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Applications frequently store temporary files known as caches on the iPhone and other devices in order to improve the user experience. In essence, they make it easier to retrieve file pages or images more quickly when using an application, particularly a browser.

The programs on your iPhone, however, can periodically cease functioning if there are too many of these caches. You might need to clear the app’s cache to fix this. In short, the stores on iPhone devices can be emptied to free up memory and resolve performance issues.

Although the iPhone has a built-in feature for clearing caches, it might not be as efficient as required. Because of this, you might have to do so manually, but you should be aware that doing so doesn’t necessarily necessitate uninstalling the program. The application’s cache will, however, also be erased if you choose to uninstall it.

Regardless, there are a number of different ways to clear the cache on your iPhone without deleting the app, and they will be covered in this article to assist you anytime an app on your iPhone starts to lag or become unresponsive.

What Do App Caches Do?

Every iPhone app contains a cache store, which compiles data utilized each time the program is used. It is intended to be a temporary file that will enhance your experience when you use the app again or navigate to a website in a browser.

However, your device continues to save the cache whether or not you reaccess these files. Additionally, some of these cache files can even be corrupted. Because of this, you need to clear the iPhone’s app cache frequently.

Why Should You Clear App Cache?

It’s crucial to occasionally clean the caches on your device to improve usage performance. An application may lag or stop responding if it has too many cache stored in it. Some self-generated files are also saved in the cache memory, and if they come from a website or app you’ve used that is hazardous, they could also pose a threat to your device.

After using an app for a while, all these files accumulate and take up a lot of memory, which may either slow down your iPhone or limit the amount of storage you can utilize. Hence, clearing out the cache has a way of helping you not only in creating more free space but help fix RAM issues on your iPhone. 

How to Clear App Cache on iPhone

Looking for ways to clear app cache on iPhone without deleting the app? Here are four different methods you can utilize:

1. Clear App Cache By Restarting iPhone 

Yes, you can clear out some minor cache files by simply restarting your iPhone. This method can help when your iPhone is being unresponsive or lagging in a way by deleting lightweight cache files stored by each app you’ve been using. Doing this will also release some memory space on your device. To restart your iPhone:

iPhone X, 11, 12 and 13

1. Long Press either the side button of the volume down button until a slider appears.

2. Then drag the slider and wait 30 seconds for your device to turn off.

3. To turn on the iPhone, press and hold the side button again until the Apple logo shows. 

iPhone 8 and lower

1. Press and hold the side button and wait till a slider shows.

2. Drag the slider and wait for your iPhone to turn off.

3. Press and hold the side button to turn the device.

2. Clear Individual App Cache on iPhone

Some applications have their built-in function that allows you to clear cache without having to go through iPhone settings. This method is very straightforward, and here is how to do it;


2. Select History and then hit Clear Browsing Data.

3. Since you are only clearing the caches, make sure other options except Cached Images and Files are unchecked. 


1. Go to Snapchat and tap the bitmoji at the app’s top-left corner.

2. Hit the Settings icon at the top-right corner of the screen.


2. Scroll down and select Storage.

3. Hit Clear cache.

Some other applications have this “Clear Cache” function, while some don’t. Regardless, you can always check the app settings out and confirm if the feature is available or not.

3. Offload App

Offloading an application on an iPhone means removing the app while keeping only the functional data. If you offload an app, the app cache will be cleared along with it, so when you reinstall the app, you’ll only have the necessary app data available on it. Here is how to do it:

2. Select iPhone Storage.

3. All the apps available on your device will be shown, so tap the one you want to clear its cache.

Note: Offloading an app doesn’t clear any of your useful data.

4. Use Third Party App

Some third-party applications can also be useful in clear app cache on iPhone without deleting the app. Although most of them will require you to make a subscription to use them, they are very effective in doing their tasks. Among the ones you can try out are iMyFone Umate and PhoneCleaner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does uninstalling an app clear the app caches?

Uninstalling an app clears out the app cache and some app data along with it. However, other app files like images, audio, video, and docs will still be available in your phone storage anytime you need to access them.

What happens when I clear Chrome or Safari Cache?

Most users think their files and probably passwords saved will be removed if they clear their browser cache. This isn’t true, as your app caches have nothing to do with the file you’ve downloaded or saved using your browser. 

Can I clear caches on my apps all at once?

By using third-party cleaners, you can remove big cache files on your iPhone all at once. But if you are using the generic method of cleaning caches on iPhone, it can’t be done.

Final Words

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How To Clear Chrome Cache On Mac In 6 Easy Steps

If you’ve been using Google Chrome daily, you might be aware of the storage that keeps piling up and taking up an exponential amount of space on your Mac. Clearing these files on a regular basis is essential for maintaining optimal browser performance and protecting privacy. This guide will walk you through the process of clearing Chrome cache, history, and cookies on your Mac. Let’s get started.

Importance of clearing cache, history, and cookies on Mac

However, before jumping into the process, it’s vital to be aware of the terms.

Cache: Every content that has been previously accessed, like web pages, images, and online streaming services, acts out as cache memory. This data is locally stored in your browser’s memory, thereby leading to slower performance.

History: It can be referenced as a logbook that keeps track of your activities. The record of your internet presence might come in handy for future preference but is extremely volatile too. Your browser history can reveal a ton of sensitive information and compromise privacy.

Cookies: Unlike its name, cookies are used to keep track of user behavior across multiple websites. It contains crucial information like login credentials, preferences, and much more. While cookies provide a personalized experience, they are equipped with tracking information.

You must realize that these files are temporary and will not affect your browsing experience. On the contrary, clearing this temporary data will reduce the risk of ID theft and keep cyber-attacks at bay.

How to delete cache, history, and cookies in Chrome on Mac

A small menu will appear on your screen, allowing you to completely remove Cache, History, and Cookies from your browser.

In a few seconds, your web browser will be cleared of every piece of information ever stored in your device.

Advanced options to clear Chrome data on Mac

Upon accessing the interface for Clearing browsing data, you can shift to the Advanced option feature.

Time range: Access the drop-down menu to select the duration for which you desire to clear out data.

Browsing History: This feature signifies your search history categorized according to your day-to-day activities.

Download History: It keeps a record of your previously downloaded files or documents.

Cookies and other site data: It is responsible for storing your website preferences and tracking your internet presence.

Cached images and files: These allow you a smooth and fast surfing experience. Chrome stores your web browsing searches on your Mac.

Passwords and other sign-in data: If allowed, Chrome can store your Passwords and other login credentials so that you can quickly access the same websites in the future.

Auto-fill form data: If you’ve ever filled in details like your name and address on the web browser, Chrome can store that information for future reference. In addition, you can change these details if you desire from the settings.

Site settings: Accessing websites that require permissions, like location and contacts, are saved as personal preferences for the same website. Hence, you’re not prompted with such alerts upon accessing the website in the future.

Hosted app data: This stores the information about the added third-party add-ons through the Chrome web store. 


The procedure of clearing cache, history, and cookies from your Chrome browser is not as hard as it seems. The steps mentioned above will ensure that your confidential information is safeguarded at all times. Remember to perform this task regularly to keep your browser running smoothly and prevent potential privacy issues. 

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How To Clear Directx Shader Cache (Windows 11)

This guide explains what DirectX Shader Cache is, what it does, in what situation should you clear it, how does clearing the shader cache help, and 2 methods on how to clear DirectX Shader Cache in Windows 11.

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Like other cache system, DirectX Shader Cache is a cache of DirectX shaders that are used to improve the performance of games and software. Since the games can use the shader cache instead of regenerating the game shaders each time they are needed, the time needed to render images and videos on the screen can be significantly reduced while loading the games.

As you load and run games from time to time, the DirectX shader cache your computer accumulate will build up. This can take up a lot of storage space. If you are running out of storage space on your system drive, you may want to consider clearing the DirectX Shader Cache to free up some space.

Other than that, another common reason to clear the DirectX Shader Cache is when your games suddenly start to act strangely, causing lag and stuttering in game. The shader cache can sometimes get corrupted and causes issues when they are loaded. This is especially the case if you have recently installed a game patch or applied a major Windows Update.

Thus, clearing the DirectX Shader Cache often helps to solve these random game lagging and stuttering issues. After clearing the shader cache, the game will then be able to regenerate the shader cache from scratch.

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There are generally 2 ways to clear DirectX Shader Cache in Windows 11 – via the Disk Cleanup utility tool or through the new Windows 11 Settings interface.

To clear DirectX Shader Cache in Windows 11 via Disk Cleanup, follow the steps below.

You will be prompted to select the drive you want to clean up. As DirectX Shader Cache is usually stored in the system drive (the drive where your Windows was installed), select your system drive, usually the C: drive.

For optimal clearing, you should close your all your games and programs before clearing the DirectX Shader Cache. This is to make sure the cache is not in used by any game or program during the clearing process.

After clearing the shader cache, it’s better to restart your computer first before relaunching any game to regenerate the shader cache.

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To clear DirectX shader cache via Windows 11 Settings, follow the instructions below.

Press Win + i keys to open Settings.

Next, select System from the left pane, and then select Storage on the right.

In the Storage settings, select Temporary files under your system drive.

In the Temporary files section, scroll down and select the DirectX Shader Cache checkbox.

Tip: Since you are there, you may also want to clear other temporary files to free up more space on your drive.

If the checkboxes are greyed-out in the Temporary files settings, it’s usually because Windows is still calculating the amount of data for each categories that you can delete. It may take a while depending on the size of the data that needs to be calculated. Once the calculation process is completed, you can then select whichever temporary files you want to delete.

The Best App To Track Phone Devices Without The Person’S Knowing

Phone tracker software will help keep your family and digital devices safe. Use an app to track your phone to keep your kids safe or in case you lose your own device. The best part is that many tracking apps are free or have a trial period and will not break your bank. If you want to know more about them, you’re in the right place. Here is a complete guide about the best app to track phone devices.

Here are the five best phone tracker apps to monitor the target device:

1. Track a Cell Phone Location with uMobix Phone Tracker App

uMobix is an excellent location tracking app that will help you find your phone in different cases. This phone tracker app can also track your husband, kids, and friends. The best part is that this tool is an all-rounder and offers much more than just location tracking. Use it to see the sent and received messages on a cell phone.

The app also allows you to access the call logs of your family members to see who they’re interacting with. See images sent to your loved one’s number as well. This is why many people use uMobix to track their kids’ phone activity. Spouses also use the tool due to insecurities and other reasons.

Easily download this monitoring app and create an account on the uMobix site. Then, use the relevant credentials to use the cell phone tracking app on the target device. The tool will offer you live updates every five minutes to ensure you don’t miss out on any key event.


More than 40 features, including call tracking

Compatible with all devices

Tracks messages on multiple social media apps

Signing up does not take much time

24/7 customer support

Offers a free trial


Some features are available only for Android

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2. Find My iPhone – Track an iPhone Location for Free

All Apple devices come with a “Find My” app that makes location tracking a breeze. So you will not have to download any external GPS tracking tool.

When you open the “Find My” app, you see all the devices connected with you and their locations. Easily track someone without them knowing by putting them on your iCloud’s Family Sharing Plan and turning on the location-sharing option from their device. This will allow you to see the person’s live location every time you open the “Find My” app.

A great thing about the phone tracking software is that it also offers other options. For instance, play a sound on the lost device from your phone’s “Find My” app. This is suitable if you’re searching for the target device in your home. Marking the item as lost and remotely erasing the phone’s data is also possible.


Free to use

It can be used to track all Apple devices

Offers live location tracking

Suitable for tracking someone without them knowing


iCloud must be enabled

Another iOS device is needed to use this app

3. Google Maps

Google Maps may seem an unconventional phone tracker, but it is useful if you don’t require other tracking features. The app is designed to help you find the location of your friends and family members. What’s so great is that it is possible to use the app to track an Android phone using GPS easily. The platform will offer you live location updates.

This app has a highly versatile map that does not miss details. Precisely see where the device is without making much effort. You will also not have to worry about downloading the app because most Android phones have Google Maps pre-installed. This is why many people use the tool because of its high convenience.

Use Google Maps to track someone without them knowing. However, you will require access to their phone at least once to start the tracking. This is because you will have to ensure that the app uses the device’s location at all times. You will also have to share the tracking link with us. The tool allows you to tack iPhones and Android devices.


Free app

Live GPS monitoring

Pre-installed in most phones

Location can be shared with phone and Gmail contacts


The person will know their location is being shared if they open the Google Maps app

4. Find My Device

Find My Device is another useful app by Google designed to help people search for their lost phones. This GPS phone tracker can be downloaded from the Play Store on the target device for free. You also don’t have to worry about getting a subscription to use the tool. The best part is that you can easily use the app to track your phone with these easy instructions:

Open Find My Device on your phone

Connect it to the Google account of the device you want to track

Press continue and sign in

Enable location access to start tracking

These steps will help you easily track all devices connected to the Gmail account. This is why many people who share one Google account can use Find My Device to track each other. The great thing about this GPS tracker is that it allows you to see your location in stealth mode. So you don’t have to worry about the other person knowing about the tracking.


Allows you to track location remotely

Erase data on specific devices if they’re stolen

The app helps you see the battery life of the phone

Check which Wi-Fi network the device is connected to


You cannot track the person if they turn off the location of their phone

5. Stay Connected with GEOfinder Phone Tracker

GEOfinder is another excellent app to track phone devices within a few seconds. The cool part about the tool is that it is a phone number tracker. This means you don’t have to worry about turning on location access to your family member’s device. You also don’t have to download the app on the target phone for tracking.


It offers unlimited location requests

Anonymity is maintained when sending a message

Customize the text for tracking easily

Provides precise location


Tracking is not possible if the person does not open the link

Sending a message is possible every 3 hours

Best 3 Third-Party Services to Track a Phone Remotely

Here are the three best third-party tools to track a device remotely:

1. Use BeenVerified App to Track Phone Numbers

BeenVerified is a robust phone number tracker that allows easy tracking. The top feature of the app is that it has an extensive database of phone numbers. So you will also get the name, age, photos, job history, and other details of the person without them knowing. The only thing you must know is the individual’s phone number for tracking.

The great thing about the tool is that it is compatible with Android and iOS devices. So you don’t have to worry about using the browser all the time. Get essential information about an individual easily without them knowing. However, remember that the software only offers potential locations instead of a live one.

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2. Use the PeopleLooker Website to Track Phone Numbers

PeopleLooker is another app that allows getting background information about a person through their phone number. Learn their address and potential location with this app. It is possible to track the person using multiple methods. For instance, use email instead of phone number for tracking.

Besides that, you can search for a person using their name and city. This app is useful to save yourself from scams. Use it to identify unknown numbers easily. It can help you keep yourself and your family members safe from phishing, online threats, and other risks. The app is also suitable for finding information about sex offenders to keep your kids safe.

3. Use the Spokeo Website to Track Phone Numbers

Spokeo will also help you confidentially track someone’s information without them knowing. All you require is the number of the other individual. The app is mainly suitable for learning more about mysterious callers and unknown message senders. The top feature of the platform is that you will receive comprehensive background information.

This app is suitable if you’re going on a blind date with someone you encountered on a dating app. It is also best if an unknown person is frequently messaging your kid’s number. The app will help you keep your family members safe.

Which Location Tracking Method Should I Use?

There are multiple ways to track people, but the top option is to use GPS monitoring apps. They offer you the device’s precise location without the person knowing it. The tools are also better than phone number tracking apps because the method offers live location access.

FAQ How to track an Android phone with Find My Device?

Track an Android phone by downloading the Find My Device app on your phone. After that, connect the tool to the Gmail account of the device you want to track. Once the sign-in is complete and location access has been enabled from the target device, see the live address of the phone.

Is there any way to track an Android device without the Internet?

Android devices can be tracked even if they don’t have an internet connection. The phone’s built-in GPS works without Wi-Fi. So tracking is performed using the phone number and cellular networks. However, you will require robust software to perform this type of tracking.

Which app can I use to track a phone using its IMEI?

A mobile phone’s IMEI is provided by the operator and can be used for tracking precise locations. TAMRRA is among the top apps for finding someone using their phone’s IMEI. It is also possible to get the location from an operator if you achieve a court order.

How to track my husband’s phone location in stealth mode?

The best way to track your husband’s location is by installing a tracking app on their phone. uMobix is an excellent app that will help you see your husband’s location, incoming calls, messages, etc., stealthily and anonymously. Use the “Find My” app if your partner has an iPhone.

How to track an iPhone using the iCloud location service? Our Verdict – Right App to Track Phone Without Them Knowing

This is everything you need to know about the best app to track phone devices. The top tool that can be used to track someone is uMobix. The app is paid but offers you access to the person’s location, message, contacts, and other essential details.

How To Stop Apps Deleting On Iphone And Ipad

Did you ever hand over your iPhone to your kid only to deeply regret the action after the kid deleted some of your most important apps? That’s indeed rather annoying! But the good thing is you are not alone to have experienced this situation and wish for a way to block the deletion of apps on your iOS device. Guess what? Apple has offered a well-thought-out feature for this exact purpose. On this very note, let me show you how to stop apps from deleting on iPhone and iPad. 

Restrict Apps Deleting on iPhone and iPad (Handy Guide)

As always, we are going to first delve a bit into how blocking the app deletion works on iPhone. Having derived a clear understanding, we will get started with steps.

So, How Does iOS Let You Restrict Apps Deleting on iPhone and iPad? 

Thanks to the introduction of a parental control feature called “Screen Time”, it has become incredibly straightforward to implement desired restrictions over several necessary things on iOS. For instance, you can use the built-in parental control feature to not only disallow anyone from deleting apps on your device but also limit multiplayer games and hide apps. And if the need demands, you can even activate an even stricter restriction and force your child to ask for your permission to buy items from App Store.

Wondering whether or not your iPhone is compatible with this feature? Well, Apple launched Screen Time in iOS 12. That means even if you have an older device like iPhone 5s or first-generation iPad Air, you will be able to get this feature. 

Disallow Deleting Apps on iPhone and iPad 

1. First off, launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. In the Settings menu, choose Screen Time. 

3. Now, scroll down to the bottom and choose Content & Privacy Restrictions. 

4. Make sure that the toggle next to Content & Privacy Restrictions is set to the “ON” position. 

5. Next, tap on iTunes & App Store Purchases. 

And that’s about it! The change will be implemented with immediate effect. From now onwards, whenever you long-press on an app icon on your iPhone, the “Delete app” option will no longer be present in the popup menu. So, you can rest assured that your little champ won’t be able to eliminate apps while playing with the device.

Do note that on this very screen, you will get a couple of equally pivotal parental control features such as installing apps and in-app purchases. If you no longer want your kid to install apps or make any in-app purchases without your affirmation, you can restrict them as well. 

Stay Tuned In With Us For More Such Handy Tips…

There you have it! So, that’s how you can prevent your kid or for that matter anyone else from deleting apps on your iPadOS or iOS device. If you often hand over your device to your child for playing games or watching educational videos, I would recommend you keep this feature enabled. Just to have an extra layer of safeguard against accidental deletion. 

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Ios 16: How To Use Podcasts App On Iphone And Ipad

The Apple Podcasts app has many features and is perfect for listening to your favorite podcasts. The app lets you subscribe to podcasts across various genres, download episodes, set Sleep Timer, modify playing speed, and much more. This guide will explain how to use the Podcasts app on iPhone running iOS 16 and explore each aspect of the app in detail.

How to listen to podcasts on iPhone

Launch the Podcasts app. 

Navigate to Browse. 

Note: Alternatively, you can select an episode from the Listen Now tab.  

How to use playback controls in Podcasts app on iPhone

The symbols shown below can be seen on the Playback display of your Podcast screen. Let’s take a look at their functionality. 

Skip Buttons

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

Scroll down and tap Podcasts.

Podcast Speed AirPlay Sleep timer More button

How to follow or unfollow a podcast on iPhone

Launch Podcasts → go to Browse. 

Alternatively, to unfollow a show, you can head to Library → Shows → select the show → tap the three dots icon → Unfollow Show. 

How to download or remove podcast episodes from iPhone 

Open Podcasts → Browse → select a show. 

Go to Episode → tap the three dots icon.  

You can also go to Library → Downloaded→ select the show → scroll down to the Episode → tap the three dots icon → Remove Download. 

How to delete podcast shows and episodes on iPhone 

Head to Podcasts → Library → Shows. 

Tap the red (-) icons. 

How to share podcast show or episode from iPhone

Share a podcast show

Open Podcasts → Browse → choose your desired show. 

Besides this, you can simply hold the show you want to share and tap Share Show from the dialogue box as a shortcut for the above steps. 

Share a podcast episode

Go to Podcasts → Browse → choose your desired show. 

You can also follow Steps 1–2 → then tap and hold the episode → select Copy Link and paste the link on any social site/app and share it. 

Use Siri to listen to podcasts on iPhone

The iPhone’s Podcasts app works perfectly with Siri, a virtual assistant by Apple. You may use Siri’s hands-free assistance for an episode to perform simple chores such as playing, pausing, skipping, leaping back, and other commands.  

A few commands that Apple allows you to use while playing your favorite podcast using Siri are listed below: 

“Hey Siri, play You’re Wrong About podcast.” 

“Hey Siri, play the latest episode of Wow in the World.” 

“Hey Siri, follow this show.” 

“Hey Siri, pause.” 

“Hey Siri, rewind 30 seconds.”  

“Hey Siri, play this twice as fast.” 

“Hey Siri, skip ahead 10 minutes.” 

Filter seasons and episodes in Podcasts app on iPhone

Open Podcasts → Library → Shows. 

Select a show. 

Choose the episode order in Podcasts app on iPhone

Launch Podcasts → Library → Shows. 

Select a show → tap the three dots icon. 

Select Settings. 

How to view shared podcasts 

Ensure that you have your friend’s contact saved and Shared with You on. To allow the feature, open Settings → Messages → toggle on Shared with You → toggle on Podcasts. Now to view the shared podcasts, follow the steps below. 

Launch Podcasts. 

In the Listen Now tab, navigate to the Shared with You section.

Have an in-app podcast subscription and want to change it? All you need to do is:  

Open the Podcasts app. 

Navigate to the Listen Now tab. 

To completely cancel the subscription to your podcasts, follow our guide on how to cancel subscriptions. 

Sync podcasts across devices on iPhone and iPad 

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone → Podcasts. 

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone → Podcasts. 

Tap Automatically Download. 

Any inquiries regarding the Podcasts app? 

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