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For many gamers, Discord is indispensable when chatting with friends while playing video games. But until recently, PlayStation 5 players had to resort to cumbersome workarounds—like setting up a MixAmp or using Remote Play—to communicate with others on Discord.

Fortunately, Sony has now added support for Discord, allowing PS5 players to use the platform for voice chatting. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up and use Discord on the PlayStation 5 to talk to others during active gameplay.

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How Discord Works on the PS5

When the PlayStation 5 was first released, players had no official means to use Discord on the console. System software update version 07.00.00 changed that. The PS5 now provides limited support for Discord, allowing players to use the service for voice chatting.

However, Discord for the PS5 works differently compared to what you might expect. For starters, there’s no Discord app you can install on the console. Instead, you link your Discord account to your PSN (PlayStation Network) account. Then, you join a Discord voice chat on your phone or desktop and transfer it to your PS5.

Discord voice chats on the PlayStation 5 work similarly to native party chats but without the ability to use features like Share Play and Share Screen. Additionally, functionality is limited to voice chat only. You can’t send text messages or view the Discord overlay within video games like on a desktop.

Update Your PS5 and the Discord App:

Your PS5 should be running the latest system software version to use Discord. The console automatically detects and installs new updates, so this isn’t something you need to worry about.

However, if automatic PS5 system software updates are disabled or you just want to be sure the console is up to date:

    Select the


    icon on the top right corner of the PS5’s Home Screen.

      Enter the




          Update System Software



            Update Using Internet


              Wait until your PlayStation console communicates with Sony’s servers for newer updates. If there’s a pending update, select



              Additionally, you must update the Discord app on your mobile (iOS or Android) or desktop (PC and Mac) to its latest version. Learn how to update Discord on any platform.

              Link Your PSN Account With Discord

              Assuming that the PlayStation 5’s system software and the Discord app on your mobile or desktop device are up-to-date, you must begin by linking your Discord account to the PlayStation Network. Here’s how:

                Visit the PS5’s Settings screen and select

                Users and Accounts



                  Linked Services

                  on the sidebar. Then, pick the option labeled




                    Link Account



                      Accept and Continue


                        Note: If you have trouble linking accounts, select the Use Browser option and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your PSN and Discord accounts through the console itself.

                          A PlayStation Network authorization screen should appear on your mobile or desktop device—scroll down and select


                          , then



                            Select the


                            button on the PS5’s

                            Your Accounts are Linked

                            confirmation screen.

                            Join a Discord Voice Chat on PS5

                            Now that you’ve linked your PSN and Discord accounts, you can immediately initiate a Discord voice chat on PS5 from your mobile or desktop device. To do that:

                              Open Discord on your mobile or desktop device and select a voice channel you want to join.


                              Join on


                              . On a mobile device, drag the handle at the bottom of the screen upward to reveal the option.

                                Select your PS5 console and choose

                                Join Call on



                                Wait until Discord transfers the call to your PS5—you should see the label

                                Connected on PS5

                                as confirmation.


                                  You joined the

                                  Discord voice chat

                                  notification should show up on the PS5. Select the

                                  View Discord Voice Chat

                                  button to open the Discord Voice Chat card.

                                    The pull-down menu at the top of the Discord Voice Chat card lists the number of voice chats you’re a part of—use it to switch between Discord and other active PlayStation parties.

                                    Note: The Discord Voice Chat card reveals each participant’s game activity, such as the video game title and the gaming device. Similarly, Discord broadcasts your gaming status for others to see.

                                    The Discord Voice Chat card is accessible via the PS5’s Control Center in-game. Press the PS button, select Game Base, and you should find the Discord voice chat under the Parties tab.

                                    Select Leave on the Discord Voice Chat card or End Call on your mobile or desktop device to exit a Discord Voice Chat.

                                    Unlink Discord Account From PS5

                                    If you later decide you do not want to use Discord on your PS5, you can unlink the accounts via the console’s settings. Here’s how:

                                      Visit the PS5’s Settings screen and select

                                      Users and Accounts



                                          Unlink Account


                                          Discord is no longer connected to your PlayStation account. Feel free to link them again whenever you want.

                                          Get Discord on Your PS5

                                          Discord integration can significantly enhance your gaming experience on the PlayStation 5. Whether you’re coordinating strategies, sharing tips and tricks, or just catching up, Discord’s cross-platform nature offers an excellent way to stay connected with your favorite gaming communities. Microsoft also implemented Discord on the Xbox Series X and Series S a while back, so expect gamers on the other side of the pool to join in on the fun!

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                                          Discord Finally Comes To Xbox: Here’S How To Use Discord On Your Xbox

                                          Joe Hindy / Android Authority

                                          Discord is one of the most popular chat apps for gamers. It’s an easy, simple way to get into voice chats as well. While Microsoft has been beta testing Discord on its Xbox consoles for months now, the full-scale rollout is now finally live. So, in honor of the event, we’ll show you how to connect your Xbox to Discord and join voice channels.

                                          QUICK ANSWER

                                          To use Discord on Xbox, turn on your Xbox. Once done, go on your phone or PC, go to the voice channel you wish to join, and select the new Join on Xbox option. You’ll be transferred to the Xbox app on your phone, where you can transfer the voice to your Xbox.

                                          JUMP TO KEY SECTIONS

                                          How to set up Discord on Xbox

                                          How to join a voice chat with Discord on Xbox

                                          The official Discord app on your PC or mobile phone.

                                          The official Xbox app on your phone or Xbox Game Bar on your PC.

                                          An Xbox that is signed into your Xbox account.

                                          Finally, you need to unlink your Xbox account from Discord and your Discord account from Xbox. Microsoft says this requires a fresh link.

                                          Note — If you linked for the first time after September 13th, 2023, you don’t need to perform the above step.

                                          Set it up on your phone

                                          Joe Hindy / Android Authority

                                          This is, in our opinion, the easier option because you can do it just about anywhere.

                                          On your phone, open the Discord app.

                                          Hit the three-line menu button in the top left corner and then your profile picture in the bottom right corner.

                                          Tap Connections and then the ADD button in the top right corner.

                                          Select the Xbox option. Follow the instructions and sign in with your Xbox account to link the two accounts.

                                          That should be it. Once done. You’ll be able to use voice chat from Discord on Xbox.

                                          Note — When I tested this method, connecting to Xbox via Discord also connect my Xbox app to Discord automatically. We don’t think you have to do both connection processes, but we wrote both just in case.

                                          Set it up on your PC

                                          Joe Hindy / Android Authority

                                          Follow the instructions and sign in with your Xbox account to link the two accounts. It’s a fairly linear process.

                                          Note — You’ll be redirected to your browser to log into everything. Once done, you’ll need to return to the Discord app to authorize the connection to Xbox.

                                          That’s it. You’re all set up and ready to go.

                                          Note — When I tested this method, connecting to Xbox via Discord also connect my Xbox app to Discord automatically. We don’t think you have to do both connection processes, but we wrote both just in case.

                                          How to join a voice chat with Discord on Xbox

                                          Once you’re all set up, joining a Discord channel is pretty easy. The mobile version is the most straightforward. The PC version requires mobile anyway, so we recommend skipping it.

                                          Join voice on the phone

                                          Joe Hindy / Android Authority

                                          Open the Discord app and navigate to the channel you wish to join. Tap on it.

                                          The Xbox app will open. Select the Xbox you want to use if you have multiple, and then tap the Transfer Voice button. The app will tell you that it succeeded. You are now connected to the voice chat.

                                          You can use the Discord app to adjust things like volume and other settings.

                                          Open the Discord app and navigate to the channel you wish to join.

                                          Discord will produce a QR code that you scan with your smartphone.

                                          The QR code will take you to the Xbox app.

                                          From here, it’s the same as the mobile phone tutorial above. Select the Xbox you wish to use if you have multiple Xbox consoles connected and hit Transfer Voice.

                                          Once done, you can use Discord to adjust the volume and other settings.

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                                          Discord should work with every version of the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

                                          You need to have the August 2023 update installed on your Xbox in order to use Discord. Check that your Xbox is fully up to date and then try again.

                                          Both Microsoft and Discord require you to unlink your account and link again. Try completely disconnecting your Discord from your Xbox and vice versa, and then set it up fresh to see if that works.

                                          Discord on Xbox is a pretty big deal, and there is a lot of hype. We imagine there are a lot of people trying it out in the first few days. Give it a few days until the hype dies down, and it should work better. Even we had some issues getting our accounts re-linked and getting into our first voice chat.

                                          You are basically joining the Discord chat on your phone, and it’s essentially casting from the Xbox app to your console. All of the volume and voice controls are on Discord.

                                          How To Use Discord On Iphone: A Complete Guide

                                          So, you’ve just installed Discord to follow your favorite YouTuber, or because of the peer pressure, but have no idea what Discord is? Well, we got you covered with this comprehensive guide that focuses on helping you explore Discord and use it optimally.

                                          To begin with, Discord is a VoIP, instant messaging platform that supports voice calls, video calls, sharing media, and has communities for a whole variety of topics. The best part is that it works as smooth as silk on an iPhone. Read on to understand how to get started!

                                          Set up a Discord account on iPhone

                                          Once you download and install Discord on your iPhone, follow the steps below:

                                          Now, follow the on-screen instructions. 

                                          That’s it! You’ve now created your Discord account.

                                          Note: The minimum age to access Discord is 13 years unless local legislation mandates an older age.

                                          Privacy settings to tweak on Discord

                                          Now that your profile is ready let’s get some basic settings sorted. 

                                          Within Discord, tap your profile picture at the bottom left.

                                          Tap Privacy and Safety. Below are the options you get:

                                          Safe Direct Messaging: You can decide whose messages you want Discord to scan. This setting keeps you safe from users sending you explicit or NSFW images, etc.

                                          Server Privacy Defaults: Toggle on to allow users from any server you join to DM you.

                                          Who can add you as a friend: Decide who can add you as a friend. Select or deselect the options as you deem fit.

                                          Sync Contacts: If you want to add friends through your phone number or email address, toggle on Sync Contacts, and in Discovery Permissions, turn on the options you want. 

                                          How we use your data: You can deselect options under this section to prevent Discord from using your data. 

                                          Now that your account is set up and you know the basics, let’s move on to the next step of growing your circle.

                                          How to link gaming and social media accounts to Discord

                                          Gamers largely use Discord, as it allows to link Steam, chúng tôi PlayStation Network, and Xbox accounts. Other services you can link to your Discord account consist of Facebook, GitHub, Reddit, Spotify, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube. Here’s how to do it:

                                          Tap your Profile Picture at the bottom right → select Connections. 

                                          Hit Add at the top right.

                                          Fun fact: Once you’ve linked your preferred accounts and allowed access, Discord will broadcast your other platform’s activities on your profile and enable your friends to see them. Eg., if you’re playing a song on Spotify, it will display under your profile.

                                          How to find or add friends on Discord

                                          If you have no friends on Discord:

                                          Tap the second tab (a person waving icon) at the bottom in Discord.

                                          Tap the Find your Friends on Discord option.

                                          If you’ve enabled Sync Contacts, the screen will display your friends using Discord.

                                          If not, you can add them through their usernames, consisting of a name, a hashtag (#), and four numbers (assigned automatically). 

                                          The friends will be displayed in the Pending Requests section. Once they accept it, you can find them based on their activity status.

                                          If you already have friends on Discord but wish to add more, go to the same tab and tap the icon at the top right. Also, you can easily block annoying friends on discord.

                                          💡 Extra information: While you have the option to change your username, changing the four number tag will require you to subscribe to Discord Nitro, Discord’s premium subscription that offers many perks. However, subscribing to Nitro is not necessary as most features function flawlessly even without it.

                                          Create a Discord server and channel

                                          Discord has servers for a variety of interests. If you would like to create a server, follow these steps to set up your first Discord server. 

                                          Open Discord and tap the plus icon at the top left.

                                          Next, name your server and add a display picture.

                                          That’s it!

                                          You’ve completed the basic setup of your first-ever Discord server. You can now invite your friends directly on Discord or send them a link on any other platform.

                                          Note: The invite link expires in 7 days by default, and you can change this by tapping Edit Invite Link and setting the link to never expire.

                                          Difference between Discord servers and channels 

                                          If you’re confused between a Discord server and channel, it’s quite simple. There are multiple channels, including text and voice channels, under one server. All channels are labeled as per their use. You will need to adhere to the rules of a server and chat in the suggested channels. So, if someone asks you to go to the channel topic and chat there, you know what to do.

                                          How to delete a Discord channel and server

                                          Note: You can only delete a channel or server you own. Here’s how:

                                          How to delete a Discord channel

                                          Long-press a text/voice channel to delete it. 

                                          Select Edit Channel.

                                          Scroll down and tap Delete Channel. 

                                          How to delete a Discord server 

                                          Open Discord and tap the three-dot icon at the top right.

                                          Scroll down and tap Delete Server.

                                          How to join a Discord server

                                          To join servers on Discord, you will need an invitation link to the server.

                                          If you have the invite link follow these steps:

                                          Tap the plus icon on the Discord homepage. 

                                          Select Join a Server at the bottom. 

                                          Now, enter the invite link and select Join Server.

                                          If you do not have links to Discord servers, worry not. You can find links for Discord servers on Reddit. Here’s how:

                                          Go to the subreddits you’ve joined.

                                          Tap its about section. 

                                          Scroll down to find a link for the subreddits Discord server.

                                          Note: You can also find Discord Server links of your favorite influencers on their social media accounts. 

                                          Use Discord voice chat on iPhone 

                                          Before you start voice chat on iPhone, you will be prompted to grant permission to the microphone and while you’re at it, also grant permission to cameras.

                                          How to voice/video chat with friends

                                          To voice chat, a person must be added to your friend list. Now, head to their profile and tap the Phone or Video icon to the top right. Even if the person is in your Pending requests section, you can’t voice/video chat with them.

                                          How to voice/video chat by joining voice channels in servers

                                          Go to a voice channel in the server of your choice and tap it. 

                                          Select Join Voice.

                                          Once connected, you can chat with other members on the voice channel. 

                                          How to Screen Share on Discord using iPhone

                                          Now that we are well-versed in using voice/video chat on Discord, screen sharing is another useful feature that Discord offers. It can be done when you are on a voice/video call with a friend or have joined a voice channel in a server.

                                          How to screen share with a friend on Discord

                                          Follow the same steps as starting a voice/video chat with friends. 

                                          Swipe up the four options.

                                          Select Share Your Screen.

                                          How to screen share in voice channels in servers 

                                          Follow the same steps as joining voice channels in Discord servers. 

                                          Tap the second option at the bottom. 

                                          How to use Discord on iPhone while playing

                                          Gamers largely use Discord; heck, its founders enjoyed gaming, and as the communication tools back then weren’t great, Discord came to life. So, follow these steps to use Discord on your iPhone while playing games. 

                                          Open the server → join the voice channel, which has your friends.

                                          Now, go to your iPhone’s Home Screen, and open the game you want to play.

                                          Discord will run in the background, and you can play while voice chatting with your friends.

                                          Basic Discord commands 

                                          While there are numerous Discord commands, we’ll mention a few basic ones that might come in handy. 

                                          @everyone and @here will allow you to mention everyone on the server and send them a notification. This helps users to make announcements, etc. 

                                          @username – Instead of @username, replace it with whoever you want to tag. E.g., @iGeeksBlog. 

                                          #Channel – Use the hashtag followed by a channel name you want users to join. E.g., if your friends are chatting on the #general channel, and you want them to move the conversation to a different channel, type #ideas-and-feedback and send it. Once they tap it, they’ll be redirected to that particular channel. 

                                          / – Using the oblique/forward slash will prompt you with a few built-in commands. These have some great commands.

                                          Other things to know about Discord 

                                          Know your etiquette 

                                          Rules and regulations will vary from Server to Server. However, some basic rules that apply to all servers are: 

                                          Do not organize or participate in individual or group harassment activities. 

                                          Hold back if you feel like abusing or threatening others. 

                                          Inform the moderators if any of these things are not being followed.

                                          There are other rules and guidelines of Discord. Do not take anonymity for granted and engage in activities you otherwise wouldn’t. In short, be a good human being. To know other rules of Discord.

                                          Discord Nitro 

                                          Discord Nitro is Discord’s premium subscription that comes with its perks. It is available in two subscriptions, Discord Nitro and Discord Nitro Classic. Discord Nitro costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, and Discord Nitro Classic costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Visit here to know more about Discord Nitro.

                                          Discord Bots

                                          Discord bots are AI tools that help server owners/moderators automate tasks like welcome new users, moderate users, ban users, play music, etc. Head over to this link to explore more about Discord Bots.

                                          That’s it!

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                                          How To Change Nickname On Discord

                                          Last Updated on May 16, 2023

                                          Discord is a free voice chat application that has grown in popularity over the last few years, largely due to its ability to allow its users to communicate via text, voice, or video, as well as create their own channels where they can share files and play games together. 

                                          The range of features offered means that Discord has become a very popular tool for gaming communities and other groups who want to stay connected. The service offers various features such as private messaging, voice calls, and group chats.

                                          One key element of the platform is the nicknames and avatars used by each member, and these help members to identify one another – many users report strong attachments to avatars and nicknames, as they become synonymous with particular players. 

                                          Discord offers users the opportunity to change their nicknames as desired, and we will explore just how to do this in a few simple steps.


                                          Changing Your Nickname

                                          Nicknames and avatars are both features that are displayed on the profile pages of Discord users, and allow individuals to identify themselves with an avatar that is unique to them.

                                          ‘make new’ button if you don’t like what you see), and can also change the name associated with this avatar at any time. This will be reflected across all conversations on the site so it’s worth double-checking the details before doing anything!

                                          Users may change their Discord nickname at any point, but keep in mind it could impact how others interact with them. If you are about to enter a game and wish to change your Discord username, we recommend keeping it short, because it takes up space under your profile picture.

                                          So let’s get started!



                                          Main Window

                                          Open the main window of the application (this is usually not possible without having logged into it first).

                                          If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and log in with your username and password. If you are logged in, then you should be greeted with some server options next to your name at the top left-hand corner of the page.



                                          Edit Server Profile

                                          You may have noticed that there is an option to set your display picture here as well. This will only appear if you have signed out of your account but your profile data remains intact. We’ll come back to this later.




                                          One of the first things you should see is a text box for your “nickname.” Choose the nickname you like best, and press ‘save changes.’



                                          New Nickname

                                          Your new nickname will now appear when you send a message in the server, rather than your username.

                                          For many people, it feels natural to use the same nickname throughout Discord. However, if you wish to have multiple usernames for different accounts or servers, feel free to make use of this feature.

                                          An example may occur when you have two separate servers on the service, and you would like to have a nickname for each of them. You can also keep your current Discord nickname on one server as a specific server nickname, and change the name on another.

                                          In order to do this, use the above steps for all of the servers you’re in where you want to change your nickname. When changing a nickname in a server, it will only change your nickname for that server. 

                                          So, if you want a nickname for all of the servers, you’re going to need to change them individually in all of them. 

                                          Final Thoughts

                                          The Discord client enables users to manage multiple accounts from the same interface, allowing them to switch between them easily. 

                                          Changing your nickname, or using multiple nicknames for various accounts, is a fast, simple and painless action.

                                          But remember that your nickname can become an important way for other players and users to identify you across a Discord server, so don’t forget to alert them to any changes, or they will continue to look for your original username!

                                          Need more Discord help?

                                          How To Change Your Status On Discord

                                          If you’re constantly spending time on Discord, then knowing how to change your status may come in handy for your interactions on the app. This will allow you to let others know whether you’re at your desk and available to chat or play or whether you’ve stepped out for the moment. There are a few other options, such as displaying the game you’re currently playing. This tutorial walks you through the steps needed to change your status on Discord and discusses all of the possibilities.

                                          How to Change Your Discord Status on PC

                                          To change your status on Discord on your computer, you need to be logged in to your account on the Web or desktop Discord client for Windows/Mac. Proceed by following the below steps.

                                          By default, you’ll be shown as “Online.” If you want to change that, hover your mouse over it, and a menu of alternative options will appear.

                                          What Do the Status Options Mean

                                          Idle – if you switch to this status, it will let other people know that you’re away and not available to engage with them.

                                          Do Not Disturb – this status notifies people that you’re currently focusing on something else and do not wish to be disturbed. Selecting this option also automatically mutes notifications.

                                          Invisible – if you don’t want others to know you’re online, you may switch to this status option. You will still have full access to all Discord features.

                                          How to Set a Custom Discord Status on PC

                                          If these preset options aren’t enough for you, know that you can also set a custom status by following the instructions below.

                                          A pop-up window will appear. Type in your custom message in the “What’s Cooking” field. You can use text as well as emoji.

                                          You’ll need decide how long you want to keep this custom status and whether you also want to appear Online/Idle/DND or Invisible. You’ll get a specific icon underneath your status and on top of your profile picture based on this choice.

                                          How to Change Your Discord Status on Mobile

                                          If you prefer to use Discord on your mobile phone, then follow these steps to change your status on your Android or iOS phone.

                                          Tap on your profile picture in the lower-right corner.

                                          Press on the “Set Status” option at the top.

                                          Select from the highlighted options.

                                          How to Set a Custom Discord Status on Mobile

                                          Retrace the first two steps outlined above.

                                          Select “Set a custom status” at the bottom.

                                          Input your status and select the time you wish to have it cleared (if ever).

                                          Unlike on PC, you won’t be able to add a second status indicator like “DND” or “Idle.”

                                          To remove the custom status, tap your profile pic again and select “Set Status.”

                                          Hit the “X” next to your custom status at the bottom.

                                          How to Create a Custom Playing Status on Discord

                                          You should see the “Playing a Game” status with the name of the game you’re playing and the length of time you’ve been doing so.

                                          You can also set a custom playing status on PC (but not on mobile) to let others know what’s going on with you while you’re playing. Follow these steps:

                                          Scroll to the “Activity Settings” section in the menu on the left and select “Registered Games.”

                                          If you’ve already started playing a game, you should be able to see it listed here in the upper part of the screen.

                                          Hit the “Add Game” button underneath.

                                          Your status should now be visible at the top.

                                          Press on “Google Chrome” and start writing something to customize it.

                                          Your playing status won’t display the exact game you’re playing but will tell others whatever you want them to know while also letting them know you’re currently playing a game.

                                          How to Control the Privacy of Your Playing Status

                                          If you don’t want your activity status to be shared with others, you can control the privacy of your gaming sessions.

                                          Frequently Asked Questions Can you change your status only for select people?

                                          Unfortunately, you can’t do that on Discord. If you change your status to “DND” or “Idle,” it will be seen by everyone who glances at your profile on Discord. You can’t set a specific status for certain servers or channels either. Discord lacks in privacy settings such as these; however, the service may add these options in the future.

                                          Can Discord automatically change the status for you?

                                          If your status was set to “Online,” and you’ve stepped out for a while, leaving the app unattended and running on your PC or mobile, Discord will change your status to “Idle.” Once you decide to terminate your Discord session, the app will automatically show you as Offline (grey icon).

                                          Can you tell the difference between someone who is legitimately “Offline” and someone who is “Invisible”?

                                          It’s not possible. Discord does not offer a “read receipts” option like Facebook or WhatsApp, so even if you message someone whose status features a grey icon, you won’t be able to tell whether they are hiding or offline. Even if Discord has read receipts, they might still choose to ignore your message on purpose if “Invisible.” You’ll just have to wait until they decide on their own accord to reply to you or see your messages.

                                          Image credit: Onur Binay via Unsplash All screenshots by Alexandra Arici

                                          Alexandra Arici

                                          Alexandra is passionate about mobile tech and can be often found fiddling with a smartphone from some obscure company. She kick-started her career in tech journalism in 2013, after working a few years as a middle-school teacher. Constantly driven by curiosity, Alexandra likes to know how things work and to share that knowledge with everyone.

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                                          How To Enable Push To Talk On Discord

                                          The Push-to-Talk feature in Discord allows you to create a button by pressing which, your mic will be enabled and you will be able to communicate. This is especially useful if you live in an area with a ton of background noises, so, basically for each one of us. In this article, we are going to see how to enable or disable Push to Talk on Discord.

                                          How does Push to Talk work?

                                          Push to Talk assigns a key to be a button that you can use to unmute your mic. This is nothing new, most voice-calling and video-calling apps have this feature, and so does Discord. This is useful for almost all of us, as now you can keep your mic muted and not make fellow Discord users hear what someone in the neighborhood is speaking.

                                          You can make any key, such as F, D, V, etc the Push-to-Talk button. It’s better to use a key which you don’t use a lot for this feature. Now, let us see how to enable and use the feature.

                                          How to Enable Push to Talk on Discord

                                          Use the following steps to turn on or enable Push to Talk on Discord.

                                          Then go to Voice & Video.

                                          Now, select Push to Talk from the INPUT MODE option.

                                          Configure Push to Talk Discord

                                          Once you have enabled the Push to Talk feature, it’s time to adjust it a bit. To configure the feature, you need to follow the given steps.

                                          Then go to Voice & Video.

                                          Also, adjust PUSH TO TALK RELEASE DELAY using the slider.

                                          That’s how you can configure this feature.

                                          How do I turn off Push to Talk on Discord?

                                          Similar to the enabling Push to Talk feature, you need to go to Discord’s settings to disable it. Follow the given steps to do the same.

                                          Open Discord

                                          Go to Voice & Video.

                                          Now, select Voice Activity from the INPUT MODE option.

                                          That’s how you can disable the feature.

                                          Why is my Push to Talk not working in Discord?

                                          Push to Talk might not work on your system because of various reasons. These reasons include lacking administrative privileges, some issues with the Discord app, and third-party applications using the same key for another feature. We are going to check all of them and see how you can resolve the issue.

                                          To fix the issue, you can try the following solutions.

                                          Run Discord as an admin.

                                          Reset Discord Voice Settings

                                          Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State

                                          Let us see talk about them in detail.

                                          1] Run Discord as an admin

                                          Not running the app as an admin is the most common reason why Discord Push to Talk won’t work on your computer. Some victims even received a pop-up asking them to open Discord as an administrator.

                                          Go to the Compatibility tab.

                                          Select Run this program as an administrator.

                                          Then restart the game and hopefully, the issue won’t persist.

                                          2] Reset Discord Voice Settings

                                          The issue can occur because of a glitch in the Voice Settings of Discord. You can easily resolve the issue by resetting Discord Voice Settings. It’s quite easy and you just need to follow the given steps and you will be good to go.

                                          Open Discord app or chúng tôi in your browser.

                                          Wait for the process to complete and you will be good to go.

                                          3] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot

                                          Next up, we need to find out if there is a third-party application that’s causing the trouble. The best way to do the same would be to troubleshoot in Clean Boot. Once you know the name of the application that’s interfering with the process, you can remove it or change its settings to resolve the issue.

                                          Hopefully, you are able to use Push to Talk after executing our solutions.

                                          Why can’t I use my mic on Discord?

                                          There are many reasons that can stop Discord’s mic from working. It can be a temporary bug or glitch in the app or an issue with the audio driver or something else. So, if the mic is not working on Discord, first of all, you should update the audio drivers and run Discord as an administrator. You should also check if the correct mic is set to use on Discord. In addition to that, you can use Push to Talk feature as the input mode. If that doesn’t work, you should Reset Voice Settings on Discord and then try again.

                                          That’s it!

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