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Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace provide users with the easiest storage features. Microsoft 365 gives OneDrive and, Google Workspace provides Google Drive. Both these storage apps are cloud-based and work like document repositories.

OneDrive can be used by an organization centrally to share files and folders and work jointly on documents as required. It comes with the Microsoft Suite. Google Drive is a cloud-based software tool that allows users to store their data on personal Google Drive. As an end-user, you can also share files with other users and work in real-time when required.

With cloud-based services providing various features to the users, there might come a time when a user or an organization will start using one cloud-based storage and decide to migrate to another for some reason. In case of a large amount of data, the process might be burdensome and, one must ensure that all data is migrated safely and securely between the two cloud services.

As a user, finding the perfect way to migrate content between OneDrive and Google Drive will ensure that it is done correctly in minimum effort. Hence, let us now look at different ways to migrate content between these cloud-based services.

How to move a file from OneDrive to Google Drive

There are various ways to transfer your data from OneDrive to Google Drive. They are as follows:

Download Data from OneDrive and Upload to Google Drive

Transfer files using the Drag and Drop method

Use third-party app or service

Transfer data using Google Drive built-in tool

Let us look at these methods in more detail.

1] Download Data from OneDrive and Upload to Google Drive

Go to OneDrive’s official website.

This option is useful if the number of files to be transferred is relatively less in number.

In case there are many files, this method has some flaws. The files will be downloaded in a compressed zip folder. You will have to decompress the files manually before upload which can be time-consuming.

Please check the upload status on Google Drive during file upload. A poor network can stop the process and, you may have to restart the process.

2] Transfer files using the Drag and Drop method

Set up OneDrive on your Windows desktop. A Windows user can find the OneDrive on their computer and log in.

Go to the browser and log in to your Google Drive account.

Choose the data that you need to move from OneDrive to Google Drive. You can now drag and drop these files/folders from OneDrive to Google Drive. Once the process is complete, a prompt displays the same to the user.

This method is user-friendly but, it is still time-consuming.

3] Use third-party app or service

Various third-party services assist you in centralizing your cloud content in one place. They also help in migrating content between cloud-based storage services easily. All you have to do is create an account at the respective third-party service, add each cloud-based storage service one after the other and then sync them. You can then easily manage and transfer files between these services easily and speedily. Please note that these services are not free but can save your time in this process. Some examples of such third-party app or services are:



Air Explorer

4] Transfer data using Google Drive built-in tool

If a user wants to transfer data from Google Drive, the most common way is to download and upload the files to their respective location. An additional method can be by using the sharing function of Google Drive to transfer files. It is done by using the below steps:

3] Enter the email address to share the specified file/folder. Once the designated email receives the invitation to see the file/folder, the data from Shared with me can be shifted to the My Drive section.

Bottom line

Finally, the user aims to transfer their data securely from one cloud-based storage service to another. We hope the above-mentioned instructions are useful. Do let us know in case of any questions.

How to transfer photos from OneDrive to Google Drive?

You can easily move your photos from OneDrive to Google Drive. Follow the next steps:

Download photos from OneDrive

Upload those photos to Google Drive

You can also add the OneDrive folder inside Google Drive when setting up the location, and once it syncs, you can disconnect OneDrive form the PC, and files will remain on Google Drive. It’s a bit complicated, so follow the below-mentioned suggestions.

1] Download photos from OneDrive: 2] Upload those photos to Google Drive: Is it possible to merge OneDrive and Google Drive?

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How To Migrate Your Content From Onedrive To Google Drive

How to migrate your content from OneDrive to Google Drive






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Cloud storage services have begun appearing left and right on the market. Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised by this trend, since in many cases cloud storage is safer than storing on actual hard drives.

The only problem with these services is that since there are so many of them, it is hard to choose the best one for you. For example, some users may like OneDrive, while others may prefer Google Drive.

Because of this diversity, you may already start using one service, only to find out that another one is better. If that happens, migrating the content of one cloud storage service to another may become a pain, especially if we are talking about a lot of data.

Fortunately, there are methods of migrating your data en masse safely and easily between cloud services.

In this article, we will discuss in a step-by-step manner just how you can migrate the content between your OneDrive and Google Drive services.

Looking for a different service other than OneDrive and Google Drive? Check these alternatives!

How can I migrate between OneDrive and Google Drive? 1. Manual content transfer

Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct way of migrating between cloud services. Your only option is to manually download all of the content from one cloud, and then re-upload it to another. However, this can be a daunting task that can take up a lot of your time.

In the case of both services, all you have to do is simply select all the items in your cloud storage, and press the Download button. Once the download is finished, simply take those items and upload them to the other cloud service.

Additionally, you could simply drag-and-drop items from the OneDrive desktop client’s window into a Google Drive desktop client’s window, and they will start transferring automatically

2. Use a third-party app or service

However, there are several third-party services that allow you to centralize all of your cloud content in a single place, and it allows the migration of content between the supported cloud services easily.

All of them usually follow the same principle, where you create an account, and then add each cloud storage service one by one and sync them. You can then easily manage and transfer items between cloud services from within the same window easily.

One thing you should remember though is that these services aren’t free, but will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Here are some examples of cloud storage centralizing programs:

While these aren’t the only third-party services to offers such opportunities, they are the most reliable.

While cross-compatibility between OneDrive and Google Drive isn’t available yet, it is definitely something that users would find extremely helpful.


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How To Move Pictures From The Mac Photos App To Google Photos

This complete guide shows you how to upload photos and videos stored inside your Mac’s Photos app (your entire macOS Photo Library) or a Finder folder to Google Photos. We show you both automatic and manual methods.

1. Use iCloud to Google Photos transfer

Apple lets you transfer a copy of your photos and videos stored in iCloud Photos to other services like Google Photos. So, if you use iCloud Photos on your Mac, you can follow the steps to request a transfer of your photos and videos in iCloud to Google Photos. The entire process happens in the background, and you don’t have to transfer the photos manually.

Tip: If you’re using iCloud Photos, the same pictures & videos are on your Mac and other Apple devices like your iPhone and iPad. In that case, you can also auto-upload the images from your iPhone to Google Photos.

2. Automatically upload your entire Mac’s Photo Library to Google Photos

Google Photos doesn’t have a native Mac app. But its bigger brother, Google Drive, does. So, here’s how to use Google Drive on Mac to automatically upload all images and videos from your Mac’s Photos app to Google Photos:

1) Download the macOS Google Drive app, install and open it. You’ll also notice that it has installed Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets. You can uninstall them later if desired.

3. Manually upload Mac’s photos to Google Photos

If you don’t want to upload your entire Mac’s Photo Library but just some selected images, you’ll have to pull out the pictures and videos from the Photos app to a folder and then upload them to Google Photos.

Transfer pictures from Mac’s Photos app into a folder

Here are two ways to do that. For me, the first method is easier.

1. Drag them out

3) Hold the Command key and select the images.

4) Drag the photos from the Photos app onto the desktop or a Finder folder. Next, you can upload these to Google Photos.

2. Unpack the Photos Library

Here’s how to go to the Mac’s Photos app folder location where images are stored:

1) Open the macOS Photos app and press Command + Comma (,).

4) Open the originals folder, and you’ll see the images in many sub-folders here. You can upload them from these folders to Google Photos.

Upload photos from Mac to Google Photos

Once you have the images in a folder uploading them to Google Photos is easy. Here are three ways to do that.

1. Use a web browser

1) Visit chúng tôi and sign in to your Google account if required.

2) Reduce the size of the browser window. Now drag photos and videos from a Mac folder to the Google Photos browser tab.

2. Use the Google Photos Chrome app

1) Visit chúng tôi and sign in with your Google account.

4) Open Mac’s Launchpad, and you’ll find the Google Photos app there. Open it, and you’ll notice that it looks similar to Google Photos in a web browser.

If you work a lot with images and don’t want to drag and drop or even open Google Photos every time in a browser or as a Chrome app, the steps below have you covered.

We will show you how to create a folder on your Mac, and every image or video you add to this folder will automatically upload to Google Photos. You only have to put the pictures in this Finder folder and do nothing else! Once photos are uploaded to Google Photos, you can access them on a web browser or the Google Photos app on your smartphone.

1) Download the official Google Drive Mac app, install and open it.

By now, you know how to upload your entire macOS Photo Library to Google Photos. You also know how to drag images and videos out of the macOS Photos app and upload them manually to Google Photos.

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How To Unsync Onedrive From Pc

How To Unsync OneDrive from PC [4 Easy Ways] You can stop OneDrive sync completely or unsync specific folders only.




OneDrive is a popular cloud storage service, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Windows 10 has a built-in version in order to sync folders and files, so may want to remove syncing altogether.

Here’s how to unsync OneDrive completely or only for certain files by using a wide selection of tools available.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

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Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

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OneDrive is one of the big three cloud storage services along with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Windows 10 includes a built-in OneDrive app that syncs your OD folders and files so you can open them from File Explorer.

However, there are a few ways to unsync OneDrive if you don’t need to keep the cloud storage harmonized with Windows 10 at all times.

How to unsync OneDrive in Windows 10? 1. Uninstall the OneDrive App from Control Panel

If you really don’t need the OneDrive app syncing at all, and prefer to open documents via browser, you can uninstall the app in some Windows 10 versions.

Since the Windows 10 Creators Update rolled out, you can uninstall the OneDrive app via the Programs and Features tab on the updated platform. You can now uninstall the OD app as shown above.

2. Uninstall OneDrive with the CMD

You can’t uninstall OneDrive as outlined above in earlier Windows 10 builds. Nevertheless, you can still uninstall the OneDrive app in Windows 10 versions that predate the Creators update.

Instead, you can uninstall the cloud storage app with the Command Prompt.

3. How to unsync OneDrive with GPE

There are a few ways that you can unsync OneDrive without uninstalling the app. Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise include the Local Group Policy Editor with which you can disable OD syncing instead.

1. Enter chúng tôi in the Windows search box, and select the first result to open the document.

2. Select Computer Configuration and Administrative Templates from the left pane.

Expert tip:

5. Select the Enabled radio button.

6. Then press the OK button.

7. To switch the cloud storage app back on when required, select the Not Configured radio button for the Prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage setting.

4. How to unsync OneDrive using the Unlink account option

If you don’t have the Group Policy Editor on Windows, you can still unsync the OD app by selecting its Unlink account option as shown above.

Bonus: How to unsync OneDrive only for specific folders

You can also choose to unsync specific files and folders, which is much more flexible than unsyncing all your OneDrive storage in Windows.

Then you can free up some hard drive space by unsyncing selected files and folders, but keep some of OneDrive synced with Windows 10.

This is how you can selectively unsync OD files and folders.

So, you can unsync OneDrive by uninstalling the app, selecting the Unlink account option, or pressing the Choose folders button.

Unsyncing OneDrive files and folders will free up hard drive space for new software. Thus, it’s worth unsyncing documents and images that you seldom open.

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How To Move A Game To Another Monitor

How to Move a Game to Another Monitor [Works for Fullscreen] Check out the fastest ways to play your game on any screen




You need to adjust several display settings to move a fullscreen game to a second monitor.

Using a borderless window mode is a quick and simple alternative that works well.

Keyboard shortcuts can also move applications, including games, to different screens.

True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

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Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

If you have a dual monitor setup, you can organize your workspace better, so it’s no wonder many users are going for these setups.

Many users prefer having their game open on one screen and Discord or another app on a second screen to stay in touch with their friends while gaming.

Today’s guide will show you how to move a fullscreen game to a second monitor to organize your workspace better.

Why won’t my game run on the second display in fullscreen?

Most applications, including games, will start on your primary monitor when you launch them. This is the default behavior on Windows, and it can’t be changed.

If you want to start your game on a second display, you need to set it as your default screen, and it should work without any problems.

Quick Tip:

Another effective way to play your fullscreen game on another monitor is using a browser especially built for gaming. After you set Opera GX it won’t affect the quality of the played content on full screen.

If you’re an avid gamer and need to play your game sessions on a separate monitor while staying connected with chats or forums, Opera GX is the answer.

Opera GX

Streamlined for playing HDD video games and high-quality movies.

Free Visit website

What’s the difference between fullscreen and borderless window mode?

Fullscreen mode offers better performance since it controls the display output completely. However, if you want to switch to a different application, you need to minimize the game with a keyboard shortcut.

With a borderless window, you might get slightly lower performance, but you can quickly open any application on top of your game or move the game to a different screen.

How to move a fullscreen game to another monitor?

1. Move a full-screen game to a second monitor on Windows 10


.1 Change your display settings

This is a pretty simple solution, but it works. If you want more options while gaming on multiple displays, we suggest using the DisplayFusion software.

1.2 Run the game in Windowed mode

For more information, we suggest checking our guide on opening Steam games in windowed mode.

1.3 Set the second monitor as the primary monitor


. Move a full-screen game to a second monitor on

Windows 11

Expert tip:

2.2 Run the game in windowed mode


. Move a full-screen game to a second monitor on


3.1 Use Mission Control

3.2 Assign the app to the second display


Move a full-screen game to a second monitor

with keyboard shortcuts

4.1 Use the move window shortcut

Make sure that your game is running.

Now press the Windows key + Shift + Left or Right arrow to move the window.

Your window should now appear on the second screen.

Can I use multiple monitors with different resolutions?

Yes, you can use multiple monitors with different resolutions without any problems. The two will be fully compatible, but the difference in image quality will be noticeable.

For more information, learn how to set up dual monitors with different resolutions.

How to move the mouse to a second monitor in-game?

Ensure that the second monitor is still plugged in.

Also, make sure the game is launched and ready.

Next, move the cursor towards the direction of the gaming screen until it pops into the screen.

When that is done, the cursor will disappear from the secondary and appear on the primary gaming screen.

Multi-screen setups are very popular nowadays and one of the best ways to enjoy playing full-screen games while multitasking.

How to move League of Legends to another monitor?

If you’re wondering how to switch your game to another monitor, these methods will be helpful if you’re playing League of Legends, Dota, or any other game.

It is also worth mentioning that even though we used Windows 11 for these steps, you can also move fullscreen games to a second monitor on Windows 10; it will just look a bit different.

Duplicate your preferred monitor to the other

Set your preferred monitor as the main screen

The same methods apply even if you want to know how to move a fullscreen window to another monitor, so follow the steps strictly.

For more information on this subject, visit our guide on opening games on a second monitor.

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How To Password Protect Google Drive Folder

Google Drive is the cloud-based storage service developed by Google. Many users use this service to save their media, documents, contacts, and so on. Some of the content on Google Drive may be private and users may want to keep it secured. If you’re looking for ways to protect your Google Drive folders, keep reading this article!

How to Password Protect Google Drive Folders

To access your Google Drive Folders, you need to enter the credentials to your Google Account. Remember if you share the password of your Google Account, your private Drive folders are left vulnerable. Anyone with your password can access your Drive folders so immediately change your password if you’ve shared it with anyone to avoid a security breach. 

Although you cannot individually password protect your Google Drive folders, there are other ways to keep it secure. 

Change Password for Google Account

We recommend periodically changing the password for your Google Account. This keeps your folders secure from any potential breach. Follow these instructions to change the password for your Google Account:

On Website

If you’re using a Mac or a PC, use the web version of Google Accounts to change the password to your Google Account. 

On Application

For mobile and tablet users, you can use the Google Drive application to change your Google Account’s password.

Open the application for Google Drive.

Select your profile icon on your right.

Tap on Manage your Google Account.

Hop on to the Personal info tab.

Scroll down to Password.

Verify your Google account by re-entering your current password.

Enter your new password and re-enter it to confirm it.

Confirm your actions by tapping on Change password.

Password Protect from Google Forms

If you wish to further secure your drive folders, use Google Forms. You can enter the link of your Google Drive under Confirmation Message to allow access to those who enter the password you’ve set.

Follow these instructions to password protect your drive folder through Google Forms:

Other Ways to Secure Google Drive Folder

Apart from setting a password for your Google account, you can try other methods to secure your Google Drive folder. These methods will keep your folders safe just as using a password. 

Manage Access

To limit access to your Drive, you can manage its access. On your folders, you can give access generally or to specific accounts. For general access, you can give access to anyone with the folder link or restrict access overall. 

Follow these instructions to manage access to keep your folder private:

On Website

For Mac/PC users, use the web version of Google Drive. Here are the steps to manage access to your Drive folder:

On Application

Use the application version for Google Drive if you want to manage access on your mobile/tablet. 

Upload Encrypted Folder

You cannot protect individual folders on Google Drive. However, you can upload an encrypted folder on your Google Drive to keep your folder protected with a password. To back up the file encryption key, you’ll need an external storage device.

Follow these instructions to encrypt your folder and upload it to your Google Drive:

Third-party Encryption Applications

You can install third-party applications to encrypt your folders. You can create an encrypted folder and upload it to your drive. When you want to access the content of the folder, download the folder to your desktop and enter the password you’ve created for the encrypted folder. 

You can use some of the free encryption applications such as VeraCrypt, Folder Lock, and WinRAR. 

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