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If you’ve recently tried to access Adobe flash content, you have surely gotten the “Adobe flash player is no longer supported” error. It is because Adobe flash was deprecated in 2023 and officially shut down in 2023.

However, there is a simple workaround to fixing this issue. As this error happens due to adobe flash being blocked by previous browsers that supported it, you can use other flash content supporting alternatives to get around this issue.

There are various methods to get your device to support flash content, some of which differ depending on your operating system. In this article, we will show you how to fix this issue on desktop and mobile.

While there are many different operating systems for desktop devices, they share the same methods to bypass this issue. You can go through the methods listed below to see which suits your needs the best.

The easiest method to fix this issue is to use a browser extension to make your browser compatible with flash content. This is also the most accommodating method for your browsing habits, as you don’t need to change anything.

You can simply download an extension in the browser you currently use to be able to fix this issue. If you use Chrome or Edge, you can use extensions that support flash content, like Flash Player for Chrome or Flash Player Emulator. (Chrome and Edge share the same extensions.)

If you use Firefox, you can use extensions like Flash Emulator and Flash Block. 

On Chrome & Edge

Go to the Chrome Webstore or Edge Add-ons.

Select Add Extension.

On Firefox

Go to Firefox Add-ons website.

Select Add.

Another way you can work around this issue is by using Adobe Flash Player alternatives, as some applications still support running flash content (.SWL and .FLV).

This method is especially useful when you have downloaded .SWL or .FLV file format. Without Adobe flash, when you open locally saved flash content, they try to open in your default browser. If you don’t have flash content supporting extensions in your browser, you will get the “flash player no longer supported” error.

However, with flash player alternative applications, the downloaded flash content will instead open and run in that specific application. BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint, Ruffle, Supernova Player, and CheerpX for Flash are great flash player alternative applications.

Lastly, you can use browsers that still support flash content natively to get around this issue. Some non-mainstream browsers like Dolphin, Kiwi, and Puffin still offer native adobe flash support.

These browsers are some great picks if you do not want to use flash extensions in your current browser or just want to create a separate browser to play flash content.

Even when adobe flash wasn’t shut down, flash content was still rare on mobile devices. Since Adobe flash player got discontinued, there isn’t much you can do to get flash content back on your mobile device.

You can get flash to work on your android device if you downgrade back to the Android 4 version. However, it is really impractical to do so just for flash content, as it is unimaginable to think of downgrading to such extent with new devices. A simple workaround is using a mobile browser that supports flash content.

For iOS users, there is almost no option except one. There is no Flashfox in iOS, and the Dolphin browser doesn’t support flash content in iOS. The only option is to choose the Puffin browser.

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Apple Stops Signing Ios 9.3.1, Downgrades No Longer Possible

Apple has officially pulled the plug for signing iOS 9.3.1 on Friday.

The change means iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users can no longer downgrade to iOS 9.3.1 via iTunes and will now be forced to install iOS 9.3.2 upon any attempts to restore their devices.

Unlike a number of recent iOS signing closures in the past, Apple seems to have pulled the plug on iOS 9.3.1 for all of its devices at once this time rather than for only some devices now and more later.

Apple stops signing iOS 9.3.1

The iOS 9.3.1 firmware was launched at the end of March and was followed by iOS 9.3.2 in the middle of May. iOS 9.3.1 has been available to iOS device users to restore or downgrade to for about three weeks following the initial iOS 9.3.2 firmware release, which fixed minor bugs throughout iOS.

A second iOS 9.3.2 release was also put out to the public on June 2nd after the original software update was pulled for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro by Apple due to problems, and these issues may have been the only reason for some users to have any desire to downgrade back to iOS 9.3.1.

Now that the problem has been resolved in the latest iOS 9.3.2 release, there’s really no reason for anyone to need go back to iOS 9.3.1 in the long run, and with Apple no longer signing iOS 9.3.1, it would be impossible to downgrade anyhow.

It should also be noted that Apple has iOS 9.3.3 in the pipeline for a near-future release, as the second beta was seeded to developers less than a week ago.

What it means for jailbreakers

There is currently no jailbreak for iOS 9.2 or later, and the latest jailbreak only covers firmware up to iOS 9.1, so it’s technically irrelevant to jailbreakers that iOS 9.3.1 is not being signed anymore. Friday’s change shouldn’t really harm your chances of being able to jailbreak again if you’re stuck on iOS 9.3.2.

Although some might be strongly opinionated that a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.1 would be more likely than a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2 due to the rapid succession of firmware updates from Apple as of late, my opinion tends to differ.

iOS 9.3.2 is a minor update and it doesn’t appear to contain any major security updates. Any jailbreak that would have been released for iOS 9.3.1 would have almost certainly worked for the current iOS 9.3.2 release too, but with WWDC 2024 on the horizon, it doesn’t make sense for any jailbreak team to release a jailbreak right now as we await more news on the upcoming iOS 10 announcement.

With that being said, if you were waiting on iOS 9.3.1 and crossing your fingers for a jailbreak, I don’t think it would harm your chances if you were to update to iOS 9.3.2. Of course, it’s ultimately up to you to make that call.

Wrapping up

With Apple no longer signing iOS 9.3.1, all users will be forced to upgrade to iOS 9.3.2 when they attempt to restore their devices in iTunes. Fortunately, this change won’t get in the way of jailbreaking since no jailbreak even existed for iOS 9.3.1 in the first place.

To easily check and see if a firmware version is being signed for your device, you can use a handy online tool called chúng tôi which allows you to select your device from a list and see the firmware versions that Apple currently supports for your device. If the firmware appears green, it’s being signed; if it appears red, it’s not being signed.

Airpods Won’t Flash White – Why & How To Fix It

To pair your AirPods, you need to open the case lid with both AirPods inside the case. Then, you need to hold and press the setup button until it flashes white. After this, with Bluetooth turned on, choose the AirPods name on your device and select it to pair. 

But sometimes the AirPods can suddenly stop flashing white. It can usually happen when your AirPods run out of battery. For this, you can try charging it. Likely, it can occur when the connectors in the charging case are jammed. For that, you can give it a quick clean. 

So, without any delay, let’s look at what may be causing the problem and learn how to tackle them.

Why Are My AirPods Not Flashing White?

If your AirPods don’t flash white, the issue can be with the pairing process. Likely, some other probable causes comprise:

AirPods battery is entirely null.

The connectors in the charging case are not in contact with AirPods.

The bottom of the AirPods may have debris.

Damaged Airpods

Damaged or broken charging case

How to Fix AirPods That’s Not Flashing White?

The fixes that can solve your query are easy to follow and attainable.  

You can try several fixes. First, you can clean your charging case. Likely, charging your AirPods for some time can be another option. You can switch Bluetooth off and on again. 

You can go through these different procedures below. 

Clean the Bottom Part of AirPods

The first thing that you can try is cleaning your AirPods. 

You need to check if the AirPods have collected debris or not. It is worth remembering that AirPods’ bottom part is one of the integral parts. It consists of the microphone, and it is the part that connects with the charging case. 

So, it is necessary that they are clean and can connect with the connectors present inside the charging case. 

You can use a cotton swab or a lint-free cloth and give your AirPods a gentle wipe. 

Now, put the AirPods back in the charging case and see if the problem vanishes. 

Give the Charging Case a Quick Clean

Sometimes little specks of dust, dirt, or other things can get inside the charging case. It can obstruct the contact between AirPods and the charging case. 

It’s worth noting that the charging case contains connectors that get in contact with AirPods. So, if there is debris inside the charging case, it might be causing the pairing issues. 

Thus, you need to clean it. You can use a cotton swab or a micro-fiber cloth. If there is dirt in a tight spot, try using an anti-static brush.

Charge the AirPods

Charging the AirPods accounts for the most common fix. The issue can arise when your battery is completely zero. AirPods with no charge cannot perform any action. 

In some instances, even when there is enough battery, the issue can emerge. 

The simplest fix to the problem is to keep the AirPods in the charging case and let them charge for about 20-30 minutes. After the time frame, open the case lid and press the setup button until you see a white flash.

If you still don’t see the white flash, you can move on to try other fixes.

Restart Bluetooth

Even when your Bluetooth is turned on, there can be a delay in signal and hence, the AirPods cannot display white flash. There can be technical glitches and the AirPods cannot obtain the signal. 

Under such circumstances, a quick restart of Bluetooth can be handy. 

You can follow the instructions below to go through the process.

On Windows

On Android

On iPhone/iPad

Unpair the AirPods

You may have connected your AirPods with various devices. In that case, you may consider unpairing them from your phone, computer, and other devices. Doing so can help eliminate the connection issue between the device that you want to pair with the AirPods. 

Here is how you unpair AirPods on different devices:


On Android

On iPhone/iPad

From the Bluetooth settings, tap the More info button alongside the AirPods name. 

Tap Forget This Device.

When prompted, press Forget Device to confirm.

Update the Device Software

It is necessary that your device is up-to-date to pair with AirPods. If not, there can be issues while pairing and the problem of the white light not flashing.

You can then give a quick restart to Bluetooth and try connecting them again. See if it brings back the white flash on the charging case. 

If you are unsure about how to update your device, you can go through these instructions:

On Mac

On Windows

On Android

On iPhone

Reset the Network Settings of Your Device

The problem can emerge when your device’s Bluetooth is encountering some issues. So, when you Reset network settings, among all other things, it will also reset the Bluetooth settings to default. It would reset the Bluetooth preferences, paired devices, and other settings.

If you don’t know the resetting process, you can try these steps:

On Android

On iPhone/iPad

Visit Your Local Apple Store

The problem can be hardware related. A damaged or broken case can cause the problem. The connectors can have some issues. Or, the AirPods itself may have a problem connecting with the case.  

If you don’t know what’s causing the issue after having tried all the methods, it’s time to visit a nearby Apple Store.  

No Lucky Hand: How This Former Pro Poker Player Became A Billionaire

Chow Shing Yuk, a former professional poker player who studied economics at Stanford University, has joined the billionaire ranks, but not because he drew a lucky hand.

Chow Shing Yuk, cofounder and chairman of Lalatech. Courtesy of Lalatech

Chow Shing Yuk, a former professional poker player who studied economics at Stanford University, has joined the billionaire ranks, but not because he drew a lucky hand.

Over the past decade, Chow, 44, has steadily built Lalamove into a logistics and delivery giant from a base in Hong Kong, backed by the likes of Neil Shen’s Sequoia China and Lei Zhang’s Hillhouse Capital. On Tuesday, Chow’s company, whose formal name is Lalatech Holdings, filed for an initial public offering in Hong Kong that revealed he owns a 25% stake through a family trust. Based on Chow’s stake and proceeds of earlier share sales, Forbes estimates, his net worth to be US$2.2 billion, making him a rare startup billionaire in Hong Kong.

The logistics giant’s application to list in Hong Kong comes nearly two years after it reportedly filed confidentially for a U.S. IPO to raise at least $1 billion, according to a Bloomberg News report. Besides Sequoia China and Hillhouse, Lalatech’s other investors include Richard Li’s FWD Group, real estate tycoon Adrian Cheng’s C Capital and Goodwin Gaw’s Gaw Capital Partners.

Chow, who serves as chairman and CEO, cofounded Lalatech in 2013 to digitize freight booking and tracking services, which were traditionally done through call centers. The company’s mobile app connects individuals and businesses with drivers for delivery of goods, including groceries, furniture and even pets. Lalatech operates under the Lalamove brand in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, and as Huolala in mainland China.

Lalatech managed to narrow its net loss by roughly 96% year-on-year to $93 million in 2023, according to a regulatory filing with the Hong Kong stock exchange. During the same period, the company saw its revenue jump 23% to about $1 billion, with its mainland China business contributing more than 90% of its sales.

Lalatech attributed its steady growth to the vast network of merchants and carriers it has built over the past few years. The company served about 11 million average monthly active merchants in more than 400 cities in Asia and Latin America in 2023, and connected with 1 million average monthly active carriers. This network allows Lalatech to generate more income from membership fees and commissions paid by carriers.

Chow, who was born in mainland China and grew up in a dilapidated wooden house in Hong Kong, earned a scholarship to study in the U.S. after scoring straight A’s in the city’s public examinations, according to an interview he gave to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he earned a master’s degree in economics. After earning his bachelor’s degree from Stanford, Chow started his career as a consultant at Bain & Co. in Hong Kong.

Having spent much of his working hours playing Texas Hold ’em poker online, Chow decided to switch paths to professional poker. The unusual career change was proven right as Chow accumulated HK$30 million ($3.8 million) in winnings in the span of eight years.

In 2013, Chow used his first pot of gold to start Lalatech (which was called EasyVan at the time) with cofounders Gary Hui and Matthew Tam after being frustrated by using call centres to book delivery services. In the Chinese University of Hong Kong interview, Chow disclosed his ambition to make Lalatech the pronoun for “delivery” in dictionaries.

This story was first published on chúng tôi and all figures are in USD.

How To Fix Error Code Su

If you are trying to update or play games from your Epic Games Store Library but keep getting the following error messages: SU-PQR1603, SU-PQE1223. Self Update Failed. The necessary prerequisites have failed to install. Please contact support. Error Code: SU-PQR1603. Search our knowledge base to learn more. This article will show you several different troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the issue.

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The Epic Games Store is usually a pretty stable gaming service that doesn’t suffer from annoying bugs or errors because of its rather simple nature (love it or hate it). Recently, however, there have been a few random error messages popping up for some users who are trying to launch or update games in their library.

There are two main error messages that seem to be occurring the most: SU-PQR1603 and SU-PQE1223

Search our knowledge base to learn more

Putting it simply, the games in your library can’t automatically update. Before you start any of the steps shown below make sure you have the latest version of the Epic Games store client. It should keep itself up to date, however, if you haven’t seen an update for a while just head on over to the Epic Game Store website and download and install the newest version.

Fixing Epic Games error code SU-PQR1603 or SU-PQE1223

Install latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables.

If you are still having issues after updating the Epic Game Store client, you’ll want to make sure you have the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables installed on your computer. There is a chance you don’t as a recent issue I had with Premiere Pro required these files and they were missing, requiring a manual reinstallation. You can check that guide out here.

Install .NET Framework 4.8

Another potential fix for error SU-PQR1603 and SU-PQE1223 is to make sure you’re running Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.8 on your device. If you aren’t sure just download the file and update it anyway.

Uninstall and reinstall your Epic Games Client to fix errors SU-PQR1603 and SU-PQE1223.

If nothing so far has worked, it’s best to uninstall and reinstall the Epic Games Store client on your computer. Nine times out of ten this will fix most issues you are having, except of course for issues linked to Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables so make sure you don’t skip this option. Annoyingly this will require you to reinstall all of the games stored in your Epic Games library, however, it’s worth the effort.

If you are also getting Epic Games Store error LS-0018 when you are trying to launch games from your library, make sure you check out the following article. How to fix Epic Games error LS-0018.

How To Fix Cpu Over Temperature Error

The CPU Over Temperature Error is an error message that ASUS computers with American Megatrends motherboard show whenever the CPU’s temperature crosses the pre-defined limit. This limit protects the CPU from damage by crashing the system. Your computer then shows this error so that you can troubleshoot it.

You can occasionally encounter this issue if you use your computer resources beyond their handling capacity. However, if you experience the error frequently or it shows up on every boot, it indicates issues with your cooling system.

In this article, we have mentioned all the potential causes, along with their corresponding solutions for ASUS computers. Other systems also show similar errors when the CPU temperature reaches an unreasonable level. So, you can perform similar steps for those computers as well.

Here are the potential causes of CPU over temperature error:

Improper fan speed.

Dirty or damaged coolers and heat sink.

Dried out thermal paste.

Blocking the computer’s vents.

High input voltage to the CPU, especially due to overclocking.

Damaged thermal sensor or CPU.

If you are running resource-intensive apps on a low-spec system, your CPU gets overheated easily. So, we recommend you lower your CPU activity in normal use. You can use the Task Manager to detect how much of the CPU’s processing capacity your processes are consuming.

As for this error, first, let the CPU cool down by shutting down your PC and not touching it for 1-2 hours. Then power it up and check whether you continue receiving the same error. If you do, you need to apply the possible solutions we have mentioned below.

The first thing you should do whenever you encounter this issue is to get to your BIOS and check the fan speed. If your fans are not rotating at a sufficient speed, they will fail to cool down the CPU fast enough, resulting in this boot error.

Here are the steps you need to perform to check the fan speed:

The BIOS key as well as available options vary between different motherboards. So, if you want to troubleshoot a similar issue on a different BIOS, we recommend you visit the official website to get such information.

If you start encountering the “CPU over temperature” error after half an hour or so, the issue might be with your computer placement. If your computer is in a location that gets heated quickly or its vents get blocked, your CPU will continue heating up.

If you don’t have a good cooling system, running resource-intensive programs will soon cause your CPU to reach the temperature threshold.

You need to maintain proper airflow and keep your PC in a cool location to prevent such issues. Here are some additional guidelines you can follow:

You can also encounter this issue if your CPU cooler/fan or heat sink is not working properly. In such scenarios, they can’t dissipate enough heat from the CPU leading to this boot error.

We have dedicated articles on cleaning desktop computer fans as well as cleaning laptop fans. We recommend you visit them to learn the necessary steps if you want to clean the fans yourself. Nevertheless, you can also service your computer at a reliable computer service center.

Your CPU also overheats really swiftly if the thermal paste is dried out. The thermal paste increases the conductivity of the heat and helps the heat sink to cool down the CPU faster.

If it’s dried out, it can’t transfer the heat properly, leading to this boot error.

You need to clean and reapply the paste in such a scenario. Here’s how you can do so:

Reconnect the computer’s outer case and boot it up to check whether the error persists.

Overclocking (OC) is a good idea to get the most out of your CPU. However, if you overclock the device beyond its handling capacity, it will overheat really rapidly. You need to lower the overclock settings to a reasonable limit in such cases. However, if you have a low-spec PC, it’s better to disable overclocking altogether.

If you use a program to overclock your CPU, you can use it again to lower the clock rate.

And if you used the BIOS, you can similarly go to bios and lower the input voltage of the CPU.

If you need to disable OC altogether, you need to reset your BIOS to the default setting. To do so,

You can also reset the BIOS by taking out the CMOS battery and putting it back again.

If you encounter this issue on a desktop computer, you can also try delidding the CPU to bring it closer to the heat sink. This way, the heat sink can dissipate the heat produced in the CPU more efficiently.

However, delidding a CPU carries the risk of damaging it. So, we recommend you visit our article on properly delidding CPU to learn the proper process as well as additional information you may need.

If your computer shows this error but your CPU is not overheating (you can check through physical contact), it is possible that your thermal sensor has become defective. Additionally, if your computer does not boot at all and keeps showing the above error, your CPU may have gone bad.

In such scenarios, you need to replace faulty devices. It’s better to seek professional help if you are not confident in being able to replace it yourself.

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