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Huawei is Analyzing a smartphone equipped with Hongmeng, the Organization’s self-developed operating system, which May Possibly go on sale at the end of the year, Chinese state-media Socket Global Times reported.

The launch of a Hongmeng-powered smartphone will indicate a significant step for China’s Huawei, the planet’s second-biggest manufacturer of smartphones, as U.S. government activities undermine its own access to Google’s Android functioning system.

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The device will be priced at approximately 2,000 yuan ($288), the Global Times stated on Sunday, citing unnamed sources. That will set the apparatus toward the low-end sector of the smartphone marketplace.

Huawei executives have described Hongmeng as an operating system made for internet-of-things merchandise. Last month the firm said the first significant apparatus powered by Hongmeng is its forthcoming lineup of Honor-brand smart TVs.

Business leaders have publicly downplayed the chance that the program could power a smartphone.

Last week, in an event announcing that the organization’s earnings for the first half 2023, Huawei chairman Liang Hua said the company chose to utilize Google’s Android operating system for its mobile devices and known to Hongmeng within Huawei’s”long-term plan”.

Huawei has been in the middle of geopolitical tension between the USA and China as of May, when President Donald Trump put the business on an”entity list” that effectively barred American suppliers from selling into the firm.

Trump has indicated that the sanctions will probably be relaxed, but additional details remain rare. When the policies stay enforced, then Huawei could lose access to routine upgrades to Android.

Huawei’s earnings in the first half of 2023 climbed 23%, in part because of strong domestic demand for cellular phones.

While smartphone earnings totaled abroad, its prices in China increased 31% year-on-year from the June quarter, based on market research company Canalys.

Analysts attribute the strong performance at home in part because of the caliber of its apparatus, which have led China’s high-end Android mobile marketplace, also in part because of patriotism among customers.

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Huawei P9 Review: An Impressive Flagship With A Dual

When comparing the P9 to other flagships, it’s important to remember the £449 price which makes it considerably cheaper than many of its rivals (but not the identically priced Nexus 6P that’s also made by Huawei). Overall, we’re impressed with the phone: it’s well built, feels good and looks good. The cameras aren’t the absolute best out there, it doesn’t top the charts in game tests and the screen isn’t Quad HD, but these minor quibbles are outweighed not only by the price but also because, unlike the Nexus, the P9 lets you stick in a microSD card to expand the storage. If you can afford it, the Galaxy S7 is a better phone overall, but this is a great choice if you can’t.

Huawei took to the stage in London in early April to announce the widely anticipated (and hugely leaked) Huawei P9, the latest Android flagship with a dual-camera arrangement never seen before on a phone. We’ve put the Huawei P9 through its paces and here’s our full review including price, release date, design, hardware, cameras and specifications. Also launched was the  pre-order the P9 right now from Vodafone and contracts start at £30 per month with no upfront cost – and you get a free Huawei W1 Classic smartwatch. Similarly,  Carphone Warehouse is offering a free Huawei Active watch with the P9, and you can pre-order the black and white versions immediately. The P9 will also be available from EE and Three, and we’ll add prices and more deals when they appear. In terms of a UK SIM-free price, the P9 will cost £449 – that’s the 32GB, 3GB RAM model which is the only one coming to the UK.

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Huawei P9 review: Display

Let’s get down to the specs of the Huawei P9. Although Huawei unveiled two models of the P9 at its event in London, we’ve covered the  950 in the Mate 8) coupled with 3GB of RAM. And if you’re familiar with the Mate 8, you won’t be surprised to hear that the P9 is a brute when it comes to performance. We’ve put the P9 to the test over the past few weeks and we found it to be very responsive with no real signs of lag, even when firing up the camera – a stumbling block for many other smartphones.

If the P9 does start to show signs of lag, users can run the built-in optimiser standard on many Huawei smartphones to close running background processes and speed up the performance of the smartphone with a single tap.

Anyway, it’s time to talk specifics. We ran a number of benchmark tests to test the various features of the Huawei P9, and here’s what we found out. In Geekbench 3, the P9 scored 1789 in the single-core test and 6505 in the multi-core test. That’s a little behind the Galaxy S7, but ahead of LG’s 2024 flagship, the LG G5 (in the multi-core test anyway). In AnTuTu, it scored a brilliant 97,584, which put it ahead of the Mate 8 (92,746) but considerably behind the Galaxy S7 (129,077).

For gaming, it’s not the best option on the market. We saw results of just 19fps in GFXBench Manhattan, 36fps in T-Rex and only 7fps in the new Car Chase test. The Galaxy S7 was faster in all three tests, despite the higher resolution 2560×1440-pixel screen, with 27fps, 53fps and 8fps respectively. With that being said, we found no real issues with gaming on the P9 in our real world tests – it may struggle with high-end 3D games, but it can more than handle standard mobile games like and

The Most Egregious Science Mistakes In Movies This Year

Nerds have a love-hate relationship with big-budget sci-fi movies. We admire how they take us on mind-bending journeys that’d otherwise prove impossible (or kill us). But we loathe them for torturing science to paint a sloppy portrait of how the universe works, instantly crushing our enjoyment of the movie.

Herewith, we bring you the year’s most memorable cinematic offenses, ranging from excusable infractions to nerd-rage-inducing disregard for grade school-level science.

(Spoiler alert: Our complaints will betray the plots of these movies.)


The Amazing Spider-Man

In few other movies is there such “blatant disregard for the conservation of mass,” said Katie Duff, one of our readers and a science teacher in Illinois. To suspend our disbelief, script writers invoke the bite of a genetically modified spider — an event that grants Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) a “one-time miracle exemption from the laws of nature,” as physicist James Kakalios told NPR. Only then could Spider-Man pull out of extreme dive-bombs, attached to nothing but spidey silk, without breaking a single bone in his superhuman body. Uh, sure. Two major nerd credits, however, are owed to director Marc Webb. One, he attempted to film as many live-action stunts as possible — thus preventing unnecessary cheating of physics with computer graphics. Two, he consulted Kakalios to write a math equation of cell regeneration and human mortality, called the “decay rate algorithm,” to explain how someone could turn into a giant lizard. The equation is bogus, but Kakalios made it by merging real mathematical expressions, including the Gompertz equation (which describes the probability of living to a particular age) and pieces from a 2001 study titled “The Reliability Theory of Aging and Longevity.” Scientific violation index: Mild


Time travel is crucial to Looper. In the movie, mob bosses living in the year 2074 transport their foes 30 years back in time for hired guns called “loopers” to execute. Too bad science shows backward time travel is impossible–or, if it is possible, it might require more energy than that which exists in the universe. Director Rian Johnson probably knew this before making the movie, and to his credit he built in a clever hat tip to appease angry nerds. The moment happens when the main character named Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) sits down to chat with his future self (Bruce Willis) inside a diner. Young Joe begins to ask old Joe how time travel is possible, and Willis responds “we’ll just end up making diagrams with napkins and straws,” adding that the details aren’t important, but that time travel exists. Mr. Johnson, I suppose we accept your ploy. Scientific violation index: Mild


Suppose you’re held at gunpoint by henchman on a deep, frozen pond. To avoid being shot, you grab the henchman’s semi-automatic assault rifle and shoot a hole so that you both fall into the freezing water. After a few minutes of strangling the henchman underwater, you emerge from the ice, run a few hundred feet, and rescue your companions by effortlessly tossing a knife in the back of your nemesis. This is a key plot sequence in the new James Bond movie Skyfall, and it irks us. Unless you’re Wim “Iceman” Hof, holder of the world record for longest time in an ice bath (1 hour and 52 minutes and 42 seconds), you’d likely experience severe hypothermia in a few minutes, and you’d probably die after about 15 minutes. But before that, your body would siphon blood away from your extremities and hoard it to keep your internal organs warm, causing you to lose consciousness and shiver uncontrollably. That’s hardly a proper setup for a perfect knife throw. Sloppy portrayals of computer science also bugged us throughout the movie. In one particularly annoying scene, a hacking genius named Q attempts to solve an ever-changing “polymorphic encryption algorithm” that hides the next stage of the evil plans of the movie’s villain. Q displays the algorithm on a giant screen, which looks like a mutating wad of code strings. Somehow Bond solves the puzzle in seconds by guessing Silva’s password. Sure, movies need visuals — but if a cipher is supposed to be ever-changing, then why is one short password all it takes? Scientific violation index: Moderate

The Avengers

The Avengers unites six comic superheroes from across the universe. This requires some serious suspension of disbelief to even walk into the theater, and yet there’s one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb: a flying aircraft carrier. The clandestine S.H.I.E.L.D. organization owns this stealthy airborne base, called the Helicarrier, and it looks like a Nimitz Class Carrier-sized vessel weighing about 110,000 tons. Four giant rotors — each with a diameter of about 117 feet — flank its corners and loft it into the skies. Physics professor Rhett Allain crunched the numbers to see what it would take to merely hover the machine in mid-air. The estimated power output was about 1.21 gigawatts, more than twice the maximum output of a real aircraft carrier. That’s not too unreasonable, when you think about it. Yet each rotor would need to span about 1,500 feet — roughly five American football fields — and push air out at nearly twice the speed of sound. Within these parameters, it’s unlikely any known material could survive the tension exerted by such a rotor. Now throw Iron Man inside one and have him try to restart it. (Fat chance, Tony Stark.) Scientific violation index: Moderate

The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan, director of The Dark Knight Rises, based his summer blockbuster on three Batman comic books and strove for realism in the backdrop of Gotham, a fictional analog to New York City, and seemingly plausible high-tech military weapons. Science gets beaten to a pulp in the process. Quite literally, when Batman faces a hulking villain named Bane. The antihero absolutely clobbers Batman with face-cracking punches and back-breaking throws. It’d be impossible to say for certain if Batman could endure this punishment and live, but it’s unlikely he’d recover from a smashed head and broken back in a few days with enough strength to speak, let alone climb out of a pitfall prison, engage in hours of hand-to-hand-combat, and live to tell the tale. But the more egregious science sin of The Dark Knight Rises is the detonation of a rogue fusion bomb just a few miles from a major metropolitan city. Batman has only 90 seconds to get the device away from Gotham. Even assuming he could zoom away at 290 mph and detonate the 4-or-so-megaton bomb above a bay more than 7 miles away, much of the city would be left incinerated, shattered, and crumbling. Yet onlookers watch safely as a mushroom cloud rises after a blinding flash. In yet another punch to science’s stomach, you hear the rumble at the same time. (Sound travels much more slowly than light, so any noise from the blast would arrive about half a minute after the flash.) Scientific violation index: High

Total Recall

In the 2012 reboot of Total Recall, a global war leaves only two habitable territories: the Colony in the country formerly known as Australia, and the United Federation of Great Britain. To get from the Colony to do factory work in UFGB, you have to travel through a “gravity elevator” that runs through the center of the Earth. The device supposedly completes the trip in a paltry 17 minutes. Forget, for a moment, about the horrifying temperatures and pressures below Earth’s crust, and the lack of any plausible material able to withstand such an environment (let alone about 8,000 miles of it). If a vehicle simply dropped into a hole and popped out the other end of our planet, it’d take more than 40 minutes on gravity’s pull alone. Total Recall‘s magic train does it in about one-third of the time. That means, according to one movie critic’s calculations, that the vehicle would need to travel 30,000 mph and reach accelerations of 10 times the Earth’s gravity, or 10Gs. The world’s scariest roller coasters pull more than 4Gs, and most people black out around 9Gs. Barring some made-up anti-gravity technology, both the energy input and survivability of this elevator seems, um, extraordinarily low. Scientific violation index: Severe


Smartphone Os Showdown: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Rim Gear Up For Battle

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, don’t even think about going down to your local cellphone retailer or AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Verizon retail store to get a new device, at least not yet. Every major smartphone platform including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone is getting an overhaul with lots of new features, and, presumably, new hardware to go along with it starting in the fall.

Research In Motion is hurting financially and popularity is crumbling for current keyboard-centric BlackBerry devices. Many critics believe the upcoming touch-centric BlackBerry 10 refresh is the company’s last chance to maintain relevance in a post-iPhone world.

Microsoft can’t get a significant number of users to try out Windows Phone, but the company is doubling down with new features and hardware support in the recently announced Windows Phone 8. Google, meanwhile, may be only days away from announcing Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. And this fall, Apple will release iOS 6 and, presumably, a new iPhone.

Here’s a rundown of the highlights coming this year for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

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iOS 6

Apple introduced the latest updates for iOS during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Google Maps is getting the boot from iOS 6 in favor of an Apple-owned mapping utility that will include built-in turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, real-time traffic information, photo-realistic 3D flyovers of major urban areas worldwide and vector graphics.

Apple is introducing a new feature called Passbook that collects your movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, and airline and train boarding passes into one spot. There is some speculation about whether Passbook suggests the next iPhone will feature NFC support. Instead of having someone scan your iPhone’s screen with Passbook, the next iPhone could tie into an NFC chip to hold your credit card information for mobile payments.

Apple’s iOS 6 launches in the fall. The company has not yet announced a new iPhone; since 2007 Apple has produced a new device to accompany a refreshed version of iOS.

Windows Phone 8

There will be an improved camera app with a panoramic mode, self-timer, and Smart Group Shot that takes a burst of photos and automatically creates the best composite image possible out of the different shots.

All Windows Phone 8 devices will use Nokia mapping technology including features such as turn-by-turn navigation, public transportation schedules, and support for offline maps. The new Windows Phone 8 Wallet Hub puts your credit card information in one place to let you pay via NFC. And just like Apple’s Passbook, the Wallet Hub stores your loyalty cards, boarding passes and coupons.

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Windows Phone 8 will also support in-app purchases and enterprise-ready features.

Windows Phone 8 will launch in the fall with new devices expected from four smartphone manufacturers including Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei.

BlackBerry 10

Research In Motion is holding back a lot of information about its new smartphone OS, but we do know BlackBerry 10 is touch-centric with a WebOS-style card interface. BB10 will also have a camera feature that is similar to Smart Group Shot in Windows Phone 8. And the new BlackBerry OS features a predictive software keyboard that over time adjusts to your personal typing style.

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean

Google is the only company that has yet to announce its next smartphone iteration, but that is expected to change next week when the company holds its annual developer conference, Google I/O. Little is known about the next version of Android other than it is expected to be called Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. Google is expected to launch Jelly Bean this fall with Nexus devices from five different manufacturers, according to The Wall Street Journal, including a new Nexus tablet that could debut during I/O.

If Android 5.0 does debut next week, it will be interesting to see if Google comes up with a solution to getting Jelly Bean to compatible Android devices as quickly as possible. Despite releasing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in November, only about 7 percent of active Android devices are using the new OS, according to Google. That’s a pretty slow adoption rate when you consider iOS 5 was introduced in October and now accounts for more than 80 percent of all active iOS devices, according to Apple’s numbers.

The problem for Android is Google doesn’t control software releases to devices and Apple does. Several major Android hardware vendors have to update their user interface overlays before rolling out new versions of Google’s mobile OS to existing users. Samsung only released its ICS device update list in April while HTC was still modifying its ICS update plans in May. So if you’re an Android user, look forward to a possible Jelly Bean introduction next week, but don’t count on seeing the new OS on a handset near you any time soon.

New Photos Of The Huawei P50 Pro With A Waterfall Screen

The smartphone has a large screen that is strongly curved at the sides. A hole for the front camera is located in the upper center of the display.

On the right side of the smartphone are volume rockers and a red power key. In addition, on the underside are the speaker grill, USB-C port and SIM card slot.

Gizchina News of the week

The presentation of the smartphone is expected in February this year.

New details about the Huawei P50 series have appeared

Huawei is already preparing to launch its next flagship series of smartphones, the Huawei P50. Meanwhile, the network is gradually accumulating information about future updates.

Just before the New Year, the famous insider Steve Hemmerstoffer under the nickname Onleaks published the first image of the Huawei P50 Pro.

Now, the insider RODENT950 has provided additional details. According to the source, Huawei could follow in the footsteps of the Korean manufacturer Samsung and release three models of different sizes in the flagship P50 series.

These will be a 6.1-6.2″ compact model (presumably Huawei P50), a 6.6-inch medium model (Huawei P50 Pro) and the largest 6.8-inch model (presumably Huawei P50 Pro+). According to Hemmerstoffer, the 6.6-inch Huawei P50 Pro measures about 159 x 73 mm.

Note that RODENT950 has many confirmed leaks in its history, including those related to last year’s Huawei P40 line.

The first image of the Huawei P50 Pro from a reliable source

The well-known insider OnLeaks has published his first image of the Huawei P50 Pro smartphone. Given the reputation of the source, it is highly likely that this image is reliable.

True, the image itself is not particularly informative, which, perhaps, it is for attracting attention.

In any case, the insider supplemented the picture with information. He claims that the new Huawei flagship will receive a display with a diagonal of 6.6 inches, and the body will have dimensions of about 159 x 73 mm. The image shows the screen will be curved noticeably. In addition, it is worth highlighting the single front camera, which is likely to please many.

Samsung and LG will supply the Huawei P50 displays

Besides the chipset, the reports state that display suppliers of Huawei P50 are Samsung Display and LG Display. Both companies are getting ready for production as of now. The resolution and actual design of those displays, obviously are a mystery right now. The orders for P50 are final. However, the report says that there is no clarity if they will also get orders for the next Mate 50 series.

Huawei wants to keep its userbase with solid smartphones and wants to keep its name as competitive players in the flagship segment. The company almost reached Samsung a couple of years ago by shipping nearly 44 million flagship smartphones. It also surpassed Apple in the entire shipment rankings for 2023. According to early estimates, the company experiencing an expressive drop in 2023. While the Chinese customers are pretty much supporting Huawei, their devices are now almost irrelevant in Global markets. It’s hard for a global customer to have a device without Google Apps.

We have to wait to see if Huawei will find a way to bypass all the restrictions. The company may see some relief on Biden’s administration, but only the time will tell.

5 Easy Tips To Skyrocket Your Instagram Marketing This Year

Looking to grow your business and better engage with potential customers? Then add Instagram marketing to your social media strategy.

Instagram is home to a highly engaged and active user base – a potential goldmine for smart brands and businesses that know how to do marketing right.

On May 22, I moderated a sponsored SEJ ThinkTank webinar presented by Anna Semyanova, Marketing Manager at Combin, who shared five tips to skyrocket your Instagram marketing this year.

Here’s a recap of the presentation.

Despite the massive opportunity that the platform offers, not many companies are doing Instagram marketing well.

If you want to find success in the platform, you need to learn how to grow your followers organically.

Getting followers on Instagram is not hard. But getting real Instagram followers in your niche that are highly likely to purchase your product is a slightly different story.

The main goal is attracting real, genuine interest to your page.

This may sound easy, but once you get your hands on it, it becomes obvious how confusing and time-consuming a user search and attraction really is.

Many brands resort to using specialized applications to help them simplify the process.

Follow these five tips if you want to grow your brand and get great results on Instagram.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Instagram target audience research should be one of the first things on your to-do list when developing an Instagram strategy.

It seems obvious and easy, but still not many people exactly understand what this means.

You need to understand your audience so you can produce great content, write killer captions, and find your best time to post.

Actionable insights into your audience’s interests, preferences and behavior pave the road to a successful Instagram strategy.

Search by hashtags: Find your audience in just 5-10 minutes.

Search by location.

Search by hashtags and location combination.

For instance, imagine that you have just created a profile for a watch brand. You are looking for visibility and larger audience on Instagram. Your goal will be to find accounts interested in what you offer.

Think of hashtags your audience might be using (like #wristwatch, #watchesofinstagram, #watchoftheday, etc.), then type that into the hashtag field.

You can also specify the location you want in order to find potential customers around your area.  It’s a winning idea especially for those who are local business owners.

2. Research Your Competitors

One of the best ways to find, attract and build a huge following is targeting your closest competitors and after that stealing their audience.

These people have already shown some level of interest in your niche simply connecting with your competition.

You can use Combin’s Search by Users feature to look for a particular account’s:





3. Find Influencers & Promote Your Account With Their Help

Influencer marketing is a growing trend within the social media sphere.

Influencers can share your products or brand with their established audience because they tend to have a relationship with their followers.

A product that an influencer recommends is similarly perceived as a product recommended by a friend.

When it comes to collaborating with influencers as a brand, authenticity should be one of the most important factors to consider.

The best influencers are those who have real followers that are genuinely interested in their content. In other words, influencers who have real influence over their audience.

For example, H&M has one of the largest Instagram followings of any fashion brand on social media today and this is because they have an influencer campaign with women who reflect H&M’s style.

Fashion blogger Julie Sariñana and model Ela Velden are two influencers whom H&M partnered with for its fall 2023 catalog.

Julie loved the clothing so much that she decided to promote it to her own Instagram account and H&M had great success from this.

There are several ways to find influencers related to your niche.

If you’re using Combin, you can do it through User Search. Go to Users List and then type in your competitors’ user names.

Sort the results by the number of followers – those at the top will be the influencers you need to work with.

You can also use Search by Posts – just type in the accounts, hashtags, or locations relevant to you.

After this, you can look up the post uploaders’ profiles and then decide who you want to work with.

But before working with any of the influencers you found, take some time to truly research them and their social media presence. Beyond these follow numbers:

Are they getting enough engagement on their posts?

Does their audience actually care about what these influencers are saying?

What other brands have they collaborated with? What were the campaigns like?

Are they truly authentic?

4. Be as Active & Up-to-Date as Possible

The next tip is all about engagement. Social media is all about engagement – not about the numbers.

You’d be surprised how many companies searching for Instagram growth just forget this simple social part of social media marketing.

Not only is it demanding to create original content every day, but it’s also a more solitary experience just posting one’s own content.

In order to grow your community, curate content from accounts that you find inspirational and relevant. It’s also a great idea to repost user-generated content.

Instagram allows brands to experiment. If you to be a relevant brand, take a risk and try every new Instagram feature such as Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and Question Stickers.

Show your followers that you’re up-to-date.

and engaging their Stories are.

When you have a good engagement, Instagram starts to promote your content in the Top posts section and the Explore feed.

So in addition to accumulating as many new followers as possible, you must build strong, long-lasting relationships with your followers.

5. Enjoy the Journey!

Enjoy the journey and keep it casual. On Instagram, you can showcase your brand’s light side so don’t be afraid to be entertaining.

Embrace that avatar and have fun with your content.

“A true community is not just about being geographically close to someone or part of the same social web network. It’s about feeling connected and responsible for what happens. Humanity is our ultimate community, and everyone plays a crucial role.” — Yehuda Berg

[Video Recap] 5 Easy Secrets of Fast Instagram Promotion

Here’s the video recap of the webinar presentation and Q&A session.

Or review the presentation deck below.

Image Credits

All screenshots taken by author, May 2023

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