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For receiving new features, security updates, and fixes for known issues, it’s important to keep your applications up to date. Here, we’ll show you how to update Microsoft Office apps on Windows and Mac.

How to Update Microsoft Office on Windows

Open a Microsoft Office application to a new or existing document and follow these steps to check for available updates.

Table of Contents

    On the


    screen, select


    on the bottom left.

    On the right, open the drop-down menu for

    Update Options



    Update Now

    . If you don’t see this option, select

    Enable Updates

    . Then the option should display.

      If updates are available, you’ll see them start downloading in the subsequent pop-up box. If not, you’ll see a message that you’re up to date.

        You may then see a message that Microsoft must close your open Office applications to install the update(s). Be sure to save your work in these applications and then select



          When complete, you’ll see a message that your updates were installed. Select



          Microsoft Store Updates

          If you obtained your Microsoft Office suite from the Microsoft Store, you can check there for updates too.

            Open the

            Microsoft Store

            as you normally would. You can also access it in the


            menu or using



            Make sure that you’re signed in with your Microsoft account. You can check this by selecting your


            icon at the top to view your Microsoft license.

            If there are Office updates, pick

            Update all


            Get updates


            How to Update Microsoft Office on Mac

            Open a Microsoft Office app on your Mac like Microsoft Word or Excel. Then, follow these steps to check for and download available updates.



              in the menu bar and choose

              Check for Updates

              . If you don’t see this option, run the Microsoft AutoUpdate tool which you can grab from the Microsoft Support website.

                If updates are available, select the


                button or

                Update All

                in the small window that appears. You may be asked to close your applications first, and then you’ll then see the update(s) in progress.

                  When complete, you’ll see that your applications are up to date. You’ll also receive this message if you check for updates and none are available.

                  You can then use the arrow on the right to see the updates that were installed if you like.

                  To turn on automatic updates, check the box for Automatically keep Microsoft Apps up to date. When one is available, you’ll receive a message letting you know.

                  Mac App Store Updates

                  If you obtained your Microsoft Office suite through the Mac App Store, you can also check there for updates.

                  Open the App Store on your Mac and visit the Updates section. If you see one or more Microsoft Office applications in the list, select Update or Update All to install them.

                  It’s important to keep your applications up to date and Microsoft makes it easy to do this for its Office apps on Windows and Mac.

                  For more, look at how to see which version of Microsoft Office you have.

                  You're reading How To Update Microsoft Office Apps (Windows And Mac)

                  How To Fix Microsoft Office Activation Errors

                  How to Fix Microsoft Office Activation Errors Easily Resolve Activation Errors and Unlicensed Product message in Microsoft Office

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                  Check for Date, Time and Time zone On Your Computer:

                  The foremost thing you need to be check before proceeding further is to check, date, time and time zone. If any of these settings, i.e. time, time zone and date are incorrect on your computer then  Microsoft Office activation will fail. To resolve this, follow the steps given below:

                  4. Now restart the Office application to check whether the Microsoft Office activation issue is fixed or not.

                  Check the Status of Microsoft Office Subscription:

                  It may be possible that subscription for your Microsoft Office is expired and you are unnecessarily beating the bush. If the current subscription for your Microsoft Office has expired and you haven’t renewed it you can’t fix activation error without renewing your subscription.

                  To confirm visit chúng tôi and sign in with your email id and password linked with the current subscription. If your subscription expired to renew it, but if it is still valid then proceed further with other troubleshooting steps.

                  Try to Run Microsoft Office as an Administrator:

                  It may also be possible that there may be some permission issue that is causing a problem in the activation of Microsoft Office. However, it can be easily fixed if your rum the program as an administrator. To do so, please follow the steps below:

                  1. First, close all Microsoft apps.

                  2. Now in the Windows search bar type Word. This will display the Word icon in the search results.

                  Repair License of Microsoft Office:

                  If you have Office 2013 then only you can repair license of Microsoft Office by following the steps below:

                  1. To proceed, uninstall your current product key by using this fix and then sign-in again to activate the product.

                  2. After downloading the fix, open it and follow the onscreen instructions.

                  3. Once the fix is done, open Word application and when prompted, sign in with your email id and password connected with Microsoft Office.

                  Check Proxy Settings of your PC:

                  If you are using a proxy server on your PC, then it may result in the Microsoft Office activation error. As it may be possible that the current proxy server is stopping Microsoft Office from connecting to the Internet. Therefore, you need to disable your proxy server to resolve Microsoft Office activation error by following the steps listed below:

                  Try Disabling your Antivirus Program and Firewall Temporarily:

                  There are many anti-virus software available in the market that reports false positive. If it is the case with the antivirus software installed on your computer, then you will receive Microsoft activation error messages while using the app. Therefore, we recommend you to temporarily disable your antivirus program and check whether it helps in rectifying the error. However, remember to re-enable your antivirus program once the Microsoft Office is activated.

                  Contact Microsoft Office Support for Further Assistance:

                  So, folks, that’s it from our side. We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you in resolving Microsoft Office activation problem.

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                  0X80041015 Microsoft Office Error: How To Fix It

                  0x80041015 Microsoft Office Error: How to Fix it Repair the Microsoft Office app to troubleshoot this problem




                  The 0x80041015 Microsoft Office error occurs primarily due to activation issues that prevent users from opening any Office application.

                  Some of our readers have been able to fix this issue by renaming the chúng tôi file, which stores Microsoft installation files.

                  You can also uninstall multiple copies of Microsoft Office or repair them on your PC.



                  To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

                  Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

                  Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

                  Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

                  Fortect has been downloaded by


                  readers this month.

                  The 0x80041015 error in Microsoft Office is associated with activation or licensing of Office products issues, which may prevent you from using your Office applications. Some of our readers have recently reported encountering this 0x80041015 Microsoft Office error.

                  Hence, we have compiled some potential ways to troubleshoot the problem in this article.

                  What causes 0x80041015 Microsoft Office error?

                  Several reasons may be responsible for the 0x80041015 Microsoft Office error. Some of them are:

                  Product key validation issues – The 0x80041015 error code may occur when you attempt to activate or use Office applications, and the software cannot verify the validity of your license or product key.

                  Having multiple Office applications installed on a PC – Another possible reason for this is if you’re trying to add another Office product (such as Microsoft Visio, Microsoft 365, etc.) or if you make any attempt to reinstall an Office product on the same computer.

                  Windows update issues – At other times, the error may not be related to Office but to your operating system. The Windows OS may be damaged, infected with malware, or outdated, triggering the error code 0x80041015.

                  Now that you know the potential reasons behind the 0x80041015 Microsoft Office error code, let’s proceed to explore the fixes.

                  How do I fix the 0x80041015 Microsoft Office error?

                  Ensure that your product key is correct and is not already in use.

                  Verify that your Office license is active by visiting the Microsoft Office account page.

                  Confirm that you’re using the latest version of the Office app and not a pirated version.

                  Try to run an antivirus scan to fix malware issues.

                  Check if there are multiple versions of the Office app on your PC.

                  2. Uninstall multiple copies of Microsoft Office from your PC

                  Expert tip:

                  3. Repair Microsoft Office

                  Alternatively, you can use third-party repair tools to fix complex applications, operating system errors, performance issues, etc.

                  4. Rename the chúng tôi file

                  Tokens.dat is a digitally signed file that stores most Windows or Office installation files. Further, renaming it should help you fix the 0x80041015 Microsoft Office error, as it worked for some users in the Microsoft forum.

                  And that’s it on how to fix the 0x80041015 Microsoft Office error in Windows 11. Hopefully, one of the methods in this guide will help you fix the issue.

                  In addition, chúng tôi application error is an issue encountered by several users. You can explore our detailed guide in case you discover a similar problem.

                  If your Microsoft Office encounters an error during setup, check here to fix it.

                  Still experiencing issues?

                  Was this page helpful?


                  Start a conversation

                  Windows 10 Update Kb5005611 Released By Microsoft

                  Last Updated on July 22, 2023

                  Microsoft released Windows 10 update KB5005611 to its insider ring last week but has now pushed the update to its public channel. The KB5005611 update for Windows 10 contains a series of important fixes you can read about below.

                  Addresses an issue that changes the device’s current UI language. This occurs during an unattended out-of-box experience (OOBE) language pack installation scenario on a desktop.

                  Addresses an issue that causes the system time to be incorrect by one hour after a daylight saving time (DST) change.

                  Addresses an issue that causes the Server Manager application to disappear after you use it to remove Hyper-V features on Windows Server 2023.

                  Addresses an issue with parsing time formats in event logs. This issue occurs when you exclude milliseconds.

                  Addresses an issue that causes the DnsCache service to increase the CPU usage to 100% utilization. As a result, the device stops responding.

                  Provides administrators the option to reset the zoom to the default for HTML dialogs in Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode.

                  Addresses an issue with Enterprise Mode Site List redirection from Internet Explorer 11 to Microsoft Edge. In certain circumstances, the redirection opens a site in multiple tabs in Microsoft Edge.

                  Addresses an issue with PropertyGet in  chúng tôi .

                  Addresses an issue that stops calls to the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) minidriver for Windows Portable Devices (WPD) devices that you access using WIAMgr.

                  Addresses an issue that causes applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, to suddenly stop responding during normal use. This occurs if the application created and removed UI elements on a background thread that is no longer receiving messages.

                  Addresses an issue with the Microsoft Outlook Add-in that prevents you from providing input after you select Reply.

                  Addresses an issue that fails to keep the NumLock state after a Fast Startup restart.

                  Addresses an issue with sharing a screen using Microsoft Teams. Protected content, such as a digital rights management (DRM) email, appears black for the presenter, but appears transparent for everyone else.

                  Addresses an issue that might prevent drawing on the screen using Windows Context::UpdateRgnFromRects from working.

                  Addresses an issue that always reports the update build revision (UBR) as zero (0) on a device during enrollment to mobile device management (MDM) service.

                  Addresses an issue that might cause distortion in the audio that Cortana and other voice assistants capture.

                  Removes the limitation of 25 maximum Traffic Selectors in the Windows native Internet Key Exchange (IKE) client and server.

                  Addresses an issue that fails to display the smart card PIN dialog when you are connected to a virtual private network (VPN). This issue occurs after upgrading to Windows 10, version 2004.

                  Addresses an issue that causes a memory leak in lsass.exe when the pTokenPrivileges buffer is not released.

                  Addresses an issue with a non-paged pool (NPP) leak from the UxSF pool tag. This leak occurs when lsass.exe stops processing asynchronous Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) calls.

                  Addresses an issue that prevents the  chúng tôi  driver from loading. As a result, some games cannot run when you enable Hypervisor-Protected Code Integrity (HVCI).

                  Addresses an issue that causes Windows to stop working if you deploy a Code Integrity policy without user mode rules.

                  Improves the performance of  chúng tôi  in environments with User Datagram Protocol (UDP) applications that require high amounts of bandwidth.

                  Addresses an input method editor (IME) mode instability in the RemoteApp scenario. You must install this update on the Remote Desktop server and Remote Desktop client.

                  Addresses an issue that causes blurry News and interests icons when you use certain screen resolutions.

                  Addresses a paged pool memory leak of the registry keys for the Virtual Desktop ID that occurs in  chúng tôi .

                  Removes a hyperlink that might cause the Input app to stop working when you first enter fuzzy pinyin content.

                  Addresses an activation issue for the Input application.

                  Addresses an issue that causes  chúng tôi  to stop working because Direct Manipulation fails to start.

                  Addresses an issue that causes News and interests to appear in the context menu even when you have disabled it on a device.

                  Addresses an issue that causes the configuration for multiple artifact DB support across datacenters to fail for Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) artifacts.

                  Addresses an issue that causes the LsaLookupSids() function to fail. This occurs when there are security identifiers (SID) for users that no longer exist in a group that contains cross-domain trusted users.

                  Addresses an issue that fails to apply the post_logout_redirect_uri= parameter when you use an External Claims Provider.

                  Addresses an issue with a deadlock in the WebDav redirector that occurs when it attempts to read a file from the local TfsStore. As a result, the system stops responding.

                  Addresses an issue that causes a stop error after a restart.

                  Addresses an issue that causes apps to lose focus when the taskbar is not at the bottom of the screen.

                  Implements a Group Policy setting for the following registry value:Registry location:  HKLMSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindows NTPrintersPointAndPrintValue name: RestrictDriverInstallationToAdministratorsValue data: 1For more information, see KB5005010.

                  Adds the ability to configure period or dot (.) delimited IP addresses interchangeably with fully qualified host names in the following Group Policy settings:

                  Package Point and Print – Approved Servers

                  Point and Print Restrictions

                  You can download the update via Windows Update and Microsofrt Update Cltalog. It is in Preview mode at the moment but will be pushed on Patch Tuesday even if you do not install it manually.

                  How To Get The Free Microsoft Office 365 For Students

                  Table of Contents

                  How to Get Microsoft Office 365 for Free

                  All you have to do to sign up for free Microsoft Office 365 as a student or a teacher is to enter your valid school email address on the official webpage and press the Get Started button.

                  The email address you provide must be able to receive external emails. That’s because Microsoft will send you a verification code with which you’ll access your newly created Microsoft account.

                  Microsoft will automatically check the eligibility of your school or university and grant access to Microsoft Office 365 tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Teams immediately.

                  To be eligible, your school must pay for access to Office 365 apps. Most schools already do that, especially in the Western world. Once access is granted, you can also download and install the Office applications for free on your Windows or Mac PC.

                  What If Your School Is Not Eligible?

                  If your school doesn’t pay a subscription, Microsoft will allow you to sign up for an automated verification process. Note that this verification process might take up to 30 days to be completed. That’s because some educational institutions need to be verified.

                  You can start a free trial period of 30 days and use the Microsoft Office suite in the meantime. If your application for Microsoft Education is not processed after the trial period expiration, feel free to contact Microsoft support.

                  What’s Included in Student Subscription

                  Most students won’t need more than what’s offered in this free subscription. Microsoft Education brings you Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel online apps. But you can also opt to install their desktop versions. They’ll be available for the following Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Also, you’ll be able to install all of these apps on multiple devices so you won’t need internet access to use them.

                  These apps will enable you to work on your school projects with your colleagues, as you’ll also get access to Microsoft Teams and a 50 GB mailbox. That’ll make communication much easier.

                  Everything you worked on related to your school assignments can be saved on your cloud storage with OneDrive. But your cloud storage will be limited to 1 terabyte. If your school adds five or more users, this storage space will become unlimited. Use it to save projects no matter the file type. They don’t need to be created in Office apps at all. Upload photos, PDF files, video files, and more.

                  If you need more than what the Free Microsoft Office 365 subscription for students has to offer, look into one of the three subscription tiers Microsoft offers:

                  Office 365 A1

                  Office 365 A3

                  Office 365 A5

                  Although Office 365 A1 is free, the other two tiers are not. A3 will cost your school $2.5 and A5 $6 per user per month. Although the free subscription includes everything you could expect from Microsoft Office 365, the other two tiers bring some benefits. A3 comes with additional management tools that’ll help you organize the student’s workflow and are mostly aimed at teachers or group leaders. A5 is targeting schools that need additional security and analytics and is the most useful for universities that do research projects.

                  As you can see, getting the Microsoft Office 365 for free is easier than you think. First and foremost, you’ll need to provide proof of being a student enrolled in either a college or university. After that’s done, simply sign up with your school account and start exploring the range of features packed into the software bundle. If you run into issues along the way, plenty of support options are available to help guide you through the steps.

                  Windows Users Asked To Update As Microsoft Spots New Zero

                  What is a zero-day attack?

                  A zero – day attack is a type of cyber attack that exploits a lacuna in the software app or system that nobody knows before. This vulnerability is called a zero – day because it is not known to the software vendor and there is no patch available to fix it. Zero – day attacks are mainly dangerous because they can be used to launch targeted attacks against specific brands or people.

                  Details of the Windows zero-day attack

                  The Windows zero – day attack exploits a vulnerability in the Windows Common Log File System (CLFS). This is used to manage log files on Windows systems. The vulnerability allow attackers to gain full access to a system that does not have a patch. It can then be used to launch a ransomware attack or other types of cyber attacks. According to Kaspersky, a Russian cyber security company, the zero – day attack was used to deploy Nokoyawa ransomware. This ransomware targets Windows servers that belong to small and medium – size brands in the Middle East, North America, and Asia.

                  According to Forbes, one of the zero – days is a remote code execution type. An official report from Microsoft claims that this vulnerability has links to RomCom, a Russian cybercrime outfit. Also, Microsoft claims that this group is likely working with interest from Russian intelligence. Rapid7 vulnerability risk expert, Adam Barnett warns that RomCom attacks usually target a wide spread of victims. However, Microsoft has a new patch and the full list of vulnerabilities which the patch handles is in its Security Update Guide.

                  Microsoft claims that it is probing “reports of a series of remote code execution vulnerabilities impacting Windows and Office products. Microsoft is aware of targeted attacks that attempt to exploit these vulnerabilities by using specially-crafted Microsoft Office documents.” Let us take a look at some of the important zero – days that the company had to deal with.

                  Gizchina News of the week

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                  At the moment, there is no patch for CVE-2023-36884 and Microsoft has officially confirmed this. However, the company says that it is probing the issue. The company adds that it will “take the appropriate action to help protect our customers” after it is done with the probe.


                  CVE-2023-32046 is a zero-day attack that that affects MSHTML core Windows. Immersive Labs director of cyber threat research, Kev Breen said “This is not limited to browsers – other apps like Office, Outlook, and Skype also make use of this component.” Breen adds


                  This zero – day vulnerability mainly attacks Windows Error Reporting (WER) service. If the attacker suceeds, he will have admin access as well as privledge to the system. Automox product security staff, Tom Bowyer said “The WER service is a feature in Microsoft Windows operating systems that collects and sends error reports to Microsoft when certain software crashes or encounters other types of errors,”

                  Bowyer adds

                  “This zero – day issue is being actively exploited … so if WER is used by your organization we recommend patching within 24 hours.”


                  CVE-2023-32049 is another issue that is been exploited and it attacks the Windows Smart Screen feature. It has the capacity to bypass the Windows Smart Screen feature and make changes. VP of security products at Ivanti, Chris Goettl said

                  “The CVE is rated as important, but Microsoft has confirmed reports of exploitation for this issue increasing the urgency to critical,”

                  How to protect your system from zero – day attack Final Words

                  Zero – day attacks are a serious threat to brands and people alike and Windows users must be careful. Security Week claims that this year, there have been at least 19 zero – day attacks in the wild. Microsoft has patched several zero – day issues in recent months. So, it is good for users to update their system from time to time so as to guard them from exposure.

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