selenium training

            Selenium Testing training is very fun and amazing to learn. Selenium automation concepts are quite good and interested to learn. All the web application testing concepts are well explained and really must be opted course for any QA or Test Engineers to master the Selenium framework concepts easily in the shortest time possible.


            Accounting Course (39 Courses Training Bundle, Online Certification)

            The training is specially designed to meet the learning desires of those who connected with the accounting field. The course is a detailed one that will take you through various accounting concepts that will help you with practical application in real life.

            The course is aimed to provide the learners with essential concepts of accounting domains such as financial accounting, accounting standards, cost accounting, and other relevant concepts. At the end of the course, learners will be well equipped with knowledge regarding important accounting concepts.

            Course Highlights

            Below is a peek of what all will be covered in the course.

            The training will commence with a lecture on the introduction to financial accounting.

            A session will be run to explain concepts relating to income statements such as fiscal year and calendar year, the format of the income statement, profit margin calculations, non-recurring items, changes in accounting estimates, and methods of revenue recognition.

            An understanding will be developed on the preparation of balance sheet and its various components such as current assets, current liabilities long-term assets, long-term liabilities, and shareholder’s equity.

            Learners will also gain knowledge about the preparation of cash flow statements using direct and indirect methods, along with practical examples.

            As a next step, learners will be explained with the concept of goodwill calculation, future maintainable profits, and treatment of goodwill as per IFRS.

            We will also understand the applicability of the purchase method and pooling method for accounting in case of business combinations such as a merger.

            An understanding will be developed about accounting for bonds and the concept of present value for bonds.

            A separate session will be there to deal with accounting relating to branches. Concepts such as branch accounting, independent branch, and the foreign branch will be covered.

            As a next milestone, learners will be acquainted with the concept of related parties. Topics that will be discussed include related party transactions, disclosure requirements as per IAS 24 and Indian Companies Act, arms-length transaction, and role of the audit committee.

            Regarding foreign currency translation, you will learn about its accounting treatment, forward contract, and exchange rate, hedging, and requirements as per US GAAP.

            Accounting for deferred tax will also be covered to understand profit calculation, deferred tax assets, valuation allowance, and revalued assets.

            Training will also take you through lease accounting and classification of leases.

            The concept of special purpose entity will be covered to understand its features, structure, purpose, types, pros, and cons as well as accounting guidelines.

            The overview will also be provided about business combinations and its various concepts such as its identification, acquisition method, treatment of intangible assets, income tax implications, and so on.

            The lecture will be covered on LLPs, its formation, importance, and comparison with LLCs.

            Training will also be provided for accounting for changes in ownership interest. We will understand situations in which parent’s ownership interest changes.

            Next, the introduction will be provided on cost accounting.

            We will have a look on the cost sheet and its components, along with other concepts such as job costing and batch costing.

            Learners will understand the process of cost allocation.

            We will gain knowledge about decision making using marginal costing, opportunity cost, and types of costs.

            A separate lecture will be there to deal with concepts of process costing and the treatment of joint products and by-products.

            One will also learn about essential concepts of management accounting such as inventory types, EOQ, quantity discounts, break-even analysis, and so on.

            A tutorial will be covered to understand the applicability of various IFRS.

            Next will be an important session about various ASCs dealing with investments, GAAP history, and hierarchy, presentation of financial statements, income statement, statement of cash flow, revenue recognition, financial instruments, inventory, liabilities, not-for-profit entities, PPE and consolidation.

            We will understand accounting for the securities lending market.

            We will also gain insight into accounting for repo transactions.

            Accounting for derivatives in hedge funds will be explained in the next step.

            At last, we will gain an overview of the applicability of US GAAP.

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