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Telegram channels allow you to host a large audience and to share information with them. An unlimited number of subscribers can join a Telegram channel. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to create Telegram channels on mobile and on the web.

We’ll also tell you about the difference between Telegram groups and channels, how to add people to your channel, and some admin controls that you’ll need.

Table of Contents

The Difference between a Telegram Channel and a Telegram Group

A Telegram channel is like an admin-only WhatsApp group, where members cannot post anything. You can think of Telegram channels like message boards–you’re allowed to get the latest updates from your favorite news portal, company, or a personality you want to follow.

When you follow these accounts on social media portals, random algorithms may prevent you from seeing their posts sometimes. A Telegram channel allows you to circumvent that limitation. You also get individual links for each post in a Telegram channel, and you can view detailed stats to see how many people viewed each post.

Unlike channels, a Telegram Group by default allows all members to post messages. It also has a limit of 10,000 people per group. Groups are designed for chats between members, and channels are more like broadcasting platforms.

How to Create a Telegram Channel on the Web

Telegram’s web app doesn’t allow you to remove subscribers, but you can do that using its desktop or mobile apps.

Private Telegram Channels vs Public Telegram Channels

By default, all Telegram channels created using its web app are private. This means that you’ll have to keep sharing the invite link with Telegram users to bring them to your channel. If a person doesn’t have this invite link, they will not be able to join your channel. On Telegram’s mobile and desktop apps, you can choose which type of channel you want to create during the setup process.

Public Telegram channels can be joined by everyone and are indexed by search engines such as Google. You can easily use Telegram search or other search engines to find and join these channels, and you don’t need any invite links to join such channels. This way you can add subscribers even faster than before.

You can change your private channel to public and vice-versa anytime.

Useful Admin Controls for Telegram Channels

As the owner of a Telegram channel, you have several helpful administrator privileges that you should use wisely. First let’s take a look at basic customization such as changing the channel’s name and picture.

How to Create Telegram Channels on Its Desktop Apps

How to Create Telegram Channels on Android, iPhone, and iPad

You can manage your channel by tapping its name and selecting the Edit option.

Keep the Broadcasts Going

Now that you’re using Telegram channels to good effect, be sure to know how secure the messaging app is. We’ve got a full guide to help you check if your favorite messaging app is secure. You can make the most of your messaging app once you’re aware of its security levels.

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How To Use Whatsapp Web On Desktop And Chrome

If you have particularly chatty people on your WhatsApp list, you’ll know how annoying it can be to converse with them using a mobile keyboard. You can’t really get the gossip grapevine (or more important messages) going at a measly 20 words per minute. Thankfully, there is a way to use WhatsApp on your PC so that you can type with your hardware keyboard and really express yourself.

The app used to require your phone to be switched on and connected to the Internet, but as of an update in late 2023, this is no longer a requirement, and you can connect to WhatsApp Web on up to five devices without having to have your phone on (though you’ll need your phone to make that initial connection).

Before We Start

It’s worth noting that you can’t use WhatsApp on your PC without first setting it up on your mobile phone. As you’ll soon see, it’s impossible to use WhatsApp on a desktop PC without having the mobile app on your phone.

As such, if you don’t have a phone with WhatsApp installed, you’ll find it difficult to follow these steps. If you do, be sure to have it on hand before you get started.

How to Set Up WhatsApp on Your Desktop

If you want WhatsApp as a desktop app, you can download it from the download page. At the time of writing, you can download it for both Mac and Windows.

Once you download and install WhatsApp, boot it up. You’ll be greeted with the following screen.

This screen tells you everything you need to know to get started, but in case you need a little help finding all the settings, continue with this guide.

Go to your phone and open WhatsApp. Tap the three dots at the top right, then “Linked devices.”

Once your phone scans the code, your computer will automatically sign you in and show your contacts.

How to Set Up WhatsApp in Chrome

If you can’t download WhatsApp on your PC, you can access WhatsApp on the Web. This works identically to the PC version, except it’s a website instead of a downloadable app.

Setting up WhatsApp in Chrome is even easier than on desktop. Visit WhatsApp Web, then follow the steps as directed. These steps are identical to the desktop version, so refer to the information above for the full guide and screenshots.

What WhatsApp Web Can and Can’t Do

Unfortunately, this Web version of WhatsApp doesn’t contain all the features of the mobile app. For instance, you can’t make audio or video calls via the web app. You can’t export your Whatsapp chat history either.

However, other features, such as changing profile pictures, setting a status image, and attaching images, are still there. They may be in different locations than on the mobile app, but they’re there.

Learning What’s Up with WhatsApp

If you like talking to people on WhatsApp but are not a big fan of mobile keyboards, you don’t have to be stuck on your phone all the time. Now you know how to put WhatsApp on your PC, whether it’s via the official desktop app or the Web.

Want to have some fun with WhatsApp? Check out our WhatsApp sticker guide. We can also help you out if WhatsApp isn’t working for you.

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How To Delete Your Telegram Messages And Conversations From Someone Else’S Telegram Account.

Learn how to permanently delete a message or entire conversation from Telegram. Gone are the days where messages were only removed from your end of the conversation. Now they will be removed from the entire chat history, even if you’ve missed the old 48-hour deletion window.

How to Use Quoted Replies in Facebook Messenger.

Just like most other chat applications Telegram has long had the ability for users to delete chat content from there devices and the devices of others, so long as the action was taken within the first 48 hours of the message being sent. Now 48 hours is a generous amount of time for a message to be deleted, but it isn’t quite as useful as being able to delete a message or even entire chat whenever you need to.

In an effort to improve Telegram’s privacy reputation even further, Telegram have upgraded the message and conversation removal process. The “Unsend” (delete sent messages) feature now allows users to remotely delete private chat sessions from all devices involved, not just from your device. Once done, the messages will disappear for your device and everyone else within the chat without leaving a trace. Officially Telegram’s blog post states: “You can also delete any private chat entirely from both your and the other person’s device with just two taps.”

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How Do You Delete Messages in Telegram Permanently From All Users Devices Not Just Your Own?

If you’re completely new to the idea of removing messages or conversations from Telegram, the process is super easy and will now remove all messages or conversations instantly, without leaving a trace on any participants device. For this to work, however, you’ll need to make sure you have updated your Telegram app to the latest version. Once you have done so, simply open the app and decide if you wish to remove a message or a conversation.

If you wish to remove a conversation tap and hold a conversation you wish to remove then select Delete. When the option appears to remove the conversation from the other user’s device tick the box and confirm the deletion. If you only wish to remove a message enter a conversation and repeat the exact same process on an individual message. Once you have confirmed the deletion process, you’ll have a few seconds to undo the option using the option at the bottom of the screen. If you miss this tiny 5-second window, the data you are deleting is gone forever, with no way to restore it.

On a Side Note…

5 Ways To Fix Telegram Web When It’s Not Working In Chrome

5 Ways to Fix Telegram Web when It’s Not Working in Chrome




Telegram is the fastest messaging app, and it has lots of features that allow users to communicate easily.

Because Telegram is a platform with lots of traffic, you need a reliable network to help it sync better.

Telegram web requires a stable browser to run it, so discover the best option. 

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

Telegram is a messaging platform that allows users to send and receive messages and media files. It is cross-platform as it works across different operating systems.

Like most messaging platforms, Telegram has a web version. You can access it on your browsers without downloading or launching the native app. Also, it doesn’t reduce the number of features you can access on the platform.

However, there are several issues you can encounter when using it. A common one is the Telegram web not working in Chrome and this can be due to many reasons. In this article, we’ll discuss why Telegram isn’t working on Chrome and how you can fix it.

Does Telegram work on Chrome?

Chrome is one of the browsers in the market. It is because it has features that can run web apps like Telegram. It supports the Chrome browser, and it works smoothly on it.

Why is the Telegram web not working?

1. Outdated browser

Browsers go through maintenance processes regularly, depending on the developer’s timing. It is essential because it helps fix the bugs and loopholes infesting the browser.

However, using an outdated browser can prevent Telegram from working. Because it lacks some necessary features that are in the new patch.

2. Poor internet connection

Telegram requires a stable and fast network connection to work smoothly as a browser. So, if this condition is not in place, Telegram won’t be able to connect to its servers. It can also lead to Telegram not loading chats.

3. Corrupt cache and cookies

Cache and cookies help the browser load faster and more smoothly. Nonetheless, this can be a problem for web apps like Telegram. They may block the connection between the server and the client.

4. Windows Firewall issues

A firewall is a tool that helps protect Windows from external threats that can come with new apps and files. However, it can block the browser from connecting to Telegram servers. So, if you don’t allow

Expert tip:

5. Telegram server is down

If the server is down, the platform won’t function and users won’t be able to access it. It doesn’t occur frequently, but Telegram might not work on browsers when the server is down.

Quick Tip:

To quickly access Telegram and keep track of all your messages, connect using the Opera browser. It has dedicated support for messenger apps, including Telegram.

You can send and read messages directly from the sidebar, without having to open a separate tab for Telegram or install any add-on.

1. Restart the Chrome browser

A simple fix for this issue is by restarting your browser. It allows it to sync better and load the Telegram web app faster. This is the first thing you should do and if the issues persist, proceed to the other solutions below.

This solves compatibility issues that may prevent Telegram web from working on the Chrome browser.

3. Clear Chrome browser cache and cookies

As earlier stated, corrupted cookies and cache can affect the functionality of the Telegram web on chrome. Hence, this should fix the issue.

4. Add Chrome to Windows Firewall 5. Check for Server information

Check Telegram social media groups for updates about the platform’s server. Although the server is rarely down, it could happen.

What is the best browser for Telegram web?

Telegram web also requires a stable browser. One of the best options that are lightweight, fast, and also very secure is Opera. It includes dedicated support for Telegram plus installable add-ons.

If there is anything you should know about server breakdown, it’ll be on their page. Hence, all you can do is wait till it’s resolved.

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How To Change Your Name On Facebook (Ios, Android, And Web)

Changing your name on Facebook is relatively easy, but there are several restrictions and guidelines you need to be aware of before walking down that road. So if you ever wondered – “How do I change my profile name on Facebook?” then it is your lucky day. Because in this article, we will show you how to change your name on Facebook using the iOS app, Android app, and the website. The process we describe below will work irrespective of whether you have a personal Facebook account or run a business page.

Change Your Name on Facebook (March 2023)

Here, we will show you how to change your profile name on Facebook on iPhone, Android, and the web. We will also explain how to change your Facebook page name for business accounts. Do note that you will only be able to change your name if the new name for your page or personal profile meets the company’s stringent guidelines. That said, let’s get to it right away.

Things to Remember Before Changing Your Name on Facebook

Facebook has a set of stringent ‘Name Standards’ that all users need to follow. If your new name does not adhere to those guidelines, you may not be permitted to change your name at all. Worse, the social media giant may even ban your account for failing to abide by its community standards. So here’s what Facebook says you should remember before trying to change your name on its platform:

The name on your account should be the name that your friends call you in everyday life. This name should also appear on a form of ID or document from our ID list. If your authentic name doesn’t appear on any government ID, you can choose from the list of other accepted IDs.

Nicknames can be used as a first or middle name if they’re a variation of your authentic name (such as Bob instead of Robert).

You can also list another name on your account (e.g., maiden name, nickname, professional name).

Profiles are for individual use only. You can create a Page for a business, organization, or idea.

Impersonating anything or anyone isn’t allowed.

Moreover, Facebook mentions that your profile or business name cannot include the following:

Symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeating characters, or punctuation

Characters from multiple languages

Titles of any kind (e.g., professional, religious)

Words or phrases in place of a name

Offensive or suggestive words of any kind

Words or phrases that go against Community Standards (example: slurs, representing dangerous individuals)

Change Your Name on the Facebook Website

To change your name on the Facebook website, you will first need to log in with your account credentials. Then follow the steps below:

Your Facebook account will reflect your new name with immediate effect. Do note, however, that unlike Twitter and most other social media platforms, you can only change your name once in 60 days on Facebook. That means you won’t be able to make any further changes to your profile name within the next couple of months.

Change Name on Facebook using Android App

Changing your name using the Facebook Android app is also an easy proposition. Here’s how you go about it:

On the next screen, go to the “Personal and Account Information” section and tap on your name.

Type in the new name (including the first, middle, and last name) and tap the blue button that says “Review Change“. Finally, select the display preference for your name, enter your password, and hit the “Save changes” button. Congratulations! You have successfully changed your profile name on Facebook from the Android app.

Change Facebook Name using iPhone Mobile App

The process of changing your profile or page name using the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad is similar to the method we have shared for Android. Here’s how you go about it:

Next, select “Personal and account information” and tap on your name from the next page.

On the next screen, type in the new name you want on Facebook. Once you are done, tap the blue “Review Change” button.

Finally, select the name you want to appear on your Facebook profile, enter your password, and tap on “Save Changes“.

Change Your FB Profile Name on Android, iPhone, and the Web

Unlike Twitter or any other major social media alternatives, Facebook insists that it will not accept anything other than your ‘real’ name. Any name it considers ‘fake’ can get you banned from the social media platform. If you can successfully abide by the stringent restrictions, congratulations on your name change on Facebook. On the other hand, if you have had enough of Facebook’s questionable privacy policies and numerous data breaches, check out how you can delete Facebook from your life for good. While you weigh the pros and cons of staying on Facebook, you can at least hide your ‘Active’ status to stop irrelevant messages from annoying friends.

How To Create A Poll On Facebook

Polls are convenient tools for gathering opinions from others. With the number of opinions you can gather on social media, that makes Facebook a good spot to create a poll, right?

It seems the Facebook polls feature has changed over time which can make it difficult to find. At one time, you could create a poll in the Publishing Tools for a Facebook page you manage. However, this currently no longer exists.

Table of Contents

As of this writing, you can create a poll in a Group that you belong to or manage. You can also make a smaller version of a poll when you create a Story on your mobile device.

Let’s look at your options so you know where and how to create a poll on Facebook.

Create a Poll in a Facebook Group

If you belong to or manage a Facebook Group, you can create a poll on the Facebook website or in the mobile app. Plus, gathering opinions from group members with a similar interest might be ideal. 

Create a Poll on the Web

Head to chúng tôi log in, and select the Groups tab at the top.

Choose a Group on the left below Groups You Manage or Groups You’ve Joined.

On the Group page to the right, you may see Poll listed as an option below the Write Something box where you normally add a post. If so, select it. 

Add your poll question in the Write Something spot at the top.

Enter the answers in the Option boxes. If you have more than three answers, select Add Option to include more. If you change your mind, select the X to the right to remove one.

To the right of Add Option, select the gear icon to adjust two controls for the poll. You can allow people to choose multiple answers, allow anyone to add options (answers), or both.

Optionally, pick an addition in the Add to your post section such as an image, tag, or activity.

To schedule the posting of your poll, select the calendar icon on the bottom right, pick the date and time, and hit Schedule.

If you don’t schedule the poll, select the Post when you finish.

Create a Poll on Your Mobile Device

You can create a poll in a Group in the Facebook mobile app with all the same options as on the web.

Open the Facebook app on your device, select the Menu tab, and pick Groups.

Choose a group at the top or tap Your Groups and pick the one you want.

If you see Poll listed as an option below the Write Something text box, select it. If not, tap inside the Write Something field and select Poll in the pop-up at the bottom of the screen.

Add your poll question in the Ask a question spot at the top.

Enter your first answer in the Add a poll option box. Tap Done on the keyboard and then enter the next answer. Continue until you’ve entered them all. If you change your mind about an answer, select the X to the right to remove it.

To the right of the Add a poll option field, tap the gear icon to adjust other controls for the poll. You can allow people to choose multiple answers, let anyone add options (answers), or allow both.

To schedule the posting of your poll, tap Schedule at the top, pick the date and time, and select Save.

When you finish, tap Post, or Schedule if you set the date and time.

Create a Poll in Your Story

As mentioned, you can create a small version of a poll with two answers for a personal account or Facebook business page you manage by creating a story. Unfortunately, this option is currently only available in the Facebook mobile app on Android and iOS, not on the web.

Open the Facebook app, go to the Home tab, and tap Create Story near the top.

Select the kind of story you’d like to create. The poll feature works with all types except Text.

Create your story per the type you chose above, but don’t post it yet.

Tap the Stickers icon at the top or on the right side depending on your story type. Choose Poll in the list of options on the Stickers tab.

You’ll then see a field to enter your question along with Yes and No answers. Type your question and optionally select Yes or No to use your own text or emojis from your keyboard as the answer options.

Tap Done at the top and when you finish creating your story, tap Share to Story.

While this poll is a bit different than the one you can create in a group with several possible answers, it still gives you a way to ask a simple question and receive one of two answers from your Facebook friends.

View Poll Results

Regardless of which type of poll you create or where, you can see the results by viewing the post or story.

For a group post, simply view the poll post to see the number of votes per answer and who voted.

For a story, open your story for results at a glance or swipe up on the story to see the exact number of votes and who voted. 

Remember, Facebook stories disappear from the News Feed after 24 hours. However, if you save stories to the archive in your Facebook account, you can view them there after they vanish.

Now that you know how to create a poll on Facebook in a group with several answers or in a story with only two, it’s time to go get some answers!

For more, look at how to run a Microsoft Teams poll during meetings.

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