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Why Clear YouTube History?

If you have a child about to melt down while waiting in line for something, you don’t want to end up with a series of SpongeBob videos crowding your feed. Before handing them the phone, pause the history and search recording, and you’ll have no worries.

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If you have a YouTube account for your business and want to keep the suggestions closely related to your niche, delete individual videos and searches that may affect your recommendations.

Perhaps you want to prevent Google from finding out too much about you. Many people worry about Google obtaining identifying information. If this disturbs you, you can clear your history after each session to keep that information to a minimum.

As time goes by, your interests may change, and the recommendations you receive are not as relevant as you would like. Deleting old videos and searches can remove those suggestions from your feed.

How to Delete YouTube History on Desktop

Deleting your YouTube history is quite easy. The platform allows you to delete individual search terms and watch history items and clear all watch history or custom history. Let’s check all the ways to delete YouTube watch and search history.

1. Delete Recent Search Item 2. Delete Recent Video From YouTube Watch History 3. Delete Old or Custom Search and Watch History Items

If you want to delete selected items or items within a selected period only from your YouTube history, use Google’s YouTube History page.

4. Delete All Watch History How to Delete YouTube History on Android and iPhone 1. Delete Recent Individual Searches

Open the YouTube app on your Android phone or iPhone.

Tap on the search icon at the top to see your recent searches.

    On Android, touch and hold the search item you want to delete and hit the “Remove” button on the pop-up screen.

    On iPhone, swipe left on the item and hit the “Delete” button.

    2. Delete Recent Video From Watch History

    In the YouTube app, tap on the “Library” tab at the bottom.

    Tap on the “History” button (if available) or hit the “View all” link next to the History items to view your recently-watched videos.

      Tap on the three-dot icon next to the recently-watched video that you want to delete from your YouTube history, then select “Remove from watch history.”

      3. Delete All Watch History

      In the YouTube app, tap your avatar in the top-right corner and go to “Settings.”

        Select “History & privacy.”

        You will find two separate options to clear search and watch history. Select the appropriate option, then confirm your actions.

        How to Pause YouTube History on Desktop

        If you want YouTube to stop tracking your watch history temporarily, pause the watch history.

        How to Pause YouTube Search or Watch History on Android and iPhone

        Tap on the profile picture icon at the top of the YouTube app and go to “Settings.”

        Tap on “History & privacy.”

        Enable the toggle next to “Pause watch history” or “Pause search history,” depending on your need.

        Frequently Asked Questions Will deleting the search history on one device delete it on other devices?

        Yes, deleting the search history from one device will remove it from all devices, provided you are logged in to your account.

        How can I stop getting recommendations for specific YouTube channels?

        Block YouTube channels you don’t like and prevent them from showing up on your feed.

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        How To Pause Watch History In Youtube App

        More than one billion hours of videos are watched daily on YouTube. YouTube has a massive global presence as one of the most dynamic video streaming platforms. It is one of the most popular social media platforms for video sharing in the world.

        As you browse YouTube, you can see all of the videos you have ever watched, which makes it simple to locate recent videos and improves your video recommendations. You can prevent your history from being cleared or paused by controlling whether or not it is active. When your history is inactive, any videos you watch will not appear.

        You can see a history of all the videos you have viewed on YouTube through your watch history. This history allows you to keep track of which videos you have viewed, providing you with an indication as to whether you have reviewed them before. YouTube also uses this data to compile a list of suggested videos for you.

        YouTube uses the videos you watch to analyze viewers list of interests, from general to specific. By excluding videos, you have already watched, the list of specific videos you have watched can help tailor recommendations to the kind of content you watch and avoid material you do not.

        How to Pause YouTube Watch History on YouTube Mobile App?

        You can prevent YouTube from recording your viewing history by enabling the pause watch history option. If you prefer, you can keep track of your video experience by disabling the feature. If you do, YouTube may be more likely to suggest videos that you have already seen. You can pause and resume your watch history on YouTube so you can watch videos without those videos impacting your recommendations. It is a handy feature, but it can be difficult to locate if you do not know where to look, particularly if you use the app.

        First Method

        To change your watch history settings in YouTube on App, you need to configure the in−app settings. The step−by−step procedure is as follows −

        Step 1

        Open YouTube App and log in to your account.

        Step 2

        To do so, you first need to tap on your profile picture icon in the top−right corner of the app.

        Step 3

        To open the in−app settings themselves, tap “Settings,” which will be fourth from the bottom of the list.

        Step 4

        In the settings, tap “History and privacy,” which will be the eight from the down.

        Step 5

        To pause your watch history, tap the “Pause watch history” slider to the on position.

        Step 6

        To disable the watch history, you will need to tap “Pause” in the reconfirmation box that appears.

        Step 7

        A confirmation popup will appear, tap “Pause” to complete the process, and pause your watch history.

        Second Method

        To change your watch history settings in YouTube on Android by second method is also very easy. The step by step procedure is as follows −

        Step 1

        Open the YouTube App.

        Step 2

        On the homepage of the YouTube app, select Library from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

        Step 3

        You will see History on top of the screen. Tap on View all on the right side of the screen.

        Step 4

        On the History page, select the stacked three dots icon in the upper right.

        Step 5

        Select History Controls and open it.

        Step 6

        The history and privacy section will open. Here, there is a toggle switch to Pause watch history. Toggle the Pause watch history button to on.

        Step 7 Step 8

        The watch history is paused.

        You can also do this in YouTube incognito mode, but that is not very practical because all your subscriptions and notifications go hidden. Therefore, if the sole purpose is to keep a clean history search, you can use YouTube’s Pause History feature.

        After you have finished watching work videos or your friend has finished suggesting videos, return to this pathway and notice that the videos that you watched in the interim have been forgotten. If you have forgotten to pause your history, select Manage all activity to delete items from your history individually to remove them.


        You will no longer see your recent search history on YouTube, which is good news. Clearing your search history manually using the option mentioned above is the only way you can prevent this information from being recorded in the first place. Furthermore, you can pause your watch history to prevent it from showing up in the videos you watch on YouTube to maintain your privacy. Do it and be stress−free.

        How To Cancel Or Pause A Youtube Premium Subscription

        A YouTube Premium subscription unlocks a number of must-have features for YouTube fans, including ad removal, offline video playback, and access to YouTube Premium Music with millions of available songs. These features come at a cost, however, with subscriptions starting at $11.99 a month after an initial 30-day trial.

        If the perks (or the price) are too much for you to handle, however, you might want to cancel your subscription. If you want to know how to cancel your YouTube subscription permanently, or you’re just looking to pause it for a limited period and then resume it later, you can do so by following these steps.

        Table of Contents

        Pause or Cancel a YouTube Premium Subscription on PC or Mac

        A YouTube Premium subscription is limited to the account holder—standard Premium users can’t share it without subscribing to the Family subscription plan. If you’re looking to pause or cancel a YouTube Premium subscription, you’ll need to be able to sign in using the Google account that pays for the subscription.

        For example, YouTube Premium Family subscribers who are looking to cancel their subscription will need the primary account holder to sign in using their account details. Should you wish to cancel or pause your subscription, you can do so on a PC or Mac by following these steps.

        Accessing Your YouTube Memberships

        To begin, open the YouTube website in your browser. If you’re not already signed in, select the Sign In button in the top right. You’ll need to sign in using the account details linked to your YouTube Premium subscription.

        After signing in, return to the YouTube homepage (if you’re not taken there directly) and select your profile icon in the top right. From the drop-down menu, select the Purchases and memberships option.

        If your account has an active Premium membership, Premium should be listed under the Memberships section. Select Manage membership next to view your subscription options.

        Your current subscription terms (including your billing date) will appear below. If you cancel or pause a YouTube Premium subscription, the subscription itself will remain active until the next billing date is passed. To cancel or pause the subscription, select the Deactivate button.

        Pausing or Cancelling YouTube Premium

        Selecting the Deactivate button will provide you with options to cancel or pause your YouTube Premium subscription. Cancelling the subscription is permanent, removing access to all subscription perks and deleting any videos or music you’ve downloaded (including any saved playlists). To cancel your subscription, select Continue to Cancel. If you’d prefer to temporarily pause your subscription for up to six months, select the Pause instead option.

        If you select Pause instead, you’ll have the option to select when your membership will automatically resume. You have between 1 and 6 months to choose from—move the slider in the Choose pause duration menu to select how long you’d prefer to pause the membership for, then select Pause membership to confirm.

        If you decide to cancel your subscription by selecting Continue to Cancel, YouTube will ask you for a reason why. Choose one of the options listed and select Next to proceed, or select Never Mind to return to the Memberships menu.

        To confirm the cancellation, select Yes, Cancel. 

        Once your subscription is paused or cancelled, your subscription (and any included perks) will continue until the next billing date shown on the Memberships page. Should you wish to restore your membership before that date passes, however, select the Renew button in the Memberships menu.

        How to Pause or Cancel a YouTube Premium Subscription on Mobile Devices

        If you’re looking to cancel or pause your subscription in the YouTube app, here’s what you’ll need to do.

        Cancelling or Pausing YouTube Premium on Android

        To change your YouTube Premium subscription on Android, open the YouTube Android app. You’ll need to switch to the account that holds the subscription (if it isn’t active already). To do this, select your profile icon in the top right, then select your account name at the top of the Account menu.

        Any active YouTube memberships (including YouTube Premium) will be listed in the next menu. Select the Premium option to access your subscription options.

        To cancel or suspend your membership, select Deactivate.

        You’ll need to choose whether to cancel or pause your subscription. To pause, select Pause Instead. To cancel, select Continue to Cancel.

        If you choose to pause, move the slider in the Choose pause duration menu to determine the length of the suspension (between 1 and 6 months). Your Premium membership will remain active until the next billing date and won’t reactivate until the suspension period ends. Select Pause Membership when you’re ready.

        If you choose to cancel your subscription by selecting Continue to Cancel, YouTube will list a number of perks you’ll lose access to on the next menu. Select Next to proceed.

        Select a reason for cancelling your membership from the options provided in the next menu. If you’d prefer not to give a reason, select Don’t want to answer instead.

        Finally, select Cancel Premium to end your subscription. Your subscription will remain active until your next billing date.

        Cancelling or Pausing YouTube Premium on iPhone or iPad

        The steps for pausing or cancelling a YouTube Premium subscription on an iPhone or iPad will depend on how you initially subscribed. If you activated your subscription in the YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad, for instance, you can cancel your subscription (but not pause it) in your Apple device’s Settings menu.

        If you activated your subscription elsewhere, however, you’ll need to use your device’s web browser to cancel or pause the subscription using the steps above. You can do this from a PC, Mac, or from your mobile device browser.

        If you want to cancel a YouTube Premium subscription made in the YouTube app on an iPhone or iPad, open your device’s Settings app and select your name at the top of the menu to access the Apple ID menu.

        In the Apple ID menu, select Subscriptions.

        In the Subscriptions menu, an Apple-activated YouTube Premium subscription will be listed here—select it to view your options. If it isn’t listed, you’ll need to follow the steps above to cancel your subscription using your browser. 

        In the Edit Subscription menu for your Apple-activated YouTube Premium subscription, select Cancel to cancel the subscription.

        You’ll need to confirm that you want to end the subscription. Select Confirm to do this, then authenticate using your password, Face ID or Touch ID credentials (if required). Once the cancellation is confirmed, the subscription will remain active until your next billing date.

        Alternatives to YouTube Premium

        If you decide to pause or cancel your YouTube Premium subscription, you may be in the market for an alternative. There are alternatives to YouTube out there, depending on the content you enjoy. For instance, TV and movie lovers may want to give Netflix or Hulu a go, while streamers may appreciate the features that Twitch has to offer.

        Music fans, meanwhile, may prefer to spend their cash on a Spotify Premium subscription, thanks to the wide selection of songs and artists available to stream. You could also try Apple Music or a number of other Spotify alternatives instead to play your favorite songs on the go without needing to purchase them first.

        How To Clear Mac Cache And Delete Temporary Files? – Webnots

        Every day you open applications and websites in your Mac. In order to access the apps and websites faster, your Mac will cache the content in local storage. Later, when you open the same app or site, Mac will use the cached content instead of downloading through internet again. It helps to reduce the network usage and improve the performance of your Mac. However, these temporary cached files can create problems instead of improvements and in this article we will explain how to clear Mac cache to delete the temporary files.

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        Problems with Caching

        Mac uses different types of caching and below are some of the reasons you want to delete the cached files or disable content caching.

        In Safari, cached websites may load outdated content even though the original webpage is updated. This may annoy you especially if you doing some web development work or testing with Safari.

        Cached content keep the data from old deleted apps which you do not need at all. Caching can accumulate large junk of data and reduce your storage space available for other purposes.

        Corrupted cache can affect the performance of your Mac and reduce the speed.

        Deleting temporary cached files will not affect working with apps or opening website. Therefore, you can safely get rid of the junk data and your Mac will again cache the latest content when start working.

        Clearing Mac Cache

        There are three ways to clear cached content on your Mac:

        Clear Safari cache

        Delete cached files

        Flush DNS caching

        In addition, you can permanently turn-off content caching that Mac uses to store app updates on the local storage.

        1. Clear Safari Cache

        Empty Caches Safari

        This will only delete the stored website cache and not content related to other history.

        2. Delete Cached Files and Folders

        Follow the below instructions, if you want to cleanup the temporary files cached on your Mac.

        Go to Caches Folder

        This will take you to the cache folder where you can check all cached content in your Mac. As you see in the below screen, it accounts for 2.92 GB local storage.

        File in Use Warning

        Remember, deleting cached content will not delete Safari history data. You have to delete the history as explained in the above method.

        3. Flush DNS Cache

        Besides the cached content, Mac also stores the DNS history so that it can use the details when you open the same websites. Follow the below instructions to delete or flush the DNS cache. This can help you to resolve the problems when you have trouble in accessing specific websites.

        sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

        You will be prompted to enter the admin password.

        There will be no success message but the DNS cache is flushed on your Mac now.

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        Disabling Content Caching in Mac

        Content caching helps Mac to store system and app updates and use next time when you are updating. If you do not want Mac to locally store the content cache, you can disable it permanently.

        Set Cache Size

        Remember, this will not affect other caching and you have to delete the caches folder in order to get rid of temporary files.

        How To Clear Directx Shader Cache (Windows 11)

        This guide explains what DirectX Shader Cache is, what it does, in what situation should you clear it, how does clearing the shader cache help, and 2 methods on how to clear DirectX Shader Cache in Windows 11.

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        Like other cache system, DirectX Shader Cache is a cache of DirectX shaders that are used to improve the performance of games and software. Since the games can use the shader cache instead of regenerating the game shaders each time they are needed, the time needed to render images and videos on the screen can be significantly reduced while loading the games.

        As you load and run games from time to time, the DirectX shader cache your computer accumulate will build up. This can take up a lot of storage space. If you are running out of storage space on your system drive, you may want to consider clearing the DirectX Shader Cache to free up some space.

        Other than that, another common reason to clear the DirectX Shader Cache is when your games suddenly start to act strangely, causing lag and stuttering in game. The shader cache can sometimes get corrupted and causes issues when they are loaded. This is especially the case if you have recently installed a game patch or applied a major Windows Update.

        Thus, clearing the DirectX Shader Cache often helps to solve these random game lagging and stuttering issues. After clearing the shader cache, the game will then be able to regenerate the shader cache from scratch.

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        There are generally 2 ways to clear DirectX Shader Cache in Windows 11 – via the Disk Cleanup utility tool or through the new Windows 11 Settings interface.

        To clear DirectX Shader Cache in Windows 11 via Disk Cleanup, follow the steps below.

        You will be prompted to select the drive you want to clean up. As DirectX Shader Cache is usually stored in the system drive (the drive where your Windows was installed), select your system drive, usually the C: drive.

        For optimal clearing, you should close your all your games and programs before clearing the DirectX Shader Cache. This is to make sure the cache is not in used by any game or program during the clearing process.

        After clearing the shader cache, it’s better to restart your computer first before relaunching any game to regenerate the shader cache.

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        To clear DirectX shader cache via Windows 11 Settings, follow the instructions below.

        Press Win + i keys to open Settings.

        Next, select System from the left pane, and then select Storage on the right.

        In the Storage settings, select Temporary files under your system drive.

        In the Temporary files section, scroll down and select the DirectX Shader Cache checkbox.

        Tip: Since you are there, you may also want to clear other temporary files to free up more space on your drive.

        If the checkboxes are greyed-out in the Temporary files settings, it’s usually because Windows is still calculating the amount of data for each categories that you can delete. It may take a while depending on the size of the data that needs to be calculated. Once the calculation process is completed, you can then select whichever temporary files you want to delete.

        How To Use Version History In Google Docs

        Google Docs is one of the best options for editing documents online. It also lets you download a document in Microsoft Word format and is a good competitor to it. It automatically saves your document and creates a backup of any changes you made to a document. Google Docs saves all these changes in the form of version history. You can use this version history to view the changes you made in your document and restore those changes. And, in this post, we will show you how to use Version History in Google Docs.

        You don’t need to enable version history in Google Docs which is a good thing. The version history feature remains turned on automatically in Google Docs. You just need to access it to check all the versions, restore or revert to an earlier version, make a copy of an earlier version, etc. We have covered all such points in this post below.

        How to use Version History in Google Docs

        The version history feature in Google Docs helps you to view all the previous edits to your document and restore any of those versions whenever needed. Below you can see a simple and detailed explanation of how to use Version History in Google Docs with different sections. These sections are:

        View Version History

        Rename and restore previous versions

        Create a copy of previous versions.

        Let’s check all these sections one by one.

        1] How to view Version History in Google Docs

        Any changes you make to a Google Docs document are saved separately along with the date and time. This feature is very helpful when you want to view the changes you made on a particular date as you can easily jump to that date in the version history. Now to view Version History in Google Docs, follow these steps:

        Open your Google Docs document in your browser

        Open the File menu

        Access the Version history section

        Select the See version history option.

        Alternatively, you can also use the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H hotkey for the same.

        The Version history panel is opened on the right section. There, you will see the current and all the previous versions of your document along with the date and time of editing, as visible in the screenshot below.

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        2] How to rename and restore previous versions in Google Docs

        In Google Docs, you can also rename the current and previous versions of your document as per your requirements. When you give a name to a particular version, its date and time will be displayed just below the version name. To rename a version in Google Docs, follow the steps mentioned below:

        Open your document in Google Docs

        Open the version history panel

        Select a version that you want to rename

        Select the Rename option.

        Give a name to that version of your document.

        3] How to create a copy of previous versions in Google Docs

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        Why can’t I see the Version History in Google Docs?

        If you have created a fresh document in Google Docs, you will not see the version history. If you have a shared document, then this issue is due to access rights. If you have only viewing rights for a shared document, you cannot see its version history. To edit a document and see its version history, you have to request edit access from the owner.

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