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If you are a student (or a teacher) you have probably heard of Quizlet; It’s most famous as an app for flashcards. If you haven’t used Quizlet, it is so much easier and more convenient than making flashcards the old-fashioned way – you can either use flashcard sets made by others, or, even if you make them yourself, there is a nice autocomplete feature that means you may not have to type in everything on each flashcard. Additionally, your flashcards will always be there on your phone, so you can study them whenever, wherever you like.

But Quizlet isn’t just flashcards. In Quizlet, there is a feature called Learn. Learn is available in the free version of Quizlet, and is designed to not only present the material to you, like your flashcards, but it also incorporates an AI. The AI uses data science results from millions of study sessions, and cognitive science to create a study plan for you.


To use Quizlet Learn, you’ll need to create the study set of material, and enter in a date by which you need to learn the material, like your test day. After that, Quizlet Learn will create an adaptive study plan for you, along with study reminders to keep you on track.

Reasons to use Quizlet Learn

If you’re like many people, myself included, creating and sticking to a study plan can be challenging for many reasons; You have to be organized enough, start soon enough before your test, and have the motivation and focus to study when you should.

Quizlet Learn creates the plan for you – tells you what to practice and when.

Learn will show you your learning progress. This is good for motivation:

When you’re making good progress, you’ll feel good about studying for your exam.

When you’re not making good progress, you’ll feel motivated to study more.

How to use Learn

If you don’t already have the Quizlet app, download it (for free) from the App Store. Follow the steps to set up an account.

Create your Study Set

You can either create your own, or find one that someone else has created. To find one that someone else has created, tap on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the Quizlet home screen and search for the set. To create your own:

Open Quizlet, then tap on the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on “Create study set.”

Enter the title. You can add a description if you like. Add your terms and definitions to your flashcards.

Tap on Done.

Set up Learn with your Set

Open up your study set. Tap on the Learn button.

Your Learn session will open, but you can customize it.

Tap on the settings (gear) symbol in the upper-right corner.

Choose your options, including which question types you want to see:


Multiple choice


Tap on “Set due date.” Enter your test date (or a date based on your personal goals). Tap on Done, then on Set date.

Choose if you want to allow study reminders. Tap on Allow notifications, or on Not now.

If you chose to allow notifications, you may be prompted to allow the Quizlet app to send notifications. Tap Allow.

Tap Done on the Learn settings page to return to your Learn session.

Studying with Learn

What your study sessions will look like depends on which options you chose: Flashcards, Multiple choice, and/or Written.

When you want to study, simply open your study set and tap on Learn.

As you go through the questions, you will see feedback – correct or incorrect answer.

At the end of a Learn session you will see a summary of your progress.

At the end of a session, you can choose to exit or continue studying.

You can go to the Learn settings anytime and make changes. For example, using Quizlet’s “Written” question type can be challenging – it often requires you type the answer exactly, and that doesn’t always make sense for all types of study. If this is the case for your studies, you can choose to eliminate that question type anytime.

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How To Use Alexa On Your Iphone

Let’s be honest, Siri isn’t the best virtual assistant out there. Despite the efforts like offline Siri in iOS 15, Siri has always been behind a few assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Searching the web, answering questions, maintaining context, or even controlling smart home devices, Siri isn’t the most reliable AI assistant. And, when it comes to smart home products, who can beat Amazon Alexa?

In this article, let’s learn about how to download, set up, and use the Alexa app on your iPhone.

How to set up Alexa on iPhone

Unlike Siri, Amazon Alexa isn’t available as a built-in assistant on iPhone. Currently, there’s no way of installing any third-party assistant on iOS or iPadOS. So, to get Alexa on iPhone, you’ll have to use its app.

Here’s how to set up Alexa with your iPhone.

After the setup is complete, you’ll enter the main screen of the Amazon Alexa app.

How to use Alexa app for iPhone

On the Alexa app, you’ll see five tabs: Home, Communicate, Play, Devices, and More. In the section below, I’ve explained the use of each tab.

Home screen – Set an alarm, create a shopping list, and more

This is where the magic happens. Tap the Alexa icon on top to summon it. Summoning it for the first time will prompt you to enable location access. Next, use the hot word “Alexa” to call it.

Under the Alexa icon, there are a bunch of suggestions, such as setting up an alarm, music services, creating a shopping list, etc. You can tap any suggestion to enable it quickly.

For example, you can set up a preferred music service so that when you ask Alexa to play some music, it will play from your desired music streaming service only. And yes, you can ask Alexa pretty much anything to look up from the web by tapping the mic button on the top!

Moreover, you can add some skills to Alexa. Like, add a skill called Amazon Storytime, which features a collection of bedtime stories, including some originals from LEGO for kids. Now, your kids can ask Alexa for a bedtime story.

Pro tip: Alexa is a little better than Siri in surfing the web and collecting answers.

Communicate – Call directly, announce messages

If someone in your contacts happens to have an Amazon Alexa device or app, you can call or text them directly from this section. There’s a feature called Drop In that makes all your Alexa-compatible devices act as an intercom.

Say you’re in a supermart picking up things for your home, kids aren’t picking up the call, and you want to ask them if you’ve to bring anything from the mart.

You can Drop-In into the Echo of your home from the iPhone’s Alexa app and say your message. It’s truly a worldwide wireless intercom.

Moreover, there’s a feature called Announce that lets you, well…, announce messages to all the Echo devices at once.

Say you’re late from the office and you want to let your family know, you can just Announce, ‘I’ll be late home for dinner,’ and Alexa will ping each device on your network. It’ll send a notification if someone’s using Alexa for iPhone.

Play Music – Play music, listen to Kindle libraries

If you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime, you’re in for a treat. Using the Play tab, you can ask Alexa to play any music in the world.

You can even tune into your local radio stations and listen to a whole list of Amazon Kindle libraries. And yes, you can link Apple Music and Spotify as well.

Devices – Manage multiple devices

With an increasing number of smart home devices around us, everyone owns at least one smart home controller — like a smart speaker or a smart display.

If you happen to own an Amazon Echo device, you can manage everything related to the device in the Devices tab. Along with adding new Echo devices to the app, you can combine multiple Echo speakers to act as a stereo speaker directly from the Devices app.

More – Manage your Alexa account

Though self-explanatory, More is a place where you can manage everything related to your Alexa account. You can link your account to TV streaming services, add reminders, set alarms, change language, and more.

Add Alexa widget to your iPhone home screen

Despite Alexa having such an interesting app, the primary use only comes up when we ask something.

However, opening the app, tapping the mic button, or summoning ‘Alexa’ is a hassle. Thanks to a new update, Amazon Alexa has gained support for widgets on iPhone. Now you can summon Alexa right from your iOS Home Screen with a single tap.

Download or update the Amazon Alexa app to the latest version.

Long-press an empty space on the Home Screen to enter the Jiggle mode.

Now, tap the + button at the top left.

Scroll the list and select Alexa.

Finally, place the widget wherever you like.

Now, when you tap the widget, your iPhone will fire up the Alexa app with the microphone activated to say the command quickly. This certainly brings Alexa one step closer to Siri on iPhone — in terms of ease of access.

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How To Use Live Activities On Your Iphone

From accessing the latest sports scores to tracking the whereabouts of your Uber driver, the Live Activities feature initially released with iOS 16 eliminates the need for you to unlock your iPhone or sift through multiple apps to stay updated and informed. In this guide, we show how the Live Activities feature works and how you can set it up on your iPhone.

What Are Live Activities?

Live Activities provide at-a-glance notifications, such as real-time updates from your favorite apps on your Lock Screen and in the Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The interface and how you interact with the feature will change, depending on the app you plan to use.

Suppose you’re using a fitness app that has the Live Activities capability. It can provide a workout summary, show you how many miles you’ve ridden on a bike, or even showcase your rock climbing stats. All this information will be neatly presented at the bottom of the lock screen with Live Activities.

Tip: have an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max? Discover how to use the Dynamic Island feature to access Live Activities from just about anywhere on your iPhone.

How to Enable Live Activities for Native Apps

To use the Live Activities feature, you must enable it for the supported apps. Follow these steps to enable the feature on your iPhone:

Open “Settings,” scroll up, and select the “Face ID and Passcode” or “Touch ID and Passcode” menu, depending on your iPhone model.

Enter your iPhone’s passcode to enter the Lock Screen security settings menu.

Toggle the “Live Activities” button under the “Allow Access When Locked” section to enable the feature on your iPhone.

Good to know: looking for a way to personalize your iPhone with iOS 16? Discover how to customize your iPhone and iPad lock screens.

How to Enable Live Activities for Third-Party Apps

Enabling Live Activities from the Settings app only gives the native iOS apps access to the feature. To get these updates for third-party apps, you’ll have to enable this option for each app individually. Follow the steps below:

Open “Settings,” scroll down to the app you want to use with Live Activities, and open it.

For example, select the Uber app.

Toggle the button for “Live Activities.”

You may also see the “More Frequent Updates” toggle within the “Live Activities” feature. It refreshes the Live Activities widget on the lock screen more often to keep you updated and allows updates on your home screen as well.

Note: enabling more frequent updates for Live Activities may drain your iPhone’s battery faster. Read on to learn how to have your iPhone notify you when your battery is at 80%, to keep your iPhone’s battery topped off.

Frequently Asked Questions Does the Live Activities feature work on iPhone 12? 

Live Activities works on iPhone 12 as long as it’s running iOS 16.1 or 16.2.

How do I turn Live Activities on for TV apps? 

To turn on the Live Activity feature for the TV app, open “Settings” and tap the “TV” app.” Toggle the switch to green for Live Activities to enable it. You can also enable “More Frequent Updates” to get regular updates.

How long does the Live Activities feature remain active on iPhone’s lock screen? 

The total active duration is 12 hours. The actual running time is eight hours, and for the remaining four hours, it remains on the lock screen in a suspended state before being removed by the system.

Image credit: Unsplash. All screenshots by Hashir Ibrahim.

Hashir Ibrahim

With over two years of in-depth experience working in technical fields, Hashir is a master content creator who loves writing about Mac and iOS at major tech publications on the internet like MakeUseOf and MakeTechEasier. Hashir spends his free time boxing and designing his business.

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How To Use Do Not Disturb On Your Iphone

Smartphones have made it much easier to communicate with people around us throughout the day. Text messages, pings, and social media notifications from various apps keep popping up on our iPhone’s screen throughout the day. While it helps us stay connected with our near and dear ones, sometimes it distracts us and causes us to lose concentration. Even if your iPhone is on mute, the screen still lights up every time a new notification or call comes in. And that’s exactly where the iPhone’s Do Not Disturb focus mode comes in handy. This focus mode silences all the notifications and calls on your iPhone whenever it is turned on — even the screen won’t light up. That said, in this article, we have detailed how to effectively use iPhone’s Do Not Disturb mode to boost your productivity.

Use Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone (2023)

Before learning how to use the Do Not Disturb Mode, let us first tell you that you won’t lose any app notifications while this focus mode is enabled. You can unlock your iPhone and view all the notifications later on. Further, Do Not Disturb is now linked to Focus mode on your iPhone. And there are two ways to turn it on – you can turn it on manually or set it to turn on automatically. Along with how to enable Do Not Disturb mode on iPhone, we have also explained how you can customize it as per your preferences.

How to Turn on Do Not Disturb Manually on iPhone

Go through the following steps to turn on Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone manually:

1. Unlock your iPhone and swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to pull down the “Control Center.”

4. From the list of options, tap on “Do Not Disturb” to enable it.

That’s it. You have successfully turned on the Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone. Also, there are numerous tweaks you can make to the Do Not Disturb mode to use it more effectively. We will talk about these in a later section.

How to Set Do Not Disturb Mode to Turn on Automatically

Apart from turning it on manually, iPhone allows you to create a routine to automatically turn the Do Not Disturb mode On and Off. Users can set this focus mode to automatically turn On when going to bed and turn it Off when they wake up by adding a schedule. Here, we have explained how you can do this:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and head to the “Focus” option.

3. Next, scroll down until you reach the “Set A Schedule“ section and tap the “Add Schedule” button.

4. Here, you will see a list of options to choose from such as Time, Location, and App.

5. Tap on the “Time” tab to set a schedule for automating the Do Not Disturb mode. You can set the time duration using the “From” and “To” options, along with the days on which you want this schedule to work.

6. If you want the Do Not Disturb Mode to turn on at a certain location automatically, tap on “Location“ and choose a location by entering an “Address” in the search bar.

Now, whenever the conditions you set here are met, the Do Not Disturb mode will automatically be enabled on your iPhone. That said, let’s look at what other settings you can customize for this focus mode.

Customize Do Not Disturb Mode on Your iPhone

One of the best things about iPhone’s Do Not Disturb mode is that you control and customize it as per your whims. You can enable specific contacts to bypass the Do Not Disturb mode, customize app notifications, and focus filters. Below, we have detailed all the customizations you can do with iPhone’s Do Not Disturb mode.

Customize Notifications from People

To set contacts for whom the Do Not Disturb mode will not apply, follow the below steps

3. Choose the “Silence Notifications From” option to mute all notifications from specific contacts. If you want to receive only calls and no notifications from the chosen contacts, turn on the “Allow Calls from Silenced People” toggle.

4. Tap the “+” icon to add contacts to make a list of people you want to silence notifications from when you enable Do Not Disturb mode.

5. Alternatively, Choose “Allow Notifications From” to receive notifications from chosen contacts when using Do Not Disturb on your iPhone.

6. Under this option, you can also allow calls from select people by tapping the “Allow Calls From” tab and choosing an option from the list that appears.

Customize App Notifications

1. Open the “Do Not Disturb” focus mode settings on your iPhone and tap on the “App” tab on the right side.

2. Like the people section, you will see two options on the following screen — “Silence Notifications From” and “Allow Notifications From.”

3. Choose the “Silence Notifications From” option to stop receiving notifications from selected apps. You can toggle on the “Time Sensitive Notification” to see notifications from the silenced apps. Though, remember they could be distracting and defeat the purpose of the Do Not Disturb mode.

4. To make an allowed list for apps, tap the “+” icon and choose the app you want to add to the allowed list. We would suggest not adding social media apps to this list, as the notifications from these apps can distract you from your work.

Customize Focus Filters

Finally, you can also add Focus Filters, such as App Filters and System Filters, in the Do Not Disturb focus mode. These filters allow you to modify in-app and system settings when a focus mode is enabled. Focus Filters allow granular control over different focus modes. While app filters allow you to customize apps when the Do Not Disturb mode is enabled, system filters offer overall setting customization options. Follow the steps below to learn how to add Focus Filters:

1. Open the Do Not Disturb settings screen on your iPhone and scroll down until you find the “Focus Filters” option. Now, tap the “Add Filter” button

2. Here, you will see two sections — one for “App Filters,” and the other for “System filters.”

3. Under the App Filters, you will find four apps you can add Do Not Disturb mode filters –

Calendar: To choose which calendar to show and when.

Mail: To set mail focus filters 

Messages: To allow or deny message notifications from selected people.

Safari: To allow a particular tab group to be used when the Do Not Disturb mode is turned on.

Appearance: Sets dark or light appearance when the Do Not Disturb mode is on.

Low Power Mode: Automatically enable or disable low power mode with Do Not Disturb mode.

How to Enable Do Not Disturb from the Lock Screen

iOS 16 brought with it the ability to customize the lock screen of your iPhone and add widgets to the lock screen. You can now set multiple lock screens with different wallpapers and home screens. While this is no news for many, some users might still be unaware that they can link the “Do Not Disturb” focus mode to a particular lock screen. This means the Do Not Disturb mode will automatically turn on when a user switches the lock screen on their iPhone. Here, we have explained how you can link Do Not Disturb mode to a particular lock screen:

1. Unlock your iPhone and long press on the lock screen to enter the lock screen editing mode.

2. Now, tap on the “Focus” icon at the bottom center of the screen.

3. Next, a new “Link Focus” pop-up window will appear with the focus modes list. Tap on “Do Not Disturb” to link this focus mode to the current lock screen. Then, tap “X” at the top right, and you will see a Do Not Disturb icon at the bottom of your screen. This indicates that the Do Not Disturb mode has been linked with the lock screen.

How to Enable Do Not Disturb Mode Using Siri

1. First and Foremost, activate “Siri” on your iPhone by saying “Hey Siri” if you have enabled it or long-press the power button.

2. Once Siri is activated, say “Turn On Do Not Disturb,” and Siri will revert with “Ok, Do Not Disturb is now on.” You will also see a “Do Not Disturb On” pop-up at the top center of the screen.

How to Turn Off Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone

You can easily deactivate the Do Not Disturb Mode on your iPhone using the Control Center. Below, we have explained how:

Swipe down from the top right corner of your iPhone’s screen to access the “Control Center.”

Tap on the “Do Not Disturb” tile and then tap on “Do Not Disturb” again to turn off the focus mode.

3. Alternatively, you can ask Siri to “Turn Off Do Not Disturb” for you. Siri will revert with “OK, I’ve turned Do Not Disturb off,” along with the “Do Not Disturb Off” pop-up.

iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode: FAQs

How To Use Discord On Iphone: A Complete Guide

So, you’ve just installed Discord to follow your favorite YouTuber, or because of the peer pressure, but have no idea what Discord is? Well, we got you covered with this comprehensive guide that focuses on helping you explore Discord and use it optimally.

To begin with, Discord is a VoIP, instant messaging platform that supports voice calls, video calls, sharing media, and has communities for a whole variety of topics. The best part is that it works as smooth as silk on an iPhone. Read on to understand how to get started!

Set up a Discord account on iPhone

Once you download and install Discord on your iPhone, follow the steps below:

Now, follow the on-screen instructions. 

That’s it! You’ve now created your Discord account.

Note: The minimum age to access Discord is 13 years unless local legislation mandates an older age.

Privacy settings to tweak on Discord

Now that your profile is ready let’s get some basic settings sorted. 

Within Discord, tap your profile picture at the bottom left.

Tap Privacy and Safety. Below are the options you get:

Safe Direct Messaging: You can decide whose messages you want Discord to scan. This setting keeps you safe from users sending you explicit or NSFW images, etc.

Server Privacy Defaults: Toggle on to allow users from any server you join to DM you.

Who can add you as a friend: Decide who can add you as a friend. Select or deselect the options as you deem fit.

Sync Contacts: If you want to add friends through your phone number or email address, toggle on Sync Contacts, and in Discovery Permissions, turn on the options you want. 

How we use your data: You can deselect options under this section to prevent Discord from using your data. 

Now that your account is set up and you know the basics, let’s move on to the next step of growing your circle.

How to link gaming and social media accounts to Discord

Gamers largely use Discord, as it allows to link Steam, chúng tôi PlayStation Network, and Xbox accounts. Other services you can link to your Discord account consist of Facebook, GitHub, Reddit, Spotify, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube. Here’s how to do it:

Tap your Profile Picture at the bottom right → select Connections. 

Hit Add at the top right.

Fun fact: Once you’ve linked your preferred accounts and allowed access, Discord will broadcast your other platform’s activities on your profile and enable your friends to see them. Eg., if you’re playing a song on Spotify, it will display under your profile.

How to find or add friends on Discord

If you have no friends on Discord:

Tap the second tab (a person waving icon) at the bottom in Discord.

Tap the Find your Friends on Discord option.

If you’ve enabled Sync Contacts, the screen will display your friends using Discord.

If not, you can add them through their usernames, consisting of a name, a hashtag (#), and four numbers (assigned automatically). 

The friends will be displayed in the Pending Requests section. Once they accept it, you can find them based on their activity status.

If you already have friends on Discord but wish to add more, go to the same tab and tap the icon at the top right. Also, you can easily block annoying friends on discord.

💡 Extra information: While you have the option to change your username, changing the four number tag will require you to subscribe to Discord Nitro, Discord’s premium subscription that offers many perks. However, subscribing to Nitro is not necessary as most features function flawlessly even without it.

Create a Discord server and channel

Discord has servers for a variety of interests. If you would like to create a server, follow these steps to set up your first Discord server. 

Open Discord and tap the plus icon at the top left.

Next, name your server and add a display picture.

That’s it!

You’ve completed the basic setup of your first-ever Discord server. You can now invite your friends directly on Discord or send them a link on any other platform.

Note: The invite link expires in 7 days by default, and you can change this by tapping Edit Invite Link and setting the link to never expire.

Difference between Discord servers and channels 

If you’re confused between a Discord server and channel, it’s quite simple. There are multiple channels, including text and voice channels, under one server. All channels are labeled as per their use. You will need to adhere to the rules of a server and chat in the suggested channels. So, if someone asks you to go to the channel topic and chat there, you know what to do.

How to delete a Discord channel and server

Note: You can only delete a channel or server you own. Here’s how:

How to delete a Discord channel

Long-press a text/voice channel to delete it. 

Select Edit Channel.

Scroll down and tap Delete Channel. 

How to delete a Discord server 

Open Discord and tap the three-dot icon at the top right.

Scroll down and tap Delete Server.

How to join a Discord server

To join servers on Discord, you will need an invitation link to the server.

If you have the invite link follow these steps:

Tap the plus icon on the Discord homepage. 

Select Join a Server at the bottom. 

Now, enter the invite link and select Join Server.

If you do not have links to Discord servers, worry not. You can find links for Discord servers on Reddit. Here’s how:

Go to the subreddits you’ve joined.

Tap its about section. 

Scroll down to find a link for the subreddits Discord server.

Note: You can also find Discord Server links of your favorite influencers on their social media accounts. 

Use Discord voice chat on iPhone 

Before you start voice chat on iPhone, you will be prompted to grant permission to the microphone and while you’re at it, also grant permission to cameras.

How to voice/video chat with friends

To voice chat, a person must be added to your friend list. Now, head to their profile and tap the Phone or Video icon to the top right. Even if the person is in your Pending requests section, you can’t voice/video chat with them.

How to voice/video chat by joining voice channels in servers

Go to a voice channel in the server of your choice and tap it. 

Select Join Voice.

Once connected, you can chat with other members on the voice channel. 

How to Screen Share on Discord using iPhone

Now that we are well-versed in using voice/video chat on Discord, screen sharing is another useful feature that Discord offers. It can be done when you are on a voice/video call with a friend or have joined a voice channel in a server.

How to screen share with a friend on Discord

Follow the same steps as starting a voice/video chat with friends. 

Swipe up the four options.

Select Share Your Screen.

How to screen share in voice channels in servers 

Follow the same steps as joining voice channels in Discord servers. 

Tap the second option at the bottom. 

How to use Discord on iPhone while playing

Gamers largely use Discord; heck, its founders enjoyed gaming, and as the communication tools back then weren’t great, Discord came to life. So, follow these steps to use Discord on your iPhone while playing games. 

Open the server → join the voice channel, which has your friends.

Now, go to your iPhone’s Home Screen, and open the game you want to play.

Discord will run in the background, and you can play while voice chatting with your friends.

Basic Discord commands 

While there are numerous Discord commands, we’ll mention a few basic ones that might come in handy. 

@everyone and @here will allow you to mention everyone on the server and send them a notification. This helps users to make announcements, etc. 

@username – Instead of @username, replace it with whoever you want to tag. E.g., @iGeeksBlog. 

#Channel – Use the hashtag followed by a channel name you want users to join. E.g., if your friends are chatting on the #general channel, and you want them to move the conversation to a different channel, type #ideas-and-feedback and send it. Once they tap it, they’ll be redirected to that particular channel. 

/ – Using the oblique/forward slash will prompt you with a few built-in commands. These have some great commands.

Other things to know about Discord 

Know your etiquette 

Rules and regulations will vary from Server to Server. However, some basic rules that apply to all servers are: 

Do not organize or participate in individual or group harassment activities. 

Hold back if you feel like abusing or threatening others. 

Inform the moderators if any of these things are not being followed.

There are other rules and guidelines of Discord. Do not take anonymity for granted and engage in activities you otherwise wouldn’t. In short, be a good human being. To know other rules of Discord.

Discord Nitro 

Discord Nitro is Discord’s premium subscription that comes with its perks. It is available in two subscriptions, Discord Nitro and Discord Nitro Classic. Discord Nitro costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, and Discord Nitro Classic costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Visit here to know more about Discord Nitro.

Discord Bots

Discord bots are AI tools that help server owners/moderators automate tasks like welcome new users, moderate users, ban users, play music, etc. Head over to this link to explore more about Discord Bots.

That’s it!

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Consumer Technology and Motorcycles are the two things that excite Darryl the most. Why? Because Tech helps better people’s lives, and solving people’s problems related to tech is something he enjoys. And what about bikes, you ask? Well, drop a gear and disappear.

How To Test For Leadership Ability

2. Provide opportunities in the workplace for leadership skills to emerge.

One of the most accurate ways to test a person’s leadership skills is to put them in a leadership role. This could include mentoring and coaching, or even allowing them to experience a higher position.

“Give high-potentials firsthand experience by rotating them through different roles and functions within the organization,” Schwantes said. “The point is to challenge, push and stretch their skill level.”

Having them try new experiences in different roles will allow you to gauge how they go about learning, if they have a growth mindset, and whether they do well under pressure and with additional responsibilities.

In his book Willpower Doesn’t Work (Hachette Books, 2023), Benjamin Hardy discusses what it means to have a growth mindset and how it affects the way people work.

“You approach challenges and failures as opportunities to grow,” he wrote. “You’re curious and seek to expand your knowledge and horizons. If you have a growth mindset … you believe you can actually get better at something, even though that growth is currently visible only in your mind.”


True leaders seek to improve themselves and their work ethics. They accept challenges as opportunities to grow, and they’re eager to learn new skills.

3. Ask around.

The people who have worked side by side with potential leaders will have great insights into their skills and their impact on the business. Interviewing co-workers will give you additional feedback on whether an employee has the personality and leadership style you’re looking for.

Interviewing previous managers or mentors of potential leaders would also help determine whether this person would be a good leader. They are in a unique position because not only do they have leadership experience, but they also have experience with the potential leader.

“Avoid asking leading questions like, ‘Do you think Dave in Sales makes a good leader?’” Schwantes said. “Ask people who they think would make a good future leader.”

4. Use predictive assessment tools and personality assessments.

Assessment tools vary in what they examine and the depth of the questions. There are personality, leadership skills and behavioral assessments. Before choosing a tool, you should make sure that it will test for the specific skills you want in a leader.

Here are a few assessment tools you can use:

The Predictive Index “predicts primary personality characteristics and cognitive ability so you can predict workplace behaviors and on-the-job performance.”

CPI 260 uses “a sophisticated technique to extract detailed insights about someone’s personality. It is able to summarize and explain how other people would see that person, and how others would judge their leadership style.”

NERIS Type Explorer determines personality type and shows optimal roles (careers and hobbies) and strategies (ways of achieving goals) for each.

CliftonStrengths Assessment allows you to “discover what you naturally do best and learn how to develop your greatest talents.”

5. Search for evidence of emotional intelligence.

According to Schwantes, emotional intelligence is an important quality for any potential leader. At its heart, it is the ability to authentically be themselves and put their character on full display. This helps them in addressing emotionally charged matters at work. While it might be easier to simply ignore the drama, doing so can lead to future problems. Make sure, when you are looking for a leader in your business, they exhibit these traits:

They communicate well and express their feelings clearly and directly.

Their thoughts aren’t dominated by negative emotions like fear, worry, hopelessness and victimization.

They have a high degree of self-awareness. When they notice the same problems coming up repeatedly, they do something to change that.

They assess and process a situation carefully and from all possible angles, making sure they get to the heart of the matter.

They are intrinsically motivated and humble enough to do the right thing.

Leadership skills you should be testing for

Here are some leadership skills you should keep testing for in yourself and your employees and candidates.

Communication skills: One of the essential leadership responsibilities is to relay information effectively to employees, senior management and the public. An organization can only accomplish its mission if the right information is transmitted to the employees.

Did You Know?

In today’s era of increased remote work, ensuring leaders have strong communication skills is more critical than ever. They need to make sure their message can get across to someone who isn’t always working right down the hall.

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