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Twitch is full of intense, fun, and hilarious moments that are incredibly share-worthy. That’s why you have Clips. Clips is a Twitch feature designed to help you deal with those very instances.

With Clips, Twitch lets you create short video snippets (or clips) of whatever it is that you’re watching. It even enables you to edit your takes, which means you can nail down the exact moments you want to capture. 

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Sharing obviously plays a major role in this feature. Besides letting you push your clips via social media or directly as chúng tôi links, Twitch will also publish them for everyone to see. 

If you are yet to create your first Twitch clip, then this guide will walk you through how to clip on Twitch. The feature is baked into both the desktop and mobile versions of Twitch so you can start clipping on any device.

That said, you will come across channels that require you to be a subscriber or a follower before you can start creating clips. Some channels may even have the Clips feature disabled completely.

How to Clip On Twitch – Windows and Mac

You can capture, trim, and share clips in Twitch while streaming content on the PC and Mac via the Twitch desktop app or the browser-based web app.

1. Start playing a live stream or a previous broadcast in Twitch. If you use Twitch on your web browser, make sure you’re signed in to your Twitch account before proceeding.

2. Whenever you come across something that you want to clip, hover the cursor over the video. Then, select the Clip icon to the bottom-right of the pane.

Tip: Use the Alt+X (Windows) or the Option+X (Mac) keyboard shortcut to start clipping faster.

3. A new Twitch pop-up window or browser tab should open and load the clip creation screen. Use the handles within the timeline to trim the video anywhere from 5 to 60 seconds—you have 90 seconds of footage to work with.

Note: If you exit the window or browser tab, Twitch will automatically publish the final 30 seconds of captured footage.

4. Insert a title. The clip will go public, so try to make it catchy. Then, select Publish. 

5. Select the Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit icons to share the clip on social media. If you want to grab a direct link to the clip, select the Copy to clipboard icon instead.

How to Clip On Twitch – Android and iOS

If you have the Twitch app installed on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can clip, trim, and share videos just like on desktop. But, you can also share them before making any edits should you want.

1. Start playing a live stream or a previous broadcast.

2. Whenever you want to clip something, briefly tap the video. Then, tap the Clip icon to the top-right of the pane.

3. You have two options. You can immediately share 30 seconds of footage using the share options at the bottom of the Create Clip screen. Or, you can tap Preview and Edit to trim the video clip. Let’s assume that you select the latter. 

Note: If you share or exit the Create Clip screen, Twitch will automatically publish a 30-second clip.

4. Tap Trim Clip. Follow this by using the handles within the timeline to trim the video. Tap Done to confirm your edits.

5. Name the clip, and then tap Publish.

6. You are now back within the Create Clip screen in step 3. Select Share Clip if you want to send out a link to the clip via any instant messaging app on your device. 

If you want to share the video via Twitch’s built-in chat service, select the Share via Whisper option. Or, tap Copy link to copy a link of the clip to the clipboard.

How to Manage Clips on Twitch

Twitch automatically publishes all clips that you create publicly. You can find them underneath the Clips section of the respective channels. However, it’s hard to spot them among clips from other Twitch users.

If you want to manage your clips, your best bet is to use the Clips Manager. Not only does it allow you to re-share or delete your clips, but you can also choose to download any clip locally.

However, you can only open the Clips Manager using a web browser. 

1. Head over to Twitch’s Creator Dashboard ( and sign into your Twitch account. 

2. Expand Content within the left navigation pane of the Creator Dashboard and select Clips to access the Clips Manager. You should then see all clips that you’ve created to date. 

3. Select a clip, and you can watch, delete, rename, or share it. You will also see a Download icon listed among the Share options. It allows you to grab a copy in the MP4 format. You can’t edit your clips, however.

You can filter clips by category or channel using the search bar to the right of Clips Manager. If you broadcast on Twitch, you can also view clips that others have created of your videos by selecting the radio button next to Clips of My Channel.

Start Clipping

With Twitch Clips, you don’t just capture and share stuff, but you also provide streamers with exposure to their content. Avoid spamming with the feature and use it wisely.

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What Are Twitch Drops And How To Get Them

Ubisoft recently used Twitch Drops to provide interested users access to the technical test version of the Hyper Scape game. All you needed to do get the access was watch a Twitch Stream of the game with Drops enabled, and then be lucky enough. Let’s see what Twitch Drops are and what you need to know.

What are Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops is an appropriately named rewards program that gifts players with exclusive loot simply for watching the streams of their favorite games — a pretty good way to enhance the symbiotic relationship between the developer, streamer, and player. It’s also a great way for companies to draw the community to certain streams and alert them to new happenings, releases, updates, etc.

Twitch Drops can reward players with literally anything. It is entirely up to the developer. It might be skins, in-game items, currency, boosts — or something completely different, like an opportunity to take part in special, limited-time activities.

Types of Twitch Drops

Generally, the system is time-based, with viewers being rewarded either randomly or for watching official streams for a certain amount of time. There are also the occasional “Mission Drops” in which all eligible players viewing the stream are rewarded when the streamer completes a certain in-game task — a pretty cool way to passively participate by rooting for your streamer to win you some freebies.

How To Get Twitch Drops

This is a two-part process that involved first linking your Twitch account to the game developer’s account and then watching a channel with drips enabled.

Link your Account with Twitch

First, ensure your Twitch Account is linked with your in-game account, so the game has an idea of where to send your Twitch Drops. Do this by heading over to the developer’s site, and looking for a Linked Account options under your account settings. It might look something like this:

Simply log in with your twitch credentials to join your two accounts, and head back over to Twitch.

Find a Channel with Twitch Drops

Make sure they’re actually dropping. You will see a notification over the game in the directory as well as the channel itself, beneath the video, while viewing.

Just because the developer has Twitch Drops enabled, doesn’t mean every streamer or every viewer is eligible for the program. If Drops have only been enabled for specific streamers, it may not show in the directory or game pages, you will have to check individual streams.

The channel page itself will have a prompt beneath the Channel name for enabling Twitch Drops, and will often be tagged with Drops Enabled and have Drops in the title.

If you’re in a geo-restricted location, it may help to use a VPN in order to become eligible for drops.

It should be noted that you cannot gain extra drop-time by watching multiple drop-enable channels simultaneously — with your in-game account linked to your Twitch, the view-time remains synchronized and does not stack. Though it should be possible to use separate accounts to produce a greater yield of prizes, it depends entirely on the nature of the Twitch Drops in-game as to how much utility this tactic may provide — some developers justifiably prevent the in-game transfer of Twitch Drop rewards.

Games with Twitch Drops

Here is a list of games that are offering Twitch Drops right now, or very or recently.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is running a Twitch Drops campaign from July 9th to July 16th that includes a free gun as one of its rewards. Players need only watch a drops-enabled Call of Duty channel streaming either Multiplayer or Warzone with a Twitch-linked Call of Duty account. The rewards are for 1, 2 and 3 hours and are a Censory Overload spray, Love the Bomb emblem, and a Bloodstream AR weapon blueprint respectively.

Recent Twitch Drops Campaigns

Hyper Scape

Update [July 11, 2023]: Not anymore. The program ended on July 7th.

Ubisoft’s brand new, sci-fi Battle Royale shooter is currently releasing Twitch Drops for its live Technical Test. Not every streamer has Twitch Drops enabled on their stream, so make sure to check the Channel’s title or use the list of official streamers at the bottom of Hyper Scape’s Tech Test announcement page.

One of the available prizes is the opportunity for players to participate in the tech test themselves and get a hands-on experience pre-release — a stellar reward for anyone interested enough to be watching the stream or anyone curious enough to get a feel for Ubisoft’s answer to Apex Legends.

The Tech Test is running from July 2nd to July 7th, and will feature the game’s squad-based Crown Rush game mode. No word yet on their solo-queue Dark Haze mode which features the trademark royale structure but with major limitations on sight.

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is an absolutely terrifying and ingenious mix of PvP and PvE elements from Crytek, the developers behind Crysis, that has players hunting down a bounty boss on a map and doing their best to escape with the prize before being themselves hunted by other players.

Currently, the game has a Twitch Drops Campaign running until July 6th in which players can win in-game currency, tools, and exclusive weapons and Hunters by watching the stream. Players can check the announcement page for a list of official streamers.

Other recent games that had Twitch Drops enabled:

World of Tanks held a one day trial of the Twitch Drops program for their Tankfest 2023 event, giving players a variety of loot and even some premium in-game tanks.

Ubisoft’s 19th-century strategy game held a Twitch Drops campaign in which players were given the chance to win a pair of in-game ornaments.

Following the success of their Valorant Drops campaign, Riot is giving the Twitch audience a chance to win prizes during the 2023 Summer Split. There is no time limit; Viewers need only watch matches during the LCS and LEC to witness epic plays and game-changing moments like a delicious pentakill to be eligible for Hextech keys, Hextech chests, and other prizes. The Summer Split will conclude with the finals on September 13th.

To celebrate the game’s launch on Steam, Sea of Thieves offered players free in-game loot for watching streams for a minimum of 30 minutes, as well as Mission-Drops when streamers completed their Daily Bounties.

The seaborne cousin to World of Tanks, World of Warships, reached 100k followers on its official Twitch channel, and in order to celebrate held a special stream in which viewers were eligible to receive a Supercontainer prize.

Escape From Tarkov ran an extensive Drops campaign mid-june which gave stream-viewers a variety of in-game equipment.

The Hunt: Showdown drops campaign overlapped with Hyper Scape’s technical tests before ending on 6th June. Exclusive legendary heroes and weapons were available during the now-closed event.

The super-hyped Valorant closed beta ended on May 28th, and with it the Twitch Drops program that gave players a chance to participate in the beta before release. 

During the Rainbow Six: Siege European Open Clash event, Twitch drops were enabled from 20 may to 8 June and included a variety of apparel and weapon skin rewards.

And there you go! If you’re hyped for the Hyper Scape’s beta test or a huge fan of Hunt; Showdown’s white-knuckled survival horror, you know what you gotta do in order to get some exclusive rewards out of the Twitch Drop program! What are you waiting for?


Twitch Error: Unable To Join Call

Twitch error: Unable to join call [3 Easy Solutions]




Being unable to join the call is pretty common among Twitch users, but several methods can fix it.

In order to have a complete experience, make sure you run the apps with admin privileges.

Customizing the software rendering option proved to work in some cases, so you can give it a try.

You can get unable to join a call in Twitch due to antivirus restrictions, so you might want to temporarily disable it.

True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

Built-in sound controls and custom music

Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

This is one of the most used live streaming video platforms, but it seems like some users encounter the Twitch error, which makes them unable to join a call in Twitch. It can be a pretty annoying error, but it can be easily fixed.

The developers at Twitch Interactive managed to solve the problem after people have continued to report it.

In this article, we will explore a few steps you should consider to make sure the issues are not local, in the case this error occurs again.

Before getting into the main subject, let’s take a look at some causes that can explain why it can appear while using the app.

Why am I unable to join a call in Twitch?

Wrong privileges – If you’re unable to join a call on Twitch, it might be possible that you’ve tried to access it with the wrong privileges. Thus, you’re gonna have to make sure that you run the app with the administrator ones. Keep on reading and discover how to easily do it.

Hardware acceleration-related problems – Twitch hardware acceleration is also known as hardware rendering. Its main purpose is to use PC hardware more efficiently than in software running on a general purpose. It aims to decrease latency and increase throughput. Yet, the opposite result may occur. Then, you may need to run Twitch without GPU hardware acceleration.

Antivirus or similar software is blocking the app – Many Windows users have gone through it. While launching an app or game, Windows Firewall or any other antivirus software might block specific features.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of solutions that will solve our presented issue, in any of the above situations.

Twitch users won’t encounter any issues ever again:

Your favorite streaming platform may give you hard times when encountering various errors. You can avoid all those problems and enjoy every stream by using Opera GX – the only browser with Twitch integration.

Opera GX has some excellent features like the optimization for Twitch app, sidebar notifications with your favorite streamers, and a built-in VPN so you could change the servers and access Twitch from another location with another IP.

Opera GX

Get now the most optimized Twitch version to not miss any single important stream

Free Get Opera GX

What can I do if I’m unable to join a call in Twitch? 1. Run Twitch with administrator privileges 2. Toggle software rendering option 3. Make sure your antivirus is not blocking the app 3.1 Windows Defender

Use the following keyboard shortcut to open the search box: Windows + S.

Type Firewall, then open the first shown result.

Inside the Windows Defender Firewall check to see if there are any rules set up for Twitch in both the Inbound and Outbound tabs by scrolling through the list to the right.

In the case you find Twitch in those lists, make sure to set all Inbound rules to allow connections.

Your antivirus or firewall can sometimes block Twitch. Thus, you’re going to be unable to join a call in this app.

3.2 Antivirus software

Depending on which software you use to protect your computer from viruses, you will need to check if it is blocking any connections for Twitch. Toggle all settings to Allow to resolve the issue. Alternatively, you can disable it to fix this issue.

If the problem is related to your antivirus, perhaps you should consider switching to a different antivirus.

Still experiencing issues?

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2 Ways To Easily Download Twitch Vods As An Editor

2 Ways to Easily Download Twitch VODs as an Editor There are various options for Twitch VODs like edit, download, or watch




Users can cut Twitch VODs using a Twitch-integrated online video editor like Flixier.

The Video On Demand storage allows you to archive your stream content. It gives streamers access to broadcasts they missed.

There are several options for Twitch VODs users can explore like edit, download, highlight, watch, and not only.

True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

Built-in sound controls and custom music

Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

Twitch is a widely known interactive live-streaming platform. It houses content ranging from gaming, sports, music, entertainment, and lots more. Twitch has a few partners, the Prime and Twitch Turbo, which are used to stream on Twitch.

Most of these partners only have their broadcasts saved for 60 days, after which they are automatically deleted. However, this isn’t the same with users of other broadcasters because they only have a 14 days span to save their broadcasts. It is why users need to learn how to download Twitch VODs.

More so, a VOD (Video On Demand) is an archive of your previously streamed content on Twitch. However, it helps you to access your content without worrying about when the broadcast will delete. VODs help you build your channel. Also, it allows your audiences to catch up with content they have missed.

Furthermore, you can download Twitch VODs on your local device by following the steps in this article.

Can you edit Twitch VODs?

The Edit option allows you to edit features like the Title, Description, Language, and Category of your VODs. Also, there are different ways you can edit your VODs, either by yourself or by employing an editor you trust to do it for you.

Moreover, Twitch is available in the native app and web browser versions. Nonetheless, the edit feature is available for both the Twitch app and the browser app.

Can you cut a VOD?

Twitch has a feature known as Clip. It allows you to share the best moments of your twitch broadcasts. Also, a Twitch-integrated online video editor like Flixier, allows you to cut your VODs from anywhere you want.

How can I download Twitch VODs? 1. Use Twitch’s official site 2. Use third-party options

There are other ways by which you can easily download your twitch VODs. You can do this by visiting websites like Untwitch as an alternative for users to download Twitch videos.

Also, you can download Twitch Leecher as it allows you to download VODs (Videos On Demand) from Twitch. This means that you can watch your favorite content anytime you want without connecting to the internet.

However, some users complain about Twitch Leecher prompting error messages. This can happen for different reasons, which is​​ why we have put together easy ways to fix the Twitch Leecher error in our guide here.

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How To Activate & Turn On Onedrive Files On

Folks who have been using OneDrive for years should remember when it had a neat placeholder feature. For some odd reason, Microsoft took it away, but decided to add it again later. Well, it can be used right now in Windows 11 as well as Windows 10. The official new name is OneDrive Files On-Demand, and it works well so far. You can turn on Files On-Demand on Windows 11/10 using Settings, Group Policy Editor or Registry Editor.

Turn on OneDrive Files On-Demand

If the Settings tab is not selected by default, simply switch to it. Now then, it’s time to locate the Files On-Demand feature. It sits below Notifications, so you’ll need to tick the box, then select OK and move on from there.

The change goes active right away, which means, Microsoft OneDrive will no longer download files if the service is currently transferring data to the computer. From here on, OneDrive will display files and folders from your account in a placeholder setting on the computer.

Basically, the folders and files are visible but are of no use since they are not on the computer.

OneDrive Icons you need to know about

There are three overlay icons that you need to know about.

The next icon is a green check mark, which means, the file is stored on the computer and can be accessed even without an Internet connection.

The final icon is a white check mark, which indicates the file is saved locally and is set to “always keep on this device.”

Additionally, these files can also be accessed without connecting to the web.

You can also turn on Files On-Demand on Windows 11/10 using the Local Group Policy Editor and Registry Editor. To use the GPEDIT method, you need to add OneDrive sync settings in Local Group Policy Editor first.

How to turn on OneDrive Files On-Demand using Group Policy

To turn on OneDrive Files On-Demand using Group Policy, follow these steps:

Press Win+R to open the Run prompt.

Type chúng tôi and hit the Enter button.

Go to OneDrive in Computer Configuration.

Choose the Enabled option.

To learn more about these steps, continue reading.

First, you need to open the Local Group Policy Editor. For that, press Win+R to display the Run prompt, type gpedit.msc, and press the Enter button.

Then, navigate to the following path:

How to activate OneDrive Files On-Demand using Registry

To activate OneDrive Files On-Demand using Registry, follow these steps:

Navigate to Microsoft in HKLM.

Set the name as FilesOnDemandEnabled.

Let’s check out these steps in detail.

Next, follow the following path:


How do I enable OneDrive on-demand?

To enable OneDrive Files On-Demand, you have three options. You can use the OneDrive’s Settings panel, Local Group Policy Editor, and the Registry Editor. However, if you want to enable it for the current user only, you can use the first method. On the other hand, if you want to turn it on for all users, you can use the second or third method.

How does Files On-Demand work in OneDrive?

If you enable OneDrive Files On-Demand, you will not have to download all the files on your computer to use them. You can get the necessary files when they are needed. Once you choose the file to use, it will be downloaded to your computer automatically.

How To Install Git On Linux

Git is a popular version control system that enables developers to track changes in their codebase and quickly interact with others. It is widely used in the software development business and has evolved into an essential tool for many programmers.

In this article will walk you through the Installation of Git on Linux.


Access to a user account that has sudo or root rights.

A computer that is running Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04.

Access to a command line/terminal window (Ctrl+Alt+T).

Install Git using APT

This is the easiest way to install Git on your system because Git package is included in the official Ubuntu chúng tôi you wish to install a specific version or latest stable version, you need to Install Git from source.

[email protected]:-$ sudo apt update Yeading package lists... 99%

This command will refresh the package listings in preparation for upgrades and new package installations.

Then, if there are any pending upgrades, upgrade the system:

sudo apt upgrade [email protected]:-$ sudo apt upgrade Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done Reading state information... Done Calculating upgrade... Done The following packages were automatically installed and are no lon ger required: libflashromi libftdi1-2 1ibllvmi3 virtualbox-guest-utils Use 'sudo apt autoremove' to remove them. The following NEW packages will be installed: libatomic1 libllvmi5 linux-headers-5.19.0-45-generic linux-hwe-5.19-headers-5.19.0-45 linux-image-5.19.0-45-generic linux-modules-5.19.0-45-generic linux-modules-extra-5.19.0-45-generic systemd-hwe-hwdb The following packages will be upgraded: accountsservice alsa-ucm-conf apparmor apport apport-gtk apt apt-utils avahi-autoipd avahi-daemon avahi-utils base-files bind9-dnsutils bind9-host bindo-libs britty ca-certificates cpp-11 cups cups-browsed cups-bsd cups-client cups-common cups-core-drivers cups-daemon cups-filters cups-filters-core-drivers cups-ipp-utils cups-ppdc sudo apt install git [email protected]:-$ sudo apt install git Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done Reading state information... Done The following packages were automatically installed and are no nger required: Llibflashrom1 libftdi1-2 1ibllvm13 virtualbox-guest-utils Use 'sudo apt autoremove' to remove them. The following additional packages will be installed: git-man liberror-perl Suggested packages: git-gui gitk gitweb git-cvs git-mediawiki git-svn The following NEW packages will be installed: git git-man liberror-perl © upgraded, 3 newly installed, © to remove and 1 not upgraded. Need to get 4,147 kB of archives. After this operation, 21.6 MB of additional disk space will be used. Do you want to continue? [y/n]

During the installation, you may be asked to confirm the installation by typing ‘y’ and pressing Enter. Please do so in order for the installation to proceed. The system will then download and install the Git package and any dependencies.

git --version

If Git was successfully installed, the version number will be displayed in the output terminal.

Install Git from Source

If you wish to install a specific version of Git or any latest stable version, you need to compile Git from source. Make sure you install the dependencies required to install from source.

sudo apt update sudo apt install dh-autoreconf libcurl4-gnutls-dev libexpat1-dev make gettext libz-dev libssl-dev libghc-zlib-dev

Now choose the version you need to install and copy the tar.gz link from the official git releases page.

Now you can download and extract the version you wish to the /usr/share directory.

Once the download is completed you can move inside the directory and execute the following commands to compile and install Git.


HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 362 Found

following] /tags/v2.41.0 3… connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 260 OK Length: 10884275 (16M) [application/x-gzip] saving to: ‘STDOUT’

Here are the instructions for compiling and installing Git on Linux:

cd /usr/src/git-* sudo make prefix=/usr/local all sudo make prefix=/usr/local install [email protected]:~$ cd /usr/src/git-* sudo make prefix=/usr/Tocal all Sudo make prefix=/usr/Tocal install GIT_VERSION = 2.41.6 * new build flags CC oss-fuzz/fuzz-conmit-graph.o CC oss-fuzz/fuzz-pack-headers.o CC oss-fuzz/fuzz-pack-idx.o CC daemon.o * new link flags CC common-main.o cc abspath.o CC add-interactive.o CC add-patch.o CC alias.o CC alloc.o cc apply.o CC archive-tar.o cc archive-zip.o git --version

You will get a sample output similar to the one below.

Now you have compiled and installed Git from source.

Configure the Git User Information

Before you begin using Git, you should configure your user information. This data will be linked to any commits you make in a Git repository. Replace the placeholders with your own name and email address and run the following commands:

git config --global chúng tôi "Your Name" git config --global "[email protected]"

You may check the configuration settings by running the command:

git config --list

A list of setup items, including your name and email address, will be displayed.

Output sample:

If you prefer to manually edit the Git configuration file, you can do so with any text editor you like, such as nano:

nano ~/.gitconfig

Now your changes will be saved inside the ~/.gitconfig folder.

Also read: You might also find useful our guide on How to Modify the Hostname in Linux


To summarize, installing Git on Linux is a simple process. By following the provided steps, you can easily set up Git, update your system, and configure your user information. You are now ready to use Git’s sophisticated version control capabilities for your software development projects after successfully installing it.

Update the detailed information about How To Clip On Twitch on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!