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As the error message implies, 0x00000709 usually occurs if the printer name is invalid. If this is due to DNS problems, simply connecting using the printer’s IP address can resolve the error. But things are usually not that simple.

To start with, most users started facing this error after installing Windows Updates meant to patch the PrintNightmare vulnerability in the print spooler service. The causes ranged from incorrectly configured communication protocols to incompatible drivers.

Depending on what specifically caused this error in your case, the resolution will vary as well. As such, we recommend trying out the fixes in the order listed here to cover all possibilities.

It’s best to try some device and networking-related troubleshooting steps before starting with the main fixes. Check if the error is resolved after each step.

Restart the computer, printer, and router.

Press Win + R and enter msdt.exe /id PrinterDiagnostic to run the printer troubleshooter. 

Ping the printer. If pinging fails, run a tracert. The problem here is likely with your firewall, or the printer or print server’s IP/gateway/subnet configuration.

Connect using the printer/print server’s IP address instead of the hostname.

Log in to a different user account and try connecting.

If the printer spooler on your device is unable to connect to the spooler service on the client machine running the Print Management Console (often a print server), that can result in error 0x00000709. Usually, this happens because the client doesn’t have a DNS record. To resolve this, you can try setting up printer sharing once again:

    Press Win + I on the primary PC that’s connected to the printer.

    Use your preferred method to add the printer.

    If you’re unable to add the printer, ensure sharing is enabled on both PCs. To do this,

      Setting the printer you’re currently unable to connect to as default has resolved this error for many users. But some users also encounter error 0x00000709 when trying to set a printer as default. The latter case typically happens due to permission issues. Either way, here’s what we recommend:

        Check if you can connect to it now.

        If you’re unable to set it as default, use the steps shown below to fix any permission issues, then return back and set it as default afterward. We recommend backing up your registry before making the changes shown below.

          Press Win + R, type regedit, and press Enter.

          If you still can’t do it, delete the LegacyDefaultPrinterMode and UserSelectedDefault values as well (if they exist).

          There have been numerous cases in the past where systems that were working fine started experiencing the 0x00000709 error after a Windows Update. Specifically, KB5005565 and KB5006670 are the usual culprits. 

          If the problem started after you installed these or other updates, it would be best to uninstall said updates.

            Microsoft also released patches for 0x00000709 and other printer-related errors in Dec 2023. Some of the errors still persisted, but Microsoft has been working to patch those as well. As such, an alternative way to fix this error is to keep Windows updated.

              Press Win + I and select Windows Updates.

              After installing update KB5005010, users sometimes encountered the 0x00000709 error if their printer drivers were unsigned, or the signatures expired. You could fix this error in such cases by uninstalling the problematic update, or updating to a patched version, as covered in the previous section.

              Another way to fix the issue is by updating the drivers themselves.

                Press Win + R, type printmanagement.msc, and press Enter.

                If you find any old drivers here that are no longer used, you can also consider removing those to account for any driver conflicts.

                Restart your PC and try connecting now. If the error persists, you’ll need to try updating the driver manually.

                Press Win + R, type devmgmt.msc, and press Enter.

                The Search automatically for drivers option installs a recent driver version from your system’s driver store or using Windows Update.

                If you’ve downloaded the latest printer driver from the manufacturer’s site, select Browse my computer for drivers instead to manually locate and install it.

                Check if the error is resolved after updating the driver.

                Note: We’ve also seen this error occur with a 64-bit server and a 32-bit client because the server didn’t have a 32-bit driver installed. Please ensure there’s no architecture mismatch going on in your case.

                After installing the updates discussed above, some users encountered the 0x00000709 error because incorrect protocol settings were used for outgoing RPC connections to a remote print spooler. In such cases, you can apply the following fix on your machines:

                  Press Win + R, type gpedit.msc, and press Enter.

                  Note: This fix is only for print servers running Windows Server 2008 R2 or for Windows 7 client computers that are hosting a printer.

                  On the aforementioned systems, let’s say you’ve set an alternative UNC path for the print server using a CNAME (alias) resource record in DNS. If non-Microsoft DNS solutions are handling name resolution, the connection may fail with error 0x00000709. Here’s how you can fix the issue in such cases: 

                    On the server system, press Win + R, type powershell, and press CTRL + Shift + Enter.

                    Launch a text editor (e.g, Notepad) as an admin. Use it to open the hosts file in the current directory.

                    Now that the changes are applied, try reconnecting.

                    NetBIOS computer and domain names have a 15-character length limit. If the print server you’re trying to connect to is named longer than this, you’ll encounter the error 0x00000709. You can easily resolve the error in such cases by renaming the server to 15 characters or lower.

                      First, refer to the previous section for steps to add the CNAME record to the hosts file. Make sure to enter the value as a NetBIOS name instead of an FQDN. For instance, we used CNAME in our example. Using the FQDN format ( CNAME.TNT.COM) wouldn’t work.

                      Back up your registry before proceeding further.

                      On your computer, press Win + X and select Terminal (Admin).

                      Check if the error is resolved now.

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                      How To Fix Missing Usb Printer Port On Windows 10.

                      If you have recently tried to connect a printer to your Windows 10 computer but keep getting error: USB printer port missing. This article will show you several different things you can do to fix the issue and restore full and proper printer functionality on your Windows 10 PC.

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                      Error messages like ‘USB printer port missing’ on Windows 10 are some of the operating systems most common and annoying problems. More often than not they appear randomly and without any noticeable changes having been made to the operating system. Sometimes a single restart is enough to cause drama. 

                      Thankfully most annoying Windows 10 errors can be resolved without much effort at all, so follow along closely as this article introduces you to several easy fixes. Before you start the more involved steps shown below. Make sure you have scanned your computer using antivirus and anti-malware software. Avast, AVG, Malwarebytes or Windows Defender get the job done. 

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                      How Do You Fix: ‘USB printer port missing’ on Windows 10?

                      A lot of the time how you shut down your computer and printer will determine what kind of trouble you’ll find yourself in the next time you boot them up. According to Microsoft support, the best way to attack this problem is as follows. First, shut down your computer as you normally would. Next, make sure your printer is connected to power, the turn it on. Finally, connect your printer to your computer via the USB cable, then turn your computer on. 

                      When your computer boots sign into your account (if you have one set up) and Windows 10 will take care of the rest of the process. Sadly this isn’t the most useful of fixes, but it will allow you to use your printer after getting repeated ‘USB printer port missing’ error messages. At this stage, there isn’t a permanent solution but Microsoft is working on a fix for the issue. How long that will be, remains to be seen.

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                      How To Fix Camera Error 0Xa00F4292 On Windows 10.

                      If you use your webcam on Windows 10 quite a lot but can’t seem to get it working at the moment because of error ‘Something went wrong. Try restarting your device. If you need it, here’s the Camera error code 0xA00F4292’ . This article will guide you through several troubleshooting steps you can use to fix this problem and get your webcam working again.

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                      Windows 10 is a fickle creature at times, things can work wonderfully for weeks or months, then all of a sudden after no changes something will break. Although this is usually caused by a background update installation, there are times things just randomly occur. Thankfully most of these issues can be fixed without any real drama, though it’s still super annoying having to do so…

                      If your webcam has recently stopped working and is now showing you the following error message: ‘Something went wrong. Try restarting your device. If you need it, here’s the Camera error code 0xA00F4292’ There are a few things you can do to solve the problem, so there’s no need to panic just yet. You’ve probably also noticed that the issue affects every single piece of software that can access your camera.  

                      Note: Before you start anything listed below, make sure you have restarted your computer first, this is always the first troubleshooting step for any problem.

                      How do you fix camera error code 0xa00f4292 on Windows 10?

                      Double-check apps have access to the camera in Privacy Settings.

                      Check for camera driver updates using Device Manager.

                      Reset the Camera app to the default settings.

                      Double-check apps have access to the camera in Privacy Settings.

                      One of the first and quickest things you can do if you start to get this error message is to check your camera has the correct privacy settings.

                      First, open the Settings app and go to Privacy.

                      Below this, make sure Allow apps to access your camera is also On. Then select which services have access. 

                      Check for camera driver updates using Device Manager.

                      Even if you aren’t using a third-party camera on your device, it’s still worthing checking that you have the latest drivers installed. Although Windows 10 is pretty good at finding and downloading them, it doesn’t always grab them straight away.

                      Note: If you have a third-party webcam you should head to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver from their support page. This way you know 100% that you have the correct driver, not a generic one.   

                      Reset the Camera app to the default settings.

                      If you still haven’t had any luck fixing this issue, you can try resetting the camera app on Windows 10. 

                      To do this open the Settings app, then go to Apps. 

                      After you have gone through all of the above changes, Restart your computer and you should have successfully removed ‘Something went wrong. Try restarting your device. If you need it, here’s the Camera error code 0xA00F4292’ . If you are still having issues after trying all of the above steps, try turning off any third-party firewalls and antivirus software you may have running (you can turn off the internet before doing this if you feel safer) 

                      If the error message goes away after doing so, you’ve found the issue. Now simply trawl through the settings within your antivirus or firewall until you find something that may be preventing your camera from working.  

                      How To Fix ‘Dpc Watchdog Violation Error’ On Windows 10.

                      Although error ‘DPC Watchdog Violation’ isn’t the most common BSOD error it can be one one of the most annoying as it has a habit of recurring after first rearing its head. Thankfully there are ways to fix DPC Watchdog Violation errors, most of which can be done relatively easily.

                      How to Fix error 0x000000EF ‘Critical Process Died’ on Windows 10. (BSOD Error)

                      Run a full virus and malware scan of your system, quite often malware, and viruses are responsible for BSOD error messages. If you’re looking for a good antivirus or malware program check out. Avast and Malwarebytes.

                      Update your main drivers, Display, Disk, and USB input drivers.

                      Make sure Windows has the latest updates installed.

                      Update your system BIOS.

                      Fix DPC_Watchdog_Violation By Updating ATA/ATAPI Controller Driver.

                      Fix DPC_Watchdog_Violation By Running Windows BSOD Troubleshooting Tool.

                      Just like the 500 other random BSOD error codes on Windows 10, the first thing to do after checking your drivers is to run the official Windows troubleshooting tool. This is the quickest and easiest way to fix or at least identify most BSOD errors including DPC_Watchdog_Violation. To begin, open Settings, go to Update and Security, then select Troubleshoot from the left-hand pane. Once you have the list of options visible in the main window, select Blue Screen, then let Windows run the tool. When the tool finishes, select Hardware and Devices and allow the tool to complete its checks once again.

                      When both tools have finished making their checks, you won’t immediately know if the problem has been fixed, regardless of the outcome of the troubleshooter. I’ve had several instances where the tool has failed or stated no error was found, yet I didn’t receive any more BSOD errors.

                      Run System File Checker to Fix DPC_Watchdog_Violation. sfc /scannow

                      The scan usually takes a considerable amount of time to complete so be patient. (It may also stop on certain percentages for an extended period of time). Sfc will find and fix any problems it comes across, displaying the results when it finishes. If the tool finds any errors that can’t get fixed, search online for remedies for the particular errors or error codes. Regardless of the outcome of the scan, either good news or bad, Restart your computer.

                      Use Windows Recovery Options to Fix DPC_Watchdog_Violation.

                      Roll Back to a Previous Version of Windows 10 (use this if the problem started straight after updating Windows)

                      Reset this PC. This option is drastic but is the best fix for BSOD errors, just make sure you opt to Keep Your Personal Files when following the instructions.

                      Fix Sidebyside Error 59 On Windows Computers

                      Activation context generation failed for ’C:KMQQ760KMQQ.exe”.Error in manifest or policy file “C:KMQQ760KMQQ.exe” on linel. Invalid Xml syntax.

                      What is SidebySide application?

                      Microsoft Win32 Side-by-Side service is used to manage the use of various versions of the same component (i.e. DLLs, COMs) installed and running on the same Windows 11/10 computer.

                      What is a SideBySide error?

                      SideBySide errors usually occur on your Windows 11/10 PC if the current installed Microsoft Visual C++ version is not backward compatible with the application that crashed. The Event ID 33 or Event ID 59 is typically associated with the error. For detailed diagnosis, use sxstrace.exe.

                      The most likely culprits to this error includes the following:

                      Missing Visual C++ Redistributable Package.

                      Corrupted operating system-related dependencies.

                      Corrupted .DLL file belonging to a Bing Bar Extension.

                      System File corruption.

                      SideBySide Error 59 – Activation context generation failed

                      If you’re faced with this Activation context generation failed issue, you can try our recommended solutions below in no particular order and see if that helps to resolve the SideBySide Error 59 that has occurred on your Windows 11/10 computer.

                      Run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

                      Uninstall Bing Bar (if applicable)

                      Run SFC and DISM scan

                      Install missing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages

                      Uninstall and reinstall the app

                      Reset Windows 11/10

                      Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

                      1] Run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

                      As the SideBySide Error 59 that occurred on your Windows 11/10 computer is app-related, you can begin troubleshooting by runing the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter and see if that helps.

                      To run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter on your Windows 11 device, do the following:

                      Press Windows key + I to open Settings app.

                      Under the Other section, find Windows Store Apps.

                      Follow on-screen instructions and apply any recommended fixes.

                      To run the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter on your Windows 10 PC, do the following:

                      Press Windows key + I to open Settings app.

                      Go to Update and Security.

                      Follow on-screen instructions and apply any recommended fixes.

                      2] Uninstall Bing Bar (if applicable)

                      Bing Bar is a toolbar for Windows Internet Explorer that integrates with the Microsoft Bing search engine. You can use Bing Bar to search for videos, news, and maps.

                      As it relates to the error in view, investigations revealed that a Bing Bar extension that tries to call a corrupted .dll file is also a culprit. In this particular scenario, if it applies to you, and you have Bing Bar installed on your computer, to resolve the issue in hand, you need to uninstall the Bing Toolbar from your PC.

                      3] Run SFC and DISM scan

                      Corrupted system file that is affecting the normal usage and function of the required Visual C++ dependencies on your Windows 11/10 system can also be a culprit to the issue. In this case, to rule out this possibility, you can run SFC/DISM scan by following the instructions in the guide on how to fix the error message “The system detected an overrun of a stack-based buffer in this application“.

                      4] Install missing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages

                      This error is likely to occur due to missing Visual C++ dependency that the application you are trying to launch requires. Or, in some cases, there’s a startup service unable to start due to missing Visual C++ Redistributable Package. In any case, to resolve the issue, you need to install the missing redistributable package(s) and then restart your computer. Keep in mind that different programs will require different redistributable package, so you need to first identify the missing MSVCR runtime libraries.

                      Do the following:

                      Press Windows key + R to invoke the Run dialog.

                      In the Run dialog box, type cmd and then press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER to open Command Prompt in admin/elevated mode.

                      In the command prompt window, type the command below and hit Enter.

                      SxsTrace Trace -logfile:SxsTrace.etl

                      Next, after the command executes successfully, open the program that is triggering the error in view.

                      Next, run the command below in the open CMD prompt window:

                      sxstrace Parse -logfile:SxSTrace.etl -outfile:SxSTrace.txt

                      Once the command executes successfully, open the chúng tôi file with a text editor and review and see which VC++ runtime dependency is missing.

                      Once identified, you can now download and install the Visual C++ Redistributable Package on your system.

                      Restart PC when the package installation completes.

                      On boot, see if the issue is resolved. Otherwise, try the next solution.

                      5] Uninstall and reinstall the app

                      A viable solution to this issue, since the error could be triggered by an application that crashes when you launch it, is to uninstall the app (preferably using third-party software uninstaller), restart system and then download (if the app is essential and you still need it) the latest version of the app (or an alternative) and install on your Windows 11/10 PC.

                      6] Reset Windows 11/10

                      At this point if nothing has worked for you in resolving the issue, you can reset Windows 11/10 and choose the option to keep your personal files.

                      Hope this helps!

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                      Fix Directx Error On Windows 11/10

                      You may encounter several errors related to DirectX in different scenarios — for example, when downloading, installing, upgrading, updating or running DirectX on your Windows 11/10 computer or when you try to run the DirectX installer package to install the component on your system. This post offers applicable solutions that can help you fix the Direct X errors.

                      Fix DirectX Error on Windows 11/10

                      If quite several unrelated DirectX errors keep occurring on your PC, then our suggested general fixes presented below in no particular order can be applied in any instance of these errors to successfully resolve the problems on your device.

                      Run DirectX Diagnostic Tool (DxDiag)

                      Run SFC and DISM scan

                      Update Windows

                      Install the previous version of DirectX

                      Update graphics driver

                      Install the latest Visual C++ Redistributables and the .NET Framework

                      Let’s look at the description of the process as it relates to each of the listed solutions.

                      1] Run DirectX Diagnostic Tool (DxDiag)

                      If you are having DirectX errors, you can begin troubleshooting by running the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (DxDiag) and see if that helps. Otherwise, continue with the next suggested fix.

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                      2] Run SFC and DISM scan

                      Launch FixWin, then select Run System File Checker from the Welcome window. Restarting your computer when the scan is finished is recommended. Run the DISM Tool to fix the system image if you feel the need to.

                      Read: DirectX setup could not download the file

                      3] Update Windows

                      Many system flaws and concerns can be resolved using Windows Updates. You can try updating the most recent Windows updates if you have the DirectX 12 not working on Windows error and see if that helps. On the other hand, if the error started after a recent Windows update, you can perform System Restore or uninstall the update.

                      4] Install the previous version of DirectX

                      You must install previous versions of DirectX for some programs to function properly. You can download the installer from this page to accomplish that.

                      Install the file after downloading it, then restart your machine. The majority of DirectX issues ought to be repaired after your machine restarts.

                      Read: DirectX failed to initialize error.

                      5] Update the graphics driver

                      Make sure you are running the most recent graphics driver version. If you have obsolete, corrupt, missing, or incompatible drivers, you may get DirectX errors. You must upgrade the graphics driver to resolve the problem using any of the methods below.

                      Read: How to use DirectX Diagnostic Tool for Troubleshooting

                      6] Install the latest Visual C++ Redistributables and the .NET Framework

                      This solution requires you to make sure you download and install the latest Visual C++ Redistributables and the .NET Framework on your Windows 11/10 system.

                      We hope this helps!

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                      Does Windows 11 support DirectX 11?

                      On Windows PCs, DirectX is typically installed by default. The most recent version of DirectX 12 Ultimate, which is included by default with Windows 11 and 10, was released by Microsoft. Some apps and programs, however, still need the earlier DirectX versions, such as DirectX 9 and 11.

                      How can I fix DirectX errors in Windows 11/10?

                      The most effective method to resolve DirectX issues is typically to completely uninstall the existing video drivers using the common Display Driver Uninstaller utility, restart your computer, and then reinstall the video card device drivers available on the support page for your PC. The suggestions we have provided in this post can also help you fix DirectX errors in Windows 11/10.

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