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There are several ways to charge your Apple Watch, but the easiest way is to use the included cable that comes with your Apple Watch (Amazon, Best Buy). 

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How To Charge Your Apple Watch

The basic white charger provided with the watch has two sides: a flat one, and one that bows inward. The side with the depression is the one you want to attach to the backside of your watch. Once aligned, magnets will snap the two of them into place. As long as the charger is plugged into your computer or power brick, the watch will begin to charge your Apple Watch right away. 

You’ll know the watch has started to charge because it will make a chime. If it’s in silent mode, you will see a lightning bolt appear on the front of your watch. This will be either red or green, depending on how badly the watch needs power. In some cases, the lightning bolt might not appear at all for several minutes until the watch has enough charge—in this case, you’re likely to see an Apple logo.

Once you see this lightning bolt symbol, all you have to do is wait. The watch is charging. 

Charge Time Requirements

There are several ways to know how much charging time is left. On average, the Apple Watch takes two hours to fully charge. If you’re in a hurry, 1.5 hours will bring it to 80% charge. 

To check how much time is left, first look for the charging icon in the top-left corner of the screen. It resembles a progress bar and gives you a rough look at how far along the charge is. On the other hand, you can add a battery icon to the face of the watch itself that will give you an actual percentage amount rather than a numberless bar. 

Charge Your Apple Watch Without The Charger

You can charge your Apple Watch without using the standard charger. There are several third-party “stations” on the market that allow you to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods all in one place.

Although these devices are different, they follow the same basic idea. Each one will have a designated area for their device. Read the instructions provided and place your Watch on the proper charging pad. 

If you don’t have the instructions, don’t worry. In most cases, the difference in size between the three devices these stations can charge makes it obvious which one goes where. These stations are great for organizing all of your devices in one place, but be wary when purchasing. Make sure the station you buy allows the correct power throughput for each device. 

The Best Apple Charging Stations

If you’re interested in picking up a charging station for your iPhone and Apple Watch, these are some of the best options on the market. 

Belkin’s two-in-one charger has a clean and modern look and lets users charge all modern iPhones and Apple Watches at the same time. The charger has a built-in magnetic charging pad for Apple Watches and a Lightning Connector for iPhones. 

The most interesting feature of this charging stand is the adjustable Lightning Cable that lets users extend or retract the cable length to fit most cases. 

The Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad presents a stylish, simple look and allows you to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at the same time. The Mophie charger is designed to tackle cases up to 3 millimeters thick and has fast-charging capabilities that will bring your devices up to full in no time at all. 

It has a suede top that protects your devices while they charge, but all this class comes with a high price tag –  $112.

If you’re looking for a two-in-one charger on a budget, the Mercase Aluminum Universal Desktop Stand is a great option. At just $16, the case is far cheaper than competitors but still has a solid construction. 

Your Apple Watch charges at the top of the case, while your phone sits sideways with only a small lip holding it in place. This makes this case the perfect option for watching movies or YouTube on your phone while it charges. 

A lot of two-in-one chargers take up a lot of space, but the Twelve South HiRise Duet takes a different approach that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Rather than placing the iPhone at a slanted angle, the HiRise Duet sees it standing straight up above your Apple Watch. The Watch charges at the base of the stand, with the iPhone mounted on a wide stand above it. The charging station goes for $60 on Amazon.

The Beacoo 3-in-1 Wireless Charger is another affordable option for a charging station. At $27, it’s compatible with all Qi-enabled devices (including Samsung phones, so it isn’t limited strictly to Apple products.) 

It has a 10W fast charger, adjustable charging board, and solid structure that ensures your Apple Watch remains in place exactly where it needs to be. Your AirPods fit in a pocket underneath the Watch. 

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How To See Your Steps On Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch tracks your steps as you move. You can check your Apple Watch to view your daily step counts. Doing so will help you reach your daily activity goals. Whenever you put on your watch, your steps will be automatically tracked.

Physical activity is important for a healthy life. According to research studies, 10,000 steps/day is a reasonable target to focus on for healthy adults. The good news is that your mobile device, including your iPhone and Watch, can keep tabs on the steps you take. On your Apple Watch, you can use the Activity app to view your daily activity.

We’ll first tell you how to see your steps via the Activity app, then how to add an Activity app complication to your Apple Watch face. Furthermore, we’ll give you a suggestion for a third-party app that can show your steps directly on your watch face.

How to view your steps on your Apple Watch

While on the Home screen (press the Digital Crown to open the sea of app bubbles or list of apps), open the Activity app on your watch. The Activity app is the one with three colored (red, green, and blue) circles on it.

Scroll down to the bottom. You can also turn the Digital Crown down to go to the bottom. You will see the Total Steps, including Total Distance and Flights Climbed. As you can see, my steps for today are zero because I have not worn my watch yet.

If you scroll down a little further, you will see a button called Weekly Summary. Tap that.

Now you can see your weekly progress, including weekly Total Steps, Distance and Flights Climbed.

How to add your step count to your Apple Watch face

Your watch face is your lock screen. This will offer a convenient way to view your steps. If you frequently find yourself checking your steps, this is the way to go.

There is no built-in way to view your steps as a complication on your Apple Watch face. So, you have a couple of choices:

You can add an Activity app complication to your watch face. Then, when you tap on the Activity complication, you can view your steps.

You can use a third-party app to view your steps directly on your watch face.

1. Add an Activity app complication to your watch face

You can add the Activity app icon on your watch face. Here is how:

Go to your watch face (press the Digital Crown if you are on the Home screen).

Touch and hold the face until the Edit button appears.

Tap Edit.

Keep swiping left until you see the Complications.

Tap a Complication and then tap Activity.

Press the Digital Crown twice to exit. Now a shortcut to the Activity app will be placed on your Watch Face. You can easily tap that to open it and see your steps quickly.

2. See steps on your Apple Watch face with a third-party app

There are a variety of third-party pedometer apps for Apple Watch. One that we like is StepsApp. After you grab the app from the App Store on your iPhone, make sure it is installed on your Apple Watch:

Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

Scroll down and look in the Installed on Apple Watch section. If StepsApp isn’t there, scroll down and find it in the Available Apps section and hit Install.

After you have it installed on your Apple Watch, you’ll need to give it permissions so it can integrate with the Health app and use your Apple Watch’s pedometer – look for the permission prompts to pop up. Add complications from StepsApp to your favorite watch face (see above). You can also add complications using the Watch app on your iPhone.

There are a variety of complications available to add to your watch face. You can choose to show steps, distance, floors or calories, and there are different complications for each so that you can find one that will fit on your watch face.

You can open and set up things in the StepsApp on your iPhone, or you can just use the complications on your Apple Watch without ever opening the iPhone app.

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How To Know Whether Your Apple Watch Is Connected To The Internet Or Not

You need internet on your Apple Watch to use Siri, make FaceTime calls, and more. If you’re unsure whether your Apple Watch has Wi-Fi, cellular, or internet connectivity or not, this tutorial has got you covered. It will show you the different ways your Apple Watch can access the web and what its tiny network connectivity icons mean.

Quick Check

To quickly check whether your Apple Watch has internet connectivity or not, press the Digital Crown to call Siri. Now, make a request, and if it’s successful, your Apple Watch is connected to the internet.

Being a watch owner, if you want to learn more about this topic, please continue reading.

Internet Connectivity on Apple Watch

Apple Watch can connect to the internet via three ways – Wi-Fi, cellular (on cellular models), or use your iPhone’s internet.

To start, bring up the watchOS Control Center by swiping up on the watch face. If you are inside an app, press and hold the bottom part of the watch screen and pull it up to bring the Control Center. Your Apple Watch is connected to the internet if you see any one of the three icons mentioned below.

1. Green iPhone icon

This means your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth, and it can use your iPhone’s internet. You see this icon most often.

Even if you turn off Wi-Fi on your Apple Watch, the wearable will use your iPhone’s cellular (5G, 4G, 3G) or iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection to access the internet. But if mobile data and Wi-Fi are off on your iPhone as well, the watch also obviously loses internet access.

Use case: Your iPhone is charging on the table nearby, and you make a FaceTime audio call from your Apple Watch or use Siri on it.

2. Wi-Fi icon

When your Apple Watch isn’t connected to the iPhone, but only to a known Wi-Fi network, you will see a tiny blue Wi-Fi icon instead of the green iPhone icon. This means, your Apple Watch can connect to the internet even without the iPhone being around.

To check, go to iPhone Settings (not Control Center) and turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This will disconnect the Apple Watch and the iPhone. In a few seconds, the tiny green iPhone icon in your Apple Watch Control Center will be replaced by a Wi-Fi icon.

Use case: You’re home or in the office, and your iPhone is switched off. Your Apple Watch is connected independently to the previously joined known Wi-Fi and can make FaceTime audio calls, use Siri, download apps, etc., on your wrist.

3. Green bars or dots

If you have a cellular model of the Apple Watch and you’re out of range from your iPhone or known Wi-Fi, your watch will use mobile data to use Siri, make FaceTime calls, and everything else that requires the internet.

The big green oval cellular tower icon signifies your Apple Watch is connected to mobile data. And the tiny small green bars (or dots) show the signal strength.

Use case: You go for a morning run, leaving your iPhone behind. Your cellular Apple Watch can use mobile data to make FaceTime calls, use maps, etc.

What does the red slashed iPhone icon on Apple Watch mean?

The tiny red phone icon means your Apple Watch is disconnected from the iPhone. Once you enable Bluetooth on your iPhone and Apple Watch, the devices reconnect. As a result, the red iPhone icon is replaced by the usual green iPhone icon.

If your iPhone isn’t nearby, but your watch is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular (on cellular models), this red iPhone icon does not show in the Control Center.

How to access Wi-Fi on Apple Watch

Open Settings and tap Wi-Fi.

Tap the Wi-Fi toggle to enable or disable it.

The Wi-Fi network your Apple Watch is connected to appears under the Wi-Fi. Tap it to change Auto-Join settings or Forget This Network. The other networks are listed below Choose Network. You can tap one from here to connect your Apple Watch to it.

The Wi-Fi icon is also present in the watchOS Control Center.

How to access Bluetooth on Apple Watch

Open Settings, scroll down and tap Bluetooth.

Go past the connected or your iCloud Bluetooth devices (like AirPods) to see the Bluetooth toggle. You can enable and disable Bluetooth from here. Tap (i) next to a device name to forget/remove it.

Since your Apple Watch and iPhone connect to one another via Bluetooth, the watchOS Control Center does not have a Bluetooth icon to prevent users from accidentally or quickly turning it off.

Your Apple Watch and iPhone use a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for AirDrop, AirPlay, Find My, location services, quickly transferring screenshots from Apple Watch to iPhone, and more.

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How To Use Apple Watch With Gym Equipment

Your Apple Watch and cardio machines inside gyms can talk to each other. Using your Apple Watch with gym equipment like treadmills, ellipticals and indoor bikes gives you a better, more complete set of metrics such as heart rate, distance, speed, elevation and so forth. iDB lays out ways to use Apple Watch with gym equipment, including how to pair your Apple Watch with cardio machines and how to start and end a workout on the gym equipment.

What is GymKit?

GymKit is Apple’s technology platform that lets you connect Apple Watch workouts with cardio equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals (crosstrainers), stair steppers and indoor bikes. Spinning bikes, resistance machines and other equipment are currently unsupported.

Syncing Apple Watch data with GymKit-enabled machines gives you the most accurate distance, cadence, pace, energy burn and other metrics possible. Your heart rate continue to be measured by the heart rate sensor built into the watch, but gets displayed on the machine’s screen. Apple explains that only a software update along with a small upgrade of the contactless NFC sensor is required in order to add GymKit compatibility to these machines.

With GymKit, important stats like your heart rate, distance, speed, floors climbed, incline, pace and calories is always in sync between the watch and your favorite cardio equipment.

In isolation gym equipment and the Apple Watch used for indoors can be a little incomplete. The watch is good for heart rate, but distance, accuracy and elevation on a treadmill is impossible. Likewise, no-one actually calibrates their treadmill in the gym so even if you do use a chest strap, calorie burn is normally way off.

A GymKit stair climber, for example, is able to calculate floors you’ve climbed more accurately by polling its own sensors rather than rely on the Apple Watch sensors which can only track actual flights of stairs as you change altitude.

GymKit requirements

To use GymKit, you need the following:

GymKit has seen limited adoption so far.

GymKit availability

The feature is currently supported by a handful of large gym chains. Apple says it’s wrangled up support for GymKit from the biggest gym equipment manufacturers that ship eighty percent of the cardio machines used in gyms around the world.

GymKit is available in the following gym chains:

Core Health and Fitness (Cybex, SCIFIT, StairMaster, Star Trac, Schwinn and Nautilus)


Life Fitness

Matrix Fitness

Octane Fitness


TRUE Fitness

Virgin Active



GymKit officially debuted with launch support for Life Fitness, Core Health and Fitness, Matrix Fitness and Technogym as part of the watchOS 4.1 software update which released to the public on September 19, 2023. watchOS 6.1, released on October 31, 2023, extended compatibility to Octane Fitness, TRUE Fitness and Woodway.

Follow along with iDB’s step-by-step tutorial to learn how to connect Apple Watch to compatible gym equipment and experience two-way synchronization of data with just a tap.

How to use Apple Watch with gym equipment

Follow the steps below to learn how to use Apple Watch with gym equipment, from pairing the wearable device with compatible machines to starting and ending workouts.

How to pair Apple Watch with gym equipment

With NFC technology in Apple Watch, you can effortlessly connect the wearable device with compatible pieces of gym equipment, and here’s how:

1) Start by enabling the ability for your Apple Watch to detect gym machines. Navigate to Settings → Workout on the watch (or to My Watch → Workout in the Watch app on your iPhone), then slide the toggle Detect Gym Equipment to the ON position.

2) Verify that your favorite gym machine is compatible with HomeKit by looking for the sticker “Connects with Apple Watch” or “Connect with Apple Watch” on the equipment.

3) To quickly connect, hold the watch within a few centimeters of the contactless NFC reader on the gym machine, with the display facing the reader as if you were using Apple Pay.

This will automatically launch the Workout app. You will feel a gentle tap on your wrist and hear a beep as a confirmation that the watch is paired.

Forgot to switch on the Detect Gym Equipment option in Settings?

Not to worry, you can also start a workout by launching the Workout app, then hold the watch near a gym machine — again, with the display facing the machine’s contactless reader. The amount of rich data from the gym machine that’s displayed on the watch depends on the type of the selected workout, as explained by Wearable:

From a run you’re able to see calories, distance, time, average pace, elevation gain, average heart rate and recovery heart rate. And from a treadmill run, that’s actually a staggering amount of data. You’d be hard pressed to find that level of detail anywhere else from an indoor workout.

Cyclists will also be pleased. In addition to that same data you’ll get power wattage and RPM from the bike, which is data that even outdoor cyclists struggle to capture. And if you’re into the stepper, you’ll get floors climbed too, which would previously have been impossible to measure from just the Apple Watch.

Forgot to pair the watch with the gym machine before your workout?

No problem, simply tap the watch to your gym equipment while in a workout session and watchOS will automatically sync up the data. But wait, that’s not all — you will even get full credit for the workout session both on the watch itself and within the Workout app.

How to start and end workouts

Upon connecting the watch to a piece of gym equipment, you can start and end a workout using its onboard controls rather than the Workout app, and here’s how:

Start your workout: Press Start on the gym equipment to begin the workout.

End your workout: Press Stop on the gym equipment to end the workout.

Like before, you can also start and end your session in the Workout app like you normally would. “When you end your workout, data from the equipment appears in the workout summary in the Activity app on your Apple Watch and iPhone,” Apple explains.

GymKit and your privacy

GymKit was designed to protect your privacy.

You can choose what you share with your gym equipment at any time. After pairing your watch to a GymKit-compatible machine, the devices exchange data as soon as you start and stop workouts on the watch. With your workout ended, the gym machine saves data to the watch.

According to Apple’s privacy policy regulating GymKit data sharing, the gym equipment is required to discard the data as soon as it has been transferred to the watch. However, as the privacy policy spells out, the equipment manufacturer may collect and retain data about your workout that is synced to the equipment from your Apple Watch.

Need help? Ask iDB!

How To Customize Control Center On Apple Watch

The Control Center on your Apple Watch provides quick access to some of the most frequently used features, such as turning on Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode, checking the battery level of your watch, using the flashlight, and more. You can customize the Apple Watch control center to arrange or hide icons in the order you prefer. Further, the latest watchOS 7 lets you add and remove toggles too. So let’s learn more.

What Are The Icons in Apple Watch Control Center?

Before we proceed, here is a list of all the different icons visible in the Control Center and what they mean:

Cellular: toggles on or off the cellular connection on Apple Watches that support it

WiFi: connects or disconnects the WiFi network

Ping your iPhone: Makes your paired iPhone beep loudly to help find it if misplaced

Battery Percentage: Shows the battery level on your Apple Watch

Silent Mode: toggles on or off silent mode on your Apple Watch

Lock: Locks your Apple Watch so that you have to enter the passcode to unlock it

Do Not Disturb: Toggles on or off DND mode on your Apple Watch

Walkie Talkie: Enables or disables walkie talkie availability

Theater Mode: Turns on or off theater mode in which your Apple Watch will not light up with notifications

Water Lock: Enables the water lock to prevent the watch from responding to accidental touches from water when swimming. Only available on Apple Watch Series 2 and later

Flashlight: Turns on or off the flashlight on your Apple Watch

Airplane Mode: Toggle on or off flight mode

AirPlay: Allows you to choose the audio output to use with your Apple Watch

Sleep tracking: Allows you to set up and use Sleep Tracking. Only on watchOS 7

How to Open and Close the Control Centre on Apple Watch

You can’t open Control Center from the Home screen on your Apple Watch. Instead, press the Digital Crown to go to the watch face or open an app. Then, to open Control Center:

From the watch face, swipe up.

From other screens, touch and hold the bottom of the screen, then swipe up

To close, swipe down from the top of your Watch screen or just press the Digital Crown. 

How to Customize Control Center in Apple Watch

You can rearrange the Control Center icons in the way you prefer. Here’s how to go about it.

Open the Control Center on your Apple Watch and tap on Edit.

Drag the icons around to arrange them as you like

Once you’re satisfied, tap Done.

How to Hide Control Center Tiles in watchOS 7

By default, all toggles are enabled on your Apple Watch. But if you want to keep things organized, you can remove the control center toggles that you don’t use. Just follow the steps below.

Open the Control Center on your Apple Watch and tap on Edit

To remove a toggle, tap the ‘Minus’ sign that appears on it. Some toggles cannot be removed, such as WiFi and Airplane Mode

Once you’re satisfied, scroll down and tap on Done.

How to Add Control Center tiles in watchOS 7

If you want to add control center toggles back after removing them, just follow the steps below.

Open the Control Center and tap on Edit

To add a toggle, scroll down to the ‘More’ section. Tap the ‘Plus’ sign next to the icons that you want to add back

Once you’re satisfied, scroll down and tap on Done.

Signing off

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How To Set Up Apple Watch: An Easy Guide

As you might expect from Apple tech, it pairs pretty much seamlessly with an iPhone to give you an excellent wrist companion to your trusty Apple smartphone.

Set up out of the box is a doddle, but for those unsure, here’s how to set up your new Apple Watch.

Don’t worry if it’s not the latest generation of Apple Watch you’ve got either; these steps apply to every generation and model of Apple Watch.

How to set up a new Apple Watch

At a glance

Time to complete:

5 minutes

Tools required: Apple Watch & an iPhone


Unbox, turn on and charge up

Henry Burrell / Foundry

Everyone loves a good unboxing, and Apple products are some of the most satisfying. Savour it!

Then toss all the packaging aside, and hold down the side button (not the rotating crown) until you see the Apple logo.

Then plug in the circular charger to a wall outlet and clip the Apple Watch onto the charger magnetically.


Unlock your iPhone and hold your Apple Watch near it


Simply holding your powered-on Apple Watch and unlocked iPhone next to each other will bring up a window on your phone saying “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch”. Tap Continue to begin the pairing process.

If this doesn’t pop up, tap Start Pairing on your Apple Watch instead to start the process, and remember to keep the iPhone and Apple Watch next to each other for the duration.


Pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone


This is the coolest part of the setup process. A weird glowing orb will appear on your Apple Watch. There’s then a viewfinder on the screen of your iPhone. Simply position the Watch within the viewfinder.

This helps your iPhone recognise the Watch. If it fails though, you can tap Pair Apple Watch Manually and follow the instructions on screen.


Set up as new or restore

Lewis Painter / Foundry

Here, you’ll be asked whether you want to restore from a backup or set up as a new Watch, Chances are this is your first Apple Watch, so select ‘as new’. We’ll be continuing the tutorial on the basis of setting up a new Apple Watch for those new to the scene.

If you do have a backup from an old Watch though, tap Continue and you’ll be presented with a list of backups to choose from.

It’s also where you might be prompted to install a software update if the Watch is running on outdated software.


Select wrist preference

Lewis Painter / Foundry

The Watch needs to know which wrist you’ll be wearing it on. Select left or right, and then tap Agree to the Terms and Conditions (if you indeed agree), and then tap Agree once more.


Sign in to your Apple ID

Lewis Painter / Foundry

You may be prompted to sign in to your Apple ID at this point, so have your email address and password ready.

You might also be asked to remove an Activation Lock, so follow the instructions. If you have bought your Watch second-hand, you might need to contact the seller to get them to remove their Activation Lock.

Apple has instructions on that here.


Set a Passcode

Lewis Painter / Foundry

You don’t have to create a passcode, but it’s a good idea. You don’t have to enter it every time you look at your Watch, only when you first put it on having taken it off.

It is a good security measure, and Apple makes it compulsory to use Apple Pay.


Tinker with your preferred settings

Lewis Painter / Foundry

Here, you should be presented with a screen to sort out your settings: This can range from text size and boldness to access to Location Services, Route Tracking, Wi-Fi Calling and Siri. It’s also where you’ll be introduced to features like Emergency SOS and Fall Detection.

You’ll also be prompted to verify your current age, weight and height to make sure that the Watch correctly tracks your fitness.


Set up Apple Pay and/or mobile data

Lewis Painter / Foundry

If you’ve opted for a cellular version of the Apple Watch, you’ll now be prompted to set up a mobile data plan. If you don’t want to do this now, you can tap Not Now to skip it and set it up later via the Watch app on your connected iPhone.

You’ll also be prompted to set up Apple Pay by adding a card via your iPhone.


Wait for the syncing process to finish

Lewis Painter / Foundry

Not long now! Your Apple Watch is syncing with your iPhone. Keep them near to each other until the progress wheel on the Watch is complete and you’re good to go!

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