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Kessel Run Millennium Falcon LEGO Review

The newest Millennium Falcon LEGO set is here, and we’re going down its hallways in detail. This is the Falcon as it existed in one of its earliest forms – the earliest we’ve yet seen it. This was back when Lando Calrissian owned the ship and the ship – man – it was clean. So clean it almost breaks the “used future” Science Fiction George Lucas originally pierced our collective consciousness with in A New Hope.

To get an idea of what we’re comparing this ship to on a human being scale, behold the video below this paragraph. This is the Millennium Falcon tour as given by Donald Glover. Glover is the only other man in the universe that Billy Dee Williams has given blessing to to play Lando – he’s Lando, and Glover’s Lando now, too.

In the video you’ll see the basic layout of the Millennium Falcon as it exists in the “Solo” film days. That’s when this film is set, approximately 11+ years before A New Hope. Back then, as Lando is known for his legendary class, the Falcon is kept shiny, new, and in mint condition.

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Some of the colors in this version of the Falcon are different than you may remember. As the Falcon ages, it becomes gray and worn. The same thing happens to other ships in the Star Wars galaxy – remember the off-white star destroyers in Rogue One, then the very gray star destroyers of the original film trilogy. They’re lighter when they’re new, and grayer as they fly through the space dust of time.

Like any good LEGO set, this Kessel Run Millennium Falcon is pared down a bit – it doesn’t have every single feature present in the films. It does, however, have all the key elements.

There’s a Forward Crew Compartment, mostly appearing on the left side of the ship. That’s where Glover goes in the video above where he first mentions the patent leather circular seat set. He moves to an area with a lot of buttons and switches and lights – that’s here, in full effect.

The full quarter-circle of patent leather (yellow) seats is here, complete with Dejaric Hologame Board. Fun fact: The board is actually a repurposed minifigure shield (as it is in previous Millennium Falcon sets. This is probably the most excellent piece in the whole set, all by itself.

We’ve got the wetbar closer to the back of the ship, not extremely detailed, but it gets the job done. This area doesn’t make much of an appearance in the original film trilogy at all – did Han just stop entertaining guests once he won the ship? Probably.

Right near the bar we’ve got the captains quarters, complete with patent leather (yellow) frame. Once I saw the video from Solo with Glover, I was disappointed to find that the LEGO set omitted the cape closet. We’ll just have to wait for the bigger version of the ship’s set. Or we’ll just make it ourselves.

There’s a cockpit, of course. This part of the ship has the custom Millennium Falcon window cone and enough room to fit two pilots. Barely. This area isn’t extremely forgiving of characters with big arms or accessories. Chewie and Lando can fit together, but they’ve got to squish to make it happen.

There’s a cramped (read: non-accessible) area in the hallway between the cockpit and the rest of the ship. It’s thick with bricks, and does not allow minifigure passage through. This is one of a couple of concessions made in order to keep this small-scale version of the ship stay together with such a small area in which to work.

The designers of this build took similar care with the front mandibles of the Falcon. While I wouldn’t recommend doing so, the way which these parts are attached allow the builder to pick the whole model up by its nose.

Between the front mandibles, you’ll notice an amalgamation of bricks that wasn’t there in any version of the Falcon we’ve seen in the Star Wars universe before. In this iteration of the Falcon, said area plays a role similar to that of the Star Wars Rebels ship “Ghost” and its detachable shuttlecraft “Phantom.”

No matter how small a Millennium Falcon model gets, it really should have its much-used boarding ramp. This one really opens and gives access to the ship, as it should. Expect to bump one’s head on this ramp’s low bridge overhang when entering.

The rear of the ship has a long semitransparent ribbed tube in place to represent the engines – and it looks very pretty. This tube is held firmly in place and sits just below bricks north and south of it, completing the illusion that it is, indeed, engine blast in-effect.

There’s a sensor dish on the left top of the ship, right where we remember it from A New Hope. Whether this is the same dish we know from A New Hope or not, we don’t yet know for certain. Cross your fingers this becomes a running joke.

Above and below the ship are blaster cannons. These cannons are replaced by the time A New Hope rolls around with 4-barrel machines. A decade before that, here, they’re just single-barrel cannons.

These cannons are controlled by two gunners, who here are loaded in through a top opening. In the film, gunners still enter and exit through the interior of the ship. But here, they’re riding a fun little sled sort of deal. As Chewie demonstrates, there’s more room here for odd-shaped minifigures than there is in the ship’s cockpit.

To enter the ship, a number of topside panels fold up and out. These panels are not held tight when closed – they depend mainly on gravity to do their job of staying in place. This is completely fine, of course, as even though we’re working with a smaller-scale Falcon, this LEGO ship is far too large to consider spinning.

Up front are a pair of blasters – traditionally known as concussion missile tubes. Here they fire long, semitransparent blast bricks with spring-loaded blaster bricks. These projectiles are activated by topside bricks which can be easily accessed and do no detriment to the aesthetics of the ship.

This ship features four sets of bricks that act as landing gears. They’re not exactly gears, as they don’t retract or anything – but they do what they’re meant to in-place. They hold the ship up high enough that the belly-based blaster doesn’t get crushed. What more could you ask for?

The Kessel Run Millennium Falcon LEGO set is set number 75212, and it’s meant for ages 9-14. We of course remember what The Man Upstairs said about that: “That’s a suggestion. They have to put that on there.” This set has a cool 1,414 pieces in its box, stickers, and 6 minifigures: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Qi’ra, Lando Calrissian, Quay Tolsite and a Kessel Operations Droid, and a DD-BD droid.

This set can be found anywhere fine LEGO sets are available for right around $170 USD right this minute. This set was first made available to the public in April of 2023, just weeks before the release of the film Solo: A Star Wars Story, which was set for the big screen on May 25th, 2023.

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Lego Star Wars Cloud City: Why This One’S Unique

LEGO Star Wars Cloud City: Why this one’s unique

The time at which Star Wars and LEGO have reached peak insanity is now. Here, in 2023, we’ve gotten back to the point at which the most fabled and legendary of original Star Wars LEGO sets was hatched is back. This is Star Wars: Cloud City, in LEGO form. If you’re a hardcore Star Wars LEGO collector, you know the original is basically unattainable. If you’re new to the game, you’ll understand why this set’s reboot is about to keep with the tradition of mind-boggling largeness.

Floating above the gas planetoid Bespin is the tibanna gas mining operation in Cloud City. It’s here that the main climax of the film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back takes place. It’s here that we meet our most favorite of Star Wars characters, the always fashionable, smooth, and beautiful Lando Calrissian.

While Lando no longer rolls with his original Kessel Run-style Millennium Falcon, he’s got an entire town to keep track of. This new edition of the most massive original Star Wars LEGO set features four individual sections. As LEGO revealed today, each one of these sections is basically a set in and of itself.

“I saw a city in the clouds…” – Luke Skywalker

Section 1: The landing platform from whens Boba Fett’s Slave 1 removes Han Solo from the clutches of the Empire. This section of the city features an actual Slave 1 ship for Boba Fett – easily the cutest and most chibi version of the ship yet created by LEGO.

Section 2: The dining room where Darth Vader invites his guests for a fun meal full of negotiations. This section also features the room where C-3PO happens upon hidden Stormtroopers, the room where Leia expresses concern over C-3PO’s absence, and a lovely original-style Cloud City corridor.

Section 3: This is probably the most dark section of the four. Here we’ve got a dark corridor where evil deals go down. We’ve got the garbage incinerator with conveyor belt – complete with deactivated IG droid, just like the easter egg in the film. We’ve got the RED corridor where Lando says “this deal is getting worse all the time.”

We’ve also got the interrogation room, complete with interrogation sparky-ouch-zap chair thingy. That’s where Darth Vader zaps Han Solo a bunch so Luke will see him in pain in his visions of the future.

“They didn’t even ask me any questions…” – Han Solo

Section 4: The most epic of sections. It’s here that we’ve got the miniaturized version o the Carbon Freezing Chamber. Interesting here will be the differences between this and the big-style version of the chamber released last year – that’s LEGO set 75137, 231 pieces (retired set).

Section 4 also features the bridge to nowhere, the place where Luke discovers the true nature of his father’s disappearance. Feel free to bust out your own Star Wars sound board to make sure Luke’s falling down is accompanied by the proper NOOOOOOO!!!

This set includes a number of elements that are either entirely new or newly modified. For example you’ll find “Lobot’s cybernetic band” – something I can’t imagine was ever produced as a toy on its own, ever before, LEGO or otherwise.

Per the official description of this set, “New minifigure details include Leia’s red dress, Han’s Corellian blood stripe, Luke’s dark-tan Dagobah outfit, the Ugnaught’s head decoration and the cloud car pilots.”

This new LEGO Star Wars Cloud City measures in at over 6-inches (16cm) tall, 22-inches (58cm) wide, and 22-inches (56cm) deep when fully constructed. This is set number 75222 “Betrayal at Cloud City.” It comes with 2,812 pieces and will ring in at US $349.99 –CA $399.99 –DE 349.99€ –UK £299.99 –FR 349.99€ –DK 2999DK. Release will take place at LEGO Stores and LEGO online from October 1st, 2023, and VIP availability starts on September 13th.

Why Do Employers Run Credit Checks?

Employers sometimes run credit checks on potential hires to shed light on debt, payment history and any bankruptcies. 

To run an employment credit check, use a reputable service instead of a credit bureau for faster results and additional insights. 

A credit check is appropriate if the potential employee will handle business funds or client money, or will be in a position of trust.

This article is for small business owners and hiring managers exploring employment credit checks for potential hires. 

An employment credit check provides insights into a potential employee’s financial history and circumstances, including their debts, payment history and any bankruptcies. This is an essential step for companies hiring employees in sensitive roles or industries.

We’ll explore employment credit checks, how they’re used, and what you need to know when hiring for your company. 

What is an employment credit check?

An employment credit check is a report an employer receives about a prospective employee. The process of getting the report is similar to applying for a loan. A credit check provides insights from credit bureaus about an employee’s financial history, shedding light on factors like bad debts and bankruptcies.

Running a credit check can glean the following information about a potential employee.

Bad debt: A credit report shows any debts in collections.

Past-due bills: Late payments or debts in default are also shown on a credit report.

Overextended loans: A credit report shows the credit utilization rate, how much available credit is being used.

Bankruptcies: Any bankruptcy that has occurred in the past seven to 10 years will appear on their credit report.

If you’re hiring employees in sensitive roles (where they’ll have control of the company’s finances) or industries (where they’ll influence the finances of others), you should use an employment credit check to understand the potential new hire’s financial history.

Did You Know?

An employment credit check is often a standard supplemental screening when an employer conducts a background check on a potential hire.

How to run an employment credit check

Many companies will run a background check before hiring a new employee to check their employment history, criminal history, driving record, and more. An employment credit check is a common component of a background check.  

To run an employment credit check, it’s best to choose a background check service with an excellent reputation. While it’s possible to work directly with credit bureaus to check an employee’s credit, it’s a tedious process. Using a service lets you access information more quickly, see results from multiple credit bureaus and uncover potential red flags.

For example, GoodHire is a service that provides standard background checks and employment credit reports, as well as professional license verification, drug screenings, healthcare sanctions checks, and motor vehicle records checks. 

Whether or not you use a service, you’ll need to collect the employee’s personal identifying information, including their name, mailing address, date of birth and Social Security number. You’ll also need to get their consent to obtain a credit report. 

Once you have an employee’s information and consent, relay their information to a credit bureau or background check service that will generate a report for your review.


Many services can help you conduct employee background and credit checks. To learn more about these services, read our reviews of the best background check services.

When should a business run a credit check?

An employment credit check gives employers an idea of a job candidate’s financial responsibility. Knowing a potential employee’s financial history is especially crucial when working in sensitive areas, such as law or accounting, or when they’ll have access to a business’s finances or clients’ money. 

When you should consider running a credit check

Consider running a credit check on a potential employee if their position will involve any of the following:

Handling money

Being in a position of trust

Having access to a business’s or clients’ sensitive information

A credit check reassures employers that the potential employee will act responsibly when it comes to finances. Having a credit check is no guarantee that the employee won’t act irresponsibly, but it at least helps identify potential risks.


A credit report can change over time, so consider running a credit check if a current employee moves into a new position or renews their employment contract.

What gets reported on a credit check report?

When you run a credit check on an employee, you see everything reported to credit bureaus – and that’s a lot of information. A person’s credit report contains considerable data about their financial history and current finances.

Credit accounts: A credit report shows all open credit accounts, including loans and credit cards.

Account balances: A credit report also shows outstanding balances on certain credit accounts, such as credit cards. This information is also reflected as a credit utilization percentage, how much of a person’s available credit is being used. 

Past-due accounts and late payments: If a person misses a payment or has failed to pay an outstanding debt, that information will also appear on their credit report.

Bankruptcies: When someone files for bankruptcy protection, that can stay on their credit report for up to 10 years.

Sometimes creditors report incorrect information to credit bureaus or fail to inform the bureaus when an account is closed or updated. If there’s misinformation in a background report, the potential employee can take steps to fix it, and the employer can then run another report.

What are the legalities of employment credit checks?

Since credit is a sensitive issue, federal and state laws regulate credit report access and what employers can do with the information. For example, federal law requires anyone running someone’s credit to get the person’s consent first. 

Additionally, several states have passed laws restricting the use of credit checks in employment decisions. In these cases, employers may be able to run credit checks on current and potential employees, but they can’t use their findings to make hiring decisions.  

Additionally, federal regulation may be on the horizon. In 2023, the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that would amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act to restrict employers’ use of credit checks in making hiring decisions. While this legislation has not yet been signed into law, it could seriously impact how and when employers use credit checks to vet employees.

Regardless of how or when you use employee credit information, it’s critical to keep any information you glean confidential. Safely destroy any reports generated, which makes sense because they’re accurate for only about 30 days.

This New Lego Set Brings Classic Super Mario Games Into The Real World

Lego’s augmented reality efforts have been sporadic in recent years. Its Playgrounds iOS app debuted at the end of 2023 and brought app-based digital functions to some physical brick sets. Its Hidden Side collections add AR elements to dedicated sets, but it doesn’t feel particularly focused. It’s a mix of STEM coding activities, VR games, and augmented reality building tech all mashed together.

Lego’s latest offering, however, is a collaboration with the mighty Nintendo to create a Mario-themed set. Rather than cramming lots of different functions and play patterns into the toys, it takes a focused approach. Kids use Lego bricks to build custom courses for an adorable plastic Mario to traverse. There’s no app-based video game. The figures aren’t a controller. The app is simply a companion and it’s much better off for it.

The game doesn’t work like a typical Super Mario video game. Risk of dying by falling down a pit or having an ill-fated encounter with an enemy takes a back seat to the fun that comes from the level-building process. The Mario figure doesn’t rely on a smartphone camera to observe its position or movements as with other app-based toys. Instead, Mario has a color sensor on the bottom that can recognize what kind of brick he’s standing on. There are seven kinds of action blocks that the figure can read, including land, water, and even enemies like the adorable Goombas.

The three-inch Mario’s eyes, mouth, and stomach all utilize LCD displays that can combine for more than 100 different reactions. A built-in speaker pumps out familiar sound effects from the franchise. The set has everything you’d want from a true collaboration rather than a slapdash toy branded with some licensed intellectual property.

Put Mario on a red piece that represents lava and fire appears on his chest display. Put him on top of a Goomba and a coin appears on the front of his overalls and you get that familiar coin sound.

The three-inch Mario figure gives feedback in real time. Lego

An accelerometer inside Mario also keeps track of his movements. Put him on a cloud piece and wave him around and he’ll look and sound happy. Put him on a spinning platform and he’ll earn coins. Spin him in the opposite direction on the same platform and he’ll earn a coin bonus. Even though the player builds the course, Nintendo and Lego have hidden Easter eggs to let people discover and encourage more exploration.

Most of the interaction happens with the figure itself, but the Super Mario app contains essential elements such as the directions for building the levels. It also keeps track of any expansion sets that you buy and archives the direction videos for them for later reference.

Once you build a course, the app will allow you to take a photo of it and archive it so you can recreate it or share it with other Mario Lego players.

The real play, however, happens with the bricks themselves. You’re not controlling an app with the physical Mario pieces like with so many app-based toys. The app keeps track of your play and your creations, but actual play doesn’t involve looking at a screen once you’re up and running.

Nintendo is planning a number of expansion packs for the Mario world, but everyone needs the $60 starter kit before growing a collection. It will likely enjoy at least some success because most things Mario have a built-in audience. But, Nintendo and Lego have really made a great decision in avoiding the compulsion to do too much. Keep it simple and jump on Goombas. It’s worked for decades.

How To Run A Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

Running a successful campaign on Facebook employs many different tools and techniques. You can read about what makes a successful campaign here, but there are some things that you need to understand about what makes Facebook the next big thing and why you should be paying attention.

Creating a memorable campaign on Facebook requires greater understanding of the platform and environment that it provides. In this post, you can read about five tips that will make you see Facebook in a new light and harness its power for your next promotion:

1) It’s Fun to be Young

Simply put, Facebook is gamified social networking. That explains why campaigns that employ fun collaboration are an instant hit on Facebook.

In September 2010, Nike launched the Nike+ GPS application for runners. Nike took a solo exercise that may seem tedious and boring, and turned it right around to make it thrilling and collaborative. The Nike+ GPS application automatically detected the distance run and allowed users to share it with friends around the world.

Now, friends could challenge each other to run faster, compete with them on distances, and achieve goals they would have been too lazy to achieve otherwise. The campaign made the world go around (in Nike shoes). Mission accomplished.

2) Get Personal

Since Facebook is essentially an online social platform, you need to create very personal campaigns to penetrate into the mind-set of the people. Don’t be afraid to show the softer side of your brand to your customers. At the end of the day, they don’t want to be buying from a rich company or a brand name; they’re there to network with people and find someone with similar interests.

Engagement is crucial. Get involved in conversations. Only 95 percent of the companies respond to the feedback they receive from customers on Facebook! Be the other 5 percent and show them that you really share their interests.

Facebook brings people close and your customers closer.

Health Insurance Company Dovera launched an application by the name “My Blood Group” to create a database of instantly contactable blood donors. Based on your blood type, you could join one of the eight communities and interact with people. As a result, Dovera reached more than 10,000 blood donors in just seven days, and now with the Red Cross on board, things are looking brighter for patients in need.

3) Empower Your Customers

The best way to make your customers feel special is to give them control and autonomy. The more they realize that you are allowing them to make a difference, the more they will flock to your campaign. Don’t underestimate the power of doing good. Humanity isn’t dead; it’s just needs to be given a chance, and if your campaign can do that, you’ve nailed CSR and promotion all in one go.

Intel’s Progress through Processors campaign launched an application on Facebook through which users could link their own PCs and create a virtual super-computer to power the research work of scientists and researchers around the world. Collaboration has no limits when it comes to digital because everyone’s connected.

4) Timing and Spacing

Keep in mind that posting at the “right time” is necessary. Understand your customers’ behavior and find out when they are most likely to be active on Facebook. “PageLever’s seminal research on this topic revealed that the average page only reaches 7 percent of its fans daily.”

When you’re competing against posts from 600+ friends on your customer’s News Feed, timing could make all the difference in the world. Also, plan out how frequently you will post reminders about your campaign for your customers to see. Too many posts can nag them and too little can make them forget all about you amidst the crazy photos from that party last week!

5) A Picture Speaks…

You know the rest of the statement that follows, right? Adding big, crisp visuals to your posts acts like a flag flying high above the city skyline. It makes your posts more colorful and attractive.

Facebook’s research shows that photo albums, pictures, and videos increase engagement more than a 100 percent, more than content without visuals. Jackson Kayak, for example,  added a photo of puppies jumping with excitement to tell its fans that “Weekend Is Here”—a post that generated 125 likes and 25 shares!

Bonus Tip: Spread It Like a Virus

However, also bear in mind, that the concept alone may not make it viral. You need to put in a little more effort. Facebook lets you buy promotional spaces and sponsored stories in your customers’ News Feeds.

Videos like PSY’s “Gangnam Style” didn’t just go viral because people shared it. They also went viral because people like Scooter Braun bought the rights and put in some bucks to make them appear on social media more than it normally would have.

To create a successful Facebook marketing campaign, keep the energy flowing between you and your customers. Avoid the common pitfalls.  Stay connected with your customers and get to know what they think about your brand. Engage your customers by showing that you are willing to trust them, empower them, and open up to them.

Once you’ve understood the mood of your customers, you’ll be better able to align your posts according to their peak activity times and convert more and more prospects into customers!

How To Run Apps On Android In Floating Windows.

If you are someone who considers themself a pretty decent multitasker, then you’ll probably want to check out the concept of floating windows on Android devices. Floating windows allow you to get an extra level of quick access to apps running on your device as you’ll be able to have the open similar to the way you might on a Windows 10 PC. 

Related: How to turn on Enhanced Safe Browsing on Google Chrome Android.

In their default state apps running on Android devices serve their purpose well, running smoothly, efficiently and most of the time quickly. Depending on how and what you use your Android device for, either work or play will determine how important productivity and multitasking is to you. Which is why you may wish to consider spending a little time setting up and getting used to a floating app experience on your device. 

Floating apps allow you to have multiple apps open and in view on Android without the need to push or pull them to and from the background. Obviously screen size is going to play a little role in how useful you find floating windows for apps but you won’t know until you’ve tested them out. There are currently quite a few different apps available on the Google Play Store that grant floating windows, however, most of them have negative reviews for a range of different reasons. 

Floating Apps Free (multitasking) is currently the best option available on the Google Play Store for enabling floating windows for apps. It’s also reasonably easy to use, though does take a little bit of time to get used to. To begin, you’ll want to create a few blank screens on your device to allow you to experiment with apps in floating windows. 

Install Floating Apps Free (multitasking).

Follow the installation and basic setup screens.

Read through the settings screen.

Explore the landing page.

Read the detailed steps shown below.

Opening apps in floating windows on Android devices? 

The first thing you are going to realise about floating apps on Android is that they all run from a web-based browser style version, rather than a traditional app. This is what allows them to function in windows. I’m not going to lie, it will take a little bit to get used to at first. 

In the top left-hand corner of your screen, you’ll see a tiny floating icon which is where you can access all the pre-defined floating app options. 

The list of apps isn’t gigantic but it is enough to get you started on your floating windows journey. Opening an app from this menu will open it in a new floating window on your screen which you can drag to a location that suits your planned layout. It’s important to note that these icons will move across all screens you have set on your device, they don’t lock to a screen.

Double-tapping the bar across the top of the floating window will expand the app to full screen, tapping it again will restore it to its original size. The small icon to the left of the X will minimise the floating window to an icon which you can place wherever you like on your screen. You can also use the grab tab in the bottom right-hand corner to manually adjust the screen size for each window’s default size. 

With this information, you can now open and configure as many apps as you and your screen space can handle. For apps like Facebook and Instagram, you’ll need to sign into them as though you are using the browser version. 

Note: Accessing YouTube using a floating window will allow you to keep it running whilst not open in the foreground. Something that isn’t available by default on Android without purchasing a YouTube subscription. 

Seeing as using/working with apps in floating windows is a little more involved than you’re probably used to, you’ll want to give yourself a little time to explore the app and get used to the way it works. At first, it may feel very foreign. 

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